The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1934
Page 2
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iwo crcc SpcW Calendar Mrs, J. S, Gesell and Mre J. N?sl .Gesejl having bridge and roolc party st Country club; 2:30 ' ' '" Annorel Glri Scogiij Meet The Annorel Girl Scouts at their Weekly ineetlng diseased pluns_ for tlio^JuJiel Low Memorial party (o b^"hcl4 during Olrl Booi)t Week during which they will meet ''with ti>»^B)Uhevll!o Girt 6couls At life fitting the fnlnuies were read by. Jgte) Manes and the group sni(g' "Anjerjca ' Chrlitmas carets were glren out to he sold for the ber.q-' fl£of the cjub ' cause both . Mr?, Everett, J3. <f9 and Oscar Hardayia) )unc a birthday Monday the) v,ill cntcj'- Ifcn wijji a dance at the country c&b *Jiert?rt jviahler and his 12 piece <jjjh.eslra will furnish the inusic, plnj at 9 3<) p'clock, Siiul ! a t , supper mil be served n', <FarnsnorLh Black had Mrs. Hunter c, Sims to ha\o lunch arid play bridge with meinbcrs ol Iho Wednesday, Bridge club Ihh neck. J Hallowe'en tallle'i and ' autumn Sobers vkerc used and q up- fourse mei)u was sencd at small yib]es ' i The prijc, a double deck (if nenl to Mrs \V II Mln- Club Kuj Guests. i Mines WallerH Baker, H High- ill raid W D Chamblln luro tpieste ol Mrs Ross D Hughes vlicn sho had the Thursday Lnn- qheon club this \\cck ! poses. decorated the small luncheon tables In lire bridge games Mrs Baker won (he prize, hosiery" * * • Club Metis, The Mld-Week Bridge club was entertained b> Mn> Harry W. Halnes who also had Mrs A B. Falrfield as a guest • Hallowe'en place cards and chrysanthemums made an autumn note in 'the living, room where the tables were ariangcd (or ; a iworcourse menu T|i« prize, linen, «ent tq MIS. H H ,Houchlps « ' Hv* tiJl-,? yJJMji , .• The .Hiarjrlaigc of l,!Ks Moggie We Todd, oppareans, Tenn, and the Hey James B Cald»e)l, of Ar">° r . el . occurred at Vest Memphis Wednesday, October 24 Tlie Rav Braxton QJ1I, of Dell, read the scnlce at {(ie Turner Hotel The bride attended Union Unl- jersity at Jackson, Tcnn , lor three years after graduating from high school at Lexington, Tenp. She has been a member of the school faculty at Griggs, OkJa The Rev Mr CaUwell, who is I 1 }" «>« °l W T Calctydl, iecelve : d his later education at Union Unl- "f» to- V* and his bride wjn mn ^ K their Jiomo at Armorcl.< t « • : • Club Has 'Party : Mrs Upjd stiAmon had the Young Matrons Bridge club Tuesday afternoon when the only Guest was Mrs T o Seal Fall flowers decorated the hung room of her new 1 home, Hosiery was Mrs. Joe G Tnescli- man's gift for high score A molded cheese salad couisc «as seried with coffee. • • » CJub Bu Nlfhl P»rty Nfembers of the young Matrons Bridge club, their husbands and ™. V« "^ Harry W Hal »^ met at the home of Mr and Mrs. Doyje Henderson Thursday c\en- "ame " S " PPCr Party an<1 niun15 RHd rose s from *"" tlsed ^S wl h emphasized the Oc- holiday. A luncheon cloth went to Mrs w X S ,? eld for *0">en's high mm Mr Reid reached sox for the men's -prlie t » » Attend Prayer btnices An average of 35 rmc been in »t- .n S C L d ! >l!r .^ 1 lhe pTa i" raect - ings held by the Individual circles ° f ' nc W M U. at various homes during the past week These prayer* meetings arc in behalf of the to begin Bit* oj Nets Mostly Persona; Dr. Fred child has returned from Memphis where he attended the three clays dental convention,. MUs Lillfan Bunch js a patient, at the Memphis, Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat hospital. •:;•'. Charles Wl'lsoii' Js a patient at the Memphis nap'lst hospital, : Dr. U II. Moire and Dr. H. A. Taylor were in Memphis' Tuesday for the denial 'cg'nvciitton. Miss Mary Blanche pay, wlip ! 'rc ccntly went to Chicago, lias accepted p. ijosition wlUi Victor Bray, formerly of here. Mines, w. J.'pollnrd, Farnsworth Black and W. j. Wundcrljch lire jn Memphis today. The Rev. and Mrs, George W. Pyles, of paragould,' were' guests of Mrs. A. M. Butt last night and today. ' Mrs. J. C. Webb, who Is ill nl the St Bernard h»ip)la| at' Jonesboro.' Is better today. Her daughter, Mrs. Lucy McAdams,-'returned liomc last night; •'••• Milton Atlenberg rctur:re<l to his home In Memphis yesterday alter a brief.stay with. Mrs. Allenberg's father, B. H. Levy. Charles Oros, ..of Birmingham, Ala., has arrived lor a visit wl(h Mrs. Oros who is spsjiding the fall months with her- parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Lang. •< :.....' Mrs. n. p. Kirsclincr iind 'Mrs. Byron Morse are In clarkslljs, Tenn., for several days as guests of Mr. and Mrs. -Jos|ah Fort. They will return home, Satiir<|a'y. William' Lung has returned from a,buying, trip lo St. Louts and Chicago/* u' . ; "„•'. -: '" i N[incy-Hii8lies,' ? da'ugliter of Mr. ond Mrs. Ross b. Hughes, is'ill nt the family'home. -.••-.:..; ... ; Mr. and -Mrs. A. G. Little hnvc gone to the Ozarlc mountains for ••everai days. Miss sue Dolan and E|bcrt IJuff- man will attend a dinner [lance at th«,Ch a, tfleldclubhouse,-,on Horseshoe Ukfi/.;tonight, as ih 0 ancs(s of Miss tiphel|a Enoch.' B. p. Gay, Jr., E. M. Terry and i Mat . Afcljwain, who attend Columbia; .Military acadciny;iit. Columbia,. .Tenn., arc at 'home for the week-end. Mr. and ?!rs. A. G. Little re-£*$$ TS s terday. fiqm several .days visit ..Ihreugb. ; 'the 0-i/rks "of'. Arkansas. : •-•-•'•! , . Mse H. Webb, of Ea.rlc,- Ark., is attending to business here. Mrs.. Roscoe Oration and children, of Little Rock, who hnyc been guests of Mr. and. Mrs. Tom -Martin at Dell, will ' probably return home Sunday. • ' Mrs. Sidney Yarbrough, of 3t Louis, Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Toiii Martin for several dnys. given In lhe" Community ' •. House, ^^ts, Tuyljf numbered among her 80 guests many friends from Marked Tree, her former home. Mrs. John Brimner of Marked Tree. ,was winner of high score prlzo, ,a pink jwtlery table lamp w}th niatclilng Bhnctc; M r s. Giiy Bryant iron second high, n red pottery vase; Mrs, J. D, Dubard of Marked Tree won Ihlrd, n pair of hoscj Mrs, W. W. Prc'iVltt cut con- sola Ifon 'fayor; a nest of ovciiwaro bowls: and Mrs. 0. J'. Ix3wrancc jr. won;lhe Iravpling prize, a l»x of handkerchiefs. ; , ; ;. Out of. Unvii. guests besides Mrs. John prunhcr aiid MVs. J. 13. bit- bard.'worc Mrs. pon Wiley and'Mrs. Joe Boonc of Tyronza; Mrs. Jack UzwJll pf icvadftlc; Mcsdamcs Frank Brunncr, V. Uollauil, j. ) ter Here acwmpfniM -by Mr' anid AW,. Denny Moore bf;'Mpmni,iJ" dents who are tend While . friends it. E and Mr. - pcola Mr, Osceola Society — Personal Corn stalks, pumpkins and autumn leaves tanked around (lie great fireplace in the Community House, and other Hallowe'en decorations against, tlie paneled walls of the spacious bail room made a colorful setting f 0r Mrs. p.' Fred Taylor jr.'s party Thursday nftcr- iioon. Entertaining at one of the largest affairs of the fall season and 1 »'e first big nftcrnqoii | Br t y ( 0 j,,, i Annclle Hopper. John Siicnron, A, J. Slmrpo nnd T, c. Brisancc of Marked Tree nnd Mrs, Taylor's mother, Mrs. A. R. Shcnron of Wilson. ' * * » Mi's. R. V. Madden and Mrs J. V. 2Iiignn entertained :i party of four tables at their home Tuesday afternoon Tho guest list, drawn largely .from t))o, government employees' wives and (laughters, who have been a charming addition to Osccola's social ,J)fc lot several ycnrs, Included Mcsdnmos ,i u Strickllng, L. C. Scalvold, J. K' Prather, Terry Carter, G. A. Robinson, c. c. Crpsnoe Jim Driver George Dlckersoii. Jack wnk"'-sni' irnyes oowcn, Kiig'r Craig, p p Travis, D. S. Perkins, A. SV. Young C. «. Young nnd Mis ji,|| n craig. Mrs, Strickllng was winner of hlj-h scoj-o prize, Sirs. c. B. Ymni" was awarded the tmwlln* iirizc and Mrs. Carter cut consolation m- • * * Miss Julia crain «- a s hostess to five tables of Wend,, when she entertained at bridge Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. irnlc Jnckson won nigh score uwnrd, Mrs D Fred Taylor Jr., second high, Mrs. Terry Carter cut consolation favor nntl Mrs. jack Wilkerson \von low score award. f • • Members of tlio Literary Department of tliq'Osccqln-ProTcsslyo club held; their initial inccting of the club year Tuesday' afternoon at tnc country home of Mrs. R c Bryan, chairman'of the group. "' .-A study course was oullined which-will 'Include-studies hi the correct use of English, current events, and reviews of modern nov- .els. The department- will meet freekly except on lii 0 first TuesrfBy nf eanh monlli. «-l)Ich Is (lie meeting date for the. parent club. Next Tuesday's meeting W lll be at the home of Mrs. George Deere. University football games nrc at- -acliiig- a nuinbcr Pf Osccolans this week-end. MJ-. nnd Mrs. c u Driv er, Mr. and Mrs. James p.. Driver, M*, pjicj jyTrs, ^v. J.^Driver fr nnd MLss Mpxin'c Dro\yn 'nrc in 'l'*x- ington, ya... today for tlie two games, one to be played in the forenoon and one in the ' afternoon, when Washington ^ Leo. University will clash with Virginia 'Polytechnic Institute nnd the University of vir- Bnnn will piny Virginia Military In- sl-tulc. Mr. nud Mrs. U."c.'Bryan Mr. and Atrs. A. w. Young, Mr. und M«. R. L. Naming and M ' r . „„„ _Mf^Bcn Butler'are in Nashville Most Coughs Demand Creomulsion Don't let them gel a strangle hold. Fight them quickly. Orcojiiu!- ston combines 7 helps in one. Powerful but harmless. Plensn,nt' to tnke. No narcotics. Your own drug- i gist is authorized to refund your [ money on the spot if your. cough' or cold is not relieved by Crcomul S10JI. SOIO/.Ore (UP) ^ Visitors to the RoyThurston farm today Mewed a yellow m&use, \nth pink eyes nndia^whitt stomach, caught cdTlih i h 1 *" ordlnar y lra l> ball- -Adv.-l FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. DEIT. INSURANCE THE MIRROR TEST is the real proof V'OU get belter stylo' und ' • l nt iii .Han Sclmflner & Mars clojhes. The.AIlr- r °r says so. Coma in rind prove it for yourselt. ' • A small thing to look for; a big .thing .,lo Iind! ' (id. (ARK.) COURSE NEJ8 ftcentl) bl^day. ^fjer ppcning ne gifts games vtcre played, »l- 3 . w « ( l !?y rerreshmcnls or sand- 'Icnes, cake, and punch. Mr. and ^Irs. J. L. .May and Mrs. ^m* Wheat, n)ot«rcil 19 Memphis unday. . ilr. ! and Mrs. Jesse Young, of Victoria, Mpss.; wcr^ the week end i of --Mrs. Young's' brother, . Mr, '. Mrs. CJIarcnc* ta- p were Mississippi coutiiy r • a nuinbcr of years ago, and MOV live )n Albuquerque* N M l»ck lor a month's slay lo at- to Business Interesls li hero tljey w iij visit mMy oM s and relatives Including Mrs Ite Wllsofl ai Wilson. M Mrs. Bd PM.irian' at'CarsoA an< and Mrs. c. C. Ermen at $ 3, ' '• \> . and Mrs. n. wik 'm plli -- co " nty ' wnere -Mr |V son will engage in farmiiig. S VYflson accompanied Mrs wiisoi and Nancy Snow',here laofc week find returned (a Mexico to; win itp business affairs ^Hiero. He wll J«in them here in a f ew ^n an;y. , C, £, May s'pefl(,'siin<^y with his ^i* ;Mfly, ji,nd- -IpmUjr, at Burnett Aycock, eon of Mr. nnd Mrs Doyle Aycoc)t, w ho is )n the Blythcvlllc hospilai; is )ni proved. Mr. and Mrs. J, p, ppjierson .and Mr. aijd Mrs. ^og«n Perkins aftd son were Sunday guests' of Mr aiid Mrs. will : w.hcat at Blythevllle.* Mr. pncj Mrs, Wheeler Epperson spent Saturday nlgh( and. 'Synflay wJth (he Rev. and Mrs. W.'j. Le-Ray. ' '- -. - — FRIDAY, OOTQBER 26, 1934 . CARDUI l> Ofe; j ,,-rrr. --..Ing ptMul-txrl- O4l »nd u » tonic for lit i. _of ^pp«ute, poor twurUh- • uwat and DUTOUA f«V New Liberty New/8 Mr. and Mrs. J. M..Aycoclc on- lertained Monday nlgrt' In honor pt llvclr 'IPUgh^ivjjvglyn, on per . Real Throat relief j Medicated vylth .ingtedi- erjts of VIcks VapbRub OVERCOMES BAD BREATH KAYSERETIfcS FOR SLEEK SMUGNESS Young and old are'slid- ing into new ''Kayser- etfes" for coiy .comfort, close fit, snugness. Finished the fine Koy»er way. Vest --- - - 50c Tight ... ,50c Jack Applebaum For REAL Protection Phono 191. ' ; ' CLARK-WILSON AGENCY General Insurance 'We Pay All Losses With a Smile" James B. Clark - JSaker • Wilson HOTEL NOBLE Is Now Agent For American Airlines, Inc. Call 835 1 • - --For Information nnd Hoscrvallons : Dr. Floyd D,' Howton, Dentist Announces the open- o[ an-off ice for dental practice in the Lynch building on South Broadway. Hart Schaffner Marx Suits to lit ev^jry figure THE MIRROR PROVES IT HON'T take our word for it. '" Come into this store—slip into n Hart SchalTner & Marx sijit—arid give it the Mirror Tost, See for yourself that we can lit your figure. You may lie tall mid slender, big • and heavy or very shorUrrit doesn't mailer. Hurl Schaffner & Marx havo nnidc sails to fit every variation of the human figure. No .clothes makers have made a more thorough, study of men who • think ' they're hard-to-lit. You jjel tailoring that lin.s custom case and <|imlily. You get the finesl all-wool faljrics. You -save money. $ 25 $ 30 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. Wholesale Fruited Produce BORO CO. Blytheville, Ark. N - .t ' - ' ow you can DRINK A BANANA Banana Milk Shake nourishing... filling...easy to make BANANA MILK SHAKE Slice or break 1 fully ripe banaqa (yellow skin flecked with brown) IQIO raedium mesh w'ire strainer.PrcsVlhrsughstrainerwithspoon.Add 1 cup cold railk, !,$ leaspoon vppjlja (or 2 tiblc- h.S 'chnrinlAf(*''c'vVfir»" if ».A,'.*^"« _' ; -ll-, '"."i -'. '' p f, you're a 'chocpjt!; addict).Mixina drink shaker or fruit jar. Shake and serve cold. DRINK that has everything! Made with bananas and milk, it has a grand flavor-and-excellent food value. Children-need no urging^-even those who do not - care for - milk like Banana-Milk-Shake. Don't wait another minute—try Banana Milk Shake this very day! ' United Fruit Company Bananas DISTRIBUTED BY FRUIT DISPATCH COMPANY '•They'refullyripewhen flecked withbrown They're fruit or vtitUblf »h« n *«&<„ 1t u 0 m v«»«e«l«' when tipped With ' ff«t

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