The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1943
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1043 KOTARY CMJII MKKTS Informal reports of Uic 138lh District Conference of Rotary 'Which met Insl week in 1 Hot Springs were given ,by various ones of the group of 40 Rotarinns and Rotary Anns who attended; nt the weekly luncheon meeting In the educational building of the Baptist Church Tuesday. It wins announced Hint reservations for the annual convention of Holnry International to meet In St, 1.0111s 'next v,'eek have been mnde by Mi'. nntlMrs ,D. S. Lnn ey, Dr. and Mrs. George Cone, \V. W. 'Prc'wilt, the Rev J,. T. Lawrence, II. J. Hale and. lien P. miller. A; C. Spellings nnd Steve Cock- erlism of Etowah community were guests. The pupils of Mrs. Donalrt H. Wc-m will provide.the program lit next week's meeting. ENTKKTAINS SUPI'ER. <:U)B Attractive umingcmcnt.s of Editor McFurlniul roses were used in decoration of the'.Mrs. Ed L. Qdinn home when she was hostess to the Monday N!|>ht Supper Club far nil evening of'bridge. . Following their ustinl custom,'the 1C members mid Biuuils had tnr- ke'y'.dinner together' nt • Cramers Cafe before going to the Qulnli home for the games. Trie same kind of roses decorated Ihc supper hi- bles ut the'cafe.;' ; Awards were wou by Miss Blanche Cleeio. Mrs. Clundi' Por- rlii mid Mrs., H. J. Hnle. Guests were Miss icminn C'ox, Mrs. A. G. Hrlekey, Mrs. WndB Qulnn, nnd -Mrs. J. 13. Clftik of Bljrthovllle. HAS ritor.KKSSIVK niNNEH Twelve inemljcrs of the Young Woman's Auxiliary'of the Baptist W. M. u. ehoycil a Progressive Dinner on Monday night, combined with their regular missionary ' program. Beginning at the liome of Miss Vcra llenurix at 7:30 for .cocktails, Hie group next went to tiie home of their counselor, Mrs. Byron E. Moore for the main course including Italian spaghetti, salad, hot rolls.and drinks, then to the home of Mi-ss Corn Hognn for the dessert course and program. "WLso or otherwise" wns the title of the program on the seminaries., colleges and training schools maintained by Southern Baptists in tiic 1C countries where they have mission work. Miss Eiiua Traylor was leader, assisted by Elizabeth Rose, Cora Hognn, Vern and • Virginia Hendrlx nut! Christine Thilltjis. ... ' . The second chapter of Proverbs emphasising education wns reaii res'ponsively liy two groups, followed with prnycr by Mrs. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Philip P. Burks and son, Philip Burks Jr., of-Bedford, ya., will .arrive Friday 'for a visit-'with Mrs. Burks' parents, Dr. and Mrs. '2. M. Harwell. MnJ. Mnl- lory Harwell of the Army Bnsic Plying School, Maiden, MO., will also come down for the weekend with his parents. • LIcul. Van Elliott ami Mrs. Elliott have returned to their post at Bin Springs Tex., after n visit here with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Moore of Keiser, and Mr.: and Mrs. W. V. Alexander of COceola. Meutenaiit /l^liott, formerly \vith the Anderson-Clayton Cotton Co. office here, is now bombardier instructor nt the Texas Held. W. E. Johnson will arrive Fii- duy from Minml, pin., where lie has spent the Winter season, for a visit with his daughter, Mrs. W. W. Prewttt and Mr. Prcwitt He will be accompanied by Mrs. LJI- llaii Ludick of Cleveland, Ohio., who will be a guest in the Pre-- witt home Ijefore going on to visit a son nt a Texas air field. Mr. and Mrs. Prewitl will meet • them in Memphis Friday. • Billie Sue Thomas, daughter of Mrs. \V. N. Thomas, was taken to the Methodist Hospital )» Memphis Monday for an operation for apixmdicitis following several recurrent attacks recently. Mitchell Moore, who is a law student nt Cumberland University, Lebanon. Tenn., spent Hie weekend with his pnrcnt.s, Mr. and Mrs D. M. Moore. Mrs. J. B. Clark of Blytheville spent Monday night with Mrs. A. G. Brickey. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gwaltney hail as their guests for Mothers Day Mrs. Edgar Skinner of Mem- BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.); COURIER NEWS SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON WILLIAM E. GlUtOY, 1). I). Editor at Advanre Text: Act* 8:14-25 . The spirit of Christianity soon began to manifest itself following Ihe great events of the Day of Pentecost and the virtual founding of (he Christian Church. It quickened a zeal that brought the des- clplfti In •conflict wllii the constituted religious niilhoi'lties in much the same way ih«t Jesu* hs<l arousKl hostility to :Himsolf •But the fruits or (Ire We «ixl work of Jesus and. .thr .events in connection with His- death and resurrection hud already modified the opposition . lo 'a great extent. Gamaliel,, a respected Jewish leader of the-time, ha'd WIsMy cotlnSel- id a cautious attitude.' «e pointed out that 'various fnls'leaders of all- erenl movements had arisen ami hat llieir work had come lo nothing, Nevertheless Ilie persecution was sufficient to drive some of llit< disciples from Jerusalem, and it had the effect 'Of spreading the c.ospel more quickly and more widely than might have beeii, tht ease II . (hero had uecn no such Incentive. . .-..'-.,. . 'f'he •Bfrirli of. Christianity- also down was and prejudices, , voul layman, determined that he would go- nnd preach the Gospel message to the •Samaritans, , The Jews, It. must: be remembered, had no dealings with 'Hit'.' Samaritans, and the surprise of the disciples will be remembered wheii they came to (he well- outside Ilie city of Syclinr. aiM ' fdfintr the Master conversing .with, a Samaritan woman. Tills woman had gone into the clly and witnessed concerning- Jesus, 'Come, see a nian, which lold me all things that, 'over I did; Is not this the Christ? 1 ! and the Gospel record is that not, only'- upon her testimony but* \v1ieri the people from the city HIM! saw Jesus for themselves Iliey believed' on Him. A groundwork for Philip had evidently been already Isld, nnd his preaching among the Samaritans had such success that Iho- word of It came (o Jerusalem. Authority was already developing n the early church; arid whether It was to check up In n sort of official way upon what Philip wns doing-or whether Ihe saints of Jwiisnlem wished to encourage the work (hat Philip was doing, peter slid Jolm were sent from ''Sermon Scheduled At Luxora •1.UXORA, ArkTway 13,~-Com- menccinent pxeroiws for the Luxora consolidated schools will bc- Kln on Sunday morning when the r<ev. Sam T, Mayo, pastor of Ihe Baptist church will preach the JJneculnnratte sctmos on'"A Co<t- Life". The Rev. Everett , pusior of the Methodist dim-cm Mil make Ihe tnvoMitlan, Service will be held at high MhWI nutltorluni nt iroclock. Thursday evening at f oclock, graduation exercises -will be Jield in Ihc auditorium. The' theme at , thev did «ot find n lc ChvlStlaus fully confirmed, A Jan-Ing but very Important note is In our lesson in Ihe story of Simon the Sorcerer, n type of the fakir, semi-fakir, or IIIMI ot mixed motives ami ovilward sin. corlty, who have been parasites upon religious movements through all the history ot religion. 'Did slu of Sl/nony—that, Is, (lie use of religion for monetary gain or personal profit—lakes Its name from (his sorcerer, who professed Clnlsllnn conversion but whose sin. ce'iity .seems to have been Ynlher by. olftVetice Hill, sal- ulntorlim, on "Anierlc»s Call to Youth", and \Vllllsten All«n, valedictorian, "Thit Alfierle» M*^ Live." Presentation., ot CerfiflcM*' ot AwnrcU will be rnftdt by B W Nichols, • in-liitlpal, and prtsenta- phis and Mr. and Mrs. bavld Ward and children x>t : scypel, • Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Hay lies'and son, George -Allen' of 1 Par&gould were guests of her brother, Faber A, While and family Sunday. They were accompanied' home by Mrs Haynes' mother, Mrs. J. Walter While of Houston ,Tex.; who had )ecn a guest here in the home of her son. Mrs. John .W. Edrington, Mrs. Vnl Campbell "and Miss Mary Elizabeth Plannigali left Monday for vtcCleansboro. ill,,, and East St. Louis'on a combined business and jleasure trip lasting three weeks. Dr. and Mrs. u Howton had as .heir guests. for the weekend Mrs. Hawtori's niece," Miss papitola Jer- ilgan of Jonesboro arid senior in Jonesboro, High Shool, and Cpl Baker I,. Turner of the. 89th Genl Hospital Corps, Charlestoti, S. New Duds , Nothiuir but u thoroughgolnfe change of heart irau effect a real convention in a mai\ whose, elder motive In llfo is Ix-rsonal profit and not (hat of Christian-sincerity and ChrlJiUan love. BOYS! GIPIS' *oor Nome in Gold on These DANDY PENCILS... YOUR SUGAR STAMP SPEUS ENERGY! • Sugar pute lildg In row *•?. »>l In your m»ala. Gtt |b« mot out oflt . . . by baTin^ the!r/fhf sugcir'for •t«rV i dlftk and drink! .Uie'all youtitomp* > and buy.Doiuiio'i i .-• ; ' . llo » of dlploiims, by a. l»'«ldent ot Ihe Wood Illller's HI lor W ion Wiley (sot his 'nose punched hero. Hie Uberly frclshter 8.S. Post was launched here, a - \ /.'^ "/- jpAc^nutv. nose In preclw, po»l- tb.jccolvc lh« blow fromThe bottU) of'.. chMlnptctiu. Mrs. O ?H. Old FathloMd Jriwi KROGER'S CLOCK IS NOW ENRICHED WITH BLUE PLATE Guaranteed Fresh .,.,-— HADE 'IY THE W f S S O N^o I I T/t Of { wnaise Tho) each Grapell* ' drinker knowi. Stylish , PREP SUITS For Long Practical Wear And All Summer; too! '•'.-. 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