The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1934
Page 3
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JPKIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1934 BLYTHKVILLE, (ARK) COURIER NEWS Associate Editor*: MISS LOIJISE DIXON MRS. KUTH CAMPHEU, MRS. BERTHA M. HARRU MRS. EDNA H. CRABTRKE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON M O D E R N-H O Conduct for * n.w.p.pc, „ *. b«^ ±i » ™™ ^ , y ^-^ PAGE THREE h-fiOKENCS IKOBBCt Attractive Service Adds Interest and Attraction to Noon Meat One nourishing dish, "different" in appearance and beautifully served will turn an ordinary noon meal into a luncheon of distinction. Whv not shop about for some imusiiiil .serving wares lor this meal; (lie Inexpensive colored pottery platters, or a large covered tureen and matching plates oi pottery, or of new style china ware, some of the handsome aluminum alloy plates, bowls, trays and other pieces, the chromium pieces, unusual colored glass—these cast bul little, are informal, in character and make the function of luncheon quite different from the more formal meal, dinner. For a simple, Init unusual egg dish, try this one: ' Hahcd in Rolls Salad for Luncheon out me crumbs quit* deeply; brush the inside with melted -butter, and dip each roll for a few minutes into milk. Break an egg In each and sprinkle with salt and pepper; pour over Hie egg two tablespoons toaiato sauce, or broini gravy or white sauce, or cheese sauce. Bake in a moderate oven, 375 degrees, until the eggs are 'set, which is about ten minutes; serve Immediately. Attrac- ' Ordinary Salad Dressing May Quilc Easily Be Transformed . There Is no dish as popular ns a salad during Hie torrid months nnd more welcome with autumn meals. And small wonder this Is with Hie most tcnipUnv: fruits and vegetables at their cheapest, both native and from other parts of the country. The salad itself is no problem, but the housewife who panders to all appetites, wants to vary It as much as she can. And there is no belter way to dress up a salad in new guise llian to vary the mayonnaise. Beginning with a real full-bodied layomraise of uoo<l texture—one vary it In many ways For a ... u^...v...^, ~..^ |,,..u n ll; mii UlA iuiu cauuugu. nun into ; rviiii *.,!.,,] t / < warm water; two tablespoons vine-; individual molds; Chill until flnn. ,, a 1 „ f n ii i i 1 "^ tmce ' slie can !ar; one teaspoon salt; one, cup Unmold on crisp lettuce. Garnish |Tl n nv ' , " cc m ^'°"" olsc "'at •*n\\ i <,.:n, i. /__ . ,_,._.. ... " lt -'»ilj <l LtCflt-, Sour cream, slightly whipped, Ihi a! ill i f (lelkmu-, ant rinjictl'ihur for uutunui as in midsummer, Cur a, winter mt'al as it In in spring. Kidpe given below. To make Hie carrot and cab-j water, acid vinegfir and salt chill bage salnd Illustrated, use: one'When slightly thickened, fold lii Cln .,...„ ,, ,, package lemon oelatiuc; one pint the carrots and cabbage. Turn Into • mill SJ , warm water: two tafalpsmoiLi vine-- in/iii-uinr-i ...^.i.i.. /-i.;n ,, « . °' UIl[ i. ior BMkiol r-s«s juxeu in KOIIS jgar; one teaspoon salt; one cup Unmold on crisp lettuce Garnish uuy round buns or rolls, and cut, raw. carrots, grated; one cup cab- with mayonnaise and cheese balls a slice from the top of each; scoop bage, shredded. Roll the balls in grnpenuts or out me crumbs uit* deel brush Dissolve the gelntlnc In warm »rmmj . ------- »ground peanuts. Miss Edna M. Ferguson Gives Pointers On Diet For Chi I'd Dear Friends in Blytlicvillc: tire'If placed on a round platter, „..,,. and the rolls surrounded by crisp " lost """"tmg to dietitmi: little sausages; or tiny. finaeV era- 's one. which physicians an queues; or sauled vegetables, or ,S i!Kclallzl "S m (ilsl will vegetable frilters. ° w >' 11ni \1iic1irnnm Crm.l..^«l *-ln« Hot Sfusliroom Sandwiches One and one half cups chopped canned Or fresh mushrooms; two tablespoons butter; one tablespoon flour; two thirds cup milk; one teaspoon lemon juice; salt and paprika; slices o[ very fresh, buttered bread; toothpicks for skewers. If fresh mushrooms are used, peel caps with a stainless steel knife and .cut off stems, cut in small pieces; saute in butter until tender ' \ and brown, if canned mushrooms 'are'used, cut ir, small pieces and saute in butter tor five minutes. In either case use sin enameled saucepan.'. Remove the Jnushrooms from the.butter, work in the flour ' arid when Wended.'add' the 'inliir'sllf- 1 rlng-.-constantly.. Bring to the boiling point slurring constantly, and cook three minutes. Add the lemon ' Tile work of research and ment in child diets is one of" 11 most interesting to dietitians an '" ' " • • '• • ,d oU prol , — —union. The nia^: les are filled ivilh articlei 1 aboi babies in Soviet Ru.^si?. and in I "ly, with articles on what Swede dots for its young children, HI with enlightening articles on t'h work as carried out in many com tries. In our own country through o ganized groups, and through ind working to the lauilab viduals . -~ «.t.j, iiMw me iLrmuii i juice, salt and paprika; when cool n spread tile mixture on the slices of! »te"iw1ill, buttered bread. Roll them up fnd of making healthier pliiltlre minimizing child diseases and chi deaths. The U. S. Department Agriculture at Washington issu bulletins, free for the asking on too for children and on other subjec related ;to We diet and health children, send for these if you ha Wmsu.ol. problems with your you'i family, and,.if Ilia local school ma.king no effort to educate moll ers on the home care of and fee —•»•«". j.i.vjii LiiLiii up ajiu fasten will, toothpicks, place in n hot oven or under the broiler and brown, serve with brown gravy in winch sliced, stuffed olives arc added. Rice Jambalaya Two slices bacon fat; one large nillfWri i-iliinn , i . . ° minced onion: •"". UlIC Lill] flour; on e and one half one tablespoon oi of children. . remember that t! food the child eats makes a di —- ^...— mko Ilmtvcs 11 Q] ferencc in his growth and 'develop ment and in his fitness for life.' Be sure that. his. diet inchid all the materials necessary for goo bones, sound teeth and enerev J Play and. study. .... Start when he is-an Infant t teach him to like a wide variet .- ~ —"- *'"ii ^H\n VAll- solid or fresh dice;! tomatoes- one fourth teaspoon peop-r •-thirds teaspoon salt; three' !_ of wholesome foods—by se'rvin these on Ui c family table Watch' his development closcl aiiti liave iwrlodic medical exam ree cups a » rt H freshly cooked rice; two cups O fi» lltlons so that if he is not grow minced tongue or shrimps; tablespoon minced parsl°y Cook the bacon until'the fat Hows freely, then add the onion i n --••-" <i«U I ill; Oil lOI «nd Hour. When thesa are llshtlv bravvned, add the tomatoes and sea..„.,. S " bo!lln " en the. rice and meat or nsh, si m . s *ool age. mer for ten minutes, stirrin» fr-- nucnlly. Serve very l, 0 t, sprinkic the minced parsley over the lop Use a covered tureen and matching bowls or soup plates, for a unique service at the table. Uvcd Tlirough 2G rodents GREENFIELD, (UP) _ This city boasts two women cltl-! zens nlio h«ve lived to see 2G presidents take office. They arc 'Mrs. Emily T. Morton, .Green "eld's oldest woman, who is 102 nnd i\fr.s. Elizabeth Adams Mor- one ! tn = normally or keeping he°lth medical attention may l,e give >ome menus for din will serve as famil vet which nre espe ied for the child ( Give a rlass of mil iwrs which and • •^ — ^-..i, „ guaa •I" hour before each meal. Creamed Eggs Buttered Asparagus Oratsd Carrot Salad Rolls, Butter Raspberry Pudding. Cream Checks Rc:n! Courier News \Viini Arts, Uqnirt - Tablets vir - Nose Drops First Day Headaches in SO Minutes A new PHII.CO in a modern cabinet that will grace •ny room! An outstanding value featuring Automatic Volume Control, Tone Control, Electro-Dynamic Speaker, police and air- Plane calls, etc. Hand- rubbed cabinet of natural- "nislimahoganvwifh black 'rim! See and hear this '"test PHILCO! 01 her 19,'U I'hilcos $20 Up EASIEST TERMS _ HUBBARD FURNITURE COT Broiled Liver Stuffed 'Baked Onions Scalloped Potatoes Whole Wheat Bread and Butter. Sliced Oranges • Cookies Scrambled Eggs Ureamed Cabbage Peanut and Chopped Celery Salad Corn Muffins, Apple Butter ' Chocolate Cornslareh Pudding, Broiled Lamb Chop Baked Hubbard Squash Cabbage arid Mayonnaise Cold' Slaiv Brown Bread and Butter Baked Prime Whip Cookie Meat and Vegetable Slew Buttered' New Peas Boston Brown Bread and Butter Baked Pear and cup Cake Bak2d Halibut Baked SqiVasl , Stewed Tomatoes with .Bread ' -Whole Wheat Rolls and Butter Tapioca with Raisins and Cream * 9 » • - Omelet with Creamed Mixed : Vegetables Baked, stuffed Potato • Muffins ' and Biitter Fruit Compote and Gingerbread —Edna M. . Ferguson. "I'els" Cigar Store Indian' • G ALT O Vi, O. (UP)— One of Ohio's few remaining cigar store Indians for 40 years has received the gracious care of Loiile Lilicr cigar store proprietor here. Every morning h c carefully places Mill-' nehaha. his redskin maid -of wood m front of his place of business each evening he brings her in from the elements. can be blended into mayonnaise' lor an Interesting dressing, quite Continental in flavor. Here nre a few suggestions that will help to transform the salad: Cheese Mayonnaise This for hearts of lettuce, cu- dive, nnd other greens: one package (three ounces) crenm cheese' one tablespoon lemon juice- one quarter teaspoon snlt; one half cup Roquefort,; one half cup mayonnaise; one half cup or cream. Blend cream cheese, lemon juice and salt. Force Roquefort cheese through coarse sieve and add alternately with mayonnaise, beating well. Add cream gradually beating constantly. Makes one and three quarter cups mayonnaise. Fruit Juice Mayonnaise : One cup mayonnaise; one third cup cream, whipped; dash of salt- one nnd one half tablespoons of fruit juice. fold", mayonnaise Into whipped cream. Add salt and fruit juice Makes one cup mayonnaise. Cream Cheese and Nut Mayonnaise One package (three ounces) of cream cheese; two' tablespoons of lemon Juice; one quarter teaspoon salt; one half cup nut meats, fine .)y, -1 . . -. THEDFORD'S , BLACK- , .- ly -chopped; one half cup mayon- I nalse; one hnir cup cream ' ' nicn cream cheese with lemon . emon 1'uce, salt, and nuts. Fold in may- ibvc-BOy WAFFLE MAKER Bakes golden brown waffle* f«ctly to your taste. Heat indicator tells when to pour £?""• , Patented expansion hinge allows batter to raiie Beautifully. fj nishcd ^ Chromium Plate: re 1 Hubbard Hardware Co. Beauty Is Yours // you're Well Phone 53 —and it's easy to be well groomed w 1 1 li Hudson's limler crafU- mcn to car; . for your wardrobe ... a superb service, yd very ct.on- cmical. CLEANER HATTEKS TAII.OH DRESS i£J.\ FIN1SHEKS fT;| JT4 Our Route Men will call if you will. HUDSON ™>™ M.J.VU l-S^J\JL1 CLOTHIEI ^^^^^-^-S-y^^--^,,,.--^" MKS. SrANc ROWE MRS. GEORGE THURN MRS. EMILY ,M. LAim MRS. J. WATSON SHOCKLFY MRS. FRANCES NORTRCROSS «" I»Y MAIIV E. -y.A Service Stair rtr Hallowe'en with u s Ellosls a , uWm „,„( „., tradition ot Bn , c he idem occasion /or „ »n easy parly, moreover, for , in keeping with'the splrYof thejyholc. idea. onnaiw. Atld cream gradually stir- rilU' n/M1,.l«...1.. *» , 3< constantly. Makes . aes or tlirec (niorter cups dressing. . one and Tartar Sauce '"'nit, or two long tables ,p] B ce(. Two tablespoons chopped cnpcrs; wo hiWcspoons chopped sour pick- „.„ 11VI ,, B roallls , ll'vJ li >Wes|ioon s of choimwl and brlngc lubles o ra, one (caspoon of scraped I *..,. . onion; two cups mayonnaise. . counltr-ttvsliloii new a «t>n In the dining voom, may be arranged wit! the !ood and the nmwary chlnn nnd silver. Trays, (or each gues arc piled al one end oi the table Next to the trays is a pile of nap kins— paper, probably- each wrap |)«l around the required silver. 1 you like, you may tie each nnpklt. with a bow and tiny favor, or If bridge or other games requiring tallies arc to ue played, the tallies may be lied around (lie impk-ln. Small tables arc scattered through the living roams to serve as suppcf to (ho serving laljlo for it alter tin first, course Is finished. Here's your . Hallowe'en menu Ham baked In elder ami set ml with twice baked .sweet potatoes horseradish and mustard sauce' Mliger ale suliul, loasled mulllm' inek o'Wntern pies mndc oi dry nlncc-meat, and colfi-o, Fanciful mines such as goblin roast pixies' Kilijlocs, witches' delight sauce, A) i- InllOtt- bread, hoodoo salnd and nek o'Uiiiterii nlc , mvy be given to he Items If you nice. fll , (l „ „, 0( he family Is good nl It, you might Jui'k o' Lantern I'li's Another good Hallowe'en supper iicnn is biilll around : V cal ami hnm' pic oj I'lckwlcklan lame, with this you might, have sqmisli croiiucUcs cnbbnxc and orange salnd, chcesa cups and little Jack o'Lnntern pies. Two tablcsiioons prepared nnis- tnrd and two tablespoons prepared nnr.strndl.tli arc added to on» cup whipped crcruu to make the witches' delight sauce. fiolfri-s lirar Si'vi-n Miles SANDUSKY.'o. (UP) - A long distance hearing record Is clalmcc by four Sandusky K ultcrs. They declared, 'Hint, while golilng nea hero, llicy heard cheers from i high school football stadium sevei miles away. The foursome: E. J Wlmllsch, Clem-go Dels, A. 0. liouth, Jr., nnd Arthur Slalil. Self-service i>w uu|u imiyonnaisc. 1-1, . . — capers, pickles, olives aim',, c h y cnl ' vo n " d Ecrve . * _ ' ullll -'>i ilil " I iMn ,».«« I nn.l I|IA !,„.+ ... onion Into mayonnaise. Clill) Serve with hot a<ih. Mnkcs two nncl one thiril cups sauce. Sour Crram Mayonnaise One hnir cup inayonnntse; one hart cup sour cream, slightly wlitp- - mayonnaise into cream Serve with tart, fruit or vegetable, salads. Mnkc.s one cup mayonnaise The (lining table stretched to Its S, n " d " lc llostcss |)011r lhc coilcc as the guests help themselves. Arrange the salnd on individual plates—bread nnd butter size rn- thcr than salad—or, even better, 11 may te put on a large platter from which cadi person ssrvca himself on his supper plate. 'I'hc dessert, unless it's the molty kind, can 1)3 placed : rlgrt on th c serving table to be taken wllli lli e res I of Hie menu, or the giicsls may return ATOIIISON, KlnT^ur^Isbo^ ess Joe Jackson played in his bare feet because he lilted it, bul Jim : McCufforly nlmosl had to go 6ho«- less from necessity when.he came mil for football practice at St Ti<>n. «llct'5 college this full, ,\f c caf- ferty, a prosiwct from Hemlelta' Okia., is G feet 1 Inches tall, and hbr' eel lire proportionately big, Theft"' vas nothing In the college prop- " rty room that would HI, so Conch 'i>rry Mulllns ordered special liotw. "" APPETIZING KATLIFFS COLD MEDAL IK A T L I i I' * * GOLD MEDAL mil,I PItOIH < T* 1 SAPK \VHOI,KSOiMIO HKALTHKIJI, You'll Like It I'honc limi-PS For Daily Deliveries GREEN'SDAIRY DIC whenever you want it- • • • i* the pie-crust is made with Crisco, the quick-digesting shortening r; PiofSay, dear, why doyoufemprme? • V ' •'!' i Pie whenever you want it? Su^e.-IF thVpieicrust is madp with Crisco. . For iamy, Many folks w 10 re had to witch their dicti have written letlers tellinu us what a change Crisco has made in their lives. They're eating pic hke regular healthy peopTe now that the shortening used for pic-crust is C'risco! turn out a lovely, flaky pie tonight—mndo by i 'tested Criico recipe sucli as the dainty "Affinity 1'ic",recipe given below, footer shortening will do- l ; nsco is made from pure, wholesome oils by Crisco'a own ]irpccs.i. That's why ' for Don't worry, dear. This pie crust will agree with you. I made it with Crisco, the fat that digests quickly. AFFINITY PIE Ji cup sugar 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons cunisUrch y\ teaspoon salt 2 ej-tt yolks, beaten 2 cups scalded milk grated rind }$ lemon 2 bananas, sliced Miss Edna M. Ferguson, well-known cooking expert who concluded the recent Cooking School sponsored liy the Courtwr News, uses and recommends CKJSCO, Ihe modern, quickly-digesting shortening. Mix sugar, flour, cornstnrch, a ad salt tliorouglily. AdJ egg yolks and milk. Look and stir over low heat (or in double loiter) until very thick nnd smooth. Add lemon rind. Remove from heat. Chill. Use baked shell of Digestible Crisco Pastry (see Master Itecipc at right). Cover bottom with sliced bananas. Pour in cream filling. Cover lop with— CIUSCO PIE-CRUST (Makes oiieZ-cmsl or 2 sirijk-enisl jjitsl 2 cups flour 1 tciispoqn salt Ji cup Crisco C to S Uiblcspoon3 cold water Sift (lour and salt. Then cut in Criaco (the creamy, fluffy shortening that'3 wholesome). Cut in Crisco coarsely if Crisco SPECIAL OFFER for this week only A EASY-BAKE BISCUIT PAN v % FREE you like a fluky crust—cut in CrLsco finely if you like a mealy crust. Aild only enough \vater to bold mixture together. Roll }3 inch thick on lightly flourpd board. For baked shell, cover an inverted pic-plate very closely. Trim dough so you can fold it double at edge. Crimp edge. Prick bottom and sides well. Hake in hot oven ^450°F.) 15 minutes. »1 MrrSyiiatf Dnot 9 V. F ° r lw «>-*™al ]>1C, brusll loWCr ClllSt "!, . c . r .',"?." e; 13cnt 2 C SS »*ltes with (ne/tod Crisco to prevent niling troni soaking in. Bake in hot oven moderate (350T.). Bake until filling is done. erngue: ea rgg wt stiff. Add J tablespoons sugar and With the E'tirchnse of A 3-LB. CANOf CRISCO AT THE FOLLOWING STORES: 0. C. HARNKS 306 B. Main BBLL'S GROCFIRY 701 Lake GAINES GROCERY 118 W. Main G. II. GREAR 210 R. Main C. A. HOVEY 309 N. Sixth J. F..T-1VINGSTON 114 K. Main J. C.'I,OWK 530 N. Sixth McMULLIN'vS CASH STORE J!22 W. Main McFALI/S MARKET 216 E. Main 7,. A. McCUISTON 213 S. First NAIJBRS & NABERS Main & Division PHILLIPS GROCERY Dougan & Franklin W. A. 1MCKARO 10M W. Chicknsawba RITE PRICE GROCERY III E. Main G. V. BRYANT Osceola C. L. DRAKE GROCERY Osceola S. E. MURF Osceoia I). W. KNIGHT'S GROCERY Osceola < JESSE BROWN

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