The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1931
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1931 ILL 111 1L5.K' s Picturesque Oriental Nation ere (lie Kuests of tliclr daughter, 1 Sunday school al the Ekrou school. Buck Tomllnson Thursday. of Blytlie- is Will Be First Trip by Ruler lie Countvy. BY PAVl. tUKlllSOX Kl'A Smiti* \V*iUT SW YORK.—••!-> <)i-* ! -' ;ir r for 111? nrrival litre icsly Kins iV.ii:.ii!ir>!«J5, e grown inure ^u<3 ; l:ow sticuid a cr fivH rcUnm:; '•>•'• if it our shores? Even I: -Avollng Incognito. >' :i 'y ih.'uili alrins ouf.lit i' hilc humoiisis -, on invades ol pally uc;a.i!?i Vjronx Zoo i'!cp)i:«!'.s an:! ;v?r nnces on the steps of Cil • by a tlioiisiii'J—f riway dancnis gl'-'K Stamt'-: -:n uHicials ptjpiwd in with • anncuncriv.n-.t timt His Mi] woisM nol any «'?! >s nt all. ley made very c-'n-ar th» for Siam's moiKiivli Is si heart !u jslcntatlous yaiin-i! H'.an wli. ' Ld ratlier piny nol' «r.d : bb -.-fliots than flnkc ham!:, wit! V-.-ccatcd dignitaries In' Cron! i'.c sound camera 1 :. He will l>" • =aid, 10 all intents and pur- f, an obscure Asiatic pvlnc lins no r/.her yurposc hi 1:0:11- here than lo consult n cainil 'odors about eyes. A King al Wliilr House i will live in ordinary f^lilon wear ordinary cli'lhi's. Evci :\ lie vlslt6 \Vaslii!i:',lan a:id a:. 03 Ills VOSJlll H">' V.'llile Mill!!: Ihe White Hoiisc and lii'lnf ;;l upon In Inrn Ijy I'Ksiden ver. His Mnjcsly will apii-.-ar IK o occidental i;:irb. iiase wlio planned Isis lain- lmi>- .it fli-sl lo avoid all :-:jtial Imw- :r, mii as many cllU-inl ones «' venlion permitted. Now. r.ov.-cv- i; appears llsat the Kins wil c to iindcrco snmc imblic i-n- ainmcnl nnd. In turn, rerelv. 10 notables of Slain. Canada ant United tSates. 'lie Ophlr Hall estate of Mrs. ,itela\v Held Is belli- put in cr tor Tlieir Majesties t:t live will • entourage of Jourleon. 'In cc wa^ selected laid nllalned 1» .alton oftlcials becanso of tlv .et and seclusion U will otter fi>: - . ; monarch's convalescence. Xing l'rajidlii|)2k iths nam: I MI-MS Hazel Walker, Eddie Will- lioiu*. 1 at ten o'clock each morning. An egg liiinl ts planed for Easter Sunday- linns nnil FreU llcxlgc attended | prayti meeting r.t Oliver Gruvix Tear GflS Wednesday night Mrr,. Buck Toinllnron of Blyllic- ville spent Friday wllh her par- I'jits, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Toinlin- i ..on. Mr. and Mrs. Erby I'lodKi' vlsltcil relatives ut Pecan Cirovc, liny night. Mr. r.nd Mi<. Eisy HiKtBu. Mib-sw Aimii Nccdtin.-n, AlU'itu Walker, trills Walker, K. n. Walker, Mr:;. Hud Wulkor \wre Kueils of Mr. I jntl Mrs. Chnrlea Nee<lhum of ("Jos- nday !| being j for Drunkenness Pre-Easter ISM-S Jewell and Mildred Mnx- s-w. Smiday willi Miss Tiiel- Itlchiird.snn of (iii'.ncll. El. DORADO, Arkansas. (Ul'l — .1 ArtilUlnl tears nave «ny to I real article when George. Evans np-'| Salur- jxaied before rnunieipiil court her?i ! itc?!!lly on ciinriics of driinkcnnfys. "I v:aMi't ciriink," Kvans told the Judge. "My wife shot me wllh rur i;.i:i ".nd 1:31". c! Li::vJe;l inc. 1 ] My eyes are. burning yeL. Thal'.s why ll:ey thoughl I V.MS drunk. Alter hiarinij the evidence of the cnse. (he Judye attixed a fine of Kkrtm News Notes IIKKIIY S'l'AKS AT All! SHOW I.OS ANGELES, i(JP>— A lolnl Of 51.CQO was donated lo a fund for the unemployed after 15.003 sn»:- lutor.s jiald admissions lo an nlr ciruiis ill Hie municipal airport Your New Easter Frock here. Wallace Beery, film aa-i " ' us one of tlie pfrfoi-mers. Thoiuh n:c<li-vn in his t.i.stes, Kin 1 ; I'laji'.dhlpok ot Slain came to iti: llitune amid s-cncs of nnci;nl Oriental t])!endor. 't'hr ph-jto ahavi- r.hows tin- resiil proccsslr.!! p.i«liii; thron<;li (lie SH-CL-IM of Dan-jk^k ut'ttu-' nine ot Ills coruimtlon. Al ihi- rii:!:t K a recent, porlraii o( tti? lilnmese monarch, and below Is Queen Rnnibak Ilarnl, who will ancmpany lilm 0:1 his Inrtheomli'j visit to Hie United Stales. .loliiiny O. Goodwin at Jnckson Mi-.. v:ns l!:e wc>^k end uucst "f nude. Mr Raymond Jordan. Miss Ktabc'lh Jcrdnn ts spr inn the we:-k wllh friends In I thevllle. !iila:; Hay was tile finest, of ! slim Cainur, Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Onley Stone visiting Mr.s. Stone's parents and Mrs. Bi-mly near I3cll. ! Clll'L 1 Colds. I!c:ul:iclll>M. Kills Nichols spent the week i>n:l: KKC CAI VI? •al u-iirlivllle with his sister. l bbt) jALVL Kvpi-y one is ItiviL^d lo attend 666 -,?! .LIQUID OR TABLETS When you .«<• Onvc fr.ifli-i you wi!l wanl I wo The (irlnll urr in lli<' caytsi patterns, -'ilsu rnlid colors— In atlcrncon. Suudiiy "i.^lit an:t !,trcrl nniiU-1 1 ;. In all .llir new fpriiiK shades with peplem, lunle anil jacket I'lTerls. SIrrj; U to 4S. Karmair Coats 's Cold •!38 daiiBhlers nnd some 000 v;lv:s Uy' the- compheiilcd law of sacecs slon Hie Ihvcne passed (o Ksinn VI who accepted monogamous principled lo the extent of lakhiK - onlv i\vo wives, havlns "denioled" the (rod when slu- faiied U present him wllh a male heir. Mis sivon:! wii; litre him a daughter on Ihe <lay ijefcre Ills death. In 1035. Women Nrur KciualHy Hainn's only remaining full brother was llu? Trlnce of auklntlnl then a:t, and the heir presumptive. Seven years b;tore. the Prince liud miirried Ihe I'rlnce?;; Hinnbal 1 daughter ol his uncle, who wns called Ihe most bi-iiullful woman in Slam. Klu- belongs lo lhat socially u-conipllshed and dluca'.ecl class ol native women which Hame. i:nil his father had encouraged. Yel II v;ns 1111 !e more Hum a gcneiatlnn nxc thai a woman wtis considered of less vnhic than a cnw. Ever since their coronal Ion us Cine and Queen, th; nilr, allll -lillilless, have led a milet, mr.lcm Ifc Unit Is virtually democratic. ia)adh!|>ok Is the only absolute tioiinrch ot any Important country the world lodny. Ills word In any situation woul:! lie law. Ye', he prefers to lean on Hi; advli-c of Ills earefiilly-choseu cabinet, nnd Wilson News Mlrn Kdllh Pclevs silent last werkj ^ lss( , s Jcw[ .| l-'j'iay afifrnuon. -Mrs. Tate ot I ArniQrel was a miesl al the meet- cud v.ilh he:- sister. Mrs. liverelt' 1'ctly. I Mi>:i Edith Morris was Ihe guest, ol Mt» Dc:olhy Prlty, Wednesday, j Mr. nnd Mrs. Wade Slm]>son vls- ilcil fi lends nt High Tower. Sun- j l;1|est of Mlss da ' <J :ind Mildred Maxwell spent Sunday wllh Mlsi Thel-i Miss Pansy Moody ai:d 13. Crawford Kpcnl Sunday with Miss Viola Burns. Miss Alma Nfedham was the TUelinn Hlchoi'dson. Snndav. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Needham M'lw Kdllh Peters <:f lllihto'.ver was the UHCSI nf Miss Gladys \Val- : ; mnulmi:c n,c hhth of n (hinsliter limp, I'rlday nlaht. _ , on Mnndiiy. Murcli 23nl. Miss Cilorla .MaiTiim s]ient 'Lues- day nlulil with Miss Anita Dry- Mr. l.eliorn Landnmi visited friends til Illuhlowcr lust weekend. Mr. !inl|ih Rlmpson. Miss Evnn McKi'li!hl nnd Mr. Siui|>- tiin aliiiidPd Hi-.' dance :il lliyh- lowor. Wednesday night. Mr. mi:! Mo. Everett 1'elly cn- ' anl. cnouuccd phonetically, with nc- Lone Oak liemx incmbers of the Stamese Supreme at on the second syllnKc) nn. -jten Ramlial B;irnl iiiroiiounce; lampl-parnl." accenting tin rar") will tif.vel Incognito n 1 . rlnce and Princess ol SukliDthal ow bound for Vnucouver on Ih: "mprcss of Jnpan. they Kill Ian: lirll 17 and cress through Caiml.i .) Portal, N. D. Following n visit to Wasrung- 311, nnd n consullaUon with fix;- i.ilis'.s of Johns Hopl-uns Unlvcr Ity at Baltimore, His Mnjcsly wll uiucrgo one or more opcrtitlon: n New York. Although the Plijsl- • In Ordlnnry to tV.c Kuv- ft 3Lani is accompanying Eht p.Ht;. .he work ts lo be delegated cntiri;- ;y to American doctors. The choice of American mhci ;han British SjKciallsls is Mid t: :-inve been made because ol HID Important v.'ork American science- h,v acccinplLihed in King 1'rajndnliip ck's own ccuntrv. There are several endowed American i-.ospi'.a! there. Though a de'cnd(-r of.the Bud dhlsl faith, and supposedly a llnvn. dfscendant ot Ouatnina Birltlh: hinise't, Kin^ Prajadhipok has es talUshc-0 something o!.. a rer;r, fcr ivllgioas toierance. Christui ini.'Eionarics long have toen welcomed In Siam. nnd when the fur cign cotnniunHy desired lo brate the hundredth mmivcrsnr of the iirst Protestant mission there h3 turned over his royal garden- for the occati&n r.nd at'.ended t.i. festivities with his queen. King Chulalongkorn, v;hD begai the ir.cdernkation o' Sir.m. died i: 1910. leaving behind him 134 sons Don't Risk . Neglect/ Court. rlays With Tennis, golf or usually occupy his nft:rnoons. M=av tl-,e palace is a line prluite link: with full privileges extended to (he foreign ministers. Hut don't think Ihnt King Pra- Jadhlpok has discarded nil the colorful traditions and ceremonies of^ his ancient nation, caution his cn-'j roys In America. He Is fully cog- tci(allied n few of llieir friends \vith a card parly. Friday niuhl.. Mrs. Dorothy Petty and Missi Flossie Adams spent Saturday 1 nii;l:t wllh Mis. Potty's motlicr. Mrs. Fruuh Peters at Illghlower. Mrs. RLUniond Caldwell was Ihe Kiirs!. of Mrs. Henry, Sunday. Misses Mnljle nnd Clara Slnip- fon v.ere vir.ilars at Hlghtowcr, Sunday. ' .luiilur llradford spent Saturday niRht. v.'itli El 1). Petty. Mrs. Huston McKnlghl and dan- tlder, Kvoii. visited relatives at mspcctlnn (rips ,;,,,.,. Mo:l , lny evening. Mr. and Mis. Charley I.owery cC lllghtnwcr vlslled Mr. I.uwery's Mi's. Atclile Huinl)!e. last utck-ehd Lillian Smith spent. Tties- lit with Miss Mali." Lan- Mlss day nl! caster. Miss Edllli Williams was du' finest of Miss Ilnzcl \Valker Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tomilnscn Council News Delia nmy cog-1 .Misi il/ant of the proud. plc:'.m>;:nr I incsi or Miss customs and the place ti-.ey Inl- I -Sunday, in t!;e heaiUs ol Uls people. Fl. lj Majesty has skillfully Interwoven the elements of ear.i.ern cnltnre !ii:l \vcMcni pro^rer.s. 'Ilia' is why he innlnlains at his •curl a Uoupe of players to p?r- forni the national ballelE. dances nrl pluys. He is fond of rclhjioiis and holiday celebrations, an-i true monarcli when he rides n a richly colored pp.lamniin u he native procer-sional riter. Hallmr.rk 'IVnnlc was I lie Hcmphlll, PAINFUL INDIGESTION "I tlnil P.inck-Dnuisht gives relief for stoimich trouble, caused liy constipation," writes Mrs. Miilmlii Atkins, ot Ironlou, Ohio. "I luive l.ccii troubled wllh indigestion— sometimes would luivo i;iu nnd l«;ilin uiulur my rlb^. My fou-l \vi>;:3a fornicul, nnil I nu'i'eri'J reel- Irm-s. I Iliru l:il;l»s ;> f' 1 "' ilii-va "f Ulni-k-lii-iiiiKiil wuuiil e.iusc llil* CnMiK M l-:is:i UWiiy. I l"«vv us^.l lILirk-lliiiir^'nt f.n- yi'ar:^. :lll<l I (:itii>;iy is Tlio nv.iliclni; fin- ill' 1 -" m-i "Do you know this man? -We do!" u spent Sun- j Mrs. Clms. Mr. und Mrs. Sid Ii: da • v.'i'.h Mr. and Nccdham. I •Hi: P. T. 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S7.15j Xciv Orleans ............... S10.M Detroit ......... ........... S11.15 Clevrl.lllll .................. S1P.13 New York .................. ?:'.7.0fl l.os Anjclc-s ................ S35.10| Memphis ................... S1.23! UNION 1WS DEPOT ! Phone 2iO | C E N T K ^ 1 | GREY&OUND ' l \ 'A ^riilcly 'distributed po\ver supply, efficient and inexpensive, is of outstanding value to industry. It enables factories to avoid the congested metropolis and operate where there is "elbow room." It enables them to locate in the small community, a more pleasant and less expensive place to work and live. "What an advance this has been for the small towns of America! Increased payrolls and a quickened trade have resulted from this widespread distribution of electric power. 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