The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 13, 1932
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Served by the United Press BIYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEA ST AHKANSAs'AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI * ^~^ VOL. XXIX—NO. 1515 Bljihevllle Dally News. Blytheville Herald. ,>,,.„,,,,,,,,,,.> -. " Mississippi Valley lender. Dlytheville Courier. '"-' I Hl'.vll.l.K, ARKANSAS, I'UIOSPAY, SKITK.MRKK II!, !!Wl! HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS"FLYING FAMILY" SAVED FROM DEATH Democrats Sweep Maine Election jProwlers Have Busy Nighl; i Take Cash Bui Leave Pants- SEiTS THEIRS VIctni-i/ !>; First In a viaoiy ib rust in a Searcli for a band of house thieves, same place. After ransai-kln? Hi? who invaded a Ulylhevllle residen-' place, the thieves look No;ih's t-ar • lial section last night centered at land drove off. • Maiden. Mo., today where a car. I Earlier In the night they entered •stolen by the "group, was abandon-1 thc residence of Dr. P. I). Smith, ed early Ihis morning. 808 Walnut, took his irnu^rs and Thc thicvcs cntcre<i ac leasl threc idciltial Year Since tliei or four house* and were frightened Ciivl War. away or failed to gain entrance to j five more. They stole more than i $150 )n cash besides a miscellaneous assortment of other articles and left trousers hanging on fence posis and strewn in back yards from the loi'r major contests in Maine's so- I COO west- block to (he 1200 west PORTLAND, Me.. Se]>'.. 13. (UP) —Wet Democrats triumphed over dry Republicans in t'.uce of th? called "barometer" election—t closest In this stale in 52 years— virtually complete returns showed this afternoon. bloek on three streets. Police here believed tlie band of house breakers was composed of Missouri youths from the vicinity Louis J. Drann, formerly five of Maiden who they say. have stag- limes mayor of Lcwislon, carried ed night, raids in several towns In 14 of the state's 20 eitl?s. inclnd- this section. The largest hauls were made at two Walnut street residences. At the B. H. Levy home, 624 w. Walnut, the intruders stole $05 from three pairs of trousers and left the trousers outside. About $28 was removed from Levy's pants, $35 from trousers belonging to J. C. Noah, and ing the home city of his Hepubh- crin opponent, to become Maine's first Democratic governor since 1914. His margin ov?r State Senate President Rurlcigh Martin was estimated at 1.800 to 2.200 votes in a total vote of ab3i;l 235.000. Democratic leaders predicted the lesults of yesterday's balloting would strongly influence the nation's vote in November. \ajiic Wet Congressmen Riding lo victory with Brann were two Democratic congressional candidates, Ewari Moran jr.. in the second district and John Ul- t?rback in the third. These men. both wet. defeated by slender margins their dry Republican opponents. Rep, John Nelson and former Governor Ralph Brewstcr, respectively." ' '"," The only Republican congressional candidate who emerged victorious was t!ie veteran Representative Cnrol Bealy, who defeated Joseph Connolly, wet Democrat, in the first district. Bendy, like the Republican candidates who were defeated L' dry. Result Sicnificant WASHINGTON', Sept. 13 (UP) — A Democratic sweep in Maine threw increasing uncertainly today ever the outcome of the 1932 presidential election. Maine has uniformly elected Republican governors In every presi- dcnllal year since the Civil Wir. With returns almost complete Democrats appeared lo have clcct- rd a governor fr.r (he, first time :-incc 1914 and to have won two of the three congressional seals. This exceeded their fondest hopes. One Democratic congressman was about, nil that the Democrats had been expected to get. G. O. r. Tried Hard Although entangled in many local tencs and perajnalilies the Maine election nevertheless held national significance. Both parties threv. r.rst stri.'ig speakers into the state in hr^e numbers. The Republicans closed their campaign with a spwli by the chief administration campaigner, Secretary of Treasury Ogden L. Mills, whcic plea to ir.e voters was confined almost entirely to an appeal to uphold President Hoover. democrats \verc convinced tl'.a.' if the Maine barometer means anv ""n« at nil it points to vlctjrj 'or them in November. This dc- "•'opincm aln-.rsl entirely over 'liadmv other political events o I lie week. Rcosrvclt Klaled CLEVELAND, Sept. 13 <UP>— Gov - Franklin D. Rosscvel!. •:> route to toi, r t |, e WC5ti pa,, s .v 11 C| fvehnd today long enonjl tl.n 5 M ' !t ' was " vory tappy " ° v " !"e Maine election results and t ""''"ic ihat |, c might make statement on t], e veterans bom: Question before he returns east. mini H ' York Bovfrnor quoted * those of his son-in-law, Whit Goodman, and removed $50 fiojn osu-1 pair and $35 from the o: 'cr A number of checks and papers were discarded by the intruders. Entrance was also gained at the C. W. Vollmer residence. 1120 West' Chickasawba, and several articles were stolen there, according to reports. At the Shane apartments In Hie 1000 block on Main, one of Itie thieves apparently reaciird through a window and pulled out Harry Haincs' pants, taking about two dollars in cash. Threc ice picks were .stolen from the back porch of Mrs. Amiie Duncan's home, Chickasawba and Burkett Gets', [ | [ | Vacant Road r Board Place L 1.ITTI.K ROCK. .Sept. U (UP)-I Jv-lm T. llm-ketl uf l.Hili- Hurk, i lujiiLr member of llu- |:enilenti'iry Will Be Launch- I ! - "id uas apjxiinli'd by tlovi'i-.'.u:- ^ ,. . , »Y/ 1 ' llam-y Parnell this aftcinwm to en at IVJOCtinc 01 WOrK-:i:!t Hie vucimry on (In- Mute hi'.;!'- ers Wednesday ™"'' 111 "' juliuse term would ndl Imve Committees to conduct a ram- , j lcc i Ullll | j ;imwly . uw. laign to raisn money for the niir- :hase of Walker's grove for a »ub- lic park were named last nlshl bv Eighth streets, alter the thieve. 1 ; failed to force entrance to the house. At the H. E. Barnelt residence, 110 Walnut, they were frightened uway and a pet monkey at the home about two dollars from Steve I of Warren Wright, 712 Walnut, is Brooks' pants. All reside at [he tonns' bonus rennet S h, stand in vi lo said to have kept the burglars away. What Is believed to have been an attempt to enter the Alvin Huffman residence. 1123 West Walnut, was thwarted when the occupants were' roused and turned on lights. Suspicions of the Charles Lemons family and neighbors. Tke Miller and family, at Walnut and Tenth streets, when they saw what they took to be prowlers, resulted in a call for police: When the of- 'at Hurley Takes Dele- sate Seat, Pledging tO 1 ficers arrived the prowlers had *r r r\ ff^no Vote tor Payment. PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 13 lUPi —A resolution urging congresi lo :ay adjusted service cerlift^r.'is mmediately and in full had evolv- d today oitt of a maze of bonus rsolutions and was on its way c-ward the Iloor of the American .cyion national convention. Tiie second significant develop- nent in the legion bcnus fight Dine when Patrick J. Hurley, so 1 .-- clary of war and a member of ; ie Tulsa,- Pkla., post, appeartd vitli a • delegate's badge of Ol;!-i- loma'dn his lapel. In accep;i!>s i scat with. the delegation of MJ itatc .' Secretary • Hurley nriMily Medsed himself to vote as lint ielcgallori had .been instructed bac home—for immediate cash payi'.; r nt he 18th amendment. It had been popularly supooscd le was • here to represent President Hoover in an elTort to ilall r.dvocacy of bonus payment. liie-hard bonus opposers, led by Jam Reynolds and his Nebraska The theft of Arthur Nabors' car Sunday night apparently was not connected with night. the robberies last In making HIE- appointment Pur::dl issued Ihe following sl.ik 1 iiiunl: Max B. field, pensral chairman of "There is a lii« Job nlicail the park organization, at a nie^l-1 straightening out tin! ailaiis 01 uu- attended bv about Uventv m^n I highway derailment line '.o tie- and wonu-n interested in the project. I meeting "( all workers, num- leled icvenues and heavy .shiink- He In the lax recclpi.-:. "ilurlng Ihe remainder r.f my bcriii" about 75. will be held al thejuim as covernor I expect lo Ce- city hall al 9:30 Wedi'.CE-Jiv mcrn-j vtitc considerable a'U'iillon to ilic- Ing to open the campaign, anil i highway deparlnient, and have the meetings to report nro<>res5 and iiiinost i-oiiIUIencc Hint Mr. lin-Kii plan details ol Ihe ensuing week's | uill work in close to-oricwllc>ii to work will bs MJ each Mo'irliv 1 r.'irr eondlllcn-i Ilia', have bro.i<;ui nislit until thc completion of th? ; ! i highway l?i':iK:ncn'. in'.n -.], The purchase nrico ol the TO IHSTflLL C. A. Cunningham Will Officiate at Ceremony at Armory Tonight; Tlic recently elected officers ot , Dud Cason Post No. 24. ot the 'bonus and for repeal o: | Legion, will be installed by C. A. Cunningham at n ceremony to conducted in connection with the regular [lost meeting at the armory at 7:30 ionight. This will be the first use of the Ix-gion's formal installation ccre- mcny in Ihe history of Ihe local -tate delegation, planned to he new resolution every step of I The new officers arc Dr. A. M. he way, claiming thai Immediate Washbimi. commander- Lex Chain- payment would drain bonus payment would drain She. national treasury and ini|X?rll the credit of the nation. " " C re the prc «r,t tm,r h " rM = lvcrt <*«"' cl;>rifl «II°n of his controversv the lat' Ordinance Will Get Final Reading Tonight Final reading of the proposed ordinance to bring charily solicitors in (his cily under control of city authorities is slated for lo- nighls session of Ihe council. The ordinance would require charity solicitors to secure a license or permit from Ihe city before seeking funds or olher atd here. The license requirement Is not for revenue pin-poses, the nominal sum of o:;c dollar being proposed, but to bring charity solicitors under surveillance of proper authorities, il is stated. The proposed ordinance advanced through first and second reading last month. It's adoption tonight is anticipated. Only routine matters will come bclorc the council tonight, according to Mayor Neill Reed. Alfred Smith asking all a "good Democrat". ' Roosevelt, who had planned Meep late, dismissed all in of remaining in i^d ,-hen paners carrying details of the Mal-ie Erie. p" C P '" ab °" d llis tral » * More than 80 per cent of th c lOfl.GOo annual cases of diphtheria in this, country, occur between the nscs of one and hv« ftkn, Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T H3 Anaconda Copper 12 Auburn 54 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor .... 10 Chrysler 16 1-4 Cities Service 47-8 Coca Cola 104 Continental Baking .... 51-2 General Electric 17 1-2 General Motors 16 1-8 Middlcwest Utilities 5.3 Montgomery Ward H 1-4 New York Central 25 1-8 Packard 4 Radio 9 1-4 Simmons Bc:'s 93-4 Standard of N. J 32 T«»s Co. H 3-4 u, s. site! ,;,,.,liii., 4: i-i blin. vice-commander: E. P. Borun, finance olficer; W. J. Pollard, adjutant: A. O. Hudson, chaplain: =Ycd Cartock. historian, and Allen Gv.yn, Serjeant at arms. There will be discussion at, to- nigh'.'s meeting of an oiler bj R. N. Ware. Jr.. to furnish i large part of Ihe material nee t-ssary for tlie erection of a pos 1 lint provided the post will furnish assurance will be carried thai the projec to completion. FOR mm War Department Make $41,500,000 Available for Improvements. WASHINGTON, Sept. 13. (UP) — The war department today mad available 141,577.260 provided in th recent relief net for flood contro on Ihe Mississippi river and rive and harbor mprovcment work thru out thc United States. Of this amount $15.500.000 will be expended on flood control work an $26.077.260 for porl and waterwa improvements. Largest of the flood control lotments was $6,500,000 for th Memphis district of the Mlssisslpp river. Lock and dam conslructtc on trie Alleghany river In P-:nnsv vanla will move forward under th Impetus of a $4,000.000 allocatlo Other flood control allocation were: Vicksburg district of tlw Mi sisslppi river. $1.500.000: New O leans district, $3.500,000: gener bank protection and dredging wor $3.950,OpO: and general contlngen fund, IM.OM, ere tract is $9.600. and at least II 5.000 of this must IK raised before! II he end of October, lo in?<?l n oav- f(L S5.000 the ment due then. The-balance of $4,000 is dun a year later. The plan for l']e nun-lnse nf i ;i « park calls for the organization of a corpornlion with an mitherizid can- ital of S10.000. divided into shares of $10 each. Ttie corporation will be organized when subscriptions have been received for as much as $5.nno of the capital stock. Stock 'sub- scrlotlon blanks have be^n vremr- ed and some of them arc alrrnry In the hands of solicitors. They will be in general circulation after Wednesday morning's meeting. Following are the solicillne- coin- ittecs. with Ihe territory as'jnrr 1 each: Main street, east of First: O. C. •vrncs, L. G. Thompson. Harvey- orris. G. H. Gr»ar. Main strict. Fi«t tn Railrnn-1- ehry neidman. Jim Guard. Jeff oland. J. J. Dalv. Main street. Railroad to Fifl 1 '. A. Lynch. J. A. Ij»ec'r>. C. V. -baugh, W. J. Wunderlich, Jack obinson. Cross streets. Fifth to Seroml: . D. Ferguson, Hurry Kirby, O. '. McCntrhen. Cross streets. Second to Lee-Con- edge gin: C. S. Lemons. .1." Mi-k homas, J. G. Barnes. Firri- on. Byron Morse, n. P. Klrshner. Compresses and gins: Adclnli Tcyers. T. J. Mahan. Jakp Unsrar. Cotton buyers: II. Hlghnil. R. D 'ugl:cs. E. C. Patton. o. O. Hnr- awav. Doctors, lawyers and dentists: \ I. Washbnrn, Marcus Evrard. C> il Shane. L. IT. Moore. Wesl end: E. FI. Jackson. Rev. -1 Thompson. Jack Homer. R. N. Varc. Outlying stores: H. T. Culp. J L. Cherry. Civic organi7ailons: Dr. E- fics. F. A. While. C. A. Cuningham. Clean-up: John McHnnpv Rus ell Phillips. G. G. Hubbaul. Courl Houso mid out of town . J. Ullle. Clarence Wilson, W. ff. Hollipeter. Arch Llndsey. E I! .yman. C. H. Hall. Wholesalers: Percy Smith, Jo-i Vaterman, Pred Matthews. Women's committees, clubs homes, clc: Mrs-. J. B. Clark. Mrs W. Bader, and Mrs. J. II. n>•>•- lolds. Mrs. J. A. Ix-cch. Mrs. C W Aflllck. Mis. Ti. A. Lynch. . . Mrs. Howard Proctor. Mrs. E P Borum. Mrs. R. N. Ware. Mrs. p. L. Husband. Mrs. A M iVashbnrn, Mrs. L. H. Moore Mrs. T. w. Jackson. Mrs. .1. G. Barnes. Mrs. E. E. Alexander. Calls Upon Presidential Nominees to Make 1 heir Programs Known. PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 13. (UP) —Allied E Smith today called up- Ih? candidates for president to ell the people what they Intend o do about the soldier bonus prob- ein. The demand by the Democratic wrty's 132R candidate for th? pn?s- dency was set forth in a copyright argument written by Mr. null for U:c Saturday Evening 'osi, published torlny. It voiced tfce fortlii:;hl spcakinv New Yorker's own disapproval of ;ugKested legislation ani some taw.- oh Ihe bosks. It declared that present laws would force the government within ^0 years to sp^mi as nuch Inr pensions a^ the entire government cosl Ibis year. It blamed tlr hau.-r- of reprwnlatlves for ounipins much o'. ihc legislation and asHalinn. 0 s c. e o I a 1 fondle Affairs of Defaulting Groups. OSCI-.Ol.A. Ark. Sept. 13—Charles E. Siillcngcr. Osceolii nllm- nry. was nuuicd rti-elver lev live south Mississippi county Immovi;- llli'm dlstrlets ,vi-:iterdny hy C'll.lll- lellnr J. .M. l-'ntrell al n lR..irliig In 1'iiragould. Judye Fulrell granted till' trillion of iKJndlioUU'is ol Ihe five ;!ilaultlng dlstrlcls for a re-c'ver several v.eeks ago hut held up (lit 1 iipptihuincnt until matte'-* nf .iroi-ulure could bo agreed upon :ctwri.-n nlloineys. Tile llli.4uliun Involves [)rii'- 1 .'- i-.lly i he whuli! of south Missls- i].pl eitnnly, for uhlle a receiver if, aiipolnlcd for only the live ile- laulUng districts, the connniss'onrsrs o:' all o^crTll|]pin^ improvement dl.slricls are brouglil into courl !o scl up their claims wllh a view lo seiurlivj a court ruling ns 13 the priority of \.nx of tiic icspro tlve dislricic. Thc suil u:is bioughl by RJJ», I^min-jway. Can'rrll and Ijo:rg'n- bn:o. Little liix-1: ultorneys. n-p- iescnling the bci.iMialdcrs ol the five districts bonds gate $3.COO,000. Atlcctcd by llw suit will L-c tile commissioners o: • districts wilti bends lotallnij ur. r-roxlmalely S'iO.ODOOOO and the tax payers on 27j HOO acres of souf llsrirslppl county land, Districts wliosj affairs Mr. Sul- nger will diicct lire Joiner Ho.i m]i!overnenl DiSlilcl No. 7; cnr- on Uike Rond Iniproveinent DIs- rlct No. G: Jo'"er Malntcipnn district No. I; O:,raolii-Lll(lc Rive load ImprovT'iic-i:: District .1:1' jiib-llislrkt N'o:' .1 to Dramas. District. No. 1. • Plane With <>irl Aboard Off to Rome! I NKW YORK. Sf|ll. 13. IUP)-Tlie j pkmr "Aiiu'ilcan Nurse" with two men anil u woman nboiml took otf today on a projected non-slop siit lo Koine. 4,'iOO miles distant. 'Hie liuijr [iluiii; roaicd Into Hie "ir 31 (j:17 William Ulbrlcll wus nl I lie controls of the "flyhm mulluil labsia- toiy" n-llli Dr. I/eon Pescnlli and' MLa K '" m Newcomci ' nni.-.c. as passcnuers .The flight was dcslnn- C( | , 0 i,^ „ sc [,., 1( ui c exprdillon \>nti Hit physician sliiclyinu Hie phys!c;il renctlons of Ulbrlch nml Miss New- corner- to fatluue, ulm(«|):-.erlcal conditions, and tlic uiisses from tin- motor. 'Hie phinr. tlic snnie one used by Clyde I'nnRboin und Hiiiih Herndon hi liielr roiuid-thc-worlil (llntit. uas lecondltlonctl. HERE TOP STATE Heavy Early Season Movement Reflected in Compress '.Report. Collon receipts at compress BlylheviUc for thc week ending last Friday were 7.239 bales, ncarlj double receipts at any oilier Arkansas compress point- and presumably a high record for tho first week in September. The week's receipts brought thc total here to I0.7M bales for the renscn, according to the weeklj compress report ol thc Arkansas Colton Trade association. Total receipts for the state las week were 34.945 bales for a sea 54.113. Shipments son's total of for the week 12.292 bale Wo m au's Hawkins. club: Mrs. w. W. Mayor Neill need and Chl-f of Police A. n. Gwyn were appointed a special committee on cooperation by Ihe city administration, and C. R. Babcock and J. G. Sudbury were appolnt-xl a committee on publicity, chock-up and clearance. Accept "Ma" Ferguson as Democratic Nominee LUDBOCK. Texas. Sspt. 13 (UP) —The Texas Democratic convention today adopted with viva, vor^? vote the ranort of the state executive committee certifying Mrs. Miriam A. Ferguson as the party's nominee for governor of Texas and placing (he convention in the control of tho Ferguson forces. Tlie first school In Ihe city of New York was starter! In 1663 by (cr a season's total of S0.2I8. leaving stocks on hand in Arkansas ;omi;ressrs of 347.CH. Shipments from Rlylhevllle compress hft week were 1 .667 bales making a lotal for the season o 4.108 and leaving a stock on hand of 34,823. Rccclp'.s las', week and for tin :cason here and throughout thi stale were far heavier than las season. Arkansas compresses ha< received only 3.0C3 bales at this date last year. Blythcvillc Hope West Memphis Texarkana Pine Bluff Fort Smith Eudora Helena Marlnnna Forrest City Earle Marked Tree Mcrrllton Hussellville Magnolia Mttle Rock Lc.ichvlllc Joncsboto 7,230 3,63(1 3,455 3,083 2,519 2,197 1,561 1,071 973 875 832 B24 81G 800 803 37S 405 37 lO.lSfi 5,17 4.88 4.80 4.28t 2,90 2,25 1.67 1.24 1,05 1.0M 1.02 1.45 1.04 1.33 80 53, OF POSTOFFICE Modification of Specifica tions May Be Necessary It Is Indicated. The funds available for the ne 1 lylheville postomrc have been re duced from S95.000 lo $85.500 untie ertr.s of the economy bill passed a he last session of congress. nodificatlon of tlie original sjwcl fictitious for the building may Lt necessary, according lo informalio received by Ihe Courier News froi: Washington. Two general plans arc und' 1 dlrci:ssion. On; calls lor specifics :ion of cheaper materials than orig nally planned, such as substltullo of brick for stone In exterior fac ing. or wood for aluminum in win dow and door frames. Tltc othc proposes leaving certain portions o Ihe building unfinished, to be com pleied al a hler date. A third suggestion, for reduclto In the size of Ihe building, ha found lltlte favor, and will be. re sorted to only in the event Ihat is found ini]ic v s5iib!e ofcr.erwisc secure an acceptable bid, ofTlcia Indicated. Chances are thai two separal bids will be asked when the jo goes on the market, it was said thc architect's office. One will b based on the use of the more ex pensive materials, and the other on substitution of less costly materials. Alternate b:ds on inclusion or elimination of unnecessary decorative work may also be asked, it was said. ioover Announces He Will Havu Plan Ready for the Next Congress. WASHINGTON, Sept. 13. tUPI— 'resident Hoover announced tcdtiy ual lie was working on u definite )lan for the entire reorganisation if the executive branch of thc tsi- iral government, authorlwxl by Ilia ast session of congress In the so- •alled economy act. The president, coming from iif session of the coblnel lo a brief comerence with ncwip»perm«n, announced that lie had ordered Bud- gel Director ROop lo sel up a staff make detailed Inve-iligatton und prepare Ihe necessary executive orders "for reorganization of the whole structure of the federal government." Tlic brief announcement said that liese orders would be presented to congress Immediately when II con- rencrt next December. Tho preslrienl added thai for (lie Irs*, time in nearly 30 years of agl- lallon eflcciive measures for t.ils •corganizatlon would bo ready for congressional approval. Mr. Hoover pointed out that un- ler Hit economy act these excculh-2 orders would become clf'ccltve after sixty calendar flays unless conyn lc s voted disapproval of tlieni. Rescue by Trawler Saves llutchiiisons and Crew I'l'om Certain Death. ANGMAGSALIK. G rcenlandj Sept. 13. (UP)—Col. CieorBD R.. Hiitchtnson and hln "flying family." were saved from death on the barren Gieenlatul coast today when Ihcy were found alive und well on Ikersuak fjoril. Their airplane was wrecked. The steam trawler Lord Talbot, first vessel to receive Hutclilnson's S-O-S signals, found the family early today. Captain Thomas Wntson of lha trawler reuorlcil "all passengers on j the plane arc well." . . r Tne amphibian airplane In which I eight persons were Hying to Eu| rein 1 was forced down at 3:10 p.m. Sunday. Thc discovery of thc little hand mddled ashore after their airplane ':iad been wiccke:! saved them Irohi .Ikcly starvation or death from cold In a descried region. Tlie privations would have been especially severe on Mrs. Hulclilnsoii and licr two daughters, Kathryn, 8. and Janet, e'. A f^plllla of craft ranging from trawlers to Eskimo cano:s li'tid searched tlie seas since Sunday for thc missing latully while airplanes flew over Denmark straits. Aboard ttie amphibian "City nf Richmond" were Hutchlnson, Ills wife and two daughters, and a crew of four, Peter Redpalh, navigator, Joseph Ruft. mechanic, Oerol:! Al- Uflssh. radio opjralor, and Norman Alley, cameraman. . - VOTE WILL TEST Y'S Vole Kiohe and Gas 1 ' Cuts at Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 13 tUI'l — After nearly six months of debate 'the Little Hock city council Jast nlghl passed ordinances reducing telephone tind gas rates. Officials of both the Southwestern Bell Telephone company nil Ihe Lltllc Rock Gas and Fuel ompany announced Ihcy- would ecfc federal courl injunctions lo -cvcnl enforcement.. The measures cs passed Inst light provide for a 25 per cc'.it eduction in telephone rales aiv.l he elimluntbn of n monthly 50- c-nt service chnrgc lor gas. Thj alter prdinnncc also places^'~a >remhnn cf kn per cent on pay- nent nf bills before the lOth-of 'ach month. ' \*'^ Kingfisli Has Waged Fight Against Broussavd Home Stale. in Cotton Loses Another $1.50 a Bale Today NEW YORK, Sept. 13 (UP) — Cotton closed more than Sl.50 a bale lower today after having recovered to near the previous cl«s- m? levels from an early break of more than 30 points. Comlne on top of yesterday's decline the early break today put llw market in a stronger h! nlcal position bill selling was returned after a gradual rally to tnc previous closing levels had taken place. Reports of nnfaiorable crop wra- llier. continued good demand for cotton, and a steady cottm market Iwlped xntlmem. NE\V ODLBANS, Sept. 13. (UP) —Louisiana voters wenl to the |»lls today to pass Judgment en the regime of ir.c politicnl boss. u. S. Senator Huey Ixmg, while tliey nominated Democratic candidates for one senate and eight congressional seals and several state offices. The KIngfish has picked John fl Overtoil for the senate, opposln? the Incumbent. Edwin Broussard who lias ):eld the job for twelve years. Senator Broussard has (he support of the anti-Long faclloi which claims added following from disgruntled payers of the new "Huey Long" slate taxes. Closing campaign speeches last night centered on which of the candidates Is the "welter," willi both sides claiming the distinction New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 13. <UP)Cotlon closed barely steady. Open High Low "close •I»n 770 777 155 M»r. 778 791 May 791 805 July 801 80S Oct 750 Dec. .. 765 756 772 170 782 790 733 750 756 771 782 793 733 751 Held Funeral Today for Joe Lafayette, Tomato Joe Lafayette. 50, died Monday afternoon .al five o'clock al'Thp somr of Harry Brown, farmer.' .in. .he Tomato community southeast rf Ulytlicvlllc. He had been In lit Health for some time. ., Funeral services will be held this afternoon al 2 o'clock at. Mapta Grove cemetery. The Cobb Un- icrtaking company Is in charge of funeral arrangements. ' * * The deceased is survived by two c isters, Mrs. John Bishop of Tupelo, Miss., and Mrs. J. T. Bisnop of Pascagoiiln, Miss., and one br.i- Iher. John Lafayette of Randolph, Miss. Scn-in-Law Freed in Marvell Man's Death MARVKI.L. Ark., Sept. 13 (UP) —Bryan Graves was exonerated of Ihe slaying of his fatlicr-ln-lavv, Newton Outlirle. 6S. farmer anil cattle raided, by Justice of the Peace W. B. Jarrctt. Graves said that C.uthric had threatened his life and that of I is mother and three small children. Labor Lauds Parnell's Efforts for Workers HOT BPRTtfOS, Ark., Sept. 13 (UP)—Resolutions were adopted by the Arkansas Slate PederatlDi ot Labor in annual convention here commending Gov. Harvey Parnell for his "untiring efforts to assist the wage earner." Spo's clcse<t flt 740, off 35. quiet New Orleans- ration NEW ORLEANS, "^pt. n (UP) —Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Low close Jan 173 780 7i7 . 760 Mar 787 793 770 .770 May 797 806 78* 786 July SOfi 310 193 793 Oct 750 752 135 735 Dec 7S8 774 750 752 Spots closed. Hi 715, of! 10, «t*iutv. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy to- nijht and Wednesday. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips, Jr., the maximum temperature here yesterday was 86 degrees and life minimum. C6 degrees, clear. Today a year ngo the maximum temperature was 88 degrees arid Uio. minimum 70 degrees, cloudy,

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