The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1937
Page 2
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nwo'Jt 'V BLYTHSV1LLE, (ABK.)' COURIER f- r 1 , •=-. • 4*V ''i* i '•> * '•. -* ; ,,|,CaruthersvilIe H»ve 8outhtn4 Bookers Club «\ ed with * 'bwbetut Tues day'; evening, for Vulr wly«s and h«)d at the b«n»_ <jf-frof.'and, 5j served ip tlx> l»If* studio. ' Tme wtertqiiynetyK Ui chaise [•I of Mr. Lambert,'Included singing -, t of old fashioned songs, led by Bill v * Harden. •* 1 4 h,^| . Wonuns dub His Party - Mrs. Morr^H D*Re.lgn. was hostess to tl\e Womans <?lub Truest afternoon at her home on Bcck- , w With Avenue. The entire atter- , noon, was spent at bridge and The high score award at bridge f . »as presented to Mr?, J, S. Wahl, i and, the )ow t score award to Mrs, , R, M."Pierce, Mrs. Tcfli MS'key held high score, among the took • plajers. ' . | jf«< * * * * ^ ' 114155. Gcnevleve Cronhj, employed, h.<r$ to? Ihf past few mon'' has returned to her home in Point Pleasant, Ho. ' l' Mrs, Iverson Mkhtc of Ho Springs, Ark, is spending this week here visiting her p»repts Mr. and Mrs. James R. Mqorc. Miss, Garnet Hall t who has been Employed In the-qfflce at the - Brown Shoe Psctory.' has accepted a position, with ttie Q»ruthersvl)le- - production Credit Association, s\ their office In this city. Mrs, J L Roebuck, the former Miss Jeai Vfatson, filled .the vacancy left b: tory. Mr. 8«d Mrs. prd Marshall o Sikeston spent Synday evening ( this'cfty visiting Ii^ th« • home, 9 Mr, and Mrs. Qordoiv Wright^ Mi Marshall Is Mrs. 'Wright's brother Pierce Neeley, who is altcndin. tWSlneas college In Memphis, spcn (he weett end ^cf« »lth his pai M« T. J, Saxon, the form? Mw Usaa Smith, who was cull« «ve.ral dnys tea to, Patqka, ill ^ t the ^dslde Qf her step-mothei & home Sunday, and Mrs. ^verett Rc<;ve ttte'Stst p%rt of this wee LouJtejOu business. 0^ Adams, sptnt Monday Oljardeau, '. Visiting " * Kelley. Manila - Society — Personal s r., spent lo Pt Cape' ,!*« officers and iteaqhtri of t! Mekbodlst church : school''met wit Bu^ Ash^bibuwer Twwd.ay night 1 «u >ii^pattani call nveetlni Wor for itbe coming, J-ear^ was dlscussci and planned* •f- f " Zft L > " Members of Manila \V. M. ._ »!x>^ Attended, the'zone meeting 1 Ltachvllle Tuesday were Rev. Joh Harjison, Mrs. John, Harrison, Mr Fred Needham, Mrs. Jack; Tipto Mrs.cBurUm^' Mrs. 1 H. M- Mei man, Mrs t Myrtle Pearson, Mr _ Albert Scott," Mrs. Astvabraune •, .-Mis.-L.-E. Mobley,-Mrs. H ' and. Mt»..' Claud Qralue. - •, Mr and Mrs Mike Th«,rnle Mo^ehouse t Mo,,~ are visiting t! latter's parents, Mr.'and Mrs. Jlr Hutlon 1 " ' Elbcrt, Huie and Lourella A dereon and Mrs carl Southers Pontlae, ^ch, are lie guests relatives here this, week James Daugherty o f Flint, Micl is visiting Ws mother, Mrs li Daugherty of Manila Misses Mayola and MatUe Tro ter. of; St Louis are guests of re atives. here,, M Mr. and Mrs. Louis Townscnd Jonesboro were guests of the la 1*r;'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H ] neernan, tne past week Pete Bice »nd Doll> Bragg, bo SUND'A Y . THURSDAY, JANUARY 2i, i i , _ Jesus, the Eternal Word The International Uniform Sun- ay School Lnson (or J»n. 24. Text: John 5:2-9; 6:8-15 By WM. E, G1LROX, D. D, Kditor of Advance A part of the twtlinoiiy o(Tcre4 y the Gospel o( .John in proving «• thesis v,lth which the Qoapel piens—namely, tlwl' Jesus Is t(io ^rnjl wont and Hie IncnrnnllpiV ' Qod—Is the uHiws? o( the ilglily works or miracles of Jesus, he Golden Text of tills lessop, akeii from John 5:36, emphasize ils. "The. very works tlmt I do, «nr witness of me, thnt tho Father Oi sent ni?." ( The miracle, of Jesus, rccorde.4. i the Gospel of John, would acini > hnve a symbolic meaning In n<l, Itlou (p. 1 the literal record, The clcs that ore tl>o subject of hU lesson have to do \ylth the glv. rig of hcnllh lo tho 6lck nml food o the. hungry. In Uie first miracle, wrought, or the man waiting at the pool. f Bethcsda In hope that he might-find healing 'from;•.««.* In- Urmlty . of-morq ; {hah 38 years' uratlou, v,o have a tHglc plctmc ( suffering humanity, ' in some orm 11 can be diipllcalcdln'almost very age. Arqund this ]X>ol of Bellissda hero had arisen a Iradlllon that n angel went down nt a certain cason q( the yc&r and stirred the katcis, a,nd that whoever bhould hen first bo dipped In the jiool would be healed 'of whatever' clls- ase he hail, • « • ' If we, dismiss with a sjnilc, or a of Manlln, weie admitted to the Jonesboro hospital this week Miss Hilda Davis entered the A and M, cojlcgc, nfc Jonci,l}oro Moiv day mpniing. Mr. ijnrt Mrs. Clabouruo .TlpUm Of Monette weie the guests of Mr and Mrs. C. W. Tipton Monday Mi. ana Mrs Joe Aslmbrannqi and Mr. and Mrs. Vcrnlc Ashni- iramier oC Pontlao, Mich., are It •anUa visiting relatives this *e Bdwln Isaac of Flint, Mich , \i5ltlnj his sister, Mrs. Mjrtlc Pearson. Mr and Mrs, J. E. Crowe and children of Whislon.Snlcm N. O Mr. and, Mr*. Louis Caraway am Adton Caraway of Washlnglqn, 0,, and Mr ani) Mrs Luther Young of Hornersvllto, Mp.,'\\cr[c called to Manila because of In, serious lljuess of B b Caraway Ernest Giles of paravvny Is visit; ing his mother (hi? week C. \v Tiplon, Miss Anna Tip ton a'nd Mjs. A,hln Tiplon nor, in Memphis <jn business Wedncs day. Dode Smith ivas, in St. Louis 01 business the past week-end ynlcal gesture, Oils itrangc tra- lltioii/and (lie credulity of (\me who believed In it> let' us recall ho\v gain and again, cicn In our own 1 iiiic, suderlng people hnve clutched it Just so slight a ray'of'hope In anything' Hint promised relief from disease' mid pain. .' ••_•,•. Quc can nut dlsijuss licrc tho Jeep and dlUH'uH. inatl«rs inYolycd n aU such plieuomeim—Iho undoubted help that comes through Mythological Influences -to -'many i'hose troubles, though they jsccin en), have no actual organic cause; ami the deep nnd sad disappointment of Itie many who arc i\ot icalert. Nor ran we discuss the even !ei>cr matters Involved In Iho lic/lc question of (nith healing. Qn<S inuy Ijellere that the power, intl presence o( Jesus were suf- lelcnt lo give lo the stricken bodily as WQ!) us spiritual henlth, lliotigh Jesus ItlmselJ never Sfcpis .0 have made tho healing of tjie body His major mission oil cnvih, Qno should remember that }Ie alwfljs deprecated the allitudo ol tliQse \\ho bclteied in Him because of the inirncles, iin.d not because of their, response lo His moral nml spirKiinl teaching, » • * Tho inlrnclc of the loaves and tho n she.?: 1 Is In a more difficult realm Here Inngimllon and psychological forces could hnvo played iio pait The mlincle has been "explained' In \ariuus wa^s., bill miracles \\ould not'bo miracles i! they could be explained. The ngc out of which Ihe New Tcslnmeiil cnme wns not a critj- Ical age U Is onl>, In fact, in very recent years that records of human experience and clalnis of olh- er miraculous happenings either have been questioned 01 subniiUe to sclontinc investigation. One should add 'Ihat EClcntlllc mcstlgntlon by no^ncans gives tho, n]y trustworthy answer. The fact s that Ihcro are a. whole range Qf appenliigs that seem 'well verified; la explanation of which cannot e reduced to known scientific law, 'he radio and 1 many other phe-. omena would, have seemed mirac- lous a few Bencratlons ago, V", 1 fortunately, oiir/faltli does not opcnd upon , our Attitude 'to- ,nrd llio physical mfraeilcs, ii'ii. pon our - tiltlludc - toward••-• Jesus ifraseir. HO Is the at'tai, VM^.- lan, and He Is the bread 'his I; where .tlic-rcal'tcachihg;Qf lir'lesson lends us, • ''•-•- ¥c.[ote,' eating Hie plnul known as 'Jiifiitf'i^cttuce," early Callfo^- nl»^Jndl»ns placed It near a nest <>I red ants Tho aqts, In ruuliing over tile leaves, left n deposit of formic ncld, which scr\cd to give the plant n vinegar, flavor. SYRUP, OF, :BLACK-DRAUOH'l Easily gl\en to Children est Colds io the ilticetVappr action of Specials All . Day Friday, S.Uurd.iy & Sunday UAiNANA LAYER' CAKi; Lacli CKKAM I'UPFS 19 C 4 C 7 C 10 C CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD LGE SU(i\H .COOKIKS. UM. HONEY COFFEE OC CAK1C. Each . 0 Specials fin Utileicyr Hour - 5 to <> 1>. M. Fnd.ij -Sctturilav-Sund.ij DON UTS Do/ AI'I'I.E TUKN- OVERS Each P15CAN WAFERS Do/. . . PARKERHOUSE ROI.1S l)o/ 1'1-AIN ROLLS Dp/ Lc.t Us Mike \oui Sncciil Outers - 1' hone HO BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. QC 0 OC 0 C MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES A Tiii 01 i Trulroenl Oftu *%«, Btingi Hippy Rriiel Muvy euffereis retina D&gCDjI bicl^i 4uieUv,cnc«lh«y dbscover Ibfel IbnrMlc* Qt their trouble may. t* lirHL lU^n«yB. ... eiftaa acids nod ^.uta qul of ftbou fl, or ic&nl Moatp«opMpU9 3 pounaj o( ut3 pint* about •ad burnli An. »how» thti* r* may b« jour Juoiieja pr VUddL,^ „. ~ r of acids or poijoris I tv > ou: — OUBIO functional iidaiy dl»ordtt9,"infiy be 1b« <«UM of nkggmB baekicht, >hcum&[^c puna, lijmbAjo, le« ptioj. IOM of ^«p nml en- er !7i v*UinB up Dlghls^ amBlliTig, piid]De5: uodtT tM •>««, beftdatbea t&d diutnenft. • Don t Wftl^l Ailt ycwr cirUH 1 ^^ (OT Po*n'j r\U«^uj«4ujtc«3slulJy by mlUiorw for over <C tc«3slufly by mlUioM for over 4.0 gtre bappy M£*> and will h«Jp Ih'a lw ol il(jTi«y tub« ftufeh from jew blood Get D IMU. CROP PRODUCTION LOANS Credit for Farmers Extended by Farmers than. 250,000 members boriowed tluough their co-Qpe\'iitivc Ft eduction Credit Association in own co Your, local •; organ iza.ti on i§ iec,ei\U'g application^ for 4937 CRP, LOANS now. , ^ Offices Located at Osceol^ .'L...< ,. l(alo aucl Tucker BWg. A. T. Bell and R. E Milner in chaige. Blytheville \ Le^chvijle .. v . Evrard and Ill North Second St. A Bell in charge^ Leachville Bank G6rdi)n Evrard will be here on Tuesday and '-Thursday of Each Week. ^ ~ Other Representatives: P. ?. Jacobs, Gnder R. C. Bryan, 1 ' Os>ceola L. P^ Nicholson, Tyron^a . . . , . H. C. 'Knappenberger, Blytheville C. S. Stevens, Blytheville , John. B^anjen, L,eachvill6 , J. C^Youn£ t Osceola Johnny. Masters, Leachville President Vice-,Pres. . Director •Director Director Loan Co(«miUeeniau . . . Inspector . .. . ^Inspector- Planters Production Credit Association County THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL Always handy for every kitchen stove. One salt —pepper shaker — drippings jar. Never before at (his IDJ.V price. 12c TINWARE SALE 8-cup Gem Pans ,".'.. ..., ...12c 15c Milk. Strainer .. ; ; 12c 12 inch Rim Sifter ....:. :..,,....;::,;.,...., 12c 3^Nine Inch Pie Pans J.^-..:....:; '. I2c 3 Assorted Size Pot LWs : f ..ll^ !...'. 12c 12 Inch Wash Basin ^j^ll ;.....' 12c 1-2 Gal. Tin Cup: ^L..:.-!:..... 12c 2€c Crank Siher-.., , '.!..'•..^. 12c Shouse-Henry Hardware Co, '.•;.-, ; Phone 35 ' "The Progressive Store" J, W.'Shouse Wjlson Uenry LIBERTY CASH GROCERS LOWEST raiCBB IN TOWN . • 3H w . , |AIN , ST ximniVU.™; Aill<: PRICES FOR FRIDAY and SATURDAY LIBBY'S PEACHES, Urge 2jcan__J§ ORANGES, large Juicy, Dozen 15c BEEF ROAST, Thick Rib, pound 20c FLOUR, Shibley's Best 24-lb. Sack Chase 90c Lb. 24c S VEAL CHOPS or ROAST STRAWBERRIES, Lb. 15c Exlra Fancy Qualily Pint 15c TANGERINES Large Dozen : Argo L(ie. VA Can Leg Lb. 27c Shoulder Roast Lb. 20c CABBAGE Pound 2c GREENS .Home Grown Pound 5c Meaty Pound 5c [ ; Kiey'b. Kiincy Sliced OftC Lh. DRESSED HENS I,b. CHEESE Wisconsin Cream -' i ' ir " ' '*!*. Lb. , Fanty Sliced. Not Salfv QQC Lb. ' 00 (IVCTE'DC EXTRA SELECT, STANDARD, Pint .. 1C BACOH SKIHSt. For , Sc " f t 7 W iMcaly Lb. HAM HOCKS Lb. LAMB STEW Lb. 15 C EARS SNOUTS Lb. 10 C In the Piece Lb. 23 C m BEEF Fresh 1,1). 15' 'Fresh Lb. 14 C WEgNERS or FRANKS Lb. PIE CHERRIES Pitted No. 2 Can 111" COFFEE Lord Chesterfield 24' COFFEE Miss Liberty Lb. 20' RYE BREAD Loaf BUNS IQ.i; WHOLE WHEAT BREAD Loaf 5 C 15 for COFFEE CAKE Eiieh RAISIN BREAD MISS LBBERTY BREAD CARROTS Loaf Fresh Bunch VIEANNA SAUSAGE Standard Can LETTUCE Iceberg Head POTTED MEAT : 2-Cans PORK & BEANS Van Camp ' Can 1° 1° 1° 5 C COFFEE Pride of Memphis Lb. CRACKERS 2LBBOX 15 GRAHAM CRACKERS Lb. Box IO C VANILLA WAFERS J,b. l 15' PEROT BUTTER Quart 25 C PCS M CASHES DRESSING Quart 23 C ,,, 15 C MUSTARD Full Quart CATSUP RUBY 14-Oz. Bottle SALT Square Boy 2 for MACKEREL S-0/. Can 1° 5 C TOMATO JUICE Campbell's Can DOG FOOD Sniarly Can 5' GRAPE FRUIT Extra Large CC Bach v MATCHES Anchor 3 Boxes I MACARONI" SPAGHETTIS 18 ROYAL GELATIN All Flavors ' Pkg. Yellow •i Lf>s. POTATOES Hold takers Lb. TURNIPS Home Grown 2 Lbs. Our Treat! ALL DAY SATURDAY Hot Chocolate Made With CARNATION MILK • ,. . • . Irradiated Cirnalion !\filk, asuscd by ilic DionnC "Quints," is always on baud here, lor your children. Pure, nourishiog, Jis«ciblc—ca- 2 nchcd with "sunshiac" vitamin D. Large C ar nation Milk Sl ™" 15

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