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The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 18

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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if: I' I 'MtMm "PHOTOGRAPHS WTNE STINEii, DocembwlSi iL I i.mMpIpM THEY WENT THROUGH HELL! HjB TfEfc JflHKflnJifcfcei, Hii .111 ii i ii" SEARGHlNfi SOR BODIES IN THE RUINS OF RICHMOND Arthur Compton (left) and John Sullivan, survivors of tbo Halifax disaster, are shown her as they appeared after, their1 wounds were hand the lied Cross Workers. Belngamonglhe loi seriously wounded, with ha place to go, they stayed streets, where they were, phots graphed a they wandered about offorlng assistance wherever needed to the mot seriously lnjurod. Like the' wounded roldler lii France. Compton'a first request, after surgeons began binding tofa blgarette. NMS1CII mus mvmm.

Administrator Haffner. Ee (jyesCpmmtinication on Pood Conservation, Additional Instructions oohcernlnt food regulation work In this city havo been received by County Food Administrator Q. M. IlafCner, The regular lions whloh are more stringent than former ones, affect every handler of food directly and are as follows: "Advise dealers and others that tuokllng plg shall not be killed and served' a in other years during the. holidays.

The slaughter of Immature cnfmals must be stopped. Use ever) means to keep hogs on the farm until fully matured. "The praotloe. of ratling food, of giving prises consisting of food, of holding turkey shoots la In violation Of the purpose of the food control! law and wilt hot be permitted. Food must be distributed in Its usual chap nels to those who need It.

Part of the high coat of. milk Is due to the faot that milk bottles are worth 8 oents apleoe. These bottles are the property of the milk dealer, except wheh they are sold to the consumer." Advise junk dealers and others that they will not be permitted to buy or al lsecond hand milk bottles, pop" etc i "Bakers are In some Instances car ryink larger stocks of dour than allowed by Rule 10. regarding This rule limits the Quantity of flour t6 thirty days supply; "Where flour has been bought In good faith aVU vise that they may hold such ttooks If the supply is not more than they need for thirty days. "Advise milk dealers that they will not be allowed to advance the price of milk to consumers without first se turtng the premlsslon of the federal food administrator for the state.

The state and county institutions, hospitals, sanitariums or charitable Institutions require no license to oper ate bakeries. "AH' wholesale dealers in foodstuffs, potatoes, mtist be licensed. Buch dealers are oaulred to unload. cars Immediately upon receipt. In he eVcnt.

commodities aro not of crado, orddredthey should report the fact to you. Ve shall not tolerate delay In 'unloading, shipments, pending tho settlement of controversies with i grocers. In your county are I adoptlne 'the cash and carry plan prepcr.ou.Wi rujivrt Buccal joriJirug of. plan at the conference. Friday." ii i ii mfpw Hoys sappers.

Ii and: tip; l4ATTERSOtf FtETCIISli CO. ANTWERP NEWB. Antwerp, 13. George Felt went over to llicksvllle, Wednesday, whore he. will' visit his daughter, Lu die, In the home pf Frank Oswalt' and days'.

Joseph Ilnpla, wife and, little, daughter Rose, who have' been In thebeet fields of the Columbia City Sugar of Paulding, departed: for their, former homo 'Wednesday, where thty "wjll spend the winter, put expect to return to resume work In the fields next season. 'Oeorge Bodlne, who has been nursing a very sore arms, due to vnoclna tlon and blood, poisoning, went to Fort Wednesday, where, he spent. a few days with; friends, not being able yet to tfiumo work in Wabash freight depot there. Deputy' Auditor Edward Armstrong, of Paulding, accomonpahled by his wife, were In attendance at the. funeral of William Shepard, Wednesday.

Mrs. H. Ryan and daughter. Helen, who' been visiting here the past week, tho guests of his mother, Mrs. 'John'Ryari and out at.

the farm home south of town, departed for thel rhome, at 111., Wednesday. John Shepard, wife, and sons Jack and Blyvlan, of Flint, called here by the death of his brother, William Shephard. The Commercial club will hold a meeting this evening, at which, time, officers, for the ensuing year will be elected. The Parent Teaqher club wilt meet Friday afternoon, Dec, 1V A fine program has been prepared. Henry Cllne, northslde shoe man, rV vV V.l.f A ii 'i i nil ii i i in ssissmi 'sm am I TF ALL people were satisfied with their pindseiit homes you could not liopa to make classified advertising of houses or apartments pay but all pe6ple areM 0T SATISFIED.

Try Sentinel aaimfied Columns w. One Cent a Word 4v vS 1 i PssHslllllllaillllilailm asaaHasllBmEsaaSKHWBisBillll IsssibV a 4sav EJ a. JeCfllK A4vJss.iiiiiflK ier ISBfla, HasMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiVi'v 'ro JBKK "BeIHsBHHBBPBBfc tBwbpsJ v5RasySriasiBBBwB8SliBtfBoSTOW JtBTMfflTssBsVTifMpTrw" WtiEslBBBwTWviesWWW ills 1 nBBRSsVcvVDGssflGsWuHl'' tB SSflRwJsKljBv jjw yi u'. i 5t ftf IiisiiiiibiiBIbwBshvsvsiIBbVISbbHHcVH Vt Jf oi. tWTfTiVtH yy.ffoP, IHWojjTy.

jJTBPeMsWBassssiiiiiiiiiisiWsiiiiiiiKssBsiiiiiiiiiisiWCi" "iBEMHTOsfelsllsMsllllllsSffsMft ySmS'tfjHiSp HflSBBnHBr IbiIIIIibbbIIhbIIIhssIIBsbIIkbbidbbbbIIIIIIhbIIIIIHbiLb tvncSKSMJivit, iiia, I Wst PtWBrlMlifcilki'nini mi sr f2 fti''' Swiy if i 4tiMsstihsB9F''S lsfllKAeslHHBBPWQKBSBflSBHHH fa.x.owws.ywg; A'" A. 4 1 1 a eesi Ii Thia, picturo, taken in the ruins of a wotkman'o hciao in tbo Richmond section ol Halifax, only a few hundred, jrards from tho harbor's the resoue parties diggingin tho debris to find traces of family buried bonoath. Tliis.eection, 'consirting Jprincipally of tho homos of humblo vrtgo bamors, was tho scene tho greatest damage and loss of lifo, pricticajly overy framo building for blbojaboing raEod by tho inammoth breath of air that sept over tho city when the munitions ship Mont Blano exploded. was a passenger to Fort Wayne, Tuesday. Curtis Munson, who has been thu guest of his grandfather, Sylvanuu rotufnod to his homo at Fort Tuesday.

Miss tiiiy poster, eifipioyed nt the Clue Cast'Sanltarluni, near Woodburn. was a visitor here Monday and Tuesday. and Mrs. David Ater, south of town. Were passengers, to Defiance, Tuesday, where 'they will upend the coming week as guests of their son', Daniel Ater and family.

Mllo Schwab, mall clerk on the Wabash, with a run from. Fort Wayne to fit Louis. Was called to Toledo, Tuesday, to take, the annual examination. John Knapp, employed with Pennsylvania construction crew, with headquarters at FQrt was1 a Visitor here ever the Sabbath. Christopher Lynoh and Benjamin Monroe, residing north of departed Tuesday, for Lexington, where they Will visit a few days his uncle, William Lynch and family, then wlU go up Into the mountains 26i few weeks hunting.

Another car of soft t'coal was, side tracked here 'Monday evening' and 'the draymen were kept, busy Tuesday delivering the fuel to people whose bins were nearly empty; This car was received by the Equity Elevatpr company, and their patrons welcomed the arrival of the fuel as it, Is the. first car this company has been able to John Baugh, assistant Wabash agent. and operator at the depot here, who' Joined the B. service aS member of the' pelal railway organisation for work, In France, writes friends here from Fort Wood; that he's on the Job, sends regards 'the office force, Mrs. George.

Plerman was a. suburban day vliltor at Fort Wayne. Bunday, superintendent of Equity Elevator, was a passenger, to Peru, Wednesday, Oeorge Upland went to' Fort Wayne, where he will visit his sis ter," Mrs. If; Miller and family, a few days. FOIERWiyNE IN SEARCH OF ANOTHER HOME 1 A.

(Logahsport, Pharos Repprter.) Yesterday (December iO) marked the forty second business: anniversary of Ell Oreenifelder, well ltnokn local merchant at' 'SOB Market street. Jiist fortyUWo. years agd yesterday Qreeriisfelder opened a clothing and gents' furnishing store at 315 Market utreet. the place In whfch he is still located; Mr. Oreeiisf elder enjoys the distinction of being one of the oldest merchants In business In' the city of.

Logansport. The. Mr. Oreensf elder alluded t6 in th fpregolng was formerly a resident of Fort Wayne. I(e Is a slltcr of Miss Mollle arecnsfelder of this city and im i9.

no Aaron ureensreiaer were his JJe visits here fre quently and Is well known ln: the city; Ivory toilet set, conlpl'ete; llO.Op, rATTERSOJf FLETCHEn CO. DAKKtl DIES CASH VAVUT, I Anderson, Dec. IJt Myron O. Reynolds, age banker and'rnanu I faCtu'rerJ die! suddenly or heart trou 'tie. In the vault of a Jocal bank yesterday afternoon.

He had been an Invalid for several months He wits iri terested Itt several enterprises la Ahdersori' arid, a carburetor ractory at Flint, Mich. Ha was one of the wealthiest men In Ahdersori. The body will. probably be cremated. The widow and two children' survive.

i TONIOHT FlioM SIX TO XINB O'CLOCK, we will sell 200 silk lined wool' slip ons in the young men's trench models at no a aii a. Si 48. They will cipst you'120 else wnere. PATTERSpN FLETCHEti CO. Golf.

Gloves, to SSc PATTEIISON FLETCHEU CQ i i' I While Chinese and Japanese take flee with chopsticks, Koreans eat with a spoilt. 'One reason for tnts "peculiarity Is that in the "Analects of Con fuclus" a. record exists that the master ate his millet, not with chopsticks, but wth a spoon. Every saying, that per t'alns to Confucius Is reverently 'regarded Jn Kor.ea. Genuine, Seal PATTE.RSOM FLETCHEIt CO.

i i ii. i i A scholarship In memory of Miss Isabella Austin, has been founded at the University, cf to be known as the Isabella Austin: scholarship. The first holder Is Mlas Kathryn Darnhlsel, of Taconuc The scholarship is awarded on a' basis of personal ne.ed, scholarship In high; school, and womanly promise, Vstejj. lM I Ml I I Whlstbroom holders; wttb broom. 0 1 i v.

BSBXriiTS. biieaks KEcnrrriNo iikoord. Terro Haute, Dec. it Terra Haute recruiting records were broken yesterday when th: district forwarded lit men to receiving stations; Of these fifty were from Terro Haute. Among the recruits were paul J.

a rafe active In Rose Polytechnic Institute athletics and Edle IJeggs, son of John Deggf. wealthy1 distiller. of thq recrujts went to th; signal corps, aviation sotlon. The navy station foiward ed fifteen recruits. KSgtfMMHsS fry ilAir A 4SfiT rBBBBBBBBBlLiBBBBS tVBBvsfl h.

i MpjM'tJtJ'tJr'''''."'''"f BBBBBBBBBBBBBSBBBsL'i pFSEBlBSBBBBBBsBBaBBrff' nL j0M BBBBBBBBBBv'lBBBwipnjBBt SBBSBBSSBSmBBsMpBBpBsBkSMBBB1BBSSsBBBSmMw1BbIp SSBBBBBslsSBBBH BBBBBBBBLBSftSlraSDvi' kBiSBBBBSB9BBBUnSBBBBBMBBBBBBFdBBBBBBBBB9 BBBSBBBBBBBBBBs IBBBBSsHKSislsjB'i vSBBBBBBSSBBBwVKbSBBBBBBBBssBBBBBBSBBSaBBBBSSBBhBSSs rBBBBBBBBBBBBBfl HRPTJBbHc HlHBBl9VplBBBBB9BBsaiBBBBnpBVHBBsBBVB9 IsBBbVbBBBBh Thl repreehts three Ilallf ax families 11 that remain oT thorn and all the possossloris they eaved from the great disaster. Together, with the two survfrjng men ar Isadoir, they settlhc another home, refuge; temppt ary at least, from the wintry, blasts that; fdllotred' the: Mont osploslon. rotlca tho two trunks, the pile of bedding, and. behind tha tiro' woman seated In the middle, of the sleigh, the one straw CHILiDREN GARRY FOOD FROM RELIEF SmTIOlNf QXT Men's fancy sllg fpur Jn hnd ties Chr)tmas. boxes, BOo and up.

CO. i ii 1 i' i ij Florida contains ulott; 4,060,040 acres of land waiting to reclaimed oy proper oramage. contracts for draining, almost the ehtler Everglade region' have" ben jnade. Soldiers" fit all cases, complete, $6.80. PAtTERdpN FLETCIIEn i I I I ip' Complete; line of men! hoOse slippers, $1.14 tip, PATTBB80KyLETCHER CO.

jHIK EKKBmi kppppppil tes ll feia.tfliiaB lie M. 3 ar. These Halifax, yeilngsteif, sunlyors Vf'the tont Diana explosion, are carrvinir' hnn, it headauartersopened by.thrp.rovlnclal and city iroverhfnents. Thi i streiti wHh VfSSfir? th ters. some orphaned by the.

disaster, others helping their wounded or anew' in temporarjr quarters. Thousands families ost every th' h6m wers. kept from starvaUon and freex Ing only by tbefforuTf the cuJZZa fortunate townspeople, wu.w. man xatir, iJ;.

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