The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 29, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE • .(ARK.) 1 , COURIER NEWS . TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 1943 BIIIIR HOMES Sy 'Cinderella Kitchen' jiSiimm^mmy^'----' ^^jj?i>ft?3. •'*..,:.<;',,>';. ':.••;/ -•'J - - 1 ' -':':''f :•*'<??}'.'' Housewives' Dream COMICS -True In ideas 1 reviewed For Post-War Production Service /TOLEDO, Ohio.—In tlic revolutionary "Cinderella Kllclicn" 01 display lieio, a sample of what's ccoking for Hie past-war home Mrs. American Housewife can se her fondest' drcanvs coine true. Want to dream? Well, just ctosi your eyes and visualize a kllclici that spends most of Its time as playroom, .where practically every thing but eating is automatic . . where you don't have to bend bvc unless it's to lie your shoelace . . . where you cook the meal? In the very dishes from whlcl they're served . . .' ( wlicrc you do three-fourths of your work silling down; -•'•'; ' It's not a drcnm. It's right here, conceived and executed by 11 Creslon Boner, director of (he Libbey-Owcns-Ford Glass Company's department of design ami Ills associates, - And, best of all, he polnls out,. Ihe miracle kitchen is not n millionaire's • luxury, but Is KO simply executed that, produced In volume, It could grace medium and even low-cost homes. Already more than 100 manufacturers have viewed Die sample ' and have gone away with a new gleam In (lieir eyes. "There are no magic lirw Icst- Fuel Supplies On. Lean Side Next Winter Rcduclion of coal supplies by an rstimated- •16,000,000 tons, ivh would have been mined but for Hie recent coal strikes, lias intensified the concern of government officials over the prospect ol- Insufficient fuel supplies for home am) multiple unit dwelling heating purposes next .winter. Last winte./shortages of| fuel oil In various sections of the country caused the principal hardship; now the possibility of a coal, shortage next winter must be reckoned with. This possibility, indeed, was looming even before (lie strike, the full effect of which on the supplies of ial for home healing cannot be assessed at this time. It ;is certain however, that supplies of all fuels for home healing will be on the. lean side next winter, biciutse of the Increased demands of induslry and llic expanding .war fronts. For that reason -it is all the more imperative that librae owners take the necessary steps this summer -to insulate Jiomes against n'xl winter's coldVnaps , If is surprising how; effective even a minimum of insulation can be, such as the lacking of felt' weather-stripping around door alul window frames. Of course, the more complete the job Is, the more heal will be" retained and .Hie less fuel burned. Loans as high as $2.500 from llic FHA can be obtained to finance the job of. insulating, as well as converting" from oil to coal-burning heaters, wherever- this is possible. One thing practically everyone can <to: to conserve fuel is remember to draw this window shades with which most homes are equipped The shades, acting as an insulator, effectively cut Hie high rale of heat loss through window panes, thereby reducing fuel required for heating purposes by as much as ten per cent, on the average. 'Ilic rules are simple. Draw shades to. the bill in all rooms at night, hall-way to the sill in rooms being usttl during the day and all the way down in rooms not being occupied. Read Courier Kewa want ads. [' Betsy Ross Mrs Yoshijc Abe, American of Japanese ancestry, hopes she will make the U. S. flag that out forces will carry mlo Tokyo Mrs. Abe and her husband were evacuated from Fresno, Calif, lo Sanla Anita assembly center, then sent lo Denver, where she _' works in flag factory. duels In it," lie snyji. "We've merely, adapted familiar materials and put them lo use in new ways." „...„„, First impression ol the kitchen two sides of thu kitchen rn and dining alcove Is of .spacious- -••. Foot pedals operate liot anil Wilier faucets, leaving Iiamls free Note potato storage cabinet rljhl next 16 sink, seems like a long, waist-high buf- let bar. ; This opens to reveal hidden venders: u built-in cooking unit without burners, holding cooking vessels (which double as serving dishes! ntted Into thermal recesses that don't waslu heal. A special built-in fond mixer nn( | p cnnn . nently Installed 'wattle iron, sandwich grill, automatic lousier and juice extractor enable Mrs. Housewife to say farewell • to tangled electric cord.s. And farewell, too lo stove-watching, -for a timing device controls nil cooking operations, sending Mrs.. Housewife off with extra leisure hours. In Hie oven, the roast or chicken revolves on a motor-driven spit and can easily he seen from all angles through an oven hood of heat-tempered glass. The heating clement moves up or down, regulating temperature at llic push of button. This unit i s also a pan- frying griddle and barbecue. Oisiiwashing is no trouble at all in Ilia dishwashing unit concealed m the buffet. The sink, likewise ••onncnlnri when not "In use, lias n selMlluiutiiatcd vilrolilo splash board. Foot ,,e ( ials operate the 'Hot" and "Cold" faucets, leaving lands free, night next to llic sink are storage bins for vegetables, such as potatoes, which ordinarily you'd peel nt the sink Across from the work units in llic buffet, there Is what seems a ceiling-high gins., c , mi[1 cabinet and service bar separat- ng the kUclien from the dining indi- conlrolled | JUST ONE COAT COVERS OLD WALLPAPER PLASTER, WALLBOARD, BRICK, ETC. • This amazing new type of wall paint offers you three big savings: 1. S»Vf TIME. Think of it-you can now redecorate a room in 3 hours. *I\vo hours -to apply Pittsburgh Techide-and only one hour for it to dryl 2. SAVE MfSS. No need to scrape off sbabby old wallpaper. Tcchide give? a smooth, light-diffusing buciaca over wallpaper, plaster, etc. 3. S»VE MOKE) 1 —because one coat of Pittsburgh Tccliide is usually tuffi- cienl... and one gallon of Tcchida is enough for llic averoge room. On sale at We Have a Complete Line Of PITTSBURGH PAINTS An occat'onal vwflthing w'rth loop and W0 |,, rttleiti e "ntw leok" On. gallon or PitlJmrgH T.cMJ. rr.ol,.. tli eollon. el point by addlnfl >Mot*r, \ n $ Buill-in electric mixer stirs'fo._ in one or 'cooking unit's buill-iii vessels. Out of sight wlien not in .. Accessible from kitchen or alcove, the lefrigcriilor has u revolving section to bring often-used foods within easy reach. And now lop your dream off with this: heal from the refrl»- erator- motor dries your dis°h towels! Keeping Rooms Cool While rooms aic kept comfortable (lining cold weather by making certain that heat is retained, just (he opposite is true during the summer. Then Ihe problem is lo :cep the hcal^prlnclpally that generated by the sun—on the outside, and that is where window shHdes. again, have nil importiint icle to play. When the shades are drawn, a dead air space between the window pane and shade is cre- use, mixer has lonff cord, reaching ' wlli " et Io 8 : 'hcr and pn !<? a)l- parts of working area. ^here it ought to be—ins aicd, which greatly reduces passage of coiar heat Into (ho rncm thus keeping it much cooler than otherwise would be Ihe case. I'ul Ale in Safe BERKELEY, Cal. <U.P.1— Locket in the sale by Dr. Karl p. Meyer director of tlu Hooper Foundation of the University of California, are safely reposing two bottles of Ba- loviai) ale. which were in the lost shipment ol ale out of Batavia before the Japs took over. Tlicv \v:rc presented to him by a friend and will remain in tlie safe until Balu- v5a is retaken, when the two men it the ale inside Ilicm- Insulating Reduces Fuel Costs Cold, according lo scientists who figure out such things, Is not, u condition per Be, but rather an absence of hcnt. Thus, n house or multiple unit dwelling such as an apartment building is kept warm during tlie winter not by keeping out the cold, bul by keeping- Ihe heal. in. It Is for Mils reason that tlic government has removed restrictions against the purchase of materials needed for home insulation, with Ihe exception of such war vllal products as rubber and slralegic rnetals. In anticipation of fuel shortages next winter even more serious Dian Ihose of lite winter ol 1942-43, the government Is urging all home owners to Insulate and convert from oil-burning hcatcr.s to those whlcl burn coal, wherever possible, Ibis Summer. Insulation, of course, costs money, but in the long run pays for itself In fuel served PHA loans for as much as $2,500 are available to finance bolli the cost of Insulating and conversion. In addition to saving-fuel by insulating, the home owner can fnr- Ihfr save fuel by remembering to lower his window shades systematically, thus culling heat lass through window panes, the most, serious heat leak In the average home. This .simple act can result In a reduction Jn fuel costs of as imich as '18 per cent, according to scientific invcsligijtion^ Duriiji; cold weather Ihe shades should be kept drawn to Ihe sill in all room.'; at night, at all times in unoccupied rooms and half-way lo the sill in rooms being used during the day. In terms of fuel saved for the war effort, it has been 'estimated that O.OOO.ODO tons of coal and 10,000,000 barrels of oil for this purpose would be released annually, if everyone would remember to lower window shades and keep in the heat. Translated into dollars spent annually for heating, this represents a saving of $131,000,000 felves. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. You don't have lo have painting experience to get wonderful results with SPRBD. It covers any surface—brick, plaster, wallboard, wallpaper—in one easy coat. SPRED Ic.ncs no brush marks—no unpleasant odor. It will dry in Vi hour. You can wash SPHED and it stays clean longer. SPRED is tough! SPRED can take it! You'll enjoy ;paiming with SPRED. Come in loday—SPREDsomefrcshcolor i your home! ENOUGH FOR AVERAGE ROOM GALLON (PASTE) I GAL. PASTE MAKES VA GALS. PAINT 'elta Lumber Co. Blythcvillc's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard 201 IV. Second i> hone , m Jus« awn amdwoD v 3 *vw JM A.W.O.L. .Waao. Repents FRESNO, Cal.lUP)—Pretty Daisy H. Roberts. 21 of thiscity, in training at DCS Moines, la., as a Waac, because she was assigned to K.P. for missing a bed check, told her fellow Waacs she would show them i what A.W.O.L. really means. But [ when she was picked up by the military 'police here and rsfu cd even prison accommodiatioris at Hammer Field because of lack of facilities and turned over to the ccunty jail, she .decided she was sorry and ask-,-d lo go back to DCS Moines and help win the war. oLaiiah ^tt ^Jne \ tiennomeer j.m- Yea, vc know lli'ai 98° in tlic shade is pretty hot. Bill you can gel relief during .sultry weather if yon follow simple cooling-off j methods: Cool off the atmosphere 1>y , watering the 'Wn and (praying Ihe. iiilci anil roof / of jour huuie. Take glortouily refrahtng and relaxing balht, , fnciiicnloliy, ttMIe you nnr« lh» Itaie on, girc the kidi in the neighborhood a treat, line* them put on their bathing tuilt and iprinltle thtm Kith tenter. They'U lore it. You Kill too, V V V Don't forget to make it Hot for tlic Axis. Buy more U. S. War Uonels anil Slamps. BLYTHEVILLE WATER GO. Bernard Allen, Mgr. "Water Is Yonr Cheapest OninuxUty." Priorities and government funds arc being sought lo relieve the menace lo mechanical and tire wear due to chuck holes In (h crumbling hard - surfaced hl«h ways. PATRIOTIC TO PROTECT WITH Eberson-Lindsleys PAINT Looks Better—Lasts Longer . . . Also Plenty of Wallpaper at no advance in price. E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY Remember, We Sell Coal Dial 551 NEW WAY Just thiii KEM-TONE with plain water and apply to surface. KEM-TONE spreads on quickly, easily. One coat covers even walipaper! KEM-TONE dries in one hour. Rooms may be lived in same day painted. WALL FINISH Don't redecorate a single room until you've heard oil about the new Shcrwin-Willioms KEM-TONE. Entirely different from ordinary paints, it brings new economics ami convenience to interior pamtingl NEWEST PA$m COLORS America's " Favorite House Paint \yfORE homes arc painted „„* W'tri Shcrwin-Willianu OWP than \vith nny other brand I ouse Paint Ixau ty, protection and economy-combine to five you tbc most in real, honcst- to-goodncss paint for tvcry cent you spend A ,J f> per gallon. Ask us for a free color card. • Covert with One Coal I • Dries In One Hour! • It'iWaihable! • 1 gal. Firmhcj Average Koomi I Three-Purpose Varnisl | For (I) furniture (2) woodwork (3) floors. Beautifies nnd protects, resists chipping, scuffing, Clear •* .in Ri°ss r. 1 -; finish! «Qf. MAR-NOT Quick-Drying Enamel For furniture; .woodwork, walla; toys. Enamcloid covers solid with Dries HOUSE PAINT SHERWIN-WII.LMMS , ENAMELOID TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Your Complete Hardware Store 120 W. Main Phone 515 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS

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