The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 13, 1917 · Page 1
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The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 1

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Sunday, May 13, 1917
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.Ak - 'FORT WAYNE YggS MAIN NEWS SECTION) - - ,v - JOURHAt,;JlZBTTE tee S5v! 1 ' ' - - - - "v" THE SLOGAN "FO IT AAYNE WITH MiGHT AND MAIN (PAGES I TO 14,) FOUNDED;?oAurSI,V.V (NEWS OF THE WORLD) SUNDAY MORNING, MAY J 3. J9 1 Z (BV ASSOCIATED PRESS) PRICE RYE GENTS. T FPRICES That Is the Way Suggested to Stop Upward Flight In the Prict of May Wheat. FLURRY ON TRADE BOARD (Yesterday's Quotations 'Shew the Grain to Be WortK"25c More Bu Than, Day Before. CHICAGO, May 1J. At the cloe t a day such as the .Chicago board of trade never saw before, traders w - kaklng; one another what measure, would be taken. If. any, to cheok the sensational upward flight of wheat! price. And In other markets Minis apolls, Kansas' City, St. Lout and' leaiai bourse the same query' wu be lag put. There wa ho' answer save in" tin resolutions of such bodies aa the Hit noli council of defense which urssed congress to take rigid control of tit whole food and. basic commodity situation. May wheat' wa legislated out of ec - istence by the board of directors aa a "patrlotlo duty." and because it sky rocketing course tnlght inspire a run - I away market. As a check lor advancsa the more failed signally. At the opening prices for July and September op tions hesitated a few cents below the previous close, but in a short time began to boom. When the closing rot; sounded at noon July had shown a net rise of 22 to 25 4 cents with fins! figures ranging from 11.71 to $2.78, and September an even mor startling. Jump of 2lto 2 cents with ' (Continued on Pag IS.Celumn 4.) PENNSYLVANIAlSJO HAVE A READJUSTMENF Fort Wayne Affected by Rail - road Issues; New Stock Will Be Formed. PHILADELPHIA, May 12, Vice - President Henry Tantnall, of the Pennsylvania company, outlined In a'atate - .ment the plan for a readjustment f the capital stock of the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway company, lie said in part: "The purpose; Of th plan Is to define the relative rights of the, holder of the guaranteed special stock and the. regular guaranteed' stock. It la proposed .to con vert , the' issues, par for par Into new issues to be known a common and preferred, respectively.' The "plan Is. for the purpose pf settling the question of thu rights of the two classes of stockholders, to participate ln a fund of U.SOO. 000, which had been In existence. sine before I860. If the stockholders, approve' the plan the money will be dis. trlbuted to the - two Classes of stockholders after incidental expense have been deducted." Hertling's Peace Aims - Called Too Moderate by German Jingoes I "IMMLJt tkesassl s aaaK?M saaaaaaaaaaBH aaaaaaaaaaaHaBaa9 " EH :. COUNT VONTeKTLINe - " WILL GENERAL PERSHING LEAD FmSTAMEIQAN - EllANGE, - 1 , MHBaaaaaV ffaaV. lliflaKaaaK A?1svJsBaV VBamv W, rb"BssaTaTaTaTaTs7 ..yiliglHLx tm$Lr LaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaX saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV . A.'jBa aaaaaaaaaaVaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaW. F'laVlaeaV jalaWJaaaaaaBw .lllHflHHBHvMR!ji..llH aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal SSSSSSSSsWKLkmCXSSSSSSSSM aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagaaaaaavaHHsr1'' K WaMLaSaBCSBaaalaaaaaaaaaaal aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaVaaVarV' VLHavaaaaHBaaaaaaBH l - l - l - l - l - l - l - lHWimaijM.BH sassssssssssssssssssssssssV aaaaaaaaa - n. - f.ti .aaaaaaai M.M .sWJJiKaEaBslsf' eLLLLLLLaLiaaaaaaaaaMl aaaaKaaDlEaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH BaaWaaaaaWaBaBaaaaaaaBLaaaaaaBawla MJU.QENkJOHN J. REfZSHlNO ftMDSONWRe&EH Orders summoning Malor General John J. Pershing from the border to "Washington have aroused much speculation. Reports have been beard, that tlie general's visit is connected with th Bublect of "selecting a commander f r a military expedition to France. General Pershing is known to have the confidence of administration officials tMcause of his record "as commander of the punitive expedition in Mexico, Since the bulk of the resrular army now la wilder his command, - however, and since several of the big army mobilisation camp are to be established In his territory, it' was pointed out that his trip north might, have to do only with organization work. The picture of General Pershing and hi young son' Warren, reproduced herewith. Dossesses a pathetic interest. The boy. Is the only surviving member J of the general's family.' His wife and 1 three young daughters' lost their Uvea I In a Are In the Presidio, San Francisco, J To - day's News T"e - War Summary. Pag 1, lnlji Man Rslste Msny Stlrrlns '. Tale Taoe is Part 1, ;0f - jansj Wreck .Castle "f Cucy - raga i P" DOMESTIC rVlt - Tlx 'Blir Is Strongly Opposed. , ' "'" Urie Government Control ef Prle. fmorn 1. A, ir ir.J men t Would. Mk Nation "tar. Page 1, filer MiyQKi Chance to Fight. aara.'l. Trflno to Place National Guard. . fak) l . 'AnMle Will Respond to Call of the Coitrv Pag 1. If w EtQlsnd Pays Homsgs to JofTr. so 1. Wsnji Ontond to Report t' One. rsk i e Wiy n, view of Indiana Politic. CISTBICTANO LOCAL, Prllat and Mayer Ask for Food . es - wvlisj. Pag - 1. 'Faitwr Schramm: Deed at Lsporte. 1 lenaxtettt Want to B Mayor of Elk Boa City. Pag 1s. Hsrcf Calls' for Peoples' Support. Pact ) Psrt S. . RelLiMI of Olrl Mikes Stat' Cas atr - miatr. - Psg 1.: tentorial Section. Pig 4. 'alf th City Churches. - Pso S. S9lty Section. Pagoa M and 21, Cl.r Hall News, Psgo'S. Mtrof tli Court. Pig B. Tli .Perth. Pag . 8ns Seat Ion Pagoa .10, 11 and 12, Pslioa Maw.' Page 12. Pallradi nd Industrlsl Pag . Plmnclal: snd Markt. Pag.3Sr ClawJeM toctlon. Psges 25, 28, 27. BY SECTIONS Pari ""l - Pige I to 14i Main New See Hoe, Edlterlel, Telegriphlo add Cecil and District Nsw. Part t. Piges 15 to '28: Society, 'Churcl'and Ledge News, Plnsnelal aarc Clammed .Section and General INv. Part I. Pifles 1 to 12i Comic, Auto. mble, Fiction, MIcllnou Now. . Pert 4 Psgee 1 to 12: Msgsxlne Soo - :tltra, Trteitrle! News, Labor New, Rtatl litite Note, Nw of the Mask' In Pictures, Feature Articles. BUGLER PLAYS "RALLY ROUND THE - FLAGf ORATOR 0ALLSF0R VOLUNTEERS TRYING TO PLAGE on August 27, J91S. TEODflYGETA CHIP FIGHT House Reverses Its Former Action and Votes to Let Hiiri Raise Volunteers. THE COLONEL IS REJOICING WAR TAX BILL IS ?T7' - ;. War Department Does Not Kimw Where This Unit Is to Be Used First. vMAY RtAlSEv MORE MEN Manufacturers Claim Law Will Put the Smaller Concerns to the Wall. MAKE BUSINESS MEN PAY i MilitU May Bq, 'IncreasecIAto 40 More Sqjdiere to , EJtich Cainpressibnal' District; - . WAS III H O 'ON. May 12, Tha exact place t national guard la to fill In the nttSiinil army ':'tlll. I a matter of Says He Will Make No Plan Representaiive Wood, Indiana, rcuian in th War department, A, outstanding figure In Germany, to - day 1 Count von HertUng, prime minister of Bavaria. It has been reported that he will succeed Von Beth mann - Hpllweg as chancellor of the Oerman empire, "The Bavarian 8Uats - seltung, the: organ of Von Hertllng, said that Germany does' not' ecpect to obtain Indemnities and that the principal feature of 'her 'peace negotiation ,raut b. an agreement with her enemies to obtain raw .material protection of German Interest In foreign countrif. permission to develop foreign trad to tier utmost capacity, the return of all captured German ships and of her lost colonies; This. says th Staatsseltung, would b equivalent to an Indemnity, of many million. It remark that Germany' war debt of $11,000,000,000 I amall compared with the national fortune of f Tl.QOO.Oao.OOO,, which dncrea 11.000, - OOe.000 yearly, and th country. - can afford to drop demand for Indemnities. The Cathollo and conservative news. fapora assort that this statement Is he result" of Voa Kartimrs recent Tlalt to Vienna, They criticise hi Tlw as too lenient toward Germany" 'oea. j, ' ' for Expedition Until He Gets Official Notice. WABlUNdTON, May 11 The way ves. Cleared In congress to - day for Colomeil Xobsevelt, If he 1 given auth - orliation by the administration, to raise i division or Volunteers for service Ira Franc.' . Heverslng Its previous action, and overridlnf the conference committee on tie army draft bill the house voted 114, to HI: to empower the president to xtend authority for recruiting lucti a division. This sent army bill bttclc to conference but the senate already d adopted a similar authorisation during original consideration of trae measure and Its conferee are expected to firee to it now,' "Whether the necessary authority - Will te given Colonel Itoosevelt by the ad - itilniitration 1 problematical. The army stsneral staff, whose advice Pres - Ucnt Wilson has followed closely in the conduct of the war. Is strongly eDPOiedxto such a plan, declaring volunteer units, of - that character have k place In the great war army. Th! house voted the authorization after a stormy debate. Representative Anthony led the fight for the colonel, moving; t recommit the army bill to cocferencs with Instructions to accept tl senate' Roosevelt amendment. Chairman Dent, of the military com - (Cntlnu4 en Pag 18, Column 2.) lEiiirispor TO CALL OF THE COLORS So Declares President Wilson in Address at Dedication of Red Cross Memorial. WILLIAM rLTAFT PRESIDES WASHINGTON, May .Preldent MiUon said In a public address here te - ciaj that the. struggle against Oer - roary "means grim business on every aide Of IL but that America had put tti bear. Into the Jaslt and would r - ii,t'a a united. nation to the call to .Speaking at the dedication of' a Rid Cros memorial for the women of the elrll war, th president predicted that tha present struggle not only would aUllesat th last - division between the north aid, south; but would wipe 'out "any llnee lt)ir Of 'race or association et ting athwart the great body of the OsLloiV' ' This new - union, he eatd, would result from a common suffering ana ssuriflre for the unselfish cause of freedom and democracy. "Wa look for no profit," said ha "W will accept no advantage .out of thlg rtr. We go because we believe the very principles upon which the Amerl - Sam - republlo was foundtd are now at Itilce and must ba vtndlcatetl."1 jronaai' Pretldent Tafl ; Introduced Cntlnud on Ps 1, Celume 14 , Suggests That All of Them Be Assessed $3.00 Apiece.: - Unjlsc th recent, announcement that the utatts may raise .additional units up? ti? a .total: national guard force. In cludlnr military militia of 400 men for each r - )rrentatlve or senator. It ,1s WASHINGTON, May 12. The war hot etei ms!M aa yet to. forecast time, - Ux schedules of, the 1 1, 800.000.000 accurately; tb strength" of the organl - revenue bill 'were attacked as threat - utlon : ihiii' It Is - drafted Into the enlng - the life ot many Industries by a United State anriy. " ' acore of witnesses to.'dav hfnr. ih. ' It is possible that an"en.tirely new scor or witnesses to - day before the ,.meiit of the national forces will be senate finance committee and. were de. i evolrel out of the discussion, The fended by house leaders during debate I suggest 1 411 has been Put forward that oh the other side of the capltol as ab.,onl'r "ly full divisions of the guard . - .....!.. .'. '".. ... ... be orKinliet Into units for purely mill - .u.utciy necensrir preserve me lireitary jUtpo and that would leave ut inn nauon. I many rrinent unattached to aivi - Manufacturers, Jobbers and retailers I slonil piraalsatlpn. In many line, touched by the new lav. 1 Ono psopsal I that these additional lea flocked to the' senate committee. regimen ti or othere substituted for bearing's to protest. Among them! ; - 7r"J - - - - " - " - - to Irencla Trenches were high officials of some of the country!, leading, industrial - concerns. Almost without exception ther con - j . criminatory and likely to result In the! ADldIlC3iIl JJOCtOrS UII suspension ot many of the smaller business - houses and serve to Injure many others. The other third day of debate In, the house brought' further protests from members and many suggestion that th heavier Increases be modified and other levies substituted. There was a dwindling attendance and an apparent lessening of Interest, however, and Democratic' Leader Kltchtn said he hoped to .close general debate Monday night and bring, the bill to a vote not later than Thursday - , Vr rret'nWv - e n''"eyi enl'r - m1enTH ocratlc member of the ways and means committee, took - up most of the time to - day defending the measure. The Increases In secondclass postage rate were attacked from many quarters and Mr: Italney said .the committee simply wa '.tryinr to Kt ' back part of. th annual loss which the government sua - (Continued on Psg 1, Column f.) i BULLETIN NEW YOnK, May 13 - A four - story brick building occupied by the Brooklyn Copper - age company 'in what is known as the eastern district freight terminal was destroyed by fire early thts morning with a loss estimated at $250fi00. The flames were so menacing that alt the fire - fighting apparatus in Brooklyn and Queensbor - ough as well as thirteen engines from Manhatian was called out.. The origin of the fire has not been determined. No workmen were in the building awl no' one wai hurt. The cooperage company make ail the barrels used by the American Sttar Refining Co. i sasBSBsmNBPcHVgHI 9 K aBKtlTBBaeB I W assKaWaei &lir .saVJalM KiR rtfHAJ0 H. COCKS afiaB B3BB 9:Au.noooy fsmsu &JfW"'"C i U ',' 1,1 - BHaV 3 jLii'imkjtkMpSLSmSmSfFKi 'Bifsir 2" kfsaHai3BL9'iBr3i - Bt BWBsMJfcjWty ciJIfcJia SmjlflfKfuBBKsmsTsmKKsmtsmsKsms " - ROUStliG THE CROWDS VV & 0G CTV (Photo by American Press Aesoclat Ion.) ' "Rally Round the KUrl" The bt'gle blow the note ot the thrilling war sons; and the orator appeals to the crowd: to "Step up and enlist! Don't wait to be - drafted, - volunteer m!" The picture was' snapped In a big; city, and scenes such a It depicts an, re peated' throughout the land, Tlien's room for many thousands more I j army, navy and .marine corps. ep up, young man I AlilNTIULD Senate Action on Espionage Bill Forbids Use of drain for Intoxicating Liquor, t HOMAGETO JQFFfi Hero of the Mame Greeted by Hundreds of Thousands of People In Boston, HARVARD HONORS GENERAL President Lowell Invests lim With Degree of Bachelor of Laws; Leaves for Canada. Pastor of St; Peter's Churth Prominent Among Clergy of Fort Wayne DioccseV SEN. CUMMINS OPPOSES tPREST BORN IN FT VVAWE Measurels Aimed: to Conserve4 Demise Follows Twenty - Fourih Food Supply of U.S. During the War With Germany.. "Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood. Dr. Mhtrd I. Cock, a famous Nw Trfe eciallst la disease of th eye. ear ara nose, and vr, Austin llobbt. Ln X - ray specialist, are among twenty - live doctors. Uty.flv quraea and ill cm uaui wno nave gone u tn front But th Prbytrlan Baaa Ho. fltal unit, frwn that hospital and Cor unrblt. ualverslty In New Tork city. In the P y str engineers. Uctrlciaas, oeou,. - orairiis ana cnauBeurtv WASHINGTON. Mar .lSf - The first legislative step 'toward conservation of th nation's food resources and a long, advance toward an absolutely dry United States was taken to - night, by the senate In approving, 58 to it, an amendment to the administration espionage bill forbidding during the war the use of cereals or grain In the manufacturing1 of Intoxicating liquor, lly a majority of one vote the senate also threw out of the bill the administration' press censorship - section and then voted overwhelmingly not to put In a modified section, as was done In the house. Tills action Is expected to throw the censorship. fight into conference where the Influence of the administration can b brought to bear more directly. What will be the outcome no senator would predict with confidence to - night The prohibition amendment was adopted under a rule limiting debate sharply ana tnere were only brief speeches on each side. Just before the senate had voted down 47 to fS a proposal to forbid sale of Intoxicants during the. war. ' effective September 1. the. amendment ia calculated to confine sale and consumption ' to whisky' and other grain liquors already in stock and to Wlnee, l - rf,ni1je pr other drink, that. depend upon other material for their main constituent. Anottier opportunity to vot upon It will be offered when th senate takes the bill with the amendment from the committee ot the whole but opponent of the prohibitory provision are not. confident that ther wilt be able to overturn to day's action. Estimate durlnay . the debate were that at - least, If00.000.000 In annual Internal revenue would be lost If the amenament stands. Elimination of the press censorship section ended a long and bitter fight. The vot was 19, to. 38. Opportunity will come also for another vot on - thl ectlon and the administration 1 ex pectsd to make an' effort to have the revere ltseir. The prohibition, amendment,, pro - toseo oy senator uumrami. republic an.: of Iowa, read aa follows: - 1 nai on ana atter rjeptember I, 1817. - during the period of th war with th Imperial government af Oerman v It shall be unlawful to use or supply olreotly or Indirectly' any aerial, grain; sugaror sjrrup In the production of intoxicating liquor In any form or of any kind provided that nothing In this section shall prevent the us of sugar or yrup In th manufacture of win aa now authorized by existing lawi provided further that this section shall sot be construed to malt unlawful tte .manufacture pr alcohol or Intoxicating liquor for Industrial, mechan teat., medicinal, sacramental or scien tific purposes under rules and regu latlons to be established by the secretary 'of the treasury. Jn the. death of Rev. Gene Schramm, pastor of St. Peter's chvrvli, Laporte, Ind, there has passed - ircn the" ranks. of the clergy of the' Diocese of Port Wayne, a priest widely ' knoxtn and generally beloved by! all who jnr him. That death loves a shlnlns; neuk Is verified In his. demise which. w - cured at 5 o'clock' Saturday af ternon. fTom art, early hour that mornlnr was realized that he could not long survive, tie had periods of semi conscloUsness,bUt a few hours before death lapsed In a comatose condition which continued until the final Burn - mons came. Death was due to dlabefcn from - whicrrth devoted prlcaLhad bsmh suffering: for some time. From ali attack, however, - he had rallied asil was feeling much Improved In, heiliti until Sunday, April 22, when he waa stricken In1 his parish church. Slnte that time: his. condition' biimie more alarmlnc and lent little or no en ecu agement to the hope that he 'weull recover. , Jwenty.four Year Priest, ay was. the twenty - fourth aural. versary of Fath Schramm's ordlnatlcn to the priesthood, lie was born H Fort Wayne' on Trinity Sunday. Jnr 16, 1867. From his fifth to his till - teenth year he attended St. Marvel I parochial si.liuul ' mid' 'for' some tlrn - also the Brothers school. In the Catl - dral parish. Having completed rJ ixieenin year, ne euiei - ja l - rfw. repce's College at Mount Calvary,, VWn, wnere . ne. remainea ror nve years. - K September. 1888. he . was admitted ti Mount St. Mary's of the West tenV nary, Cincinnati, Ohio, where he - vai given a two years' Course In philfo. (Continued on Po 16, Column .) BOSTON. May l!.New Enltnd paid homage to the hero of the Marn to - day. From the" moment Marshal Joffre atepped from his train at the South stjtlon on his arrival frcm New Tork this morning until hV left for Canada to - night he was spplavided continuously. The crowds pushing sJonc thestrMt. heedless of the frequent slunrtnv accorded him o,ne of the most enthn iastlc greetings - ever given . popular - Idol In this city, when he, Wan escorted through the business section, by a long line of troops. On' historic lioston common he re... celyed from little Mary; Curler. dajh - ter or tne . mayor, a parcninent an - nouiiclng that through the marshal the, school children of Massachfsett taulS the CItUens of Boston (and r.'ew England desired to present a aunt for the care of the children whose fattier have died, for France.' This sum to - nUtht had reached a. total of 17S,O(0 wltti contribution still pouring In. At Harvard university GenansJ Jaftre was Invested by President lowtll ritlt the honorary degree of doctor cf lawu' The university had voted to eenfert a similar degree on Ren "Vlvlanl - tut th head of the French mission had been called to Canada, and ai th de. itree could only be conferred In person, Jt was automatically withdrawn. Harvard, however, was not eon tent I!h bestowing merely academio hon ors. The student body waited foe General. Joff re In Memorial hall and a til' marshal's sturdy figure waa slgf ted on a balcony", a blonde young glint leaped from the ranks of the. undergraduates and led them' In "a regular cheer for Joffre" nine lone Harvard! with three ringing Joffre on theeioV given with such vim as to stagger tha man: a far different roar on th field o '' rrance. . ' The cheer leader was R. Ai. Hartlund. of Philadelphia, football, baaeban and tennis team star and ctrrnmUaln4 to the Plattsburg military camp.: In, a brief speech Marshal Joffre oa,H4,n attention to the - - unlformsj' - wortt' W members of the Harvard regiment M. said he hoped to meet tne young men soon" in - France.' " The strain of the week's toTrwaT apparent on the marshal' face Jo - ta'v asKea ror nan an nours iu - tnuwice " before, facing the asemblaga f IVffcS. persons on uoaion cpmmon, vnirt'iM, gift for the 'orphan; of, Franca tfes, presented. : The - , neigh boring city of CirrbrMge also shared In the welcome: At 1 the city hall Mayor Wendell b. RocU weed's - little daughter, Jeannette. trejsented Marshal Joffre, with a purse cf gold for the' tatherlesa children ' of Irano,. from the school children of th eity, A silk flag, the gift of the echoel teachers, was given; him by the ycsjtg daughter - of Professor, lJ. ;Ai Merstier, of 1. Harvard, who was himself t ar. - - tlclpant in, the battle of the Swrtoe, The marshal picked up both cMMnn and kissed them and, saluted the foul - thousand Other children who lair f( him the "Marseillaise' and te flts Spangled Banner." ' In Boston thousands of school chili, dren lined Commonwealth ' ayenu (Continued on Pag 10, Columns.) a' Golden Liberty Statue, In ' Miniature, Is Presented to Marshal J off re WARSUMMARY fiwmvy pniiurv uimf nfnea II th British armies againat the Get - .' man lines In.rranc along a fifti mil front between Acheville art4 Quesnt. According te - th Gerraia 1 war effic, dn mats ef Britnh .troops wvrv ompiorvo, in oiivor - in sen or suscks along in iSH leading (rem Arras to Ln. boa and CannbraL - One sf - 4h entllfl points of assault wa in the'vloinhl ity of Bulleeourt, which has be th 'en ef almost tady floh - t' Ing for seversl day. The objctivi aimad at In the forward movemwwl ., ' JK J2aV - .1 siiwmari!f - If IlPieageBMaflKw asmT" ;9"TTTTTTTxTaBQr r!z?sl mwliMm I lJlr"aifsMzssssM I & iS VBflKaaBBV's9sslssl ffc. 'lizHSIIsszLlssssH VOFFHZ ICCEIVZS HlfilfiXKKK - THE WEATHER Joffre. ranking soldier of the - avtlieav on his visit to America haa become ranking hero of America, aesreat Coiner among the 'allies. The tide of affection for the marshal were achieved snd hundred efpri. of France reached their flood with ti oner were taken according te Irvj, presentation to him of . JTJ .. - l - - - - - - - - . - ' m , atlm Af Ilia llalu Af rihtfta, Bk. I onuBn. - OT9iciai announcement. , "" - - - - - - - - ' r - 'r7 T" 7 . On of th. point Cptur.d by tr.'ltulng the World, transmute British troop w bavaly farm, "" irwvv "" ' " , throd btwen ArrandCarr1bBl,n1fdnitnlsterd bv the Nevr Tt together with a half mil of trnea' World. t" 1 - ji - i - north ef It Fsrth.r south th Gr - 4 ty thousand - people - had m gout itj m.ns'thrsw a flvina weda dali.lH presentation, which was arraicW Gill.mont - farm, northeast of Ha(l ... W allow the largest number tcse court, and captured it, but werelhlm ". - r,treUo"' - !S thrown out by a British Teounter t . tbrongta ihajtwrth meadow of CejtojJ VTASHlll'QTONMay Jt. Indiana and "iiiwer Sunday p4 Uoaday, slightly warmer tk. n... ii.. .. uni,i.. j - . Marshal Joffre and the. Utu . - .Tv.," - , - - , ;,;, , ,L.. mede Immediately after tM lCtlmqPia,,fcea A '.Zif flQi

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