The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1954 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 6, 1954
Page 3
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 195£ BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Blytheville School District rural school faculties for the coming year are composed of (first row, left to right) Clear Lake faculty —Jesse T. Simpson, principal and fifth and sixth grades; Mrs. Maggie A. Timmons, third and fourth grades, and Mrs. Lucille Simpson, first and second grades. Lone Oak faculty—Shelby McCook, principal and fifth and sixth grades; Miss Thelma Cathey, third and fourth grades, and Mrs. Opal Harris, first and second grades. Second row, left to right: Number Nine faculty—Marvin L. Hart, principal and fourth, fifth and sixth grades, and Mrs. Marvin L. Hart, first, second and third grades. Promised Land faculty- Clothe! C. Dulaney, principal and seventh and eighth grades; Mrs. Fred Wahl, fifth and sixth. grades; Mrs. Lois Dulaney, third and fourth grades., and Mrs. Vera B. Anderson, first and second grades. Third row, left to right: Yarbro faculty—Mrs. M. A. Middleton, principla and fifth grade; Miss Lola Thompson, first grade; Miss Billie Sue Burks, second grade; Mrs. Helen Anderson, third _Grace, and Miss Nancy Damon, fourth grade. Robinson-- The Robinson Elementary School faculty for the coming yesr will be composed 01 (tirst row. left to right) Abe Thompson, principal and sixth grade; Ollie Rae Sumerall, first grade, and Emma Lester, second grade. Second row, left to right: Albertson J. Hlrsch, third grade; Cdrine Perloat. fourth grade, and Ollie W, Howard, filth grade. The Harrison High School faculty for the coming year will be composed of (first row. left to right) Leo D. Jeffers. principal; Ayre E. Lester, agriculture; Rod- erik Flowers, band and mathematics; Jimmie M. Robinson, English; and Catherine H. Flowers, English. Second row, left to right: Helen R. Nunn, home economics: Carrie B. White, librarian: M. J. Shivers, mathematics, and Alena E. Wiley, mathematics. .Third row, left to right: Ira T. Young, physical education and coach: Jarnes Edmund, science; Muriel Wilsc-n, physical educa- uon;Armie Home, social science, and Willie M. Robinson, social science. Composing the Sudbury Elementary School faculty for the coming year will be (first row, left to right) Mrs. E. F. Fry, principal and fifth grade; Miss Beatrice Hargett, first grade; Miss Mary Hubler, first grade; Miss Mary Webb, third grade, and Mrs. Esther N. White, second grade. Second row, left to right: Miss Martha J. Jones, second grade; Mrs. Olive Kirksey. third grade; Mrs. Florence H. Marble, third grade; Miss Gloria Ashmore, fourth grade, and Mrs. Gertrude Sansom, fourth grade. Third row, left to right: Mrs. Dellal M. Lancaster, fifth grade, Mrs. D. C. McLean, sixth grade; Miss Alma R. Peters, sixth grade, and Mrs. Ralph Berryman; elementary music director for aU schools. Blytheville Negro rural school faculties for the coming year will be composed of (first row. left to right.) Clear Lake faculty— Thurman Green, principal, sixth, seventh and eighth grades: Lucille E. Tillman, third, fourth and flfth grades; and Theodoshia Green, first and second grades. Promised Land faculty—Era S. Thompson, principal, first, second ana third grades, and Oneita J. grades, and Rosie Lee Williams, Young, fourth, fifth and sixiii fourth, fifth and sixth grades: grades. ber Nine faculty—Marv A. Pav;;e. Elm Composing the Elm Street Elementary School faculty for the coming year will be .(first row, left to right) Robert Wiley, principal and fifth grade; Georgia V. Scale, first grade: Octavia Shivers, first grade: Louise H. Ewing, second grade, and Arizona Haley, second grade. Second row, left to right: lone P. Banks, third grade; Artie Z. Sawyers, third grade; Bessie McCollough, fourth grade; Goldena McKinstry, fourth grade, and Jewell Faucett, fifth grade. Third row, left to right: Ethel Greene, sixth grade, and Samuella Jeffers, sixth grade. CIUDAD ACUNA, Mex. I?) — Patricia McCormick, a Texas girl who quit college to fight bulls, was impaled on the horns of a charging 1,350-pound black bull yesterday when she turned her back on him to accept cheers for her bravery. The plucky, 24-year-old blonde lay in serious condition. today in a hospital at Del Rio, Tex., across the Rio Grande from here. She had a deep puncture in the groin and had received surgery anci three blood transfusions. Doctors said only that she was "holding her own." Pat was gored fighting the second bull of the afternoon here. She killed the first with such skill she was awarded its ears and tail. Her manager. Joe Blair, called the first fight the best of her 3-year career. "So she had lots of confidence in her second fight," Blair said. He gave this account : The second bull trotted into the dusty arena. It was a big one, 4 years old. Pat began playing him daringly. "In her cape work she was pulling' the bull in awfully close," Blair said. "Then she 'fixed' him." They call it the "fix" when the bull, after being fought for some time, makes a pass, wheels around, stops and stares at the bullfighter. The bull usually stands there a while, and it is customary at this point for the matador to turn his back on the bull, strut and take bows. Matadora Patricia turned, her '5 \Fall of Fort Female Defender LANSING, Mich. (#>)—Mrs. Julia M. Emery says this about, women in politics: They can't be pushed around politically, they don't make longwinded speeches when they have nothing to say, and they're generally brighter than men and theyi pay more attention to business. Mrs. Emery, 74, a member 61' the Connecticut, legislature, is founder 1 of the National Cider of Women' Legislators. She has spent 30 years \ in politics. HANOI. Indochina (.?!—Brig. Gen. Christian de Castries flew to Sai! gon today to report to his com! mander in chief on the fall of Dien j Bien Phu. De Castries was accompanied by Gen. Rene Cogny as he left for the Indochina capital to confer with Gen. Paul Ely on the capture of the French North Indochina bastion by the Communist-led Vietminh last May. The former Dien Bien Phu commander is scheduled to return to Hanoi in about two days before ' going on to Paris, where his wife awaits him. ^ Encountered in Hanoi last night by Associated Press Correspondent Emile Boutteville, De Castries said he had thought of trying to escape during his four months' captivity. "But," he said. "I had dysentery and it was difficult, almost impossible." "Some prisoners tried to run away but couldn't make it," De Castries added. "Village inhabi- • tants would shelter them and feed i them and, at the same time, in- • form the Vietminh." ; The general, who said he had • dropped in weight fro;n 154 to 138 ' pounds, looked pale and his hair : was flecked with gray . ; He declined to comment on de;ail on the battle of Dien Bien Phu. back to face the cheering crowd. | But this bull charged, horns low. ! She heard him coming and started to turn and deflect him with her red cape. The bull thundered on, caught her from behind and lifted her "nigh in the air. She was stuck and couldn't move. She was saved by the retired matador wbo taught her bullfighting, Alejandro De! Hierro. While the crowd of seme 3.000 screamed, i he jumped into the ring without the aid of a cape and pulled her off the horns. A "novillero"—un- derstudy bullfighter—named Man- Ola Marquez also rushed in and drew the bull's attention with a | cape. Marquez killed the bull. i The Big Spring girl has been i gored twice before. She killed both i bulls that did it. Her courage has won her acclaim from aficionados up and i down the Rio Grande since she | killed her first bull at Juarez, Mex. 1 Sept. 9. 1951. Later, she quit Texas I Western College at El Paso, where I she was an art major, to devote i her time to bullfighting. JOINER NEWS By EDNA BROWN Roy Clark of Frenchman's Bayou, with his son. Oliver Clark, flew ; to Hot Springs Sunday. ! Mr. and Mrs. Louis McBee spent I a few days last week fishing at j Bear Creek Lake near Ma'rianna. Mr. and Mrs Hubert Seymoin were guests of her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Amer Neal of Houston, Miss., Sunday, Mrs. F. F. Davies of Little Rock, spent the week with her daughter. Airs. J W. Speck, of Frenchman's Bayou, while Mr. Speck was a delegate to the national American Legion convention in Washington. D. C. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Seymour. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Samons. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Woods, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Coffman, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Perry. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Matthews and Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cissel], gave Mrs. Doris Yancey a surprise birthday party on Friday night of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crow, Jr., of Frenchman's Bayou are the parents of a boy born Aug. 26th at Dr. Sanderson's clinic in Joiner. They have two other children, a boy and girl. Mrs. E. B. Yancey is at Aurora, Illinois, visiting her daughter. Donna Yancey and Mrs. Irene Oliver. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Forrester and Mrs, Harper Gates, all of Whitten, have been in Waco. Texas, for a week visiting relatives, Mrs. C. R. Rushing of Bardstown visited Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lucas at the penal farm Sunday afternoon. Jerry Speck, son of Mr. and Airs. Jim Speck, of Frenchman's Bayou, has gane back to Morriss school near Searcy, Frank Malcolm, and Katherine Chiles, children of Mr. and Airs. i Charles Friend, have returned from j a two weeks vacation in Florida. j Airs. Friend's sister, Aliss Mae Webb j of Memphis, took them to Tarnpa, I Fla.. where they visited another : aunt, Mrs. C. B. Nelson. | Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Williams of ! Bassett celebrated their 2Ist wedd- ; ing anniversary last Sunday. They I had dinner with Mr. and Airs. Herman Odem of Blytheville. Larry Teel McBee entertained a group of his friends on his eighth birthday, Sept.. The guests were Kimmie and Artie Bvrd. Bruce \ Miller, Richard Kimberlin, Johnny • Ray Crawford. Rebecca Perry and Charlotte McBee. i The Presbyterian Circle No. 2 are giving an ice cream supper at tre church in Bassett Wednesday night. i Air. and Mrs. Granville Easkett, • Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Haskett, and i Aliss Corinne Edwards drove to { Greenville, Aliss.. Sunday to visit | Air. and Airs. Johnny Haney. While .' there, they attended the baseball 1 game. j Airs. Bob Douglass left Friday for | a week end visit with her husband ! who is stationed in San Antonio. : Texas, taking his recruit training for the Air Force. i Airs. Bob Douglass was honored : on Wednesday by a miscellane-ui^ I stork shower at the home of Airs. :'Maurice Lynch at Wilson. Guo".were her schoolmates of last ye^r ' and relatives. Refreshments wt-re 1 served and several party games were ! played. I Eddie Mac Williams, son of Air. 1 and Airs. Calvin Williams of Basi sere, was taken seriously ill at ; school on Wednesday. He was taken to Memphis for an examination. Airs. Tony Sulentlc and three children have been visiting her parents. Air. and Airs. Bill Adams, and family for the past two weeks. Her husband came on Friday. Thev all ' left for their home at Belleville Til ; Sherr >' *' in -° cc Fr - Worth to *» : Monday " : an ^-^^ in tee wedding of i __ ," , Miss Dianne Younsblood. Sherrv ; Hugh Aaams of Joiner ana Miss ; v , m be a house ^ uest of the Young! nHll H-;}rm"ir-> OT O\''*r^^ t •> •'!••>'Til""/'A , . - -. ' , , , ^ i,^i..^ t ...i v-i witt.^... ,— t uu...e 2'ooc:s until aunday '.vhea sne and . tneir -.-nage the latter par: of' o: , t oi her coliece Vooinmatfis Miss : Junt. Sne is employed at the Bell aErbAra Haroer~of Ft. Worth wili . ieit ^-°f Com^ny at^O^oh a::d go :o vv aco ; o :nee: ano:her reom . ue a: the O?ceo!a running P^nr. • :r , :i . e _ ^ Iiss Ba: - b o ra Reynolds. AH At tne present, tiiey are living with • -;,,.,,.:, -.-^ ,..;M ,,rr a ^^ t v, e B^otis* . his parent. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Acams. s^;.,^'"i:\^ Retreat at Latharti I Mis? Sherry Karlka and Mrs. Hel- Spr;r.;:.-<. Texas., and will enter Baven Rcricloch left Thursday for Dai- lor University it Waco Sept. II. All las, Texas. Mrs. Recicioch will v:sit three are attending college on her daughter, i-te. Bill Mann, and ' scho:;irshiDs. Dispensed Directly From Our Own Machines or in Pints & GUARD'S... 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