Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 20, 1952 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 13
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0 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20, 1952 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS Lundigan Exposes His Knees in "Nile Serpent By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD — (AP) — Wil• liam Lundigan has abandoned his grey flannel suit for a Roman officer's skirt. Bill joins a distinguished list of actors who have exposed their knees, etc., for the sake of art and box office. Others include Gregory Peck "David and Bathsheba," Victor Mature "Samson and Delilah" and Robert Taylor "Quo Vadls". "In most of my pictures, I've been the pleasant young fellow j| from a nice Boston family/' Lundi' gan laughed. "I'm generally holding the hand of the heroine. I've held hands with Susap Playward, Jeanne Grain, Valentina Cortesa, Gloria DeHavcn, June Haver and Mitzi Gaynor." But Bill has other ambitions. They are being redlized in "Serpent of the Ni e". He plays a Roman officer who romances Cleopatra, lusciously portrayed by Rhonda Fleming. Virginia Mayo is a gal whose Pjl aim is entertainment, not art. She's in another musical, "Back To Broadway," and has no complaints. Doesn't she want an academy award? "Only if it's solid gold", she replied . . . * « * * Gapoule Review: "The Quiet Man" is a splendid comedy, full of warmth and wonderful color. The color is provided by the lush Irish countryside and the rich na. ^ tive characters. The story briefly is the tale of an Irish-American prize-fighter who returns to his old home and woos his bride. He runs right into the Irish courting customs, and that provides bounteous laughter. Heading a rollicking cast are John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara and Barry Fitzgerald. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OK CLAIM DAY Notice 1R hereby Rlvon to all persons that Moiiciay, September 1, 1951, Is the claim date In the ostale of Chester Harvey McClure, Deceased, pentllng In the County Court of .lefferson County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed apalnst the said estate on or before said date without Issuance of .lunimons. VKRNA E. RECKLKIN. Administrator of the K.slate of Chester Harvey McClure, Deceased. ALVIN L.\CY WILLIAMS, Attorney RoKers Bldg.. Mt. Vernon, Illinois. g-20 NOTICE OF CL.AI>I DAY To Whom It May Concern; Notice IB hereby plven that September 15, 1952 Is the claim date In the estate of Charle.s Slmmoi>s, deceased, and that c'.ahna may be presented against the estate on or tiefore that date. 9-3 ALICE Sl.MMONS. NOTICE OF CLAIM DAY Notice Is hereby g-lven to all persons that Monday, October 6, 1952, Is the claim dale In the estate of .M. V, Lewla, Deceased, pending In the County Court of Jeffer.son County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons. ..^ .. MARGARET E. LEWIS, Executor, JOE FRANK ALLEN Attorney for Executor Mt. Vernon City Hall Bldg. Mt. Vernon, UtlnolB. 9-3 NOTICE OF CL.\IM DAY' Notice Is hereby given to all persons that Monday, October 6, 1952, Is the claim date In the estate of Laura L. Newby. Derensed, pending In the County'Court of .lefferson County, Illinois, and that claims A may be filed a«;alnst the said es- 'w tate on or before said date without Issuance of summons. ROGER E. WEBB, .\<lmlnistralor. DEWITT and WOODJIUFF Attorneys 1005 Main Street Mt. Vernon, Illinois. 9-3 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is Hereby Given by the Board of Education of School District No. 210 in the County of Jefferson, State of Illinois, that a tentative budget for said ^1 School District for the fiscal ^ year beginning July 1, 1952, will be on file and conveniently available to public inspection at Waltonville Community High School from and after 9:00 o'clock A. M., on the 21st day of August, 1952, at Waltonville, Illinois, in this School District. Notice is further hereby given that a public hearing on said budget will be held at 1:00 o'clock P. M., on the 23rd day of Septem^ ber, 1952, at Waltonville High W School in this School District No. 210, Dated this 20th day of August, 1952. Board of Education of School District No. 210 in the County of Jefferson, State of Illinois. By CARL SHURTZ, Secretary. NOTICE OF ELECTION Notice is hereby given that a special election will be held on ^ Saturday, August 30th from 12 ^ noon to 7 p. m., at the Opdyke Community Consolidated School Building to vote on the following proposition: Shall the Board of Education of Community Consolidated District No. 9 sell the following described property: ' The old Opdyke elementary school building, out-buildings and land. Shady Grove school building, outbuildings and land. _^ E. R, KELLY, Pres. 9 S. O. BURNETT, Sec'y, SALE FRIDAY, AUGUST 22 1 P.M. Second House West of Radio Tower Selling 2 160-11), shoatcs; living room suite, cabinet, cupboard, floor lamp. Lane cedar chest, 2 Icitclien tables and eliairs, rocking chair, coal heating stoves, 4 oil burners, bed and springs, mattress, single bed, 4-ft. hog self- feeder, 6x8 hog house, 50 12x3 planks 8-14-ft. long; 9 ducks, chicken feeders and watcrers, incubator, 2-burner kerosene stove, lawn mower, garden tools, wheelbarrow, steel barrels, walking plow, fence stretcher—'numerous other articles. Terms of Sale—Cash T. B. RUSSELL, Auctioneer ERNEST FECHTIG OWNER WAREHOUSE AT FACTORY BURNS •y AMOsUttd PrtK SPRINGFIELD, 111. — The Allls-Chalmera Springfield plant faced a temporary, shutdown today as a result of a fire which de-» stroyed the factory's main warehouse Monday. • Firemen said a spark from a welding torch apparently set off the blaze. Workmen had been installing plumbing, heating and electrical equipment in the building. No estimate of damage was given. So They Say Maybe some American has tried to convince someone of his talent (making flying saucers) and been cabled a crackpot and is getting even. — James T. Mangan, who holds a legal deed to all outer space. • * * * Old time oratory, with all the cliches and wild gestures, has been shown up considerably by the new style of speechmaking.—Speech Prof. Leo Martin, • * * • Miss (Jane) Russell is selling something we aren't. She's selling sex. We're interested in good government.—Politician Mrs. Helen Weeks. • * * * The icing on the cake is' the Broadway run (of a play). The cake Itself is the grand tour to the West Coast and back.—Stage actress Kathet'ine Cornell. • • • * If I'm a spy, I'm the only self- financed spy in history.—Supreme Court Justice William O, Douglas, answering Russian charges that his Far Eastern trip is a cover for spying. WIRED FOR SOUND —Latest in hidden hearing aids is pearl neclclace with micro, phone in Jeweled ornament. Flesh-colored cord to earpiece is wound around pearls. • Invention of the Bessemer converter in 1856 made cheap steel possible. Population of Uruguay is about 2,353,000. AUTO DEALERS TO SET PRICES WASHINGTON — Beginning Saturday dealers may calculate their own top retail ceiling prices for new automobiles. The Office of Price Stabilization, announcing Monday it was abandoning dollars and cents ceilings on new cars sold to the public, estimated it might mean about a 1 per cent boost in prices. Dealers' own calculations nfiay be pegged to one of two base periods: (1) the month before the outbreak of the Korean War, or (2) the period from Jan. 26-Feb, 24, 1951, the month after prices were frozen. FEAR 90 DIE IN BRITISH FLOOD Bv Associated Press LYNMOUTH. England— .Police said today that the toll from Saturday's devastating flood on England's Southwest Coast may go as high as 90 dead. The latest official casualty figures for the flash torrent stood at 13 known dead, with 28 missing and presumed dead. , SCOTT FIELD OFFICER HELD IN CAFE THEFT IVVPOISON g ufcfcl Call on Retlnol Olntmenc far reUefl » how aoon lU active medication in Unolin Mothe* the •marting, fiery itch, and lintering comfort follows. Thousand! use and i>raiw it. DFCI ilffl I OINTMENT RKSiniilvAND SOAP CHURCHES HOITS REVIVAL Hoit's Community Church. Good interest has been shown in this meeting. Special singing each night. Time of service 8:00 o'clock. Evangelist Bro. Ralph Lockely. BEN E. SMITH - Tel. 1744 - 315 S. 10th St. V. H. QUIGLEY, Salesman 4 Room house, 1 »cre, t blocks off pavement, edge of town; nice shade, (ood well of water—a real buy. $300 down and $35 per . month. 9 Rooms, 1 baths, close In on paved street. Can be used as apartments. Small down payment, balance on good terms. 2 Room house on North 9th street; large lot, $50 down and $15 per month. 3 Room house on George street—$200 down, $25 per month. 9 Room house, close in on Casey—$300 down and balance on good terms. Postofflce building in Waltonville—$1700; $25 per month Income. 5 Rooms, large lot, Just out of city limits, A real home. Call for appointment, 5 Rooms, modem, north side—$5000. Can be bought on good terms. WE WILL BUY YOUR EQUITY The call that saved a life! 6322 South Kedvale Avenue Chicago 29, Illinois February 18, 1952 Manager, Illinois Bell Telephone Company 1512 West 63rd Street Chicago, Illinois Dear Sir: On the morning of January 5 my life was saved by the prompt, coolheiided action of one of your operators. At about S:30 a.m. I suffered a very severe heart attack at my home. In the excitement my daughter- in-law dialed "Operator" and appealed for help. Within minutes your operator had a pulmotor squad on its way. And none too aoon. For three hours my doctor, using heroio measures, and the firemen with their life-giving oxygen, battled to save my life. Today 1 am on the road to recovery, thanks to the quick action of one of your fine operators. Again and again I have thought, how tender and frail the thin line that leads from Death up into Life, and yet in our direst moments how strong! At 5:40 a.m. that morning of January 5 it must have been the telephone line Sincerely yours. The operator who handled the call E STHER D OWNS, Portsmouth Office, Chicago On an average, Illinois Bell operators handle about 4,800 emergency calls a day. At tense times like this, isn't it reassuring to know that "the voice with the smile" is alwmjs Sit the other end of your telephone line to help you? r/ No price can measure its usefulness ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY By AssocL-ited Press EA.ST ST. LOUIS, 1)1. — First Lt. Samuc! J. Catalano, 27, of Schenoctady, N, Y., has been charged in a federal warrant with thp thpft nf .S10,408 from a fund collected from several coffee shops opfiatcd at nearby Scott Air Force Basr. Thn watrant was issued Monday by U. S. Commissioner Vera Fellnor of East St. Louis after an in- vostigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI was called in because the alleged offense occurred on a government ix'sorvation. Catalano had been stationed at Scott AFB since 1948 until he was ."^cnf on detached service to Fort Lee, Va,, four months ago. He returned to the Illinois base recently because of the investigation. The fund involved was that of the Scott AFB Instructors' Recreational Association. Daughter of M.D. Is Polio Victim By Associated Pr«s« PINCKNEYVILLE, 111. — Dr. John S. Templeton said today his si.x year old daughter, Jane Isabelle. has been diagnosed as Perry County's first 1952 polio case. He said she suffered paralysis of a leg and her condition was satisfactory in Deaconness Hospital St. Louis. Dr. Templetoii is in his 54th year of medical practice and is a past president of the Southern Illinois Medical Society. No Quorum for Du Quoin Council By Associated Press DU QUOIN, 111. — Du Quoin's City Council may have made local history Monday night by doing nothing. City Clerk Sam Clark sair for the first time in his 30 years in office and perhaps in the city's 99 year history a council was unable to hold a regular meeting due to a lack of quorum. JULIA E. RUTHERFORD JOHN R. WOOLSEY PEALTORS 1011 Main St. Phone 400 or 48 Income property, east part— 9 rooms, full basement, 3 room cottage in rear—bargain for quick sale. 8 room modern duplex close In, basement, hot water heat, stoker and blower. $200 cash and $25 per month buys 4 roomi bungalow, southwest. $400 cash. $40 per month buys 4-t'oom modern bungalow in west part; basement, furnace, garage, paved street, near Field school. DESTROY 343 SEIZED SLOTS By Associated Press ' EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. — U. S. Attorney William W. Hart announced today that 343 slot machines seized in Illinois last March in raids by the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been destroyed under court order. The seizures were made following passage of the federal law re­ quiring reBlstratlon ot riot dealers. Hart said non« of tn* ors whose mftchlne* djM.^ ed were registered undflf y%i He listed the alleged dtaltw the number of their mnchintl WJJ stroyed 1 as George N. Potter^WH; Jalce Baker of DanvlUo. S|t McGraw, Champaign, 44; Blasor and Sidney J. Kase, K»nw-! kee, 46, and Loren Hamm, Snwoy*! ville. 45. ^ rfl Hart said 121 machlnesi beloWfl ing to Earl Walker of Herrtnitttf awaiting destruction. ~<s "1 : D T. HENSON 309 So. 10th — Phone 3622 Harold Chambliss, Salesman 4 rooms all modern; has garage, Mannen street, west part—^wUI sell on terms. 4 rooms, double garage; 3 acres ground—east of Mt. Vernon. 5 rooms, modern except heat; G acres ground, garage and other outbuildings—Liberty Road. 5 room bungalow, modern except heat—817 South 19th street. On terms—only $40 month payments. Ranch type, 5 room efficiency, all modern, attached garage—Gl financed. On Benton Road. New 5 room efficiency—WaltonvlHe road. 78 acre farm; good buildings—Qenith, Illinois. 20 acre farm with nice 5 room bungalow. Will exchange for 6 room house in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. 40 acres, vacant ground; has 6 acres timber—Pendleton township. only $850. Z-5 room houses on one lot, 900 block Conger Avenue—only $4800. BOYLE & COX ~ REALTORS Harvey Williamson, Salesman Phone 3150 First Door West of 1st Natl Bank. 1009 .'Vlain 4 rooms, lights and water system, almost new, quiet street, east, suburban. 124 Caselton Ave., 5 rooms, built-in bath and cabinets, paved street, owner wishes to sell immediately. 1420 South 12th, 4 rooms, lights, insulated, nice corner lot. 1503 South 12th, 6 roonns and bath, arranged into 2 apartments. Heirs settling estate. One of the best modern homes in the Southeast part of city, long carpeted living room, 2 bed rooms, kitchen with cabinets, full basement, furnace, paved street, near shops, high school, will sell or consider trade for west town property. Grade floor duplex, modern in every way, basement, stoker, pipe furnace, 2-3 room apartments, built-in bath and cabinets in each, fine north location, the price is right and the terms are very low. Near Field school and Junior High, 8 rooms modern, corner lot. New 3 bed room modern home, long living room with stone fireplace, fine cabinets and bath, paved street, 19th street near Field and Junior High, will G. I. to one who will qualify. ' 2714 Logan, very attractive 5 room efficiency, A-1 workmanship mnd material throughout, call us for appointment for inspection. John Caldwell's 10 acres with 4 room modern liome, located just 2^ miles out on Liberty Road. New 4 room home, basement, pipe furnace, built in cabinets, garage, 5 acres, hog-tight fence—5 miles out, Opdyke Road. 1 Good 9 room duplex, 2 complete baths, basement, furnace, elecetric water heater, garage, extra large lot, fine north location—would trade for good farm. 4 rooms, % basement, 3 outbuildings, lot 100x187, southwest— only $2500. Nice 4 room home, hardwood floors, built in bath and kitchen, electric water heater, Summers- vllle school district—$500 down. Fine 5 room modern home, 2707 Cherry street—terms. Attractive 5 room modern home, garage, 2603 Cherry. New 5 rooms, strictly modern— 615 south 15th street. Nice 4 rooms, partially furnished —garage; northwest. Would trade for modern home. Beautiful 5 room modern home, garage, 1001 South 23rd street. Priced to sell. 3 rooms, city water, large lot— north. $300 down. 6 rooms, bath, built in cabinets, double garage, 2212 Casey avenue —terms. Restaurant, stock and fixtures. Can be bought on terms. New 5 room ultra modern home, stone and frame construction, hardwood floors, natural wood cabinets, built in bath, slab doors, fine basement and heating s.vstem, breezeway, garage, near Summersville school. 4 rooms, plaster walls, built in bath and cabinets, lot 75x150, west— $30d, down. Well constructed 6 room modern bungalow, built in cabinets, bath, basement, stoker, garage, 517 south 23nd street. New 6 room ultra modern home, hardwood floors, beautiful built in kitchen. Hi built in bath, ceramic tile walls, utility room, oil heat, garage, Hillcrest Drive. New 6 room ultra modern home, all the latest built in features, garage, Turner Maynor Drive. Cozy 5 room modern home, hardwood floors, oil heat, garage, northwest. A. HAROLD WILLIAMS REALTOR LOGAN C. RICHARDSON (Salesman) CARL T. WILLIAMS, SalCMMB 315 Mwtb lath Street Bi»«m B nom» 251-755 Hear Our Radio Program Each Sunday at 12:00 Noon, Station WHIX ^\ - 3 bedroom home in Field school district; dry basement, stoker, I M 4 " water heater, hardwood floors, excellent home for family with ohlldren. A Only $9,000. already FHA financed. 3 unit apartment house, 513 south 19th, In excellent Belchborhood, close to Field and Junior High schools, on paved street. Can b* ? purchased with small down payment with income carrylnt the r balance. • , Between 16th and 17th streets, on Lamar, 5 rooms Including 2 Airy bedrooms, nice lot, new oil furnace, all newly redecorated, hardwood floors, 200 feet from bus stop—can be bought for $9500 with easy terms. ^ 1316 North 12th, 5 room home with fenced-in yard; can be eon« verted to duplex. Only $4150. T 4 room home on one acre, just 2 miles west on route 460; beautiful '.' shaded lawn with lovely flower garden—$5500. ;l 7 room home on 2 lots with 3 bedrooms, modern except heat, large ' garage, fine home for family with children—only |8,000. 829 Main Ph. 2420 RECIL G. R. LeBEN MURPHY (GARRISON REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE CITY HOMES [BUSINESS LEASES JS^O Gme^ XJJui^ GojJj^ •' TENTH & HARRISON — Phone 4380 FOR rOUR CONVENIENCE ''FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS' Phone 4380 •1 O WNER LEAVING, MUST SELL IMRIEDIATELT 5 room efficiency modern bungalow, 208 south 4th; hardwood floon, built in bath, cabinet, sink, automatic heat, extra wide lot, venetiu shades, awnings. Can be purchased by GI. Reasonable down payment, balance like rent. 6 room all modern home, full basement, hardwood floors, built in cabinets, built in bath, double garage, Venetian shades, south 26tb street. Priced to sell. The "Culpepper" home located at 808 south 25th streeet, consistins I of 5 rooms, all modern; hardwood floors, full basement, fireplaee, j built in cabinets, A nice home close to city park—lovely location. ^ Easy terms—reasonable down payment, balance like rent buys 6 room all modern home, 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, built In cabinets, built in bath, basement, furnace, garage, corner lot, nice yard. ^' 401 South 26th—will sell or trade. 5 room modern home, 5V^ acres of ground, close in Centralla Road. Fine for subdivision purposes. Priced to sell. The "Simmons" home located at 400 N. 12th street, corner lot, 8 rooms, suitable for duplex, large family or. ideal location to rent rooms, oil heat, modern in every respect except basement. Here is the finest bargain in Mt. Vernon. Only $6500—owner leaving city. The "Grosser" home located at 1610 White street; 5 rooms, all modern, automatic heat, hardwood floors, built in cabinets, built in bath— terms, 4 room home, 1 acre of ground, located on the Airport Road. Owner wants to sell immediately. 5 room efficiency ranch type home; hardwood floors, built in cabinets, built in bath, modern except heat, 1 acre of ground—Oak Grove subdivision. The "Somners" home located on North Highland, consisting ot B large roows, breezeway, garage, 2 bedrooms, plenty of closets, .• hardwood floors, built in cabinets, built in bath, large living room, \ dining room with fireplace, nice kitchen, utility room, oil heat, electric hot water heater—lawn is beautifully landscaped. The "Darnold" home 1000 Park Avenue; 5 room all modern home, hardwood floors, built In cabinets, built in bath, stoker and ll blower, electric hot water heater, extra large lot, insulated, garage. -r| $1000 down, balance like rent buys 5 room all modern home, directly across from the high school. Just the thing for ymi folks with children starting high school. Hardwood floors, built in cabinet!, $1100 oil heating system. Inspect this today. $300 down, balance Uke rent buys 4 room efficiency home, 13 acrea of ground—located in Bluford. $1000 down, balance like rent buys 6 room modern brick ranch typt home, 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, built in cabinets, built la bath, basement, autoraaUc heat, north part-immediate possession. The "W. W. Martin" farm located on the Game Farm road, 5 roow all modern house, full basement, furnace, hardwood floon, built s, barn, chicken house, close to school—good outbuUdlnfl. in cabinets, Phone 4380 Consult a Real Esfote Spcciolitt who knowt aiMl wli* hot hod over twenty years ot successful oxfMrkinca. W« will make you o CASH OFFER for your home ai farnn. k'\

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