Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 16, 1976 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1976
Page 7
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J8OOOO in cnsn PRIZES...PICK UP YOUR FREE TICKETS Page 8 Garden City Telegram Wednesday, June 16,1976 «»«•' POOD STORE PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1976. NONE SOLD TO DEALERS. LIMIT RIGHTS RESERVED. 911 N. Main STORE HOURS 7 AM TO MIDNIGHT OUR CHECKERS DON'T NAVE TO "REMEMBER" EVERY ADVERTISED PRKEI ALL REDUCED ITEMS ARE... "CDEflAIIV HAD If Elk" '<* ™UR SPECIALLY MARKED PROTECTION. tether's is JUNE 20 CAMELOT TOMATO CATSUP UMIT-3 WITH '5.00 OR 3 14-OZ. BUS, 90 WHOLE TOMATOES 16-OZ. CANS CAMELOT TOMATO S SAUCE 8-OZ. ..•••••••••• CANS Salad Dressing 32-01. JAR Heoltfi and Beauty Aid/! CAMELOT Buffered Aspirin OF 100 CAMELOT STRAWBERRY RINSE OR Strawberry^ £• Shampoo.... 2 SS: • CAMELOT REG. OR SUPER Sanitary Napkins iri " J U.S.D.A. CHOICE BUTCHER BLOCK BEEF Sirloin Steak BEEF LOIN U.S.D.A. CHOICE BUTCHER BLOCK BEEF f T-Bone Steaks S5T LB M 89 U.S.D.A. CHOICE BUTCHER BLOCK BEEF Charcoal Steaks BONELESS SHOULDER CUTS U.S.D.A. CHOICE BUTCHER BLOCK BEEF t A ID Shoulder tot3SK»i...L.. $ 1 2t {or JF» sf U.S.D.A. CHOICE BUTCHER BLOCK BEEF BONELESS 7-BONE CUTS U.S.D.A. CHOICE BUTCHER BLOCK BEEF r L C»- 1 Cube Steaks EXCELLENT FOR r jib ^ VI 0V I MEADOWDALE Oil GREEN BEANS CAMELOT CREAM OR WHOLE KER CORN 14-OZ. |!i'v/'!.' ifv< 'vy,* «i-*«i CAMELOT Sweet Peas.... 16-OZ. CANS CAMELOT WHOLE Green Beans.. .3 14-OZ. CANS MEADOWDALE mnADOWDALE - AAA Blackeye Peas ......4'<^99 C CAMELOT CAMELOT Sllcod Boots CAMELOT Garden Spinach. IfrOZ. .CANS 1»OZ. CANS 99 Tomato UMIT-5 WITH R io%-oz. MOREPURCH. CANS MEADOWDALE WHITE OR Cddon Hominy 1M " ENRICHED Caawlot Flour CAMELOT SA11WB 5 99 t 5-LB. RAG 59 l-LB. BOX 49 CAMELOT PINK Crapofrult Juico CAMELOT, ALL FLAVORS CAMELOT CHUNK, CRUSHED OR Sliced Pineapple 2 0O zooz. ^^^m ^^^M CANS J J 2 46-OZ. CANS CAMELOT Frail Cocktail. *st*n*fxiMj M. t /U^AJ r&jAwna Canned Pop. ALL FLAVORS ' rAMir>ir>T *i i LZMIT-8 WITH $5.00 OR MORE PURCHASE. ALL FLAVORS Camelot S 3.8-OZ Pudding CAMELOT Pure Hone* *« 49 ( ••••••••••••••••••••••••••A CAMELOT^LL FLAVORS Cat 6 6%-OZ. JK^BC 2 8 124Z. M" CANS ^^ CANS Food CAMELOT White Vinegar. ...^^l 09 LADY CAMELOT WHITE OR ASSORTED ; Both 2 2-ROLL CAMELOT TALL KITCHEN Trash Bags «% CHEER DETERGENT J94 JOY LIQUID DETERGENT 32-02. BTL. m^sgs-sssst vutx puRCiinse ntccssARY! [U.S.D.A. CHOICE BUTCHER BLOCK BEEF Pot Roost BONELESS BEEF CHUCK U.S.D.A.CHOICE BUTCHER BLOCK BEEF* . . n Bl J fl I BONELESS *1z7 op Blade Sfcata. 8 .™!^.'...". I RODEO tJta ri. • n l I-LB. )f 29 Sliced Bologna ^ | M Page 9 Garden City Telegram Wednesday, June 16,1976 FRESH, EXTRA LEAN Ground Chuck IN 3-LB. PKG. OR MORE. FARM-FRESH EXTRA LEAN Boneless Beef Stew. WINCHESTER IMITATION Bo*-0- Chicken CONTAINS: 2-BREAST QUARTERS, 2-LEG QUARTERS, 2-WINGS AND 2-GIBLETS. 3 TO 4 LB. AVG. u. 44 .LB. FRESH FRYER THIGHS OR RODEO ASSORTED VARIETIES 1409 12-OZ. *•"' PKG. Luncheon Meats. IRODEO MEAT OR BEEF ninineaieK IMIIATION f l\t Chunk Bologna 0V 99 C FAST FIXIN BEEF OR CHICKEN FRY 18-OZ. PKG: Fritters..... RODEO MEAT OR BEEF ^Ar DLUE MORROW COOKED Skinless Franks >*& W Beef Fritters... r~r*canr~niErtinivruwr* _ Hj. Drumsticks LB 69 RIBS ATTACHED *lfLf Fryer Breasts -79' SWIFT PREN Game BULK SWIFT PREMIUM ROCK CORNISH U.S.D.A. GRADE A Z ' SEE $129 Hons..... EACH I JUflE IS DAIRY mOflTH FRESH PORK PORK CAMELOT LONCHORN COLBY CHEESE FARIMONT {Whipping Croom 24 89 $139 1 Country Stylo Ribs FRESH PORK SHOULDER CUT Pw * $1 Stoaks ....LB- • MEADOWDALE HICKORY SMOKED Sliced Bacon.. 39 2-LB. PKG. Vi-PINT CTN. 43 .GORTON'S PRE-COOKED BREADED 2-LB. PKG _. , l r • Fish and Fries. YOU CAN WIN UP TO 1,000 CASH! 4,000 WINNER LOLA ARMENTROUT Garden City.Ks NEW $ 100 WINNERS Mrs. R. M. Horsworthy, Moado, Kansas Cora Mookins, Borger, Toxas Ida Mao McCown, Borger, Toxas Irvie Smith, Pampa, Toxas Joe Dishman, Plainviow, Toxas Rozell R. Jennings, Amarillo, Toxas Mrs. Robert Dietrick, Tyrone, Oklahoma Georgia Prentice, Pampa, Texas Pat Sanderfur, Pampa,, Texas * ^ •Leonard DeArmond, Spearman, Toxas FRESH BAKED ^ ^^ Honey Wheat Bread 48 ( rklTI^KT V^DTTlCtVl ^^ OVEN-FRESH Apple Coffee Cake KRAFT PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese.. 8-OZ. PKG. FAIRMONT S«i' &e»m 49* 41' "» KRAFT DELUXE Amorkan Sllcoc KRAFT DELUXE American Cheese $109 CAMELOT GRADE A Medium Eggs DOZEN. 59 CAMELOT GRADE A DOZ. faff IT'S TIME IOR IDEAL'S SALAD BOWL BONANZA! CAMELOT, ALL FLAVORS ICE CREAM. ME-GAL. CTN. Fairmont Cream Pop, Fudge Bars, Twin fops or j PKG. OF18 Pop, 1 fops or I •om | j PATIO, ALL VARIETIES FROZCfl s MEXICAN DINNERS CAMELOT WHIPPED TOPPING 12-OZ. PKG. MIX OR MATCH YOUR FAVORITES FROM THESE PALATE PLEASING VARIETIES: CALIF. GREEN LEAF LETTUCE RED LEAF LETTUCE ROMAINE LETTUCE BUTTER LETTUCE SALAD BOWL LETTUCE CHOICE ^B^ BUNCHES RED, RIPE 13V&-OZ. ......................C1N. THIRST QUENCHER CAMELOT LEMONADE CAMELOT Orango Julco. 16-OZ. CAN 59 CANS MEADOWDALE Temptin' Tutors 59 W > I Slicing Tomatoes I CALIFORNIA ^ OO I Avocados ~J ~J • CALIFORNIA '•# *> t^ '•** *<•? IS * .w '<* ;> g •*4' & ."** A j» •»'« 24-OZ. PKG. 59 wnki i w i\ mn Green Onions LB. FOR BUNCHES GEORGIA Peaches. . LB. I TEXAS, RED RIPE Watermelon....

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