The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1931
Page 6
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BLYTIIEVILLE, {AIlK.y COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Aces of Los Angeles Track Team Athletic Club of California i City Points Stars for Events in 1932. Oscoola Indians To 0[)en ,Basebull Campaign Sunday BRUSHING UP SPORTS By La Lifer BV JACK CAMl'BEU, XI-:A Si-mcs Wi-itiT LOS ANGELES. March '£>.— With EO-odd mm needed to :-o|;r:-i3ir. the United States in tricl: r.ixl noH events at l!i= 1'JW Olympic O;;r,:-i to be held here, the Lsi Anjc-ko Athletic Club expectf, to pi educe- mere than a f-- x of lllf u'iiicte: who will inn, i":«!i <•'•''•'• '-h.'o-.i- weights in the spar^bs of Uiicl; Sain. In ti'.e 'U-ighbcri-,:o:l of o^ m.n t are woiking em dully r-.'. tiic VJ:iL- | vcrsily o; Son!hem Ca'iifoi 1 !'.::'. in:- . dc-r the direction ol Boyd Coin- j Etcci-:. 1-os Aniccitj A. C, c-i'.-U .'lid ] •Usan Cromv. ell. Trojan lucn'.yr. Con:.'lock i; will phased wilh tlis talent and in thi.^ p'-e-O-ympic year is prevail:? ne'.v records tor • seme of Jhs tiack stars. \ One cf the b:sl eels of Ihe L. 1 A. j A. C. team is CnptaUi Herman ! Brix, Univci-oity of Yv'ajh- ingtou star ar.c! present-holder of ihe American shot, put'.i- shlp with ;i less of Oi feet '$'-. inc'.i- es wilh ''.ho IG-puund b. 1 .!!. Brlx placed second to John Knck in Hie 1928 Olympics. Vaulting Trio Is Impressive There s;enib littL- dsub: but '.hat Lee'.s, holder of the world's pole v.T.i!' : .nj rc-covd v,-;th a. jump of 14 Sect l : i inches, ivill win R place en the Oiy:np:e team, h.s workculs have Lc^ii very imprcss- ivr. Glenn Graliu:ii, w--.'j lied S»: [ first wiih Barnes hi 1'ne 152-1 games,! Kanrtom Notes of a al=o is wo;-k::ig en a co:r.cb?.ek. Fred I Baseball Traveler. Stuuly. the lornici- Va're cl:a:n;>:o::. | 'Ihe s'.ory drilled into Sew Or- rou:nis out a tria cf v.iulisrs t:i:it! leans at- '.he training camp of the sho'.ild iis able to told its own j Cleveland Indians thai Drover with any fo-'tij:! siciip. 'Cleveland Alexander or.e tiny in The hurdles are veil taken OSCEOLA, Ark.—Osceolft Is es- pcctlnu to have another good tall club an<l will Imve the park unil i omuls ready for he opening game. Woi-knien Imve been busy rcpulr ini; ihe ilBhl neld wall which was damaged recently, and building large score board. Tlie score bo.iril Is n nl!t lo the club from the local business men nncl will be 14 by 30 feet when completed. A grandstand with a sealing capacity of 1000 was do- iiu'.cd by Oaceohi /nns last senson and the Indians now banst one o! ihe best b.ill porks In semi-pro ball. The call has been sounded and eleven Imlluus have reported unct ! will be on hand for ihe nisi lilt which will be Sunday, March 'JDlh. Tii,' ll! ( ; i'lckcry club of Memphis ] will (innlbli ihe opposition for the I Indians, | The Indians' schedule calls for j between seventy and eighty E'in:cs and the boys have been working i condition themselves for the Ions I 81'1'Kl. I Osceola will ha represented by the I sasi'.e club Hint has represented her I the past two .seasons nnd ihe fans In this section-nre assured oi some ;ood baseball this bunnner. bliMKlIS HAUXES MARTIN of by Dick Pomcroy, Bob ilaxwel! and Dick R=i-kaway, tile fcn/icr Ohio Sr.i'i 1 chamijirji. R:c!:iv.v.y holds tin- world record lor the 220- yard lov.- carriers with a time of 22-8 seconds. I'Dir.ercy anti Maxwell \vere batii uam:d on the 1330 All-America track team. Orva! Martin. Purd'.ia erad who never Icit a race in Big Ten c^:u- petiticn, LS cxp-Ctcd lo be in the foreranfc; of the distance runner: tr.e cuily sprnis had stopped oft [or lui'.cli at El Paso on his way lo a basebuU trainin Blshee, Ariz. It, seems that the Alex had been riding diner. It was in camp at train which didn't carry fact a slow . Tr.e man who bcde his mates "keep your shirts on" in the crucial game of the 1920 world serie3, (and then stepped up and won the game with splendid pitching, was Mai tin is national collegiate I wearing a mackinaw sweater that champion at ills half-mile disianca.! dated back to the old days of the He also has ability in the. mile and I Chicugo CuLi under Bill Killefer. (two-mile, which nnkes It unlikely ' He wr.s trying to find some kind ol cli the Amer- ! a. job at that time to tide him over until his pay., checks as a pitcher ior the House of David team start- lD YOU KNOW '1'HAT— Joe Vosmik, of, Hie IClnsman oad (Cleveland) Vcsmlks may be the party in left field when he season opens April H . . .ol couise, If he takes the veteran Jamicscn's place, h3 will have to hustle alter lots of fly balls. . . . Tnis Dizzy Dean really is not. so Dizzy as the name im- illes ... he waited until spring training started to have his tonsils removed . . . .tonsils or not, that old Dlzz has the stutl they need to win . ... including the talk . . . and his 1831 salary already has been pracli cally advanced, they tell me and the Dizz is eking out his livelihood on ti dollar-a-das from the club . . . but he ad mits that after he wins 25 game this season, he will be a $20, 000-a-jear man. First U. S. GLiss in 1639 BOSTON. Mass., (UP) — Glass first nufacliired in America Hubbai'd. Sure of Lasl Half Tillc With Win Tonight Despite their los; c-f prestige through defeat by the Frisco Monday night, the Hi-Jackers still loom as the most formidable barrier between the Hubbard quintet and the second half championship of the Cily Cage League. The Hi-Jackcrs will oppose tna Hubbard quintet tonight. Should I the hardware boys triumph they (will be certain of winnimj Ihe second hall race. If the Hi-Jack;rs win and the Frisco live does likewise, the two teams will still have a mathematical chance lo tic the Hnbbard quintet. In the first game tonight the I Frisco five plays the Gas Hounds. i In the second contest the militia ; of Company M and the Apes battle, land the feature game of Hubbard and Hi-Jackers is the third oftcr- in? on the card. The Dixie Pliers Auto Cattle Toll Increased RENO, Nevada, lUP) — The loss of livestock, along ihe public highways of Nevada Is creotlne nn economic problem thai Is giving stockmen much, concern. Ai>> Increasing number' of livestock is killed by automobiles and trucks every month, while .the number killed by (rains on railroad rights of way was '327, a decrease ot 150 Courier News Want Arts Pay at Salem, Mass., in 1039. according and Merchants clash in the final to results of res:arcri presented by; same tonight. that he will ican team. ')e.Mcry Attempts Comeback j Another chhmpLDii v.ho is e:-:- [cd ciriltir.g in. peeled to.lrtnti a plare on the squad | : " " next year is Jim De.Mcrs, ]-.-jl:ler of i KHIefcr's 3Icmorics. the American javelin record with! Wr.en your coiTSSpondent visited a throw of 222" feet fi 3-! inches.' tlie Brownies at Weil Palm Beach, . Deilers was ::ct in the Olympic . Bill KiKefer explained i-arefully the competition of I02£ but hh work- j dilemma lie was facing. He hnd ouls ni'rc indicate that he iccr. ivili .heard (hat Alex was to pitch for reach record uirm and be able to • the House of David in an exhibi- compcte or. even '.ertns with th3' iion game with the Browns, forcijn reprrce:itdtivc5. , "I wish I conld have one of Phil ! Ball's airplanes that day," said Bill, "so I could liy about Etf miles away ! the day this team plays the House : uf David with Grover Alexander i pitching. I can think oi ft million Charles if. Hulchins lo the' England Historic acncalogi-l .cai Society. TALLEST BOY JN' CNGLANU Harry llinkle must i:2 considered ! a likely ni'oj-.ect tor the ^-nule walk. inL^:i:;i'j!i as lie is the national champior. and a veteran cf sir; year; cf compsti'ir.!. .vo:t colorful o'. the L. A. C. C. 1-jO-yard dasli ir.en is tiia: master runner of them all. Charley Pad- 51 r.ODTKS IIKCOVEIIKD •BEIiLAlHE. O., (UP) — John Sh'unk, of Beilaire, has the rccsrd of having recovered tile lioclies of 51 persons who were drowned CROYDON, Ens., (UP) — Eii3-: this vicinity. Shunt said he "got a land's tallest schoolboy is Hcr.ry thrill" out of searching beneath Haydon, 17, who is, six feet oiL'ht the walcr for bodies of drowned inches In height. i persons. things I'd rather s?e than Alex bainstcrmini; \vitli a freak team." Bill used to catch Grover and dcc-t. who apparr-ti'ily has lc.;L ii'jne i tric-ti to befriend him in Big Alex's: ol t!:c speed that c:ui)led to-i:ost days. He was traded with him compete' in the last three Olympic to the Cubs in 1917 and he was be- Gatnts. 1'adcce:; i.s entering his | hind tile lo^ in that season of 1920 Alex v.-on 27 ijames IGth.ycar of competition tiiis sea- so:i, ar.rt at tiie n^e of 30. a time when most spvir.t f.ari are teacli- iug theii- sc.:'.3 the triiks of ;h:- tracie. Wiiat olhc-i s'.ars v.ili fiiise from the ranks of the L. A. C. C. track and fi"ld team bolor ca!l rrmp.iriD li when Alex v.-on icago team. for the roll the present time. hO'.vr,/r, ti'.ero heenis to b: c:ioui;Ji oi '.he coun- tiy's le.ulinn irarkFU-!.-: hi-re t; tar:l:lo t::e ei'.; = r,' for:i: ¥ u iiu\i^i3:i. Tr.ey flio 1 .:!:! l.e al-'.e to p'.ace nt least a lev.' oi them aniong the winners. THESE AKi; COM) TACTS ,Morc th.ui GO miles of pip- J.ii:i a few inchc.-, ;:iK!erara:!i ti'.o .-i 1 !'- facc are rcrji:i]-e,l to form the ic? on which KnliKial Kcrkcy Lsague avu played in Square Garden. 'Vily, Bill! "He was tco human," said Kitle- fcr. "Ke had absolutely no regard for money. If (he i>eop!e who owe h: Olymiric r,ioney to Alex would repay him he to::i. At would have a small fortune. He V.-.TS a 'good fellow' witli all of them whc-n he iiad it. He's still a 'gcod fellow.' but he hasn't got it." nill Kiilefer's face wears an intensely serious look now and tl'.en. Almost iifie that of a boy who has been saankcJ. Bill felt pretty Lad about it. In fact i! appeared to me that Bill was at that moment within l-100lh of 2:1 inch fo haviny a good cry. TitfE HE FELT. HIMS ,...6o«6' ItiTc A BS\WC- -SLUMP. 'STYLISH CLOTHES ARE RE. FOR YOU IN THE GOOD OLD U S A' That was, the message on the Hart Schaffner & Marx signboards in France in 1918 Sign at Dies!, Franco on the i-oarl to U. S. Army . base lioiulqunilers. ;;VV,;-?v : ;^;iv:£t^^ ^•V^lfi^^ilg^jf Utf^lT^^ri '<:'.:'" '•'^£!^|fev:£: h! 'tit /?,-> i ; - OU will \)c greatly pleased with your first pair of FLORSHEIM SHOES —and find satisfaction in every pair that follows. It's time for a pair now Good Shoes and on huil('::!L: V.-'IHTO merican officers livctl sit France. TODAY WE SAY:» Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes are ready for you at this store-at the lowest prices since 1921 The New Mead Clothing I

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