The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 20, 1947 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1947
Page 7
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TR AH AN* JHE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN. IOWA. FEBRUARY 20, 1947 mor Mrs. M*1vln Irwht at and Hlftc SnoVrPi* Mrs. R. R. Kier and Mrs. Ever. Gipe were hostesses at a pink id bine shower last Wednesday .ternoon at Mrs. Glpe's home in wnor of Mrs. Metvin Irwln. 'here were 24 guests and four en present. Each gnest mod- led an infant. Mrs. Frank Stev- hs won the prize for the best indel., Refreshments of ice cream { ~ ith hot fudge, cookies, mints id coffee were served. Mrs. Irin received a nice lot of useful ,fts. trafinn Methodist Chnrch Laymen's day will be observed nnday with Charles Kayton in mrKe. Millard Gee and Kenneth rlndle will be the speakers. A idle quartet will furnish mnsir. The Come-Join-Us class will tho first Sunday of March >r a pot-lnck supper and eve- ling lesson. I. C. n. Club Giirsts of Irs. Kermit Hillyer Thursday [ Mrs. Kermit Hillyer was hos- bss last Thursday afternoon to lie S. C. U. club at her home, fhere were only five members resent. The minutes of the meet!i£ were read by the secretary, Bra. Everett Gipe. Tho rest of lie afternoon was spent In visit- Refreshments of date rolls fith whipped cream topped with ineappl.e and chocolate covered lints were served with coffee, "ie place cards were valentines a stick of gum In each. Strahan Garden Clnb Gnestt of Mrs. H. H. Kayton Tuesday The Strahan Garden clnb met at the home of Mrs. H. H. Kayton Tuesday afternoon with Mesdames Charles Kayton and Zeno Bass co-hostesses. The president, Mrs. Joe Hathaway, had charge of the bnsiness meeting. Each answered roll call with time savers and shortcuts. The minutes or the last meeting were read and corrected. It was voted to join the Federated Garden club of Iowa. The committee making the year books was presented a gift. Mrs. Everett Gipe was added to the flower committee. The club received an invitation to be guests of the Malvern Garden club at the Empress Theater March 4. Mrs. W. R. Costello gave a paper on "Washington, the Farmer" and Mrs. H. L. Nims on "Life of Thomas A. Edison." This paper was prepared by Mrs. Guy Grin- die jr. A delicious lunch carrying out tho valentine motif was served to 16 members and three guests, Mrs. Gladys Ernest of Colorado, Chas. Kayton jr. and Mary Jo Hathaway. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fnllenwfder went to Council Bluff* Saturday Minnie Green, who is 111. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kimsey of Shenandoah were Sunday dinner girests of Mrs. Maude Achenbach and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Welda. Mrs. Earl Fritcher and son PAGE SEVEN Tom White celebrated his 57th birthday on Valentines dav. Visitors at the John Bayes Mr. and Mrs. . in honor of him at his home were Mr. and Mrs. Leo Smith and Roy of Farragnt, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nime and Shirley, Mr. and Mrs. Tom White and Mable. The evening was spent play- Card of Thanks We wish to thank friends and neighbors for the gifts presented to us after our home and furnishings were destroyed by flre. They are deeply appreciated. P.34-1. Les Irvln and family. Mri >- R- N. Thomas of Shenan- Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Curtis and T. and Mrs. Ellis Grindle planed to take their two children, lonnle Curtis and Deanna Kay rlndle, to \he Edmundson h%s- lltal at Council Bluffs Tuesday have their tonsils removed. Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes and >arrell of Avoca were Sunday .Inner guests of Mrs. Daves' par- nts, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nims, |nd then in the evening the Jayes family were callers at the 'ohn Bayes home. Mr. and Mrs. ailed on Mr. and Mrs. lunday afternoon. doah and Mrs. Less Irrln were dinner guest* in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlin last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Halnes of Hastings and Mrs. Art Nims and Julia Dean were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mrs. Mary Conger and 1 Eleanor. Sunday. Mrs* Frank Steele visited Mrs. Floyd Gorman Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Gorman recently returned from the hospital and her In the Marshall Stockton borne Sunday. Mrs. Fritcher and son left Sunday evening to visit Mr. Frltcher's parents in Omaha. They planned to go on to Oregon Wednesday. Jackie and Judy Belknap visited several days last week with grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Belknap, near Malvern. Mrs. Chester Ernest of Glenwood Springs, Colo., Js visiting her aunt, Miss Inez Bradley. Lorene Priester of Umphry, Neb., who has been visiting, his friend, Doyal Waterworth, since last Wednesday, returned to his home Monday afternoon. . Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Costello went to Omaha last Thursday and attended the hockey game and spent the night with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Addy in Omaha. W. R. Costello received a telegram of birthday greetings from his son Darrell in Korea last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Shook and daughter were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Shock's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Ginger, at Emerson. Sunday evening visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Shook and daughter were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tawter and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brumbaugh of Omaha and Mr. and Mrs. Mac Moore and children of Hastings. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Amirk of .Henderson were Tuesday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gipe. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fichter of Randolph were Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Charles Kayton and son. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Hillyer were Wednesday evening visitors at the Charles Kayton home. Charles Kier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kier, Is improving satisfactorily after being quite ill. with pneumonia the past week. Mrs. Chester Ernest of Glenwood Springs, Colo., Arthur and nn,i Mrs. Roy Bayes and Rath of Mah-prn. Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes and Darrell of Avoca and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Norton and children. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. ~ bars, cake and apples were served at a late hour. Strahan people are enjoying a new line of bakery foods at the Kier store. For the, first time since the war they are enjoying several different kinds of cakes, various kinds of rolls, glazed doughnuts, etc., supplied by the Bond Baking Co. Rev. Lester C. Hall's theme for the sermon Snnday morning was "Religion and Money." Mies Qer- aldine Gipe was lay speaker. wore Mr. and ...... Harms and two sons of „..- doah and Mrs. Jessie Bruce and Odette. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wiseman of Glenwood were week end visitors at the Marshall Stockton home. Mrs. John Harvey and Rev. lister Hall went to Wilcox, Mo., to their parents, Mr. and Mrs. n. c. Hall. Tuesday eve- nine. Mrs. Paul Kimsey of Shenandoah visited her mother, Mrs. Maude Achenbach. last Thursday. week in Blair, Nrb.. with her par- oil's, Mr. and Mrs--. George Ro- part. Huprh Parker who Is rmployrd at the Grape Growers association in Council Bluffs spent Sunday with his family who recently moved hpre from St. Louis. Mo. __ ,_„ -r.K^M^xm.^jt.^jL.mume* CHAMPION HILL *1MOGENE* Shr-nnndoah Fire Department failed to Rev. Howard's Monday about 1 p. m. flre broke out around the furnace in the home of Rev, and Mrs. O. F. Howard, causing a large amount of smoke. The Shenandoah fire department was called but with the helpers from Imogene and with a good hose attached to their water system the fire was under control before the flre department arrived. High School Student Cracks Elbow Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Butcher," had the misfortune to fall while running to catch her bus to Farragut school last week and Injured her elbow. Rev. F. W. Doyle went to Council Bluffs Monday to attend the funeral of Rev. Father Cashman, pastor of the Catholic church at Avoca who died In the Mercy hospital following an operation. Art Leahy has resigned his position in the Emmett Moles hardware store and has gone to Omaha to take a position where he expects to move his family as soon as he can find ters. W. H. Ditmnm Itu.v.s Ilnyi's I'rnprHy W. H. Ditmars, new section fon man on the Wabaxli railroad, lias sole! his home in Stoutville, Mo., and purchased the Hayes property in the north part of Imogene. He will move his family here within the next two weeks. He has been boarding and rooming with Mrs. Joe McGargill since coming here but left Friday night for his home, having taken a two weeks vacation In which he will move here. They have seven children but those in high school plan to remain in Stoutville until the end of the school year, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Mutchler who reside in the house purchased by him are employed in Shenandoah, driving back and forth. They will store their furniture in Mrs, Sade Perry's home until they can find living quarters in Shenandoah and live with relatives for the present. KntoHnlns at rovM-rd IMsh Snpfwr Saturday Florence and Wllma Cooppr wore hostesses at a covered dish supper Saturday evening honoring Mr. and Mrs. Claude Rector and Fiddle who arp moving to a farm near Stanton. Thoso pros- fnt WCI-P Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. N'ofl of Hod Oak. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Rhellpy of Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Harold f'oopor and family. Mr. and Mrs. Claudo lloctor and Eddie. Mr. and Mrs. Daln Shrllpy and family. Mr. ami Mrs. A. J. Griffin and Edna, Miss Ruth Mailman. Victor Panlolson and Mr. and Mrs. L. c. HullltiRton and family. Coopo'- and family Sunday eve- nine. Several rhilnvrn of this community attp-vlrrt tho children's ' en-vires In Sh«-nandnah Saturday nftcrrioon. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Griffin and daughtPr Edna and Miss Ruth itaiiman visitor! Snnday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Owen Foparty and family In Council FHiifTs. Tho Good Will club met last Thursday with Mrs. Evert Sawyers. Mrs. rarrlp Mrl.ain was nr>- sistlnR- hostrss. The nfxt meetlngr will be with Mrs. E. E. Rerryhill and Gr-r.ildinp nn March 13. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Wiley and family WCI-P diniipr Russia Sunday of Mrs. Wiley's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Klepingpr. In Sliennndoali. Mr. and Mrs. U'iiilp Plorson and daiiKht'-r Connie and Mrs. Phyllis Oaniplson visited Mr. and Mrs. I Ins-old ('norr!- anil family Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Pierson • mid Mrs. t'ooppr are cousins. R<;v. and Mrs. Samuel Lee ave in Alaska. Rev. Lt-p was a former pastor at Champion Hill. Miss Mary Arneel of Henderson spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLaln and family. Miss Edna Griffin and Miss Ruth Bauman of Ft. Madison spent the week end with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Griffin. Mr. and Mrs. L. C, Bullington and family and Miss Leona Brammer of Emerson were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Bullington and family. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Glassln- glven another charivari DRS. KLINE & KLINE Osteopsthlc Physician* Office hour«: 1 to 5 p. m. *nd 1 to 9 p. m. on Saturday. Other Houri by Appointment Office In Kunce A Nelton Building X-Ray Dlignoila Phone*: Office 2331 House: DP. D. M. Kline S8S1 Dr. J. A. Kline 4861 J. H. BECKWITH Insurance Phone 2111 36tf. ord visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry ner guests of Mr. and Mrs Char- ,onrad and son Wednesday aft- ley Crlswell In Omaha. r poon ' Visiting in the Dallas elites home Sunday were Mrs. elites' father, J. C. Burroughs, and her children were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Jen- Grindle afternocn. Mr. and Mrs. Kermit were visiting Sunday at „.wood McCoy home in Council Bluffs. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hankins and children of Randolph and Mr, and Mrs. Melvin Irvln were Sunday dinner guests at the home of »y.' Mra. Knop, president of the den club to attend the pictures two sons, Jack and Edward, were taken prisoners in the Fald Pass action in Africa. Walter Doyie is a patient in Hand hospital suffering from but Is better at this Mr. and Mrs. Anson Williamsen and Mrs. B. R. Butcher went to Sidney last Thursday evening where they attended a banquet and teachers conference in the Presbyterian church. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Gutschenritter were dinner guests of their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gutschenrltter, In Red Oak Sun- tlay and then drove to Hastings where they spent the afternoon with their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Goodnight, and family. Other guests In the Goodnight home were Mr. and ~" " and theater the first Tuesday In ents, Mr. and Mrs, C. B. Abbott ™- v^.,1 »i •. ' H ? r motner . h " been ill .with a The Virgil Pierce family of cold. Hastings were Sunday afternoon Connie Kay, Infant daughter of visitors in the W. E. Waterworth Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Clark, is very 2 6 ' ., ,. poorly m the Hand hospital iu - and Mrs. Tom Baslee and Shenandoah. She is suffering with °"~•— evening heart aliment and is found to be St. Patricks high school was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mra. Tom McDonald Sunday night and Friday night a valentine party was held in St. Patricks hall. Friday afternoon the public school enjoyed a valentine '^••^"^^••^•^ Friendly Service Dependable Service Prompt Service ASK The Man Who Banks Here Malvern Trust & Savings Bank Raymond Laughlin and two .children visited Mrs. Raymond l«ughlln at Clarlnda Sunday. Mrs. Tom Baslee held the number that drew the S. C. D. club's quilt so the quilt went to her. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Grindle jr. and children of Red Oak visited Mr. and Mrs. Guy Grindle sr., Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Antrim and and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton attended the Friendship club dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Armstrong at Malvern Sunday. Mra. Robt. Shaul returned home Sunday evening from Council Bluffs wbere she has been car- Ing for her mother who was quite 111. This is the second time in-the last few weeks she has been called home \by the Illness of her mother. The little daughter of Mr. and Mra. Virgil CurtU is quite ill. It is believed that she may have intestinal flu. Alice Seick of Macaville, Cal., is visiting her sister, Mrs, Frank Dead Removed PROMPT .-* SERVICE Ne. 34 C.II RAMSEY'S Nortk of Me. 34 C»U OAKLAND RENDERING CO, Mra. Ronald Kier and daughter Patsy and Mrs. Tom White and Mable made a business trip to Malvern and Olenwood Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Omer Cozad and children and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlin and Judy Kae were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Thomas at Shenandoah. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlin jr. and baby were also visitors Sunday at the R. N. Thomas home. Dale Green of Randolph was visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Clara Shaffer, Tuesday. Mrs. Sarah Colliers celebrated her 88th birthday last Wednesday at the home of her daughter wid Boa-ia-law, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Conrad. Her daughter, Mrs. Opal Mills, of Wheeling, Mo., surprised her with « birthday cake. Mrs. Hwry Conrad w«» taken to a Council Bluffs hospital last Thursday. Mrs. Earl Conrad. Harry's mother, u keeping the ^ ton. M*. and Mr|. Hwry Dunlap ot vtaltad Mra. Donald Con. Ists, one from University hospital, Iowa City, and one from Omaha have been called to see her. Miss Mary Ellen Andersen, R. N., began her duties in the Hand hospital at Shenandoah Monday morning. Jimmle Skahlll who attends Crelghton University and Vincent Leahy who is employed in Omaha, spent the week end here with their parents. Mr, and Mrs. Jesse Sorenson and family moved from the E. p. Laughlin house to the Hillings house recently vacated by Do» Schiebllers who moved to Omaha. Joan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Art Leahy, IB out of school with a severe cold. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martin are the parents of a girl born Friday at the home of bis parents, Mr and Mrs. T. Page. This makes a family of three girls and two boys. Mr. and Mrs. Don Heflin and family who were visiting and assisting the Sorenson family in moving and caring for Bobbie Sorenson, have returned to their home in Albany, Mo. Bobbie has gained nicely from his accident and la now back in school. Mrs. Ed Bussard spent severaV days recently in Bed Oak on business and visiting her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Delphus Bussard. Mrs. A. E. Addy of Omaha spent a few days of last week in her home here. She also cared for Mrs. Leah Adams while Mrs Fanny McGargill went to Omaha for a day to see her daughter. Mrs. Steve Narke, aud family. Joe Doyle and son Edward returned home Friday from Excelsior Springs, Mo., where Joe waa taking treatment for several days for Bciatic rheumatism. Mr. and Mrs. George Gutgch- enritter and his mother, Mrs. L. B, QutBcaearltter, drove to Friead,, Neb., Friday to, ftttend tfee funeral of Miaa Mary' tJ 0ylei 88, who died at Exeter, Neb., last Tuesday. Relatives were c%U«d front hers to Ou&h» the fo/e part last week by the serious of Dick OUoa, a former Mrs. Jake Merchant of Red Oak came Friday to visit her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Addy, Sunday. Mr. Merchant came down and took his wife and Mra. Addy to Omaha to see his wife's sister, Mrs. Clalr Darland, of Coburg who is a patient in the Immanual hospital in Omaha, recovering from a major operation. It takes but a jiffy to dial 2131 That's the phone number that brings you speedy pick-up and delivery service from our brand new cleaning and pressing plant. New equipment throughout assures you high quality, efficient work. Our experience permits the extra service you want to get. "We'll return the garments the same day if you need them. QUALITY CLEANING on all clothing — men's and women's coats, suits, dresses, accessories — all done in our new, efficient plant here in Malvern. LAUNDRY SERVICE: We are agents for Rager's Laundry, Glenwood, twice a week service. 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