The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 4, 1962 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 5
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WED., APRIL #,1962. THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE BUV SEU-TRADE RENT HIRE HELP Classified Rates 1 insertion 3c per word 2 insertions 5c per word 3 insertions 6c per word 4 insertions • 8c per word 5 insertions 9c per word 6 insertions 10c per word Memoriam 10c per line Black Face Local ..15c per line CARD OF THANKS — $1.00 FOR CONSECUTIVE INSERTIONS These charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after the final insertion. Special service charge of 25c will be added after the 10 day period. Call OSborne 5-2115 before 10:00 a.m. for insertion same day, except Saturday - 9 a .m., daily. Cancellation until 10:00 a.m. deadline. (RATES QUOTED ARE LOCAL) FOR SALE - REAL ESTATE HEAD LETTUCE PLANTS, now ready for planting. Other garden plants coming on at Tipton Greenhouse, 119 Cleveland Street. Phone OS 5-4450. C-tf. FOR SALE — '46 Ford truck, 513 Armstrong Street C-157 LIVESTOCK FOR SALE — 60 feeder pigs. Mort Nash. OS 5-6535. C-159 FOR SALE — Three pure bred Hamp. boars, ready for service. Thomas A. Duncan, Sharpsville, Ind. Phone 963-2551. ' P-159 HELP WANTED WANTED — Lady to care for two children in my home. Phone OS 5-6450. P-157. HOME AND SMALL wage offered middle aged Christian woman in exchange for companionship of mother and assisting with care of children. No housework. Freeman Carnahan, Windfall, Ind. P-157 MALE HELP WANTED FOR SALE, — House and income, located in the 400 Block on Mill Street. First floor quarters consist of large living room, dining room^lvvo bed roomi, bath, kitchen and gas fioor furnace. Priced reasonable. Now vacant, move right in. R. A. Cardwell, Realtor, 410 E. Washington St., Phone OS 5-2527. • P-160. FOR REAL ESTATE & RENTALS Consult JOE ROSS or JOHN B. BARRUM. C-tf FOR SALE in Arcadia—2 bedroom house, modern except heat. Very cheap down payment, near school. YU 4-2034. C-160. SEE LEWIS D. HARPER for Real Estate Sale and Listing. Insurance Loans. Phone OS 5-6060 and OS 5-6139, 121 South Independence or see Albert McCord. Ph. 03 5-4063. C-tf FOR SALE — Trailer- 2 bed, 10' wide. $2,385.00 cash, no trade. We buy trailers. Arcana north of Upland on 221. • P-157. FOR SALE — Lots 120 x 125 on State Rd. 31. Kempton WI 7-2224. P-1G8. Wanted For Sale City, form and business properties. We have good buyers for fair priced properties. Call or tee Eugene Ritz at RITZ AGENCY 124 N. Main — pS 5-4813 FOR SALE GLIDDEN PAlMt SALE Spred Satin . . . $5.69 gal. ; •'.eg. $6.69) Japalac Enamel $1.85 at (Reg. $2.85) Many Other Specials! TOLLE BROTHERS, INC TIPTON, IND. Ph. OS 5-4435 WANTED — Farm hand experienced in handling all farm equipment, raising and feeding hogs and cattle. Write Box "O," care Tribune. C-157 WANTED WANTED — Ironings. Reasonable price. OS 5-6727. Edith Phifer. C-164. WANTED — Ironings and baby sitting in my home, by day or week. Phone OS 5-6731. C-160 WANTED — 2 or 3 bedroom house. OS 5-6857. C-tf. WANTED — Someone .to care for. elderly lady in your home. Write Box "Q" care Tipton Tribune. P-158. MIMEOGRAPHING — Marjean Haley. OS 5-2443 or OS 5-4052. C-178 WANTED — Upholstering. Carl Miller, 731 NorOi Independence. Phone OS 5-4616. Ctf WANTED TO BUY — Used pianos any type. Phone OS 5-4927 or write Arthur Frawley,, 714 N. East St., Tipton, Ind. P-160 ASPHALT PAVING — Drives, parking lots,, basketball courts, Carter Construction and Asphalt Co. Reverse charges !FE 2-5809, Elwood. C-tf. WANTED TO BUY WANTED — To buy fea'her beds. Send name and directions to Box F. care^ Tipton Tribune. ; P-168 SERVICES FOR SALE One owner .— new car trade ins. Used cars, convertibles, station •wagons, trucks. We also trade down. Large selection to choose from. Don Ross Motors, 120 So. West. Phone OS 5-4941. C-tf Station Wagons, Used Cars. Baxter Motor Sales, 120 South Independence. ! C-J FOR SALE — Quality used cars. TI1ROGMARTIN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jefferson St. • • C-tf FOR SALE —Kool-Vent Awnings. Storm Doors and windows, Aluminum siding. A. J. Butz, OS 5-2646. C-tf. FOR SALE — Siegler oil space heater. Like new. Vi- price. OS 52950. C-160 FOR SALE — Aluminum awning, 6 x 22. OS 5-2634. P-161 FOR SALE — Philco Refrigerator, several other articles. Trella Coppock, 429 North Main. P-160. 1961 ZIG-ZAG CABINET Repossessed, $38.42 Complete Beautiful cabinet mode! Zig-Zag sewing machine. No attachments needed. Sews en buttons, makes buttonholes, monograms, appli­ ques, makes many beautiful designs, and is guaranteed. Full balance due $3M2.- Take over payments of $524 monthly. Call OS 5-6062. I- C-tf. EOR SALE — Good, used recoadi- • tioned T-Vs. $29.50 and up. Tice'e --- . C-tf. Hours WRECKER SERVICE Day OS 5-4549 NIGHT \ r J. HOLIDAY J OS 5-61 00 Service Motor Co. FOR RENT—Modern 4 room apartment Heat furnished. 223 Ash St. OS 54127. C-tf. FOR RENT—Semi-modern 6 room close to Tipton. Write Box W, care Tribune. Ptf FOR RENT — 3 room apartment in Atlanta. Phone Atlanta 175. P-158 FOR RENT — Modern 4 room upstairs apartment OS 5-4419. Ctf FOR RENT — 5 room modern in country. Write Box "P" care of Tribune. P-158. FOR RENT — Vacant, 6 room all modern house, Real nice inside. Newly remodeled and decorated. Call after 5:00 p.m; OS 5-6668. C-tf. ,FOR RENT — Three room apartment, furnished or unfurnished. Utilities paid. Call Swap and Shop, OS 5-4507. C-tf. FOR KENT — Unfurnished apartment. Close in. Call after 4 :00. OS 5-6554. P-161 FOR RENT — 3 furnished rooms. 416 E. Jefferson. No pets. Call OS 5-4547. P-160. FOR RENT — Clean, inexpensive, unfurnished apartment. OS 5-6283. C-160. MISCELLANEOUS TRI KAPPA RUMMAGE sale. Easter parade headquarters, April 6-7. Tarns. East Jefferson. C-157 $25 REWARD if you can show us a broadcoverage auto policy with a premium lower than ours. Tipton County Business Service. OS 5-4696, 125 North Main. C-tf. CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank all my relatives, friends and neighbors for the lovely cards, flowers and prayers I received while being in .the St. Joseph Hospital, Kokomo. I wish to thank the Women of the West St. Christian church, also my minister, Rev. Norval Lyon for his visits while in the hospital. These acts of kindness will always be cherished and remembered by me. Mrs. Orval Gunkel: LEGAL NOTICES PORTABLE WELDING SERVICE Tony Hancock, RB 3, Tipton. Phone Kempton WI 7-2210. P-175 SEPTIC TANKS, toilet vaults vacuum cleaned. Sewer, and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners. C-tf FRONT END ALIGNMENT, Wheel balancing. EBERT Sinclair Service. Phone 5-7125. C-M-Tu-W-tf WANTED — Television and radio repairing, service calls. Antenna installation and repair. Parts and service guaranteed. Ralph R. Beck. Phone OS 5-6782. C-tf GENERATORS AND STARTERS rebuilt, compk/te brake service. Ebert Sinclair Service. Phone OS 5-7125. 720 East Jefferson. Ctf WANTED TO REN I WANTED to rent or twy. Modern bouse in country. Prefer it not to be over 3 mites out. Write Box "C" care Tipton Tribune. P-tf FOR, RENT — One floor,- 4wo bedroom modem double. Mrs. Floyd ' Eamsay.' C-167 FOX RENT — UoSmiatjiA ifgub meat good location, new decoration, gat furnace, kitchen cabinets. Phone OS 54110. C-tf. XOTICK TO NOX-KKSIIIKN'TS State. *>t Indiana, Tipton County, Ir. the- Tipton Circuit Court, .April Turin, 1962. Troy .\. ljutto. Administrator Estair of Pearl Croyle, deceased vs. Clara Jusenhrne Jlalston, et al. Complaint N'd. 23U2. Comes now the plaintiff, by counsel and files his complaint together Willi affidavit that the defendants, Clara Josephine Malston and Ernest Klmer Alulston, her husband, and the unknown heirs, legatees or assigns of W. H. ^lcCord, deceased, are not residents of the State of Indiana or their residences are-unknown and that this is an action to quiet title to real estate and for sale .thereof and that each defendant herein named is a necessary party thereto. Notice is therefore hereby given that defendant, that unless they be and appear on the 4 th of June, 1962, me same being a Judicial day of the April Term, l»r,2 of the Tipton Circuit Court, at the Courthouse in Tipton, Indiana, in said County and State, and answer or demur to said complaint the same will be heard" and determined in her or- his absence. In witness whereof, I hereunto set n-.y hand and affix the seal of said Court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 3rd dav of April, 1962. * PAUL H. JONES. Clerk. 157-163-169-175-1S1 Spotted Cat „ Replaces Mink •LONDON (UPI) — The leopard skin coats worn by Queen Elizabeth, Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor stirred talk today that the spotted cat was replacing mink as the most-prized fur .of the fair sex. Pictures of Britain's queen, America's first, lady and the . Hollywood star wearing leopard |.fur coats were published' by a London newspaper today. The newspaper rated Mrs. Kennedy's the most chic. Queen Elizabeth wore her coat at a horse race in Britain 10 days ago. Mrs.. Kennedy donned Tier's l^vhen she visited 'Rome three -weeks <ago on her way ,to India and Pakistan. Miss Taylor sported her spotted coa't during her weekend dates with Richard Burton in Borne. "Chorus girls used to dream of it,- rich wives nagged their husbands for it; .millionairesses went shopping for it... mink »the fur that every woman wanted was definitely status symbol No. I," said the,London Daily (Mirror. "But today mink is slipping out of top place. Mink has had it. "Suddenly another fur is appear: tag-in all the best places, worn by all the best known faces. The fur .that is getting to the top is leopard—the skin that was once found stuffed, snarling and spread out on the drawing room floor." A full length coat in the rarest and Best" sfclh of an", the* Somali leopard, can cost up to $8,400, experts said. FARM TRENDS WASHINGTON (UPI)—The government's investment in price- supported ' commodities totaled $7,718,496,000 as of Feb. 28. This was about $67 million less than the investment a month earlier. The .investment was made up of $4.8 billion in commodities owned outright by the Commodity Credit Corp. and $2.9 billion in outstanding loahs on farm products still- held iby producers. The investment as of Feb. .28 compared with $7.85 billion a year ago. , Wheat continued to be the top item in the investment. The government owned. outright 1 billion bushels of wheat valued at $2.14 billion and held loans on 256 million bushels worth $459 million. Corn in inventory totaled 1.2 billion bushels valued at $1.45 billion, lgsans oh 777 million bushels were valued at $856 million. The corporation's total net loss from all operations, including adjustments to reserves for losses, amounted to $1.3 billion for the eight-month period ended Feb. '28 as compared to $864 million for the same period a year earlier. Operators of 87,562 farms through March 22 have agreed to divert 2,174,300 acres of barley under the 1962 feed grain program. The acres signed for diversion 1 comprise about 13.5 per cent of the total U.S. barley base of 16 million acres. The Agriculture Department has put into effect a more reliable and informative method of reporting, cold storage holdings of dairy and plultry products after a year's trial run. Issued on a trial basis each Monday over the past year by the Agricultural Marketing Service, the weekly report,- '{Cold "Storage Holdings in Selected 'storage Centers,"- will replace the "35 Cities" report which has been issued for many years. The new "Selected Storage Centers" report provides broader coverage and reflects .more accurately week-to-week changes and seasonal trends than did the older report, entitled "Cold Storage Holdings in 35 Cities." Piersall (Continued From Past 4) season, to become a good hitter. Tasby batted .251. Outfield reserves will be holdover Jim King (.270) and Joe- Hicks, who hit .278 at Indianapolis. Schmidt . is the former Giant catcher whom Vernon feels' will recover from his knee operation and take over as the team's No. 1 receiver. Schmidt hit only .132 in the little action he saw with the Giants and Reds in 1961. Back of Schmidt will be Ken Retzer, who hit .340 in 16' games with the Senators after they brought him up from San Diego, where he had batted .282, and Bright. Starting Pitchers For starting pitchers Vernon has Joe McClain (8-18), Bennie Daniels ('12-11), Pete Burnside (6-5), Hannan and cither Claude Osteen, Dave Stenhouse or Ray Rippelmeyer. Hannan, a 22-year-old right hander, won 17 games while losing seven at Olean last season, but Vernon thinks he can make the jump from class D to the majors like Roland Sheldon did last year for the-Yankees. Osteen, who started the season with the Reds and then went to Indianapolis where he won 15 and lost 11, was 1-1 with the,Senators late in the season.'. Stenhouse won 14 at Jersey City, Rippelmeyer 13 at Indianapolis. • Marty Kutyna (6-8) and Fred Green, .the former Pirate who won seven at Columbus, will head the relief pitching corps. .Other hurling possibilities include Ed Hobaugh (7-9) and Tom Cheney (1-3). Those two kids and Piersall better ibe good or that upward movement Vernon predicts may not materialize. On the Sidelines (Continued from Papa 4) come a future track threat in the conference ..Dave Reeder's first, crack at track is proving a good one. He picked up a., point for third place in the shot/ and on a B-team mile' relay showed' he may make a mark for himself over the 440, particularly next season -when' Tipton's entire niile '• relay squad will be graduated and the Blue Devils-.will' be needing 440 men badly. Skip Weger too turned in? a creditable 440 after confining himself almost exclusjyeljr jto, the? fourmbehfiid Mike Kurtz Monday, Rigbt now ttouglB, Skip is improving fab coordination; ;tihpugb -tbt emlnlne United Press International IDMAFOLIS (UPI) — The women apparently have decided to stop criticizing the laws men make, and try to, become legislator^ themselves. . A Jotal of 28 women filed with the Indiana secretary of state as candidates, subject to the May 8 primaries out of 894'filers, including 23 for ths state House, one for the state Senate, two for Congress and two for county judgships. .Mrs. Keya Buchanan, Indianapolis Democrat, one of the 23 candidates for representative, explained her first time entrance, into political' office-seekingby- saying 'f Men have always, taken care of things in the legislature. It 's time women speak for themselves.". ' ' .- - .. I She said she decided to run after] her husband, James, told her: I "Why gripe to me Why don't you run for office yourself'] Mrs. Buchanan said that since her three children were in school, she decided she would be able to handle duty in the legislature more easily than many can. 3 Incumbents Running Three of the four women who wen: members of the 1961 House, and two who served in 1959 are seeking re-election. They are Mildred Churilla Plese, Cedar Lake Denocrat, a member since 1955; Elsi; Barning, Evansville Democrat , who served in 1949, 1955 and 1961; Anna Maloney,<Jary* Democrat, in 1961; 'Marie Theresa Lau :k and Lucille Currie, both India: apolis Democrats who served in :959. . Oily one woman is a 1962 candid; te for the state Senate this tim^ She is Carolyn Wilhite, Marion while once surq in sumle sincp son leyef, will selej fronji he in Democrat. Mrs. Martha" Bur- onzon nett, Indianapolis Republican, and now lone woman in the upper chamber, does not come up for re-election until 1964. Two women filed for judgeships—a. branch which' has been practically.barred to their sex in Indiana although women serve on the bench in other states. ;Both Mrs. Elizabeth Allen and Mrs. Madeline Graf EtQ, South Bend Republicans, are candidates for nominations as St. Joseph County superior court judges, one in Court 1 andi the other in Court 2. ' /4 Two other women also, are attempting the extremely difficult task of gaining a voice in national lawmaking, through Congress. Mrs. Elizabeth McNair Savich, Rensselaer Democrat, is compounding the handicap by running in another district than that in which she lives. She filed for the 11th District race. Challenges Ray Madden' " An Felix, East Chicago Democrat, audaciously' challenged the veteran congressman of her party —'Rep. Ray Madden. Eighteen Democratic women and 10 Republicans filed this time with the Secretary, of State. Others included in the state House race are Dorothy Clark, D- Terre Haute; Jeannette Lyons Surina, D-Greenwood; Flossie Burford, D-tFrankfort; Kathryn Durnil, R - Indianapolis; Martha Parkes, D-Mishawaka; Mary Rafferty, D-Shelbyville; Alice Mathias Brown, D-Highland; Nellie Drake, R-South Bend; Corrinee Brooks, D-Fort Wayne; Eleanor Endsley, D-Indianapolis; 'Victoria Caesar, D-Gary; Odessa Cross, R- Anderson; Mary Leipnitz, R-Indianapolis; Ruth Bard Crary, R-Brazil, and Rubye Ganley, R-New Albany, who now is county clerk. Wall Street Chatter NJEW YORK (UPI) — According to the Dow Theory Trad, stock maiket and on business spirits,, psychologically speaking, and it the lid will be on. for a longer. Hywever, the Trader says that the April 15 tax deadline is behind us, pent-up buying pres- will remove this lid and then ^lay our bull market will re- upwards again. Standard & Poor's says cancer- publicity probably will ham- perlnear-term performance of the tobacco section, but more distant prospects are considered sufficiently promising to warrant retention of present holdings. Kinneth Ward, writing for the General Technical Survey, says there appears no valid rea- to anticipate any further important decline from the present . this phase of consolidation very likely be extended and tive strength should continue. NEW YORK (UPI)—The date and site for the world, heavyweight title fight between champion Floyd Patterson and Sonny Listm will be announced no later thai April 16, Patterson said Tuesday. The champion, returning a tour of Egypt, added that tjhought the bout would be held or later. July ESTABLISH SPORTS GROUP SALISBURY, N.C. (lUPI) — A group-of the country's top sports writers and sports broadcasters has voted to establish a National Association^ of_ Sjwrtswitere.;.and Sportscastefs .nRed" Smith: of the New York Herald Tribune, and Lindsey Nelson, who broadcasts the New York Mets games, were voted tops in their field by a group of 40. OK 15th AMENDMENT SACRAMENTO, Calif. (PI)— The California Legislature ' got around to approving the 15th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution Tuesday — nearly 100 years after it passed. Congress. The amendment, approved by Congress Feb. 26, 1859, forbids states from depriving Negroes of their voting rights on the basis of race or previous condition of slavery. Now there are only three holdouts — Maryland, Kentucky and Tennessee. "POPS" CONDITION GOOD TRENTON, N.J. (UPI)—Bandleader Paul (Pops) Whiteman, 72, was reported in good condition today at Helehe Fuld Hospital where he has been under observation for the last week for a possible respiratory and heart condition. . Dr. Raymond E. -Miller, said Tuesday that Whiteman's condition was not serious and that he would probably 'be released within a few days.' Whiteman was admitted March 27. The musician, who \ became famous during" the Twenties, - lives near Lambertville, N.J. PUBLIC AUCTION I, the undersigned, will sell at-public auction on the permiies 'tocajted 2Va miles north of State Rd, 28 on v State Rd. 31 or Wh miles south of Kokomo, Indiana on State Rd. 31 on ^ Tuesday, April 10, 1962 AT 1:00 P.M. SHARP - *nd art il 2 P Pomp hewn heavy F E E D _ • - • 2,000 bu. of extra good corn, more,or. less; about 1500 bales of 1st 2nd cutting alfalfa hay; atout 500 bales of good wheat straw. IMPLEMENTS. ETC. extra good rubber-tired wagon with' new grain bad; another good, rubber-tired wagon with bed; Ca»e spreader In good edition; good Idea 4-bar tide-delivery rake end tedder; good 4-row sprayer on —with 2-J00 gal', tanks also hand spray attachment; 20 ft. grain elevator in good condition With gas motor; almost new 32" chain sew; portable'hog shades pn wheels 31 ft. Ions' liewokb lo• 24 f». wide; 2 lacks; 3 extra heavy Jog chains, II and II foot; 1 cattte.gram and reek*; sheep feeders arid hay'rack; 2 almost new automatic watac fountains; S.pulMogether hog hevses II' long; 11- 7 x I ii^ to goad caption;. 3, wintar; hog fountains; haf fiederi;,extra; ringing •eretaT vraighing crata;lwat«r' ; tank;-aWckaw faidisra and aim; several roljs of picket cribbing and other tinail arlicles net htMlttiwiMie TERMS: CASH NOT RMPOfiSIBL* f>OR ACCfOtNTS Auctioneers: 'fddle Nativ Mwna: Windfall LYnhurst 545M. Verf Myers, Xtork -'. STRICTLY BUSINESS -PAGE I by MefWfers "Argyle, you've gone as high as you can in the company _so I'm starting you over again at tjie bottom!" Arcaro Annoin^es Riding Retirement NEW YORK (UPI)—"I always wanted to bow out- while I was on top . . . I didn't want to-be picked, up on a mat." That was the way- George Edward Arcaro, better known as "Banana Nose" in most sports circles, today explained - his sudden decision to" retire as America's greatest stakes jockey and accept a new position in the business world. Arcaro, who - piloted 4,779 winners and accounted for 30,039,543 in purses in 30 years of riding, announced Tuesday night that he was joining the. American Total­ izator Co. as a field representative and consultant. 1 . ' The 46-year old jockey admitted he. Bad been mulling over-"for quite a while".an offer to join American Totalizator, 'w hieh makes'and operates the electronic betting equipment used, at 165 alai frontons. . "Last summer, it was' getting harder. and ; harder to Tide day le told newsmen at. a conference held in a mid- York resturant. ' "I with my perform- all, if you don't the week you aren't celebrities on Sat- after' after day. press town 'few was dissatisfied ance but, ride durin fit to ride ursday. -" "Only last wasn't going it. I. had. a and I was year w; pur and: year. But accept the can Tote the r Saturday, I said I to quit and I meant great year last year, set for another . big ' ith_hit>rses like Kelso, Jai- of Flowers, this Ifonday I decided to from the Ameri- offer Pebple.' SEVERS RELATIONS QUITO, Ec lador (UPI)—Envoys from Poland, Czechoslovakia' and Fidel Castro ! s Cuba got their walking papers from the Foreign Ministry herd The ministry formally notified the charges d off. relations a reasonable Tuesday night. affaires of the three nations that Ecuador had broken with their governments and thjat they would have to get out of his country lime." • 'within Westfield Motel &Cqfe The undersigned administrator for the Joseph at Public sale on premises at the North edge of Westfield Real Estate and all equipment ffewby estate will sell • the, following Saturday, April 7th c^t 1 dO p.m. Large tract of land improved with a well constructed 16 unit Motel, gas heat, all rooms completely furnished with all Hickory furnishings. Shower.baths, tile floors, best of condition, two neon signs. Combination Restaurant and Drive-in building 24 x 34 ft., fully equipped. Also. Eze-Way frozen custard Machine. Modern 4 room apartment, electric heat, 2 car garage, extra good building. This is la very desirable offering, doing a nice volume. Sale being made to settle estate. Inspection invited. For any information contact Auctioneers. . . TERMS: 10% of Purchase price day of sale, final settlement within 30 days. Sale subject to approval of Hamilton Circuit Court. Wyant Auction C«j.,: Noblesville, Indiana, Ph^ne PR 3-3131 Ralph S. Newby, Administrator Ralph Drake, Auctioneer Kempton, Ind., WI. 7-2272 Kenneth Wyant,. Auctioneer NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE IN THE TIPTON CIRCUIT COURT TERM, 1962 JANUARY CAUSE STATE OF INDIANA ) w ) SS: COUNTY OF TIPTON ) EDWARD HENRY, PLAINTIFF ' VS RAYMOND HENRY, ET AL The undersigned Commissioner by virtue of an Circuit Court, made and entered in the above gives notice that he will offer for sale at public auctioji, idenco known as the Peter and Catherine- Henry north and Va mile east of Tipton on the premises at on the Uth day of April, 1962, for not less than two-thirds praised value thereof, said real estate being described entitled NO. 8340 order of the Tipton cause, hereby at the main res- located 3 miles 2:00 o'clock P.M. of the ap- as follows: TRACT NO. I the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter and| the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, of ship 22 North, Range 4 East, Tipton County, Indiana, acres, mora or " the South Half of Section 25, Town- and containing 60 TRACT NO. II the East Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter and the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section 25. Township 22 North, Rang* 4 East, Tipton County, Indiana, and containing 60 acres, mora or:'— r ' ' TRA^T NQ. Ill" ' ; ! iTKet Norfhaasf Quarter of ihe Northeast Quarter of : taction 25, Toam- ahip 22 North, Range 4 East, Tipton County, Indiani, and containing 40 •enj*,;iiia^ai' : 'las».',/ v . .. The real ettata will be sold in three (3) separata tracts. Said sale aWact^ja|«r«wat.a|.tha Tipton Circuit Court. Purchaser wilt:be re- miifc^falte*faM.Wo§: sale and the balahca.vrithin thirty (39) etayraflar marchantabla abstract is himishad. Alia subject te 1N2 taxes, eXwiau. Poasaasionupsn full payment. ^ | mmissioner iMue^Wataon^AttoriteiMee Commissioner Ea>M NathV AiH^lMia^,

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