Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 25, 1964 · Page 18
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 18

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 25, 1964
Page 18
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MAY 25, 1964, Lake Charles American Pf6ss Red China's Mao Preaches Revolution; Fights Ni By JOHN RODERICK TOKYO (AP) - Thirty-eight years ago, Mao Tze-tung wrote: "A revolution is not the same as inviting peoplf to dinner, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing fancy needlework. for all to see. More obscure, however, are the personal reasons which Impel Mao—an intellectual of considerable personal charm, a poet, classical scholar and historian—to rest such a deep and terrible faith in the most destructive of man's "It cannot," he continued, "be qualities, anything so refined, so calm and i The _answers can only be : gentle, so mild, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an uprising, an act • of violence whereby one class : overthrows another.". guessed at. Psychologists may find some clues in his early childhood. When he was 10, his teacher often beat him severely for failing to learn the Confu- kita nans eek to Share POPE AND SENATOR - Pope Paul VI is shown during his private audience with Senator Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., in his library in the Vatican Ciiy this weekend. It was the first papal audience for the brolher of the laie President. He is on a European lour to obtain financial support for the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library to be built in Boston. (AP Wirephoio via cable from Rome). Work on Rights le Pressed WASHINGTON IAP) - The Senate civil rights debate enters, its 12th week today with lead-! ers still trying to put across a package of amendments designed to pickup the wavering notes needed for passage. They presented the package- prepared by Republican and Democratic civil rights forces in consultation with Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy—at party caucuses last week and found further tinkering is needed. Republican senators scheduled their fourth conference on the Young Leopard Is Poor Protector KROONSTAD. South Africa (AP)—Mr. and Mrs. Japie Buys had an idea their three-months- old leopard, named Speckles, might be just the thing for a watchdog to leave at the house. But when they returned from a visit thieves had made off with all their clothes, leaving Speckles still in charge. Soviet Tourist Out Snaps Japs FUKUOKA (AP) - While his father, Soviet first deputy premier, Anastas I. Mikoyan, talked diplomacy. Sergei Miko- yan, 34, gained the attention of even this shutter-happy nation with his endless picture taking. In Kyoto he got up before dawn for special shots of aged shrines and temples. At news conferences he joined working lensmen. proposed amendments today. Their leader. Sen. Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, said he expects it to be the last. Dirksen and assistant Democratic Leader Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota said they hoped the package could be submitted tr the Senate this week as a substitute for the House bill now being debated. This substitute, they said, could be discussed (his week and much of next week before an attempt is made to shut off debate and bring the bill to a vote. The approval of two-thirds of the senators present and voting is required to shut off the Southern oratory that has prevented action on "the bitterly disputed legislation. Senate leaders have indicated they might try to invoke cloture by the second week in June. An Associated Press poll of all 100 senators, however, revealed that the votes needed for cloture in early June are not yet available. It would take 67 votes to close the debate if the full membership were on hand. Only 56 senators said (hey were willing to go on record now for cloture in early June. There were 27 opposed to cloture then. The 17 others were either non-committal or unwilling to say whether they would vote for cloture by early June. These 17, mostly from the Midwest and from Rocky Mountain states, hold the key to the final outcome. This will be a short work week for Congress with both House and Senate expected to quit on Thursday for a three-day Memorial Dav weekend. When Mao wrote this in 1926,' cian classics, at the age of 33, his antagonists i Psychologists may find more were the rich landlords of his' signposts in his unhappy home 1 native Hunan Province, his life. A severe father frequently friends the poor peasants whose lost his temper and thrashed cause he made his own. him. Today, at 71, having defeated While still a boy, the young landlords, capitalists and the.Mao had his first taste of via- Kuomintang of Generalissimo' 'ence when, during a famine in Chiang Kai-shek in his own Changsha, the government dealt i land, Mao preaches revolution with an uprising by executing for the world, advocates blood- the. ringleaders and placing letting on an international scale their heads on pikes. This inci- to wipe out capitalism and re- dent, he said later, made a pro- place it with communism. found and lasting impression on His chief adversary in this him. great and frightening project is Later, as a Communist, the not the United States, the bank- rust which had begun to corers and governments of the rode Mao's soul deepened as ' West, but one of the giants ot massacres became common on communism itself-Nikita Khru- both the Red and the "White" shchev. j Kuomintang side. What compas- The Soviet premier disputes i sion he may have retained must Mao's long-held belief that the ! surely have been wiped away by only sure road to communism is i the execution of his brother and over the bodies of the men and i sister and of his second wife, women who oppose it. In the j A follower of Lenin, whose nuclear age, Khrushchev argues : own life had been embittered by that communism must win the Czarist execution of his through peaceful means, using young brother, Mao learned violence sparingly, not as the from the Bolshevik revolutionary main weapon. i that any means, from terror to By now, all the world knows torture to murder, were justi- that Mao stands for violence : fled to achieve victory, and revolution. Years ago he j Mao's long and successful laid down the celebrated dictum i struggle against the Kuomintang that, "Political power grows out further served to convince him of the barrel of a gun." ' that there was no substitute for In 1937 he said, "Revolutions violence; he came to believe and revolutionary wars are in- • that it solved all questions, eyitable in a class society" and' Slightly round - shouldered, "in their absence the people dressed in loose-fitting tunic and cannot win political power." : worsted trousers, Mao Is a far A year later he added: "Poli-i cry from the average man's tics are bloodless war while war image of the hot-eyed revolu- is the politics of bloodshed." tlonary. The lines of his face are All this is published doctrine I soft and undramatic, his cheeks Dtists Outline iefs of Faith ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) —North American Baptists ended an unprecedented conclave here with a "message to the world" outlining the beliefs of their members. The three-day 150th anniversary jubilee, which brought together for the first time representatives of the seven largest Baptist groups in North America, ended Sunday after an address by evangelist Billy Graham, who called for a religious revival to obtain equal rights for all Americans. The Baptists stood "as an affirmation of our belief" in approving the message, drafted by key leaders from each body. Areas covered included salvation, religious liberty and free- puffy. Widely spaced eyes lock out noncommitally from under sparse eyebrows. A high donud forehead is flanked by straight, oil-black hair whose abundance gives him a leonine look. Tie nose is long, the mouth wide at d j sensuous. A mole is set prom enntly above the fleshy chin. When the writer first inte 4 viewed Mao in the cave city |>f Yenan 19 years ago, he was struck by his easy air of authob- . ity, the respect which even oll- |er men accorded him. Dressed carelessly in worn, patched cottons, his tennis shoes tied loosjj- ly on his feet, Mao was a mixture of Chinese courteousness aln Informality, of peasant humcr and seriousiness. He spole softly but with surgical precision, looking straight into the eyes. During a community dance, he was all bounce and sparklit, whirling around the floor like some enormous kewpie-doll. In Be dom, the importance of the individual, Christian love for all men and belief in the Bible. It also included mild and brief statements on race relations. The message did not specifically state that Baptists believe in the absolute literal truth and divine inspiration of the Bible. This is a point of controversy among Baptists. Graham told the jubilee: "Many people today want social freedom and deserve it. They are marching for it, demonstrating for it, picketing for it. "But they will not get it in this decade or the next unless we have a religious revival and convert the people to Jesus Christ." Governor Asks Slate Memorial For Morrison BATON ROUGE (AP) - Otie of Gov. John McKeithen's Sedate leaders said today the chief executive wants to join with tlje legislature in sponsoring a state memorial to the late deLessej)s S. Morrison. The legislature opens its third week with a House session at 2 p.m. The Senate comes back at 7 p.m. Morrison and six other, including his 7 - year - old son, Randy, were killed in a Mexico plane crash Friday. The funeral will be held in New Orlealis Tuesday. Sen. Michael O'Keefe, New Orleans, a McKeithen floor leader, said Gov. McKeithen has asked him to draw up the necessary legislation to support ! a state memorial, once final j plans are determined. ! "Gov. McKeithen told me he wanted to propose a fitting state memorial to Morrison l)e, cause of his outstanding service 1 to the state of Louisiana" O'Keefe told The Associated Press. j "The governor wants to coiv i suit with the New Orleans delegation before deciding what I form this memorial should | take," the senator added. j O'Keefe said the governor's j initial thoughts were that the i memorial perhaps should ha,ve 1 some connection with the New Orleans Civic Center, "because this was the dream and plan of Chep Morrison, . . . The center has been linked closely with him throughout the years." 6 YEARS OLD. IMPORTED IN BOTH! fROM C»N*OA BV HIBAM WUKtd IMf>0»U«$ INC DETROIT. MICH. 66.8 PROOF. BUNDED CAN«Ol»N WHISKY. Why more people every day are asking for Canadian Club HIRAM WALKER i SONS LIMITED WALKERVILLE, CANADA 1 . It has the lightness of Scotch 2. The smooth satisfaction of Bourbon 3. No other whisky in the world tastes quite like it How light is Canadian Club? FACT: It's the lightest whisky in the world! Bottled in Canada "The Best In The House" in 87 Lands For GRADUATION,,, get the musical magic of the magnificent ^^. TRUE STEREO HIGH FIDELITY AMAZING MAGNAVOX PORTABLE The Troubadour-with MICROMATIC player, Plays all records, including stereo records monaurally with amazing tone. In choice of colors. ONLY $5990 ENJOY ROOM-FILLING SOUND FROM THIS POCKET.SIZED AM RADIO EIGHT POWERFUL TRANSISTORS! plus highest standard of perform, ance you'd expect from Magnavox, Exceptional station selectivity. Gift] boxed complete with battery, ear*i phone and leather carrying case. In several colors. The Companion, AM-80. NOW ONLY $]Q95 \ 3426 RYAN SKE OIK COMPLETE LIKE OF PORTABLE STEBEO PHONOGRAPHS &TV APPLIANCE CENTER 68 7.2fi|g crowds, he had the eerie capacity to be alone, lost In his thoughts, staring fixedly into the distance. When this happened, no one approached him. In those days, Mao was a man of many facets: devoted father In love with his pretty, young wife; political leader engrossed in party discussions; military strategist mapping campaigns against the Kuomntang, and Witty host Who could reply, When asked by his American guest why the fare was so lavish: "We are Communist, but we also are Chinese and like good food. Besides, nothing is too good for a guest." Outwardly, Mao gave no hint of the storms and hatreds which boiled inside of him. He rarely lost his temper in public, Mao rules over China today like some nebulous Red Buddha, floating above the political cares of day-to-day life which he entrusts to President Liu Shao-chi and Premier Chou En-lai. As chairman of the Communist party, he is the undisputed No. 1 man of China. In apparent robust health, forced as many men of his age are to be careful of his diet, he lives in an ancient yellow-tiled building in Peking's forbidden city. His chief preoccupation is blockng out the tactics and strategy of what he regards as his greatest battle — the struggle to overthrow Khrushchev and his doctrine of peaceful coexistence. Endowed with the enduring patience of the Chinese peasant, Mao is convinced that in time he will win this fight as he did that aganst another obudrate foe — Chiang Kai-shek. id to Schools OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (AP)-The General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., traditionally Insistent on separation of church and state, will be asked to consider the sharing of some secular public school courses with pupils from parochial schools. It is a compromise proposed as a means of solidifying enough public support to get Congress to pass federal aid for public schools. The General Assembly's 841 voting commissioners, representing 3.3 million members In 9,100 churches, resumed business sessions today after a Sunday of worship and rest. The assembly continues through Wednesday. Its standing committee on the Church and society asks the commissioners to say the Church: "Supports in principle a program of federal aid to public school systems that would encourage shared-time arrangements to permit students enrolled in private or parochial schools to obtain a portion of their education in public schools." The assembly of a year ago suggested the shared-time concept should be studied. Cats may not have nine lives, but they are living longer these days. The average cat lives 12 to 15 years. Animal hospitals often encounter 19- and 20-year- olds. Barry Would Use A-Bombl On Jungles WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Barry Goldwatef says low-yield atomic weapons could be used to burn Jungle foliage and expose Communist supply lines along South Viet Nam's border. The Arizona senator was asked Sunday on the ABC radio and television program "Issues and Answers" how jungle trails which can't be spotted from the air should be handled in the U.S.-supported war. In the interview, Goldwater urged the bombing; with conventional weapons of bridges, roads and railroads used to bring supplies from Red China and North Viet Nam Into South Viet Nam unless the Communists halted the military shipments. The senator also Indicated he would favor bombing supply routes inside Red China. "You might have to," he said, or the war will drag on and on. Unmanned Apollo Countdown Starts CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP) —The launch crew today begins the long countdown for the first attempt to orbit an unmanned model of the Apollo moonship. A Saturn 1 rocket, which in combination with the spacecraft towers more than 19 stories high is scheduled to thunder into the sky at 9 a.m. (EST) Tuesday. DRY, SCALY SKIN? Relieve painful Itching. Soften «cabt on «calp or skin, Soothe minor burns. 1000 uses I Switch to this hospital quality dressing. iww *-KP i White. Stainless. Only 174; \M* '^ Mover twice as much for27ii I LJ /PETROLpUM BBS WARNS ABOOT INSURANCE BY MAIL The Better Business Bureau reports an increase of mailings into this area offering insurance which may be purchased by mail. These offers also appear In various magazines and other advertising media. When Louisiana residents take out insurance with a company not licensed by the State, they are denied the protection of Louisiana law, when a claim is denied. Residents of this area are requested to check with the Department of Insurance, State Capitol, Baton Rouge, before signing an application with any company that does no have a local office or agent. Adv. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain New York, N. Y. (Special )For the first time science has found a new healing substance with tho astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain - without surgery. In one hemorrhoid case after another/'very striking improvement" was reported and verified by a doctor's observations. Pain was relieved promptly. And, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction or retraction (shrinking) took place. And most amazing of all this improvement was maintained in cases where a doctor's observations were continued over a period of many months I In fact, results were so thorough that sufferers were able to make such astonishing state- ments as "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" And among these sufferers were a very wide variety of hemorrhoid conditions, some of 10 to 20 years' standing. All this, without the use of narcotics, anesthetics or astringents of any kind. The secret i> a new healing substance (Bio- Dyne®}-the discovery of a world-famous research institution. Already, Bio-Dyne ia in wide use for healing injured tissue on all parts of the body. This new healing substance is offered in suppository or ointment form called Preparal'on H®. Ask for individually sealed convenient Preparation H Suppositories or Preparation H Ointment with special applicator. Preparation H is sold at all drug countere. On Australia's dependency of j Papua, the southeastern section | of New Guinea, the natives | i speak 750 different languages. ! LAID TUESDAY ONLY With a purchase of $2,50 or more at your A&P 3533 Ryan St. Corner 2nd Ave. and 2nd Street 2137 Oak Park Blvd. Maplewood Shopping Center - Plus Store-Wide Values -——— EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE APPLE PIE STRAWBERRIES ORANGES BACON SLICES 3-Lb. Bag $199 1 Bag Jane Parker Fresh Calif. Red Ripe 1-Lb. 8-Oz. Size 3 Full Pints Calif. Sweet Juicy Allgood Brand Sliced "Super-Righi" Smoked Center Lb. N'O COUPON NEEDED GET 50 EXTRA STAMPS WITH ARMOUR'S STAR PICMOS 3-LB. CAN 51.79 I

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