Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 17, 1976 · Page 8
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 8

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1976
Page 8
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, Agriculture — Today By Otis Griggs Finney County Extension Agricultural Agent PageS Garden City Telegram Thursday, June 17,1976 the new growth is removed. Just enough new growth will occur during the rest of the growing season to hide the pruning cuts. Prospects Said Bolstered For Bumper Crops in Fall Apply 2-3 to 1 pound of actual 2-4-D low volatile ester after the wheat soft dough stage. Weed control may not be effective if weeds are too large. Do not use treated straw for livestock feed. If susceptable crops or plants are nearby, be very careful of application and wind direction to reduce danger of damage, In pastures for the control of Prickly pear use 2-4-5 T or Silvex at the rate of 8 Ib. in 100 gallon of diesel oil. Apply late spring or early summer, wet plants until herbicide runs off. Early bloom stage is per- ferred. If 2-4-5 Tis used, follow label directions for grazing limitations. Yucca may be best controlled with Silvex using 2 Ibs. of ingredient per acre in diesel oil. Control may not be evident for 1 to 2 years after treatment, Evergreens can use a little pruning — whether they're being grown in Christmas Tree plantings or part of the landscape around your home. Most of us tend to forget that. We water those trees, cultivate around them, and do a fair job of controlling insects and diseases that affect them. But we let the pruning go. MINI CLUB Memberships Are Due This Month. They Should Be Purchased At The Door. Basically pruning is done to maintain and enhance the natural form of the tree and to prevent the tree from growing too wide or tall. And, maybe equally important, it makes the foliage more dense. Foresters emphasize that pruning should follow natural lines of the tree as closely as possible. This means cutting back individual shoots and not pruning the tree to a formal shape—keep the natural look, but still control the size and general shape of the tree. There's nothing difficult about it, the foresters emphasize. The important thing to remember is to use sharp equipment, whether it's a knife as the old-timers used, or pruning shears that most people use now. It's best to make the cuts at a 45-degree angle and face the' cut downward. Care needs to be taken to prevent tearing the bark above the pruning cut. Pines should be pruned between now and mid-July. Firs and spruce — which take less pruning — also can be done now. Cedar, juniper, and arborvitae may be pruned at any time of the year. From now until July 1 is the best time to prune those evergreens. Many evergreens including pines, spruce, and fir, get most of their growth in the spring. Growth of these species stops about July 1. Unless major surgery is needed for correction of a serious defect in the tree, the pruning should consist of clipping the new growth. This clipping is done to shape the tree and no woody material should be removed. Evergreens will set new buds just below the spot where Cattle with warts should be treated now, especially if they are to be exhibited at fairs this summer, says a K-State Extension Veterinarian. The reason, says Dr. Homer Caley, is that warts spread by direct contact or contamination from a post or fences that they rub on. Exhibiting a warty animal woiild risk spreading the virus to other cattle. Young animals are the most susceptible. Warts can be found anywhere on the animal but are usually on the neck, shoulders, eyes and head. Size varies from a button to a basketball and may be in clusters or individually. Teat warts on dairy cattle may pose significant problems. Warts on beef cattle are of no economic significance, although irritation may retard gain. Extremely warty market cattle may be discounted. Dr. Caley says there are a variety of commercial products available but it is difficult to predict the results. Vaccines are available, but if there is no response in three to four weeks, use another course of action. Sometimes an' autogenous bacterin may be prepared by having a vaccine made from ground wart tissue. Iodine and glacial acetic acid are sometimes effective on small warts. Wart oils and water glass are other remedies. Warts may be surgically removed by a veterinarian but it is time consuming and expensive. Sometimes warts will disappear on their own without explanation. It is not economical to prevent warts by vaccination. WASHINGTON (AP) — De-~was reported in "good con- spite tornadoes, hail and other dition" but the tallest corn '22 inches tall weather violence which often accompany them this time of year, recent thunderstorms have helped give midwest corn and other crops needed moisture in many areas and have bolstered prospects for bumper harvests this fall. By June 13, according to the Agriculture Department, the corn crop generally was "in good condition and growing fast" as warmer temperatures caused plant growth to spurt. However, officials said Tuesday in 'a weekly weather summary, soil moisture was still short in the north central states although rain brought temporary relief in northern Minnesota. But the height of corn by June 13 lagged in some areas because of earlier cool weather. In Illinois, the crop measured 22 inches against 27 inches by mid-June of last year and an average 18 inches for the period, . the report said. The department will issue its first 1976 corn production estimate next month based on ~ date in 1975. west and west-centralpbrtions of Iowa fairly well." Commenting on other crops, the report said that the wheat harvest in Texas, which had been slow due to cool, damp' weather, was 23 per cent complete by June 13, compared with 37 per cent on the same field surveys. Meanwhile, officials have "projected" a record crop of around 6.4 billion bushels, give or take 350 million, if farmers get normal weather during the growing season. Last year's harvest, a record, was nearly 5.8 billion bushels. "In Iowa, warm weather favored rapid corn growth," the report said. "Plants shot up hip high in some places. Weed control was good, thanks to excellent cultivating weather. Corn condition was good to excellent and withstood the stress of dry soils in the north- Learn With Elsie By ELSIE BRANDEN Finney County Extension! Home Economist Are you ready for a festival of fresh vegetables at a very attractive price? If you are looking for a true Bicentennial dish of feature in your meals, then feature corn- on-the-cob. It has been a popular American dish ever since the days of the Pilgrims. You can boil it, roast it or steam it. But why stop there? The uses of fresh corn are as endless as your imagination. Now is a good time to serve sweet corn in all your favorite ways. Checking in your local market you will see sweet Happy Day Care Ages 3 to 6, Monday-Friday Children of working mothers only Pre-School Training Tentative Time-7:45-5:45 Patricia Maglaras-276-2980 Ttrestone CAR SERVICE Very Important Protection at Very Inexpensive Prices! Front End ALIGNMENT ONLY *14 Any American car Parts extra, if needed. Precision alignment by skilled mechanics who will set caster, camber, and toe-in to manufacturer's specifications. HO tXTRA CHARBC FOR FACTORY AIR OR TORSION BAR CARS. WHEN WE SERVICE YOUR CAR YOU RECEIVE: • Written warranties on all • Dependable car service, guaranteed products and services. . Free car inspection. • Only the services you authorized • Worn parts in a bag. performed at prices you OKed. for your inspection REPACK AND GREASE SEALS Repack front wheel bearings and install new front grease seals. Drum type Add >8 for disc brake*. LUBE & OIL CHANGE Includes up to 5 quarts of high grade oil. All cars and light trucks. Call for an appointment to avoid delay. 4-H For You By MICHAELiD. QUART Finney County Extension 4-H Agent This will be my last visit with you folks in this column. I don't need to tell ya that it's not an easy one to write. I think the best thing to say is, first a big thank you to the people of this county for their kindness and support that is characteristic of the people here. The people have made it fun to come to work for the last year and a half. Without the people in business, the media and in city and county government cooperating, extension youth work would not be nearly as effective. I appreciate it! Then, there are the people served by extension youth education, the 4-H members, families and leaders. These adults and kids are a model of good citizenship and volunteerism in a time when 200 years of it have caused it to become less than what it once was. The people in 4-H are involved in a celebration of this country's birth that's pure and not commercialized. These people have made this job particularly meaningful during 'a time when meaning was necessary. Thank you for reading this column! BUY BUSH HOG/EATON GRAIN BINS • HANDI-HUTS BULK FEED BINS NOW Get a 4% Direct • Factory Rebate We're giving inflation the old 1 - 2 with (1) FREE Bush Hog/Eaton championship belt buckles when you come in and talk about your grain storage needs and (2) Direct Factory rebates when you buy Bush Hog/Eaton Grain Bins, Bulk Feed Bins or Handi-Huts. Right now, until June 15, we'll give you 4% of the retail price in a check direct to you. Hurry — come in today and find out how much you can save! corn from California, Florida and South Texas. Some suggestions you may wish to use in selecting fresh corn: —Fresh husks with a good green color. —Silk-ends that are free from decay. ' —Stem ends that are not discolored or dried out. Select ears that are well, covered with plump, not too mature kernels. —Avoid ears with underdeveloped kernels as well as those with large kernels. —Avoid ears that have dark yellow kernels with depressed areas on the outer surface. Corn will retain fairly good 'quality for a number of days if it has been kept cold and moist since harvesting. It should be placed in your refrigerator as soon as possible an.d. kept, moist.until used. ', , ",' Ttrestone RADIAL DELUXE CHAMPION" As low as *~..'< -Provides long mileage, and easy handling. 'Two fiberglass belts on polyester cord body. 33 6RAIN BIN HANOI-NUT BULK FEED BIN BUSH HOG The INFLATION FIGHTERS BR7I-13 WhiWwill. Pluc (2.03 F.E.T. and old tin. PriMd (I lluwn II Finiloni S<««. Comixuliytly ptind wh«nv«i you in lh« Fntloni lign. '• NAAB CONSTRUCTION CO. Box 305 Garden City, Kanus (316) 276-8455 The Oklahoma wheat harvest, however, was 16 per cent completed against 9 per cent by mid-June last year when rains slowed progress, the report said. Officials said that the cotton crop outlook was "generally fair and beginning to improve" generally. But cotton was still in "poor condition" in Alabama and Mississippi, the report said. No Reports of Scabies in May WASHINGTON (AP) — No outbreaks of cattle scabies, a skin disease caused by tiny parasitic mites, were reported in May, according to the Agriculture Department. It was the first month since July of last year that no scabies cases were recorded, officials said Tuesday. However, they sa<d that 76 outbreaks involving thousands of 'head of cattle occurred during the previous nine months since last July 1 and warned that producers should not let down their guards less the disease erupte again. Western Cattle Co., Inc. We specialize , in order buying of all classes of stocker and feeder cattle, Will sell fat cattle on commission. PETE Hl'TCHINS Phone TR 2-3518-Scott City JIM JASPER Phone 397-2353-Digh ton DENNIS SCHKOEDER Phone 397-2448-Dighton JACK DALY Phone 276-7196-(Jarden City HAROLD WOODS Phone 397-5556- Dighton .MAIN OFFICE PHONE ' Dighton-397-2424 CATAL.YX Minerals & Nutrient Blocks Announces the appointment of LARRY LOVE as its Garden City Area Dealer * * * Larry Is Selling and Servicing THE PEST. THE LEAST EXPENSIVE, THE MOST CONVENIENT. ... MINERAL AND VITAMIN PROGRAM FOR CATTLE For more information Call: LARRY LOVE 275-1898 Want Ads Got Results Collinguiood ^•B* rataAiro itvir* GRAINING. TENNIS, KANSAS PHONE 275-1772 Located: 12 Miles North of Garden City on Highway 83, and 1 % Miles West GASOLINE DIESEL See Us For All Your Fertilizer And Chemical Needs. •Anhydrous Ammonia Plus Complete Liquid Mixed Fertilizer. Prescription Blended to Meet Your Soil Requirements. Bob Ohnick, Manager

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