The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1943
Page 6
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f)' * \ . BLYTHEVILLE ARlY AIR CORPS NEWS , VOLUMF 1—NO. 231. ; ,IHB BL7THEVHtfc ARMY A» CORPS NEWS i FuMtoed d*i!y except Sundays In the Interest of the personnel of the 'Army Air Forces Ad- vtactd Two Kntlne Hying School of Blrthevilto, by the Blytherille Courier New* It * contain* the new of the Air \ i Athletic Depaitment Team Wins Ovei Finance • and Oidnance 15-12 Tlie lOCClh Guard Squadron defeated; (he 103rd Squadron by n score of 0-4, while Uie Athlcllc De- paflment (cam, cuneiitly leidmg the linler-sqiiadroirsoftbull league, set tack tbe.Fmnnce nnd Ordnance .fXgpieg'itltm is ,12 In .softtall games played over Vie weekend. , Summaries: lOGGIh U H Morcm . .10 Tingo . 1 3 Steblrtis 1 1 Guzicwicz 0 1 lorrnzo .... . ] 0 Urgiilp ^ . 00 Cirvelk) I 1 1 Skalskl , ~. , 00 Vallolio , 0 0 Bill . 1 1 "Totals 703 f d McLaln ... DaVls . Phr'netl .... Holland*'. 4 ?.. Tucker Mil nicy .,.. Pytel . . .. Yare^iolc"... Groves v G 1 0 0 /I O 0 '0 If .1 SUSPENSE Xmehcji's fighting men arc car- r>ing dn,=Mn a masterly wuy.Uhe job they left home to (to fThev'are making their might felt with hard blows to stop the march of dictatorship and deifcotism ^ toward their homeland Btit when thcj colne back, what will they find Will America be the land of opportunity, llko they left if Can they go in business'with a chance to prosper, start,. v. ork* »"lth hope of advancement' W/ll there be incentive, will we have private enterprise? Army and Navy may be expected to discharge 75 million men and the Federal Government should dismiss at least two million workers Some young people will return to school, some war-working wives' will become home-makers again nnd many a farm boy mil go back where.a job is wailing for nobody but him. Should all these total .hies million, 63 million will still 3C unemployed—one peison in twenty. - Time lo Get Read) The above calculation assumes hat business will keep on booming after tlie war like It Is now, makes no allowance for war plants that will shut do»n Jor lack of some- ,hmg profitable to make'and sell The more plants shut down Ihe scarcer .jobs will be and llie more people will hunt work without finding it Every patriotic manufacturer In America wishes he dared do more adequate planning for pc*t-war davs but finds himself utterly bewildered about peace-lime prospects. "Why can't factories in Mr production start preparing for peace; start.: getting ready to defeat unemployment? America must pl.m someday to'meet the problems of peace, why can't we startf Any citizen could safely know a lo't more about after-war conditions than any of us have been privileged to learn. Many a small factory btvner • would . have p.ilterns today for something he can make nud sell after the war if only lie knew Ihere woiild be no law ngainst making a. profit. IWrtjht Is a Drawback Nobody can do n job of orjjnnted thinking without facts. Before a business man can prepare lo keep ojieiflllng keep employing men who vtlll be able to ptij lent nnd buy what farmers sell, lie needs nssm- 'auce : . against (hrec menacing threat*, .(!•), laxntton,. (2) legislation and;(3) govcnimrnl. competition. .With no chance to succeed, wliy'begin? Taxation Is the first menace Any cnlerprlse requires'Investment, and', the. way to starve private cn- teipilsc is to piinlj7« pilnle l»- ycslmcnl. 'High coi]»iatlou tvcs rmd'hlgh ineoine taxes will do 'A. >Jolxidj will inust savings Just to inakc jobs without hope of profit. Leiflslatlon. is the second threat. Laws;' can be made to encourage business nnd protect properly, or they can be made lo restrain Iradc nnd lay property open to devnsln- tion. Investors and operators both aiie frightened bj signs of nn- filendlj administration of lav. Thhd will gflvernnient compete with the man in private business ifter the fcni, tax him, undcisell him , nnd .bnnknipt him? Ciovcrn- rrienl already owns an estimated 25 per cent of the nnlioji's factories nnd nminlfnctuiing equipment, and fenr irmke.s 'business filugglsh. This WOttta Hfl R Congrcis could dp n'o more Itn- ponant thing for the fitlure of America than write ji rteflhltc post-, K'nr policy on Private Enterprise; If free competition Is to live, (axes nnd other legislation tan be directed In keeping with policy. If government proposes to slay In business, -pdsslbly.- lake o\'cr all business, all 'producing properly Including faim land, then let industry know what to expect and the public know who's to blame.- With no open policy at all (and there" is no'ne now) (he iintlon will come to the dangerous :<lays of rebuilding nftei tKe war 'bringing more doubl.s than have hamiiered i progle'is fol the past tsri yehvs. Iri' that utisetllcd stale, une'mploymenl, p'ftnlc . and chnos will - threaten. State Socialism anil dictatorship Vtiil be just around the corner, .j': Lieutenants Promoted Second <X,leuIs. Hnrokl W.. Dean Jr, nnd Ficd \V. Stout, flight in- stiuctors at the Blyllievlllc Army Air :-Field. have been promoted' lo first lieutenant. ' •• Lieutenant rjenn rceelve<ll his commission about n ycnr agb-nnd hns been slalloncd at' BlytheVilie since October. Before being accepted as an nuadoii cadet, he was n student at the University of Florida ... '•lieutenant Stout hns also ',been stationed'here since October. He Is the son -of Mr. and Mrs. 'C. H. Stout, Oilman, 111. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MAY 13, U. S. Soldiers Buy Bananas In India - —- SUKRCUll'TION RATKS~ON .REQUEST I). S. soldiers newly arrived In Tmltti, buy bananas from a unlive woman lefl to iifihl titc Cpl Tcmincc Palmer, Hnrr'liibiirg, Pa.; Cpl. W.'J. Flclschman, GrnmP Rapids; SgL Jns. O. Wnlson,'New Orleans, and Cpl. Ed Cooper, Missouri. (NBA ielcphoto). . " ,.. . HJSPEEIPHCE Air FicId'Worker Here Puts All His Spare Cash Into War Bonds NOT!OK Notice is hereby given Ihat Ihe undersigned .will within the lime fixed-by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for n permit to sell beer at retail al 1101 Rose Street, Biy- thevillc, Mississippi county. Tlie undersigned stntes thai he is n cilizen of Arkansas, of good moral chnrncler, that he hns never uccn convicted of n felony or other crime Involving moral turpitiule; Ihat no license lo .sell beer liy the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; nnd that Ihe undersigned has never bcc'ii convicted of violating Ihe laws of this stale, or any olher stale, relating to the sale of alcoholic Honors. JIM WILLIAMS. Subscribed nnd sworn lo before me this I3ih day of May, 1943. < Sc: >!> Myrtrous Cook Notary Public. My commission expires 10-1G-43. 5-13-43 A $3001) Investment In an earlier victory has been mode by Ben Hayes, chief clerk nf Quartermaster Warehouse'No. 1, nt the fily- llioville Army Air Field. That represents his purchases of '.War Bonds. And 'he is 'buying more, pulling iii nil the cnsh he cnn sjmrc every pViydny. Mr. llnycs wants In help get Ihe Jnps oiit-of the South Sen Islands nnd china. Tie learned to like the people nnd the country during H ycnrs as n (ravelins reprcscntntlvc of tliC'.B. F. aoodrich Co., and he doesn't like to .think of Ills -'friends untier the idominntion of the con- tjc/'iiig Japanese Invader. Honotuln, Shanghai, Tokyo, and cities of .AiMti'fllln and New Zealand wore stopovers for Mr. Hayes during the years he trnvpletl in the,Far East. It wns a picture- hook country with a happy, peaceful people, and Mr. Hayes wants it to be that way again just n.s =0011 as possible. "So," he sntd, "I'm buying boiidst ns many ns I flan. Because that's '.he surest wny:I calii help to gain I'iclory nnd restore pence." • Before coming here Mr. Ilnyes ivns employed nUhc General Qmir- icrmnMer Depol in Mcni|ihls. 701st Wins Banner , The 701st Squadron this week Hies the "E" banner for excellence in Ihe condition of buildings, arcn and (reaps in tlie' weekly inspection. The winners Imd a standing Of 90, lending the 104th by one point, the 700th and 702nd bcin" tied in third place with n standing of 88, Capt. Robert R. l.ove i s commanding oiricer of the squadron Second Lieut. Alvin OelschlaRcr is adjutant, nnd Kenneth liurncll Is seiBL'i'inl. FUNNY BUSINESS ' Pick out a card—any card!" Complete Slock Steel nnd Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Read Courier News Want Ada. Try our "Own Made" Cream Ole Hickory Inn Ma«n ft I.«ke Phone 2822 Auto Repairs xpci'J iHcclianica on All Alnkcs and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. * 1 *^* "^ja J *i4L3S = ^ £1 " Lee Motor Sales Ph.. 519 Earl Stonf, Shop >'(vrtmiii 307 K. si a i,, Traveling Library. Here For : A Montft Traveling Library No. 3 of the Elijhlli Service Command, conlalii- InR 100 t'cadlng fiction nnd no'ri- flcllon voliimc.5, hns arrived at (lit Blyllievlllc Army Air Field, and the boote nre available nt the library It was announced yesterday b> Lieut. Oscnr h. neiison, S|)ecia Service officer. Included in (he list are many best sellers and volumes of Interest, to readers of good books." inside Europe" by ,/olin Giiiitlier"; "Wliig- c'd Warfare", by Gen. Henry 11. Ar nold and Col. C, Eakcr; "Yoni \Vings", by .lordnnoff; Erie Kniglit-'j "This Aliovc All"; "Lively Lady" by Kenneth Hobert; "And Now Tomorrow", by Rachel Field; William Slilrer's "Berlin Diary", and many others. • Tlie library will be hci'n for month. 9 Beauties To Perform At Theater Nine pretty girls in songs, limps, dances and ballet marching numbers will entertain soldiers oi Hie Biythevillc Army Air Field nt IV Post "1 heater, tonight, In the USO Damp Show, "Going to Town/' Performances will be given at G nud at 8 o'clock. The nine pretty girls are Paul Tise'n's AU-Aincrlrnii Mclode.m, (11 curi'nnt hit tunes, Gypsy .melodies, novelty arrangements ' of popular classics and rousing marches, wltii instrumental nnd vo'cnl'mtislc. • .Joe Termini, a panlomimist nud musical clown, plays tlio violin, uanjo and electric "guitar, with swing and modernized classical pieces, I The Albius arc n man anil woman .satirical comedy dnhcc net in parody impressions of modern dances. Pat Hcnning. assisted by Betty •llaye, olfer clever patter, 'satirical impressions and comedy dancing. Her friends First I-iuglicil PASADENA, Cnl (UP) _ When Policewoman .\fmgucrilc Haskhvs begun riding to work on n motor'- scooter, lier friends smiled. Later when she graduated to a full- f edged motorcycle, they laughed But when she applied for and got the appointment of a member of the nwtorcycle police corns—the i I'st woman motorcycle police officer I,, Cnllfornla-iiicy just took n little more seriously. Srml.s Motlicr Jap's Tooth INOLEWOOD, Gal. IUP) —Mrs Bobby Boonc doesn't know 'just how proud she ought to l Je of her son fighting win, Hie armed forces on Guadalcanal, ell sent her as a souvenir of his own exploits a silver-lapped tooth taken from n Japanese. Members Of 700th Squadron Make Best Appearance In Weekly Parade The 700th Squadron made the best appearance in last week's pa- rndc ceremony, so four men of the .squadron were picked lo innk-e flee long disjancc telephone calls, by of a SI. Liiiiis .brewery. Lieut. Henry H. Tolusso, squadron commander, selected the fov- timalc ones by lot. putting Ihe names of the squadron members Into a hnl and drawing four. The calls were made on Sunday. It was Mother's Day, mid three of (lie soldiers visited with their mothers. Hie fourth talking lo his lather. ' ' . Corp.- Elmer H. Campbell called Ills mother at Norrlslown', Pa. pfc. John Verderliei; talked with his mother in Brooklyn, N. • Y. Pvl. Joe McIDaniels had a conversation wldrhLs motlicr at Sulphn. Okla. Corp. • Donald P. Walters got his' fnlliei- on the telephone at Getv niantown. Mel. The 700th mis picked ns (lie nest'''.squadron in the parade by a board of judges comiwscd of Miij. Charles E. Laylon. Capl. Joseph C. Irons and First Lieut. Rnfus H Dnbb.1.- No U.S.O. Shows On Barren Amchitka, But 'Floatplane Joe From Tokyo' Amuses Yanks N O TI 6 K Notice is hereby given Hint ; the undersigned will within tlie. time Hxcd by Inw to apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell iccr at retail at 4D1 W. St., Blythcville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he s n of Arkansas, of good moral character, Dint he hns nevei jccn convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral tiirpltutie- hat no licens-e to sell beer by the indersigiied has been revoked within five-years ifist; and that he undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws or Jils stale, or any oilier state re- atmg lo (he sale of alcoholic lin- iprs. ' „ , . ' 0- ABRAHAM. Subfcribrd and swom to before lit! this 12 day of May, 1543 Seal) xv. jr. wilHnms. vly commission expires jrdy u 34G ' 5-13-43 Rend Courier News , want trts. By SIIKRMAN MONTROSE eme Nwspicfures Camefimah Written for NBA Service AMGHITKA ISLAND, Aleutians r~ "Moat-plane Joe from Tokyo" liasn'i lieen a'raund lately and u. S. forces on ihLs Aleutian outpost fear he's somewhat discouraged— if he Isn't dend. They have n nice reception all planned for Tojo when he calts again from nclghliorlng klska and they hope lie Imsn't been scared off. A bombing by "Float-plane Joe" nnd his pals Is better than n U. S. O. show. Everyone has, just llie heal time. It's fun for nil. Tojo comes sliding in out of the usual hiiv.e that shadows this spongy, lerrnln, niakos a run ori his target. A watching gunner spots him nnd tracers from .S0-callber -machine guns, 20-mll- limcter cannon and 37's rip across the-skies. . Tojo cuts the same acrobatics lie effects In the South Pacific dodging, shirting, weaving like a tied 'Graiijjc. or a Tommy Harmon, until he drops his presents ami gets:ihe : hell out of here. TOJO, HAD CINCH Many times since U. 'S. troops arrived here, in a move that threw Japan' for a new loss in the Aleutians,- pontoon plnnes have 'come over from klsk'a to furnish entertainment where entertainment is scarce. Klska is as far away as a weekend drive before rationing, .Each lime bill the last time''over, Tojo hail things pretty much his own- way.-'Anli-alrel'aft 'caine'clos- er, sure, but no large'ts lurhbled out 'of tlie skies and 'ground gunners '•: admittedly hadn't "settled down" (a culm sliooting at shifty targets. On • the last visit Hie prides of Nippon met nn unpleasant surprise. They had been staging raids to arrive over this spongy Inud-hple either before protective P-38's from another base had'arrived in Ihe morning, or after they had hauled for lioinc ill night. • / Again they cainc, confident'of fllr.sunrchincy «'Hh their'two Zero float 'fighters, scornful of ground defenses. ' Too liite Joe nnd his pal found An anli-aiivraft gun ,-mv nn Ainehilka islaml frit-s out .itsKjui,',- iiii'iil soon after American forces .iccuyled the impurlaul Aleutian island. For a ,,)iilc .)«,, -nmi-Mnn,;' .Iocs" from nearby Kiska' .e..«rt'<l the Yanks' a.Wck heeause K i:i>"ers l.a.ln't seltlt-d down t«- , calm shooting ;i( slilfiy tiirKfls. filled with P-4D's from a new fighting strip. Neither lived to tell his flying mates the breed of pilots America is sending to its westernmost base. February ended without another vlsitnlion from their neighbors When Major Clayton j. Larson Favgo. N. D., knocked down the first, plane over Amchltka nnd a flying mate, Lt. E. J. "Hocky" Stone, 'Glendale, Calif., rede another into Ihe white-caps of the North Pacific, Tojo stopped to think things over.. For n time after that reconnaissance planes scouting Kisku harbor spotted no 1 enemy planes on the water. That Tojo could have hid them out isn't impossible, but in clear weather tlie cintonrs of the Aleutians read like : ah 1 open book from the air, and Klska - Is no exception. Army iind.Nnvy intelligence itin'y know where the Zeros arc hiding today, but the Information is -sec- vet. Shortly after the last disastrous (for Tojo) raid, a Navy PBV patrol boat swapped a few shots with a Zero not to fur from Kiska. No hits, no runs. No one hurt. This Is a stark land with little entertiiinment. There are no movies, no U.S.O. shows, no canteen!;, no beer, no pogie-bait, few radios, few hand-cranked record players. Mail arrives but rarely 'and the men need entertainment. They want Tojo lo come back. .•'.••. Next time, the ground gunners vow, they'll do better. P-4li's 'are aching to ge't Into n "scramble" with tlielr neighbors from tlie west. NOT! C E : Notice Is hereby given Dint the undersigned will wiihin the lime fixed by law to apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the,State oi Arkansas for n permit to .sell beer at retnli nt -SOD Went Ash' St., Blytheviile,. Mississippi County, Ar- kniisns. The iiridersigiicrt r.tales Hint he is n citizen of 'Arkansas, of good morn) character, Ihnt he has never been convicted of 1 a 1 felony or other crime, involving moral llu'pitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; nnd that (he undersigned has never been convicted of .violating the laws of this state, or any 'oilier state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. LAWYER DANGERPtELD. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11 day of May, 1843. i 'Seal) , 'James Terry.. My commission expires (i-2(i-4S. ..'..-. ' . r i-l3-43 undersigned,hns been revoked within five years Insi past; unit Hint the undersigned has never been convicted of violating .the Inws of this slnlc, or uny'other-.-slate,- rc- Inlitig to Ihe sale of nlcohollc liquors, i t;i. : ' J. L. :MOULTRIE. Subscribed inici sworn (o before me this 12th dny of-May, 1943. (Sen)) Roland.. Bishop Notary Public, My commission expires D-10-4C. 5-13-43 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that (he undersigned will within the time fixed by law to apply to the Coin- nissioner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas .-for a permit to sen icer at retail nt North Highway 01, 3lytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a clti/en of Arkansas, of good noral character, that lie'has never been convicted of-n felony or other crime invoking moral turpitude- Hint no license to sell beer by llie PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Uest Prices Kirby Drug Stores Just 4 Miles To The FITTED RY Doctor* J. L u4 J, C. GUARD OPTOJFETR1STS State Line Service Station SAVE on Vhillips Quality Gasoline * Oil. Prompt, Conrieous Skrvlct. Oppralcd bj Mrs. H. L Reynolds. OPERATING HOURS For A-H-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. AM, WKKK DAYS 9 A.M. to 12 Noon 1 P.M. (o 8 P.M. BPTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NKED THESE? Ballerj—S«t Covers Oilfiller-IUdle J'ng t.lghls—Lock GM Cap- A ccmpltte ll«e of rollshea WYEICHSSS NOTICE ^foticc is hereby givnn Hint Hie undersigned will within Hie time fixed by lau 1 to apply tc tlie Commissioner of Revenues of llie.Sltite o'f Arhntisns for n permit, to sell beer nt retail at 119 Railroad St., Blythcville, Mississippi "County. The itiitlcrsigncd .stales Hint lip Ls ji citizen of Aiknnsns, of eootl mornl clmrnctrr, tlml lie has never been convicted of a felony' m- oilier crime involving moral tur- pitude; Ihnt no license to sell beer by Ihe iiiidMSlgiieil lias Ijeen re- vol;oil \vitliln five years last, pnsl; n?id that, the undersigned has neyr er been convicted of violating Ihe laws of. this: state, or any. other .slate, ii-elatiiuj to the sale' of oli'O^ llrilic liquors. .;-. C. ABRAHAM. Subscribed nnd KWorn to before me this 12 day of May, 1043. ' : (Seal) • w. M. Wllllanis. ; My cominiE-sLon expires ' July -Tl, 1040. 5-13-4:) First leg of llie famous trail, linking Los Angeles, Cullf.-, nnd Saiila Fe, N. M., wns bla!*« In 1776. | i ;( The Modern Ice Uox CO'OLERATOR For Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone 515 , 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Bepair Work on General Motors Cars. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dwij * Wklnnt Fh. W! SMALL LOANS OB Aajtbtef «f V«h». East Main Loan Co. WE FILL ALL DOCTOW PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOC HONKT STEWART'S Drag Store Main & Lake Phone Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED It the upper!! are still rood. Bring Uiem lo us for qn»lltr work. HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop 121 w. Mita Ph. an Flowers For Kvery Occasion . . . Corsages •« spcuiitlly. THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY ANTWBERK CLENCOE HOTEL BLDQ. Phone 191 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORK*' There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetlo, nuwltle*, et«,, In Blythevllle ttitn it Robinson's. l*test M»«txlne»~Run- Uto Mrvlee—MndwlchMt Service Men! 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