Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's .. Celebrated Hats. Silk, Stiff and5oft. Spring DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. This Week Only We will make to order choice of any Summer Suit in our store for $20.00 cash. We also have a few Bargains left in $15.00 suits. Positively no goods charged. Tucker & Sharpe Co., Tailors. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK _or- LOGANSPORT. . , INDIANA. CAPITA!, $250,000. A. J. Murdoch, Pra«. W. W. ROOT, Ca«h. J. F. Brookrneyer, As»t. Cash. DIRECTORS: JL 9. Rice. W. H. BrlngJmnt, SHEERIN SPEAKS OUT. He is Unalterably for Sound Money—State Convention. . Banking In al. Us Departments promptly and carefully done. 11.11,. Safety to Customers and Stockholders Strong Rei«rv« Fund mtlntalned. _ Are You Out oi Employment. Have you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lots you would like to exchange for a business thatwlllgiv* big returns? Call at 703 Hichigan Avenue. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER •-• No. 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or nlfht. Central Union and Mutual telephones.; Office, Np. 16; Residence. No. 121. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 1800. Baby's ttsmls slices 31 cents.—Anderson & Bans. Mrs. William Aldtleh is recovering from a serious Mlncss. Babe shoes 1C cents, mocasius 21 coats.—Anderson & Bans. G. W. Lucan, an'old and highly respected citizen of Walton, died Monday night. ' The wedding of Mr. Frank Hal! with Miss Daisy Gross Is announced to occur 'tonight. Miss Lydla Reeves is able to resume her position, at the Golden Rule after an illness of several days. The trolley wire on the street cat line was broken on the Westside yesterday morning, delaying the cars one hour. Mrs. Bridget Donahue died at Long Cliff Saturday night. The remains were taken to South Bond yesterday morning for interment. The borsc of Gas Inspector Fitzgerald became frightened at the street car yesterday and ra.n a 'distance of two squares at a terriflic pace. Buffalo Bill's Wild 1 West show is drawing tremendous crowds wherever it appeal's. Thousands saw It ycsterdaj nt Danville, 111. Ir appears here next Saturday. The Yoimg People's Society of the English Jjutberan church will give a free social this evening at the.Jiome of Miss Theresa Garretr, No. 90G JJn- ilen avenue. The Democratic State convention, which ajeetsat Indianapolis today, will be a "peach" to borrow ;\u expressive word from the- vocabulary of slung tern)!?. The free silver adherents are as abont live to one in tfho party In the State, and they will have tilings pretty nnicb 'Wicir own way in the convention. The Hon. S. F. Shcerin, secretary of tho National Democratic committee and a sou/ml money man, says in an Interview jHibliislicd in the Indianapolis Journal of yesterday morning: "I am unalterably for vound money" lie said to one of his exuberant constituents who was insisting that he pet 'Into the band wagon at once, "but I have no quarrel wiih those who thiuk the other way," and the constituent went off happy. "We, who have Hie preparation of the arrangements for the National convention," said Mr. -S-hoeri-n, iu reply to a Jounnai reporter's question, '-a.ro doing nothing about the money question, believing chat it is uot in our province to interfere. But I very much fear that the -free silver people will control that gathering as well as this. However, you can never tell what a National convention is going to do." The last sentence of Mr. Shoeric'a talk indicates Hint there Is still some hope In the breasts of the conservative 1 element of ttie party 'that the Naional convention may be prevented from following tlie white moral. ENFORCING THE LAW. Superintendent Morrlssey After the Saloons. The-Nicholson .law is making itself, felt very materially In Logaiisnort; .or rusher, the police are making , it, felt,. The orders Issued Saturday jiljjht to every liquor dealer in the city..IP close tijrht, front, side.and rear,' have been obeyed IMerally, go far as erin be lenrn- ed, and unless those wlio wish -,Stfiiie : l tiring hi the Hue of -Hquid<refreshment have provided themselves with it before the hour o>f 11 o'clock x'ouios, .they are pretty sure to go dry. Of cours'c; If it Is aii extreme case, it mighit'rie-p&Ssi- We to find a bottle of beer after hours, but the purchaser may not know .^vbe're it comes from. . i; ; • /,.;,-. A. C. Barnutt, proprietor.-of-tbe,:M.ur- dock bar, and Frank .-Keller IK- tin.- Barnett Hotel, were uotlfled • by Superintendent Morrlssoy. yesterday moming that they would have 10 close their places ,yf. business as die rooms are ; .s.-iid- to not lie permissible for .the business. Tliw IK iji accwdauce wrth- Section, 4-of the law, which reads: "Any -room, where intoxicating Ihjnors. are . sold shall be situated on Uie ground tloor or bnsenient of (Jic building .where the same are sold. itJid in a room fronting rho street upon which such: .build- lug is situated, and such room shall be t*o arranged, elrher with window ov. glass door, as that, the whole of said room sliall be-in view from the street or highway, no blinds, screens'or obstructions to the view shall tie arranged, erec fed or placed so a? to prevent the entire view of sui'd room from the street or highway upon which rh-e same is .situated during the hours when the sule oT such liquors arc prohibited by law.-" The penalty for violation of this section Js a fine of not less than $30 nor more than $100, to which may be added imprisonment i:n the county Jail uot exceeding ninety days. Mr. Burnett nnd Mr. Keller have been given until July 10 lo close out their business and vacaife the rooms. Martial MeHalo,' at Thiird and Cmi] srrets, has dosed Ills restaurant in pursuance to orders from' Superintendent Morrl&sey, and has offered tlie siock and fixtures for sale. Other saloon men have been notified that Jhey must; provide movable screens, Instead of the handsome fix- mires tilta.t adorn the front entrance,.and the front windows must be so arranged as to give nn unobstructed view of the interior of the room. In fact, it seems SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SWIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN ILOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway, P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't*forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing to bo the policy to enforce the- law to tlie'lotter. HAY DISPLACE SHEERIN. SCALDING FOR ROBBERS. Novel Scheme to Checkmate Train Bandits; Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; CREAM BAKING POWHR MOST PERFECT MADE. » «<tt Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fre« f i Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Years the Standard* The numerous train robberies in the west have induced many Inventors to devise schemes for prevwitlaig the robberies. A patent was granted the other day to Janii'S F; 1 Matthews and Henry L. S'herburte, of Topeka, Kas., on a , scliem« for • drcu,chinK train robbers with scaldJjig wator. The liuvention consists of a nuniibor-'of metal nozxles for •flit-owing jets of scalding water. From tho boiler of the locomotive Uiu Invout- ors intend to ran pipes around tlie engine, ending in nozzles at tho 'end of the cab. These nozzles are so arranged that when highwaymen try to hold up nn engineer, all lie will have to do Is to turn on t.ht.' hot water. Then, In the twinkling of an e.yc, streams of the boiling liquid will be thrown out in every direction from tlie cab, while a steel shield guard, before Invisible, TV HI rise quickly ami £hnt off all entrance of robbers or bullets to the cub or tender. Thus protected, the engineer may throw Iris tlirootle wide open and lunve the scalded ami chagrined robbers far behind. Probable Points of Today's Democratic Platform. A plot is on foot at Indianapolis- to use the silver axe on the-neck of Hon. Si, Shceria, secretary of rbe Democratic National committee. Mr. Shoerin will not withdraw, Inil is not log rol!hig'."Ha holds that he has a right tohonest views o,n money. Ir Is probable that he will- be continued. The Iud:la-naix>iis New* says of today's prohalile platform: "H "The rough, draft of t-hc'platform has boon prepared by a committee composed of Senator Tin-pie, R. C. Bell, Allen W. Clark, and B. F. S.uively. Tlu> work of those men will go.before the committee on resolutions 'tonight, as a guide. The money plank, men who have seen iit say. wjl) be short, and will declare for the free cotage of silver, and gold at a ratio of Hi to 1, Tlie present money system w.iU be held responsibly for the -hard times and other Ills of whllch the people have been complaining. The State I-iquor League will not. succeed in geftilng the Nicholson temperance law denounced. The la.st Legislature wiiU be condemned and the.ad- mlujstnulou of Governor Matthews praised. There will be a separate planij indorsing tiie candidacy of the Gow- nor for itJie nomination for President. There will foe. n de-duration iii.f.-ivw of the election of United State* Senators) by rhc people, nnd the senatorial contest in Hie Republ-icnn party.in .thl*. State will bo condemned, and cl.tei3;.n.<! an argument In favor of election by tJie,peo- ple." FREE SILVER DEFINED. Points For a First Voter '. Wants the Truth. Who IMPORTANT TO LADIES. D. LELEWER, THE CHICAGO . FURRIER. Is*stopr«lJig for today at the Bar.nett, Room 0, TJito njay be of Interest to the ladies who intend to have their fine furs remodeled nnd. repaired for the coming fall, to call while he is In the city. D. Lelewer, the Chicago Furrier, is Stopping at The Barnett. NOTICE K. AND L. OF H. All members of the Western Star lodge No. 1C01 are requested to be present at the hall Friday evening, June 20, 189G, for election of officers and degree work: Yours In O. M. A. .ADAM SNIDER, Sec'y. He Is no stranger here, ns many of the leading Indites of this cWy ure- bis patrons for, inauny years, owing to.his artistic workmanship in Fine Furs, and especially his exceptionally-..-mode'rate charges. Ladies.intending.to have ; th.eir Seal Garments re-modeled, re-dyed' .or repaired, or old style capes made into the la-test col!.i.rettas will do well- to; avail themselves of the -rai-e.^pportun- iity and ca'J3 to<lny. at the -Banieft, Room 0. .Goods will be returned on,or-. before Oct. 1st. '. ,„. ' William SmMlh of 120. Penrl and Christopher' Hnpp of .318-Linden- avenue, quarreled Monday evening on. Sycamore street nind came . t<> blowe. Both are slated at. police -headquartej'?,; Editor Journal:... • Will you please (ell a first voter .what is meant by free silver? -•• ' TWENTY-ONE. .. Silver its.an-artlcle of commerce is worth 52:-cunts; that Is, the amount of silver iu a silver dollar Is woi'tb that much. The advocates of free silver propose..that when 52 cents worth, of silver shall be brought to the government mint -It shall be stamped "one dollar." a'ud shall be legal tender for nil debts piVhlie and private. The present coln,'ige::of'silver as subsidiary or coin is.protected .by the • government which does the coining so that the silver dollar is taken at par though its 'actual value Is 'only 52 cents. The free silver proposition /hikes'; control of tlie coinage from the government- so''far as any Itinlraifoo Js concerned and provides that: every one who. : shall bring an amount of silver which now sells'at-52 cents,- to the covernment niiiht, shnll. have It stamped "one dollar" and it shall then pas's''current, and-this generosity Is not-confined to American silver lint is open to'-tlie owners of foreign silrcr_.Tlie.ieiari 30 to 1 means that gold and -silver shall be coined'Into'dollars in Miar/-proportion, 10jounces of silver and •one^ince of .gold shall' make nn equal ainotint of money. One ounce of gold will-buy 'A'l •ounces''o'f''silver now nnd-the real proportion In value is 32 to 1. ' l]"ree..sllvcr ' would retire all our gold. No man .would'-be foolish 1 enoujrh to .get an'ouuce of sold coined- into, dol latte when he could trade it for si-lvc- bullion, and got twice -.is mriiiy dollar coipecl, and no man, would- pay out : •gold dollar when.by:t.r;Hllng'U for silve lie'could'-coln two rtollars'ou't-of'rt. -TIt« adoption-'of such-a proposition wouh' retire at;-once the $(100.000,000 of goU now in circulation In this country .-jm' leave us- practically no currency at all T,ho proposition -wmild" bring' genera ruin and;, in this w«y Injure evcrybodj N<ibody wants a panic and least of al' .the poor'-nian who 1ms- no'way. of tiding it-over. ,'Ir wonld-not do any one any sood except the owners of silver mines. Wajres ivi-Ii'l In money \\-ortli lifry c-ents on the dollar would buy Just hnlC what thoy buy-now. The poor.man ivho has no money to buy silver ..-would-be'paid fov his work in money, havins a one- halt' purchasing power aiul couldn't get. work oniaccount-.of the depression that would - follow. The' moneyed- men would lose been use- they -.have-money •Ipflned out which.they would bo forced iM-call infat once:and --sUtSi.- fort-closures, and depression would'Caiise them losses. The debtor .-class 'wonld'-f'uffor.-moi<t of all |for es*iT- debt-wouJd:'-be called ID at onc^^-.-jSto.man.'^ould waft'-untll a debt•or couldc-buy enough isUver bullion at o2.lce.nts-.-on the. dollar'to pay him off. calculation*; on that score out of the riuosciou. Men who have saved a little all their lives by investing In life insurance anil building and loan associations would be paid at maturity iu money worth one-half what they paid in. A c)):in£O in our currency wi-11 no;, improve business. Currency U simply thfl medium of barter and exchange. One man turns his labor Into a dollar and thereby buy* the product of labor of ,1'iior.hor m.in who turns -his labor into a dollar. The dollar enables thorn to -make the trade without trading direct with each otlicr, a knife for a bash- el of corn, or a coon skin for a knife, as they did in early days. The necessary (jlia.lilleaf.ioi] of thai dollar is that it shall be credited, Mi at is; that any man Is willing to take it and that it shall bo unchangeable, so that If a man works a half day for it now he can keep It ten years and still get full value out of it. The free silver people propose to give the dollars already earned half purchasing power, the other -half being donated to the wealthy sliver mine owners. BANQUET FOR VISITORS. Ev£ry debt .in this country- would have to tie'pnW or'renewed'-Jn ; a.gold contract bnti: the jreneral'-pnnic'Tivonkl place- any Daughters of Rebekah Will Entertain Wabash Sisters. , The Daughters of Rebekai of Logansport will en-tertainra visitor* Friday night with a banquet aud special work. Rood time is expected. TJie Wabash odge is Invited. The Wabat?h Tribune says: "The Logansport lodge of the Daugh- r,s of Rebekah have invited the meni- ew of their sister lodge in llu's city to a banquet lo be given at Logansport en next Friday evening. A good turnout is expected as a number of people from this <:ity arc planning to attend. Special rates of SO cents for the round trip, tickets good .for three days, have been offered and as Buffalo Bill's Wild West, will show there Saturday it will ho a favorable opportunity for those wtoo do?lTo to a-ite.tul." For $2.98 Otto Offers Choice of Men's Tan Shoes worth up to $6.00 including the Wide Toe Ox Bloofi R. S. Shoe and Smith & Stoughton's best. Choice of all $2.98 Ladies' New Shade Tans Worth $3 for $1.96 The Celebrated "»tto" $2.50 Button aarf Lace $1,4*" The Free Distribution of WATCHES WITH SUITS Closes this Week. Otto Kraus "Of Course" TURNED TO STONE. The body of Christian Bartholomew, who died In El-khart four years: ago, \vas interred In Oak Ridge cemetery, In Goshen. It was recently disinterred for bu-iii:U in a more suitable place, and upon viewing the remains It was discovered Mm the body had- uot turned to dm*!, lint 'the process of pet.rification taken place mxl the body Iwd the •same appearance as when placed jn the grave 1'ow. years aso. U required 'five lien ro raise the body to the surface. A CARD. I would kindly swy on behalf of tbc sisters of Holy Augels and on the part of the young Indy graduates, that the special iovjtiiitions sent to friends by the graduates will be honored at the door of St. Vincent's new hall Thursday, evening, next at 7 p. in. An impression prevails that the graduating exercises on this, occasion are •strictly invitational. They are not s>. The public are heartily invited w at- I'DlJ. I. would fun her add that the hourutt. beginning flu? enlertfliunu'Dts '01 'tliis and Thui'sday oveiiius 'will IK from (!:SO lo 7 p. in. M. E. CAMPION, Koctor cf SL All tan shoes at a great sncrifico tliis week.—Audereon & Rans. -MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT. Tho Contlneuln] Fraternal union will iflvo another of tlieir popular DJiisicjJ iud social entertainments at their hall tver .the Progress clothing store Wednesday evening, June 24th. Come ut. and bring j - our friends.- R. S. MOUNTAIN, Pres. Geo. Harrison bus the finest line of ammocks In the city. DISTRESSING IRRITATIONS OP THE- - •• -'• SKIN Instantly Relieved by To clvanee, purify, autl bcniittlv tJje eklg. f citlp. nnd buir, tu allay nchiui; nittl \vritution, tc' ' heii) chiifinR', cxcorluti'o-Jit. outl niconntvo weak^ runNci*, to jMM'i'dily cuiv the fn'i.t Kymptomi T df lonurinv', dirlium'inu. ^ulo nnd «e;!'i>- tumon, nntblnp fo pure, ,o ^wt-ol, t,o vholcnome, HC i-pci'dily vfl'ccilvc n» w«nn luittiii wilL CUTICUKJ BoilY »l") RCDIlD. H|ipliCHtl»ail Of CUTICUIU. (ointment),thegmatvkiiiooro., . Sold Ihreuihnol th« world, Prl«,'Cimmi>. Mw SCAT. »K-i H»III.»I»I, »». «od II. ,tVnu DMH. . 4JTD CHICK. C«IP n *OK l>r»n.. &»*»,. '' • *i&\BSiim.'

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