The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1955
Page 12
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER M, 19W BLiinilLLB (ARK.)' OOCRm ?A8« THIRTEEN OUR IOARDINC HOUSE — with M«i*rHw»l« e,iSAvlTHe' OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. WiHiwM YOU TM 1 TOWN FEU.EK* WE SOT TH' 6»ME WITH TODAY f WELL.THEY PUT A CHOP IN) OUR OLD &*LL FIELD THIS SPRIM4 AW THIS'M AWT QUITE REAW OUR. TEAM IS AMA1INSLY PROM MV FOOTBALL ,vg6 <ME< INJURY, SOT MY MIND I* IN £? TO -1 DR6AIAEDTHKT ^V | AIARTHA'S 8ROTHSR TOM CHWM6O)S AVeKASS rrt ME TO A CLOUD THW ROSS A^D FBLL.STWMSMT UP AND DOVW, i/M^TO^wPfV^ WMfflfWtitiMkito' I SAID GET OUT/ SCRAM /// THEM ro* LISTENING PURPOSES — A MCRE. $NAP OF THE BUTTON/ WHAT we RE (•JOWHSBE'S SOMETHING 1 JUST INVENTED THAT'U. SELL UKE STUFFLEBEAM — Ttltvi*ton — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Chgnn«I 5, ft WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 Monday NlRhl, Sept. 26 6:00 Caesar's Hour 7.90 Medic 7:30 Rnberz Montgomery Present* &;30 Boston Blaekle 8:00 Hollywood H&Lt Hour 9;,10 News Reporter 9:45 Big Playback: 10 00 Wrestlln? 10:30 Westhpr &, Newt Headlines 10:35 Tonight li;00 Mystery The&trt U:30 Slfjn Ott Tuesday. Sept, 77 6,5!) J.Ifdltallon 7:00 Today 7,30 Today 7:55 \\Xither— MrmphU ftr^a 8 .OP Dins Dong School 8.30 Cartoons 8 A3 Smrrland p;W Komi" Show—color 10:00 Tennessee Irnle Ford 10:30 Feather Your Neat 11:00 Shopping at Home 11:15 HomemnXcr* Program 11:45 Charm with Cathy 13.00 News (2:15 Farm News 12:30 TV Morte Matint* 1.00 Twi Mack Matinee 1:30 Ii Pays to be Married 2:00 Way of the World 2:13 Flrat Lore 2:30 World of Mr. Sweeney 2;« Modern Romances 3.00 Pinky Lee 3:30 Howdy Doody— In color 4'00 Movie Time 5.00 Cartoon Carnival 5:15 Interesting Person 5:25 Wcnihcrman 5-30 Dlnsh Shore S:4S News Caravan 6:00 Milton Berle— In color 7.00 Jane Wyman'n 7:30 8:20 9:00 9:55 10:00 10.30 11:00 tl:30 Fireside Circle Theatre Grand Ole Opry Famous Playho'.tM News Reporter Cartoon Time Weather & News Headlines Siar Stage, Mystery Theatre Sign Oil 9:00 10:00 11:30 12 00 12:05 12:45 2:15 3.00 WHBQ Channel 13 Monday Night, Sept. K 6:00 Dinner Theatre 6 25 Do You Know Why 6 30 T. B A. 7:00 I Love Lucy 7:30 Medical Horizons 8:00 Studio One 9,00 M.O.M. Parade 9:30 TV Reader's Digest 10-00 News 10:10 Weather 10.15 Late Show 11:30 Weather Tuesday, Sept. ft S:« News Romper Room This Is Hollywood Ssu Erwln—Trouble With Father .News LunchUme Theatre Early Show- Miss America. Matin M Bozo And HU Friends Adventure Hour —' Gene Autry-Roy Rogers MlrJcey Mouse Pre; iier 6:00 6:25 6:30 9:00 P:30 10;00 10:15 10.30 11-45 Dinner Theatre Do You Know Why Warner Bros. Presents Wyait Etrp S64.000 Question Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal Danny Thomas Cavalcade Theatre Weather Pattt Page. Late Show Weather —WE SELLUSED: Rcfriceriton ........49.95 * up R»BHC« Z9.I5 A ip Wtjhtn 24.W » «p Vaciitn cleaners 15.M A ip T.V Sett-Drrcri-Wilcr Rrmlfn —WE REPAIR— TeltTisUn—R*<11»*— Record plircrs—Ran^ei Ret ri sera tors— Was* trt W»tcr Hc»ttra—li ore A Small Appliances ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. New Homes in Dixie Gardens —Built fo Your Specification— You Choose Your Lot and \Ve Will Help You Biuld the Home of Your Dreams. Large Lots — Pared Streets — City Sewer System — Close to Down Town Go North on Second St. lo Missouri for an Appointment Call Kemp Whisenhunf, Realtor 122 W. Walnut Phone 3-4469 XX11 A WHI-TE motor lavinch had Just come into sight around the [farthest pomt of the sreal head|land of the Mole St. N'icolas. I Even at that distance OFFICIAL was written nil •— " ""— That [ self and welcomed him aboard in execrable French. The officer identified himself as Captain Heraux of the Haitian Gendarmerie. "Captain Heraux? Enchanted to make your acquaintance," Lynch said, also in French. "M name is Bertram Lynch." He : ment "Oh-ho." I quoted, "Noises in ,the night." Lynch beamed with self-congratulation. Lily 'Wyndam reached out grasped Lynch's sleeve with one hand and mine with the other land hung on light. "I don't know," she said grimily, "what you two shifty charac- white paint and gleam- in c varnish, the awning amid-, - - fhips and the bright little flag | smiled. "I might be described, I fluttering from a staff over the' suppose, as the ship's security JE^rn could only mean that the officer. And this is Professor presence of the'viUoria. even in Deane of the Yale . Graduate lonely pi-ice, had come to the School, a guest of. Mr. Viggo attention of the Haitian govern- Sand, the owner. Forgive me. I am sure you speak English?" The Haitian smiled. "Certainly American." * • * IT was not until Sand had established him in one of the largest of the suite's neo-Wag nerian chairs and induced him to accept a glass of brandy that he got down to business. "You understand," Captain Heraux said pleasantly but plainly,,"I am a police officer. That is to say, the clearance or examination ot ships coming to Haiti is no part of my duty. Your action in dropping anchor in Haitian territorial waters without first obtaining clearance at a designated port of call is most irregular. No one has been ashore?" "Of course!" said Viggo Sand with a large gesture. After one searching glance Heraux accepted it as a negative. "Since I understand this is a private party and Captain Carey tells me you have a ship's doctor who can give you a clean bill of :\CRllh, I'll offer no objection. In an outlying area like this I have wide discretion." Captain Hernux's clever mouth twitched with amusement. *U can't bring myself to believe that Viggo Sand la engaged in smuggling Cuban eigareU, Or ev«n )i.. Hers are up to but I intend to be (included in it or I'll be an eyewitness that you personally committed every crime on the New gate Calendar. Is that clear?" "Quite! You would give the undertaking an air of deceptive innocence." The trim launch went into a wide turn to swing in alongside the landing stage. One of the Victoria's sailors ran down the gangway to lend a hand. The other neatly threw a light rope ending in a Turkshead knot into the outstretched hands of a dusky sailor in the launch's bow. The officer who came up the steps was a middle-aged mulatto, slightly on the stoutish side. He was wearing an immaculate khaki uniform. His alert brown eyes were taking in the spit-and- polish of the yacht with amused interest. He looked good-tempered and intelligent. Captain Carey introduced him- this admirable brandy. I am hera for a different purpose." "So?" inquired Sand. "Late last night word was brought me that there had been a sound of shots. Then came the news of an unknown vessel. It may interest you that both messages were carried across a considerable intervening space of hills by means of drums. Can you explain?" Lynch examined his knuckles with an air ol embarrassment. "I can, Captain. While firing at some dolphins on the trip down, I found my gun was balky. The pin was striking off center. Last night I adjusted it. As I recall it, I first fired one shot The adjustment was not yet exact. I did some further tinkering, then fired five more. Into the sea. of course." Heraux listened to this explanation with what seemed to mo considerable reserve. Without replying, he finished his drink, and got up. "Have we your permission to go ashore, Captain," Lynch asked., Heraux relented. *'I see no objection. There is a ruin on the headland some of you might find interesting. A relic of the follies of another time. Limit yourselves, if you please, to the day- h'ght hours." * * » AT the head of the companionway, Lynch pulled a long white envelope from an inside pocket, 'I wonder, Captain, would you be good enough to do me a small service? These are some letters. Will you drop them in the post for me?" "With pleasure." Captain Heraux put the letter in his pocket, aatted it and descended to his launch. On the way to our cabin Lynch enlightened me in i swift whis- . 'A cable In code to London. A covering not* urging discretion nnd advising they be forwarded through the British Legation, 1 .rust we have one! Heraux itruck me afc • clever man!" <T« IW CwUnueA) TMffftKAI.M'COyf BILL WALKER "How could Ernest have trouble with psychology? Didn't the coach say h« was the smartest-quarterback ^ f , ^-J-d T. M. B(C. U. S. P« OH. %fKWr'Jft7'Z££— COF'- 1«5^y NEA S«rvi«. he. l Vff£W?J{L/Z££— COF'- "" fcy NEA S«rvi«. Inc. "No point in attracting them with an *xp»nsiv« Na«ky- I'm using tissus!" 6RANPAW4 (iOHHA 5HAV£, SJECKON W€ BETTER INSURE KIM WITH _ W. L. WALKER 2 INSURANCE AGENCY « Glenco Bld(. Pbone 3-4360 NEW WOOLENS Make Clothes With A High Fashion Look, at a Low Fashion Price The Howard Cloth Shop Norlh Franklin Ro»d Phone 3-1209 Kirby Drug Store $725 For Your Old I ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Srhlck, Sunbeam, Ronson or Xorelco BUFFORD SHOE SHOP REPAIRING - CLEANING DYEING 112 S. Broadway Attention: Men of the 461st Wing! Hudson Can Supply All Y'our Clothing Needs • Uniforms • Belts • Caps • Ties • Slacks • Shirts • Cheverons • Jewelry Cleaner - Clothier - Tailor Bl.vtheville, Ark. _ BUT I'VE GOT SSFCVJS!S!Lm MSnASJOTW OUT ON THEM/ SOU* JOKNS-11VC OM.Y JOKE IS AWDIOO1T THAT I'M WDT SONS TO THE GOG TO TURN THAT >OUTH CENTEE TOPOTY CVEK TO A MAW «HO VWWT KEEP HS VOUO TO YOUSOWVI TOM.WHATAEE COASTWITH THAT'S JUST LIKE ) YOU, MOULVHOCK! \ YOU'VE &C>T TO DO I THINGS THE HARD WAY!. „ a* I ALWAYS THE MULTIPLICATION TABLE! SO I MAKE 9 PILE'S OF IZ PEBBLES. THEN I COUNT 'EM! / —-v v -J YOU SAY >—x I VOU'RE DOING) HOMEWORK THE FL^NT VVOULP WM) UPON A WIWCOV.5ILL, A COttBUSTie TAKSET FOR OME OF LOTUS BLOSSOM'S TRACER BULLETS-' STRAIGHTEN UK M3U- 5HB R6P!vv:ED 1H£ DIRT m THE BOTTOM OF TH6 . LEE, A PLOVVEB ViNCOJ FWS5EP COTTON. A5 A RWOR, BRP OF DEL(VEK THE FOT TO A VEA.H..BV OFFEKIH' ^ I* TO WEET HW» U TH6 / * BONU5 OF PL, TWO \6IS86NOHMIOI*Lf*KK i WEEKS' TRIP OUT HERE V SET-WEEN JOSS' /WFUCROWneBOWeR HE LOOKS LIKE YOU VO NOW TH6V HAVE FOR EIGHT y£«W, COK.6! BUT VWP HAVE <3CT THEW FAfHeAR? \ IN THRU. CUBA THAT TWe F IN WA5HIMGTON V \»6P HAD A FOOI.-PKC'CF J6T MISHn'E DEPORrtP V UP LIKt WE HAVE COKE STILETTO, BUT THEV CAMT KEEP SI6HT*EEWS_BUT ITtt BE •0U WHO KE-EMTEKS THE STATE* WITH MB YEZII?,VCUR HIGHNESS CERTAINLY /-^ H QJZ Ars rM A \ ARE...A REGT.AR/ R1£HT i rp |g ^ N ' HCW WELL.50 VA WOULDN'T WANT T'SRCW UP T 1 BS A UNTIDY, MESSY CLUCK, WOULD YAT IT'S ALL / THAT'S MICIIBO; I A SOOO HEI?6 TILL IT'SOO'-*! "WS: TROTH ,%\« 1

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