The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1932
Page 2
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PAGE TWO £ rhotojra|ilicrs Convention Have Banquet ]jst M;!it. For a social event of Iho Southeast- Missouri Photographers u$- scciaiion conveiuloji ' In session hero Monday unci today there was a banquet last night at Ihe Woman's club. T)ie 35 visitors present each con- trlbutid a penny lor telling a funny story. As a reward for Die funniest- story Ames Rush- i Inj, pioneer photographer of Bly-j theville, was presented the pen-, nies. Francclln Fislicr gave several d%sp numbers, In ccstuines, am: Mi;*. Katharyn Grcar and Woo.1- rcwjVlsher played piano anil violin selection. In iicldltlon to these numbers A. W. Sliracter ol Cnpe Birnldciui, as tcastmaster, spok-, informally as did a number ol the Buests. Byjist Circle Mmibcrs Visit. Members of the circles in llu First Baptist church had brli-t meetings yesterday afternoon before having -visitation D.iy' 1 wlu-:i other members ol tlic church wen visited. .Ire first group mot with Mrs. John Buchanan with nine present. Mrs; M. c. Outlaiv used SecntH Acts for the Bibb lesson aim Mrs Buchanan and Mrs. T. if. shcp- parrt offered prayer. Circle 2, vviilch met with Mr.?. Robsrt, Grimes, had thrre members present. The third group met at the church with [eu mcmbsrs and a visitor, Mrs. A. L. Sunder, formerly O f here a ,,;( lm . 0[ RusS(; n_ villo, present. The Indies read ro- SFonslvcly from Hotnans and Mrs Sander nr.d Airs. Tom W. Jackson oprcd prayer. Mrs. JncSuou cci- chiirmaii, Wlls in charge, of the business session. ' Circle -1 had flvc members present-at.(he 1 home of Mrs S p i>e "Patience" was'the thsma for the devotional. In which .Mrs. w M Crow offered prayer. <*clfs Meet. Circfes of the.Woman's Auxilum In Jhc First Prc%!erinn church met Monday atlenuKii exc-pt for circle-4 which mcl , Ml cvslt{ «ie- first- group, Mrs;. Ross ste- \,,"t . dmlrma n, met with Mrs liav Wcftlilngton. The 13 p-cs->n' ! n " eluded .Mrs. B. R. Allen presid-n' of .the auxiliary. Mrs, Marsh M' CaUaivay used Hebrew lor the 13!be-study as was , tonc jn „„ , srosps and the program "Evangel- f>\ in Christian Education" was » s» used in all the circles c«ei>- <•"•* 2. Mrs. Jack Roach, program >f ,..„„ .11. ]"Wbl«Jl] NEWS The Trick in the New Paris Waistlines !>'•'•; "o w; cur vcv, £'.*. ^ -^> :\~' ^ V. -r ¥:? ^i.-. - <?y:r*. V r > » ; ' l., , . ' . &>•-.'A/AW:/ 1 '••-'' —j^^t±^:;i-/. ;t; ~'"' 0 flii to"v?.^ Wl , 0 ,, urtl .,_. . v> - R(ivival Music 'A ''•' .X « »\ £~~ < :< k« Mrs. II. C . Holder -Mitertaiiiei ughc members of circle 2 of whic) Mr?. W. A. uobyus is ehalrman M". c. M. Gray conducted the (firclc 3, Mrs. C. R. Babcock' chairman, met with Mrs. w B Ta«ncr and Mrs. li, c. Dent Jr ' at Jhc Tanner home. The ]•' pres- cnt;heard Mrs. T. j. Mahau lead tnc,dcvolional and th; program wn- presented in n ulk by Mrs. D. c' McLean. Th= Business Women's circle M«. Loube crane Ifiler chairman na<j seven members In altendancc at the home of Mrs. w. c. I.-sgett when Mrs. Alice Womacfc v?-~cils< ti- -'TJIU, "' rs - ^omtick led both l..e- i}iOl2 ,es50!i .TH.I +>m ^.- nnrnn . all circle? members arc Invited to a'- tentt the group conference at Os- ceoJa Thursday when members of auxiliaries of churches at 1'ara- goind Jonesboro. rilack Roc k, Bns- £i , " Ut Rltigc ' B "''^ri)te .-"ic OsiSola will attend. Mrs. j M Mc . Mt of Paragould is group chair- maji. Mrs. R. L. Drap:r of For?$™*' Pn»W=rW president «iM be a eiiest ot Honor It is u " day aflair vvith Picnic served at nc«ii . 'the Woman's MiSEioaary Sscim of Jhc First MethtKlist church met .-ililJie church Monday afternoon ion a proqram and social mecl- •Ing; attended by 30 members Mrs^ A C. Haley, as leader. sjiDkc onr Looking For art". Mrs. j. W.jCochran gave a vccal solo Mis- SrT ly ", Hall!y 5poy -° cn "China". M*. CHI Coland played „ piano Strd" -P M "' ""^ Kirb> dis - cuted Tcieign Mfssiom". Seniors Have .Aa.cmbly I'rojrjm ' The senior clay of the city hi«i school Hal its first assembly program yesterday |hc numbers were: dcvotio:ul. |!i»ycr, Jimmic Tipfon: scripuire S^^rds; poem ^he HoS "I „ MiSS Mar 8 arcl Moorr; MHdr rt°"?. ,H r ° m Hamkt " Mis "IjJ rc ? Cudd; piano Solo. Miss Cajhenne Marlin;-po C m "The Two " ' • I-T-I, ~ V.L" -" ii & Hi ^i' Gray; The Chamber ol Navjl"'--- '...j? Mary Alice Taylor, Kilfe Party. Jfisses Rhemf Hireclt and''Aftnc B^e Stacy gave a party-isat- ur«M,..e\, .Jhe Harwtt ^orne for Burnette Wiggins, who »»s. leavlug lor Shrevcport La Cards and dancing entertained ™ toys a -d girls fbr several Wi. .,aft»«, -JEtjioJu. JttKjfim^nts w,n lcl ,r ^s ^ ^rr b .; h iKr tatth L ^z^^^r^- a. the- left, uses Hie uew t'^ysan velvel h, a deep Juirt-. of red The b"dlV's mitf i . 8 ° W " it reveals the place of the nc-nnal v.alst, but (he sown fhancjcs lu fashion 'slant enlirel b/ihe^Vdrll' Hen of a draped belt at the hlpllno. The C olden blonde clocjue, on ,he ri,,,t, features a s w t of ."irtn corcl,.,lih a umichlnj necklace, and the bailee Is designed to give a siipole clfect May-Hall. Announcement has been made it i!:c marring? of Miss May Hall and J. II. May, uolh of Cuatcr. 'His Itev. J. L. NOVSOIU, pastor of the S?c- oi!d Bnijllsl rliiircli, performed t •<; ceremony last PrWay. A marrlag: license has been 1s- i«e,1 lo Miss T.-.elraa Copelana and Luther Mooiioj', both of this city., Mostly Personal nranjer-Shepiianl, Miss .Mnnde Sheppard and Jerry Granger, bath ol Lcnchvlllc, have-1 obtalne<l n marriage license. I * " " Chililresb-Malhrny. | .-\ marriage license has bojn Is-! - ; »ed (o Mrs. Nancy Annia Mat/.euy mil T. R. Chlldress, both o! Manila. Xollcy-ShnltT. llw Dortha Mae Shullz a\1 Gordon L. Nolle}-, both of Manila, have secured a marriage licciis, 1 . iVcutllmiise-lllriiilnihani. A marriage llccuso lias been is- :-»-'c! to Miss Gladys Birmingham in.l Woodrow Wooiliioiiso both of •\rmorel. Mcrton-Flnotl. Miss Barinoii r.wA and Jo: .Marlon, both of sieelc. Mo., have ub- mned a marrhse license. iVfldcn-l.incnster. Miss Bcrnk-.- M w Lancaster and :wis V .Welilon. both of Ko<-and. have secured a immince li- •euse. • A marriage- licrusc hai bonn :>: '-'?<l to ,\t!« Mav McKliuion and u-on Gillmorc. both c.f (his dlv The marrlnce o! MIH flt-i V" "on and Jim llrmphill Ix-ih cl vice'™ °' W ' '' Ct '' Cr saitl ""'^r- Muss Eva Sher'rnd and G-o— it Mrtllim both of Ht»el ; ,mi: 'J, ™"^ r^-E* —^ frank I_uo!«lt, iu Dell, teen announced as n pledge 13 the Pi Kappa Alpha fruteinUy at- the University of Arkansas, Fay- cltevllle. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Cnilcr hnve as Iheir guests for several days Ihelr cousin. Mrs. Edna lilevins, ol PliocnlN, Arizona. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Waterman i Eoyte. Miss., nnd Miss Dorothy KCIT, o.' Price, Mi<s., were guests of Mr. anil Mrs. Samuel P. Nov:-:s ever the week-end. Mrs. Leslie Hoo]>ci- and dauqh- (cr. Miss Lois, will motor to Holly. Springs. Miss.. Tluusday where ,„, ' Jli:s Koop:r will enter Missls- "•" tlnii Sjnodical col!?i;e. ?\i n . i\0. 0 (llll! VIClllitlj The Pentecost of O33ter siTviirs here aund.iy. He ivin preach at Number Ehjht again next i Sunday al 11 a.m. .-.., 11.114 ..ii tf . v. £^, *» UIL-Jtutu* i LutJj{?r GtKJrgc Pn.rh.ini L$ Sfrl- and Mr. and NSrs. \V. T. Darnell | O'.csly ill with typhoid lever at the are In Memphis today. ' home of his father-in-law, Lo» Mrs. Walker H. nnkcr has re- ' Wcodard, oji O.ik rilige. turned from a four weeks stay; Mr nnd Mrs _ Tj , d H:im] , t .,., •''" •'•' y '• '' v ' \ W^M -;~-: .-.„•••-.... v .. ,, Jt ,tffatttSliSjS* '->%%*&?*& ^ Tit ,,*,„? p;v ^ --.-w.o, _ _:: Ji:!Jil'^:E?^ '-v<>~~3?~:?'W Hospital A'o/e? I'aliems aoinuiccl (a liie niv- Kc;»- Survey sp;-r.-. iho weekend line visitiiij; Mrs. Morgan Worth, .\;.- s . Mathis' mother. Mr. nnd Mrs. j. L Wri-ht vis •- ••- itei Mrs. Wrijht's brothc-r J E lll< ' vi!1 < 1 "Wpitiil: Mrs. w. ?T. ,,„.,. Thoinas, of Mii-ola Si:nday afi-r-: wl ". R^iHc 1. city; Mr; 13 c '• 0:a 1 Alexander, Sle^lc Mo 'f'-o-- 'd- 5 ' Ejiic-i; s?gar of Falkvill;, A!a.. missed: Mrs Naom- jv'i'i" ''•r VL.-HCU relatives here Monday. Louis. Mo The Rev. Kaskell London, of Indiana, who dut:in; the music ai the Church of the Naz ' V.ff. L-,:irJon is cc;i- In Emiwila, Pittsburgh and Manhattan, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. WhIL Goodman have returned from a visit in Hayli Society—Personal I spending; Mr. Hamlet's vacation iu! i Ihe hems of his parents, Mr. and Mis. Ed Hamlet. Mr. Hamlet's st-honl | at Braggadocio closed'last week fo*!^' -. - .,- • „/ _. i cot:on picking. HJ a colton «"he Mctrodist church with •.- p:c- , o, T' , Gri "" nsU hns c°' ie icrop on His lather's Inncl. in Cincinnati, O.. «here he will I Rcv . L . B . c ^ nl>J . -.eke a special course in X-ray j Prcrt molDml , 0 .£ nnessee ,, ri ; "The Rev. and Mrs. E. Z. Ncusum I &.'£!•«"^ ^^ **" .mil son, Jaiiiec. nnd Mi;s Jewell Hall, of nimo. ^fo., wer ol Mr. and Mrs. w. M. Mc- Fi-.rUind hst nis'hl. They mnionxl ! Mrs. Hcpkirv sis:;-. Mrs. R. :;. j Crasher, who is i:!, S;::iday af;cr- noon. Among these who a;:?nd!d ;•••[Eastern Star Scr.oo; of EciucAiio':: j meeting at Parma \V.-:'i-. t .;:;ay r-'.v- iniiig were Mc=; c. O 'n-'ir Mrs. L. Hamilton nnrl chll.-lrcn Bursts of Oak Ririge spent Thursday with. " her sister, Mrs., w. C. Clark :\: Numtcr Eiglit. G.MO McKarland for the |, 3 s, two i T . „." iiamiUon is losing'his Mrs Pollv W'iits"ll i-iri dTi.-ii s:t;ht - ' v "tarai-t has urown ' Miss Mdiirin? McMnll enlrrtaineci ! No. 7 Girls Sunday schaol class the Mctrrxiist churc7i with i; picnic at North side Park Friday. These who cnjaycd this picilic wrr'e Mis=(-s Jnanita Klrty, Lorenc Foster, Ollene Brooks, Julia Haggeman, Elmu McClintoek of Capo Agnes Orady deau visited Miss Sunday afternoon. -II. C. L-j'.vis was a business vi^- itor-in Memphis FriJay. R. !.. Gilliert and <laiis!i- tsrs, nnd John Wilson visile;! Mr; C'.ilbcrt iuul Mr. Wilson's :uotl:o:-. Mites, i-'rcch K:l]^y. Molii: Sib'Icr. Minnie Bp:;-, Mi=s;s A'.^atha r v i;it::l j in a_novernment hospital for Mrs.' H»s!i pa^; few month!; for eye- tror.- ter of Learh' who is spcr.d- hj s „,(,, an ( ' mo ,'j, cr 'nsarnonlh with her brother al i,,' serioui condition.' and son Uilly ot C.-.alfcc vi •North America, wiih nbo-il n ,,. twelfth ni th,- world':; p"nalili"n" uses nboia onc-hait of ,,,, TO . 1( . 'UJ'liiy of lumber. Lcfler. Carl Booue. and ,_ ...__ u Irene Raybuck, and Byron Br Misses'Euri; Hurn-ss. EUilh and Christine Gr,i:ly aiul ^; Felis Kyle ;, n ,-| M. i-yv Biytlwville Sunday Moves Chisni ;m;i Mi;;, Cliisn: tnotore.l to day inorniii.;. MJ= S chi'-m", -.vho t- i been visiting l- c r ii.irc:i;.; i.cie i- inahircj li-.cre where sli? L=; cin 'c<[ Mr Chi^n \i-ii, TI"- ied home by his wif:- and dAiiai: ter. who have bo:i: visitiiv- -Ji,' lives there. " Mrs. T. F. Gllhm :.!lri dlci"-'- | shoiijicd in KI-KIIC:: I-Vidav i noon. Jchn Wil:-;u. n-; : -, \i-ii~ lives a fciv <lay» in HI. L-.u^ turn?;] Immc Tlmr.vcir.y ;-v, Mr. and Mr-i. Floyd ETHEL HAYS / Beginning Wednesday In NEWS Th c family of Mr ar*,1 1; «"k Fields arc very u'raleful t , '.'•• V 10 w " c » kind trj t.-cin in ;' •»-:ss and death ol Tcdly Fiv-.'. S\vccl Cream Uullcr 25c U). Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Ql. Delivered I'honc 7^i ..... i . Bulgarian Butlcrmillc lac Qt. The famous laxative that meets every family need pIi:ilK jirn many l.^nlivo-. (),„- ,, 1:IV ,.,„) [,„ von. Aiii.lliCM-llicM-liil,!,,.,, iiKiyn,,| li'ko V, m sssM?pi <W1 '" I " <?r ' f " 1 ' A " l ' l ' ll ' r "" C "' iiy ""' !lt ' L ns (| '" i( ' thai Tl.niri'.rtr 8 Ifliirk-lVa.^hnnpVu'r.lorv P Hemantl fin- iin ucniionii, „], t .n' ( ^ii,t- !ii\ ;l livi<. WiolLor yon ,,so ||,n !>,, v .,|, M -,, r S>rii|1 is;1 ,,,.„ lpr ol ij>lc, or economy. Mnny f,,mi|i, s Ki-o,, l,,,ih \lr =r ~~~ : ^=}Vr"'^ :: ^ ± ^ a " K >^n !' ~- --"'-^^ l!^X '••••-' '--'- f'EB»lKU:j alwiiysjiUnujd. U,,||, roiih.i,, [In: samo,";lrlivc> <[. -,,vwa meiwhcm* ihnt 5iiM,.lal<< ,ul, lr ,,t inlMinnl 'l^ 1 .^ HP||41I1 ll.vIK .1 ^/. ,1 , ,; • ^** U. '.. "*V^ *tnnm. nolli ^rc Jliuolv \'t > "clitlilc aitfc (Vjr (tit sr> "" — >J ^ tlic family. ° ' Tri'c'o <lnli: ' ?iSl S0 " 5 P " n(tor!>nii s - v "'Pa" ^.'.> solf wiiy 'IVdUrs IsL-ii-'pnu^lu n':s hecnlhc : |f Jirsl remedy of lJioiis.n,ds for 92 vcars.' " ' BLYTHEVILLE WEDNESDAY W^? : :]WiVfiT^^^ — . =.:.(' ---•y;«,-=- ggo if ^ 3 ••-,'^\. )f^^f EXTRA ^^ ^'.| ADDED SENSATION 1 \\ THE GREAT "WJLNO" ROMAHUGECAHNOH J Ticket Sale on Circus Day at Hcrum's Dntj? y; c 20-)' Main St.

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