The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1932
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1332 TO GET H.19 PER CHILD Total of Mississippi County's Allotment Is $56,342.44. BLYTHEVIT.LE, (ARK.) COUKIRR LITTLE ROCK, Ark— Mfelssiupl county will receive l.",e second largest apportionment inado lo the counties from the state's common school fund, based on .1 |>?r capita allotment of $2.19, it was announced . at the meeting yesterday of the slat" board of education. Mississippi county's total of S51- 342.44 is exceeded only by Piilaskl county which has been alloted S87,- E04.32. The ai.]K>rtionmem to Mis- sLssippl county is ta.sed on n total enumeration of 25,731 children of school age. There are 40.M3 'children O f ichool ase In Pulnxki co:in- ly and G40.U28 in the entire state. The per capital allotment of $2.19 Is 33 cents less than the S?nt;m- tcr, 1031, npiwrtlonnicnt but mem- tos of the board painted out that a supplemental apportionment cf 65 cents ]>er capita v/as mad: last June from fiiixb which ordinarily would have been held for the fall apportionment and which mad? the total per capita of the allotment S2.84 or more than Hie fail allo!- ment last year. Mississippi county icceivc-d £02,823,60 in Hepte.'i-be- last year. The supplemental aupo 1 -- tionment in June credited (<i tlie fall apportionment this year of$5C,- 342.44 semis the full amount for this fall over last fall's allotment At the office of w. W. Hoilipeter -Mississippi county treasurer I- was stated today that the county's apportionment would be allo'tcd tc the various school districts of the county within the next few days A state warrant, covering i|, e co ,, n . tys share of the apportionment i> exnscled tomorrow. Dcnton News Joe Morton of Cooler and Mi«< Btirmon Flo=d of Demon were married Saturday mstht at Blytlli-villc "icy will make their home on M -Morton's father's farm near Co->i- James MeFadden and Miss Lob Omsom or stcolc were marrirf Saturday ni«ht ty the justice of In iwacc. N«».f B . Demon. Julius Wright of Dallas Texas Rural Lester U taking a busine.v course at Poplar Bluff. Mo Mrs. .Hazel Bond spent simdm «n Mrs. Susan Wright of coater Mr. and Mrs. clcntus Harrisar nave moved to their new hcmt n?.ir Denlon. Mr. ail ,] Mrs Ta(e stai , fif ,j d of „:,. y S|wnt Sllt!(ii >y with (h? for- Messrs. Hayeltc Smother* mil j ». Tj'lsr were lhc guests of Wliso- "ingacre Saturday night. P ,,"»« £ ' ^ Mcc ~ lai ">"!"i was Ihr tuest of her daughter. A [r5 . L ii]j, Steward of sTeelc Saturday. Special Gold Panning^Class Openet? GRANTS PA~SS~Orc (UP)_A special class In gold panning i s open to residents of Grants Pass Missouri" w. D. Oeorge world champion gold pnnner .who cstab- isted a record of 1 !- 4 minutes in a gold panning contest, and saved all five colors, will be it? instructor. The course is sponsored by the state and federal boards of "vocational education and there is no tuition charge, applicants bcins required only to furnish a gold inn, iiick and shovel. Former Boss Says Hoover Will Be Elected POIi'lLAND. Ore. (OP)—"Bert" Hoover will be re-elecled President, according to B. S. Cook.16. who 40 years ago employed the Track Fast", Jm'v's Slow These u-o racing turtles gave a Los Angeles jury a difficult prob lem to settle when Douglas S operator of the terrapin r ° accs ^ was brought into court on a charcc of (tmuinr. The Jury dLgS standing M ven to nv e for acmilt- t«l. Miss Na-vnl Hum displaysi tl-c turtles. Here Tomorrow Great Hagenbeck-Wallace Outfit Will Pitch Tents North of Town. Trains o( the llatenbeck-Wallace tiieiii will arrive In lllylhevllli' from Cape GLiardcau early tomorrow morning and will unload on the l-rlvo railroad Mdhits near Hie shc-ii lot at Ihe north ends of Second and First streets, i The unloading uf u i-Licns Is [always ttuciTStiny. rirst will come [the "la)-MH" gang who will drive steel si.-lkes with red (lugs un them nitu (lie Kiui.nd, win-re la(er, luii[3 wowicn stakes will be driven for the acies of tents used by the bl^ show. Then will come the "ecok-houso" t(|iil|:menl—ilrst of Ihe wagoi-.s to anive. Following, will come w:l- Kon aill-r wayon, \shile lumlier- ing slowly nluti« In ambling fasli- itn the great herds of lla^etibeck- -'allacc elephants, always i>n the I eaily so they may be the ilr-,1 Die huge meiiaKCiia to|) Clyde Beatty, world famous trainer of lions and liners, who will ilem :nstr::tc his ability and daring at the Hagenbeck-Wallacc circus per fcrmances here Wednesday. future President as an it Salem. Ore. ' Cook hired youn^ Hoover to work ' the office of the Oregon Land Cmpany. at Salem, in 1BSB. "Bert was barn and raise J by U'.e Almighty to lead our country in this world rcconstiuction ptiioil." said Cook, "just like Abraham office boy. Blacksmith He-tires Ilujjy coLUMBfA, ^ro. tupi — c. N Pratt, Columbia blacksmith, was reminded of the gy;i -90s when i buggy »-as brought, to hint, mil ,he request thai four new rubbei tiies be placed upon the wheels ~™ -™ n . JIM* nurxiutm i PrulL re-tired the buggy, but said Lincoln was raised up to steer the j it was one of the few similar job nation through the rebellion of the ! he had dcr-.e since the advent o ' m '°" I the "horseless carriage". When you get 1 your new fall suit be sure it is NEW I Just because it was never worn before doesn't always mean it is new. It may j have been hanging- around some store \ season after season. OUR SUITS ARE NEW Just in frem Hart Schaffner & Marx But that isn't the whole story. They have 72 of the Bench Tailoring features formerly found only in §65 to $75 suits. New Mead Clothing Co. ttfii'is. Thtrly-four of I lie mosl Irfachcro'.is mid diuigrrous wild Ix-asis on eaith. Thi> fumed pood- llaimefoid, dean of riding iis. mid his family of bare- k rldi'is, the forcmosl stnrs of J'ACIE THREE sawdust ![:c of wre the IJllleul Mr.i. R.-ilpli Olbtons ot I,;Mcln-|lk'. who was dressed In blege tint cic|x> nntl wore'n shoulicr corsage o! pink raff*. The groom was attended by Mr. Cbietice Orlgsby of Osccoln. Mra. (jlayod the- mintlnl music. beasts; Harry iviioals ol edn> Mc- flu'iil Clarkoiiiuns, wrliihsls; the Crcnln Wingert Trio, and liohml •'<',>" Hml/'tlOH gl^itllkS Of ht:r.--es; tile famous bii-yrlsl uf tlyi-L:;. in their whirl- ir-rilll Olli'llll({s; ()». ], m | s irnlxTk-Wallaci' iwrlurimiiK I)--'hull-mis with Dorotiiy Johnson. \\..mki Went* nm | ]jmil , jj,,,.,,,,, "• my nothing r,r hundreds of oll,.-r ulleiints im-sentccl on the l<-• huge sln-n-s and the ' Jlim;u- cereinony. . The bride Is the daughter of Mr "ml Mis. K. H. XO'fK'K 01' SAI.K or KKAt. KSTATK hereby given that the iiiulci sinned will, In obedience to » ilrcvce entered on Seiilcmbcr Mill, 1931. Ijv the Chancery Court for (he Chickflsawba DLstrlct nf Mi^bslnpl County, Arkansas, in a CHUM' wli'ochi First National Bunk nf UJvthevllle, Arkniif.fls, was |)lnln- , till ar.d Ho«.s Slevcns, Vcra Slcv- ley of S.i:iKjrns. J. Mearl JoiHi:. Mury E. Jonl/ a Ieiieh?r in > nixl Hwslp Oocdiicli ire'rc defend- licr:- f-;r • >'•. im Saturday, October 8th, :-d ot Ha Mhs. she hns txen the ciiiinly srliofll system a innnlXT ot yeais and 1 .^. „ ^ t uiit filnidj, In ii:ls county, 'him.' at t)!i- :owii door" "of "llw Pn ; ?'^ """' s<1 " of Jolm °-IC°"''- »«»iw I" Illylhoville, AI- Finnk of Chiisney, ind. n,, |s to (he highest bidder on Wi ot in,. Jiii-oljs jilanuiilun Mm-Mii m-dll ol llnve months, the (ol- to secure an original loan ot Eight Thousand ($8000.00) Dollars and 111? second lo secure Twenty-one i21) Interest coupons originally aggregating Two Thousand Six Hundred Forty i$2G40.00) Dollars The sal c utll be subject to" thj liens mentioned. The buyer -illl lw vcqiilrcil lo give a solvent, bonfl to secure (lie purchase price aiii a lien will be retained to secure the purchase price. This (lie lOUi day of September, 1932. n. t. GAINES,- Coniinls,s loner. Otceola Socicly- Personal MI.Y I). A. Cnrtwrlijlit enleriuin- .... .-„- „ -,. | Pl1 at biidge ,-it her hum? l,cri> l-'rl- tl bct;i!i their lask of dcvoiniim! d:,y atternoon coiiirillim-iilliii; Miss '' • •"• .Mcuresor. 'I'tiey will is and tors, of hay for their j I-::ulr,i Huck. wl:o lias Just return-i lllc ' lr home in lllylhcvl'lle. iniiiijj meal. H is all a , M from an extended visit wllli rel- j Tli e ci-rcino-iy wan ncrlormed - intcresllnjf scene willi its thrill i alives In Miami, fla. ! llev. C. K w^lch. plas'tor at at Clridw unil fiiKa'itrd hi . „ In Ihiii community, where they will nuiki' ihiMr home. 'I'he weilJinij attended by only a tew relatives anil Intiinalc filends of tin- couple. t!;e milliter iiiclmhiii; Hi,. Broom's undo, M.IJH P. 1*. Jacobs of Orlder and tin- bride';, ainil and undo. Mr. and Mis. li. li. Ciruvi-s of Seinilh. Mo. Mr. nnd Mrs. I'riuik went tniaie- 1 diatelv utter the ceremony lo their home ut CirUler. | Miss Mndrllnr- McfireBOr of dec mid Mr. 1-Yaiik Cinbel of Illy- .'illi! were fiuletly marricJ h-.-re Siiliirdiiy ,-veiiliii: al llw home of l"e L'ifd."'s |Hi!i:iH.v Mr. iui:l Mis. 1'. M. McCSresor. 'I'iiey will inakj . . . ,, . .id unique sights. j Sixteen guests enjoyed the after- j r.r.M church in th« |,re. Scon, smoke will be noticed coin- i j- 1 '"" at caiils, the number Inclu.-l- ™ce ol iiu'jnlier.-i of the fntnily im -i ' n , ..... ,.., ..... ._ , is out of Ihe great kitchen port- .Mis. Joe Cramer, Mrs F I'i'lpps and Mrs. Charles Lowranc Jr., .ire enteriatnlng at bridge at i., ble stoves niul boilers, for meals the hundreds of |ico|ile with [ hiiBC show must he provided L-r tlie eruunds a siuall army 1 men will he busy ciccilng the . __ „_ , vliltc-tujv;, • I H:e lionoree was iire.scnlcd a dainty Within a fc-v hours the (jri-ut, [ favor, invas city, looked forward lo by ' oini^slcrs and their elders for lany days ):asl. will ke a icality. The bl^-lop. sideshows, and the oireiis of auxiliary totis will he p with l.'Mnci!: Hying—res/ly or the afternoon and night pcr- r onnances at 2 and 0 P. M.. rc- iliectively. In- the performances, much t-liat s new. novel and thrilling will tie evidenced, combined with many of the world's greatest arcnle and icriul displays. All of the famous Hagenbeek- Wallacc stars will be here—Clyde Beatty, \vild animal subjuyalur. aid to be the most fearless man in tlie world, and iiruves it by iiiterini; the steel presentalion den, • ' .......S,LJ IJJl.lll.l . _ Mis. Henry Colts, who hus re- a r t w friends tuilly moved 10 Oscuola from 1,11- I ... iKi.une. Mo. 111^)1 scaie was -won Ml.s.s Alene Russell of Royallon uy Mrs. u. s. Laney; Mrs. Itulli I 111, and Mr. R. ,1. EiciiciilK-ruiT o! Urlysto won second high score. ] Annstror.n, Ind., were n'netlv iinr- Fiances Hiirliam. ihlni, and | rk'd Siiinvday evening li, uh-t]i»- .e censes Comimmity House Wetl-I from the enmity cour i-.cs;!:,}- afternoon. M«s Lillian Inez Uley nnd Mr. Carl Jacobs Frank were iniielly nunred Sunday evening i n l/.ixorn M :-e home uf (iei-. P. w. Sweet pnslor of the Lnxor.i Methodist church, who performed the cerc- ir.cmy, li'-c bride wore n brown velvet vllb at the home of the Hcv J. ,1. Thompson, p ; ,5! Ur O f t |, ( . f;| lllrc h of Hit- Imnuieiible Conception, n-lio fnld Ihe ceremouv. Marriage licenses . wore Isssicd — - ~j v u ..rt eleik'!) office here Saturdny to the- rollo-Aiiic couples: Henry atevens and Mis- Mary Sloan, bath of Osccoln; Win A. Canuhron of McFcrrln n nj MK- Otho Heed of Reiser; James C Murrat mid Miss Oliva O'Nra Smith, iKith of O.sceohi; William Cauaua of Ashporl. Tcnn.. am '*>. lo«ni v: d(-;;(illHil |itO|y-i-iy. which is MUi.iU-d In Ihe ChickiiMiwba DIs- irkl i>( Ml.sbKslniil C'ounly, Arkin-:is lo-wllr An tin ,'!\ hint! nne-fomtii ', hi'i-rest In the fcllmvlni; lumls: I nl One U) of the Southeast Oiiiirter cSK'i) of Si-cllun Twenlv-flve US); One HI and Two (2) i 1 nil the South liall ,a'i) of tin- Norlhcasl Quarter CNK'i) «[ Sertlon Thirty-six i;l(J). mill Svmiliwrfl Qi!»rliM- iSW,i> ol Ki-cllon Tlihty-s::. i^O). ai-.d l.ols KlijUl '8) and Nine 191 cl KiM-tion Tlilrtv-slx Citi). ar.rt l<its On,- ill. Two C.'.i, Three <:i>. I-'oiir <•!), Five <. r i> null -Six 4ii of Sei'llnn Thirty (30); All of which Is In Tnwnsliln Sixteen tltli NcrDi, llnimc Eleven (II), East. i\]ro an u,Kl)\lded oue-foinlli M Interi'st In the following lands: Ijil One U, n( Section Twentynine C»). nnd Lot 'three 131 'jf Rectlon Thirty-one (3D. hnth In Tounshlii Sixteen (Ifi) Ninth. RuiiKL 1 Twelve (121 East. Alsn an iindlvlil'jd one-elslii'i M-8) Interest hi tlie followinj buds: The Korthwrst Quarter K (NW'i) o[ Section Twenty <20), Township Fifteen 115) North, Hatige Eleven 111) Rut. SI. Lauls Joint stock Land Dank helds a mnii^iiKC on Ihe Southwest Q,inrliT (SW'.i) nf Swllvn Thirty- six ISO, Township Sixteen (151 Noilh. nniifjc r.lcven (in East, lo reture nn nrlgliml lomi ol Seven 'I'lioiisnnd Five Hundred (STOO.OD) Dollars and Inlcicsl. Hen R. Hull, as trustee fcr New cor.wse of yellou- She was ,, l(C nded by Mlss who wore Mr. nnd Mrs. Bruce ;aiK| led Ivy and Mr. and Two (2) au<l the South luilf IS's) of thu Northcnst Quarter (NR 1 ',) of Section Thirty- nnd Lot One (I) In sect^5); nil Vi (10) Nortn, Eleven (11) Easl, lhc first wall paper is the : talk of the toivh Whfcii you liny. wall-' '.' Ijjtjjoi' from us you get; fdinolliiiiK better and".',! (lilVcreiit. We arc now closing... out our I!W2 patterns, to niiike room -for the ••.'.-. iifcw 19,'W line antl offer"" some real hargaias in - liigh grailo SUNFAST prints. fL C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 100 '< ' ; * Is,- -- ' ij^ iv v ;<}* ^ * •• * •$* . ^#,f>J». ATTIL^^I "THE SCOURdp0F GOD" "Nature in the Raw'Kffu portrayed by llic great painter, Ht.SSy.Dimn.. ."in. s{>ired by the barbarifffaiflty of. Asia's most dreaded fihu could not gro«« tuh^3-his horse had '453 A. D. lto.i v^ »^ : ,o - - ' ' , k>*r*«V"«J ' " • -V ^ v- t:.;A^ '^"^ L.^^.;^' . _-. /x:. ^^s^i :..^u^ —and raw tofeaccos have no place in cigarettes They are not present in Luckies ... the mildest cigarette you ever smoked W E buy the finest, tlie very finest tobaccos in all the world—but that docs not explain why folks everywhere regard Lucky Strike as the mildest cigarette, The fact is, we never overlook the truth that "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild"—so these fine tobaccos, after proper aging and mellowing, are then given the benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by the words—"It's toasted". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say .that Luckics are such miJd cigarettes. "It's toasted" That fiackage of m«d Luckies "Ifj n:an tirilt ,i lullir h-ok, frf.vb ,( Ixllcr sermon, or make <i tetltr mtiuc-lrap than tit mi^ttor, ibo U tailJ liii kwit in //* itwJi, llx inrtt tall make ,t Ixaltn p.ith la bis J<xr. "—RALPH WALDO EMERSON. Docs not this explain the world-wide acceptance arul approval of Lucky Strike?

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