Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 27, 1964 · Page 7
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 7

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1964
Page 7
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BUSINESS & MARKETS STOCK MARKET Key /ssues Show Losses In Afternoon (C6mpl| i 6d 0 bV K th«'A»Mtio| S «d Press) M _ _, Indust. Rails Util. Stocks NEW YORK (AP) - Stock market prices softened late this afternoon in moderate trading. Volume for the day was estimated at 4.4 million shares compared with 4.3 million Tuesday. Key stocks lost from fractions to a point or more. Among higher-priced, more speculative issues the declines ran to 4 or Worse. Some of the merger-effected railroads were higher in response to latest developments. Steels continued their slightly higher tone based on prospects for continued high-level production. Some blue chips which were strong recently took losses on profit taking. International Harvester fell more than a point. Woolworth and Eastman Kodak were down a point or so. Down more than 4 were IBM and Xerox. Control Data slipped more than a point. Sperry Rand, sold actively, looked like the most active stock as it took a fractional loss. Pan American World Airways, off more than 2, was a sharp loser in an irregularly lower airline section. Prices were mixed on the American Stock Exchange. U.S. government bond prices were mostly unchanged and corporates were irregular. LIVESTOCK DENTISTRY GRADUATE Kenneth Wesley Wimbcrly, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry 0. Wimberly of 1701 21st St., will graduate June 2 from Loyola University school of dentistry in New Orleans. After graduation, he will serve two years in the U. S. Air Force as a captain in the dental branch. He Is a 1957 graduate of Lake Charles High School. Entries Bein LOCAL WEATHER UKfi CHAftLfii W6AtH6ft today <<> a.m.) ........... II Overflight Ld» (s BM. )..:.! ! « Maximum y«i«pday (1 p.m.) .......... M Relative Humidify <» o.m.) ....... M Rainfall Wdoy ........ .... .......... none Rainfall VMtirday ................. tret! Sunset today ................... 7:04 p.m. Sunrise tomorrow .............. SMJ a.m. Son level pressur* (» a.m.) ......... 30.08 Tides Today: Low ?:07 p.m., -d.4. Tomorrow:, High 4:3? a.m., l.fli Low 9:4i p.m., 8.4. LOUISIANA LIVESTOCK MARKET Collharp's, DeRidder Tuesday/ May 24, l«4 CATTLE RECEIPTS: Moderate. 364 head sold. MARKET CONDITIONS: Trading Action: Moderately active. Demand: Fair. Prices: Steady. HOG RECEIPTS: Small. 101 head sold. HOG MARKET CONDITIONS: Trading Action: Active. Demand: Fair. Prices: steady. Calve! SLAUGHTER: Good to Choice 22-23, standard 50-21, utility 17-19. STOCKERS: Good to choice (250 Ibs. up) 22-24, common and medium (250 tbs. up) 18-21, good light (250 Ibs. down) 2629. Steers and Heifers Good to choice 18-20, standard 17-18, utility 14-U. STCCKER STEERS: Good 15-17, common and medium 12-14. STOCKER HEIFERS: Good 16-17, common and medium 14-15. Caws SLAUGHTER: Commercial 13-14, Utility 12-12.50, culler 11-12, canner 8-10, shells 7-8. STOCKERS: Good 14-16, common and medium 12-13. Cow end Coif Per Pair Good none, medium 140-162.50, common 110-135, Inferior 75-105. Bulls Commercial 17-17.50, utility 15-16, cutter 12-14. Hogs Choice barrows and gills (180 la 175 Ib 14-14.50, choice barrows and gills (140 to 175 Ibs.) 12-13, butcher pigs (75 to 135 Ibs.) 11-13, medium barrows and gills 11-12, sows (400 Ibs. down) 13.14, heavier sows (old) 11-12, good feeder pigs 14-15, common end medium 10-13, woods hoas Entries for the Contraband Dog Show to be held in downtown Lake Charles on Saturday, June 6, are arriving in each day's mail, according to an announcement today by the Downtown Development Division of the Lake Charles Association of Commerce. An application blank was published in last {Sunday's Lake Charles American Press inviting children to enter their pet dogs or friends' dogs (with permission, of course) in the event Prescription Shoe Fitting Store Opens A shoe store with the main purpose of fitting prescription shoes for children opens today at 3407 Ryan St. Children's Shoe House is the name of the firm which will also handle regulra shoes for children. | The grand opening of the new 'south city company will contin- j ue through Saturday, June 6. Mrs. Betila White is the owner of Children's Shoe House, She is the former Beula Marque of Lake Charles. Mrs. White has returned to Lake Charles to open the new store. She has been specially trained to fit prescription shoes. Special favors and gifts are planned during the open house week. In addition, the store is holding a contest for children to name a neon store clown. The main shoe line the store will handle is the Edwards line for children, both in prescription and regular styles. Mrs. White said there is ample parking space at the new store. In addition, the interior has been especially designed (o appeal to children. Plush toys inside will keep the children occupied and contented while hav- • luuiuu, ui uuuiau/ in uie (>veni. . i ,. , i—, —. i The show, which will be held mg shoes fltted ' she said on (he parking lot of the Lakeside National Bank, will be preceded by a parade of all the children and their dogs at 9 a.m., from the registration desk in front of the city hall up Ryan Street to Division Street then to the Lakeside Bank. The entire show will be handled by the Calcasieu Kennel, .—^. ,,«,...„,.„ ^ uullll< , ^,! club whose members have volun- kins, 1964 graduates of LaGrange teered their services for the Senior High School, each rated 1 showing and judging. j bronze medal awards in the Na- All the children entering theitional Know-English test, Local High School Pair Win Medals Robert Horn and Laurine El- .show will receive gift packets, ' and free balloons will be passed ; out to all who attend the show. ! One of the features of the , show will be a circus clown, They made scores of 106-118 out of a possible 130 points. Paul Moses with a score of 100 received a certificate award in this derivative, definition and DOW JONES (Courtesy of A. C. Edwards & Sans ID? Weber Bldg.) DOW JONES Wednesday Fourth Hour Averages'. Industrials 8)8.30 of) .62 Rails 205.72 off .70 UfiWIej ]4CU! off .OS Fourth Hour Stocks: Allied Chemicals £l-,i American Bakeries 18% American Can 43'/2 American T & T 137% Anaconda 42 3 .4 Armour & Co. £0'/a Boeing Aircraft fil'/i Branlff Wi Cities Service 69V< Continental Oil 7! Dynalectron $'/'• Eastern Airlines 33'/j Flreston* 38'/» Ford 53 General Dynamics !5'/i General Motors 86 7 ,s General Telephone 32 3 .i W. R. Grace S7'/« Gulf Oil 57i/2 Gulf States 44'A Hercules Powder 43V» Kennecott Copper BP.b Libby 17'/i Lockheed 33 Mack Trucks <5% Montgomery Ward 36'/i National Airlines 47^ Olln Mafhleson 45 Pan American 75'a J. C. Penny S)H Pepsi Cola 54V« Pittsburgh p. G 72*« Polaroid 141 RCA 3t"j Seors Roebuck 113 3 * Socony Mobil »0'-j Sperry Bond 15 Std. of Calif tl»« Texai Co 79=n United Airlines »'/i United Gas 37 U. S. Steel 55'« Zenith <S7^ .-•-•u.i <T tit >_ii_ Q v, 11 ^,ua UlUWIJ, **' *»'"*o v*^*. * YC4t-» r *-j *4*-iM Jim_m ciiiu Johnny Johnson, who is one of, worti usa § e contest. Maydel Wil- the members of the Calcasieu; kinson received honorable men- i Kennel club. lion. i The Contraband Dog Show ! Parents of these students are: which had been planned orig- J Ma i- and Mrs - Robert W. Horn, inally for an earlier date, has! Ros sier City; Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt been re-scheduled for June 6 to' B - Elkl "s, 3512 Lake St.; Mr. j coincide with the activities of i ancl Mrs - Paul J - Moses Sr - ' Contraband Davs 4S7 Dolb y St.; and Mr. and Mrs.; 1 Kenneth C. Wilkinson of 217 W. Pricn Lake Road. Electrical Cooperative Bill Offered BATON ROUGE (API - Two of Gov. John McKeithen's House leaders introduced a bill Tuesday night to put electrical cooperatives under control of the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Rep. Lantz Womack, Franklin Parish and Robert Munson, Rapides, handed in the bill. , But Womack said it \vas not an administration measure. ' "It simply would put electri-! cal cooperatives under jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission, just the way the utilities are now," Womack said. June Stump Tour ! NEW YORK (AP) - Former j Vice President Richard M. Nix-1 on has scheduled speeches in ] New York, Baltimore, Atlanta, j Detroit and Milwaukee between June 4 and June 16. Nixon has been prominently mentioned as a possible Republican nominee for president again this year, but has said he is not a candidate. The "CLOCKWORK" way to REGULARITY Take Nuiol instead of harsh laxative drugs. Not a mure lubricant, Nujol emulsifies in intestines to increase moisture retention, thus add bulk for regular elimination. Take high quality Nujol for temporary constipation relief. Save on the large size of Nujol. PLAN A CARE-FREE CONTINENTAL. TRAiLWAYS VACATION.., IT'S THE BEST WAY TO SEE THE U.S.A. 1 WED., MAY 11, 1964, Lake Shoffei Ameffegft ?>§§§ J 0Af MILD—The Gulf Coast can ex- peci mild weather lonighi while cooler temperatures are forecast from the mid-Mississippi valley and upper Great Lakes to ihe Atlantic coast and in the Pacific northwest. Rain is pre- dicted from the northern Pacific coast to Ihe Rockies and in parts of ihe Plains area. It will be warmer from the southern Plateau to ihe northern Plains. (AP Wirephoto Map). COUNCILMAN ISRAEL LAFLEUR WOULD UKF. ta KNOW ttoxv Mtictt toNOfett Aftfe ?tip. OF LAKE CHARLfeS OQlfrO tO .Ptt UP Wlflf tHB PRRSRfrt CHAtlTRR toftM 0* OOVfcRNMfefcf TMAT IS DEstONEP TO GIVft WlLE TO A PfttViLfcOfct) FfcW? The backers of Hie. Charter promised (he people tflany things other than jtpo.ndlng nearly SS million of thft la*paycrs' monry fn the past three years. What Improvement has the City Charter form of government given to the people? the answer fs inn small to talk about! Councilman LaPleur Invites all the taxpayers and voters to nllrnd a meeting: at the Lake Charles City Mall, tomorrow, Thursday, May 28th, ifllM, at ?:3fl P.M. (o discuss tft e City Charter form of government. Ff we want Lake Charles tn go forward, H'« time for a change! It's tin to the taxpayers and voters to make the change— NOT A IIANDPICKfiD BOARD! (Israel LaFleur Advertisement) Paint Upl Clean Up! Fix U pi Regular 5.98 Gallon Master - Mixed Exterior House Paint Fights Dirt and Fading \vo\jse SAVE $1.54 w Gallon CHARGE IT on Sears Revolving Charge Matches or exceeds in every respect the performance of other best-selling "name brands" • Apply with brush, roller, sprayer . . . has remarkable durability • Hesisls mildew discoloration, chipping, peeling and fading • High iltanlum dloxido content assures long-lasiing bright-while • Self-cleaning whllo actually cleans Itself with every rain Blsquo French Gray Cream Spearmint Sunlight Yellow- Cinnamon Brown ';>W f t*?'\* / / »' < ' $> » A * '' Jt *^' J >>'lse*<,i ' * *> / f. f * t, 4*«i » H */ , 16 - ft. Aluminun Extensions Sears Price 1988 Grants In Aid Hearing Set By House Unit BATON ROUGE (AP) - The House Judiciary C Committee today called a hearing for 8:30 p.m. next Wednesday on a bill to limit individual state grants in aid for private school tuition to §300 a year. Rep. James R. Leake, West Feliciana, requested that (he hearing be set after Rep. Maurice Landrieu, Orleans, sought 9 committee okay on his bill. Landrieu argued that the $360 a-year ceiling now imposed on grants in aid is too high "and in excess of the $175 a year paid by the state for children attending public schools in Orleans Parish." Leake admitted that there might be some corrections need- in statutes establishing the program but said some private school owners want to be heard on Landrieu's bilJ. One phone call to your local Continental Trailways Tour Agent is all it takes. Tell him WHERE you want to spend your vacation. He will plan the test ... IN ADVANCE . . . hotel reservations, sightseeing tours, baggage. A fjr-free tour aboard a Continental Trailways air-conditioned, rest room equipped luxury bus is a tare-free vacation . .. without being a budget breaker! , ""PLBASE SEND ME* INFORMATION ON THE PRE PLANNED TOURS CHECKED BELOW; P New York World's Fair—Washington, D. 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