Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 20, 1952 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7.0, 1952 rCSNOH NEWS BSTABUaSED 187] mt VBUMOM HSQISTBB GSTABUISHEO IMS C0J«80JLIDATBD 8KPTBMBEB 88. 1820 BUJWU* KACKAWAT 0. i CUUUPBQH OHtAK MKTCAUr O L. 8BBB0RK Edlioi Bnslnei* Usnorm Newt Ediloi „ PlMt SnperlntendeDt UKMBBB or XHB ASSOCIATED PBE89— Fb* AModated Pre** l* sxclnalvel; eo- Itled U> tbe at* tot tli« pabUcaUon ot WW* nredltcd to It or ao< otherwise credit d to thtt oapar and nJao tbe local ii«w« oblUhed therein. Intered •> Second Claet cnstter tor traoe- ^rtatloo throarti tbe mailn at tbe Post Office at Mount Vernon. lUlnolB. ondex thp act ol Marcb 3, 187l». BOBSCKIPTIOW aATEB SubecrlpUon* mu»i oe paid to •dTai .j»— By mail, Jeflereor coontj aad adjoining coantie* p«i year $0.00 0 mo» $3 75 8 mo« 83.26: 1 mo. 1.00 By mall outside Jefferson and ad- lolnlng counties trlthln 260 tntleai year S8.00: 6 mnn $S 00: 8 mo*. S3.25- per idaglt month Outstdi' 250 miles real S9.00: 0 mos S5 7B: 8 not tS.76: ooe month . Delivered by ctrrier in (riijr per week J!6 They 11 Do It Every Time <- By Jimmy Hatlo 1.26 1.80 A Thought For Today Are ye not then partial In yourselves, and are become judtres ol evil thoughts?—James 2:4. * * * » The perfect love of God knoweth no difference between the poor and the rich.—Pacuvius. i EDITORIAL LAND REFORMS IN EGYPT, IRAN COMBAT REDS BY AIDING POOR F IRST STEPS TOWARD LAND KEFOB»I, key to much of the unrest in the dangerously troubled Middle East, are being taken in ^0 of the hottest spots in that part of the world. In oil-rich, Communist -menacGd Iran, where 40,000 of the country's 41,000 villages are owned by landlords, the program is proceeding »n two fronts. Premier Mossadegh has issued a sweeping decree taking 20 per 3jnt of the harvest profits from the powerful landlords and returning ii to the nearly destitute peasants who do the work. At the same time the Shah of Iran has started dividing up among the peasants the immense land tracts of the imperial estates. Both those measures are a promising start toward removing much of the cause of poverty and resultant instability in a country whose ability to remain outside the Soviet orbit is almost vital to the western world. * * • M EANWHILE IN EGYPT, whose wealthy and worthless King Farouk has just been thrown out. the army, of all pepole, announces plans for a program of land reform as part of a general program to rid the government of corruption. The army, which overthrew the king and then took over itself, has presented to the government for action reform, legislation which would include wholesale taking over of private lands. The owners would be repaid for their land in treasury bonds over a 30-year period. And henceforth no person, company or endowment would be allowed to hold more than 200 acres of farm land. The poor people, to whom the land would be resold, would have 30 years to pay for it. And they would get low-interest loans for improving it. Iran is planning a similar loan arrangement to peasants getting land on the imperial estates. The United States Point Four program is providing about half the original capital. * * » 1 FEW FIGURES FROM the Egyptian delegation to the United |\ Nations point up the necessity for land redistribution in Egypt. For instance, 0.15 per cent of the land holders own 37 per cent f)f the land. On the other hand, 93 per cent of the land owners have only 33 per cent of the land. The total niunber of Egyptian land holders is 2,210,341 and the total acreage 5,290,050. Yet 1,751,500 people own a total of only 701,857 acres. ; And those figures are for a country whose basic industry is tilling the soil. Appfoximately 70 per cent of the population is dependent on agriculture. Both Egypt and Iran have many problems, but common to both ior years has been the possibility overriding one of land reform. Iron- ^\lly the efforts along these lines are now being made in both coun- •S^s under virtual dictators who came to power through force. ; But their aims are worthwhile by our standards of fair play and :^Ticem.for the underdog. They also coincide with our efforts to i;:mbat communism in the Middle East. The World Today Ly JAiMES iMARLOW AP STAFF WRITER A GRL^I THOUGHT IX THE CAMPAIGN The Doctor Says Written for SEA Service By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. D. ^^^^^ LAST TIMES TONIGHT Glen Ford - Ruth Roman - Denise Darcel "YOUNG MAN WITH IDEAS" PLUS 2 CARTOONS THURS. FRI. SAT. Pi •ifebeeer B UTTON PLUS RANGUAND RHYTHM.^ A SONG^ FOB BVBRy WRtuf JIMMY WAKELY CAN NONBAi L " TAYLQR. X-Rays to Remove E.vcess Hair Must'Be Used With Caution Ladies are constantly writing me ^bout their worries concerning excessive amounts of hair of the face, arms or legs. The mental suf. fering at times must be terrific, though obviously the presence of conspicuous hair is a danger neither to life nor to health. Why some women have more hair than othei-s is not clearly understood, but it certainly happens. Excessive hairiness is caused by disease only rarely. In such cases, there is a clue in the fact that hairiness has not always been present. If the hair starts growing rapidly, careful physical examination and dianogastic studies should be made. In the vast majority, the hairiness of face or arms is unexplained, except as some inherited factor from one or the other parent may have something to do with it. There are several ways of attacking this problem. The hair can be shaved. This is satisfactory for a short time, but generally results in a gradual thickening of the hair and its even more conspicuous re- growth later. The hair can be bleached or dyed, but the hair continues to grow out so this has to be repeated frequently. The hair may be taken off with hair removers which often consists of some kind of wax which fastens to the hairs and pulls them out by the roots. This is painful, and, of course, the hair will grow again. There are also devices for rubbing the hair off which some women use with reasonable satisfaction, I am told. Perhaps the safest method of permanent removal of excessive hair is treating the roots of the hair by electric needle. It is rather expensive and takes a fairly long time, but newer methods are claimed to be faster and less painful than in the past. Burns May Result Another method of removing the hair has been tried in many parts of the country. This is the use of X-rays—a dangerous method. A number of cases of severe burns caused by X-rays used for excessive hair have been reported. One person complained of severe burns on the arms and legs resulting from X-ray treatments taken over a four-year period for removal of hair—but the hair was not even removed. However, some skin specialists maintain that when properly performed, it is the best method of all. This may be true, but the method has also caused damage and should be u.sed with great caution, if at all. Show Business Answer to Previous .Puzzle W.VSIHNGTON — A RrJm thought but priu'ticiil: what happens if one ot the presidential or vice presidential candidates dies before election day next November? Chance for an accident may he greater this year. The candidates are going to cover an unusual amount of territoi-y by plane and train. The two parties' plans for such an event are similar. The Democrats — Delegates to the Democratic National Convention, just before closing, continue a rule adopted long ago. The rule says that if either candidate dies before election day the Democratic National Committee will pick some one in his place. This committee — 106 men and women from the states and territories — runs the party between conventions. The Republicans' — Republican convention delegates vote to have a replacement made Your Manners You would like to play matchmaker and introduce a young woman acquaintance to a young man you know. WRONG: Have just the two of them over for an evening in your home. RIGHT: Invite them along with other guests — so that Ihcy won't feel they are being thrown together. this way if death overtakes one of their candidates: 1. Their Republican Nationnl Committee can do it. It has 138 men and women members from the states and territories. 2. Or, this committee can call another national convention, if it wants to and if there is time. Neither party has made provision for instruction of committtee members by their state organizations. They'd have to work this out by themselves. The largest living kangaroos are about 8 feet tall and have heads about the size of a sheep. LIMIT PARKING ON LOVER'S LANE By Assoclalod Pre»« FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The F'aycttovillo City Council took St long stops Tuesday to discourage "nocturnal nonseiiso" in the city. It placed a lii-niimitr parking limit on this iinivci-sity town's most popular lover's lane." Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away.... NaRlfing backnche, loss of pep and energy, hendoches and diEtinoHs may be due to slowdown of l<idney function. Doctors s»y good kidney function Is very important to good healtli. When nome everyday condition, such ns stress and strain, causes this Important function toslow down,many folkssulfernsir- ginc backache—feel mi.ierable. Minor bladder Irriltitions due to cold or wrong diet may cause Kcttlng up nights or frequent passages, Don t neglect your kidneys if these conditions hotlier you. Try Doan'a Pills—a mild diuretic. Used successfully by millions for over 50 years. It's amaslng how many time* Donn's give happy relief from these discomforts—help thel6mile«of kidney tubes and ftl- tera tlush out waste. Get Doan'a Fills todayl HORIZONTAL I" and Andy" VEBTICAL lUpon 2 Pickiord 5 Shakespeare's 3 Gem "King " 4 Surgical 9 Doris thread J2 Adhesive 5 Household i 13 Opera singer . ^ Gluck 8 R"*" together '14 Malt beverage 7 Love god 115 Musical ^ Levels compositions , 17 Broadway, !i York 18 Post used in air races p K C K T H S f? A R B V o E (Z 1 O C A R E R E T e 1 N N K 1 N 1 N S P e C T ?^ H e \~ o ef e ^ H 1 »[— a 1 A R A T E R N A E O T -v.- n. E C» K ET m T A T A R o m. W: 1 U L. • A S T e (« ti* M A T S B • f* A \ P R E E M c A N T E S A 1 P A M A T 1 P B A S T E T A N A E A P •r A R B E l- E N c» S 25 Son of Jacob 45 Storage pits 9 Perilous and Leah 46 German 10 Toward the 26 Entertain- vice-admiral sheltered side ments 47 Cereals 11 Evergreen 28 Slow (music) 48 Put on shoes trees 30 Island (poet.) 50 French bank 19 Scoops out 21 Egyptian river 23 Observe 24 High mountain 27 Evict 29 Goddess of discord 32 Show mercy 34 Place next to 36 Opposed 37 Outcome 38 Falsifier 39 Pedestal part 41 Ocean 42 Weep 44 Peaks 46 Most acid 49 Italian territory In Alrica 53 Equality 54 West Germany 56 French summer 57 Girl's name 58 Formerly 59 Worm «0 Paradise £1 Glance over 16 Vegetables 20 "The briny 31 Bristle 33 Mistake 35 Persons 22 Played a lute 40 Dress 24 Soviet sea 43 Milton 51 Peruvian Indian 52 Arabian gulf 55 Girl's nickname 1 2 It 5 6 7 & 9 10 11 XI (5 /V li 17 18 w- 19 20 21 iz 23 ZH IS 2b n za 30 32 33 3i i 3^ 3e HO HI HI M <«. HI SO SI 1 53 5^ 57 r3 • -0 CORPORAL HAS DELUGE OF'MAIL By Associated Press WITH 25TH DIVISION. Korea —• Cpl. Ray Bohn of St. Louis. Mo. is due to be rotated' in September from the famed Wolfhound Infantry Regiment but he wonders if he will get home by Christmas. The reason: Back in June he wrote a dozen newspapers asking for mail. He was deluged with about 100 letters a day and from them he has found 25 girl friends who want him to visit them on his way to St. Louis from the Pacific Coast. Bohn plans to visit all of them except a girl in Omaha, which he says is too far off his route. PACKAGE LIQUOR WINE AND BEER By Bottle or Case Get Them Prom THE WOODEN INDIAN Free Delivery Pkooe 100 or 708 WARN AGAINST PAY INCREASES By Associated Press LONDON — Leaders of Bri- tains powerful Trades Union Congress TUC have warned workers that widely demanded general wage increases might bring economic catastrophe by making the nation's exports too expensive for world markets. STARTS TODAY ParamounCi Hilariout Succatier To "Th« Polefoea"! Colwby li BRUCE CAfiOT jmmm Plus Western Hit! MOVIE TIME TABLE- GRAI^IADA "CALIFORm.* CONQUEST" 7:15 - 9:15 "Has Anybody Seen My Gal" 2:00-3:30-5:40 7:30 - 9:00 PLAZA "FANCY PANTS' 3:25 - 6:25 - 9:20 "BELLS OF SAN A.VGELO" 2:15 - 5:15 - 8:10 Where The BIG PICTURES Show First AIR CONDITIONIO fOR TOUR COMfORT ENDS TODAY Piper Laurie - Eock Hudson In "Has Anbody Seen My Gal" In Technicolor • STARTS THURSDAY * INC WlUROGERU •• His Father ' J ane W vman i.WiiiRog«rs EDDIE CANTOR • Jomt GUASON I LJULJ ««Mw **M './«i »r *K «i,ifcj;""''' HEA WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY SHEFFIELD as bomba SHOW EVERY NIGHT—RAIN OR CLEAR BETTY CORNEl CHARLTON Starring DOROTHY : >««•*•»•«« I GLORIA 1HUTTON \ mm \ L with m mm UWRENCE WWi EMMEII im i ^dJAMES Produced and Directed by CECIL B. DEMILLE • Produced with the cooperation of Ringling Bros.-Baniuni i Bailey Circus • Screenplay by Fredric W. Frank, Barre Lyndon .j^ ' ' \ and Iheodore St. John • Story by Fredric M. Frank, Iheodore St. John and Frank Cavett • A PARAMOUNT PICTURE HEAR: "The Greatest Show on Earth" • "Be a Jumping-J^ck". "Lovely Luawana Lady" • "Popcorn and Lemonade" • "A Picnic in the Park". "Sing a Happy Song" ENDS TODAY Cornel Wllde - Teresa Wright tn "CALIFORNIA CONQUEST" In Technicolor THIS ENGAGEMENT ONLY ! Matinee 60e 'tU «... Evening 74c .. . Children 25c all times— tax Inc. All yellow passes suspended during this cnRaKement

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