Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 26, 1964 · Page 26
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 26

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1964
Page 26
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14 , 1964, Lake Charles American LaGrange Senior High Announces Graduation The largest graduating class in the history of LaGrange Senior* High School received diplomas in commencement exercises Monday night. With Principal John J. Mims, assisted by valedictorian Spnja Ellezey, presenting the diplomas, the 355 students filed forward in early evening ceremonies. Awards presented were: Citizenship award, Laurine Elkins, by Henry Avner. Woodman of the World award, Ronald Kemerly, by Francis Haymark. American Legion awards, Ronnie Hayes and Johnette Ashley, by Gaylord Cox. Scholarships were presented by Dr. J. H. Morriss. Valedictorian Robert Horn was master of ceremonies, valedictorian Connie Sanders gave the valedictory address, and salutatorian Ronald Kemer 1 y gave the salutatory address. Retiring English teacher Mrs. Mina Roux gave award certificates to students with over 3.5 grade averages. Graduating senior Ralph Whalen gave the invocation. The processional and recessional were played by the school band. SENIOR GIRLS 1943-M Mary Louise Abote/ Dlono Louise Ab- jhlre, Annelto Mae Addison, Bessie Sharon Addison, Carolee Toddo Addison, Ruth Jeonelte Alderson, Delia Susan Anderson, Poulo Patrlclo Anderson, Mor« sho Ann Arcencaux, JOhnetto Elizabeth Ashley. Barbara Ann Assunto, Patricia Ann Aucoin. Janlc* Gall Babln, Mavis Juonita Bailey, Sandro Jeans Baker, Vivian Leigh Barbee, Shlrlcen Marie Baronet, Ba'rbara Jean Baronne, Jana Lee Bennett, Peggy Ann Bcnolt, Winner June Benoll, Gwendolyn Ann Bentley, Ruth Ann Bertrand, Cheryl Ann Bier, Grace Dana B levins, Nancy Ann Bond, Nedra Carolyn Bond, Jean Teresa Bost, Donna Lea, Theresa Bouillon, Leah Mae Bouillon, Kothryn Linda Bourgeois, Jo Marliyn Bradford. Billy Ruin Brasher, Jerl Sue Brcnnan, Leslie Juanlto Brown, Trlsha Anne Browne, Mary Etta Brunlng, Janet Faye Bruno, Wyonno Rulh Bruno, Undo Parolee Burr, (Catherine Anne Carney. Ju- anlta Ann Corona, Lena Ann Corona, Cheryl Ann Chambers, Delores Ann Choumont, Brenda Kay Clark, Sandra Kay Clark, Sandra Jean Coffman, Sharon Frances Collins, Ellen Sue Corbln, Audrey Ann Corkran, Antonio Maria Cormier, Connie Louise Courvllle, Dl- anna Lynn Crader, Betty Irene Cryar, Linda Kathleen Cryar. Betty Ruth Dalgle, Sandra Davis, Ju. anlta Sue Deroucn, Cynthia Lorraine DC- Van, Cynthia Marie B. deVlllcntroy, Kathryn Jane Dufrenc, Linda Leigh Dugos, Beverly Lynn Duhon, Donna Susan Duhon, Diana Lynn Dungan, Rita Gayle Duplechlan, Mono Theresa Dupre, Shcr- rle Paula Edwards, Donna Gall Elklns, Laurine Annette Elkins, Sonja Carroll Ellzcy, Evongellne Farrls, Lnna Susart Faulk, Linda Mae Ferrell, Donna Elizabeth Foqloman, Annette Fontenoli Bll- lie Rose Foreman. Evelyn Lee Fryar» Bonlta Jcarl Galbralth, Yolanda Juantta Garrard, Carolyn Mario Gasoard, Harriet Ann Gates, Gwendolyn Louise Gibson, Melcene Marie Giles, Joan Gllllland, Linda Jean Gold, Thelma Louise Grlsham, Mary Evelyn Guldry, Judith Kay Gulllot, Dixie Darlyn Hall, Cheryl Rene Hampton, Dlcmnah Belle Heard, Carol Marie Hebert, Dorothy Elizabeth Hebert, Linda Gall Hebert, Lucille Ann Henry, Mary Rebecca Hopkins, Sheila Diann Howard, Sherry! Lee Hunt. Paula Flo Jackson, Carol Yvetle Johnson, Rhonda Elaine Jones, Peqgy Lou Kalana, Gwendolyn Marie Keller, Salle Anne Kelly, Sally Arden Keys, Linda Ann LaCqsse, Shirley Ann Landry, Ml- caela Quida Lasserre, Shcrryl Anne Laughlln, Geneva Louise LaVern, JoAnn LcBleu, Marsha Lynn LeBleu, Sheryl Lee LeBleu, Janet Susan LcBoeuf, Elaine Marie Leaer, Linda Louise LeGros, Carol Ann LcJeunc. Diana Marie LcJeune, Karen Sue Lcjune, Barbara Lee Lewis, Christine Ann Lundgren, Sandra Ann Macpherson. Jo Ann Manuel, Theresa Ann Manuel, Barbara Ann Mornlen, Paula Sue Marque, Marjorie Mar/e Mayor, Patricia Ann McCabe, Martha Ann McCartney, Paulelle Yvonne McDonald, Peggy Ruth McMillan, Verona Sue Mechc," Delores Jone Melolt, Nancy Marie Miller, Patricia Eugenia Miller, Sue Marge Miller, Patricia Ann Mllner, Mary Lauretta Miltner, Judy Jean Morgan, Gloria Mosely, Margaret Ann Myers, Sandra Jean Newton, Phyllis Lorroino Norwood. Martha Sue Oliver, Sherry Elaine Owens, Edith Marie Parks, Judy Lynne Pearce, Sharon Rose Peorce, Marsha Lynn Phillips, Brenda Ann Plland, Linda Kay Ponder, Dona Jo Reed, Esta Ruth Rhorcr, Doris Lee Richard, Sherrle Lynn Marie Richard, Linda Gayle Rogers, Evelyn Loulnc Ross, Patricia Ann Ryan, Barbara Ann Saltcr, Cornelia Lane Sanders, Sharon Kay Schexnlder, Marilyn Ann Scott, Hilary Jean Show, Linda Kay Smith, Linda Kaye Smith. Nora Elizabeth Soliay, Barbara Ann Spell, Beverly Sue Stetfcns, Karon Dl- onne Stephens, Betty Louise Stevenson, Dorothy Ann Strait, Dewanna Strotton, Olivia Ann Suydam, Loma Lorraine Taylor, Mary Joan Thlbodeaux, Norma Jeanne Thlbodeaux, Patricia Ann Thomas, Carol Ann Thompson, Elizabeth Townlcy, Cayle Ann Trahan, Janie Carole Vamvoras, Annette Marie Vldrlne, Beverly Ann Vincent, Judy Anne Walk- Sanity Commission To Examine Three Sanity commissions to exam- j homes and alerted the sheriff ine three men charged with felony crimes were appointed by Dist. Judge Clement Moss Monday afternoon in 14th Judicial District Court. department, according to the reports. A June 8 petit jury trial date has been set for Stanton and . Simien subject to the receipt of Prior to the appointments, a t j, e sani(y commission > s r ort lunacy commission composed of . . ^ ' Dr. Charles T. White, parish coroner, and Dr. Barclay Funk found a 39 - year - old Lake Charles man charged with ag-1 gravated assault sane. James C. Hill of Rt. 1 Box 1013C was charged with assaulting two Calcasieu Parish deputy sheriffs on February 21. The two deputies had gone to Hill's home to investigate a family disturbance when he threatened them with a knife. Drs. White and Funk were also appointed to examine Clarence -Moss and Giles Orville Stanton. Moss, 69, of 201 Carpenters Lane is charged with the theft of $125 in tools on April 20. Stanton of Los Angeles, Calif., is charged with four counts of attempted murder and one count of armed robbery. He allegedly held-up a North Lake Charles liquor store on April 10 and wounded two law enforcement officers and a bystander shortly after the robbery. Dr. Gilles Morin and Dr. White were named to examine Wilson Simien, 22, who is' charged with attempted ag- < gravated rape and two counts of simple kidnaping. He is alleged to have forced a Me- Neese State College couple from their parked car south of Lake Charles on the night of February 26. According to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Departm e n t, the couple was forced into a nearby field when the abductor attempted to rape the young woman while holding her companion at bay with a pistol. The yound man fled and the abductor gave chase firing a shot at the man as he disappeared into the darkness. The young woman then ran in the opposite direction and the couple made their way to nearby or, Havcmah Rose Ward/ WIIII4 Ruth Weothorsby, Helen Louise Webb. Money Dcwtne White, Rlfo Mo Wilkinson, Carolyn Gall Williams, Laura Jeanne Woollcy, Lillian Marie Wyatt, Sandra Ellen Yeldell, Constancy Elaine Zentmyer. LAGRANOE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR BOYS Willis Roy Abshlr«, Kcndrlck perry Allen, waller Lynn Allen, Stuart Keith Andrus, John Robert Apel, Ronald Drult Arctoln, Robert Pout Babln, Bobby James Bablneaux, Thomas Carlton Bablncaux, Thomas Allen Barber, Dale Hcndrlx Beam. Frederick David Bergcr, Callen Ray Bertrand, Beldon Joseph Bourgeois, James Louis Brasseaux, Charles Henry Brown, Conrad Butts/ John Clayton Camp Jr., Charles Lynn. Chase, Robert Keith Chinsson, William Allen Chlasson, John Stanley Cobb. Milton Boyer Coe, James Nicholson Corbett III, Gerald Wesley Cox, Alfred Bordy Craft III, Byron Bernard David, James Reno DeLaune, Carl Joseph Dernier, Robert Rush Dennis, Donald Keith Derouen, Horace Lassltef Dickens. William Roy Doucet, John Gregory Dowles, Donald Ray England, Michael George Fontenot, Trrrill Dale Foreman, Randolph William Frrcdrlch, Lowrenco Jules Galthe, Robert Brian Gamble, Berry G. Garrord Jr., Warren Andrew Gaulhreoux, George Henry Glltnor, Robert Carson Glenn Jr., Darrel Ray Granger. Keith Stewart Griffith, Jlmmlo Allen GulHory, James Ronald Hamilton, Thaddeous Wayne Hanson, Frank Carroll Harris, Ronald Gene Hayes, Ronald Keith Hebert, Wilton James Hebert Jr. Richard Carl Heehn, Robert Wayne Holland, Wllllom Paul Holleman, Jamo Alva Holmes Jr., Robert WIN ! Ham Horn Jr., Calvin Bruce Howard, 1 Paul Joseph Jessen, Carl Pierre Johnson. ; Thomas Scott Johnson, Charles Luther 1 Jones. j James Edward Kelley, Ronald Paul Kemerly, Artcmas Ward Klnard Jr., Korl Frederick Kohlcr, Allen Larry Koonce, Lester Michael Kooncc, Ronald Daniel LeBleu, Norrls Paul LeBouef, Wendel Joseph Lechtenberg Jr., Keith Allen LeJune, David Lewis Levlngston. Robert Ernest Lewis, William Randolph Lusby, William Edwin Lyford Jr., Michael Douglas Molone, Robert Clifton Manning II, Lee Vertle Manuel Jr., Samuel Jaines Manuel, Michael Dale Martel, Nodcstcno Masslnglll, Thomas Howard McCalla, Larry Wayne McGee, Jerry Ovcrton , Methvln, Johnnie Miller, Roy Joseph I Miller, Jr. John Francis Millet, Arthur Paul Mitchell, Jim Davis Melton It, Arthur Moreno Jr., David Bruce Morgan, Richard Dale Morgan, Paul James Moses Jr., Louis Neil'Moss, Richard James Mott. Michael Dean Murdock, Terrell Louis Murphy, Eori Uda Myers, Paul Eric Myers, Robert Amos Myres, George I Marsh Nafall, Walter Barry Nealy, Lanny Jay Nelson, Edward Steven Nix,' Lawrence Dwlght O'Brien, Donald James | Olivier. i Homer Rlchell Parker, Charles James < : Patton Jr., Jimmle Jock Pearson, Earl Woyne Perrln, Ronald Joseph Perry, Leonard Joseph Peschler, Terry Gene Pesson, Joseph Buford Phillips, James Joseph Pousson, John Wendell Prater, ' Hugh Wilson Raetzsch, Clifton Louis i Rowllnson. James Loubat Reed, Leon David Rich- ' ard, Michael Douglas Risher, Gregory Neat Robinson, Gene Leo Romero, Phillip John Romero, Pete Gerald St. George, Donald Wayne Sarver, Wayne ' Roy Savoy, Troy Cawfield Shaw Jr > Bobby Byron Shlrey, Harold Ray- i mond Slgmund Jr., John Wayne Snat- i Ic, Maxie Joseph Sonnler, William Richard Spreaflco, James David Sonnler, Leroy Wayne Stephens, Gary Wayne Sto- i vail, Charlie Doll Sullivan, James Jo- ' v?ph Szydlo Jr., Joseph Winston Therlol, I Charles Eugene Thibodeaux, iCurtls' Wayne Thibodeaux. Garry Wayne Thlbodeaux, Philip Logon Toups jr., David Philip Trosclair Lonnle Wayne Underwood, Geoffrey Paul Vauahan, Harry Allen Vellon, "Gleason Hill Vorduzco, Ronald Kralg Wahl Dennis Lee Walker, Walter LeRay Watts, Ralph Shipley Whalen Jr., Milton Peter White. j Roylord Rodney Willis, Dennis Ray Wltcher, James Edwin Woolford, Carl Dale York, Ronald Jamcj Young. Board Ordered To Answer In Teacher Firing The Calcasieii Parish School Board must answer question asked them by a Lake Charles attorney in connection with the firing of Joseph Moffett, a Negro band teacher who was dismissed for "negligence and incompetence." Moffett, dismissed by the board after a hearing held to investigate his alleged cursing of the woman principal of Washington High School, through his Orbit Attempt For Unmanned Apollo Rubbed CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) —The first attempt to orbit an unmanned model of the Apollo moonship was postponed today to Thursday because of a frozen nitrogen valve in the ground support equipment. The trouble occurred after the countdown on the giant Saturn I booster rocket had advanced to within an hour and 55 minutes of the scheduled launching time. After wrestling unsuccessfully with the problem for nearly three hours, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration called off the shot for two days. The time is required to replace the faulty valve and check out the new system. The valve is part of a system which pumps liquid nitrogen to cool an instrument package between the top of the rocket and the Apollo space craft. attorney Russell T>itico, had asked the board several questions at its meeting last month concerning what transpired in a closed session of the board, Henry Yelvefton, assistant district attorney and legal advisor for (he school board, presented the questions to the body in open session. The board declined to answer the questions, claiming that what transpired In its executive sessions was "privileged." Judge G. William Swift Jr. ruled Monday that the board must answer the questions of Moffett's attorney. In handing down its ruling the judge said his decision was made in face of the fact that the parish school board did not object within the 10-day limit set previously by the court, and not based on whether the board had the right to withhold information divulged in executive session. Prince Edward Whites May Boycott Schools Richie Cemetery Association Sets Memorial Service MOSS BLUFF (Spl.) - Memorial services will be held at Richie Cemetery in Moss Bluff at 2 p.m. Sunday, according to Ward Reeves, president of the Richie Cemetery Association. All members of the association and persons having relatives buried in the cemetery are asked to attend. Pastors from area churches will conduct the services. Sgt. York Rests Well in Nashville NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) St. Alvin York, 76, hero of World War I, was reported resting well and in satisfactory condition at a Nashville hospital Monday night. York was admitted last Friday for treatment of internal hemorrhaging. PAttMVlLLE, Va. (AP)-Few white and Negro students are expected to share the same classrooms next fall in Prince Edward County despite a U.S. Supreme Court order that public schools be reopened on an integrated basis. While reaction to Monday's historic ruling from county and state officials was scant, opinions were privately voiced that the net result would be a public school system attended almost entirely by Negroes and boycotted by white students who would continue to study at private, segregated schools. In delivering the court's main opinion, Justice Hugo L, Black said "the time for mere 'deliberate speed' has run out, and that phrase can no longer justify denying these Prince Edward County school children their constitutional rights to an education equal to that afforded by the public schools in other parts of Virginia." The case, which has journeyed through a maze of slate and federal court decisions since its inception in 1951, was sent back to the Richmond U.S. District: Court which was empowered to i order the county's schools re-: opened. Gov. Albertis S. Harrison Jr. ; discussed the decision with ! members of the state attorney general's staff and later told j i newsmen he could say very lit! tie because the case still awaits settlement of specific points in U.S. District Court. Harrison termed the ruling "manifestly a far-reaching decision" in that it marks the first time a court has committed itself to order .a legislative body to levy taxes. This was in reference to wording in the decision that the district court is empowered to require the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors to levy the necessary taxes to finance a public school system. It was the refusal of the supervisors in the face of court- ordered integration to levy such 'taxes in 1959—and every year since — that resulted in the southside Virginia county becoming the only locality in the nation without public schools. M» FROST-GUARD REFRIGERAtOfi-FftEEni! '268 With Trade OUR LOWEST PRICE ON A 1964 6EHERAL ELECTRIC FROST-GUARD! NO DEFROSTING EVERI Caiefree, d«p«nd- able. economical Frost-Guard ends defrosting forever, even in the Ireeur'. BIG ZERO-DEGREE FREEZER! Hold; up t» 84 Ibs. ot (wen loocW ONLY 28" WIDE! Perfect tor small kitchensl PLUS: Porcelain Enamel Vegetable Bin • Butter Compartment • Available in Coppsrtone, Colors, or'i'hile Model TB-401Y HOME FURNITURE 1401 Ryan HE 6-2526 Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stops Attacks in Minutes \i« York, \. v. (S|>rri«l)_ThG asthma formula prescribed more than any other by doctors for their private patients is now available to asthma sufferers without prescription. 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