The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on February 6, 1947 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, February 6, 1947
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HIST03ICAL DEPT IOWA DES MOIRES 19 HIS WEEK in Mills County T M Malvmiian who keeps In touch with the old home town through The Leader Is Fred H. Stone of Lincoln. Mr. Stone wrote recently when renewing his subscription: "Hard to get along without it- (The Leader) bnt some of the news la rather foreign to us after being away from Malvern for about 28 years. So man? of my old friends hare passed on. "We are all well and I am on the job at the Western Brick every day where I have been ever since coming here. We came to Malvern in the spring o! 1889 and left there in the fall of 1919 for Lincoln. Like it here very much. Regards to any of my friends who might ask about me." : • • • The weather Is a snbjert of universal interest and Mrs. Carl Paulson wrote a few weeks ago from Downey, Cal.: "We have been enjoying the nice weather here up until the past week when Old Man Winter arrived for two nights and it registered freezing. Warms up very rapidly in the day time so one doesn't mind a few chilly nights." lowans the past, week would welcome nights no chillier than that — as our •weekly weather summary shows. • • • Phone rails from great din* lances are always highly exciting and Mrs. Ray W. Jones had her birthday brightened by one such when her daughter Norene phoned her Sunday from Maul, Hawaiian Islands, where she is a nurse In a government hospital. The call came through quickly and clearly and connections were so good that no Idea of the distance was given by the sound. MILUTCOUNtypT ,.dV/VC£ yOME NWAPER MALVERN. MILLS COU.VTT. IOWA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6. 1947 County Champa — When Henderson Upset Glenwood NO. 32. Fire, Coasting Mishap Take Lives of Two This Week BAPTISTS WILL HOLD A REVIVAL IN FEBRUARY Tolby Evangelist* Combine Muaic and Preaching in Effective Way The Tolby evangelists of Winterset, who have had such phenomenal success wherever they have labored, are booked for a two weeks campaign at the Malvern Baptist church, Rev. W. F. Baker, pastor, starting Feb. 11. Tbey will hold services twice Here In Henderaon championship cojre wjuart — which provided the »eason's top upsot by Inking out Glenwood in the finals of the county tourney at Km era on Saturday niRht. Hliown, front row, loft to right: D. Allcnawortli, D. Slump, M. Winchester, J. Bycr*. J, Sower*. Standing: II. ItoUon. J. Btengcr, C. Cage. O. Bolton, J. Pendergraft. The 21st Mills county basketball crown was won by Henderson from Glenwood Saturday night in Emerson by a score of 40-29 in one of the biggest upsets in tournament history. Glenwood was considered the overwhelming favorite but instead displayed a cold and stale quintet that couldn't come close PUBLIC SALEJUTES Feb. 11: Walter Hilton and Son, closing out farm sale, 4 miles due west ot Malvern or 6 V4 miles north and H east of Tabor. Bradley & Bell, Aucts. Feb. 12: Merrill Slump, closing out farm sale, 8 miles north of Emerson on highway 69, 1 mile south and 1 % miles east of Henderson. Cramer and Cramer, aucts. Feb. 13: Marvin Nelson, farm • sale, 2 miles north and 1V4 miles west of Emerson. Bud Whitney, irrespective of religious faith, Js invited to attend these services. ~ ~ Rev. Linda Tolby Is one of I -the outstanding woman preachers of our day. She c o m b i nea beauty, truth and logic in the presentation o f the gospel, nan a "thus saith the Lord," for all she says. She 1ms a winsome personality and a forceful delivery. Her preaching is characterized by sincerity, earnestness and posltiveness. She is warmly seconded in her efforts by her husband, Rev. Floyd Tolby, who Is a gifted song director, both in congregational singing and in choir leadership; He has several spirited c h o r uses which long linger in the minds of the people. The Tol- bys play several different instruments, am one them the, latest type marimbas. They appear in both instrumental and vocal solos and duets. Music is a big feature of their services. The Baptists ot Malvern consider themselves fortunate in securing the services of this strong evangelistic team when there are so many demands made on their time and effort. Remember the date, Feb. 11 through Feb. 23. "Once you hear the Tolbys preach, play and sing you will want to hear them often," says Rev. El. V. Goad of Rose Hill, business manager of the Tolbys, who has had them in three meetings, the last at Rose Hill, when there were 60 professions of faith. Son, closing outterm sale, «f miles southwest of Malrern. Cra mer & Cramer & Bell, Aucts. TRUSTEES SUC6EST ROAD CONSTRUCTION Trustees from all Mills county townships but Plattvllle met in Glenwood Monday for their annual session with the board of .supervisors and County Engineer Clair Davis to develop a local road construction program for 1947. Ideas presented by the trustees were listed by Davis who, after the supervisors have coordinated them In a comprehensive plan, will map out the construction plan which will be followed. One trustee from each township served as the official representative at the session although about half of the townships sent a companion to assist. The official representatives attending: Anderson, B. P. Plumb; In graham, Guy Custer; Oak, J. H. Deitchler; St. Marys, Robert Poore; Glenwood, H. H. Pein Jr.; Center, L. L. Richardson; Silver Creek, I. w. Jackson; Indian Creek, Frank Durbin; Deer Creek, Matt Laughlin; White Cloud, C. K. Stewart; Rawles. Paul Morrlcal; Lyons, Ross Stouder. FARM BUREAU TOPS QUOTA IN ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DRIVE Nagel La.ta Township Standing, aa Work Continue. Membership In the Mills Coun- to matching the accuracy and ty Farm Bureau stands at the spirit which the champion squad highest figure in more than 25 from Henderson produced, years this week as the current Henderson gained a lead In the membership drive went over its early minutes of this final bout initial goal. an( j f rO m there on were very sel- C. E. Nagel, county organiza- dom seriously threatened by the tton director, announced .this Glenwood contenders for the tro- whll« aix, j»wn«hlps jpMirt**',.-;. ; • •.-,. ,'/;'%*j«^c-. •• •• -• VThe Rams had defeated • Hen-.„_-, ..._ over, its quota by derson early this season by a seven members, the drive will be score of 51-32 but the.inspired continued until every farmer in and improved Henderson cagers the county bad been acquainted proved for the seventh time in with the organization's program 21 years that they could turn out and advantages. a first class ball club which had He stated that he believed ev- to be respected. Score by quar- ery township would eventually ters: 17 29 46 W 20 29 HUBBELL CLEANERS OPEN DRY GLEANING PLANT SATURDAY New Equipment far the Plant Was Installed This Week Malvern will acquire a new business organization this week when the Huhnell Cleaners will open a new dry cleaning plant Saturday morning. The business Is owned by Verris Hubbell, former Mills county clerk. New equipment for the plant is being installed this week In the building formerly occupied by the Pace Tire Shop. This Includes a new cleaning machine, with extractor and fluid filter, new dry- Ing compartment and new presses and finishing table. A boiler for the plant had been installed two weeks ago. Mr. Hubbel has had international experience in this business He formerly worked for cleaning plants In Glenwood and Council Bluffs and during the war, while he had a lieutenant's commission in the army, he had served as the camp tailor while imprisloned for 27 months by the Germans at Shubln, Poland. He also served as Mills county clerk, having been reelected last fall but resigned the first of the year to start his new enterprise. Mr. and Mrs. Hubbell and their 7-year old daughter plan to move to Malvern as soon as they can find suitable housing. Robert Frazler will assist in the plant and the services it will offer are outlined in an ad in this issue. ERIC HALL WINS HONORS IN HAIR DRESSING GOTH ANNIVERSARY OBSERVED FEB. 2 exceed its quota as they lack only Henderson 7 from two to nine members of Glenwood ..I" 4 now doing so. The drive has al- T — — In the contest played for third ready placed the membership 10 place Silver City came from be- per cent above last year's figure hind in the last quarter and de- and Nagel reported 807 members feated Malvern in an overtime by this week — 174 of them new a score of 37-35. one , 8 ' . The lead was bitterly contested The township membership in the opening quarter but Mai- score to date: V ern pulled away to show a 4 ™l»- Members Quota poliit margin of 10-6 at the end 92 - ' 80 r. and- Mrs. H. BU 'Davidson of Olenwood observed their 60th wedding anniversary Sunday with an open house in the afternoon. The Davidsons were married in Fremont county, have lived in both Fremont and Mills county. They have three sons, Deltuar Davidson of Council Bluffs, Burman and Roland Davidson of Thurman and two daughters, Mrs. V. E. Harris and Mrs. B. O. Baldwin, of Glenwood. - : Brie Hall. *fgn of Mrs. Alfred Hall of Malvern,'won second honors in a hair-dressing demonstration held during the Nebraska Hairdressers convention in Omaha Jan. 19. He competed with Nebraska's best artists. Miss Ronnie Decker of Council Bluffs was his model. First honors went to Mrs. Lorraine Kubel of Fremont, Neb. Eric is stylist for the Horn and Kelley Beauty Salon In Omaha. Anderson 98 Center 91 Glenwood 77 Oak 97 Rawles • 52 St. Marys 18 Silver Creek . 88 Deer Creek 51 jndian Creek 59 Ingraham 62 Lyons 22 Plattvllle 31 White Cloud 61 of the first 10 minutes of play. Malvern led all the way until 74 the final chapter when Silver City 80 forged upward to tie the knot at 51 34-34 at the end of official time. 17 In the overtime a free throw by 90 each team complicated matters 60 at 35-35 until Atteberry looped a 65 field goal and copped third place 65 for the Silver City five. Score by 28 quarters: 35 68 COLDER AGAIN Snow aud colder temperatures have been experienced again in this part of the state the past week. Two and one-half inches of snow fell here last Thursday and Friday. Dally data: Fir* Damaged New Cafe in Pacific Junction Pacific Junction's new cafe, opened only two weeks ago by Rudolph Huebner, was badly damaged Saturday when flames gutted toe interior. Gleowood firemen arrived in time to save the roof of the building aad most 94 the equipment had been carried from the cafe a* toon as the flames were discovered. Thursday ._ ___ 2? 13 Friday 29 8 Saturday — 9 -2 Sunday 42 5 Monday — 33 4 Tuesday 18 -1 Wednesday — -- 31 6 College Student, at Home Between Semester. Several students from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln spent a few days with home folks between semesters last week. Arriving Tuesday for a with her parents, Mr. and J. M. Steele, was Miss Claire Steele. Dean Manstteld and a guest. Jim McFadden, came last Wednesday for a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mansfield. They were joined here on Silver City _.. 6 13 26 37 Malvern 10 30 32 35 Hastings nabbed the consolation prize from Emerson in a bat(Continued on page 8.) TOURNAMENT Card of Thank. I wish to thank everyone that , remembered me with cards, let- vialt ters aud flowers during my recent stay in the hospital. Mrs. John Bentley. TO MIIT III, II Mill* Countiana Attend Mi*aia»ippi Vftll*y A**'n Meeting in Sioux City Five Mills countlans braved wintry roads to attend a meeting of the Mississippi Valley Asa'n in Sioux City Monday to near dU- cuwlons of the Missouri valley development plan and soil conservation by Brig, Gen Loul» A. Hick, w. O. Sloan and Uohlau Micleay. FUEDIN 1 LANDS TWO BEFORE 6RAND JURY v .-v, •,.,. Ju .uc« „«« ou Pe «diu' in the hills developed Saturday by Dean's roommates two cases for the * raad J ur y in Parker Tracy and Bob Ross ' tne February term of district Bob Cappel came Friday court thu week wuea two Rawles spending his vacation with his town8h 'P citizens took their con- parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M Can- tr ° Yev8 > r in for le « al settlement nai. this week. Disagreement started between pel. Jerry and John Wilson and a Disagreement started between guest, Dale Detleff. cam* Friday John Gregg Bnd Uoyd Houser and spent the week end with wnen Houaer had to cro «» Gregg's their parents, Dr. and Mrs F B land to get to hi8 own ^ l * ce aa<1 Wilson. All returned to their studies on Sunday. DRAINAGE PROBLEMS AGAIN IN LITIGATION « Drainage problems of the Missouri river bottom area are again in litigation as a suit has been filed by 11 landowners against three other landowners of the same section, F. E. Dashner, Ella Warren and R. C. Good. The case Involves a 60 year old question of water disposal in an area of about 7,000 acres. The plaintiffs ask that the water have an unobstructed flow in the course of Ha natural drainage to the southwest. Their petition calls for an injunction directing the sheriff of Mills county to remove dykes and levees from the F. E. Dashner land which hinder the natural flow. Mr. Dashner was permanently enjoined in 1926 from constructing dykes to force waters so that they flooded the highway. A similar injunction is asked against R. C. Good unless he removes the obstructions from his land. The plaintiffs allege dykes and levees are attributed to the Dashuer and Good lands, while a silt obstruction has filled the natural course on Mrs. Warren's land. The plaintiff, George M. Graves, and his co-plaintiffs are Mary Welsh, Hattle Welsh, Harry E. Welsh, Winnie Welsh, Grover Mlckelwait, Nell S. Bogart, Mary P. Dean, Lee Sargent, S. W. John- sou and James P. Donelau. Ellis Graves Accepts Position with Cappels Ellis Graves has accepted a position at the Cappel Machinery Co., and will move to Malveru this week. Mr. and Mrs. .Graves have resided in Council Bluffs for several years. They are fortunate individuals who own a home on Prospect avenue and will not have the customary bousing problem. Card of Thank* I .wish to thank ^he merchants and places of business in Malvern for their generous donations to our annual bazaar to be held in St. Patricks hall Feb. 9 aud 10. I certainly appreciated them very much and extend a cordial invitation for all to attend. Rev. F. W. Doyle. Ca« of Thank* I wish to express my sincere thanks to the friends, neighbors aud relatives for the many expressions of kindness with cards and gifts during my stay in the hospital. Mrs. Harry Adams. Tragedy visited Mills county in two Instances this week when death came to a Olenwuod school lad in a coasting accident and an aged Silver City resident burned to doath in a farm house flrp. H.\nv C. ANDERSON* A night flro which destroyed his farm home caused the death of Harry C. Anderson, about 75, who lived with his son Dale north of Silver City. Dale was away from home at the time of the fire and Mr. Anderson, who evidently failed to awaken when the house caught fire Tuesday night, perished in the flumes. The Glenwood and Sliver City fire departments rushed to tho scene when the fire was discovered but arrived to late to save any part of the small house. When Mr. Anderson could not be located the next morning, several members of the Malvern fire department were called Wednesday morning and went up to extinguish a pile of coal which was still burning In the basement of the place. After the basement had been cooled enough to permit a search under the direction of County Coroner Floyd James, bones and parts of a skull were found in the ashes which, with other evidence were Identified as Mr. Anderson. A coroner's jury was Impaneled, upon which were John Hall, Orvllle Weak and Cal Ritchie ot Malvern, and they returned a verdict ot death due to suffocation and burning. Surviving Mr. Anderson are his son and four daughters, Mrs. Ona Lee Miller of Silver City, Mrs. Dorothy Handler ot Chicago, Mrs. Clifford Dundas ot Salt Lake City and Mrs. Sever Knudson of Sioux Rapids. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2:30 p. m. at the Methodist church in Silver City Raynor Funeral home in charge OKN'B MOOHK When the sled on which Gene Moore, 9, and his brother, Clyde, 11, were coasting Monday In Glenwood, crashed into a car driven by Benj. Haroff of Hastings, Pacific Junction teacher, both lads were rushed to a Council Bluffs hospital where Gene died Tuesday afternoon. Clyde, while seriously injured, was reported* to be in fair condition on Thursday. The 1 boys were sons of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bert Moore of Glenwood. A coroner's Inquest was held in Glenwood Wednesday and at this time a verdict of "death due to unavoidable accident" was returned, freeing Mr. Haroff from any responsibility for the misfortune. IHVEST OVER HALF MILLION IN BONDS Mills countlans still recognize government bonds as a good in-, vestment and bought some $684,699.50 of them in 1946, according to a report from the Iowa director of U. S. Savings Bonds sales. In the state as a whole 75 counties bought more than a million dollars worth of bonds and six counties invested more than $6 million in such paper. In Mills county E bonds, with $450,758, was the top investment with citizens also paying $17,741.50 for F bonds aud $216,100 for G bonds. W^WW^ VMIMP5V9 »wH^r TO NEW LOCATION The {Ait regular W*»ti»« o! the iiftima Coaj»*rci»i club will b» hjK Thursday, ft*. 1|. ft* nxUm* MM hwlftej^i HMiw all will w*H it thi MDWrMUt G«(* W T », n. Is* 4ianj#. Ittus* to tha hitilnasa -«"«'«» will ha htM **-* ^WW^M^^" ^^^^^^ **^ *>w ***•"* (ft tht taMtattt ol tit •tty HIMMit toi W« wUh to thMtk, tb» hart and frl«od« tor the aj*Ut- iftftt tivM w A) UM tint of ih* ftw ' " ' ' "•' ' •' 6rt H, IM th*li WW»M>I t C. they differed on which road to use, the argument running with some heat for several mouths. U was brought to a head when Gregg's dog bothered Houaer and when the two met U»t week fisticuffs resulted, So violent was the encounter that one pulled a. knife Harry Adams moved his bar- on hU assailant, not oaly wound- b*r .hop thin wttak from th» Bloe- ing hint slightly but also cutting d«l building to tha a»w Pace two package, of clgarets in two, 8«rvt«« Co, bulldln* wher. U will Attar a taatloa la th« Jvutlce have one of the north rooms. U« court this wtwfc lu Oltnwood vach wutcti to hj|v» it ou»n tor buii- j>r«tm«<ji charges of awault to net* Friday morulwf, commit «r«§t bodily injury Mr. Ad *»«.**J* * Pf * ak SWfdJW B«»ln«t the othw. with both whteh, wlUi tht l^alUAtott ol |«f*'U th« rthritwry twrn! «*M»JIM» *Wlntt«M t«r !*•»«*, «U* both howd par |« tat Witt Mlfc* OJM oJ U» mm »*• «fta4 liMV til f«i»4M4 ou f »|ft Appreciation I wish to thank friends (or the lovely cards and (lowers sent to me during my Illness. Mrs. Mollle Browu. COUNCIL STUDIES PLAN OF STREET WORK Need and means for street repair aiyl improvement were pondered by Malveru's town council at Us regular Feburary meeting Monday, Edward Vaughn of the Gee Construction Co. presented a plan for caring tor such work, the program involving an expenditure of about $600 per block. The councilman took no actiou ou the proposal but allowed bills aud cared for other routlue utat- before adjournment. Air Borne Spotters Fail to Find Foxes for First Malvern Gun Club Hunt Riding to hounds yieidwl to ultra-modern methods of fox hunting Sunday when the Mai- vtmi Uuu club held lt» tlr»t bunt with the assistance of two aerial •uottt>r«. Although R*m llroadlug and Slam Ord of il««Uu«s circled th« are* lu the Btrahau neighborhood, aud «Uo lu th« vl- eially ot tht Hl-llaufc station north of Hattlni* th»y tatUd to *** any («**« *a4 M tht hu»l«r« r»Ur*4 with aji *«tpty bar Thu gun club, which uponvortul a succutwtut duuve aud »usu »huw lust wt«*k, Ulans uuutlun huujt aud other activity lu tuu near future. * Their next hunt will b« twlil Sunday U waathtr uoruuiU aud thw club has «*t«adwi an luvUu- tUtu to all huaur* to lulu In thU, liuuurn will iUMt at bill Mi* «*iqutst'« Juki aouih of Walwu at 18:90 and ulaua* will again b« uwd to «»ot Farm Bureau Officer, at State Business Meeting Several officers of the Mills cuunty Farm Bureau attended the state organization serum and insurance meeting iu Des Moines last Thursday and Friday. Going up from here were President B. F. Buffington, Secretary Frederic Newell, Treasurer Harry Ev- niis, Richard Allely, special insurance agent and C. E. Nagel, organization director. 57TH miVERSIRY FOR FRANK DECKERS Mr. aud Mrs. Frank Decker, who live east of Silver City, will observe their 67th wedding anul- voraary with open house in the ufteruuou uuii uvtming ou Friday, Ffb. 7, from 2 to 4 und 7 to 10. The Dockers wore married ut York, Nvb., uuU hav« lived tu the community ot Silver Ciiy for Ot yvttrn. Mr. l)ufk«r, 78, U still tie. tivc UK u furuu'u uud works isy acr«tt with hu »uu Uuy. Mr*. U«vkvr l« lu bur 73rd year, Tku-y havu Ov« »uu», ICfuti«i o{ Kuivr- sou. Uuy at hotn». Arch of tiilwr (Hty, lUrulti ot Tabor and Oall of Ul#uwo«d; thr«« dauthu™, Mm fc!4ua Uolt« autt Urt. Kthvi VV'llh«t(u of BUv«r UU* ««4 Mrs,

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