The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 6, 1947 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1947
Page 3
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THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, FEBRUARY «j PAGE THREE '••—^^^^•••••••••MMHmMBHH Cleaning Service for Malvern will be ready to serve you with ALL your cleaning needs — starting- SATURDAY, FEB. 8 PICK UP AND DELIVERY Just PHONE 2131 and we'll be glad to pick up your cleaning work and to deliver It when it's finished. EXTRA CONVENIENCE AT NO EXTRA COST! OME-DAY SERVICE We'll give the quickest possible service on our odorless dry cleaning at all times. When you need our speedy one-day service we're ready to serve you. SPEED AT NO EXTRA COST! After weeks of planning we have been able to get ear brand new equipment ready to,go and will open our new Dry Cleaning and Tailoring Shop in the Pace Tire Recap shop building on Saturday. We cordially invite you to visit us and see our new plant. We cordially invite you to try our Cleaning and Pressing Service. We believe you'll appreciate the extra quality of our work and the extra convenience and speed of our service. We believe you'll like the extra value our low prices bring. That's why we cordially invite you to have your cleaning and pressing done right here at home. NEW MODERN EQUIPHOT Our plant is equipped with the aewest cleaning and pressing equipment available- That's why -we can Rive such quick serv- ioe» and produce such a high quality of work. HUBBELL CLEANERS ALL HOME WORK We care fur all work broiiRht to as right here In our home shop. We also give extra service «n buttons, small re- PRlra, etc., that you'll appreciate: JUST TRV Verris Hubbell, owner *EMAITCHESS* PEP CLUB SKIT AT RALLY THUSRDAY Seven of the Pep club girls showed off their talents (ahem!) for the assembly during the pep rally last Thursday. The skit was entitled "The School District at Carrot Corners." THE STUDENT SPEAKS SENIOR GIRLS SEXTET Quo»tiun: Wliat ran K lrl» In TROUNCES FRESHMEN M. II. H. do to Improve tlieni- solvpM tin* most? The senior girls were on the Fern Stroud: For one thing march Tuesday afternoon when they could learn to chew their they set out to maul the freshmen study hail," could make goofl use gum more quietly. '" •---•—•--" Dream, Blaze of Noon, Wo. Shook the Family Tree, Doctor Sam Johnson, The Assassins, Alexander of Macedon, The Unforeseen and In the Hand sof the Sene- cas. All of these books should be very Interesting for high school students to read. Let's not Just LOOK at the books; let's HEAD them. Some of you people who find yourselves "bored" with After school was called to order by the school teacher (Frieda Hall) roll call was taken In which each gave his excuse for not being present. Recitations were given by each. One of the most interesting was the new version" Delorls Mary Lou Ranne: They could Improve on their manners and their neatness in clothes. Joyce Campbell: We could learn to be more considerate and dress neater. Personal cleanliness is also sometimes overlooked. Paulson: Be neater of the old rhyme, "Mary Had a about our clothes and ourselves, given by Shir- poem her dad had written for-her (you can Imagine); a prose select Jon ftbonfe the elephant, given by Maida Fox. more fitting for school wear. in basketball. Teams were as follows: senior forwards were Frieda Hall, Shirley Plat and Evelyn Lutz. Guards, Jo Trively, Marilyn Phelps and Phyllis Hoover. Freshman forwards were Maida Fox, Florence Wederqvist and Gemma Parent!. Guards, Betty Howard, Marcie Ellis and Lorraine Bird. Substitutes were recruited from all classes, 20 minutes of ac- tirae the of the library. * Roving Reporter * By Frieda J. Hall Last week's snow was greeted with an enormous amount of enthusiasm not only by the little kids but also by the big kids (usually seniors dies and the job SUBJECT SIDELIGHTS Ily Mnry Ann IHngfuim In English II the class has taken up letter writing and has been trying to do a few good samples. So far they have tried social letters, notes of regret anil Informal invitations. The freshman girls are finally finishing up their pinafores after the long vacation. They are quite excited about a few cooking lessons which come up when they are finished. I hope you don't get too many burned fingers, girls. Some very nice aprons, scarves, blouses and other articles, upon Is coming. I am sure everyone remembers the good It did last Mr. Jarrett, who lives above the Paul Implement building, has year and the producers hope it been quite sick with pneumonia will be even better this year. but Is now better. Dr. Do Will Is caring for him. Dorothy Klndlg, a former real- dent, U helping her mother with telephone work at Lewis. Her mother was a former operator here. Lloyd Mi'Kei: of Carson was a caller In town Friday. Hurry Km mitt Paul has returned from a three weeks tuito trip to New York City visiting rela- tlveK. Ho enjoyed a very pleasant trip. Mrs. Sally Shook of Macedonia was a guest In the \Vayno Byers TYPISTS BECOMING MORE ACCURATE Evelyn Lutz has typed a 10 minute test with no errors. Frank Edle has typed a five minute test with no errors. Standings: Volma Bateman, .1; Rose Marie Flckel, .2; Phyllis Hoover, .4; Ruth Saalfield, .5; Joan Trively, .6; Shirley Piatt, • 6 — on 5, 10 and 12 minute tests. High scores in net words per home. which the second year home ec minute: Evelyn Lutz, 41.6; Joan Mrs. Marie Paul was a dinner girls have painted with textile Trively, 37.3; Rose Marie Fickel, guest Sunday In the Harry Paul paints, can bo seen in the sew- 41 -°: Frieda Hall, 41.1; Phyllis home. Ing room. The related Hoover, 36.4; Shirley Platt, 40.1. Mrs. Martin Chrlstofferson be- been studying the stars and the ute: Frieda ^__ a MkD »-.. ru » Hall 61 !• SI 1 1 inB W ' 1 ^ ' lot luncnes after an ab- came out on top to the tune of and his assistants were right on solar syste»n."lfyou~see a~couple Plait,* 46™" Joan* Trlve'ly ''-^ 8encB ot a week becttuse of ul ' had most of the snow O f girls put some place star-gaz- Rose' Mario Fickel, rf ' } - r * f ~ -—-O-»--» •»*»•»» ww«*«w f*MVU DfcMk ~b**** Our only hope is that we may shoveled by the time students ar- Ing, think nothing of it; they're Jo Triyely: Have their clothe* pressed, "their nalr combed and - . —„ -=„« i«M«M A v « A» « 11 tnelr shoes Polished once in continue to play basketball. After rived In the morning. Of course really studying. casi mciuoeo. irieoa Hail awhUe They cou , d a , go lmprove all, "It isn't that you win or lose, the younger set started right BUT how you-play the game!" away cultivating ice runs direct- Yea, seniors. 'X in front of the steps. Although The Juniors and sophomores one's life was constantly in dan- will play Friday following the ser every time he stepped out- regular GAA meeting. The win- side, no serious casualties were ner of this round will play the seniors next week. 466- Lois -»»«»• | .UU«M ness. ' J he Methodist Aid have made as teacher and her eight pupils, Shirley Platt, Pat Perkins, Marcie Ellis, Maida Fox, Marilyn Phelps, Carol Johnson, Rose Marie Fickel and Joan Trively. It was under the supervision of the program chairman, Joyce Campbell. and Mias McClurg. PLYWOOD 8' treated Shingles, Hoofing Insulation, Lumber Plainer Lumber Co. on their manners. Bob Taylor: They look OK to me! Relnhardt Nagle: Improve manners and neatness; other than that, they don't need any improvement. Wib Stogdill: Girls should not try to hold hands with boys during the shows'at school. Junior Martin: Girls should watch the movie shows at school and not sit in the dark corners and hold hands with boys. Kenneth Templeton: Quote, A last tip to all students of M. H. S.: Start polishing up your manners, another Courtesy week Phelps. 40.5; Phyllis Hoover, 40.4; Frank Edle, 40.3 — on 5, 10 and 12 minute tests. 4224 No. 24th St. Omaha 11, Neb. "No comment," unquote. HtLLNTIN 1JO.VHD AXI) IJBIUHY NEWS There Is a selection of book covers on the bulletin board this week, all of which come from new books for the school library. The nine new books are Driftwood Valley, Not So Wild reported. The l>ep club skit last Thursday was slightly crummy but it at least lifted the pep rally out of the rut It has been in lately. It became rather monotonous to yell continuously for 20 minutes every pep rally. The movie "Julius Caesar," was supposed to be a very good HENDERSO Floyd Rose Home Destroyed by Fire The Floyd Hose liome north of Henderson was completely destroyed by fire of undetermined origin Sunday night. AH household furnishings and clothing a movie illustrating the result Cae- were also lost. Mrs. Hose and - sar's death had upon the people daughter escaped in their bed- of Rome. Those who knew the clothes. The fire department was history of Rome and Caesar's life called but the home was too far Sclionl Contributes $51.84 To Murt'li of Dimes The Henderson school students contributed $54.84 to the March of Dimes. This contribution to a very worthy cause was greatly appreciated. Mrs. Esther Huyney, mother of Charles * 1£U) bu. per acre yield was obtained in Page County, Iowa, in regular farming operations without the ' commercial fertilizer. Big ears with deep grains on strong stalks is the secret of bigger corn profits with Multi-Perfected numbers. There's "Mufti-Perfected" Variety Tailor Made to Fit Xour Own Farm and Maturity Needs There are MiM-Perfected HyhrUs designed for rich, average and thin soils and for Medium, Later or Early maturity. Come in and let us help you select the varieties that will fit your own aoil and maturity requirements. Reasonable Prices and Fully Guaranteed We consider Multi-Perfected Hybrids the best that money can buy. Let us save you some money. We wfl) supply you with accurately graded, treated and te*ted corn fully guaranteed to produce a stand. Get the lest Selection Now Yau MO g*t tht b<Mrt wlecttoa ol Kernel fUes by naturally understood it, but -the less fortunate persons were left in a daze. The second G. A. A. basketball game, held last Friday between the juniors and sophomores, was just as much of a scramble as- thi-Uling a few days ago at the Edmundson hospital iu Council Bluff a . Charles Rupe who attends college at Maryville, Mo., spent the been remodeled and re- wee k end with his parents. Mrs. Charles Rayney of the Methodist church has been chosen as superintendent of the Sun- of son and Vole sale Feb. 10. The farm Is located east of town. Marian Harbor who attends college at Lincoln spent the week end with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rayney and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Allensworth and daughter Dona Mae • visited relatives In Council Dluffs .Sunday mid also visited Mrs. Hayney at the Ed- nuindson hospital. Jars have been placed in different business houses for contributions for the March of Dimes. The school has been sponsoring the drive. Anna Gayle Viner treated her room at school to cakf in honor of her sixth birthday. Friday. gone to be saved. The Hose home was damaged by fire on Christinas day, 1945, and had paired. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Williams stamping, scratching of each others' hair. It always Omaha and Council Bluffs ends peacefully though, which is ers Monday very puzzling. The typists are becoming quite You »S people from the Wales impatient with the letters they vicinltv enjoyed a roller skating have been typing. Making car- party . at tne Byers rlnk Thursday bon copies has presented quite a problem and many disgusting taking the call- bor of Marian Har- DRS. KLINE & KLINE Osteopathlc Phydclant Office hour*: 1 to 5 p. m. and 7 to 9 p. m. on Saturday. Other Houra by Appointment Office In Kunce & Nelson Building X-Ray Diagnosis Phones: Office 2331 House: Or. D. M. Kline 3821 Or. J. A. Kline 4891 grunts were uttered. The Pep club is definitely go" Orlo Harris was a business caller Wednesday in Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Straight of ing to present two one-act "plays Emerson were calling on friends and a dance around the middle here Tuesday. The Straight family is moving to Sidney, Neb., where he he has a railroad job. The Christian Aid will serve McKEE FUNERAL HOME Lloyd W. (Mac) McKee CARSON, IOWA Ambulance Service PHONE 109 Cui-son rids* your wider now for next spring delivery. Xcturt yourwU of the best by coining to see us now. with Prof'f fTAMBAWS- STAMOAilD'J' of February. The M club is sponsoring a dance Friday night after the Glenwood game. The organization luuctl at the Merrill Slump sale was certainly slow v doing any- Feb ' 12 ' Owin e to bad health Mr. thing, but more power to 'em Slump will not farm next year. _ John Cunningham celebrated his 82nd birthday Feb. 4. A pot luck lunch was enjoyed lust Wednesday at the Christiun church basement by the memlu'tb and a few guests. The afternoon work was finishing up a quilt and I*. T. SCRAP HOOKS Girls lu the physical education class who desirp a passing grade are forced to labor ou semester "letter-body" scrap books. These books will be checked ou neatness, originality, cleanliness and Bl8 ° ? ei ±*,"° W ^^"^ the amount of information given •within the covers of each individual's book. his K. so, my ad vivo: Get your books lu or plan tu take thoiy 50 laps urouud tha gym or buck- bruakiug UN, Good Grain Compan iium sit UUAI, IN The kigU school hus IU guut of f&U tu be vgutributud la the 1'ollu fviud. Must of Hit- high uvuuui orjuuiUutioiu contributed vault) uiuouut bttvidvv thw U><mi (hut she is Imurovlug uftin im«ou«l contributions ut ihu «iu- her imfut lUiu-na. Wiiyuu uyvrs hits HuUhtKi luy- ilu\ tUiorltm iu hi* building Gib Sheltou celebrated 71'nd birthday Feb. 4. Mr. uud Mrs. Clu-t Xastrow, who have been residents here for, over u year, moved this week to (.Himberluud where Mr. Xustruw works In the elevator. Mr. and Mrs. Earl lloilcuu huvti recoivcd uu uunuuiu'*Mut>ut ol' the birth of a baby Kii'l in tlu- Wuller Uruw home lu Missouri. Suo will bo cullud Wiuidu Huo. Mr. Uruw worked ou the Uollouu furtu whllu u ii'Hidont lu<ru. Thu friends of Mr» l.ydlu Max- wttll ol 1 liU'uwuod ure glad to whu . h u »kailiiK rink U ym We make two types — one type all aluminum nud insulated — the other a plain shingled type. Place your order NOW for our type of Chicken Brooder House in which you will have less chick loss! than any other type constructed. GREEN BAY LUMBER CO. W. E. Schumann. M f r. Ph. MSI, M«lv*rn

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