The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 22, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY .22, 1938 IHiY'I'IlEVlLLB (ARK.). COURIER NEWS PAGE FtVB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per lino for consecutive Insertions: Cue time per line IOC rwo times per Hue per day ...OSu 1'lirce times per line per day ..we )ix times per line per day . ...05e f.'onth rale per lino Me ('arils of Thanhs SOc &: Tfx; Minimum clmria 1 50c „> Ads ordered for three or six feijp* and slopped before cxplru- 1)1011 will lie charged for the HUIII- Icr of limes the add appeared and .IJustmont of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy •uumiltcd uy persons rctldlug oiit- tide of Ihe city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may bo (asily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular tsertidns lakes the one time rale. No responsibility will Ire taken or more Ilian one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent For Sale Furnished bedroom. 622 W. Main. Mrs. McMnlllns. 22-ck-'.l Comfortable bedroom in private!_ home. 115 Bust Kentucky. Furniture. Living, dining, ti-rlrooni. 'i twin beds, lamps, 2 mni'bly la- Wcs. Phone G02. 22-l>li-20 22-ck-lf Two furnished rooms in my horn.'. Call 8H-J. Mrs. Tcit Green 2i!-ck-tf 3 room furnished apartment. 103 Itlii \V. Kentucky. Plume IJG3. 13-cJ:-If Modem room furnished 75 Ions barn cured alfalfa hay. n. C. KnaDuenbeigei. 20-pk-27. Wcsllnghnusc EI c c I r I u Ruuge, priced low. Phone C23-J. Good tractor nnd It's equipment chcnv). \Vrlle Box "11". Courier News. 10-l>k-2t! For Bull'—Nice 0 ixiow stucco residence located 5ia North Fir? iiicnt. r.!0 Diifan Avc. Mrs. Belle' I3;iri;nlii, small down payment. Wood. Phone '1H5-J after G p.m. j 120. n-ck-ifj 2 room fmnlshcd apartment with private bath. 021 Walnut. Phone CGii. Available after the first. 19-ck-tf home. Photic Until, i>90. 3 room furnished lights. Reasonable. Business Directory SAVE MONEY ON COAL ill coal Orf. in j.iril H'vlllc 2x10 tun 5.25 U.'IS 3\C km 5.21) U.'iU Nut Sflll 4,80 Ji.JO Stoker "ton '1.15 5.1!i Mine run ton 4.75 O.'iS Blue Uililion MS lump 1.00 8.UU Blue Klbboii 3x6 .... C.75 7.5U Slack ton 3.00 W5 / CURVE IN CAFE t< On Highway 61 at Holland I'hoiies 5 I-'-l anil 87S apartment-, 21)3 Wnt Kentucky. Mis. Sisk, Phone 4U5- V. 19-cl:-tt Annotmcement w» Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1GJ1 Chlcknmwla i'lionc BTS Shoe Repairing. Evcrythliif! for your shoes. Free Delivery. Plrane 120. Quality Shoe Shop 3 room lious'O, II. W. 18 ut Gin. C. K. Dumi. W-pk-io Nciviy ctecoratcd 3 room furnished apiii'tment. 313 No. Kccond, phone VJ3. 17-ck-ll QUALITY SHOE SHOP Lots 9 & 10, 1100 block on Hcarn, Bargain, Call 803. 17-ck-24 IMPROVED SUBURBAN ACUEAOE 5 1-4 aeres, 5 room house, barn, on gravel rond, right In cdnc of Dlythevlllc. Offered for few clays ; n great bargain. Terry Abstract & Realty l!o. 111-ck-lf llcrl) Grocery store, cheap. Mrs. Thompson, 1011 W. Uoso. il-ck-25 o room furn, apt. witli Ijath. Newly decorated. Cull 294, 1117 W. Ash. S-ck-lf 'I or 3 room turn. ants. One 2 room apt. upstairs. 014 llciim. Furnished comlorlaVjlc bedroom. 515 Wiilnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-tf IvfcKlcrii furnished room, hcntcd with oils. Private bathroom and fpiragc. phone 410. B-ck-'J-6 One comfortable bedroom. Call Mrs. S. S. Sternberi;, 084. 1203 Holly. L'3-cl:-28 2 room unfurnished apartment. Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash or call 1008. 23-ck-tt Batteries BATtXHt SGKVICE J. Ben Clune Vhorie 8 at Tom • Glass 2 comfortable ljc<lrootns, private Vxilh. Gentlemen prefcrrc<l. Phone 7M-W- or 161. 1-ck-tf. Furnished house on Hollj. Cal! Mrs. S. S. Stcrnbcrs; at 984. 12-ck-tf Radio Service SAVE- Tlie Top Of Your Furniture \falh Glass All designs eut & finished. C^LL US Klylhcvilln Paint & Wallpaper Co Phone 8W 111 S. 2nd i ,,. ,,Cpni!)lclc Line Of I'ARTS, TUBES, B'TEKIlib liardawiiy Appliance Co. IHi.MlY WEKNER Slain * 5th Plionc -•> Complete 10 volume set of Standard Reference Books with loose eaf binder. Call 239 or 792. 15-fa-fi> '•'Abandon Ship" MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. WALLPAPER New 1M.S imlferns. Close prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Repairing Gun repairs. Guaranteed work. E M. Damon. 315 E. Main. • Personal CI1K1.B: Invrcnsc your income by leanilni; n profession llmt will alford roiislniil employment. En i nil nuw In the Uonnly Ciiltm'C clnsm KlnrtliiB Jan. 3rd nt tlw Kiisle School of Ucuuly Culture Cooju'r ISldjt. Wulinil. iV Keeonil Kls, niylhevllle, Ark. Blale »\> pruvcd school iiiccllii;' nil incnls for Arkansas nnd Missouri Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers I'llU ( «| tt Ihf AliiK*:Ml,m-N» »nu n» N | U .(,nii, III.) .11 The bijf liner I'Ollhig In heavy sens Uial Ihrenlencd niomentnilly 10 pound It to pieces on tlie volcanic reel mar llolsholo Island, Formosa, where it ran aground' while cnvotitc to Manila, rnsnoMuers ot the S. S. President Hoover clutch nt snlcly llncji slrlink ncross llio deck an they await removal to Hie nearby shore mirt safety. All were saved though tlic liner has since ten declared a total loss. The third and fourlh Iocs of Hie kingfisher grew together since I he bird needs strength In Us loc:i in its underground nest. WKIVW iinil designs of broiu silks mid In Cuba follow closrt I lie ctylca prcvallins! Ill the Unllei t.ivjllsli rivers -wash more limn .COO.ODt, tens of scllti mutter down o the sea every nianlh. FUBK INSTRUCTIONS In Uilest Styles Kiillllnu ''IIKIINAV KNirriNO YARNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1103 Chlcknsawlnv Phone 10'J Itooni and Hoard Slciun heated room tallh bonrd 803 w, Ash. Phone 151. H-ck-2-11 Wlcl. ADDHESS KNVELOPBS AT HOME TOll US. GOOD PAY. Experience unncccsjittry. Wonderful op- iwitmity. supplied Wrllo lmm«dlnlely for. frco ;lc- lnlLs. Nationwide, Distributors, 401 llroachvny, N .y, DrnnlUnn rnrincra cannot be thartifd hitercsl rates In excess of !1 per cent, by governmental decree. Tlin di«m<ery • of celluloid was •""Kid, about lln-ouijh the necl- denlnl upselllDj ef n bolllc ol collo- dion. Two lliln garments, ore warmer Ihan one Ililtk one, because the a!r between them act* ti8 v Insulation. It wits onco common belief that the moon affected Hie nilmb of 1m- muii beings. WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT 8ERVIC8 Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 10 USED TRUCKS & CARS lUJin uiicv. vicit-np liKIl r,),,| 0, ;1C |, !,,„„! 103U (Jliev. I'lck-up, 19;ili Iiilcriiiillonai I'lfkup J115 All Trut'IiS (itiiiruntccd 'I'o I'ass Slalc>ccti()n Delta Implements, Inc. J. C. EVANS Uux 001 HlyllU'vllle, Ark. Uklrlrl Maiiagt-r HAnlll.TON TKUST 1'LNlt I3|ionsoied Uy IlinutKon Depositors Cor|]. WANTED * CORN SOYBEANS Maiden Grain Co. W. 0. Rcove», Agent SI. ISIvtlicvllIc, Ark. I'iiono 555 «,, ' PRKSCRIl'TIONS ARK OUH SPECIALTY -k Phone 141 Jr FOWLER DRUG STORE FARM POWER UNITS 110 Volt — 30«0 Wiitt 1'OWKR KH» SAW Si-coml Hand Safes BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 200 No. Sccuml SI. FARM LOANS' »:oo md Vf < Artaiiiiai and Mluourt (.(vivi'sl ratus—lowest »pen» i\kn clt> linninttlei DON H, KA8SBUMAN 'nwmati fjind Co. OfSlce I 1 , O. Box 470, Ciione S27. Now I/ocHicU «t 101 North-Jierahd ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU noN KDWAUUS, Propriety in.kc, «f iccbullt Typowrltm. Addh.R Machlnti >n( ipalc«!a(nr«—Ktpalrlnu—S' I'hnne COBB FUNERAL HOME Trees J'or Sale Wantea Our Chiracs in Beauty Culture are: in full swing. Visit our shop and let us men you and show you our school. We will be glad r.ive full details. Eagle School Plant early, tearing 1 pecan undj Bcaiily Culture. Cooper Bldg., 2nd fruit trees now. Catalog dec. i& Walnut, Blyllicville, Ark. Phone Bass Pecan Co., Lumlicrton, llijs' 'J19. English Statesman HORIZONTAL 1 Well-known statesman pictured here. 11 Asiatic 15 Since. 3 16 Flavor. 17 To handle. 18 Ringlet. 20 Fowl disease. ; .21 Kindled. '22 Humor.. 23Chiirl. 25 Lair. 2fi Measure of nrcn. Answer to Trcvious Puzzle 51) Lava. 27 Baking dish// v 52 Form of "be." 1 28 Grief. // DSjAluminum, 29 Moreover. // iron, etc. 32 By /: 5G To rul) 33 Ministers.! harshly. 35 Less common. 58 He was a 37 Over. leading .18 Evil. statesman in 39 Scythe handle. Great . •11 Unprofessional 59 His highest / -12 Spelling book. office was — ^/ 4'1 Self. \'^T> r rtr<Ar i ,.,« ... >r.ItTICAL r\ •!? Preposition. '"^ 18 Therefore. 1 Sun god, 4D E) e tumor 2 To seek to 21 He represented the , parly. , ,22 Broadfr. 24 Human dunk. 27 Wenrieri. 30 Jet of fine vapor. .31 Barley "cakes. 32 Saucily. 34 His last years were nvn red by ill , 30 One that abates. \ attain. 35 Spain. "; 3 Breeding male ' lf) Masculine fish.*1 To mention. 5 Form of "a." G Market. 7 Epoch. 8 Price. 9 Bone. 10 To doze. 11 Greedy. -12 An easy gait. 13 Doctor. 18 Ringworm, 19 One who plants. pronou II Young sheep: 42 racist Indian plant. 43 Contest o£ speed. 45 To yawn. V. •16 Sheaf. •18 Perched. 51 Branch. 5't Note in scale.' 55 Tone D. 56 Senior. 57 Slolh. MERCIPUL HEAVfNS, UMPA-/ 1 HANS ONTO THERE'S GORILLAS ^EENV AND HOPE EVERY TREE AND THEVVE KNOCKED POOR. EEMV COLP! WHAT'LL WB /•OOOLA; WAV PULL OUT OF A ... x vTHIS VET.' IVE GOT <?« " THEIR- MARKSMANSHIP POESN'T IMPROVE/ WITH THJS Cf?A7.Y BRUTE M»hY>lM BERVICt, INC. T. M. REO.ll. 0. BOOTS AND .HRU;.'BUDDIES CECIL IB DKPINITELY INTERESTED FRECKLES ANT) HIS FRIENDS FROM HELOA IF THE 6AUO FINDS DONE EASY, THEVlL BUT TJUST HAD TO SEE YOU O^CLIM&. OH, WHAT A FOOL VOU WER.E. NOT TO HAVE TRUSTED ME THAT FIRST NI6HT- I COULD MAWE SAWED YOUR LIVES, _ NOT 50 SURE. P If WASH TUHIJS HI WES II/PROVED TREMENDOUSLY IW THE PAST TWO YOU \VAUMA GET FAR SOCIETY, You've GOTTA THE WELL-DRESSED MAKI IS V/eARlW<3 ... AWD IF YOU WANT A TIP FROM WE,IT'S WOT A PNEUMONIA JACKET .«.' "THAT LITTLE SHOE- BUTTOVJ NOSE OF HIS IS BEGIWWIWG TO SNOW SOME COLOR AGAIKI .' WELL MAXE A MAW OF HIM YET.' HE ALREADY . HOW TD GET UP OFF GOSM,HE LOOKS A LOT HELLO BUTCk DAY '"n-i«UTWE CRISfS ! YOU LITTLE T PAMP ..... HOW'REYOU

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