Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 19, 1952 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1952
Page 4
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JHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, fLLtNOlS m: VERNON REGISTER-NEWS (ttAibt noan auMDAri n fBBjiea HCW* HTABUSBBD \m eOHSOUDATBD UUPTBJIBBB t& 1»M aDWUi KACKAWAI m. U flCMOM ^ — Mlt« (l«trt UlMi , riaai 8iis«rliiMad«t lUMMB or Xn ASIOOUTaD PASW— llUad M IM m to Ik* nMMttw M all ^vw> «d)ttd i« H ft MM olbcrwtw awiUt d w Uil» P«P» •!» «fc SBUrad M lieaMd CIM * aiMtw lot »r»nt- •ortatiM tbroarb th* qi»ll« at UM Poat Offle* at Moant Veraoa UUnola, aodat (hr Mt el Mweb 8. IB?*. flntMcrlpUoot «a«i b* paid !• Br oiali ftunop COBDO aatf iotnlnt eoantlw tm f«at 0 mot >3 7a S no* >3 .S5' 1 M. By mail oataidr Jeffanoa aod iotnlnt coantte* wittatn SM aUwi <reu tHOO n mo* WOO • ««•. S3 26 par atnci* >aonlh OnUldf 2B0 mllaa raai t9.«0: • moa $6 7»: • sea »3.?ft: «M month —— ... Ueiiverad by emriu ia altr Mr wa«k •«.oo 1.00 J* A Thought for Today The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, to that ha shall have no need of apoU.—Prov. 31:11. * * * » He knew whose gentle hand waa on the latch, before the door had given her to his eyes.—Keats. EDITORIAL TELEVISION CAN REVIVE 'LINCOLN- DOUGLAS' DEBATES W E ALWAYS SAID television would grow up and amount to someday. Now it's got its big chance. There's talk of a series of hour-long debates between Adiai Steven•'•on, speiaking In the affirmative on whether the Democratic Party is B good thing, and General Eisenhower, taking the negative. This would be the biggest thing of its kind since Lincoln and Douglas squared off in a similar engagement in 1858. Scheduled at any hour except maybe 4 a. m., a televised Stevenson- Eisenhower debate on the big campaign issues would have a larger audience than the entire population of the United States in 1858, which was just under 30,000,000. Stevenson is reported interested in the idea, and small wonder. The Lincoln-Douglas debates were held right around Spring^field, HI., the section where Stevenson was raised and where he now holds forth as governor. « • • F UBTHERMORE, the Lincoln-Douglas debates were first suggested and then personally arranged for by Stevenson's grandfather on his mother's side, Jesse Fell, who was a friend of both Lincoln and Douglas. Too, Stevenson has been likened to Lincoln both as to certain qualities of mind and their similarly lean and lucid styles of writing and speaking. That would stand him in good stead in debate. Despite Eisenhower's personal magnetism and hi« good mind, which would do well by him in a TV debate, he could hardly be blamed for declining to tangle with a man as well adapted to that field of endeavor as is Stevenson. But aside from and above the qualifications and inclinations of the participants in any such debate, is the overriding consideration of the value such a thing would be to the country as a whole. It would bring to the voters in dramatic form the issues to be decided and the Democratic and Republican ideas for solving them. At the moment the differences of the two nominees on certain bif issues is not too clear. On foreign policy, for instance they're pretty much together. Both •re Internationalists with a capital "I." On many domestic issues they are not far apart, both being middle-of -the -roaders, government economy advocates, and anti-big government a • a A TiCLBVlSION MEETING between the two would be sure to bring outsharply, though, those points on which they do disagree and it's important for the public to know exactly what those points are and what each nominee intends to do about them. It 's the big, shifting mass of independent voters that would be most Influenced by a clear, dramatic presentation such as the TV debates would allow. And it would be certainly a valuable gift to the democratic tradition If that clear, dramatic presentation takes place this year, and every four years from now on. The value of TV in letting the public get an inside look «t politics has bMn demonstrated at congressional hearings and at the recent party eonventions in Chicago. Both were great stimulants to public Interest In government. A TV debate between Stevenson and Eisenhower could be an even greater one. I Theyll Do It Every Time L,^.^ By Jimmy Hado T4KE A MEtfO,mSS Pem^QCKG' *1D ALL DERARTMEMTS; IWERE IS TUO yMUCM LOITERIHS AT WATER CDtXERS-TWlS MUST CEASET-V AW07WER MEMO TO ALL SALESMEN :*D4)Ly UST1N6S , OF ALL CUS-RXERS CAUZO 0\ > MUST BE MADE IM TRlPUCATE ^AMO S16NE0 By SAID CUSTOMERS? OM.YES-AAEMO TO 8E MUKI6 M ALL WASVlROOMS:" OO MOT WASTE PAPER "TOVVELS*-— . THE BUULETlM BOARD, SOSWELL IS ATITA3AIM.' ^ COULD START A COMFETTl FACTORV W^>^ TWE MEAAOS HES GOT STUCK UP OUT TWERE F^PER 10WELS HC^ V^^RRlBD ABOUT.' WE COaO SAVE A OF PAPER A WEEK IF MBt> TDM G>WB UP HIS »JT*ROFR^ UTER/ARy CARECa! HEfe A FRUSTRATED AUT>m- THIS WAy HOBOD/ CAM SEMD BACK HIS STUFF WITW A . REJECnOM SUP.' AMD TVlEy MEVER TAM£ ^ DOWM- -mSREli OME SDU. UP 1WER6 SAYS ^•NOBOPy XAkES VMS. OfF FOR UMOpEROHlS woau> Boiria wiaSiS. 40.000 A YEAR" ANiD >^LL WE DOES \S :rATE PETiy BEEFS" THAMX AMOA TlPOr TWe HATtO MAT TO PAMELA NiOSeu, The World Today hs JAMES MAALOW AF STAFF WBITER CANDIDATES ON A "FLYING CARPET" WASraNGTON.—TraS IS THE YEAR when the presidential candidates breeze around like the kid on the flying carpet. Candidates used to campaign by- train. General Eisenhower and Governor Stevenson will criss-cross the country by train and plane. In the long run even the wear and tear of whirling around the country may be easier on them than if they sat down face to face in front of a nationwide TV hookup and debate. SEN. MOODY, »nCraGAN DEMOCRAT, suggested they do Just that. NBC President Joseph McConnell has offered them radio and TV time for a debate on the ssues. Unless they've challenged one another in confidential correspondence which hasn't been revealed, neither man has shown enthusiasm for the idea. All the issues in the campaign, so far as the voters are concerned, can be reduced to a couple of questions about the candidates themselves: (1) how well can they think and (2) what are their intentions if elected? ONE OR THE OTHER OF THE CANDIDATES might wreck himself, but the voters would benefit, if Eisenhower and Stevenson had a face to face encounter in full view of the whole country on a TV screen. Neither would have the chance, if he wanted it, to find refuge behind high pronouncements, vague promises, or those generalities that create heat but not light. It's more comfortable for both the other way, when one of them can say what he pleases without worrying that the other one, across the table, will stop him cold with an "how WM that again?" POLICE COURT" Fines assessed before Magistrate W. O. Page included: Russell Rogan, $20.40 on drunk charge; Paul Goffinett, $9.00 for failure to have driver's license. INTERPRETING THE NEWS Russia Promised to Get Out of Manchuria Sy t. BI. BORERS. Jit . Associated Press News Analyst The belief held by some Americans that the Chinese-Russian en- "tente is a historical monstrosity wliich cannot continue Indefinitely will be under test during the current conferences in Moscow. The test will not come on arrangements for additional econom- . ic and military aid to the Peiping ': Reds who are carrying the ball for Russia in the Korean War. These matters are vital enough, but there tea fundamental question out. standing between the two countries which is more so. That is whether Russia will live up to her 1950 treaty agreeing to get out of Manchuria by the end of this year. ^ • a a • That treaty was made four months before the start of the Korean War, which adds color to the belief that Russia acted in Korea on the spur of the moment when ahe thought the U. S. would not .defend South Korea. Since then, Manchuria has be- 'borne the base for the war. The •situation is so different that the -: Chinese Communists may not even >• want the Russians to leave now. " But the occupation treaty had • been signed by the old Nationalist K ' (vernment after the Yalta agree- ent between Roosevelt and Stalin md under the pressure of Russian •A occupation during the last few J -d «ys of the war with Jai>an, which i had held Manchuria since the Sino. ^Japanese "incident'! of 1931. The '^'Russian promise of withdrawal -Iwas a great accomplishment for •itha new Peiping regmie, • • a' • i 11 Rusia doesn't get out oh ^fcbadide,'she will be in bad propa- •^Canda position througout the Ori;'^«ht, and Mao Tze-tung will be in worse one at home, i- The continuing Korean War i'lDight be used by Mao as an ex- fiiuetctr 'asking Itussia to stay. OLD NEM^PAPERS FOR m-i #Sc BUI^DLE Some face-saving arrangement of such nature might be an upshot of the current conferences. But Far Eastern observers are inclined to doubt that he will do so. Some of them think Russia may of have the puppetry situation In Manchuria so well in hand that she will be able to go through the motions of physical withdrawal without any more loss of control than she did in North Korea before the war. In that event, they expect the Russian occupation to end with a great fanfare about how the Kremlin lives up to its promises. Some blankets are still sized in "points," going back to the days when they were traded for beaver skins according to a point system " value. M iVERHON DRIVE IN THEATRI — TUESDAY — FAMILY NIGHT $1.00 PER CAR "^"^BY GRANT _JNORTHWEST TERRITORY^ — WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY — rii M CiP^ODN SHOW EVERY NIGHT Madame Chiang Has Skin Ailment By Aisociated Prtss SAN FRANaSCO — A skin specialist said today it is "just a question of time" before Mme. Chiang Kai-shek's skin ailment responds to treatment. Dr. Edwin L. Bruck of the University of California Medical Center examined the 54-year-old first lady of Nationalist China Sunday, Her ailment is believed caused by nerves. "Jura" is the name of a department of France, a European range of mountains and an island near Scotland. Your Manners You are writing a letter to a serviceman overseas. WRONG: Tell him about all the little things that have gone wrong at home, and if you aren't feeling well, mention that. RIGHT: Keep your letter cheerful and fill it with news that wUl amuse or pleaise him. . PACKAGE LIQUOR WINE AND BEER By Bottle or Ctea* Get Then From THE WOODEN INDIAN rrea Delivery Pbone 100 or 70S DRIVE-lli THEATRE TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY PLUS 2 CARTOONS TUESDAY, AUGUST T9, 1952 I On the Silver Screen Answer to Pr«v?ou« Puzztt BORIZ0NTAI« 1 Cinema actor Gregory SHc portrays divers roles in Alms 8 He is a screen 13 Bacchanals* cry 13 River (Sp.) 14 Solicitude 15 Plexus 16 Hostelry 17 Fruit peel 18 Scrutinize , 20 Bashful (dial.) 21 Before 22 Hasten ' 23 Diadem 26 TrlfoUolate 30 Decay 31 Simple '32 River in England •33 Greek letter 34 Edible rootstock 35 Ailing 36 Oriei^tal 38 Companions 40 Scottish sheeptold 41 Rodent 42 Primp j45 Horses' gaits 149 Opera by Verdi '50 Entangle 151 Notion 52 Let it stand 153 Collection of sayings 54 Harvest '55 Sailors i56 Babylonian deity (57 Concludes VER'nCAI' 1 Persian fairy 2 Level 3 Folding beds 4 Retainer 5 Moment 6 Clue 7 Eternity 8 He is a star of stage and N m W u T A w A u o • u 1 Nl O • o A D S 1 D P U • o U 1 A H • T C ti u 9 A N A ? i A V 1 ^ ?1 A O u S X • K N • A & K 1 B N D is A T A M T O T s 1 if T 1 « • A Q is •h A w • O T • r>4 fsl • 9 ai SI 1 o N O A B • K 1. A e fr O T" A 9 & T 9 9 Kite's end 10 Italian river 11 Interpret 19 Age 20 Rent 22 Demigod 23 Large plant 24 Jot 25 Indonesians of Mindanao 26 Gull-like bird 27 Entrance 41 Assessment to a mine amount 28 Far oflf 42 Time gone by (comb, form) 43 Cosmic order 29 Lampreys 44 German river 31 Female horse 45Walkinf stick 34 Year between 46 Paradise 12 and 20 37 Handles 38 Male 39 Dress 47 Peruse 48 Tree fluMs 90 Shakespearean queen 1 Z 3 M 5 7 6 10 li II \i n 15 IT 18 i 20 21 Z3 25 m Ik I T'" 30 31 32. 3J i 37 % >» * « •« 17 U SI Si si i7 GRANADA THEATRE * Starts Thursday MIGHTIEST OTION PICTURES" THH BIG TOP! HUnON • t™" WIDE • **• HESTON ^ mm • GRAHAME - »-> STEWART a tMuovm MOM THIS ENGAGEMENT ONLY ! Matinee 60c 'til 8 . . . Evening 74c .. . Children 25c »I1 time*— tax Inc. All yellow passes suspended during this engayemeat JOIX THE MILLIONS! COMMERCIAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. INVITES YOU TO APPLY FOR CHARTER MEMBERSHIP IN THE NEWLY REVISED SENSATIONAL COMMERCIAL PLAN p\00 We are accepting only a select group of Charter Member Enrollments at the present low rate to got an "experience table" in this area. (1) 100 DAYS HOSPITAL CARE ($4 to $15 per day), ambulance, x-rays, iron lung, operating room, medicines, etc.; covers hernia, female disordersi, childbirth at home or in hospital, appendicitis, etc.; surgical fees up to $250. (2) INCOME FOR LOST TIME from accident or sickness (up to $300 monthly in hospital); $1000 for accidental death (Ic per day). (») PAYMENT OF DOCTOR AND SURGICAL BILLS for calls at home, hospital or doctor's office (ideal for persons who now have group hospital coverage without surgery or medical care). • AGES 1 DAY TO 80 YEARS • SAME BENEFITS TO CHILDREN AND ADULTS • RATES ON CHILDREN DO NOT INCREASE UPON ATTAINING ADULT AGE FOR FULL DETAILS SEND THE COUPON BELOW — NO OBLIGATION OUR PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE IS ROBERT D. OGDEN MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS ROBERT D. OGDEN Box 6000 c/o Register-News Mt. Vernon, Dlinois Please send me full details on your Commercial Hospitalization Plan:— NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE PHONE AGE EIGHT SUV ROWERS FLEE By A«ioelaU4 Prtit RUESSELSHEIM, Germany — Eight husky young men from Yu-^ goslavia's Olympic rowing team disclosed here today that they are not going to return to their Communist homeland even if Premier Marshal Tito does say his brand of communism isn't like Stalin's. The teams manager, Slavko Jankovic, said he and seven others are asking asylum of the West and want to go to Canada. IKE TO SPEAK FOR ^ PLOWMEN; ADLAI OUT (Cuimnuea (rom oaye onal meeting in Springfield over the weekend are reported to have put off a final decision on just how much campaigning the President should do. They want to wait and see what happens after Truman'a Labor Day speech in Milwaukee. Stevenson speaks in Detroit the ^ame day. *• The President Monday told tlie *• International Typographical Union he will continue to fight to get the Taft-Hartley Act amended, even after he leaves the White House, His promise was made in a message read to the Cincinnati meeting. Walter S. Hallanan, a strong backer of Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio for the GOP nomination, said Monday the West Virginia GOP has closed its ranks in support of Gen. Dwight D. Eisen -J lower. MOVIE TIME TABLE GRANADA "CALIFOKNIA CONQUEST" 2:00 - 4:00 • 5:45 - 7:30 - liM STADIUM 'HAS ANYBODY SEEN MT GAL' 2:15 - 4:05 - 5:50 - 7:40 - 9:25 PLAZA "THUNDERHEAD" 3:40 - 6:40 - 9:4* •SMOKEY" 2:15 - 5:15 - 8:15 BIG PICTURES ^ iTTcOHOITIOMlD rO« TOUR COMICC ©i^ AN AD A Now Showing CORNEL ^ WILDE •M0F80NQKSTI TERESA WRIGHT MKor KNOEMNC! Ik AIR CONDITlONrO FOR TOUR C'VI > STADiuM Now Showing Piper lAUM Rock HUDSON ChariMCOMIMf OigiPIRREAU ENDS TODAY "SMOKY" plus "THUNDEK- HEAD, SON OF FLICKA" te technicolor. Starts Wednesday EVEN FUNNIER THAN 'THE PALEFACE'I BOB ««dUlJCILLE HOPE BALL A fifimwinl Kctm —PLUS WESTERN HIT—

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