Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 1, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1895
Page 8
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They Can't Keep Away! low WHY? Because of the remarkably prices on all kinds of goods offered, Keep This in Your Mind! This stock of Dry Goods, Cloaks, Dress Goods, Notions, Underwear &c , must be sold quickly. You can't fool with the Court! His Honor has ordered this stock sold out and "you bet" his orders will be Complied with. Come for bargains! Come for good treatment! Come because you want the goods will sell them to you at your own DAII Y JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING; KKB. i. TOCB.NAME LNPHIXT. A PUBLIC BUILDING, A BILL APPROPRIATING $100,000 FOR 6.NE L\ LOUA»PdKr. Tc Bi- Inrriiduci'il In Co-inr '.einK af a PC;son") t'h.'.ract* r Ci.n c r.iJus Ij"S i»-popr«TM uoil Their In tbe City j-e^ierdu} : W. D. IX> lor Of Peiru. C S Burr c f Wnba.-h. IJenry Grief of Wabash, J E. Beyer of Ruche-ter. JUDO R-lnhold of Ora, lod. P S . Foster of Terre Htuie. Hufjh Robertson of K'jkomo. Capl D F. A len of FranKfort. F M. Statesman and Dr. Hendricks of P«ru. T H Burks and W. H. Keck of Kokoino. Robwrt Broivcr, miiiagerof "Toung Mrd. Wloihrop" company. t we price. This is business! The Golden Rule. W. D. PRATT, Trustee. FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers on and Kc(nil Dcalcr'iii'all Kinds of Furniture and UpiioIsteriDg 424 BROrlDWfiY. J.O. BRIDGE. P o R G A N BEST STANDARD MAKES. PAIGES LOW. TERMS EASY. 410 Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Stor: I have started a Hack ftnd Parjol Delivery and in the future I can )V found at the corner of 4th street and Broadway, wherel will be prepared tfrom 9o'oloo5c in tho morning to 0 in tbo evening to deliver parcels or «S»iTf piissengora to n,nd from any part of.tho^city- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. I'will endeavor to give the best services possible for the money. If you have a parcel to deliver or a pas3on7- ir ••"> deliver, or any liirbt work that ot»n be done with a street liaok, I wl.i us g!ii,-l to do it. What oould .you do that a onstooiers would appreciate more tuan calling the hack for iiuiT Special rates will be given yon. Lsave/jrdars at I2ch street Livery Stable or (Jeo, Harrison's 6l7Broad wav. Tours Truly. f ; Wm Lynas. See The Specialists, For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Disoftses of Wotuon treated by the new electrical method that hae given wonderful results. Don't forpet that their vapor trpatnient for n.11 Chronic Laa<* Troubles pet» the reniedif8 to the diseased spots and cures when everything else fAtls. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs Christopher & Lonaenecker, At The Medical and Surfllcal.lnsti.ine. -417 Market St. - - Logansport. Ind. Mayor McKae in In Ir.dlanapolis to day. C A. Clarko is at Indianapolis business. H-irrv Campbell lefi; for his horns In South Buao yesterday. MifS LiGroe of Cokocao h visiting relatives ou the West Side. ElbertCHry of Wioimac Is tho gueat of relatives in tbls city. • Ho.n. Joseph Gray came in yoator- day from a trip to Ka-t St. Louis. Ltnton E. Jor es of Marlon was in Lugan-porlycsterday on business. Mrs 0 L Gi-uwell of Royal Center called on friends in thirdly yesterday. Mr-. JulU L'ier ot New Castle, ia visiting b-r daugmsr, Mrs. E E. Pittman of thin ol'y. Mrs. C H. Church left yesterday for n two month-;' visit with relatives in ; Brooklyn, JS* Y. Crtmden Expositor: Mi\s, Ora Carter and llitlo d-iu^htor uro visiting 1 Lo gunsuort friends DinnU MoCn-ty the mill currlor, is taking 1 a short vacation. Browney Floyd Is taking his pi-ice. Ei DdWolf of Marlou has taken a positional the P'in Handle shops in tbe overhauling department. Toe Missaa Riad-ill. of Kontland who hiive been vifltlog Mlsdi-s Cura and Effii B.-itton, returned home yesterday. Richmond Telegram: Mrs. Ada HuDtw o' Lojransport, U the guest of Mro. Alhart Greg-jr, and other friends iu tho cliy. H. C Smith of Winainae was In the city yoaterday. From here be weni to Si Pdlorsft'irsf Flor<dii, to jjln his wife for a month's visit, Mrs Frank Francisco of Chicago, and Mrs. M D Mlllor of Cincinnati, ura buio<* entertained this weak by Mrs. Juhn W. Baroes of Tenth street. Dr. J. H. Rijors, superintendent at tho Lonjf Cliff hospital v/as at Indianapolis yesterday in consultation with tbo committee on bouevolent institutions. R. S. Mountain is visiting a sou at Cuonsrsville. Ke will intend the meeting ot the Grand Lodge of tbo Coniinsutal Fraturnai Union at Richmond before ho returns. Mrs Ed Hill of thU cltv joined her brother Supt. Chas. Waits of tho Pennsylvania, yer-leroiiy, for a trip to Indianapolis. S.ipt. Wm.ts waa on his way from Chicago to the State capltol. Pdru Chronicle: £1 Lotz of L">£ port was the guest of frlands in the city last evening and returned booie this morning.... Misa Anna Nigles ot Loganspurt Is the guest of relatives in the city. •JV.-i-k-Ii IN 11 K.-V.V.I! Kill— C"ii:;r * iii'ii Il X-t Ttouik I'. VI M <:<,u id- -r. <1 By Til.- P — Tl>e T-r XenrTat: :i2r.'t=H Till Or T-«- Old umoud Dom >W»ixl>iy 'M- sil H"ii-.e - Aivioii Ol' Ili'mmoiiil oist.- ul T. e $?&»iuii, A Wusbinston special to tbe Inuian- apoiis iN'ew-i ssyf: s^mnQ Hdoamond will introduce a bill mis week appropriating $100 000 for a new public building; at Li'gnnsjjort. It is merely a revival of tho bill which Mr. EUmmona's predecessor Introduced In the list Congress. Early in tbe season the Tooth district member considered the advisability of springing- the Lugacsport billonibe House, and was i iscouraired by tbe representations made lo him by leaders of ibe fiouso that no public building bills could pass this session But tbe action of the House recently In pass- Inp a number of important bills has encouragfd Mr. Hamraood to cast tbe Loganeport bill in the hopper along with the others. ••I do not think It will pot favorable consideration in the House," said Mr. Elammond today, "for I understand all other Indiana building bills must jet out of the way to clear the track or the IocJiaDapolls> bill. Bu.l by ln- .roduclng it I can keep Congress reminded of the needs of Loijansport, and perhaps the next concre^s or Us aimudliUO successor will pass tao bill." VISITING LEGISLATORS. We Are Crowing! Over the Great Success of our Annual Clearance Sale now going on. 1-4 Off on all Suits and Overcoats. $20 8'iib and O'eronat now $15. $15 Suit and Oi'ercoac now $11.25. $10 Suit and Overcoat now $7.60 $5 Suit uud Overcoat uow Bo On ItiM!'vol'-iii • iiNtitutluus To i Todaj-. .vl 1 bis honored todiy hy a visit from a number of the lend- inc m^mbors of the General Assembly, both S-jnutors aid Kepre-onfitlves. The Senate aid EOUSQ conimUteos on Benevolent- lastitutlons will lenve Indiarjapoli* oa a special train on the PHO Handle at 11 o'ulnuk this morn- Ing- for Log insport. Oa their arrival ha^e ih y will ba driveu lo tbe Northern ladian-i Hospital fur the Insane at Long Cliff »hara they will muke an h spoutlon of that institution in order to judeo of its needs. They will thus be able to ace intelligently on tbo bill asking for an appropriation for the building of annexes to the hospital. 1'be committee will go f'-om hereto Ft Wayne. Senator Collott is a member of the senate committee and Representative Longwell of tbe House j committee. The other members of tho committees are: Senate—Royd. White, Newby Wii-hnrd. Parker and McLean. Houao—R-,rny. Liring Holloway. Newhuuse, Harris, Binkloy, B:uo and Duncan. Tiio play; "BinJor's Travels'" by Thomas I Chase and his com puny o! local artists mny bo eivon anothf r presentation, A mesiiiig will be hold Sunday nitrht to consider the q Jestion THE PROGRESS. Cor. Market and Fourth Street, Logansport, - - Indiana. SUITSTO ORDER $20 Extraordinary Values, E<iual to What Otlier Tailors Charge ?«4:O.Ob IV.r. W-- aro Tiirninp: ou Gront Quantitses of Work, and our Custwmerr. arc Peri'ecily Satisfied. Prices are Very Low. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. O . JoluiNon Jl >ii<»r. d. The Rev. ur. Jouorion, one of the most prominent of Indiana's clergymen, has been named u.s principal delegate to tbe sixth general council of the world's reformed cliurcrjes huld ing tbo Prosbyleriao system. TDO meeling will be hiMd betwceiv Juno and October, 18S6, fit Glasgow, Sjotlr.nd, Dr. Johnson uront to mo Surai.O;** Assembly last year as dck-gtuo 'f-um the Lo^acsport Pros by lory ai d sprung into prominence tbrouyb a bputch mscie againsi Dr. Britrtjt). An Indiana Editor's Experiences A Washington, D. C , special to the Indlaoapolts Ne^ssaye: T. H. Greenfield editor of the Greensbu-p Daily Graphic, ia enjoy, ing- a vacation in Washington. Mr. Greecifibld has been ia newspaper work at Greeosburg since last August, Prior to that he was In the Government printing offi ^e. but loslsta now that he bas no desire to return to Government work. He affjrda a striking example of tbe operation of tho "spoils system 1 ' 1 In political appointments. He was first appointed in 1876, on the recommendations of Congressman Holman acd Simuel J Randall, as a Democrat F>otn that lime up to his permanent retirement last August, he was dismissed and rein., stated eight times. Anderson is to hive a fourth daily paper to be called tbe Evening .i.ele* gram. The paper will be independent In politics and a sev-eo-colu-nu folio. It will be edited by John C' Williams formerly of the Anderson Democrat. J A Werls. editor of tha People's Journal, will be pre-ldeat of tbe company, the other members of which will be five well known practical prlntert. of glviog a performance l\<r the benefit of the members of tho cast whtc;h appeared ia Bunder's Travels at St. Bridget's hall some time a^o. It id cliiiaed by thooverworked iioiors that while Autho^C.iase received ?!5, and the pianist S3, the supporting company was not in any substantial way recognized for its very able assistance. TiniHun- flatter. At the pleasant home of the parents of the bride Mr. and Mrs. Oaniel Mader, No. 201 Bites atieot, W. G Tlmmons and Miss Lucy Mader were married in tbe presence of a laige company of relatives and friends Wednesday evening. Tbe R*v Wellborn of the Cumberland Presbyterian church performed the cerenony. A wedding feast was ecjoyed by those present and tbe well known joung people received the hearty congratulations of their friends. Failure of The Paper T u»t. The Columbia Straw Paper Company, whicQ owns the South Side paper mill, has failed It is reported that C. A Clarke, the former owner of tbe plant, may possibly regain possession of the mill, and resume operation. The factory has been idle a largo part of tbe time since It went into the hands of tbe trust. X«»rly Half » Hundred. There are forly nine grand jury indictments to waich a number of Lo- ntp'Tt salcoolsts will have to answer next Wednn><!ay. Tailors will Jleet Here. The annual Sia.'e meeting of the custom Tailors' Association will meet in this city cext July. Pure biood ia absolutely necessary in order to erjoy perfect health. Hood's Sarsxparllia purifies tbe blood and strengthens the synem. I R. \v ^ Turre Hiute extract work-, bo louking fur ILQ opening brunch estabiiohmeot in iir of the Is said to to blurt a LoiTAnspOrt omjjloylng from lifioen ID thirty mtn. Toe wurlfs at Tcrrc liuulo gave employment to twenty 'two hands, and the company has plums in Illinois Iowa and VViscousin. Tliu VTild Cm Si-are. The wild cm thit wan reported to have caused so much excitement around Grass Creek neighborhood, ia still at large, although bloodthirsty puriles of hunters are tracking the "varmint" night and day. THE TROOBLESOME BIRDS- FEET. There are old fa t and yonng leet, And lit-lo icct ana great, Pretir f«*t and homely IHX, And feet ihdt do uut mute. There are tender feet and longh feet. And narrow feel and wlae. Short Iwt and Ion feet, *nd feetyou like to bide. It's quite a feat to cover feet. In' tyle and comlorc too, And If this Is what you're after. I'll t«u rou wb«t 10 do. JiisfaVe y^aneet to r llllng'8 j»nd fit them wl h h « uftoes. Then your corns will newer bo ner, And jou'l) ne?er hjte tno Dluej. Patting a teuder cora troubled foot into oar shoes is like patting your foot iuto Paradise.—Pilling 412 Broad way. Up with the times. That is what tbe people say about Pilliog the Shoe Mao. He ha< a colored man employed whose duty iti< to attend the door and -bine customers' eho^-s. Cards good for 2<> shines is given •wltb a pair of frhoes. Hew spring f-hoes and Flippers are arriveinj? daily at Filling's Shoe Hou.-e. Wo invite yon all to come and see the new ideas in sty'ish footwear for •prlng. LINT PILLHST&, 419 Broadway. IT CliuM Hxmliare Han tlte I'rinomrs ITiKl.T tU- StrKMonf Wucrli tic All TimCN. The county snerill has been lod to believe tout tho men confined in the Casscounty jiil are engaged in tho tHanufp.cturu of a key with which to offrct a delivery at eorao time in the future. The iff!-or thioka that bo is :it loast warniotod In. keeping hiB lamps trimmed and burning. Ho be- lluvts that 'ho tools htvc been takon to tho prieoncrij by lodgers, who have bteu very numerou-i tnis winter. Tin- Funeral «•«'II. I". XV i jipi-rmiin. Tue funnntl of lt>:nry L J . SVtiJper. man. a rkc.tch of whose lifo appeared in the Journal of yesterday wilt occur I at 1:30 p. m. Saturday from tho En lisb Lutheran 1 church, ccnducled the R v. J C KaulTinan, aeolbted b~j tho R«v. W R. Wones. Intermcct will tate place at Suidelur'd old cemetery in Clinton townthip. Honey to I.OH.U n.1 4 Per Cent. Will loan 50 per Cent, of me appraised value of city property. Secure a c»8tle as » cottage. Fraternal Balding Loan Aw&cl&iion of Indianapolis, Indiana. J. T. COCKBURK, Room 2, Spry Builoing- A Rtcfpilon Postponed. Toe reseptlua to the miaUiers and members of the press which was 'to occur yesterday afternoon at the Home for tne Friend less, was postponed owingr to the belief that one of tbe patients had the diphtheria. Choppe i H<n I Juliut* S-nuu, m. firmer living: four miles northeast of the cltj, nearly cut hla finger off yesterday morniof wblle chopping wood. Dr. Ballard dreiied tne wounded memher. M'«. Emma Girat yesterday received $2 600 io c»eh from tbe Pan Handle railroad company in payment of her jjtJgment against the company for alleged d&magefi. A Little l.'oroi-iiiniiie-* Funeral. Toe fuaerai of WitUe Bath fbo T»M b irned to death at the Orphans' Home occurred yesterday afternoi fmm, tbe Home, Eev. Freemml officiating. unlor Eoaeavor of the Kag\\»h Lutheran church were entertained Wednenday erenlng at the borne of Ulct Emma UaCtla. on the Wett Bid*.

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