The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SK MSI IDElL .-FBOJLL 'Yankee Pilot Has No'Set Rules of Discipline But Gels Results. By HARRY ORAYSO\ Sports Editor,' NEA Service .NEW- YORK^-Joseph Vinceni McCarthy, never played a mnjoi leaguo gome, hut the Irishimi managed tlie two wealthiest c]ul» in baseball. .McCarthy. Is the only pilot who hni \\on pennants In both blj wheels—with the Chicago Cubs in .1929 and tlie New. York, Yankee; * \vho wont on to tlie world cham- , nionshtp In 1932 and 1930. , ', .They called McCarthy "bihlicr' /when William Veeck pulled him in from Louisville to manage the disorganized Cubs In 1926, bill the product of Germantown. PA., sand- lols must have Eomethlnsr. otherwise he would not be tlie .wealthiest, manager In the game and. nt ' 535.00). tlis highest' paid. Smart baseball men have lo go vloii? with; McCarthy for he never I'as been a dud, AVllllain Wrlglsy fired him .against the belter jmts- 1 rrient of• Ills president. Veeck. to make way for Rogers Horushy. with ' only four days of the 1930'season remaining. Ed Tln.rroiv, shrrnxd general manager of the Yankees, ot the world series a few days later, placed Buffalo Joe in command of Col. Jacob Rupucrt's array. As tremendous as the Cub organization Is. Wriglcy kicked McCarthy upstairs,' McCarthy, a second baseman dur- Inif Ills 16 playing yeais, became player-maa'ngcr of the l/mlsvlllr outfit in 1919, find .started to dlrcci the Colonels from the dugout in 1931. They won American Asso- clallon nags hi 1931 nnd ]025, defeating the supposedly unbeatable •Baltimore Orioles. In the Little World Scries, the latter fall. McCarthy-directed Louisville only once in se-.en years, running clubs were out of the division i sixth on that occasion. Owner Hag lo Slick With McCarthy, , i It was McCarthy's knowledge of the American Association, lo which he turned, for/talent, nnd his keen Judgment that enabled the Cubs to finish fourth in 1926 and 1921. They - were a good fourth in Marse Joe's „ first year, well above .500, and in ". one of those tight National League traces, never were; niore. limn five games out of first place. The Brn- 1ns \\ouud up third In 1928. when the New York Qltmls nosed them out of second place by a half 'game. They,bagged the gonfalon In 1929. failed in the uorH scrlir ttllh the Philadelphia . Athleli-s and McCarthyiwas rerieved jlrst t>* fora tils athletes .Hit the taps' se ond In 1930 Under McCarthy, Hie Yankee* haven't finished \\orse than sec ond in half a dozen years Thej have never lost more than fl\c consecutive games. After McCar thy took charge, they were not shut out In 300-odd straight contests .Last season they .established an all-time record for breaking Amer- ,ican and major league records one-Uo, an owner has no olhe. alternative but to stick with him. Although he" is ultra-conservative Mmself, McCarthy clubs pack the Man From Sticks Gftes Top Cabin In Majtiil BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Joe McCarthy never played'* major Icajjue gtmt, but managed (he two wenllhlest cluuj In baseball. McCarthy Is u,e on / pilot who has won pennants in both blR wheels—In 1929 w fai : the Chicato- of William Wrlcley, with Marse Joe on the! left, and In 1932 and l$3C with the New York Yankees »f' Colonel Jacob Hunpcrl, proudly poslnir wliu MS f^m marshy following tlit world series last fall. • ' On the Outside—Looking In "BY DUKE" I,as lie's Successor Applications for the Job as athletic director or head conch at Blythevllle high .school have been pouring In since Carney Lnslle iigned ns assistant coach at Vlr- ilnla : Military .Institute Saturday. Of course school oflficials are in 10 great hurry lo make their decision and If we understand the situation correctly iv contract caii lot actually bo offered for some .line yet. Naturally, though, there is nolhtng lo prevent school officials giving informal assurance lo the man of their choice In the nuanttme. ';'•'. . . We are informed thai some one, probably with previous coaching experience, from-Alabama-or sonic olhcr school Umt employs the same football style or system: will probably have the inside track. Tills would likely bo Ihe best course'to'-follow In view of Ihe fact that "plyllicvtllc has excellent material ami a good chance to again go" places in stale, grid circles -next year.- A change in stjiuc^ might punt ^ disastrous To Sti> or Not To SU) We lienr ruinois lhat posslblj several boys who litid -Intended lo stay In, school here.another year and play footbill next fall ma> go ahead an<l graduate or leave school now that Laslic Is to leave the Chicks. We hope these rumors are Ill- founded. We have In mind one or two boys, who, granting that 'self. At present he has eighteen lioys reporting for basketball practice. "Now If that Isn't a pretty good coaching record, I'd certainly like lo sec one," > To all of which we might add Hint Vedbctter does seem to be some coach but Rogers publicity 'department had better watch it's slep. Some big .school will snap tip. Mr. Lcdbcttcr nnd then Rogers agntn. have to start from scratch Mr. Quleley's Senrt Planting We see by the Arkansas Democrat, through Allen :Tilden and his "Every Now'n Then" column that John Lorlng, Little -Rock fan pick the Blythevllle lo go through 1837 football season unde- fcnted, • Brother Lorlng Is 'certainly slicking his neck 'out by such"';i prediction but it would go to show that'even the bo.vs around Little Hock think Dlythcville is pretty good, three years without n (lefQ^U^bi 3 ''Into, team and oply one loss to nn outsider,''if Loilng did not make another prediction lie <=a>s that Russcllvlllc will have the best claim lo tho itate grid title next year. A laigr- unit of the altitude of Lillle nock fans and others In Blylho- cenlral Arkansas loward vllle Is. probably due to the siy Ladles of Ear! Quiglcy, the superannuated Litlle Rock conch In When a manager always runs they expect to use their athletic ability to help obtain a higher education, could use another year of. high school play'to good advantage, And, we don't believe color and clout lo make Ihcm pleas- the lips or downs of ISlythevillc's 1n » They established attendance team next year should Interfere '" '" M *'™"~ " - ' too greatly with their opporlun- inj records in Chicago that never have been approached, bulll the double- deck grandstand at Wrlgley Field, and made Wngley his first million dollars in baseball. The Cubs' play,ed. lo; 1,485,000 paid admissions In Chicago in 1928 and only 10,000 less ^Ihe following year. And Wrlgley, a smart man in the business world let McCarthy go! Marse Joe Puls flayers, on Their Own McCarthy puts players on their own and has no set code for conduct. There is no curfew, morning call, or prohibition law. His is the sensible .viewpoint, that an athlete rests much more comfortably in Ills room than in a hotel lobby. All McCarthy demands Is three hours of- hustle In Ihe afternoon He operates with the knowledge that misbehavior quickly reveals itself on tlie field. McCarthy first attempts: tc slraighlen out disgrunlled athletes and clubhouse lawyers, but quickly disposes of them when the first prescription doesn't work. He never gets on his high horse. He cools ofl in the clubhouse before mentioning a mistake, and then the offender Is called aside and talked "to quietly. Buffalo..'Joe is endowed with the Invaluable knack of fitting hi! handling to Individual cases. Although the Grdver Cleveland Alexander incident would indicate-otherwise, the Yankee strategist is a superb handler of athletes prone lo stray from the straight and narrow. The comeback of pal Malone last season is a sinking illustration. McCarthy is of the old orthodo: school, but is Inclined to let play ers. think for themselves. One of the renowned leader's fa vorife remarks is: "Get that on run and get It first. The other fel- l,ow has to tie you before he is back In the baU'game." But after a McCarthy club gets that one run. It goes after them in clusters! Tlie Giants wtl ..testify to that. McCarthy, a team builder who Insists uifcn team work, comes close to belngf the perfect'baseball fore- hianl , -jes If they have already al- •acled the eyes of university or ollegc • scouts. Slock Takes T>ron Howard J. Hicks, Jonesbpro Sun oliiimiist,' writes: - '. "We haven't heard but we'd bo willing to bet that there is gloomy atmosphere hanging bout the. future of the Blythe- ille Chickasaws with the an- ounccmeiit that Carney Laslic as accepted the offer to be as- istont coach at V. M. I.' Tlie Blytheville football stock will take sudden drop without the scr- ices of 'this famous mentor.". It Mny Backfire, Holers We are In receipt of a letter rom the publicity director of Rogers high school, extolling the 'irlues of Homer "Doc" Lcdbet- er a-s an athletic coach. We quote In part from the letter: "Doc's 1936 football team was the only undefeated and untied Arkansas high school team. The Mountaineers scored 311 points ih nine games lo Ihe opposition's 18 Tlie 1936-37 basketball team Is threatening to out-do the feats of any other Rogers team. So far the Mountaineers have rung up .'eleven consecutive victories with no defeats. Rogers has averaged well over a point a minute In these U games. "Doc -has no assistant coaches at Rogers. He carries every bltu of the coaching burden by hlm- 'Guards Win Over Cooler. Cagers By Two Point Margin The company M Guards of Blytheville, making their season's debut on tlie bnskclhall court, defeated the Cooler, Mo.. Independents, 20 to 2-1, In a fast game at the armory last night. In a preliminary game the Bly- thevllle high school girls won over the Yarbro girls. 2fi to 8, The Guards came from behind to finish ahead of the fast C6oler"hg'- grcantlon after trailing at the half way mark, 11 to 7. "Rooster" War- riugton was high point man for ihc Guards wllh 12 points. B -Young led the Cooler attack wllh 10 points The Blylhevlllc girls, making their second start of the seasoii ran riot at Hie expense of the Ynr- bro troupe, Practically ths entire Blythevllle squad was used In th game. Manager Paul Damon kept his Guard line-up . Intact throughout the entire game aaainst the 'Cooier team, sending Warrhmton ' ! nnd Watson In n t the forward positions Gentry nt center and Ulackar'd and Wilson nt.'giiartls.' ' , Do You Remember? 1 One Dame •ili -43, Year Ajro Today — Notre i cagcrs defeated §yracitSe, In Syracuse. . stockery Handicap Ten \ . . - ~r — "— i im 111 iuui\. ti ™,^ S1 wrltm> to "" l Basketball, the .Chicks on the spot In stale f 1 Years Ago Today—Com the $1,500 lioynton Hinlcali Park. "Hook, Line Antl Sinker" B» SPN : '"• Eddie Biirks and Ira Kconcc have a farm. It lies in Ihe' general direction of the Mississippi river, out. r rom Luxora. Monday they, started out to the place In-a car, but encountered a low stretch of road • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1937 "Chuck"; Taylor To. -;Hold Gage Clinic At Fayetteville FAYE-nEVlLLE, Jan. 19-A basketball clinic In which cage fundamentals will be demonstrated b: .'"Chuck" Taylor of .Chicago, nationally recognized authority on basketball, will be held in the Unl- Hie wat«r was not especially deep, Just enough to cover the road, so they continued on their way. Suddenly one of the automobile wheels bumped. over a large object In the road.- With mental visions of a tree stump or a good sized boulder they got out to Investigate. It was a 21-pound buffalo, They loaded the fish Into the car ami Joyfully on their way.'; went -'. S.—The above yarn reached this column by word-of-mouth. We didn't, sec it happen. We didn't even see the fish. You can take It or leave it. The present slate fish and game commission faces" the |x>ssibmty O f being abolished by the state legislature and Governor Carl nnllcy The measure which would effect tills was introduced by Representative Toney of Jefferson county last Friday ana carried by an overwhelming majority' In the house Monday. Trie fate of the commission is now ill Ihe hands of the senate and the governor, Their chief sin seems to 'have been that they' were friends of former Governor Futrell. Grady McCall, secretary of the commission nnd son-in-law 'of Pulrell, refused to surrender his Job at tlle suggestion of the new administration The seven members of the commission stood pal with McCall,' so it will probably be curtains for Hie commission. This column is not for the purpose of political comment, but in the Interest of fish nnd game conservation in this state, we would suggest that Governor Bailey, if and when he disposes of the present recalcitrants, make every effort to secure a new commission with equal knowledge of. Conservation problems. Putroll, .him'self a real- sportsman, appointed some well-informed men to the old commission. .They gave .every Indication of having the. welfare' of the state's wild life at heart, but unfortunately were thwarted In many of their efforts to protect and conserve fish and game. Thursday, January 21, beginning a', 0:30 p.m. Taylor will be assisted in his demonstration by mcmb!i's of the Razorback varsity squad. Coach Glen Rose, who Is instrumental In bringing Taylor here, announced lhal. admission lo the clinic will be free lo all basketball coaches and their players. A large attendance of high school coaches and teams Is expected. The clinic will consist of demon-, slratlons oh how lo pass and calch the ball, fundamentals ol all types of defense, basket, shooting and screen play's, as well as jiropsr balance or set-up for offensive team Play. Chuck Taylor lias been suc- •cesslully, -Raging these taskclball clinics for the past five years thrii- outHhe United States. ";-. - Booklets of basketball plays .'wjll be distributed to all who attend the clinic, according lo cone!) Rose. Another feature of the exhibition will be a basketball game between the University of Arkansas freshmen and okmiilgec Junior College. .'The female of Ihe pygmy fish carries the eggs In her mouth diir- Ing incubation. When hatched, the young. dart back iiuo her month If frightened. ELECTRIC & ACETTLENE WELD ING AT BEST PRICES'" PROMPT SEBVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, Seminoles Beat Chick -•u .jvnu ma ] the dressing i harged wjtl'IJ Hainscy i'dinJ' In rare form. - ! .-ii--i Coach Frank Sanders sent ills charges buck from' the drcsslii* room at Ihe half>• eh dynamite and with Ha Otdlmin coming through with lung shots, the Semlnoles rallied to score' 10 points in the last two minutes of play and puli up SEMINOLES—24 •.. °" cvcn terms with (he Ohlckn- (SSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 20-Pac- StUVSp ' ed by Ramsey :and Olilham, the In l!le P*'ra period Qlythevilic Osccola Hemlnolcs came from far I chalked up iwo free pitches •' but back in the ruck to defeat .Ihe tlle Somlnoles made good three Blythevllle quintet here last night fr ce throws lo win by a mini 31 to 30, and avenge a defeat Players and points' Osceola suffered at the hands of lh c Pate, 0; n.imsey, 12; Butler' Old' Osceola B teams Blythevllle. winning, Chlckiisaws recently. In'a preliminary game the Bly- thevllle and clashed with 9 ;to, 3. .•; The varsity tilt wns ; thrown into an extra period by n 28 to 28 tie at the end of Ihe second half. The' contest was exciting, cs|icc- lally from half time until the game ended. At Ihe end of the first half the : Chickasaws . looked Ijkc sure winners, leading 18 lo 8, with Dan Warrlngton, .slmrpshooting forward, WE HAVE SECURED THE SERVICES OF AIM EXl'KKIENCF.r. RADIO MECHANIC who ' will guarantee to ' reuah your radio, to "rsl class cmdl- ( tlon. • . A. Coniptele Lino of Tunes ' and . i Paris'" • - ; Rest Trices Hublwrii /1'ire & Itot. - Co. ' , Phone 476 . The pull of solid comfort ond real luxury draws the travel-wise to Hotel Melbourne m'St LduiS: Just .a few minutes from all points of interest Dining Room ond Coffee Shop serving splendid food at low prices. I PHONE'»' A, NATIONAL PI S T 1 1 ( t 1! S PRO u U C T won at In Worcester. Little Rock papers irid circles. Until the .._ ,,.,,„, learn that there are other sides to every matter that the old storm ccnlcr of high school alh- lellcs vouches 'for we'll probably hnve lo grin nnd bear It. Which shouldn't be so bad If we get in on such a- battle and such n gale as the tri-slate title same nl Memphis between Bly- thevlllc and Columbus, Miss, produced, once in awhile-. We don't see yet where the Little Rock Tigers are head and shoulders above everything else in Arkansas to the extent lhat old man Qulgley should feel so positively Insulted by the su»- gestion that the Blythevllle Chicks niighl 1 .jit Icnsl. approach his Tigers^ (by proxy, Qulgley being only tlie athletic .director) to the extent that they might have almost as much "draw" at the :ate. ."•'-. Voting methods 'among the ancients Included showin» hands striking weapons upon shields, and Inking positions to the right or left of a line. Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation 1 Moderately Priced BlytheviHe Recreation Center 316 W. Main - Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy GARNER APPIJiTON MARVIN CHAPFEM, Announcement W. A. "Pop" Edwards, formerly with the Tom Little Chevrolet Co., hns .joined the snles force of the F. B. Joyner Motor Sales Co. Buick and PoiHiac Dealers, and solicits the patronage of his friemU and customers. WANTED Government Loan Cotton Btrtly Phone 167 APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. Tax Assessment Notice The lime for assessing Pcrsonnl Taxes and Poll Taxes is from now until April 10. If you fail to assess the assessor must assess for you. You know your properly better than I, so assess it before the penalty is added. R. L. GAINES Assessor IT'S A COMFOKT TO f//VO ATRIENV ANVAWft/SKS WAT MV£R CHANGfS /At OLD TOlin' TAf'/fffiV KEEPER W HKN you find a friend or it whiskey ihnt you always c«n depend on lo be llie same, llien you've found ii reul comfort. Town Tavern is lliiit kind of whiskey —an honesl, Irne, straight rye you always can .depend . You'll ndniire ils on tempting aroma, ils rich, grainy lasle and its smoothness on the palate. Why not try n holllc? NATIONAL > ., hfim, 10; Edrington; Ay res. Blythevllle, Bcshnrse, • 3; Hnrdin, 5; Warrlngton, H- Jen- Kins; Burton; Bartholomew 3- Hoberts; Mosley, 5. Everything For Your Entertainment and Comfort Weds. - Thurs. Dizzy with Daffiness' ^...Loaded with Laughs! JACK BENNY Frantic anile GEORGE BURNS GRACIE ALLEN Croiy c MARY BOIAND Sllillilh llylarkii,9 ' MARTHA' RAYE Swinging on bringing', Also Paramount.' News ' • and ,Comedy". ' '—Admission'-^ •Matinee—10 ,t 2(!c Night—1C & 3Cc -COMING SOON— "SING ME A LOVE SONG"—with James Mellon and rafricia Ellis. 'GOD'S CPUNTKV"—with George Urenl a i u l Beverly Kobcrts 'THE 1'LAINSMAN"— Hith Gary Uoopur and Jean Arthur "HOLY TEKROK" — with Jane Withers and Anthony Martin. 'CHAMPAGNE WALTZ" _ w ;th Gladys Swarllioul ami Frcil iMac- jMurray. •STOLEN' HOI.TnAY"—with Kay Francis ami Ian Hunter. • TUESDAY, JAN. 26— 575.00 HANK NIGHT! Last nighl Caroline Donivan \ras led for the $50.00—Hut she was not present—Making BANK DEPOSIT next week $75.00! OXY Xd in.—Always 10 & 25c—Ic Tax" Show Hvcry Night Malinrcs Friday, Saturday, Sunday friilay ,t Sunday iilalinccs—2; IS Saturday Matinee — Continuous Showing — 1:00 Till U:00 P. M Weds. - Thurs, PAL NIGHTS! 2 Adults Admitted for Trice of All Children—10 C CHES7SRFIEID MOTION PICTURES CORP. -

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