The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1950
Page 5
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WBIWESDAY, JULY 12, I960 BLYTHEVTTXE (ARK.) COUNTER NEWS PAGEFTVB Byrnes Voted as Next S. Carolina Governor; Johnston Still Senator COLUMBIA, S. C., July 12. M'jAjames P. Byrnes will be the next governor of Soulh Carolina, and Sen. Ol'm D. Johnston will go back to £tt U. S. Senate. JBrh Carolina Democrats dccid-fr — —— ed that yesterday. In this state the nomination is equal to election. The 71-year-old Byrnes, former secretary of state and supreme court justice, easily triumphed over three opponents. With primary returns in from most of the state's 1,512 precincts, the former "assistant persident 1 rolled up 200,418 votes. Lester L. Bates, Columbia Insurance executive, had 61.941; Thomas H. Pope, speaker of the South Carolina | House, had 25,080; and Marcus A. I Stone, Dillon lumberman, 4,889. ' No Runoff Needed Byrnes thus had an overwhelming majority, eliminating the necessity of a runoff July 2o. Johnston defeated Gov. J. Strom Thurmond, 1948 states' rights Democratic presidential candidate. Nearly complete returns gave Johnston 159.026, and Thurmond 142,052. Johnston, 53. had declared his loyalty to the National Democratic Party against Thunnonrt's charges the Senator 'ran out" on the sUte Democratic Party. The Senator said differences should be settled within party, although he opposed cnl Truman's renomination s ago. The state party supported Thurmond for president in 1918. The Johnston-Thurmond county-to-county campaign Umr saw each castigate the other from the platform. Johnston once called the trovernor a liar and Thurmond offered to meet him outside. Nothing happened. Governor's Kace Tame The race for governor was comparatively tame. Storie. Bates and Pope took digs at Byrnes, but he ignored them. He said in a victory statement: "I believe that in the days ahead of us, we will be confronted by problems more serious than any in our lives. My hope and prayer is that I may be able to con tribute'to the solution ot these problems " Two US. representatives — L. Mendel Rivers and Joseph R. Bryson -won renomination. Rep. James B. Hare facet! a runoff with former Rep. W. J. Bryan Dorn and Elep. Hugo S. Sims, Jr., faced a runoff with former Rep. John J. Riley Neither had a majority. Reps. James P. Richards anc! ,Iohn L. McMillan were unopposed »nd automatically renominattd. Nebraska Hit Again with 8-Inch Rain (Cock symbol repiesenh 5000 oiicroh) OMAHA, July 12. (&)— An eight- Inch downpour brought new flood- Ing to Nebraska today. The State Safety Patrol said six feet of water surged over state Highway 89 southeast of McQook, Neb., near the Kansas State Line. The Burlington railroad reported some of its (rack-on a branch line in the sainc urea wash r d out. Considerable crop damage was reported as water fanned out ns much i as half a mile in the Beaver Creek bottoms near the little town of Drmbury, Neb. The patrol said the eight inch rain was concentrated near Danbury. The surrounding area was drenched with three to four inches of rain. At Fullerton, the east-central Nebraska community near which five persons were drowned Sunday In a flash flood after rains ranging up to more than 13 inches, four inches of rain fell n^ain last night, the safety patrol said. ffffffW 37,3*0 25,715 4PJ to Outlaw Rail Strikes Headed for 'Pigeonhole' WASHINGTON. July 12. </Pj—A hill to outlaw railroad strikes and require compulsory arbitration of rail disputes appears headed for Natural Gas Seeks P SC Approval LITTLE'ROCK. July 12, CAP) Midsouth Gas Company has asket the Arknasas Public Service Commission to approve its plan to pro> vide natural gas to East Arkansas The company said cost of build ing a transmission and distribution system to serve 22 cities will cos about $7,206,720. It asked for au thorlty to Issue $9.639,700 In securi tie.s—$2,309,700 common , stock am 57,300,000 in first mortgage bonds. Midsouth also must have approv al of the Federal Power Commis sion and the Federal Securities an Exchange Commission. [ Midsouth hopes to be In'Opera tiou by next, Jsmuary. The compan was incorporated yesterday. Cities which Midsouth wou! serve tire: Brinkley, Turrell, Gilmore, Otto Plant, Crawfordsvilte, Earle, For rest City, Hughes, Lepanto. Marian ua, Marion, Marked Tree, Paiestin Parngoiild, Parkin, Tyronza, Tn munn, West Helena, Helena. We Memphis, Wheatley and Wynne. 5,852,000 453,000 Legend ATLANTIC ?ACT COUNTRIES U.S.S.X. AND { SATELLITES I Berserk Hotel Watchman Kills 2 Men PITTSIHJnGH, July 12. fAP)—A scrserk watchman, screaming hys- -erically ''I get even, I get even," tilled n baker early today as he nade breakfast biscuits in the fashionable Hotel Schcnlcy basement, ;heii .stalked upstairs to the lobby and pumped builds into two other liotol employes, One died later. Police Lieutenant Nicholas Co- llnnne identified Lhe slayer n-s 50- yoar-old Donilnick Omo^rosfo, wntchninn at- the hotel since 1347 Alfonso W. Mora no, the baker, w;is killed by a .single shot from a 32-calibcr revolver. The bullet entered his back, pierced his heart. lie died as he dropped an egg yolk into the biscuit batter. Five other bullets, fired wildly at Morano, missed Lhe mark. The empty shells were scattered on the bakery floor. Morano's body lay In a shallow pool of blood. Critically Injured were Herbert II. Kunrtc, hotel night manager, and John Harper, 55-j'ear-old night clerk. Harper died 3 hours Ut. *r. Colianna said Ornogrosso—whose wife nlso is employed at the hotel, as EI dishwasher—admitted .shooting the three men. "I shoot them," the police lieutenant quoted Omograsso. "They caused me trouble. They always make faces, make lot of smart remarks about me. I get even. I git even." Omogro.sso is to be arraigned today on a homicide charge. SIZE-UP OF OPPOSING FORCES—The Ncwschart above gives a comparison of known military strength of the Kremlin-run Communist world as compared to that of the combined forces of the Atlantic Pact nations. These twelve nations have pledges themselves that if any one of them is attacked by an aimed aggressor . it "shall be considered an attack against them all." SHIRLEY MAY AT WIMBLEDON—Shirley May Prance, rishl, 17-ycnr-nLd American schoolgirl in Kuykimi under sponsorship of NKA Service for her second try at swimming the English Channel, chats with movie tictor C'ausnr Homero :md net stnr Nancy Chafce nt the Wimbledon tennis championship matches. Romero is in Hn^laml on a picture assignment, Shirley, (raining hard at Dover, England, hopes to complete (ho channel swim before her IHth birlhdny. Aug. 11. Two Novy Pilots Report Seeing 'Flying Saucer 1 Near Osceola MEMPHIS, Tenn., July 12. </Pj— Two naval pilots here have joined the ever growing "I saw a flyin gsaucer" club. They said the saucer—."shaped something like a World War I helmet"—was spotted while they were on a routine training flight over Osceoln, Ark. LI. (JG) J. w. Mnrtin, a veteran of IG',4 years in the Navy- said enlisted crewmen aboard both planes also saw the strange craft He added: "I figured it to be about 25 to' 45 feet across and about seven feet, high, 1 * lie estimated the speed at about 200 to 225 miles per hour. O. D. Wehner, on electronics technician who was aboard one of the planes, said he caught the saucer on his radar screen ar.d tracked it for eight miles. All the crewmen, in a semiofficial report released at the Memphis Naval Air Station, a- grecd in their description of the craft. It was sighted Friday but the Navy made no report until yesterday. Martin said the t w o Navy training planes were unable to follow the saucer because of their slow speed. - There have been numerous reports of the mysterious flying saucers during tlie past year, both in this country and abroad. However, Air Force spokesmen say they have discovered no evidence such craft exist. Dirt Reveals Math Text BAGHDAD (AP)—A Babylonian scientist discovered one of Euclid's theorems some 1,700 years before the father of geometry was born, a.sserts Tnha Baqir, curator of the Iraqi Murcurn in IJaghdad. The "most ancient mathematical text known to date" was deciphered recently from a cuneiform inscription cowed on a 4.0CO year old .clay tablet, Baqir said In an Interview. The tablet, along with several others, was unearthed at Tel Harmal, six miles south of Baghdad, last fall. It dates back to the beginning of the First Dynasty of Babylon, around 2,000 BC-, toward the end of the Sumerian era. "The Te Hnrmal tablet, It has been found outlines one of the basic theorems of geometry—an application of the principle of similarity of the two right-angled triangles obtained In drawing a perpendicular on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle," said Baqir. 1049. The plan on file was prcpna-it by the United States corps of Engineers of the Memphis District for, floor! protection and major drain-: age improvements in the St. Finn-; cis River Basin in MLv.ourl and 1 Arkansas. The plan Is a public record and is open to the inspection of all interested parties. The construction costs of the proposed project Ls to be paid by the United States Government, but the 5*3 Francis Lovec District Is required to furnish the rights of way, for the flood control project, to save the United Slates harmless for damage* cuascd by the Hood control project, and to operate and perpetually maintain I he flood control project. Dated at the Domicile BuSliUng o! the St. Francis Lcvec District of Arkansas, at Weil Memphis, Arkansas, this the 6th day of July 1350, A. D. BOARD OP DIRECTORS, ST. FRANCIS LEVER DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS By: W. M. Smith, Presidcnl Attest: W. O. Bylcr, Secrctaiy- Treasurer 7jl2;5l 122 K. Main St., Hlythovllle. This permit Issued on the 1 day of July 1950 and expired on the 30 ay of June 1051. Lcntfcunic Fowler Jr. 7-12-50 7-19-50 RAF Orphans Will Visit BRUSSELS — I7P) — About 50 Royal Air Force orphans are due to arrive here Aug. 9 for a one- month stay with Belgian families. This Is the Belgian Air Force's way of paying "Thanks" to their British comrades who died during the war. The gesture lias been repeated every year since the war's end. pigeon-holing. Officials of a Senate labor subcommittee said yesterday the group had voted to send the measure to ;he full committee with a recommendation that no action be taken on it. TO OPERATE RAILROAD — The army designated Maj. Gen. Frank A. Heilman (above) to direct operations of the seized Rock Island railroad. He is army chief lof transportation. (AP Wire photo) RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Troops Get Luxury Liner Passage SAN FRANCISCO, July 12. OP}—1 peacetime paint gleaming, and all World War II troops dreamed of such a day! The liner General Gordon left Fur Japan last night with 1.350 Army, Navy and Air Force replacements. But they didn't file up the gar)8- planh in helmets. They wore garrison caps. They carried suit cases; not duffle bags. They carried radios or guitars; not rifles or gas masks. They were called passengers; not troops. And they didn't have any KP (kitchen police) or other duties — except to make their own bunks which were only double-deckers (instead of four) and had mattresses lights blazing. But military men said sucli luxury couldn't last: Henceforth, there will be no more publicity on troop movements." The highest Ohio Ettver Hood on record was In 1037. German Reds Seeking Former Hitler Officers FRANKFURT, Germany, July 12. (fP'\ —East German Communist;; are trying to enlist former high officers of Hitler's tinny to train their People's Police, German sources .said yesterday. They said that members of the "Bruderschaft" — a semi-secret organization of former high-ranking German officers—had rejected the The Gordon sailed \.ith her bright 1 Communist feelers. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS IN ST. FRANCIS 1J1VKB DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS In compliance with Act 249 of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, for Ihe year 11M9, there lias been filed in tins' office of the Board of Directors, St. Francis Levee District of Arkansas, a.t West Memphis, Arkansas, nn outline of the St. Francis River Bnsin Project. as covered by House Document No. 132, 81st Congress, 1st Session, nntl as authorized by Public Law 516, Blst Congress, Chapter 183, 2nd Session, together with an e.stimuto prepared by the Engineer of the District Fhowing the total approximate costs of the project which the District will be ren*ilrc<! to pay in the event it Is authorized to exercise with respect U> the project the powers conferred on the District under the provisions of Act No. 249 of the Acts of the General Assembly I of Arkansas for 1949, which became I effective on the 8th day of March, NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that th Commissioner of Revenue ol th State of Arknnsas has issued a per mit No. 225 to Lentlcnnle Fowle Jr., to .sell nnrt clLspen-SR vEnou* .spirituous liquors for beverage retail on the premises described a /Jsk Jor it either way . . . both trade-marks mean the same thing. Wednesday & Thursday "Here Comes the Coeds" with Bud Abbott & I.ou Coslello Also News & Shorts Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. 1'h. 58 jl Wednesday & Thursday "KILL OR BE KILLED" wilh Lawrence Tierncy Refresh... add zest to the hour Open 7:30. Starts 8:00 I.iisl Times Today THE PITFALL ulth Dk'li I'owell & l.izabolh Scott COLOR CAllTOON Thursday —DOVJHI.B & Friday I'KATURK— 119 ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. "Scudda-Hoo, Scudda Hay" wllh June Haver & I,on AlcAllistc I'LUS F 'Fury at Furnace Creek' Hllll Victor Mature & L'olccn Gray li LYTHF.VILLES ONLY /.LUWHITE THF.ATPE. Wednesday —DOUBLE FEATURE— \ Sorry, Wrong Number" with Harbara Stanwyck & Uerl Lancaster Are You With It? Donald O'Connor Also Sport Reel Thursday & Friday —DOUBLE FEATURE— ' South of St. Louis with Alexis Smith & Joel McCre* PLUS "GungHo" with Randolph Scott and Gr;icc .McDonald WANT ADS JOTIUO UHDIt »UTHOHI> O •»-COV» COMPANY »T COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO, OF BLYTHEVILLE O IfJO, Thi C««- RENT SELL BW £TC. POSTAGE! Tlial's flic pricp you would have to pay for postage alone if you sent a Icllfr bearing a three-cent stamp to every subscriber ot the Courier News, iiut you can reach all ol these people through a WANT-AD costing us little MS ... Is it any wonder that people prosper who take ad- vanlage of this outstanding bargain offer! Think of it! Being able to tell 700(1 people about anything you may want to huy, sell or rent al such a low cost. Starl Today! (Jet ihe WANT-AD habit and you will have money in your pockets for purchases. Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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