The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1932
Page 5
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( MONDAY, SEPTEMKUU 12, 1932 CLASSIFIED ADS Tvo cents a word (or Cist uuertlon and one cent a word for Mch iubstquent taimioo No idyeitlsement taken {or lew (ban Me. Count toe tford* tod jmd the ca. c .h Phone 306 FOH SALE TRUCKS FOR SALE J9M VOKI) TKl'CK. I't. Toil, »u:ll Wheels; Clcseil Cab, Ui-cnsi'. Kuiis Uoud. A liar- gain (ARK.) COUltiKK NKW3 PAGE FIVi MONEY H.W. CORLEY i;ix;i.\ in: UP: -IODVV \.\ TOWNSKNO, ln:iulirul j; \< liiij\v, Inlirrlo bcr hu«- 1 * mtllldUK nlih Ike ;iruvt»li>N »hc inuht nm rrm H. Her rifiRv, n rrynKcd by tier fcu*» l'* t:< uyrr, \\ho nnm 51nnn'» nl Ihu nt-ruri* , MI, K, i-nnt tit a nti 1 * \\\te rt, "K only 1 can sell lli« Km- ircsa or it you'll let me buy back ,'our Bliares lu llio mine." llurltiK tlio (list few days ol Stuvo'n Illness when Dr. Alleii liail nmeU charge of tbe household I Lottie, i.T.n ami wblte-f.iceO, v/as constantly to bo found near Hlevo's door, Moim hail reached a L orr 00 192!) FORI> I'lCK-ur. Closed C'ab, Slcclliody, License. Good Tires. Q"l /I ^ Runs Klne V•''•••-' ISM CI1J:VHO1.KT THU('K Clescd Cab, Ilcdy, A-l T i r i- s. l.ivi'rt,e. Ill l-'lrsl Class Cnmll- C' 1 T" tion SJ75 Siv Tlirsc 'i'nu-ks nntl Our l,:Uc Mcilcl Used Cars At Once. TITIIIS To Suit PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FOR SALE—Household Call 839. lurniture. Op-kl7 V'OR OEIii'l FOH RENT — Unfurnished apavt- ir.ent, Main street, one block fioin busincis district. Bornrn Dny Store. aOC-kn iOK KENT—•Fiirnis'.ccl aparunent, 108 West Kentucky. Phone 083. 3c-klO LOST A^•D JL LOST: yellow Persian kiUDn. liall Brown, reward for rcf.iVn to Mrs. Otto Kcrhtitzky, 1111 West A5)>. 4 WANTED WANTED—Furnished house. Hire; beds. GoDd location. 50 Qc-kl W^nt a,teams and 20 men at Barfield to sod levee. J. C. J^lns. lOpkH n nitjJcl. :IN Lrr nror«-<:irj n Ion n nd lhi->- »cl u\H fat Antcilt-:!, v. lu-rr ttnrry imil !-: S.irCAtir.M.I- are ;>:ir[- n u Ul:imoud nine. ^lonri'a T. Itiri). Mi>rlt* :it thf mhir. !K.J-.-, ft.r u rcriiiu-lll:Lll(iii [ic ;i1^i frrl^ \\:irry t i. liar i- (if ItE^i iincU-'» In nrrric^f llilv Ei^iLlIj. l.c.-irnEnu llnil l^iri; nui) Sir\r t>rr mi i::in[fHni .it t!i»lu! iy Klrtmt ffu> «irli IC.TVC Ilictr 1n;:i| ;il I'.irl of S|i.ihi. '1 :.f TL- they ::ircl llud ^!n» Citcn Ilirm lo ll.illdur. linrry nr.:l Sic^r urc <-(ir«llnl Ini! fl:i-lr crc'cdn- Ltrk» »:^n:ilh. Mnnn M ix:n-4 fclic hml rxil c-iniif. Tbrn f.r.c rltrllt nhrn nl'.r K mllr^s ulir c:'cs lei llin lir.ncli nn:l tlntSi IlnrrT 11:t-rr. .MSsunilrr^Cindlnc* nrc k\»c[)t nivny. lie ti'l* lu-r lie Invrji hrr rmt tvlicn EIP nsl'.s 1icr lo ninrry htm 31on:i rcfK-u-s. ihc fcoli ste ti::!h[ llr*i( n»il n \var m civr Mm n -*• h n rp n T h 1 1 u :: c I c's f n n 1111 f . Tlicy tuiuTTc!. 11nj>:i :inil Lottie nrc nbntil in R^il fur (ici:!f vvl-rn Sh-vo It i\n'.» n j it'll liy :i li'r dp inner, tl?:i;iJ7 *ii::ltc of (In- \VeM InClrx. 'H'.ry p mi-it re lucTiini l»v ;i[r|ilnnr :inJ :iftcr vi'M-rr.l <):i*« nf st'rt.nM 111- Sho [iltuly of tLnio lii liccself l:i \vhlch to think. Slio hail written lo WUhlngion, tho jeweler, sakiiig him to oycn ue- Boilaiioiis with tlio Maharajah. JJiirry njid Moua went to Grau:nla rrequ?n(]y now siucu Dud waa no longer there, to tnke care of errands. M OX'A ransacked tho niRrket tor Ottin>iy refuses to discus* a feol lks as though lio wcra tniRising on us hy Slaying!" "Ho's (ti lovo with J.otilo. Didn't you know Mini!" Manti iukcJ. Hurry's oj'es \vlilpitcd. "With Lottie? You ilon't say!" Moiia nodttcil solemnly. "Yes, but I Bucsa lio Unows there's no hui>o Cor him, I LlilnU he iiinlerstH!i(l3 Iho situation. lie's really slaying arouiul to help her." "Unlhcr a wastu nil nrouiul Uu't It—this lovo huslness? 1 ' Hairy IH> fiAii. "f.otlle lovoa Stove, J)r. Allen loves Lottio. 1 lovo yuu— " TPHI'.Y were. Hearing i!: i;rouml. "And whom ilc lovo';" llona nskcil. UUK BOAillHING HOUSE By Aliern oca Stcvo Harry pondered. 'That would ho tolling!" lio salil. "Tlio really Im- new dainties to tempt Steve's appetite and for troiilc delicacies o servo Dr. Allen. ,,, „,, porlant quest on, uiy dear "Uon't you Mho Enavas?''Mona j hll| „ ;„„„, ,, y , ovoj ., iskcd Uarry as hey strolled In Ihe | Sllo ,„,, I|M |oo| . loward „,,„_ market place, i ney are so ihiy. so • sllc col]W tcc| „„ ]ul|ll|s {caaMllK . ilahily 'they oi.sut to lasts like , t abM a , 1 ,, l , sliol] . tol ,.. '•'-' '••••"•i, I tliiuk, but I buy sur-' i; :i ,. ry insisted ,, ot to lio eidc- rise you. Tlio two wero Idling about fira- aihi. A boat from tbe noiili was expected mall ami Xona i trocked. "Thero's tlic steamer!" Mona ox- clahncil. The S. H. Helena wus JUKI n-anteil (o wait until it nrrlvcil. Tlicro would uc another hour iwssl- ; rounding tbo Ijcml \vtth Hags Hying. The tiny motor boat bcnriuK hnrhor hly h^forc (be iiostolllco cniiiloycs; would have It sorted. Mona ami Harry strolled about lolllcliih liad [inslicd out fro'ii tbe jetty and was plowing through tho sapphire bowl which mado tho linr- hor. Tbo S, S. Helena, anchored. tho town. "Uko tourUts." Hurry i , voll t,| r |do with the HJo for BCV said anntscdly. Ho Htoppi]rl to buy cnl hourc- ltUo^l^rL^an;^ !"?!;«» allcocs for Josie and *,„„„, Kor | .^rla they bought a ,,,,,0 with a 1 "7 l=rse can ot tobacco. Then carao!!!'.'!^ ' the iine.iiion of Miss Oracle. I "Tliere'3 hardly anjUiiiie i enough for iMis.i tlracie!" Ei>oil Moua out briskly at a eafo distance from llio power boat. "The ! mail will lie hi soon." Munn said, "Yea. let's!" Tlic tourists, in twos nnil threes, were. m* st>->e ri.?«viTii. r-iionsh for Mls.i l.racic.' Mima ists, In twos und threes, woro leav- MIW <:u o\ WITH Tin: STIIHV |-">''- " w ° rushed over here that (11K t | ]0 s i camcr now , bargaining on CIIAi'TKR Xl.VIl j terrible day to brniB Hie doctor t |ic oomiianlonway tor tlio most dc- ffME weeks clriflcil by. Sieve, pale | all(1 tl10 ' ; «iim b'lt it was Mlss| .siraljle of tlio shifting boats bcforo x ami weak but each day Krmiins ! <: '' :iclc wll ° rlsl;t ' (1 llnr lifc! dralnlna them. more libo himself. Mmi'cd ahniK i !1 '° I'nison from tho wound. N'oth- witli a rune, lie spstit the time sit-! iu = tlio rest of us did wouM have ling on tbe terrace, driving lo the golf course, or. often enough, lyirt? in tbe shade of the cocunnt p.iiiu trees on t!ie sand Joking wlsi Lotlie. Dr. Allen remained at Holiday. saved Sieve without Miss tirade!" "3ho was an awful Initclier. tliougli." liurrj- added, trying to smile. Steve's sufforlug was an uu-; marked Idly, lileasnol thought. "She br.rlic'l ami Muna walcltcd tlic oara dipping rhythmically as the two boatmen In each craft brought tbelr boats to shore-. "Hero conies the ninll," Barry re- Dud had returned In Llie.min and| w!tl1 n knife—" whacked nt (be ivouml, you l;no\v. motor boat. Ignoring the iroiimity of tho rowhaats over ivonld not lie back n^aiu. Ji.irry "Hut Steve was unconscious, lie! which it proceeded ruthlessly, hail "dn't suffer from it." turned and was making toward tho "Well, It took a lot of nerve and dock. A man In whlto with a dark a lot of skill, too. 1 gi:css she saved [canvas hag shins over his shoulder his lifo. Wo all did what we cu'jlil leaped ashore, lighlcd a plpo and hut Miss (Iracie kept him alive until'then strolled slowly across tho we got the doctor there. The scrum ] square to the postolilce. kept him alive after that. Allen Is "\Vo may as well follow," Mora was only waiting until Stcvo >vouhl -didn't suffer from it." le strong enough to make the trip. Then they would bnth go. That meant that Lottie mid Mona soon ivouiil be sotting off for the north. "Marry me. Mona!" was Harry's constant plea. She did Grade, uc]i|icrmliifp, glue. Didn't someone nsk for Blatloncry'/'' Slio lluvj[dit a moment. "Oil, yen. wo were lo set avocados! I (eel as II I 6hoi;1d eat ns tunny 113 iwsstblo ti> fore we KO luck." "Von mean in New Yorkl" Biomul niinlu. A rcferenco lu doi'iir- ture nilglit Iw futal. "Let's set tliu mall," Moiia urccd. They walled In tho wlilo inwl- onicc where Iho arched window looked oul on a rlol or polnelnmi. I'oMollico cleriiB In l;bal;l or linen he:il over llicir tc.sks. 1'iesciilly ono ot Ihcm liilsej lh» finstcd pauo wliieh shut out Iho loo eascr publlu auj called to liarry. "An arinlui tor us!" Harry said, EcannhiK tho package, bo luid re- cclvcil, "One, another one—two for you ilRbt on lop! l.otllo hns her sl!:ir,s loo. Who do you wrlloj lo I.ollle? It mnsl bo a one curr<£pondri]co hccause I'm euro she. never alts down and ro- mahiH milet loni; cnouKli to answer a hirer." Mona, deep In ono of her own Idlers, noildeil nbscntly. Wlllilni;- tcn rc|iorled that Iho Maharajah liuil icpllcd in bis conuminleatluii coLcornhit: (hi 1 limiiresn. Tho prlco he offered fur exceeded Mr. Town, semi's purchase price. They awaited her Instructions. However. Mrs. Townsend quite snro she cared lo sell the filmic? \Vns she cnlirely •erlaln that Bhe was lico to lake U KlepJ "1 cenalnly nm." Mona said to herself, annoyed. Oiilslilo thu iiost- sho aud Bnrry wcro r.lo n ot passengers from l;o Helena. Mona stood with the letter folded 11 her luuid while Hurry scanned n newspaper two wcclia old. Hho looked at him meditatively. Tlio wonld bi'ln^ llnrry Into his own. He must accept It. iiuiFl! Ijitcr when her needed her no longer slio would marry him and let Ilia fortune so lo the sailors' home, Iho orplumn or wlicrevcr tho will decreed. "Well," Bald liarry abruptly "fchall we gn?" They darted olT across tho square, touard Hie Jetty wlicro Ihcl slender man it Eiin helmet, ol lot r.ililla nice fellow. I lika-tho way be said. "Have we finished all tho cr aloud, as she, always did in her inlays aro:i-d. Do you tnow hi I rands? Coffeo pot, thread for Miss lay. A mil, wlilte, wearing a mc-st ran into them. "I beg your pardon," he hegan raising his hat. Ho was abma t pass wlieti Mona crlcil out, "Whj Mr. Gnrrelsonl How In tbo work 'did you get hero?" (To l!o Concluded Man with car \vam:U to supply customers with famous Walking Products in Blytheville. Business established, earnings average S-3 weekly, pay starts immediately. Write J. R. Watkins Company. 70- US W. Iowa A\f., Memphis, Tcnn. Jay of September, 1932, the fol- ^cwinj; real estate. to-wit: The East 1-2 of Northwest 1-1; and all that part cf the Southwest 1--1 lying north of i j c:!'.is- rot Rayou, in Section Twemy- threc i.2J), Township Six'.ee;; OGt North, Kanse Eleven (11) East. SAID inlc will be had la satisfy ;aid decree in the sum of 512,- I'EUSONALS . 1 ;u7(3S, with ten per ecu; interest fiCi—-Brginnlnc Kr annum Ironi Sep'.wibcr 20, the zone of the spring offensives. ! British forces in Picardy resum- I e<l the offensive, making import-! ant Bains, and gaining another foothold in the vaunted llinden- burg Hue. I CHURCB EXCUSES W. Farm Women Like Old Time Tunes Best CUSTOM HATCHIt; Sjpt. 12th. Hnhy Chicks. Oct 3rd. Mnrilyn llatcliery, Ulythsvillc. OC-KTF \VAHM\G oi;n:;s Oils Goza. Eslclia GOZJ. Nctlif KmB. Billie Kin;. liclty Siic Kiiix Jack King, and N'cttic King. ,u [uhmr.isti'FUrix of [ho estate of J. W. King;, deceased, are wiiriiccl to npl'car in Die Chancery Court for tin- Ciiickiisau-bn District of Mis- si's.p|ii Couiily. Arvmiisns, within thirl;,- days. ni\d nn.sfiTr tlic com- l/.aiiU of H. Hijihtil], H. \V. Con-all, as trustee, and K. S. Harris, as Irus'.cc. Dated this August z.i, I93L?. R. L. GAtXER. Cler-:. Ky Kllzabctli 'lilytiic. U. C. Held. Kvr.-.rrl fc Uc-nricroCn. Attyy lor Plainlills. JcE5c T,i>;or, Ally. Ail Lilcm. dc c().t[Missio:<hu\s SAI.I-: NOTICE i- he;eby given thai lice v. : ,:h tl:^ terms oi rendered Ir. tl:e Chancel t -' i "ri (or tin- Ci:icV.r.f.r,U)a Dis- J ne - "I Miss!. L .-.ip;ii Cmuily, nr- klUi:-;,... Oll |j lc ^.^ fj^y o « c:pp teit.hi]-. if)3i \viiorrm l!eimin-4 l«'i Ccrirny Savins Bank, a cor- l'°:.T.::;:i. No. -1187. 1011 to cicr. on scribrd '"*• »•!!! sell at public auc- I!H. Inchest Liiul l.r-i li;:l- a "edit of three months, '"••IH dcor of I?". cm:;i wtwcea the ho'.ir.-, pie- V la-.v. ,„ t],,; citv o: l! ""'''. Ark;,,-,:.,:, on (In-' Mil .031 until iiaid. THE purchaser at said sale Kill recjuircd to execute bond with ipproved security, lo secure the layment of the purchase money, ind a lien will be retained upon aid projjcrlv as additional sccur- ly for the paymem of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the seal cf said Coiir;. on this, tl-.e 2nd day cf September, 1D3H. R. L. GA1NRS, Commi.vsioniT in Chancery, rrar.l: C. Uotiylns. Ally, for Plaintilf. WAKXINf! OKIIKK 3li.iNc;i-;aY COURT, CIHCKA- SAWUA uianucT, jMisaissii'- Pi COUNTS, ,*JiKAr;SAS Irvii-.i; K. Weil, Plaintilf, No. 53 li! vs. F. Simnn. c-l al., U;fendant. The defen'lant-,, L. M. lloss. Kan•a s City Tltic ;,IK| Tlll.'.t Cu., Gto. i M. ball!:a are uarr.rd to appear i .iHhin thirty (lays in tl:c court I named in the caption hercot inci :mr,-.vcr the ccmplamt of tha ,::?.inli!r, Irving K. \Veil. Dated Alia. '2~>. 10^. H. L. GA1NEH. Cicrt:. Hy Harvey .Morris, 1). U. Ivy \V. Cia-.vford, LINCOLN, Neb. IUP>— Nebraska farm wornen like the "Old time tunes" best. In, a poll recently conducted by Miss Mary Ellen Brown.' of the College of Agriculture. "The Little Brown church in the Vale" was voted tile favorite of farm \vomen. Other favorites: "When Yon and I Were Yomig Maggie," "Carry Me Dear Aunt: i they all have much in th:ir favor Your letter almost equals a! ami same drawback. I met one newspaper. I always did say you I (-cod woman who seems lo cculd gather more information 1 nil the members of our church and news than anyone I hnvctand she warned me as lo many ever known and you can write j of them and especially warned me in such a interesting way. Now 11 to have uolliing to do will] the never could have found out all about the Fitches as. yuu did ami certainly 1 could never have writ ten in such a readable way, though you did notsay which one was most at fault. Yes, I surely will want you with me whon we put our letters in. We have not fully decided which Back lo Old Virginia." "America i chinch. From what I can gather the lieaiitifiil, 1 ' "Silent Night." Fire in Shack Burned Life Savings of $40,000 SALISRURY, Md. I UPl—Amcri- cus Baker saved all his life, which was a consicicriiblc time, as he is SO. He didn't beli:ve much in bflnks. he said. So his money, amounting to 540,000. was stored in old cans and boxes around his little shack near here. Recently an overheated slove i?l the shack on fire. When the cooled. Amencns found he had just SWI) left. The rest of the: cans contained ashes. from talking to some of the members of the different, churches, minister or nny of the men of the church. She also tolrt me most of the women. We arc going to investigate some of the and th: things she told us. Most of the things she told 5uundcd unbelievable but as she seems to love this church it doesn't look |M>ssible that she could be mistaken. From what this good woman snid, most all the churches need some religion in *hem. removed intact from Ihc fossil beds and is being prepared for shipment- to Ihc Denver museum. Ally. Ad 2G-2-D-1G OPEN AT NIGHT & prr; FCKI i i( . I)rlirs Wrecker Scrv:cc PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-.77 Prehistoric Animal Skeletons Are Unearthed SCOTTSBt.UFF. Neb. (UPl — Eleven perfect specimens of a very unusual gazelle species of camel nave buen unearthed by a group or archaeologists, representing the Successful Hunter Fined on Four Counts HANFORD, Cat. (UI'I - Tom Dulra, proprietor of a rooming uEe here, went liunllng. He sot considerable game. He returned to town, talked of his luck— and was arrested on chargesofillnjaTpcsse.^ir.n of quail. illegal [XKses.ston of doves, illegal IxxMe.won of ratbii. sho:t:n? from an automobile, anil hunting without a license. And. to make ltiin;.s wcrfe. ho wa-s fined SM on each ol t!ic fir.<a three counts, S'25 on the fourth, and ordered to get a himtitis license at once. Old Timers Revive Stories ol Desperado Denver Museum of Natural history. The sticcimens were fo'.ind in Ior>sil beds near here. The prehistoric animals were of j SIDNEY. Neb. (UP) — Tales ot much finaller size than the pres- j "Dlack Hank" sujiposed Ic3cni.".ry cut camel, their skelctoiu reveal.': character of early western N"eb:;;s- i nropriatu,! One ol the skc'.^lor.s ;:as been ka r.islcry are again belli; relal::!. ' first liir.c in lil years. Many old timers claim Hank" was a living desperado. The revival ol the stories is b; a group of local historians who believe they know tl:e location of the deep, hidden gnlch here, in which "lilack Hank" is supposed to have lived. Hank was supposed (o have brai negro cnillaw who roamed the plains of western Nebraska in the seventies and eighties. Kolbvmi; his foray.-, on cattle (rains :md early white pioneers, he Has sair: lo have rc'.rcated lo his hidden, lonely gulch. Two'Women Catch Dogs For Quaker Cily PHILADELPHIA HJPi — Philadelphia has two women dog catchers. Unlike other do? catchers they are nnt paid for their woik. They nre Mrs. Clara Yarrow Stork and -Mrs. William Charb. They lake the animals they capture to the l>. S. P. C. A. The idra of becoming dog catcher? came when they learned the cily Ind failed to make an ap- for Surh work lor Ihc W K K T »i: MAKts 'LM HI.T, Office Over Joe Isaac's Store i-",! vSECOND HANI) FURNITURE 8cc Us First R. J. Dodson JOl-343 r.. ST MIIIIK1, IIRIVK UKC.1XS I On Srpt. 12. IfllR, the First Am! tncan Atmy. actin? as a unit for i Mie hrfi tini: in var. attacked the Si. Mil'.icl .salient and advancer! mo.y than live miles on a 35-mlic front. El. Mihiel and scvera I other toiu-.s were taken dining the ad- vaiir^, wilich was preceded by one o! the heaviest artillery bombardments of tl'.c \var. ^fore than 100.000 Germans and several hundred Austrians were tskcn prisoners. An cntir? train full o! ammunition and machine guns, was taken by the rapidly ad- i vancing Americans as it was, ge:- ! ling ready to leave the salient. I v;?rc parl of a division of Aus- i The Au.«(rinn prisoners captured j f tviui: Iroops snct to (he sector caily in ihe year iu ,i,)iar; Oer•' man veterans, who were sent to FKKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS [ COSH! IT BEATS ALL. UcW CAW SMELL cAWoy '..' BUT SEE THAT yoo DIVIDE IT VJITH r"'j^V\?> "WAT JAV 6ET6 \— JAY.-BECAUSE J '/fid W s SHAR£... I . T. OVJE HIM rS (I *ft -S H V SOR.W, MAJOR HOOPlfcl W6 TKJ NOT ' ALLOWANCES' ANVON6 SEE, I CANPUTStoU QO2 — ITS N6XT A GOOD ROOM roix JUST MYSELV SIR—DIDN'T TEtcH ALPNe. MV VALET*! UrA-MA WlULTrAt i'A\NA6ErV\eNT CONSIDER. MV DIPLOMATIC,POLITICAL, SOCIAL AND SCIENTIFIC STANDING—'AND KAPF KAFF— FAVOR- Me WITH A T20orv\ AT A I MAY BE ABU: TO you IN A SPECIAL T2ATE HOW V\|fv\Tt-\E VArAlLY COAT-OF-ARfA'5 HOOTS AND I1KU mWDIKS SURVIVAL OF TI1K 1-T1TKST! COULD CUWT OOWi Oft . ff- T. COOVO ONYX WASH TUHHS TllOUHI.H IN TUB OFFINO! TWO'S Ml. FIND ,QT ONUS 15 EWi'S o, eur Tut^NTtws ss wit , TrtM vlWl-O SUREW NOTICE TAt TWO SCH60NEB.S JUST (\RQONB TUe. HCi l\NXlt - i TORN HtR OKI ROPt. OH, CHltO, HOIP ME TI&HT-I THINK i OOlW TO AI'I'LIEl) .MATiUvMATICS; on SAY! i JUST EMED TO THINK.. CAM YOU DIVIDE TVlREE STICKS OF I'LL EAT OKIE OF TWEVv FIRiST.'.'

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