Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 26, 1964 · Page 16
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 16

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1964
Page 16
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26 ' 1%4 ' loko Chorles -^ ' ' * I • x Move Up to More In '64' Is Realtor Slogan SOUTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER — One of the most successful shopping centers over promoted by Lake Charles Realtors is Ihe Soulhgteie Shopping Center which is a complete place lo shop. Lake Chlarles and area consumers have come for miles around lo visil and ehop In the center. Located along thfe southern portion of Ryan Street, the Boulhgate Shopping Center is the hub of activity in South Lake Charles. NAREB Urging Defeat of Rights Bi the h o a r d of directors of NAREB, one of the nation's largest professional and trade groups, condemning the bill Rejection by thcf Congress o( the so-called civil rights bill, H.R. 7152. is bcihg urged by Ihe National Association of Real Estate Boards. The association ing its nearly bers throughout the country to an unlimited "extension of fed- contact their senalors. Ed Men- era! power into the civil liber- dcnhall. High Point. N Jdcnt, announced. This move follows action dcnhall added. He cited as cvi- cans, Mondonhall emphasized, eral "Civil rights" bill follows: dcnce the recent referenda in Tacoma and Seattle and action in the Rhode Island and Wis- now before the Senate as one consin legislatures, all of which is encourag-ithat would, "under the guise of crushed forced housing propO' "7.000 mem- civil rights legislation, result in --' ' ' ' - ~- ' - pres- bv Attitudes Defer/nine Decision The decision to buy rather than rent slems from three basic attitudes: 1. The desire to "own" and to accept the responsibilities of M cndcnhal | addcd . that ownership. 2. Understanding and belief lhat their ability lo pay meets the financial obligations of the purchase. 3. The favorable "investment" idea of ownership. Previous apartment renters ties of every citizen." Mendenhall emphasized that NAREB is not opposed to civil rights but that the type of bill now before the Congress would destroy civil liberties. "That kind of victory is hollow, and the cost is too great," he added. While NAREB had not taken a stand on the federal "civil rights" bill previously, recent, debate has disclosed the wide rlivergencies in opinion among senators on its effect in many areas, including real estate, and the broad-brush intent to inter-i better home? ,jcct the federal government into the everyday life of most segments of our economy. Mr. sals by two-lo-one or greater margins. NAREB espouses equal oppor but being realistic, is convinced that social acceptance, its main ingredient, will come only through understanding, tolerance, and education. It cannot be legislated or forced. The text of the resolution adopted by the NAREB board (.unity in housing for all Ameri-1 of directors concerning the fed- If You Are Moving See Realtor to buy or women are Realtors. They are Realtors only if they are members of the Lake Charles Board of Realtors and the National Association of Real Estate Boards. Arc you planning sell real estate? Arc you planning lo move up lo more in '64? Perhaps to a Then you'd belter sec a Realtor. Here's why: Not all real estate men and However, many rr;il estate boards anrl state associations, which are members of NAREB, have been fighting at the local and state level forced housing laws and proposals which strip the property owner of his traditional human right And, lo become a member of these organizations, they must demonstrate their professional competence and must subscribe have cultivated a need for "pri- of rpal property ownership vary that has direct impact t | lc r j c ht to use, rent, and dis- on the sale of houses. In their search for privacy, apartment dwellers look for lots of rooms, a surrounding yard or under fence—all features that are synonymous with house. therefore, having narrowed the range of decisions to purchase of rental of a house, the final decision to buy may be largely dictated by the unavailability of rented houses in the market. pose of property as he sees fit as long as it does not threaten the public health or safety — the guise of creating a to an established code of profes- ; |p nan( . c sional ethics. This means, when you buy or sell real estate, your Realtor is pledged to protect vour interests. "The National Association of Real Estate Boards steadfastly holds to the principle that the right to own, rent, and dispose of real property and the right to use it freely, within the limits Of necessary measures to protect the public health and safety, and the exchange of goods and services in a free market are inalienable rights of Americlan citizens regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin; and these rights must continue to be preserved as well as cherished under all circumstances. "This Association finds that H.R. 7152 as passed by the House of Representatives and now before the Senate is a bill that Would, under the guise of civil rights legislation, result in an unlimited extension of federal ties of every citizen, and would abrogate inalienable rights guaranteed lo each citizen which arc indispensable to the main- "Move Up lo More in '64—A Better Home thru a Realtor" has been selected as the slogan for the 1964 Realtor Week, w h 5 c h opened Sunday, Paul Guillory, president of the Lake Charles Board of Realtors, an* nounced. Realtor Week activities have been planned for Sunday through May 30, Guillory said, as Realtors from this area join with (he more than 75,000 others throughout the nation in efforts to emphasize the distinction between Realtors and just anyone in the real estate business and to acquaint the public with the services offered by them. "A R e a 1 i o r," Guillory cx- 1 plained, "is a member of the National Association of Real Esi late Boards, one of the largest profeneional and trade associations in the nation. To qualify for membership in NAREB, a real estate broker must demonstrate his profes sional ability, must be approved by the other members of the lo cat board, and, finally, subscribe to the rigid Code of Eth ics of the National Association, The primary goal of the Real tor under this code is to keep the interests of both the buyer and the seller uppermost in mind during a transaction." Only members of the loca board and NAREB may use the term Realtor, which is a service mark (similar to a trademark! registered in the U.S. Paten Office, he added In selecting the motto "Move Up to More in '64—A Bette Home thru a Realtor," Guillory said, Realtors are redeclaring their faith in the continuing )rosperity of the country and. at the same lime, are pointing out that Americans now, as in no time in the past have the wherewithal to provide their families with not only ade- The Society of Industrial Real- Ions will conduct an new rich! for individuals of min- course in the techniques of in- only groups. dustrial real estate at North- A dramatic turn in public western University, Evanslon, opinion against these laws has III.. Aug. Ifi-lfl. "it was an- recently become apparent as the nounced by Clifford W. Rogers, public begins to comprehend the Toronto, society president, i-pecif'cs (if Hie loo-oll'Mi deceptive catch phrases of "i'air housing" ;md "anil-bias laws." Mcn- When you buy, a Realtor is able to find property for you which suits your needs and pocketbook. When you sell, a Realtor can tell you what your property is likely to bring and is able to advance dispose of it for you as quickly as market conditions will allow. of a society of free men. "Therefore, this association urges the Congress to reject the so-called Civil Rights Bill, H.R. 7152." . . . and we havo ihe nicest selection to choose from — whether it's thai dream home, business properly, renials, we are ready lc> serve you. Call Us Today REAL ESTATE FHA AHFIA PROPERTY MANAGERS 425 Kirioy Si. Dial HE 9-8200 "The advance course is the latest addition to the society's continuing education program designed to keep members abreast of recent developments and trends in their field," Rogers said. He made the announcement Decision Determined By Home "Who decides" will vary from family to family. But there are some signs that Double Popu/of/on Is Forecast First Move Is Selecting Your Realtor Select a Realtor as the first step to a successful transaction. The first step is selecting the real estate broker who will sell your house. If a perfect stranger rang your doorbell and asked to come in, you probably would refuse. But when you try to sell your house yourself, you are opening the door to persons who may be curiosity seekers — or worse. A broker prevents such a nuisance or danger by screening the prospects, bringing to inspect your house only those who have demonstrated a genuine interest and ability to buy. Tiiis is the first of several reasons why you should arrange for a competent broker to handle the sale. And the broker himself must be selected with care. Choose a broker who is active in the neighborhood and surrounding area — one who knows the community. He should have a good reputation with the local business people. And you will want a broker who is personally assertive or has an active and progressive sales force and who is an established, full-time professional. ; Probably the easiest way to find a broker with these quali- 1 ficalions is to locate a Realtor ; in your area. A Realtor is a pro- I fessional in real estale who is quate housing but dwellings that will permit them to live in the manner they wish. "Much of the world today is enjoying this new prosperity," Guillory stated, "but nowehere else is home ownership more available. In fact, the ease »f owning one's own home in the United States is unique throughout the world." Realtors, Guillory concluded, feel they have contributed greatly to the nation's prosperity. NAREB and its leaders have for years urged and promoted home ownership both by the business in which they are engaged and by support of legislation and custom that have made purchase possible for millions of families who tbuld not previously afford it. The National Association of Real Estate Boards was founded in 1908 in Minneapolis and now maintains offices in Chicago and Washington, B.C. Realtors are kept up-to-date on changes in real estale law, mortgage rates, buying trends, and other business factors through publications of the association's professional staff, which maintains close contact with developments throughout the country. A favorable outlook for business property borrowers is fore- Keen during the next four to six months as a result of the stressing of commercial loans by mortgage investors, according to a semiannual study of the National Association of Real Estate Boards. Tho survey results, released i Thp population of (his rmmtry by Silas F. Albert, Grand Ra- will double from today's 191 mil- pids, Mich., chairman of the lion to 382 million in the next Committee on Real Estate half century, Dr. J. Philip Wer- ; Economics and Research, at the nctte, economist at the Univer-1 annual spring meeting of sity of Michigan Graduate NAREB was made by NAREB's School of Business Administra- department of research and is tion said based on data furnished by 130 , He predicted that real estate ^'f 5 from a11 P arts of the ; activity will share in the rising ^ - s a lendency to a member of the local real estate board and the National Association of Real Estate Boards. When you have selected a Realtor to handle your house sale, you may want to consider the possibility of trading your home for one in the city or locality to which you are moving. WAITING FOR YOU — 1808 Legion St. This attractive 3 bedroom horn* lust been renovated and put In good shape—Lara* living and dining room combination — Kitchen Is U shaped and has dining area and room lor utilities — Carport with storage aren—Walking distance to schools — Vacant and ready to move In—Call today to see thlt home — A Realtor ready to terve your needs— BOB HOUSE AGENCY REALTOR—INSURANCE Office HE 3-7344 Lester Vincent HE 9-5190 _ „ national prosperity result ing, alj . /e the percenlage Jof loan to following approval of the course "who decides" depends upon the , from thls growth and higher m-1 value at current i ntere st rates, at the society's board of direc- kind of residence being consid- ! c °mes. although at the same time ma- Speaking on "The American ! jor institutional lenders are said Economy" at the 21st annual,to be looking closely at credit tors meeting. The three-day coursi will include lectures and discussions on such diverse subjects as principles of industrial zoning, tax factors affecting industrial real c.slale, financing, and appraising industrial properly. crcd. The wife is the key partici pant in decisions to rent. Wives seminar of Real Estate Board rating, notes the report. do most of the "looking" at apartments and houses for rent Leading experts in various phases of industrial real estate will be lecturers for the course, ceeded will the role of the hus- uhich will be limited to 40 mem- band increase in importance, bers of the society. Administration, Dr. Wernelte "Some mortgage reporters be- explained lo the 200 real estate lieve rates will soften further, —make up their minds first, and ' board executives that the popu- particularly for prime property exert the greatest over-all in-' lation growth will not. be uni- loans. Others predict thai cx- fluence on the selection arrived ' form in all areas. pansion in the national economy at. ; "Same counties will grow will stabilize rales al current Only in cases where originally , more slowly than the average, levels. planned budgets are to be ex- and many will actually decline Reporters generally agree in population," he declared. thai an adequate supply of funds "Other counties will gain fas- for business properly mortgag- The husband lakes 'the lead in ! ter—pome much fasler—lhan! es will continue to be available r good quality properties. "Borrowers from the business house buying. Even in the case i the national average," he stat- The SIR is a professional af- j O f used houses where wives do ed, and predicted that many of filiate of Ihe National Associa- j more O f the "looking," the hus-! these communities will be in community, whether their scope lion of Real Estate Boards. Its hand makes up his mind first, l the Southwest arc and in Flori-' of operation is national or con- members specialize in market- ( aju j jjj s qu j c x- decision tends toida. ' finecl J° a _ single location, are ing industrial properties a n d i car ry the most weight in the ac-; Since real properly is imnw lual purchase. In Ihe case of new houses, husbands do more of the "looking" than wives, make up their meeting the real estate needs of' industry. benefiting from the high level of Society members will be housed at a dormitory on the Northwestern University cam- to nurture economic growth." minds faster, and usually get pus and use the cilities there. classroom fa- their way. Husbands 'bib, real estale activity is ne- '" savings and the degree of icessarily influenced by local 'moncl»ry case being appled condjlions, Ihe editor of The ; Michigan Business Review said. Dr, Wernette explained also that national conditions are im- invest rent money in Your Best Bet Is With A REALTOR This is just one of the many listings offered at LeBlance Real Estate: SULPHUR-COMMERCIAL LOT & HOME 136x185' with 5 room house, located on Hackberry Highway, 3 blocks south of Highway 10. General Insurance—Mortgage Loans—Expert Appraisals Real Estate 423 7th St. HE 3-3933 don't make the | portent to real eslale aclivity, The course, which will include an optional examination, is being developed by the society's Research and Education Committee under the direction of Chairman Marshall Benn e 11, partner, Bennett and Kahnweil, Chicago, and Vice Chairman Frank G. Binswanger, Jr., president, Binswanger Corporation, Philadelphia. whole decision, but they have a greater share in it than their wives. "especially as they affect growth in per capita incomes and purchasing power." BEST HOME PlIAt 433-0959 C|)R COME IN Hines Real Estate assures you better home buys because of our knowledge, integrity and reliability . . . backed by a complete Real Estate Service culminated over the past 24 years. REALTOR — APPRAISER HINES REAL ESTATE 2023 E, BROAD AGENCY LAKE CHARLES BUY THROUGH GIBSON REAL ESTATE WITH CONFIDENCE IBSON REAL ESTATE CALL US TODAT HE 9-8391 or HE 9-5354 ATPIRST SIGHT! For Love 6? Love Clients! When \\e show our cliculs Ihe kind of home they want, In the kind of neighborhoods they want, within the price range they can afford . . . it's no wonder, it's simply "Love at First Sight!" We save our clients time and effort because we render a personal service that includes finding out what type of home you want what neighborhood you want and what price you would like to pay BEFORE \\e waste your time. Chances are good that we pick the RIGHT home on the first few houses we show. REMEMBER . . . Service+Integrity I Happiness IN YOUR NEW HOME REAL ESTATE HE 8-8105 338 KIRBY ST.

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