The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1932
Page 6
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PAGE SIX NEWS FERRELL BEIITS Foxx Aims For Record Wes Scores Up 21st Triumph; Monte Weaver Also Hurls 21 si Victory The Ciib.i won nr.d lh-? Yankees lort Sunday (is another day | cd before Oiflr meeting in Hie world series this fall. The Yankees tost to the Indians with WPS Fsrrcll tiinilns; lack the American leaRiie lenders. Forrcll so often Ihwarled by tlie Yanks was not to be denied Suntlav and InniG ill), his 21st victory of Hie season. Al!,?n. young Yank rookie, had nls winning streak stoppctl at' JO stralcht is'lien the Indians won.' The Indians scored three rims In' the first Inning to one for the Yanks and were never hcadnd. The Cleveland Athletics dcfrnl- ed the Detroit Tiijcrs at IMroil. The score ivas 5 to -1. Jimmy Foxx's fifty .'croud homer In Die seventh inniiif; with one on base decided the iramc in favor of :lie Athletics. Walberg was Hie win- nine pltcl-cr. The Washington Kenntors rte- fentcd the Chicago White RM nt Chicago 2 to I and 0 lo 4. Mar- hcrfy held (lip Sox to six lilts In the first encounter and won n Inirlinu duel from Sam Jonos. Weaver was the winner of (he ond came. Ills 2lsl. vlclorv of the season. Reynolds hit :i homer In the second same. The SI. I.onls Tlrowns won and lost at St. Ixnils. The Browns von the first pnme 0 to I and (lie Hod Sox the second, 8 (o 3. Alexander's homer with the liases loaded In (he. fifth inning of the second came pave the Red Sox a Rood lead. Stewart was the winning St. I.onls pitcher and Andrews the win- nine Boston pitcher. The Chicago Cubs defeated Hie BrooVkn Doducrs 3 (o 1 at Drook- Ivn. The Cubs won behind tho Fteadv nllclilni; of Guv Tlusli who besled Helmnch and Thurston In a monnti duel. Tis." Dodders scored their only'run In the seventh inn- inc after the Cubs hud already tnllicd (heir (hrce. The New York Giants and St. T.ouis Cards divided two Raines at Nsw York. The Cards win. 3 to 2 in (he second game, enabled them to halt on eight game losing streak. The Giants took the oixiner with Kubbeli on the tnonnd. Four lionicrs wore made in the first contest with Tern 1 . Critz. Verger, and riiccinclil hltllni; for the circuit. Mancusso homered In (he second affair supplying the winning runs. Carlcton was (he winning pitcher. The Boston Braves beat the Cincinnati Reds twice. The scores were 13 to 3 and 10 to 1. Zachery and Cantwell were the winning liurlers. Holland and Moore got four play swats. MONDAY. r- • i T n • i M i I'lIIKM 1WO I OlillS AheacMo Of Momnliis rhiVl-<f WI IWCinnills l.hlC.kS, rs III I Ilird Place Here's the happy pan nf James ftnory Koxs us lu> near:: the home run record of linbe Rulli, Cherubic Jimmy has !>2 In dale and needs 3 more lo do It. The idiiuglii;; Athk-lici, 1 ilrft baseman only has a few imire games (<j go - And here Is n new picture showing Foxx Inking his famous cut. Nule (he uiuibmilly high follow through of ;hr sv.lng. suggestive of golf action. It shows (he buy is aiming for the fences. WORLD SERIES O.D5EUP5 The Ciialtanooca Lookouts won the Knuilii-in lrai;ur> pennant by a bar,, maiuin of t'.vo points over the- Memnhis (.'hicks when both teams vim Inch (inul camcx ol the .season .Sunday. 'I'll? result was In Uonlil nrill the last game. The Lookouts blaiikcil (lie Knox- villc Smokies 5 to 0 at Knoxvllt" nr;t. I..ookont luuli 1 ]-, lijivo n;i ten hits but the- Smokies couliln'i ino'lure a sin'de run. The I,ool:- nts S('0i. n il Ihree in the third, one In 'hi- flfih and ou<.. in tin- tci'Milli. Thf lureeM crowd of the .season at Knoxvllle watched the (same. The Memphis Chicks had a hartl Mli'lil/ 1 all Ihr u-ay lln'OU^h their linal ^ami?. They lx--at the Ncw Orlf-ans Pelican. 1 : 1 to 0 but onlv 0 innings oC baseball Neil her tlcins Tlie melancholy days are here, the saddest of tlie year for many if our country's leading coach;,. The ranks of the college gridiron liave been sadly depicted by that calamity of calamities, graduation. The publicity department of thc larger schools are silting up nights Uiinkint' of new ways lo groan 0:1 "We lost that stellar pcrformir for llirce seasons. Joe Whcozis," they write, "and Coach Hemingway, lookiui; over the iT]>!ac'.'mcnts, '.vo.ic.s a worried look." DciKlif.ill nf Mi-Slug Then there is ilial of;re of scholastic failure. That man-callus; halfiiack. Rip MrSiiiK. tinted as to thc color of b!uc vitriol, declared the .stiill green, and that let acod old Ui[i out. Tills year the depression is added to thi 1 crushing burden lo.i-xd upon tli<_> mentor's Kagglni; shoul- Kirs from th? fre.«hman class, loam'scorrd liiYlic rcBuin-i' 0 " 1 "" 1 , 11 '"" "» Mire-fire stars, will nino innings. Hobo ; liiilMir>.snii, who had prev- lonslv sin'rlcd. home with the Ion- 1 run uf tlif game in the tenth. Uarrv Kelly went the route for Uie Clucks allowiiH! (lie Pels hut ^ix hil.s and Johnson held tin- Chirks lo eight. Tllc Chicks scored mi victories lo OR for the Lookout but lost 53 10 51 for the Chat- tanooya club. The LiKle Hock Travelers flii- rliod ill tlih-d place atul "in tin 1 to return lo i because Papa lost all. Sutherland x Wi't|is Perhaps the championship should «o to Jock Sutherland. Calling thc newspaper boys around him in Pittsburgh the other day. he broke iloivn and confessed (hat l'i;t simply Ls shot. "If we win any bin same this year we'll be lucky," he cried out i-hed in third place ami "in the . j,, aiicuished accents. Then he went iiionoy'' by liaK-Ini! a double header illto (he aBonkins; details, one by wiili thc lilrminghatn Harons. The cre * ;coir was I) to 2 for the Barons and It (o 2 for (hi: Travelers. Tin- Travelers won elyiic. sliatght games I'.efoii 1 losing (he Unions. Hughes was IK? \vinnliii! Harou hnrlcr and Edwards thc winning Uttlc Rock pitcher. The Nashville Vols heat the Atlanta Crackers 12 lo 8 and completed Hie season in Courtli jilncc. The Vols cracked out Hi hits while l!v> Crackers i!0t n but failed to make (hem eount as well. Bryan of To begin with the schedule was crowds for suicide. Imagine p u-am playing Ohio State. Norlh- wslern. West Virginia. Dnciucsnc, Army. Notre Dame. I'eiin, Nebraska. Carnegie -Tee.'a and Stanford, l-.coiigh w'ork for two seasons right there, all packed into ten weird M cek s! "And what am I going to do about a line?" h? asked the palpitating eoiTcs|x>udcnts. "All I've Crackers hit fur the circuit, i sol is n cenicr. joe Tormey. If von can tell me the names of thc •'•her six men In [he forward wall, (urn over my season's pay mid Co tiack to thc denllsl'.s business for the rest o[ my life." • • • Ilnf Wait! T::ere is one way out for the harassed coach, however. T*t him TO lo thc coach of some rival cloven on the schedule and he will learn thai the team is pretty good, after till. Thus. Harvey Harmat Pearce was the winning pitcher. Starlings lull Clover Weevils NOURISTOWN*. Pa. (UP) — Stomachs of M starlings killed in this section showed the conlcnls consisted of 95 per cent of cloves- weevils, a destructive plant pest. Th record was s?nl to the Stale Department of Agriculture in defense of it.s clnhns t".:at starlings are beneficial to farmers. Southern I.rajrur w. TJ. ret Chattanooga 98 51 .058 Memphis 101 53 .C5G Little Rock 17 75 .507 Nashville 7578.400 Birmingham G8 83 .450 New Orleans GO 84 .440 Allanta 62 00 AW Knoxville GO 03 .352 American League W. L Prt New York D8 43 .Cf>5 Philadelphia 8C 55 .610 Washington 84 55 .CO-! Cleveland 7950.572 Detroit GR G9 .407 St. Louis 5fl 81 .417 Chicago 43 94 .314 Boston 40 100 .280 Thc laic Miller llugelus. manager of those world' champion Ne\\- York Yankees a few years liack, used to say lhat (he time to prepare for famine was when you had plenty to eat. On tills theory, he negotiated the purchase oC Lyuford H. (IjyiO Laiy, short- slop, when he already had a star al the position In Murk Koeuiu. Tlie wisdom of UUlc Hu^'s move doesn't n?cd explanation. Koenlc departed from tlie Yanks a.s washed up two years ngo. Later events have proved Koenig wasn't thrown, but lie had outlived his usefulness to the Yanks, at any rale. slarlllni; discovery that a Wile Moore, pitching (or Greenville ii (he Sally League, hud won M enmes while losing only four in 1820. liar- row ordered the immediate purchase ol Old Cy, who was llieu nearlug 30. -Moore made good, developed weak mm which forced him in'.o the American Association in 1030 and then drifted bark lo the Kril Sox via the draft. Hi 1 was an atrocious hiitcr. The> iell a story about his fust home r:m. "When lie reached first, he slopped." says Charley O'Lcary ] coach, "but I talked him into j;o- : ' on. -- - National I^isruc W. T,. Chicago ............... 83 . Pet. .Sf)7 Piltsburgh ............. T7 G2 .554 Brooklyn .............. 13 08 .518 Philadelphia .......... 71 G9 .505 Boston .............. . . 7172.497 St. Louis ........... ,,-. 05 75 .4G4 New York ............. G4 75 .4GO Cincinnati ............. 58 85 .400 TODATSJGAMES American League Boston nt St. Louis. Washington at Chicago. New York at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Detroit. Lary is all that Kocnlg was on i '"S on. He stopped a;:ain the defense, and his all-lime major second, but Art Fletcher nude hi:r league batting average Is 10 points continue." higher than Mark's. Although hei Uat; Litith bet him 530!) that hi played the entire schedule m 1931, 1 v.ouldn't make three hits m ;o:!l he has divided (he shorlstop duties I Cy got two hils in one yann- at !)<•• this year with Frank Crusclti. Iroil en his first wcslein trii: Whether Lnry or Crosetti plays 1 Mimths passed before the next in shcrl.s'.op In the world series, the i came, it was, in fact, liu- ias game of the season. »i:d :u »,• Xationnl Itissnc St. 1,01115 at New York. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia. Chicago at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Boston. Yanks will have an all-California keystone combination, with Tribcn Lazzcrl at second base. Lyn was bom at Armona. Calif., 'X years ago. He played four years for Oakland in the Coast League and came to the Yankees in IS)29 wiih (he! burden of making good $125.000 ' paid for his services. Actually. that "price was paid for Lp.ry avj'd Jimmy Reese, but Jimmy has departed elsewhere. Thc burden is all Lary's. The Yankee shoitslop is an Far! Avcrlll-lsh sort of person, mcanix lat he will <lo big things if llierv an orjasir \ fo: :(. A Irile « than » y.M: an..^ ;„. ,, : .,.|;..,| r'.lly Mary Lo.iliK. ;.I.T i 'he sla^i; and ::.TCI-II M:.v i.ny I'.cn sent h'usj.i'td lo '.i:- :v;l :ark with Ihc Mar.iiiK. "Y.-u >l,-|i lone until you hi; a hoir.r i;:;i 1, r ne." They slept HV.'r troit. The be( paid for the addi'.io: "f Iwo mules to (he Moore fain One was named "Babe" and tb other "Ruth". Southern t^ajnp New Orleans at Memphis. Birmingham at Little Rock (two games). Chattanooga at Knoxyille. Nashville at Atlanta. T«« Paid With Pennies PAIRBURY, Neb. (UP)—Ilenr Wiebe staggered into the office o County Treasurer August Krol The stagger was. not alcoholic, bu that of a "tax burdened" citizen. Wltbc had saved up 2.400 pennies In « number 01 glass Irull Jars. He presented them to the treasurer in payment ot his taxes. Cmrm'nevi Wont AOa Thc third rrcmlier of ;)-e Xr-,'.- York Yankees' small ciroii- r,l pitchers undefeated in w-urld sc'.ies compelilion Is Wllcj Moire, u- cenlly acquired by froiv tl-i- Kcston Red Sox. Old Cy mac iw break into the 1932 foi-sfs' Lut lie'll be ready, count on that Five years ago. Mooro wn-, ihe pitching find of a decade. He v:on 19 games, mostly In relief r.i in his Initial season. Gain;; : his first v.,or!d scries, he ra a game for Waite Hoyt in tl-.c series opener and three "days L';t came back for the s'.irtin? v slenmrnt in the fourth w. against the Pirates, which he we handily. Only Ed Barrow, Yankee business manager, ever had heard of Moore before igj?. Burrow made the liLYTI-IEVJLLIi) WED. SEPT. Sick Babe Arrives Homr SKHTiMBER 12,j'jfe^ --:._- -^_-_~--^^-_^JR^ Asks 1 M\(\ is For .iiive^liffalion of Lookout Playerl MEMPHIS. Sop:. another rlVorl !o gni Ie.imi3 |x;nii;int v.lUcl team ritjiiilnHy won. 12. iUI J >— iu i!:c .Southorn i lie claims his-, Tom W.itkin.:, of i!ii> Meni[)li:b Chicks, talny nskcd Jucltr K. M. LrmdLs. ba.=»b:i!l conimisMu:::'] 1 . lo iiivL\ili- eau> liic ullyibiliiy of Dave Harris, I oiufiiMdei' sciil to Clw.'.inKXJga by | the \Viisliin{iton S--M:I'U>. | Wnlkins claims tliai Harris was . K'lH 10 Cll;ltt:ilKW,!;i liy W;i-hi:i ll Ml i K' waivers having br,-n ;i4;-:l 1 0:1 liini by ih? Washington dub. H ! llii.-i i., tra. Walkins coiUi-nds. | ris '.vns Ineligibis 10 play with C!:al- UHCbjM and all the jjauu-s in uliicU lie pkiyod should l:r firov.-n -:ir. by Jjlm Mill-tin. nn-.sidciit, or liio ^j'.iihiTM league. Uot doi/s and CUM! \:o\> once caused thv :,'i;;tiiy llicncl quiit a fi-v.- days iu Hie Imsmial. «n, af::-i- !n his radicr ru'.uncl lummy in Drlniii rorently, he li iiiig Yanks and -.u-m ln;:i;c to tin- tr-ndor cun; rf ijli :ils wife. 'l'!ie u:«iiuj.s. however, (;r.i!Kl a liny K>TIH Ills upirendi.x had la:d die -liin man low and <iuitiDi:ct] for a v.liile. Ual;e is rliuwn sbou- as lie aruvo.! in Go:h met hy ills wife. li.ibj Rutii to lie ;-ot a pain li-li his Iwu- ijliv.-.idiiitt nnil li-iyin-; \\iiii liiru •Joif Export Manufactures Ciuhs in Nashvilie i NAKMVILLE. Tellll. 'UP) —A : 'j;ju:i-iimn cf h3iui' fain-? wm ac'- <|iiin d iiy Nas:ivitU' \\-iien MaclJan- ! :i!J Hum.:, tile ^oiCfr. located hi-ra i :-.> d:r;ct nianulnc'ine cl his eo'f ; i-h.t.-,. He is » firm believer in hickory I ^hrlft Clubs unu iias Ijeen em[)JOjCd ' by a firm ham lhat will ji:-i;Unce . them. He has thnv native Scatch- nvn hoiking for hi::s in thc manufacture cf t.-e .sticks. ;-.:i! 10 im<! doing (he moani::;' year, begs to pom: lain fieidcr of 1'ii man named Hellor. cuiirhed also by j Jock Sutherland. Corn: n m<smg' combination belter ilian any in Uir j country, iiarmaii &::=. s.} f.'ir as to: ai peim this', sreatcst teams hi the country, inn that. Cap- shu-.ldiri lose a !;am.'. :in:l rmthir' So i!ir-re vo:: an> "LvU,r t:au 12-Year Search for Fa'lier Ends Successfully Wyoming Ghost Towns Are Slowly Disappearing SARATOGA. Wyo. (UP) — One by one th? ghost towns o! Carbon County are disappearing leasing only memories in the minds of pio- li.itl!u, Rambler, niUon. Hudele'na :ind all of them busy, thnving minini; camps whose early re.'kicnu dreamed of i;reat [lays to come and planned Ihe towns ac- litCe more than piles of ratline he had i;:vn tau::hi lo i::-!iev? \vas cira-J. ended here sitccr-ssCiilly Car Cm is N'y,;aard, Jr.. a resi:i?nt Denmark. I-'Ofty-two y?ar. : Listen (n Hunk Now let's taki> a little trip In Notre Dame- and hear one nf Hunk I Audei.sun's views ab~n: 1'iu toot-' al payers. cosimlar auihorliies were infonnrd. i Ic-rpst alons; U:e "That fello-.v. Lticii." wys Hunk,; ciir:s Nyp.urd do.«n«i his wife i A recent shift i : a?o. "is one of the Clues! defensive b.ick? ; and two small children in these old eyrs ever !iav; seen iie'il '-. nnrk I'ftor a quarr.- 1 !. bo:her us a lot '.his sea-:on." | Ti;e rhildrr-n wev; might lhat Probably by tuii-ryini; Dana lii-j their lathe- was dead, hut the son blc, at Neurask.i; Major Sa^-i-. a: .refused ID beli:\v ii. For years, he West Point; JiiiiLV a'..^'on. of Car-j wrote Danish consuls in various Carbon, 30 miles northeast o! Sarutoija. is tl:^ latest (own s!aio:l oi j fr>" oblivion. Once one oC the larg- ! c.-it ccal mining camns in th^ west. lias long hren an object of iu- Liuco!n liiglnvjy. i tlu route of the «:j: o is ncgie Ter.Ii, and c. !e-.v other coach- : pans cs of teams Ilia; I'it: will siruijjjlc | ly. t!i with, it could b ; > discoverer! thai | PUt Ihis year will h.iv,- 1 ojio "' -!:." 1 1 Ken Den-1 highway left the lown far to tlu j fcnlii and out of thc sight or »a£s! ir.^ n'.otorists. j i Tile coal mines which created Ihe A towns were abandoned years ago and as the ininr-s were ihe only , of :he Un!t?d States. Final- : excn.-e for the existence of the y locate:: th- eider Nysaar;!. ri Cr-ir'nr RITZ THEATER dm. — Maliiiec — 10 and 2o Night— 15 and <10c TIARUY PRATHKU Prospnt? 'Moonlight Revue' with I i) — Artists — 15 \ Musiciil Proijrani. All typos if Dancing and Singing — Rvorytliing from Opera to .nu'-down Rlues. I'irl urc — Constance in "Two Against thc World" th K'oil Haiiiillon. trvns ilie inhabitants drifted away r.r.d kii !he buildinss tc the mDrcy i cf tii" elements. Tuesday and Wednesday Adni.—Matinon—10 and "J." —ir> am! •!()(• 14 Captain CLYDE Downtown Tiokcl Sale Circus Day at linni Drug Store. 20o Alain CHILDREN HAURY r-RATFIF.R prpsonts A nilVoront Art Entiivlv "i l);iiu-iiifr. Sinnim; nnd C'omnlj With tlie Picture "WAR COHHKSI'ONnKNT" with ,);ick Holt. Uabli Graves HSU Fay \Vray. I';iv.-imotin( News and Cnnirili "llijch Hat.-- and Low I'nnvs' Timo 'I'nilay — of Six Million nnnne anil Uicard Tuesday. Wt'ilnostlay and 'I'luirsdiiy Adni.—Malitioo and Nijtlit — 10 nnd 25c 'Radio PatroF with Kobrrl Arnislronjr I.ila Leo. .Ititie Clydo and Andy Devine. Tlie inside slovy cf a pnli halllc against' lawlesssioss. Fox News and Comedy. ... with Courier News WA THE ATTIC: Courier News Want-Ads can do a world of good bore. They'll help yon to dispose of thai miscellaneous colled ion of discarded elothina'. unused fiirni- »_/' lure and lliosc rugs and carpels . . . They'll put these things in the hands of people who want and need them and at the same time provide you with cash to buy sonic of thc things you DO want. ' ond: by showing you where lo economically obtain the furnishings and equipment, for this "new" room. THE YARD and GARDEN: Have you all the tools and equipment necessary to beautify yo"'' lawn and garden? Courier News Want- Ads will tell you where these things can he most advantageously purchased. THE BASEMENT: Wouldn't yon like to have a recreation room here? Courier News Want-Ads offer every assistance. First: hy helping you to dispose of the unused things you have stored here. Sec- It will pay YOU to become a confirmed reader and user of Courier News Want-Ads because it's a proved fact that they will satisfactorily fulfill ANY want or need that may arise around YOUR home. 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