The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 22, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLY'f JIEV1LLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 1938 Social Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS Woman's , Missionary Society, Lake Street , : Metliod.'st chilrcl), meeting at church, 2:30 p. in. Woman's Auxiliary of First Presbyterian' Church having all day Bible study at church beginning at 10:00 a. in, Wohiah's Missionary Society of First Methodist Church meeting at I'M i). in. at chinch. ., TUESDAY'S CVE.NTS Mrs. Floyd White cnlertaliilng Tuesday 'Bridge- Club. Yohng Matfcji's Bridge Club liicetlhg with Mrs ( Doyle licmler- J. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs'. 'W. J. Pollai'd having flic Wednesday Bridge Cliib. , r^^^-f Tlmrstiay' Bridge Club meeting; \^=^t vith'Mrs. Roland Green. * THURSDAY'S EVENTS |' Mrs. J. Louis Clierry having the i MM'Wcok -Bridge Club. Thursday Afternoon Club nice I- iiigswilh Mrs. Eddie Regenold. MIYJ.? Roy D. Huglira entertaining Uho.--Thursday Luncheon Club, ".Thursday/Contract Club meeting witlj; Mr§., F. IS. Joyncr. >j:.!: FRIDAY'S EVENTS Woman's , Club havlni; i.'cncrnl meeting 'at club hour* at- 2:30 o'clock following executive board Jtmcheon. FLAPPER FANNY Sciv horn. A.Vioii wns.born to' Mr. nnd Jl.s. J. fp'.-. Hughes last night at ru> Ei^Vh'evilie hospital. Tiic baby, who we/gncd six pounds and 11 our.c- cs, has'been named Joseph E<1 : ward. . * • * J. I'. .(3, Has Supper. A : fironji of junior high girts who recently' organized the J. U. G.' dub .met-at-the home of Bobby i Ann- Purvis Friday night for a. hoi lamale supper. Initiation ceremony was conducted for Ann Crook, who became n member of the club at the meeting. Jn the, buslnea; session, it wa-i decided to have a candy sale nl the' school on Wednesday. Bits of News Mostly Personal "Will, if) OIMV hciirin' on sellin' it, ;i coal of painl miylit he!)!. Bnl it won't make any difference if you're fioin' to (urn it ill." _.., . _ _-.,. _. H.LIL \vmt ijer sis .easpoon cinnamon, 3 cups seed-j al . t | w ifon, and 'ss raisins, chopped. Cream Ilic fat aiu. .,„£,..,, add Ilic Well-beaten eggs, Reserve 1 cup 'of Ihe flour lo mix with the Wonder Class Honors Mrs. Sivcct. rifty mcmhcre and [ricndj Nqufishing Meal Is Very Necessary For School Children (he Wonder Class of the Lake- Elreet Methodist church met lust night for a buffet supper in honor of Mrs. .p. M. sweet. Shot, and Mrs. O. J. Rodgcrs .._ in charge of arrangements. I ,The Rev. P. ,M: Sweet mad?'..a!• hrief talk in which he urged the group to attend the Training School which opens Snndny »l. the First Methodist Church, Following the supper, P. B. Jnv- rtlti"-. chairman of the finance committee, called a meeting; of hi:; committee to go over plans to redecorate the church and parson- nge. Tlie work will begin on thi-j project. soon. e ' » * Clitb Meets. Five mejubers of the B. A. C. club met al Ihe home of Nancy Holland Friday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. •following the games which were played by the group, (lie lioness fxrvcd ice cream and -cake. MHS. GAYNOl! MAHDOX \ NBA Service Klalf Writer- j A tliirdy luncheon is Ihe begin- 0 nlng of wisdom for scliool children. If' yoii are looking for woll-bal- anrcd mi'illin for your committee to prepare for (lie ' local school licpijeliiy 'lunch, slurty this parlinl list from MisctJlaneour, Publication No. 210, U. S. Department of Ag- cu. 1-2 cup dried skim milk. 1 Doll to be Her Only ''Public" J ' Ilarry W. Hiilncs left, today for n Uirrc weeks slay in Hot Spring); Clarence H. Wilson was in Little I?iek Friday on business. Mrs. Lamar Rodgers, Mrs. Lc- I'nre Norman and Miss Phoeljc i:nochs, of Horseshoe Lake, arriv id Friday to be the guests of Mr and Mrs. Edgar skinner and Mr and Mrs. E'.bcrl Huffman. Mrr, I Fcdgers will return to her honv £ifndny nnd Miss Enochs will re main for a longer visit. Mrs. William Hat?,, of St. Loul.i Is upending several weeks here tvltli her daughter, Mrs. H. J. Klrlndlcnst, and family. Maurice Helchel left Friday afternoon lor Tiiscaloosa, Ala., where will enter Ihc University or Alabama. J. II. Elkinr, is 111 at his liolne it IOUI W, Main slrcL Mrs. Russell Phillips and son, iUFSDt), will return Idday from Nar.hville \vhcrc tliey have been Ihe rfuoy.-, of Mrs. Phillips' moiii- -T. Mrs. George It. Calhoiin. They ivlll be accompanied home by Mrs. Galhoun, who will remain for a . Mrs. T. J. Mnbnn returned. Friday from Princeton, Ky., where ;ho visited relatives for two weeks. llei- son, John, who accompanied her, remained for a longer stay. Miss JiolJbie Lee King, who has willy her sister, Mre. Leon- I'll.dKlM I.UTHKKAN CIIIIIIC'H Sixth and VValnul Streets II. J. Klclndlcnsl, Pastor Sunday School, 0:00 run. Morning worship, 10:00 a.m. Sermon theme: "The Well of Living Waler." The Lutheran Hour, 3:M pin, WIT KLCN and 5!) olhcr slaUim. 1 -:. Hear Dr. Maier's message: "Soviet Attack on Chrislianily to" Sunday school teachers .-neet Frl- day evening, 7:20 o'clock nt iho school. Visitors arc cordially invllcd. ' CHUKCH Ol'' THK , N AX All UN E I'.upha I), Heuslcy I'aslor JIMS n. in. Sunday scliool. Noble McCuHar, superintendent, 11,00 a. in. Morning worship. Sermon subject, "A Solemn Vow." 7:00 p. in. N. Y. P. S. 1:30 p. m. Evening service. Ser- mcii subject, "What Bin causes the Most Sadness :n the Woild?" Wednesday, 7:3\) p. m. Mid-week prayer service, Thursday 2:30 p. »>. N. K. M. S. Thursday, 7:30 p. m. Y. W. M. S. I'lltST MKTHOIHST CHUKCH Jl, I.yiin Wade, I'ustor Our morning services begin with Sunday School at' 0:45 o'clock. Tile preaching services will be broadcast at 10:45 over KLCN. Tile Rev, II, W. Goodloe, .paslor al Rogers, Ark., ami teacher In the Training School being held next week, Mil pleach al 11:00 o'clock. Special music will be a solo "The Holy City" by Clcvc Ollespic, and an nnthem "The Pilgrim Song" by Hie choir. The Blylbeville Slandard Scliool will open al 2:30 o'clock. Many churches will cooperate. At 7:30 o'clock preaching service Ihc Rev. Harry King will speak. Special niusic for evening I cows once formed the tads of a man's wealth. Liquid-Tablets Stili'c-Nosc Drops price IOC & 25t Everything for your enter tiiinmcut and comfort. ( Saturday Only Though movie scouts traced her to Ecllcrsulle, Pa., they're unable lo lure Josephine Emily Richtcr, c-yeav-oM prodigy, to Hollywood. Her parents turned down a contract which would have exploited the girl's ability as a pianist, dancer and Ginger in three languu^s. Josephine will slay at home and play Cor her life-sized dell. a. m, affords *<n epsiorliinily to i service, there will bo an education- learn "More About Jesus." The al program In collaboration with Ploticprs' and Junior:;' vesper programs al li:45 p, m, I rain our young Ic.'!k to walk in "Kingdom Highways." A cordial welromc ami a real Me topic: "Tomorrow's Challenge nZV ' ml w " llolt nlul fBmi 'y. ! » St. Special music, for evening service Jn .,,,1 c,,,rt,. n mil L0111 " fcr lhc ' ml 6i * months, ha.-, will be an anlhem "The Prayer be-itcn eras Reserve ! "' rlvcrt to hc w , llh lre1 ' s(s(tr ' Mrs,'Per fee I" by the choir and a male •Ul-*UCH Lkb.), IVCil-IVl. .'-t]l\lln| ri MrtvvU nl.,1 r~~.t\.. ~. ' . J _. I !..,. t 1 t. sift together the ramnln- .ng flour and Uic cinnamon, soda and sail. Combine nil ingredients. Drop by spoonfuls into a grcnscd linking sheet nutl bake In n lint oven (400 degrees P.) nntll Jlglil- ly hrowhecl. (To increase the mill; iiotids in this recipe, add the one- lialf cup of dried skini milk, sifted with the dry ingredients.) Hayti Society — Personal sser, r.s, erec y e cor an a i'amuel P. Norrls, aiirl family. siie'n»'irlet by high scliool boys. I'lKST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Main al Sixth Geo. W. I'.itlcrsou, minister tlie Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Unbbi Morion J. Colin, regional director and ECC- I .speak on . . ., limiiiamicj, 9:'15 a, in., Bible School, W. O. MiiUliciv 1-23. Ciucrin, supl. ivns accompanied here last ...5,^ by Hibbci'l Bottoms and HaroM ftci'cns, of St. Louis, who arc her jnrsls for Iho neck end. Miss Lcuir.c Anderson nlid Miss ranllne Ulm wcnl to blkcslon yesterday nflernoon to >t, CIKI UHM JllISS jimitt.-jijii s timi |jLC(lk;iJill^. A1IU \_ilury Ul I coii'sin, Miss Mao> Laura Amler-' Cliurch" will be sermon theme. 50111 | 2:00 p. m., Fidclis society meet- Mrs, p. M. Sweet relumed ing. Thursday from Manila, where she I- :6:15 |). m., Young people's coun- harti teen since Ihc death of her!ell meeting. 7:30 p. in., worship and preach- benelit awaits every woifhipper. Monday at 10 a. in. the Woman's Auxiliary will meet for a special Missions study and prayer service, wllh luncheon to be served al noon. Ladies are asked to read Acts 18 and 10 beforehand, The singer of I'salms is comiiig- SAINT STEPHEN'S EI'lSCOl'AL CHURCH ('. f, Huikr, Hector The third Sunday after Epiphany, January a:i. 1938. 11:00 a, in. llcly Communion. Emmanuel, God with us, Saint o Ihe Jew or Today." The public is cordially to attend. TAKE STREET METHODIST CHUKCH F. M. Swrcl, I'aslor Sunday scliool, i):45 a. in. Church, 10:30 a. m. Sermon by ihe pastor. Young People's meeting, 6:30 p. n. Church, f:33 p. in. MJ uin.»;.n.uii yta- < \_uii;i in, on \i\.'. to spend the| ll:0o n. in., worship, communion illss Andcrsan's and preaching. "The Glory of the rnilhcry Mrs. D. W. Cowan thai city. Mr. find Mrs. Elsdicr D. Beall, Department lias Optra Itcvbiv. :Mrs. H. J. Kleindienst pvescntcd aft opera review at the meeting of tile Music Department ol the Wo- m'an's Club F'j-lriay afternoon ?.: the club iiouse. The program was opened with I,'Peanut butter and tomato roup, toast or brcari-nnd-bntter sandwich, trull and cookie, milk. 2. Cracked - vvhcf.l chhwdcr, brcad-aviri-buHei- sandwich, frllit an.1 raisin cookie, milk. 3. Creamed mixed vegetables with egg, whole-Wheat, brnad-untl- buller sandwich, fruit, milk. 4. Creamed saltncn with noodles, chopped cabbage sandwich, fruit, milk. Any one of these menus would be gocd for Uic tidull home luncheon,, too. Note the regular appearance of milk, in a community where market milk is too expensive or where Its quality is questioned, canned evaporated milk cr dried skim mill; may be used tor pirt or all ol Ihe nillk needed. Each growing child must have at Ifast n pint and preferably n riitarl endi day. Cracked Wheat Chowder (50 ccrvings, each 1 cup) Two and one-half pounds crackrd wheat. 5 quarts wnler, <l poiinJs scraped carrots, diced. 1 1-2 pounds liimmcd celery, cut, . ., ing. "The i'avable of the TalenUs" will be Hie sermon theme. . " - ...... «,* u. jounii, i "in w iiiv; nui IIIUIL LIIUIIIU. of Lonokc, Avk., will spend tlie 7:30 p. in., Wednesday, singing- wcek^ml here as gnesls 01 Mrs. ! of the old liynihs at Christian Hall. BcaHs pft.rcnta, Mr. and Mrs. r.JKverylKXly Invited. the "Overture" from "11 Trova-j 2 ! ' 2 "liinrts tolling lore" played by,Mrs. Rives Altai pud Miss Bonnie Joanne Buciian- aii. violinists, with Mrs. Murray Gnia'rt at the piano. For the second numbers tlr; islagc was' set 'willi a forge ami snvll, arid Cllvc Olllesple. as tlrt b;acksnulli, sang the solo of Iho "Anvil Chorus" from the same opera. MR. Klclndlcast, Mrs. J,n O. Tricschmann, Miss Wyneltc ESicphcrd. Miss Sue Hamey am: Miss Buchanan, costumed as gyrj- . sics, cang the chorus. Miss Wyneltc Shepherd iang the "Last ROSQ of Summer" ;ro:n tbe ojfcra "Martha" in a scum of Vine colored 'trellises. Foliov, irig this, .Mrs. Klcindicn.u. rirsK>= es Juliet, sang "Non Dcsta-.-mr froin "Romeo . and Juliet." ;A ranter, sating was the hick- gtcund lor the "Barcarole" Iron '•Tales ol Hoffman," whicii wns. sung by Mrs. Trlecchmann am' Mr. Gillespie. :itrs. L. L. Hubcncr, Mrs. Rir, fell Fi\rr. Mrs. '.lamca Hill, am Mrs. Harry W. jraiucj. who otcu pied box teats al the opera, dl.-cussed Hie numbers as Ihey \vcif Presented. ;Tne opera motif was carried o^t In the hand made programs wi;li tile sllhouetle of two opera goerf sippearlng on the cover. Seventy five members and Mends of the club lieard the program. Mrs. John W. Etiringlon, Mrs. Sam Coble, Mrs. J. H. Hook and Mrs. W. G. Mason, all ol Oi- ceola, were out of town guests, In lhc social hour, the hostesses, Mrs. Hill nnd Mrs. O, G. itc<!-ic water. pound sail pork, diced. I pound peeled onions, chopped, a ounces ncur (1-2 cup), 4 miavts milk, ind. If desired. » ounces dried *lm milk, 5 l,iliIes|KK)ns salt. Boil the crackrd wheat In the 5 miarts of water for M minutes. Cook tlic carrots and celery in tbe 3 1-3 quarts boiling water until tender. Fry Ihr salt pork until crisp, remove U, and cook the onions in the fat for a. few minutes. Stir In (he fiom- and when Slcmled add I quart, or the milk and cook milll the mixture thickens. Afirt. the. carroW and celery Including liquid, and combine with Woman's Council Meets. The woman's council of ihe Christian church met, Wcclnesdav I'.ftcinoon at the home of Mrs. E, E. Simpson. Mis. Virginia Carre: Save the Bible study nnd Miss Algnlha IJaybuck presented the mission study, assisted by Mrs I'rank Morgan. Refreshments in the George Washington moUC were served. * * * W. ni. S. Sleets. Mrs. tlnirlrs Baldwin cnlcrlaln- «l the Woman's Missionary Society of the Melhoriisl. church Wwl- ncstlny al lhc home of daur:i- ler, Mrs. I). O. Slater. Mrs. lion Chapln save the devotional, as- misled by Mrs. LcHo.v Wliltncr nnd ^n^:. Floyd Malhis prrscniv.) the mission study. The Rev. J. T. EVitts gave a talk, nnd pledged for the new year were made ,lui • Ing the business secslon. Mrs. Tiatcr and Mrs. Marlon Baldwin ncoislcd In serving refrchmcnts « • * liaplists Have Vro«ra:n. Mrs. G. C. Martin gave Ihr Bible study at the W. M. tl. mevHtu held at Ihr Jlnplisl cliurch Wednesday afternoon, 'i his is \\\p Golden anniversary of Ihr ( (ion (if tlic Baptist W. M. y. !u '. t | this was observed by (lie program, in charge ol Mrs. D. IJ Hayes who w aa assisted by y ; ir. Harry GctUngs. Mrs. M. kenscy Mrs. Clinfon Winlrre. Mrs. Jake Eliles. Mr;;. M. Fryr, Mrs. E f) Vr.ncll and Mn. Ben Bradcn ., . . . . r. Coolej«, Mr. Ueall. who wa.'il. {Every member of the Clii-istiari mm ns * lsln "' county agent of Church Is nwst respectfully urged Phillips county, has been Irani,-, 16 attend regularly nnd faiUUnlly. lcr , rcd lo pl »e Bluff, where he If your membership Is In another will be FULL GOSPEL CHURCH Lilly and Vine Strelsc W. O. Singlcfcrry, I'ustor !>:45 a. in. Sunday scliool. Roy Hundley, superintendent. ll:0t> a, m. Morning worship. 6:30 p. in. P. Y. P. A. 7:30 p. m. livening service. The pastor has resigned to accept a call lo Louisville. Ky,, and \vill preach his farewell srrinon at the evening service. Hi.s subject 4-H Club News Notes A meeting of tho Armorel 4-H Clul) was held Thursday at the school, with Eileen Ilagen, picsi dent, presiding. There were Ib be the Church Was visitors present The group sang • — -- - -••.- L..,!,,, *vii<-ic in; will be the Jefferson county as-' Flslnilt ngenl, Mrs. Edgnr skinner antl gii(>sl.'i Mr.i. Lamar Rodgers, Mrs. Lcliovc Noiinan, and Miss Phoebe Enochs, of Horseshoe lake, are spcndins today In Memphis! At the Hospitak Mrs. Ray Worlliingloii. wlio was' recently returned home from a Memphis hospital where she underwent treatment, was rcturnwi to Ihe naplist hospiljil Inst nigli'. In n Holt ambulance Mrs. W. B. Hodge, of Gosner. was removed to the city and you have come lo Bly- (hcvillc- lo make your home, put your letter In the church here that We may stand together unll- cdly ana fruitfully for Hie Master's glory. 'We most, cordially invite the public. Strangers In our city especially invited. FIRST A5SE.MHI.Y OF GOD CIIDIICH Seventh and Ash Streets N. if. 'Rhodes, I'astor 0:15 a. in. Sunday School. 11:00 a. m. Morning worship. 4.30 p. 111, Jail service. -...,. ,„ ..,„ ^J-UH-V,!,.. 0:3C P- '»'• Jlmior Clll ' ist AI »- liospllnl this morninj In n Holt • tassaclor elass. ambulaiicc. I G:3o p. m. Senior Christ Am- Miss Eula JefTries. who under- i b!xssa<lor class went an operation for appendicitis 1 " !: * 5 "' '"• Ev; >»f!e!isllc service, sevcrtil days ,130 nt the Blvthe I Thc r" ll)lic >- s cordially invited to villo hospilal, was -.removed yesler-i atlclHl lhcsc scrvl ees. tiny lo the home of Mr and Mrs ' J. G. nanicjiin a Cobb ambulance! FIRST _t'RKh'ni'TER!AN CHUKCH Ever, Instituted In the World.", FIRST BAl'TIST CHUKCH Walnut at Eighth Alfrcrt Carpenter, pastor SUNDAY: U:30 BiWe school. A fully graded school. 10:35 worship service. Aiilhcm, "My Faith Looks Up To Thee." Vlxed Quartette "Tliongli Your Sins Be- As Scarlet." Sermon topic II. Salmon, I'aslor Clrtns BrcuTr. tcn-iiionlln-old "" " "' son of Mrs. May Brewer, was ad-* " J{I!; U K . Eternally the Same," is milled to (he Blytheville liosn'it-l' lllc •' 5ll! 'i <>t ' t of lllc Pastor's r,pr- icstcrciay. He is' ill from niici'i'-' luo " '" t'« Mcniing Worship ser- moniii. vice ut rlrvrji o'clock. Mrs. J. I'. Mrs. C. W. liamey was di.vmi.v,- ,) rioml uin ^"B. "My Pilllh In en from Ihe Blvlhcvillc liospltaJi c ' - v W( ' lls - accompanied by late yesterday after having been' Mrs ' Fl I!l Jn >"»er at tbe Organ, t.ikcn there tlie night before tre-n- 1 ln llln Kvcl »nK Worship service mem.. ' beginning at 7::w o'clock, the I'as- Robcrt, Smith, of Osrrnln k = l=1 ' wi " preach on "White Marvcsl members, one leader Hire Arkansas" and "Plowing Song" vvr.icli ii'as led b Mrs. C. G. Brotherton. Miss Cor: Lee coleman, linnic clcinonstratioi agent, and D. S. Lantrtp. count] agent, were present. Joye Adtim: and Iris Hughes sang "Dreaming, the 4-H Club song for girls. In the business meeting clu captains were elected as follows Colton, Ray Harrison; Pig, A. D Morrison; Gardening, Charles Gra ham; Room Improvement, Eilcei --,,-- Hagen. Miss Coieman presentee What Christ Asks." the members with iheir yearbook 0:30 Training unions. and gave a demonstration on th 7:30 Church service. Pastor use of them. wrings second sermon ol scries on | A shower was given for Mildrc. Cade.?, who is moving la Blylhe vine at the conclusion of the bus ness meeting. (|ucstions. "If Clirist Had Left No Gospel." Special messages in song. WEDNESDAY: 7:00 department meetings. 7:30 Mid week service. 8:30 choir, practice. TEMI'IJ-: ISRAEL •Ilciniiin rolliicli, Uablii 1:30 |). m.. Snndny School. '•I'M p. m.,-As part of tiir weekly Wire made of carbon steel is uset for piano strings. These have a lev siic strength of 350,000 pounds p: square inch. Hearing, as a rule, is more acut wirli the right ear than with Hi left. . , 'Vowu Tinrl Country flidi Meets. Mr. and Mrs. Lefioy Whitiicr entertained the Town ami coiin- Iry nridse club Wednesday the other ingredient.-. Stir con- "icy hart Mr. and Mr.-, jn-' Komi stonily until thoroughly heated. I Mrs. John Mohrstadt ami Mr= H (To increase the milk solids In this H- Masterson us pucM; Mr nn-i recipe. nri ,| , )lc 0 mmK: . of dr|cd Mrs „ E RBvlil , fc ri , r( . jv ,' ,""{ i mem Robert Smltli, of O.sccola. is « alii-nt at tbe Memphis Bant!', 1 , Miss Elem Doolcy, of Cnr'.ili - :rsvillc. har, bccli admitted to IV Memphis Methodist hospital. I'\>r more than 20 years. "Old illliful," a geyser In Yel!ows!/>;ir irk. hm sp6iilwl at average inti-i- vals of 65 minutes. ,'kim -milk mixed with the fluid milk.) CrrsmctI Mi\erl Vcgcfables Wllh Kge <5D scrvlngrs. each 2-3 cup plus 1 eggi Two and one-halt pounds parcel turnips, mew), * pounds scraped I", cut In slrlngs. 4 pounds . . , pared potatoes, diced. 2 quarts! lho Thursday score Mrs. ulair Ilii-Ucv nnd J. W. Ray received lnw'r.h'1, prize: and guest pi-i^.- wrc pivHided Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kolm. Itettrslnncms were served «f(.. r the gamto. • * » rnlfiMln- Tlni«iJ.iy Clnl. Mrs, J. M. Miles wns hostess t( dried ' milk. j in halves. . Boll the turnips, carrots and potatoes in die waWr. covered. Prepare a sauce of Ihe lal, /lour and milk. Add the cooked vegetables salt and cabbage, man, served punch and cookies. and simmer ' [he UIC --0^. ..i si,iiuv»» V7VJ TIJ UVtT IllC r.ct, hard-cooked eggs. (To Increase (he mild solids in tills re- The eclipses of Jupiler's moon:., cipe ndd Ihe C currccrofdricci'sklm vhicli occur .dally, arc computed milk'hiixed with "lie flild) Rnd recorded In the Nautical AL j - — •- manac, and It Is through obscr- ^alions of them th»t chronometers .So three-Inch 'cookies) One-half pound (1 curO butter , stc^orrec^d _nt tea. _ jor other fnU B ounces (1 1-2 cups) , . - light brown sugar, 3 cccs, II Kc&a Courier News Wane Ads. | ounces (23-4 cups) flour and, I; Mrs. awarded high feme prlic. A de's"~l courro was served. Anti-Tetanus Treatment Is Given Arch Lindscy , l=1 wi " l' rK 'cii on "White Harvest ncl(ls '" Siiiiday Cliurcli School at 9:-l5 t-Trn "nr TIHVK« 1 ,,, V O1 , 1IIAMtb < ," C IVK ".'?. cxfr " d °" r . U . K !"' :S ?.n<l appreciation to our neighbors i find, trirnds. alro In Uic Ihuina ! f ' u " crnl "<>'"<•• "nrins the illness of •>'"' wife and mother. Mr. Jim Krrr Mr. anj Mrs. Irvin Kcrr. Hemorrhoids-Piles cun».:n WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED Safe, sure arid will, ks, r)) 5 comlorl. AH diseases "nil conditions nt ntrvons oflgln, foc.1 ailments and skin cancm treated and cured at our clinic, DRS. NIES & NIES •> Oslcopathlc Pbi5lcl»ru MiUn ' 38 nlythertlle, Ark. Iff. Arch Litlscy. chief deputy .-,hcr- given a tctomis shot this . mcrninj after an infcclion iw.-l' developed from an injurv to nis left hand, ^ ' | His hand wan slightly Injured Sunday but It • was thought to be only minor until the' 1 Infection developed. OPEN FOR BUSINESS 'Kf'-W MANAOKMKNTl NEW DINING ROOM AT DNCLE BILLIE'S TOURIST COURT PI.EMV 01- |>.\t!KING SPACE \villi Jed I'ruuty & Kyington Also fclecleil sliorts Also eartuun & serial "Mysterious I'ilnl" with Caiitain fraiih Hawks. Ailmissloii (ill 5 p.m. 10,.. & 'Me Admission alter 5 JMH. lUc & Sin Sunday - Monday Also I'aramouul NEMVS, Cartnon <v "Free .t Knsy" witb lidagi- I!rr5en & Chailey McCartliy. Continuulis AdniiSRihu Sunday Maliiifc it Nislil I6'c * 36c Adi'.iisiiun Monday Mat, lOe A Me Admission Slim. Night Ilic X- KWmissioii Always !0o ,_ Sliotv every night. Mailticcs l''ri day, Saturday * Sunday Only. Friday & Sunday start 2; 15 p.m. Saturday Co itinuoua slioiviiij; from I ta II: (0 p.m. Night slioivs start C:15 p.m. Our ciirpfnlly planned menu induili"; your I',-.- voril.o foods. \V'c .serve llii-ni the way Hicy shduid (jc served. Dine with us :uul he convinced. SI'KCIAL T»c. T-Bonc Steal; French Fried Potiilocs and Salad C::i!icc or Hot iiiiii; Koll:, SI'KCIAI, (i5c Chrico: Crappic I'i:;ii Channel C:il Hall try Chicken fro:; L^'JI.S licurh Trird polaiors and ftilad C"ltcc or Hot Milt; Rolls SH'XIAL BOc I I.i If Uazni oyst:r.; Tried Hot KoJ!:. .ind .Salad c ''i'^e nr Milk SI'KCJAJ, <15c I're.-h Fish CulletJ Trench I-ricd I'olatoc.i and ,'ialad Ccllcc or Mill: Merchants Lunch 45c Clioicr-- H.'k'f; f'lurkon olid DrC.^-iJlg i ':M| Chicken and Cream Gravy I'ish Ciillelo and Tartar Eaucc I.Cltlir Coftec : " llr -i !; \vret Potatoes Ilnissrl ijprouts 1 ' |1|; i 'lhou:,aiKl Island Dressing • s ': > -\l!iT!-y Short-Citke °1' ',ii!.k Hot U-jlls SIMPS88'S STIT! lli.n!iu;i v c,i , „ Af (he'Stale Line Last Times Today /> . Cartoon & Kcrin:, Irol." Iladio P.i- Sunday - Monday THIIR MARRIAGE WAS NO HOWLING SUCCESS ... BUT THIS COMEDY IS!

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