The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 24, 1938
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VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 2G<1. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SODTllEAST MISSOURI Blythevlll* courier BlythevUle Herald Biytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader on Saturday Dean Is Given Nourishment Intravenously After Collapse Last Night I'v IMKKV FKROIJSON Nulled I'rtss Correspondent MEMPHIS. Jan. 4. (UP)-'me Itev. toael n. Noc wns placed under sedatives today so lie would be uiiatle to protest against doctors Injecting nourishment into u body wasted almost to a skeleton by a '22- day fast. Every recourse of medical science was thrown Into the flghl to save his life. Noe was In Baptist Memorial hospital where lie MIS taken last night while uncon- relous. Up to Uic moment lie col- 10 tiling to his theory that lapsed he had discovered a formula which would onabte him to live forever without food or water. Had lie been conscious he undoubtedly would have protested ngaii'.st science intervening lo break his fast. Noe, former dean of the Episcopal cathedral of St. Mary, re-' celvec! his sec-cud injection of 1 nourishment today—a' laborious, two-hour process. A solution of I five per cent glucose was admin- isttred Intravenously and he re- the process Four Die In Collision Near Marshal! Saturday MARSHALL,. Mo., Jan, 24.—Pom- Marshall high school students were killed and two others injured tn a automobile accident blamed dense fog near here night. The dead: C. U. Durretl, 17. Mortal Langan, n. Helen Untrikcn, 15, Tliomns A. Stookcy, 17 KRthryn Hlalr McDonald 14 and Mary Thomas, U, were'in a a hospital . collided with .1 truck, liirco occupants of the truck were uninjured. They were not held. serious condition here. Tile students' But Ross Abductor Gave Up Idea of' Kidnaping Cardinal Pitcher WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 (UP) Director J. Edgar HOOI W n r ,„., _ HIATHKVILUC, AH KANSAS, MONDAY, JANUAKY L'l, 1!);!8 13--And Freer SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENW . Edgar Hoover of the Louis ' that Dlz/.y Dean, si filial pitcher, escaped ..^..^...ii iiin.M euuujjiy .' celved water to halt of dehydration tn his body. Physicians were encouraged although tliey said It would be three months before they could repair the damage done by his fast. gaping becausc'lien';;: S e3 alias Peter Anders, confessed kld- napcr of Charles s. Ross, did not I believe the Cardi • ' $50.000 for Dean's i Hoover said Scadlund related thai ne and his accomplice, J. Atwood Noe does not consider that he *"* is a traitor (o his principles because he now is receiving food lie lakes the position that some- l"uig happened tliat was outside Wa control. That was the report tlmt came from his sk-k room. Hospital at-. Umlauts said tlmt when Noe roused from his sleep he frequently placed ice cubes in his mouth and v.'as sufficiently reconciled to the treatment to allow some of the v.iiter from the ice to trickle down his throat, Jitst before noon Mrs Noe visited her husband. Mid-day reports from the hospital describ- «l Noe's condition as improved . . Gray, also had discussed selulno a member of the New York Yankees team reported Joe DIMagglo star outfielder. According to Hoover they first planned to seize some prominent sports figure but finally chose floss Report waits Stamp Returns The final rep,,rt culc'sls seal sale _ comity can not be made umi!~"aii returned, or paid of the tuber- In Mississippi Barham, county tl'e for. Gcortft W. c)!,iJ:niRii. announced today. There are a i.tmibcr of stamps, •'em |o persons by mail, which have not, tie en returned to Mr. llarlmm nor lia.; any money been rccel\ed 'for them. The reports iniiBt be in this week, he said, in asking persons having the stamps to return tiicni, or Hie money. Bottled, Drink Suit Still On Trial Here Trial of Mrs. Enfala Lawrence's suit against J!:e Orange Crush company for $3,000 for injuries al, legcdly sustained when she swallowed a part of the contents ol a botltlet! drink which she charges contained ant.s, continued in circuit court today after the week end recess. Medical experts testified in behalf of ihe defendant company as l» the eifect that the swallowing of nuts could have on the human fcady and declared that no harmful effect would be produced. MVs. Lawrence contends that she became violently ill aft^r drinking a portion of the contents of a bottled beverage, produced by the company. Ed B. Cook, is attorney for the plaintiff and Reid and Evrard represent the defendant. fill T€UQ YOU I BOB - BURNS _ Bailey To Withhold Announcement Until Middle of Week -•.i LITTLE' ROCK; Jan. 24 (IJP)_ Attacnes of Governor Carl L. Bailey's office today said that no announcement of the reported appointment of a supreme court justice would be forthcoming until the middle of this week. James I,. Bland, the governor's secretary, said last week that the cliief executive had chosen a successor to the late Justice Turner BuOer, but "had reasons for withholding formal announcement." Governor Bailey was in Hot Springs today attending an oil conservation conference with governors from several states, uiul it was believed he would not announce the appointment ler his return lo Litlle Rock. Six Draw Fines For Public Drunkenness Six men were fined $10 each or forfeited bonds of that amount in municipal court today on charges of public drunkenness. Tlie case of W. O. Ransom, who wns charged with disturbing the peace, was dismissed. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Jan. 24 (UP) — Trading on tlie stock market today was the lightest in several months and prices moved narrowly. A firm tone was noted in most sections. A. T. & T 146 1-8 Anaconda Cop 327-8 Beth. Steel 62 Boeing Air 32 3-4 Chrysler Cities Serv Coca Cola Gen. Elec i Gen. Mot Int. Harvest Ivfontgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pet Radio Schenly Dist Simmons One nice thing about workln' in newspapers nnd actin* In pictures is that Ihe minute people see your work, somebody is almost sure to like It, It's kind* like my Uncle Skinny Flint who ran a restaurant down home. He had been gettln' so many kicks about his steaks but finally one day he saw a man sitting at a table lookln' at the steak with an ndmlrln' look. Uncle Skinny ran over to him and says "What do you think ol the steak?" Tlie man says "Well, as a tradesman, I would say It's first class." Uncle Skinny says "Ob. then you're in tlie meat business!" And the man says "No, Brother. I'm a Iwotmaker," ' ... 58 3-4 -.. 11-8 ... 121 3-4 ... 42 3-8 ... 35 5-8 ... G4 5-8 .... 33 7-8 ... 18 ... 5 ... 39 3-8 ... G 5-8 24 1-4 22 1-8 Socony Vac 151-2 49 5-8 Std. Oil N. J. Texas Corp 41 3-8 U. S. Smelt eg 1.4 U. 8. Steel 58 Ouacliita Out of Ranks; Twenty Highways Pav-| tially Covered by Walcr LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 3.). ain~ The luging Oimctilla river Mowed t'l'l ol Its hanks today as incex- •fliil ralnfnll of the past four days i-'enl the stream i-icht fret over "'ood slase between Caimlen nnd r.eQueen. f-cur highi-ays were impassable because of the «n!er near Ue- Quten. At least W Highways were 1 blocked In various sections ofl south and central Arkansas. Thousands of cattle were en-i 'lingered by the high (v aler. Rural mall delivery was hailed in several counties tccause of washed oul bridges and road.-. 1 near Pordyce. A railroad roadbed was washed out on the Fordycc and Princeton line nnd a freight train wos marooned. Between Little Ifock and Biufr part of U. S. Highway No. Gr, was under n few Inches ol water but tragic WHS being maintained. The high water was covering many acres of farm i mu i s wncrc early crops already had been planted. Weather bureau officials announced that more rain was expect™ tonlghl H .-id tomorrow and Hood crests on rivers bayou.; nnd creeks were not expected before Wednesday. I'lne Wlil Study Procedure For Farm Tenant Loans Recently appointed tenant pur- ihase conmiitlceineii for this coun- -y arc expected to atlend a meet- ng at Wynne Tuesday, to study procedure details in connection vi Ui carrying out provisions of the Bankliead-Jones tenant purchase oans. Members of the local county committee are: W. P. M. Ferguson Marie, chairman, c. P. Tucker BlythevUle and O. E. Sisk, Joiner' Thomas D. Fatherree of Little Rock, regional chief of the tenant purchase program- in Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi and John Faulkner of Little Rock state tenant purchase chief will be among the farm security ad- iinilstralion officials lo attend the Wynne meeting. Tli* commttteemen, recently' araed by Secretary of Agricul- •urc Henry A. Wallace, will nd the PSA county supervisor: 21 selected few weeks off, the New York Sn- With her 14th blrilidny only a prenie court has relaxed the restrict ions that have kept Gloria Vanderbilt from leaving the state llm | .limited (nc \ K{Ms Uie has >o spend with her mother, widowed Mr.,. Gloria Morgni, Vimderbilt. one of her newest life of The young heiress to $4,OOO.W, pictured above In „.,. .„ ..„ portraILs,^already is taking her place in the Juvenile social " ' vk ' s " 40 °" - nlld »ow plans n trip to Burone. New York 1 : 2,841 (MISTER, : Work Will Begin February I st According To Engineers' Statement There has been n total of 26-11 men m Mississippi county who have ""' ' f or levee work on the «ir!y deadline — probablv sonic date in February-Is expected o be set for accepting loan annli- catioiis from i el innt larmers In Mississippi county. Tlie Fann Security admlnlslrntion plans to com- )lele all loans In time to locate the borrower on his farm in time o '""" .? «3« "op. This will be ible unless an early deadline A.J, ,. f ° r ncce P u »8 applications. announced that 2,400 men will be needed, beginning February- first. Tlic men will receive $2-! monthly for 12 dors' work. Registration is being continued at the city hull here and at tlie other towns The able bodied men to I* used must not be enga E ed In any kind of work at this time. sue SIILI Rosamond Pmchol Found Done! In Automobile At llfr Residence Oi.n iiiiooKvn.LK, N. Y., .inn. 2). illl'i Clad In an cvi-nliu; KOWII i"'<l :in «'xi:cnslvo inr coat llosn- iiionrl I'inclml, runiaits actress mid "''i" of mi- [Di'incr HOTi'i'iioi- of IViinsylvnnh \viis (omul dead today I In h"r niiloinol)ili> hi ttio w\rn$v at , nn r^iite sl«> irnlnl hero. A li'milli o( Hiirden liosi' li-il from (ho exlmml pipe of (be anlomiibile (liroiiKh u reai- window iui;| mlu I tin- cm-. I'oikv m id id,, ii(i|iu|irul 32-ypiir-tild dinwhtei- nl Amos )>ln- cluil. widely known attorney, apparently lind committed xulclde by Inhaling ciii'lwi) monl.xlde fimic-.s. Mii-i i>hii-hiil, wlio slatted her Ihi'atrU'iil I'meer ut |(l, ns the mm In Mtix Uclnimrdt's prodtu'tlun '"I'ho Mlriii-ic" clrnvi. 1 her cur Into llio Kitmiji>on(lu!.l. T. Alexandra eslnle 1'ile last nljihl. Tlie car was not iHkcn out <hirinK tlic nl|jht mid nollre believed Iho actress went In Ihe fiarutjc about mlclntijlil, adjuslcd Ihe liosn and started the motor. Iloily ('mind Iiy JlJnld 'I'hc innlor hfld slopped when Idn liauniiucn, n nuiiil. found tbe body Bliortly afler seven n.m. 'Ilie Alexnndre estate lies partly hi OJil Uroolivlllr und purlly in mskvlllp. n fashionable section o( >ii|; island. Miss I'lnchot was the wife of Wllllnm tliislon. playwright, world war flyer mid member o( nn old Massachusetts family. They had two children, William jr., torn n year nflcr their ninrrlngE in 1928. and James l>. aaston, five. Miss rlnchol, a tall athletic glvl, owed her success In the theater to her vlyor and physical sinmmn. fnsloud of making tier debut In society us belltted n daughter of one of I'ciiiisyfVaiilii's first fnmllles she chose the singe. It was the famous German producer and dl- rcclor, Max Helnhnrdt, who east her ns Ihe nun In "The fvflrncle," n play that made (heater history in Ihh country. visor. Route 2. comity FSA suj>er- Between five and ten loans will ?enan a ts ,!° n arer " lly selecled f »™' >,™ f Oie counl5 ' to <™ule >,™ them to improvements and repairs Under terms of tj, c act the bor' ••ower will have as long as 40 ,^ r ; o repay the loans with three per- Sue"" 01 '" 1 """""' °" «»Ul Pew ton closed steady. Afar. May Jul. Oct. open ... 844 -. 852 • • 855 •- 86G ...... . . 870 high 850 857 863 873 877 low close 844 851 855 8GG 870 850 855 881 873 877 Demurrer Filed Against Wilson Esf ^ Tax Claim Spots closed steady at 860, up 7. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan 24 (UP)_ Strength came from Washington today to bomer the cotton market and futures closed four to The hearing on tlie claim filed oy the stale commissioner of revenue against the R. E. !/,(. Wilson estate to collect nn Inheritance (nx of $81.000 was postponed for Ihe second lime when ihe case was called in probale court at oswota todny. County judge s. L. Gladlsh, of Osceola, said that tlic case was postponed until March 0 by a<<ree- meiit of Ihe plaintiff and the defendants. A demurrer 1v ns fllcti today claiming tlmt, the properties willed to llio Boy Scouts ot America, were not taxable. The claim was first nied December 4 at Oscoola by Louis Tarlowskl, attorney of tlie revenue commissioner. Tlie lengthy claim sets out specific amounts which the stale alleges is due following the death of (R. E. Leo Wilson, prominent Mis' sisslppi county landowner, several years ago. Tlie hearing was first set for January 10. when it was ]yRl- poned aflcr (ho defendants asked for a continuance on grounds they had not had sufficient time lo file their pleadings. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Jan. 24, (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 12000 Top, 9.10. Heavy weights, 8.15-9.00. Light weights, 8.00-8.85. Bulk sows, C.50-1.00. Cattle: receipts, 4,000 Steers, 6.50-8.00. Slaughter steers, 5.75-10.5(1. Mixed yearlings, heifers, 6.007.25. Slaughter heifers, 5.50-8.50. Beef cows, 5.00-5.75. Cutters and low cutters, 3.75-1.75, points higher. open Mar 857 May 8(35 Jul 868 Oct 881- Dec 882 high 8fi3 871 876 885 887 seven low close 857 865 878 882 8G2 809 874 883b 887 spots closed steady at 872, up 4. May Jul. « low close '* 943 -* 95 5 ' 8 -8893-4 901-8 Chicago Corn MM' Jul. open GO 5-8 high Gl low close Supreme Court Pays Hribute To Butler LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 24. (UP>- Tlie Arkansas supreme court paid tribute today to Turner Butler who died last week. The ruling In the contested liquor Iraffic case of Hempstead county was reversed and senl back to the circuit court for retrial. The high tribunal ordered that tlie rase, which involves the legalization of liquor traffic in the county by nine votes, be tried without confining hearing to duplicate ballot boxes which were rc|x>rled missing. In (lie c."j;e of Clinton L, Cald- vrell Vs. Cliflon H. Scolt, trustee for recovery ot Drainage Disirlct No 17 In Mississippi county. The high tribunal upheld (he decision 601-2 603-4 rendered In favor of Scolt by Ihe * - , 613-4 611-4 6H-2' Mississippi county chancery courl. E. F. Jackson Remains Unconscious From Blow Struck By Wife Erwln T. Jackson, cotton picker, who shot and killed his mother- in-lnw, fatally wounded his stepfather-in-law and was allegedly nllemutine 1 0 shoot Ills wife when she struck lilni over the head with mi Iron pipe Friday morning ut (heir home 12 miles soiiDu-iist of here. Is slill in a serious condition. Jackson is at the county Jail at Osceota. Today, he showed a very slight improvement but pliysK-inns had not advised his removal lo n hospital because of his condition officers said today. When taken to 1 he did not appear to lie seri- fly wounded but he became unconscious a short tlmo later and lias not regained consciousness, Predicts Failure Of Attacks On Religion ST. LOUIS, .Inn. 24—(Special) — No reign of atheistic or anil-bibli- cal principles bus ever been permanent, or siiccewful, Dr. Falter A. Mater asserted yesterday'in his Lutheran Hour broadcast. He predicted 11,0 ultimate failure of the present international assault on 111 (i Pliri, Hr,,, r^td I. Three Hurt When Car '^!" si t)verlutiis Near i Here Aubry Klllolt, 60-yenr-old Justice oE liie peace of Ciu'uthersvfHe, Mo., Mrs. Elliott, and their daughter, Mrs. nnlph Ucrryniun, also of Cn- rulhersvllle. were Injured when their car overturned seven miles soulli of niyllievllle Snndny afternoon after n tire blow out. First aid was given nl the Blylhcvllle hcspHul nnd after exnmlnatloiis revealed their Injuries were not. serious, Ihey were removed to their homes in a Cobb tnnliuUmcc. ]Ur. Elliott, who was reluming home from n Memphis hospital where he had been undergoing treatment wns the most seriously hurt, lie received n liend Injury. Mrs. Elliott wtis cut on the head nnd Mrs. Bel-ryman wn.-, undly bruised. -I. W. Stiles of Cnruthcrsvlllc, driver of the car, was atttempt- ing to stop Die car on the shoulder of Iho highway when It overturned. The machine was only going 20 miles an hour and when (I overturned Mr. Stiles iva jurcd. Today, tlie patients nrc resting very well. the Christian faith. "Our skeptical age Is constantly chiseling tomb-stones to mnrk the grave of Christianity and publishing death notices to announce the demise of Christ's church," Dr Mnier said: "But it is the verdict of history that these regiment* ot ruin will charge their own defeat. They tried l o triumph over Christianity \ n R USS | a w h c r c some of the filthiest caricatures and ob- sccne cartoons that diseased minds ev er produced were fliuinlcd before the masses. Yet l n the new constitution of Soviet Russia, article 12. with tcll- nle Irony, bases its statement that inbor Is an honorable obligation for every citizen, on a passage of the new testament! Tlie very men who had boasted that they nnd driven Christianity out of all Russia unconsciously paid tribute to Him when they cik-d His word In their new constitution. "And some day soon the craw will be lifted from Russian gxit- icrs to Crown the splrc.s of Russian churches purified through the "res of alhelstlc affliction." Commission Adopts Rule To Curb Short Selling WASSHINOTON. Jan. 24. <rjp) —The securities and exchange commission today adopted a set of rule.? designed to prohibit short selling in „ declining market. Dan Dunkin's Sister Dies In St. Louis Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dunkin went to St. Louis loiiny to nil cm) the ol Mr. Ounkln's sister. , ..... . , Mrs. Ella Johnson, who died early this morning. Shq was 77 years of age. Funeral arrangements were Incomplete, pending the arrival of relatives. Mrs. Johnson Is also survived by llircc sons, a daughter, four brothers, and n sister. Survivor Of Accident Still Seriously Hi MEMPHIS, Jan. 2-1. (UP)—The condition of Lon French, Kcnnett, Mo., who was critically Injured in a highway accident near Hayll Mo., Friday ntglu that cots the lives of his wife nnd three other pei'ons, remained serious this afternoon, nttenilnnl<: at the Bap- li.\t hospital here said. French is suffering from a b'fifn Injury nnd ccvcrc Incora- lions about the face nnd head Burglar Captured By Patrolman Tomlinson Liitlier Stanfin. who was nrrestcd early Saturday morning as ha was burglarizing Grear's Groc?ry store, is In the county Jail after having pleaded guilty lo a charge of burglary In municipal court. He was held lo await Ihe action ol circuit court. He wns arrested by v. E. Ttoni- llnson, merchants' patrolman, who discovered Standl! In Hie store while he ivas making his regular rounds. Police Begin Roundup ' Of Tagless'Vehicles Hlythevllli' motorists nol having city licenses will M urrcsti'il, beginning liKlny, it has been mi- nomici'd. January 10 was tlie llnnl dulo bid Oils lime, was extended by Mayor Marlon Williams two weeks ami the city iwllce waged a drive lust week lo Imvu all iiiutoi Isi.s imrcliusc tug", Ol' tin- 1,1)110 curs und triiuku cll- blr- lor city tans, which sell at five dollar;;, only -101) luive pin-. i.'.vd iiioin, n wns inmouiK-ixl. Will File Foi-innl Molions; Unlikel Decis son y MADISON, \Vi.' ll.)iiu-y« fi,,- th major oil of . es <-'»u-l,iU'd ui eons|iiru,-y to vlohile Unlli'il Kluti-s nnli-lriMt laws, will nle fyrmul motions tomorrow iisk- l"l! l-Vderal Judge Patrick aioius to nsido ilii! verdicts and (jrnnl a Hionc snld he would not "lie on the motions lor "tlirec weeks ur » mouth" ninl that (lie defen- diwils will not bo culled for sentence until the motions are decided. U wns believed that tin- ciise lr necessary eventually will be taken brtore Iho mipronw court. Vlap Advertising Campaign lo Increase Religious Interest Mere lo erect "Iiivltnllon to Church" slum ill each ol Ihe four highway entrances lo Blylhevillo were made today at the meeting of DID Ministerial Alliance. A com- ulttee composed of the nov. S.,11. Salmon, pnstor ot the Firsl PITS- tytUirlan Cluirch,-Ilvp-Ucv. J. W, lliirrls, pastor of tlju Metjibiirfl circuit, mid Urn nev. Alfred Car- wntcr, pastor of tlie, First Hapllst Church, was appointed -to take charge of the erection of thcao signs. The Rev. Mr. Harris was added i the newspaper nnd publicity committee which was appointed at Ihe lust meeting. The Rev. H. Lynn Wade, pnstor of the First Methodist church, 1 ns president of tin; Allinnce will serve ns an ex-efflcio incinlwr of the committee. A weekly cartoon feature "Rc- Igious Itemarkables" and the news column "This Week In Religion" were endorsed by (he association. The month of February was designated by the association as a spcclnl period for untried cooperative publicity and preparation. New officers elected at the meet- it' were ihe Rev. Mr. Salmon publicity director, and Rev. Mr Carpenter, director or census. A finance chairman wns ordered lo lie appointed i n the near future for tlic purpose of raising and disbursing fund.s according to a Judge! prepared by him, Ui c pub- Iclty director and the census dl- ector. A check up revealed (hat nearly* ill Ihe churches rcporlcd n growth and increase in attendance recently. PflSloM who were present al Ihe nccllng were; The Rev. Mr. -Wnric the Rev. F. M. Sweet, pastor of the Lake Street Methodist church, the rtcv. Mrs. Bcasley, the Rev Mr Carpenter, the nev. Mr. Harris he Rev. Mr. Salmon, Rabbi Pol-' ack. the Rev. Mr. Bishop, and .he Hev. George W. Patterson wstor of the First Christian church. The Rev. Henry Oooriloe, or Rogers, Ark., who Is conducting n- course In the Training School the First Methodist vas the only visitor. Cliurch, Shirley Belle Vincent Dies At Family Home Shirley'Belle Vincent, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Vincent, died at the family residence near Luxorn last night 'at resulted from pneumonia Funeral services for the four months old baby will be held tomorrow morning, H o'clock, at the North Snwba cemetery with Cobb Funeral home in charge of funeral arrangements. Would Enlarge Veterans' Fayetteville Hospital WASSHINOTON Jan. 24 '(UP)- Reprcsentatlve Claude A. Fuller (Den,,, Ark.) said today he would Introduce a bill authorizing $1,125,300 addition lo Iho veterans oclmln- Dcfends TVA Against Bridges' Attack; Praises Harvey Couch WASHINGTON. Jan. 24. (UP)- sennlor Keimclli McKellnr (Bern. ™?, ""'"^ (l(;remlc<l WMts and rallonn of the Tennessee' Valley Authority In a vigorous counter nt- iiu'Jt ngnlnst elmrgcs of Senator if' Styles lirldges (Rep,, N. J!,) that the project operated for Iho benefit of a few glnnt corporations. • McKollur defended the TVA from 111" seimtij floor while President liooscvelt made preparations for a. - . this week which may rc- the ailiiilnlslrntlon jwllcy Inward private utility operators,The president Thursday confers »'llli ciov. aordon Browning of renncssco. Die TVA directorate nnd Ills power Advisers on Browning's miposul for Tennessee cooperation will! the federal government for iiirchnse of physical properties of .lie Tennessee Electric power com- inny. The prlvalo utility operates In the licnrl of (lie TVA'ttrca. McKellnr snld IhaL tho sole of rower to corporations was proper and necessary In wqrkliig -out tho I'VA proRi-nm for the benefit of the licoplo. Tho result- was n. pront to :he Bovermnent on jx>wer that otherwise would be wasted, he said. "VVlml the senntoi- (Bridges) Is lcr is keeping up the price of lower In New Hampshire, 1 ! McKcl- 'nr charged. "Why doc« he think the rates should be reduced In tho Tciines- ce nrcn? It Is the same old story ol standing by the big Interests, It s tho same old fight of the predatory intcrcsls tignmsfthe rights of Hie people." "Tho 'I'VA net expressly autlior- s tho sale of power to corj>orn- lions." .•.••• He referred In detail to contrnets ilridgcs hnd mentioned with tiie. Monsanto chemical company, tho Aluminum company of America, the Electro Metallurgical coniiwiiy, tho Victor Clieiiilclit.. j «orportttlon and [lit corn- Ihe Arkansas pany. Referring Mri"am _jj Arkilhsns ni'iv, had claim for preference to power," Kcllar said that the power Involved was u small fraction of the total rVA has available. •'-. "Mr. Couch." ho added. "Is a man ol ability and Integrity." "The plain facts are that Ihe contract with tiie Arkansas Power, company bcncfltled the TVA and Is bcnenlllng the Arkansas con-' sinners very much more than It icneAts the Arkansas Power com- pnny. It has brought about re- Inced rates to consumers and has iicrenscd very largely tlic income of the TVA." tarnett In Auto Sales Business Over 15 Years A typographical error' In the Jourler News Saturday made o, story read that W. T. Bnrnctt on- ered the aulom'oblle business here n 1933. whereas It should have •cad in 1922, Mr. Barnett, who las been in Hint business since ID22, sold several kinds ot auto- nobiles unlll he later was agent 'or tlie Dodge and Plymouth cars, [fe sold Ibis agency to L. K. Van Aiisdall and S. J. Rogers, of Ca- nithersville, several days ago. Jrockelhurst Loses Last Court Appeal LITTLE ROOK, Jan. 2-1. (UP)— Attorneys for Lester Brockelhurst, convicted crimo tourist, today were denied permission to nle n petition 'or a writ of error coram nobis, which would have forced a new sanity trial for the Eockford, 111. slaver. Tlic denial of the petition ended lie last legal hope that Brockel- hurst could be saved from the clec- .ric chair. Execution date will ba set by Obv. Carl E. Bailey within 30 days. Heraldry College Errs On Kangaroo's Tail MELBOURNE (Up-An English, teamsliip line operating here, as a centenary gesture, 1 had its coat if arms revamped by Ihe College if Heraldry, and as a further ges- ure to Australia had a kangaroo ncluded In Uie new bearings. Now Australians complain that he College of Heraldry evidently never saw a kangaroo as they got lie beast's tall entirely wrong. WEATHER islrallon Ark. facility Arkansas—Fair, considerably colder tonight and Tuesday, prob- ibly freezing In central and bc- ow freezing In north portions tonight. The addilion would house ?50 bed patienls. at r^yetlevilie. Memphis and vicinity—Pair and much colder tonight; lowest temperature 36 to 4fl; Tuesday fait and colder.

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