The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1943
Page 2
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-V MO* TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS i * ' Third', Annual' Show and •S»& Scheduled At Wil- Sori^S'Entries, »' • •. •» 'ft* - > * k , * '\-Vn " . * ( 06PBOLA, Ark., K*7 13—The MisJIsslpi*- County Ttrn\ Bureau's thlrtl aimual'^Fat Call Show (ind Salf will beheld «t*'Wilson Friday, May 14, beginning at 10 o'clock, 11 is Announced < by ' Chris Tompklns, Biifdette president of the bureau A\ cotal of 15 , Hereford calves neighing from 650 to 1200 pounds, fed.-by 4-« boys «nd girls of Mis- fL'slppl county wlU be Judged la the momirig'by Dr.' W, B. Horlach- tr, dean of the College of Agriculture, University of Aikaiwis, . »n<i Dr. Warren." GltJord, he»d of the department of .Animal'Industry of the Uuiversity. . The sale will begin at ( o'clock with Col G. H. Shaw of Memphis acting as auctioneer. Among the firms who will send icprescntalives are Memphis Packing Co,"Kroger Grocer and Baking Co Abraham Bros, B E Lee Wdson Co, and many commission firms of Memph'ls. , ' In 1939, only 13 Hereford calves vmc fed and taken to the Memphis Pat cslf Show to marlc the beginning of the movement in this coufilj'. In 1MO,' Leonard Bunch of Keisei won first'place over the 27 entiles, 71 calves told forsn ay«age of 11 cents at the 1841 show •i'.-ltK J. B. Serlvener.Vcalf of Ihe Stiuman club •sinning first place niitl selling for»25 cents to Lee Wilson Company Rudolph Lamberts calf 6f:Yarbro.-placed.fir6t.,ln 19tf and brought 26'4 cents from the-Lee Wilson Co, the calf fed by "Betty Coleman, daughter of Mi, auo" Mrs Charles Coleman, placed rccond and »as sold ,for 20 cents to ihe Kroger Company. dash prizas totaling $250 will be givfti, it was stated by E. H Burns an£ J. J Pickren, county agents, \,\m are in charge of arrangement*, and who have directed .the boys anc> girls in/ the -care of the animals. — ;Luvoran* BnylBondt LUXOHA, Ark, liay 13—c. P PoSfell made announcement today of tlie ftaal rriuita jof, the Bond ''.rive sponsored by the Luxora Ro- '?ry Club duriiig April The 28 members of the Luxora Hotary bought' bonds" individually to the total amount of $33,815, and bonds sold by ^the members to other than'Rotary club members, amounted t4 *S1,330 making a griind total of 181905 < EDSON IN WASHINGTON Plan To Save Baby Chicks By PETER EDSON CMirler News Washington Conrtponderil One of i the government's latest Ideas .lo help "win the Wflr, complete with u "collaborator" In charge Instead <ff a mere "coordinator" nml with a lot of olhcr four- dollar words thrown In for good measure, Is a program to decrease the Infant mortality, of chickens. Don't laugh. This Is the slaughter of tiaby pigs picgiam In ami it miikes seme. While jou go >oui carefree wny aUout your dally/affairs, all unbeknownst and, without ever n lear shed; In their memory, millions of baby Quick.? die 'every . day. Even poullrymen are . hardened lo (his terrible loss of chicken life, figuring philosophically ,lliat this Is just prodigal 'Mother . .Nature's raw, rough way, and nothing much could thes's lie • doiiei about, it. Some baby chicks'Just starve death Jjeciuise they never learn lo eat Others get* genus, bugs, parasites and 'worms 'and die, horrible deaths of .polysyllabic' diseases. . Some of the poultry spcclnllsl. r . at tht' Department of 'Agriculture got, j,'to") worrying'.nboui this, us a factor., contributing' to [he food sliortttgc. Sharpening (heir pencils-.' they .figured that If the present teirlble infant* mortality rales among .baby chicks could be reduced 'just 5;per:cent, anil If Ihi-si' chicks .could-be raised lo, iniilurlty, there in!g1it.,be'- 100' million' more pounds of-chicken to eat, and XCO million dozen more eggs lo : fry. Ue- dueing :thls to a per capita ba-sis, It''would mean from three to four more chicken, dinners and over a dozen more .cues for every man. woman, ami .child in , the country per'year'.., Considering ftlie : meat scarcity, Hint's'something. ' * ». HYGIENE FOR CHICKS The lesult Is tills new government program to do something constructive about lengthening thR lives of all these poor little baby chicks. John R. Mohler, chief of the Bureau of AiiUnnl Industry,, has tcct Ihcm from jircdnlory animals. 1. Separate sexes nl any early age. 8. fiinn or bury (lend chicks dally, and don't- let Ihc dogs get ! 'em, ivs that, spreads disease. 6. Get a, good dlaBiiosls. 10, Walcii ixii'Ucularly for Infectious bronchitis, > round and tapeworms and coccldlosls. This last Is <i microscopic . parasite. HABY PIC MORTALITY , What this "Poultry Conservation tor Victory" program, as It's called, alms to do ts set the pace for the other fowl-animal Industrie. 1 !. The Infant mortality among! baby "pigS, for instance, is ns high as It Ls for baby chicks. If . more uaby .- pigs could be brought lo maturity, it would mean Jiist that : much more bacon and ham, spurorlbs, Jowls nlld'hird. ,- * Incldentnlly, there b:-lng a sho'rt- iige of .sloct: feeds," one 'of the alms of the Bureau of Animal Industry Is lo distribute IftWes to' .show plg- «ery operators how to get. the. mo. 1 !!. pork for th u least, amount of food; il here's more lean hog tlie experts, in three meat,; say 200-pound pigs than In: re Is In Iwo -300- pound pigs, and It takes less fc«i to rake the three 200-poundcrs than Iho two MO-pmmders.. sure is 'wonderful Ncws:.Of.WAACs,'':" WAVES and SPAUS Aurlllavy • Tilley M. Weasc of LcncliviUc', Is now .slallonwl • at Camp .Riislon, Lii,, far lliilnlng wilh tho vV'AACs. UcUy Silo Galiiright, daiiEhtcr of Mrs. Ode Chipmhn of Leach- vllle, ; lias.. completed her. basic training at . thn , Naval Trnlnlna School, for WAVES on tlie campus of . Ihu' fowa-State Teachers College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Aux. Flcda Mae Thomas, 105 Lilly St., blylhcviile, has begun (raining at Camp. Monliccllo, Ark., with the. Woniun's Army Auxiliary Corps training : 'center. Auxiliary ' fl "'" slUc " <le ' 1 High picked a nice-looking young .relief ' »»'* ( «««>««l named Cliff D. Carpenici'-Dr. Cm- School. &ho formerly.*™ employed, penler, it you please—to he In °" n .. un "K. <'' le ™ l" nl. wills teforc charge of the campaign. Dr. Car-. penter Is what's known • as n poul- trj pathologist ami he ivlso has to ijiff.arbuna.tlic'title of Collaborator In, Poultry Vliblllly. .Viability means ilvnblllty, so Dr. Carijtnter's Job really bolls down to propagandizing In the WAAC.- Carefree Froiii Riitloiiltig PITTSBUB, QCiil (UP) — ?4lck Stack, YMOA pliysicul liutrnctor, defies the OPA and nil food r'n- Ites lived for seven, years on uncooked foods, such as whole CHICKASAW • West Main Near 21sf St. Sal. starts .12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 juu^iu cucuLieis uuu itiyiiiK lieiu, u, , , , ' *ho VH11 help beat Hitler because i"" 0 ' he B!IVC his car food will win (he war. U,.;in addition to or Instead of iv Victory; garden, you'arc going In for a little plain or fancy poultry raising to eke out yoiir food slip- plies this year, you might be In- 'tertstcd In some of the steps proposed to decrease. this -chicken death rate Some of them, like numbers six 'and seven, even sound all ''right'to'try'-on the children: 1. Buy only quality chicks. 2. Disinfect-brooders and clean hen houses, nnd mo\c to clean ground for each, new brood. 3. Protect feed and .water containers. 4. Use n deep; highly absorbent litter and change the litter less frequently. 5. utili/.c sunshine : and green grass. G. Pro- Buy Furniture On Our Special Farm Terms Half Down-Balance Next Fall - , : COMPLETE .STOCK OF FURNITURE, RUGS, STOVES, RADIOS, .- "-MATTRESSES, REFRIGERATORS These terme apply to purchases of §10 up HUBBARD Furniture Co. Luxora Soldiei 1 Al Dutch Harbor Gels 'Promotion LUXOHA, Ark., May 13. — Mr. .ml Mrs. Charles' corkt'iin Sr,, of lj««mt hnvc been Informed that llieii- son, Rcrgt Charles Corkrnn Jr., or the United Stales Marine Corns Iws been promoted lo the nink of .flafr sergeant. Eergcniil Corkran ntis been stn- Honed fit tlie Nrwnl opera I! UK base in Dutch Harbor, Alaska since his graduation from -photographic school Iti New York City mid Philadelphia, Sei-gwittl Corkmn's pictures ..have been seen in newspapers nnd ning- n?,l»rs .such n.s Life. Times, News Week, and Fxjok. .'Added to his Unlies us n pliotog- i-aplier, lie is (he athletic and rec- MnliBn director of ills detachment, He suites to IIOIIN; folk of Ihc sol- dlm-s pltiyine bitscball "catch",'and the childhood yahio of "Andy Over". Sergeant Corkra.ii has heen In service over einh(. years, having sjwnt lu'o years In Hawaii, rjo was recently discharged, • re-cxanilned, mid /.worn'lii .in IS minute;. Mr. nnd Mrs. Corkrnn, also, Imve anolher son in service, l>fc. Lcxle E, Corkrini, In tile Army Air Corps. ' Private Corkran volunteered for ervice': In December 10-12, and was immediately assigned to the study of nil-plane mechanic* at Kelly Field, Texas. He now la stationed if, Ciiilfiiml Field. Miss. , Shrews cat their own wcfeht In foot! four nines dully. Now She Shops "Cash and Carry" Without Painful Backache :Wlion tliionlr Construction Men N ceded In Seabees To Interview applicants for en-, llstment In the "SEABI5ES," the coiistructlon ballnlloiLs of the Navy, Liedt.-C'om, H. J. Duncan, Navy Civil Engineer Corps Olllcci 1 , will be In the Little Itock Navy Recruiting Oiflcc Thursday and I'Yldny, May 13. and H. .Commander Duncan will offer ratings as Pelly Oiriceix In tin; Navy lo all men with construction and iiiialnlepance experience who can qualify ' for service in this highly specialized branch of service. • . All men between tho ages of 11 atid 50 arc eligible to enlist for .service with these "fiijhtliis builders" of the fleet, providing they have been vwk In v conslrue- Mon mid inalntcnance fields, Those who apply for an inler- vleiv wild Coriiiimiidcr Dnncnn- are New undef'ttrm ? Cream Deodorant #v«*»^ safely ****• Stops Perspiration 1. Ones noc joi^iiccsscs or men's shins, Uots not 'ur'nste slijrj. 2. Nou-aitirigiotfiy. Catihcineti tijjlit after sluving. 3. liislanil)'slopsiieisjijrarionfor 1 lo 3 thys. Vfevcais odor. 4. A J"lfc, while, grtaselesSj stainless vatiistiing ctcam. roval Seal of urged 16 bring letters of 'recommendation, or other authenticated documents, showing their experiences; so they etui lie offered the highest possible ruling. Papers may be presented to the recruiter In charge at Ihc Navy KC'crultiiiK Station, BlylheviJIc and the Navy will pay the expenses to l-!ttl<; nock, H has been announced. Read Courier News want ids. Fund Appropriated To Train Guardsmen LITTLE ROCK,. May 12 (UP)— Tlie War Emergency Board'"has appropriated $7^00 to the Arkansas State Guard to be transferred frorn a special $250,000 War Emergency fund created by the 1943 Legislature. The appropriation will be used to provide a training program for officers nnd noncommissioned of- ffcers Robinson. •' The WE1J also has appropriated $7,500 for operation of the Civilian, Defense Council, Sanlo.s and liullos, which ivcle made In ( numbers in New' Mexico during the 18th nnd 10th centiirle.s, are now rare religious objects considered as collectors' Items. • ' • $1 Nervine Liquid 89c $1.25 New Peruna 98c $1 CARDUI CYTAMIN A I! C. 1) (i Caps 100 in $AS liolfle L 89C VIMS nimiiS" and Minerals liotllo. An limi'iitum AimnuiKcmriil Concerning FOOD RATIONING Although it is unlikely tlml the new Government program of rationing will mean actual liun- (it'i 1 fur us .it home --it • in.iy mean tliat many will suirer trnm ;i VITAMIN DEFICIENCY caused by unbalanced meals— unless llieir diet is siippleinent- wl with concentrated vitamins. Tf you will sto]) at our store, we will l^e happy lo recommend the vitamins which will balance your daily requirements. HALIVEROIL ('upsules 50 in *Qc IRRADOL-A I'arke-DavJs Hospital $O3IJ. Woods Drag Store 21 W. Main IVescrinliims Aecuralelv Killed I'honc 507 shows 5:45 Kxcepl Monday, ujieiui 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. nnd Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature LOOK WHO'S L'AUGHING" with Edgar Berlin & Churlle McCarthy mill "WEST POINT WIDOW" with ^.tlSS^S-'^X '^- Friday & Saturday Double Feature "FUGITIVE -VALLEY" .1 •'• wilh The Itanjjc Busier* and ':•-... "THK.BLACK CAT" with Basil Kathbone A- Hugh Ikrbtrt {Mnu-dy SEKIAI,: "Dick Tracy vs. Crimp" Wanted to Buy CITY HOMES I ; la Blythevilk T « * ~» Braaber of clieab who with to buj BlytteTilk and nearby— All types of are wwted. The time to «eU property is kwt »« b^ers— «ii-I HAVE THE -BUTMS. ^Ple^. Bst f or sde property with me. R Riales Phones 2028-029 ~ B»k Grttn, O|icn 7:15 Show Slnrts 1:4S Adm. Always lie and 25c Last Time Today 'Adventures of Martin Eden 1 wilh Claire Trevor & Sluart Erwln Fatamount News Comedy Friday and Saturday 4 West of the Law 1 - . wilh Buck JoitM A Tim McCoy SERIAL: "Perils of Nyold" 8«l«l«d Sliotlj POTATOES ONIONS LETTUCE IC S , n CELERY SSS 20= TURNIP GREENS , 15 MUSTARD GREENS u 15 TEXAS WHITR Lb. SWEET POTATOES „„„„„ 18 GREEN CABBAGE ',r 9 LEMONS "'I'^f «•>»• jo- CALIF ORANGES „„. 45 ASPARAGUS A " K2A E S 35 GRAPEFRUIT 2 Kelts. Large Size I'oum! WESSON OIL M ,, 29 SALAD DRESSING „ IAn 28 PICKLES HPIN7 Tin - v nCIUCi MidRcl, HEINZ RELISH , 16 ARTICHOKE " EAR1S "£..' 25 C Sweet Pickles Ration Point Savers! SHREDDED WHEAT 23 BAKING 25 m. Jar 24' TOMATOES 1&i£r 11 Standard TOMATO SOUP ' HE | NZ TOMATO SOl^ .^e HFIN7 KKTCHUP, II 07.. rtflc nLmL ]!oll | C ft BVAI'. SMALL''CANS «7r (1 FOR •>' NOODLES UONCO: 12 ()/. l»k 16' RINSO u ,23 VT19 l.gc. «.V. 2, For .S 07,. Bottle IO 12 Ot. H01TLK CHERRIES CHILI SAUCE SCOTT TISSUE™?. 22 BRAN FLAKES J ?j '" DAILY POINT BUDGET RECORD DAY WON, TUES, WED, THURS, FBI, SAT, SUN, RED STAMPS. TOTALS GRAM TOTAL RED £</> S>- BLUE STAMPS BLIE FOR WEEKENDING^ ,.,.-. 194 Top Quality MEATS! THICK 111 H UOAST, Lb.' BEEF PORK CHOPS U. S. GOOO OCc Hi. 38 CAI T liCAT Streak-o-Lenn OK' UHLl mCHI litst Sides, Lb. tw 29 GROUND BEEF ' ,"'. CHEESE Wise. Stale Hrand Full Creiim, Lb. BEEF STEW " ri! " >el ,S""'22 c U AUC Tenderized, Whole »r y, LIMBERGER BEEF TONGUES BEEF LIVER 25 Fr. Trimm«d, Ib. Keep ii record of your daily point expenditures, on this handy little chart which \ve hiive planned for your convenience. Kno\v every day how numy ixiint.s you have lefl for cacti day's jiurchascs; know always how many points yon have left. Fresh OQ C Klkcil, l.b. L9 SHOULDKRS, Whole or 4Ar Shank Half, Lb. OLEOMARGARINE , b 19 314 W. Mai,i Phone. 2763 LIBERTY SUPER 1MUCKS BFFECT1VE Friday AND Saturday

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