The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio on September 25, 1947 · 4
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The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio · 4

Zanesville, Ohio
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Thursday, September 25, 1947
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Editorials Child Killer ' Firejs the leading accidental killer of children. , Statistics of the U. S. children's bureau ihow that while the battle against diseases as causes of child fatalities is being won, accidents have come to the fore. Out of 6,00(V children under the age of 5 who die In home accidents annually, more than 2,000, or 33 per cent, die from burns and scalds. Fire actually kills more children than polio, The deadly Infantile paralysis claims about 250 chil dren under 5 annually. For every child fatally burned, many more art Injured or crippled for life. More than 7,500 ehil' dren crippled by burns are known to state crip pled children's agencies. Nearly all of these child fatalities and Injuries art the result of adult carelessness or Ignorance, A majority of these flrt accidents occurred In homes and dwelling units. To prevent these tragedies and to save lives, the National Board of Flrt Underwriters, which has studied records of thousands of fires, offers these suggestions to parents: J. Never leave children unattended with sitters who are too young or are Irresponsible. 1 Be sure that your sitters know how to call the fire department. 3. Keep matches, hot liquids, lighted candles and lamps out of reach of children. This Is of utmost Importance. 4. Don't allow children to play with bonfires or fireworks. Fires for marshmallow and popcorn roasts should be held In fireplaces only and with adult supervision. 5. Avoid dressing your children In highly flammable clothing, such as fluffy net dresses, brushed cotton or brushed rayon suits. (. In case of fire In your home, get your children out of the house first, then call the flrt department. Dependence Upon The Past Writers, particularly young writers, want so ardently to be original. The fact remains that there are no basic themes that have not been used for centuries. Every period throws up topics that are more or less perulinr to the time, topics that have a particular urgency at the moment. But when you boil them down to essentials, you are likely to find that at bottom they are concerned with fundamen tal questions that have plagued the human race since its articulate beginnings. The hardest thing in the world, for any writer, as for any human being, Is to be himself. We are all caught In the ebb and flow of attitudes, and writers, whether he acknowledges It to himself or not, If Influenced by these fluctuations to a degree which he Is sometimes unwilling to admit. He is Influenced, too, beyond his Inclination to acknowledge, by what has been done before him, and It seems to me salutary that the debt should be openly admitted. In this connection I should like to quote again passage from "The Ten Grandmothers," that excellent book based on the history of the Kiowa Indians, In which one of the young men reminds his friend, who has been lamenting that all the old things will be dead soon, that "You have to have new things. You have to have new things to make the old things grow. But grass grows out of the old earth. You have to have old things for new things to have roots In. That's why some people have to keep old things going and some people have to push new things along. Its right for both of them. It s what thy have to do." J. Donald Adams In The New York Times Book Review. THESE DAYS International Manners By GEORGE E. SOKOLSKY Diplomacy used to be the gentle art of saying whatever needed to be said without giving direct offense. The assumption was that wars can as easily be made by words as by deeds and the hope was that wars might be avoided in, spite of the human habit of settling a difference by knocking out the opponent s teeth, by the urbanities of language, so cial intercourse and fine manners. When those who do not understand criticized the "tea-drinkers" of diplomacy, they did not realize what an Important function they performed. Just as international law has Been abandoned by the proletarians who currently pass as statesmen, so have they completely dis- caraea diplomacy, instead of gath enng bdoui a taoie to una a way to peace, mey have adopted the rostrum for a breast-beating ex- hlhlt nn M hrutnl ninns.. o. . i.k.i.k,flnd a t0 pea, but t0'exnlblt forensic skill In loud-mouthed Ill-manners. Diplomacy has gone by the board and In Its Dlaee has cumif me raucous snounngs or a barroom argument. No treaty of peace ever came, out of that kind of laoie-Deating, althouKh many wars were started by boasting and strutting. The most perfect exoonent of the new nwihnj is visninsKV, who achieved his high position In nussian anairs Dy manaiflnsr the ouldatlon nt Biauns political opponents through legalized murders called purges. He was the prosecutor who drove the greatest heroes of the Russian revolution to make revolting confessions against themselves In the hope that by satisfying Stalin's lnr'stenee personal despotism without opposition, they might avr uivir i tunnies. It is this same VIshinskv who. rftfitinff nutria mvmn the semblance of nubile decencv. rose in th linn Nations forum and let loose lying attacks upon this c-:;r-try, its leading men. Its Fortunately, he lied without glibness, he shouted without purpose, so that his Intellectual dishonesty destroyed him. For Instance, among the American this advocate, who. has done anvthinr fn- m client, includes John Foster Dulles, an American devoted to peace, whose services to his country, as the author and manager of Its bi-partisan foreign policy saved Soviet Russia In those days when that country was literally eatine our hread nH ndn .,. of war to save Itself. Had the war been a campaign Issue In 1944, had what was known hn hv in...., been disclosed to ihe whole American people In the course of a political campaign, the crimes com-muted In our name, which gave Russia iu opportunities to dominate so much of Europe, would have been Impossible. It was DuIIm . will admit, who took all discussion of the war out of the 19-44 campaign. I My criticism of the bi-partisan policy Is that It ., saved Soviet Russia so that such a person as' second Marshall Plan," which alias to trans- Vishinsky can come to New York to Insult us The'form lhe M'herto ineffective General Assembly of the lS.!n?tt.P?Uc? Hi"1;1 11 gav thlg TO"ntrythe Vniled, Nations into a permanent, International FAnVrfUce!r,hferLffi Nation! 17 '' 'TT,? at the various Councils of Foreign Ministers. When I of publle Pinlon' completes the eco- Vishlnsky attacks Dulles, he bites the hand that nomle and political barricade that the United States protected his country in the hour of her greatest j 'wis necessary to erecf against Soviet aggression, c,-!, Pet-ovin nn1- It is the logical expansion of the . omiunriy,-ne .uacKeo me ".New York Herald secreIry " state's original plan, Tribune, a newspaper that while ostensibly Re- he explains it, for organizing publican has given Soviet Russia all the breaks western Europe into an economic r7i. 'xtent of bringing upon Itself attacks ""'on which, with American fi-Dy tne American opponents of Snvlnr tiu.ii ' nanrinl asslsuinro uiii im . accuse this paper of being excessively friendly to! butter against 'Communist en-i, KUSSia. And no one could ever itirurr that ns,. Irrnnchmonl in ihnt iroi . paper of seeking a war with Soviet Russia, panic ! signed to turn the light' of pub- 1 1 1 A r 1 1 mm. I a a. 1 1 t m r t, . ... r 1 , vuiuimi.. nme lor years been avail- "iy on ine Kremlins postwar able to those mhn hv i , ..!,., V . . - . - ..-.v ..i nun atjuKiti 10 appeasei'-"1"" viumuun oi solemn Yet, It 1 this newspaper that Vlshinsky selects to call a war-monger, to attack and denounce. But that ;i,a,h' " ."sua." one to his friends, most of whom lie in traitors' graves, put there by the ruth-lessness of a police state whose prosecutor he was. f '" ,h0! in ,hU cowtry con-tlnue blindly and wishfully to believe that It Is pos-s.ble to continue to do business with a government mat has made crass boorishness an Ideal of life (Copyright, 1947, King Features Syndicate, Inc.) Forward Pass rz 1 . ..... oA wmzAW'W' mwwr ' ',,'Vm,'i!,' I W A Mm V, i . X H "V saar - - - - - - n I X Europe May Not Receive 50 Per Cent Of Request By DAVID LAWRENCE WASHINGTON, Sept. 24 -.The 16 European governments ask ng for help under the Marshall plan will be lucky if congress appropriates fifty per cent of the sums requested. ,, ' Likewise, it is unrealistic to assume that congress is going to adopt any four vear plan. Vn- F "3 der the American constitutional system, congress is in session for no longer than two years and no congress can bind a s u c c e ssor congress. This means that nobody can make such a com mitment by a ma- Dav, Lawrence lority vote of both houses. Even if the Mars-shall plan Is embodied In the form of a treaty, requiring two-thirds vote of the senate for ratification, It would require a majority vote of both houses to appropriate any money for this purpose and, again, no congress can make four-year commitment. The fact that President Truman Economic Barricade The Office Cat mi Ray Tucker "Remember what I told you last Sunday, children, that you should ail try to make some one happy during the week?" asked the Sunday school teacher. "Well, how many of you did so?" "I did. teacher," volunteered one child brightly. "That's fine," approved teacher. "What did you do?" I went to see Aunt May," replied the boy, "an" she's always happy when'l go home." There Is a great deal of talk about liquor control, hut the best povsihle kind Is individual control, keeping awav from it alto-gether, then It dues not become a problem for anyone. Tire after fire U being blamed on careless smokers who have thrown away blading butts. Every smoker owes it to himself and to others to be careful how he gets rid of his butt and to make sure It Is out ere thrown away. Otherwise that butt may prove as deadly as a bomb. A newlywed filling out his In-come tax return listed a deduc tion for his wife. In the section marked "exemption claimed for children." he penciled the notation, "Watch this space:" This is the story of the man who, hn asked to play at darts saia mat rie had never played hut was qune willing to try' opponents Insisted that he mu.-t have played hefore. He insisted that he had not, but mentioned lhat he had thrown lots of darts at home to kill flies on the walls. Friend "But doesn't your wife object to your making a mess on the walls with the quashed flies?" Man "Oh. there aren't any squashed flies, I alwavs pin them by a hind leg" treaties, in the expectation that world-wide revulsion will force Stalin to show a more cooperative spirit The virtue of the proposal, to gether with other moves which the Truman administration has made In recent weeks, is that It may win us a host of allies In our 'cold war" with Moscow. It amounts to a complete repudiation of the original Truman doctrine. Whereas that scheme tended to throw all responsibility and expense for the anti-Communist crusade on the United States, leaving Uncle Sam exposed on a lonely limb, the first and second "Marshall Plans" contemplate the formation of a closely-knit alliance of more than thirty European and South American nations. Tills SWift Shift In fttrntoirv Una InruxA unAH k- Inform.tlon B ire.u. IIS lye I Hministmtion hv vi .,.,,. t...,i u tttiun , " H""" iruman oocinne, as nurneaiy lormu- Ask The TR- 4 ruder ran ft U nir la in juntitro of tc b wrltlnt the TUnn at., n. widow inrr til MDtl fnr lated and enunciated in his March mesne nOcing Q Why art goats said to be ! congressional aproval of the $400,000,000 required to detrimental to the land? B. Q. bolster Greece and Turkey against Communist In- A. Goats by over-grazing. de-!rofl(,s-nude the land nf Vfcpttinn u-Mxh ' The Drincinal Kurnnpun nilnn uioil ih He causes erosion. Thru itKtrmvil tha' smaller nnps in fnr mod WmMnoinn th.f thou L.L rn,',n,pou l,mlll,y of Greece and other Medi- they might become sideline victims In anv clash be- ""l" i 'vO;h0dy. and his- terranean regions, damaged vast tween the United States and Russia, whether it be a i arras or tast Arrica. and In the military or only an economic encounter. I United Staffs created a semi-des-1 They insisted on greater emphasis on a pooling of rt of the Navajo Indian Reserva-! resources on both sides of the water, with more : tion of Arizona and New Mexico. thought and study of the question of permanent, long-range recovery than for Immediate resistance In Q. Are Americans on the whole -taller than Europeans? S.K. 1 T T T . t ! A. Stature In tht United Stalest A OQTkl Yrt KfTI 1'Kr ha, been Increasing for the past VV t?t?UlllCJ DeUUIy . mnlnrv mA - I ' feet 10 Inches in height. The average of the American people (surpasses the various European ,countries from which the stock originally came. From The Reporter's Notebook By JOE RATHBUN A poke in the nose wilt sometimes accomplish more than a pat on the back, but that doesn't alter the fact that the human urge for recognition still surges in all of us. I've just heard of a practical Joker who telegraphed 12 friends: "Just learned the great news. Congratulations. Write me in detail." Within a week he received eight long letters from his friends, all with glowing accounts of their . .iilMj. I l latest accompiisnmf ins. Cnuntv employes working in the automobile title offices at the court nouse nave aiscuveicu a peculiarity about the recently-installed, Ultra - modern electric typewriter the machine prints only capital letters. Apparently an Britain and France resented the Implied Truman payer" suggestion that they had slumped to the status of B..,A-.e. of .nimai, indicate that ""----" "" -' mftuimuu aa Miiuni mill kOI y rangement with Canada and Great Britain, which includes a common arms, equipment and training program. Army, air and navy staffs have held periodical conferences on the problems of national defense. With Russian aggression and hostility as our most powerful argument, we have persuaded a score of uui.i on., tniuni iu7i ii an unuuna m sign "'m' 'exchanged at -t- m. i.iu ir wuiiitiiu. 1111 UIC nlv I ha Hv.oo...,c , nIK-mla, it-iaiiuni wun ineipHnpn--. hau, vnll- mnihr urArs re n 11 h ps hrlnw th. Rin r.i-.nrt lcuncner- Avv your momer wears 1 U. H.IUV V . , I IIIVIV friendlv. Temporarily at least, these concerted moves have A . n d k stalemated Stalin in western Europe. Greece Italy. L, . I 'ow w o doesi nt K eep up on Tnrkav j i, Tt,. ,, . ,t u ,1 t . ibis styles confesses that he fo owed terrhv of Sea Ch!na t TB ' ,!l n! beacuse he thought her skirt was BaVans ' ,lipplng' He finally ofd Now Lhoi.M th. nrnnr,..i tn Just on of ,h f"hlons. 1 "jv...i iui " WIIUIIUUUI 111 offensive against Russia in the general assembly be A ...... to know Iver THIRTY TEAK) AGO -By Ray Tucker reason for the difficulty my wife has In getting me out of bed. Something new In Insults has been added. A couple of local vnunvBlari uror. tn th. Aula thp COi!'e 1' I other day and insults were being a rapid pare. Fi nally the littlest came up with this army shoes!" and Secretary Marshall ornmiv. American aid for four years mi,Z weigh considerably with succeed. ing uiiiLinia uui " "rcumstnncoj change and it appears that th. European countries are not fulfill ing-their part of the program, thi decision with, respect to continu-ance of appropriations would rest with each session of congress The trend of American opinion of course, is towards grantinn aid to Europe for rehabilitation and r lief. There is a substantial m(! Jority of Republicans and Demo-crats in congress who favor th principle of American aid to Eu-rope. No Issue of "Isolationism'1 has appeared as yet and Is not like, ly to color the debate in any im. portant aspect But on the basis of information available thus far, the Marshall program will have hard sledding The days of "lend-lease" nij "blank checks," when all that Eu-rope had to do was ask and the administration handed out billions of dollars, would appear to be over, Such laxity was considered justU fied In wartime. It Is not so readily Justified In peacetime at least not to the satisfaction of a con-gress which wants to see facts, and figures. ; Many members of Congress an in Europe Investigating the situation. They will have much to in with influencing the decision of their colleagues. Judging from th rumblings heard in Washington in recent weekshere Is much skepticism about the' extent of the a;d to be forthcoming. It Is not doubted that the turn-pean countries could use up to $22,000,000,000 and even more, but It is doubted whether this amount Is necessary and whether more of the total sum cannot be furnishM in the way of production of goodj by the Europeans themselves. The hysteria and cries of alarm which have been set up In dispatches from abroad have been harmful to the Marshall plan. Those who think they can hiiih-pressure the American Congren into appropriating billions Just on ese say-so of a round table conference In Paris or anywhere e!s will be dissillusioned when the debate starts. The fears repeatedly expressca In a series of alarms that America must hurry or aid will he "too late," will not accelerate action here. It may stampede the department of state, which shows an inclination to rush the plan throuch hy creating a wartime emergency aimosphere, but It will not stampede congress. President Truman will call special session of congress December 1st at the latest, but It is highly probable that the debate will last at least two or three months anyway. There may h stop-gap aid in the form of fool relief, but when It comes to d:r-e t loans for rehabilitation on anything like the scale of the preliminary report received from ti conference at Paris, it is a saf bet that congress Isn't going :i be hurried into discussing the report or in taking comprehensive testimony on te subject. The Good Old Days irinnarf .,o l--,ll. . lit ... " irmici .ma m .r, ....t,,,,,,, fimnu, musi-uw win n even ' k,.ri! of th. f.llnw u hn u.rol In RenHJ l utZ Truman-Marshall hrusts and when ,rrivw; Responding squeals from Messrs. Molotov. Gro- ju'. .u. . V .'! n j in.ut-i .. 11 . . mum iin 111c iii iiimr lu iron myko and Vlshinsky, as well as Moscow s desperate i Nope, never heard of him. attempts to break through Into Italy, Austria, Greece, Korea and Iran, convince the White House tIVuJ,, ,h ?Vje,u . . An "Id fellow called at the classi-ITn?LP n.,?? VJ"T . "I" ,b8,Ck ,,heil counter the other day and linllPfl IN ft t inn thUra I oroaiBF hnnAfu nana bUk. I . . J V; h j : ",,tT nw.,,skrt hlrn if he'd care to write,.Iia,i?n.B0VT.rnment have t?81 "Com- them out. and he answered, "No. ...... iniuui iuiiinK, u yei, Aurmpis 10 vou write 'em I went tn nluht n,J.h? .ri"il.,nd. H T'"'"ries by .Vlke, jXrt .nS no Jean f roarl wha, i n.j niuu.,uirii iiuniiBc 10 rnti in anomer seiDacH for the leftist elements. Russia has been steadily outvoted In the general assembly. Such satellites as Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia gaze wistfully at the Paris economic conference which Stalin would not let them attend. They appear to prefer American grain, textiles and machlner to the Kremlin's empty Ideological promises. Kv Frrrl Wiknn l"??? b? his "it"" But compared ' ! AAWWti iwun gov You can lead a horse to water, but why try to make him drink It? Prof, of Political Economy Who's the Speaker of the House? Stude. Mother. BelieveJtorJVbt INCLUDED Are 152,471 PRIESTS anp MONKS ano 52.032 NoHSof Russian churm 2fc,000 RAPBlSHHO TEACHERS ; OF THE JEWISH FAITH 16,914 Mohammedan muiuws 5,10b Priests ano monks or IMf ROMAN CATHOLIC 2025 Armenian Priests i 530 Lutheran pastors ALSO $0&nm Tvt Communists ( fu V,-"" "SMC! lMMf I I Ikjoidateo ti MUROER mEkile hi USSR 255,078 MEMBERS ostwCUMT I Il REUSMOSEDffKCi'N "T A lt" mm rt -s.-,. Slk. mm KM Ml i : . . lJSSSrm The American In- I Q. When an American tourist ! takes his automobile to England must he obtain an English driv-l Ing licne? T. R. M. A. The British Information Serv-; Ice says that an American tourUt, may not drive In England with anj American license. He can obtain' an English license with no diffi-1 culty If the license he Is using now is In order. Want Your Fortune Told NEW YORK This la a simple story of the Catholic faith, told you by a back-slid Methodist It also proves that you don't have to eat steak. The Weeper was "Miss Minnesota" a skinny, bony-nacked Minneapolis gal of 22, named Elaine Campbell. Arriving at the Miss America Pageant, where I was a Judge, she gazed in awe at the beauties and said to herself, "Why, Elaine, you're too small to get any place here." Then she got laryngitis and the only tool she had against these beauties was her voice. M I started learning about her what an unusual bathing beauty type she was Saturday morning when we Judges breakfasted with the 54 contestant. You know how gals cry when they're about to say goodbye? One started crying. It caught on. A cop went out and got a dozen napkins to cry Into, It was some sob story. leaving by cab, I heard from the cabbie how he'd hauled Miss Minnesota to the St. Nicholas Earl Wilson How to read, cards, how to Interpret tea leaves and coffee grounds, what the stars predict,! Roman Catholic rectory the day before, wnat tne lines of your hand fore-j "She was nervous," he said, '"cause she needed a tell, what your dreams mean, i steak before she cifUld sln last nioht in the hie character reading from the fea-i Talent Preliminary. tures of your face all are lnclud-j "She says If you sing boogie-woogie you can eat ed In the entertaining booklet, light but with classics you need steak. FORTUNE TELLING. It also has "So I says 'There's a restaurant close. Go get a chapters on omens and superstl-: steak.' Hons, affords fun for all, and adds "And she says "I can't. It's Friday.' t0 Pny. Order a copy The cabbie drove her to the rectory thinking a today. Fifteen cents, postpaid. priest might give her dispensation. A housekeeper Use This Coupon 'phoned her request to the Rev. Father Charles fY. Riding. He said: : I "I can't. That would have to come from your . own parish." : "But I didn't know I'd be singing Friday. 1 HAVE ! to have a steak. I "This Is a fast day." the priest said. j, "I have to have strength," she said. J I "Your fast," the priest said, "will give you ! I strength. And I will say a prayer for you." The Times Recorder, Information Bureau, 316 Eye St.. N. E., Washington 2, D. C. A0TW COrVVJUfSTS CCNFSCATE9 18 900000 ACRES orCUtHrTWrRTYM STOLE 4 0IIUON OOllARt WORTH Of CMURCB FUNDS IN CASH A Items Self-Explanatory. TOMORROW: fllsn Spoke Over 133 Different Languages! : I enclose FIFTEEN CENTS i in coin (carefully wrapped in ! paper) for a copy of the book-: let FORTUNE TELLING. : Name : Street or Rural Rout : City : State (Mall to Washington, D. C.) And he patted her on the shoulder. That line, "your fast will give vou streneth." com. ..... .,c -.mi. ,, muiin, iii canaie. tne teoerai air safety board said-said a prayer, then went and had dinner-fried. "It Is now possible to deduce those potntoes and sliced tomatoes. (elements of causation from the in- In the Judges' box that night I felt that Miss, herent fallibility of the aneroid U Omaha tMadalyn King) had about clinched the, tlmeter," which lead "to collision talent prize, after a slick tap dance. Iwith terrain." Then very thin In her evening gown-camt! "Therefore- opined the board -c"- . . . , . M j what Is needed is "more adequate She threw bark her head and sang golden music. 1 clearance of terrain when haromet-The audience, completely captured, gave her a rlc variations are likely to occur" thunderstorm of applause. She won the Talent, In other words, If plane, fw Preliminary with miles to spare. higher they wouldn't hit the moun- She began crying when they called her to get tains, her cup. j Strangely, the other girls, the Judges' wives,1 hundreds of women In the audience, and even men.i enra wun inu uenncr (fin. I think the memory of that touched off tht weeping at breakfast. Well . . . Saturday night came the finals. Slowly, the girls with only beautiful bodies or beautiful faces were eliminated. Finally only five were left then three then two. One of the two was, of course Miss Memphis, a Sunday school teacher and choir director, who be-came Miss America. Runner-up, and winner of a $.1,000 scholarship which will enable her to get the best training for her fine voice, was little Elaine. She broke down and cried. She wept all over the place. The photographers got pictures of her crying uig it-Bii won npr mre conioriea. Afterward I looked at those pictures and they showed something that fitted In with her visit to the priest and the steak she didn't have. They ' showed her crying, with her palms pressed together, I and her flneertlps pointed upward In prayer. i GLAMMER: Myrna Loy and Desi Arner. rubbed I Ma. . !,. til... A- I ft M . ... I iiuui.iri. .i i.,c uiur niiKfi . . , Horace srnmmiapp talked to Carole Landis In Europe from the Leslie House via transatlantic telephone . . . Patience May may wed Roland Young on his return from England . . . Conover gal Hannah Jones and Ed Lucken bach have made It 3 nlghu In a row at tht Trouvllle Council met today and granted an Increase In salary to employes of the waterworks pumping station to $W a month. Handbills distributed over the county today advertised the approaching 0. C. T. Mar-di Gras. some ads. The girl! TWENTY T-ARH AGO An attempt to derail special trains bearing members of the American legion on their "Good-Will Tour" of Europe today was attributed to radicals by authorities A complete reorganization of the United States military machine was made necessary today by sizable reductions In military appropriations. TEN YEARS AGO Louis H. Goodman, well known local musician, died this morning In Eethesda hospital. Mona Morgan, star of "Sev. enth Heaven" and "Little Women", presents a lecture recital at Rotary lunrhei I today. write In the day time.'' j Here's a new definition of the upper crust new to me anyhow. "A bunch of crumbs held together by dough." The newspaper reporter uses language as the-ool of his trade, and often others In the profession can ten me autnor of any particular ernment bureaus, the ave rage newspaperman is a rank amateur. Keporung on recent air crashes Bible Thought The great Nazarene emphaslicd the continuity of life. We are m heaven now If we are In romple' harmony with God and his children. 11 Tim. 1:10: Our Savior ' who brought life and Immortality to light. VALLE COTTER, City Editor The Times Recorder w. o. ; A Republican Newspaper j Published Every Weekday Morning by . THE ZANKSVILLE PUBLISHING COMPANY ; 34 South! Fourth Street. Phont 0700 :l Subscription rates by carrier, week. 25c; by mall : In Ohio, 7 weeks 100, 24 weeks I.V00, ont rear !. 16.00. OutiHdt Ohio 1 month 11.00: montht 6.00; jll year t00. JOE RATHBUN, Newt I ricv D..KH.I... ioao ifui I auor NATIONAL ADVERTISING - John W. Cullen Company, New York City, Chicago, Cleveland and Cincinnati IUf Inttrt4 at ZanarrUlt Pottofflet a -1 Mister Breger By Dave Breger Strtn.t I tiwiyi thought Hamlet looked sort oi different!" I

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