The Salt Lake Herald-Republican from Salt Lake City, Utah on October 6, 1912 · 3
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The Salt Lake Herald-Republican from Salt Lake City, Utah · 3

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1912
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i A. I t f t I f I SPORTING I NEWS S' S 11 L SPORTING I NEWS NEWS' 1 I SALT LAKE CITY UTAH SUNDAY S DAY OCTOBER 6 1912 JUT u AH DEFEATS WYOMING 9 TO 0 BOULDERSBOULDER'S LINE I i r SMASHING BACKS DEFEAT I x U UI Trims U AAI A. C C. C l t on Straight Football j Passes Fail FaI t SCORES FROM FIELD FIELD- I i 3 I i. i I Special to The Herald Boulder Colo Cob Oct 5 PlayIng Playing an f I time old rushing game with the backs I as fast as streaks Colorado University routed the Utah Aggles here this afternoon afternoon after afternoon hanging up a L score of 16 to 3 against tho Mormons although tho the lat lat- lat lat- tet tarter eleven got awn away with the prettiest Play of thothe combat when Right End Batt att booted boote the oval between the up- I up up- I rights from tam the yard 40 line lne and saved r Ws hia hs team from a shutout h n. 11 1 the second c n P period d. d th the c Colorado d lads displayed form that leads admirers to believe tho the silver siver and gold team will wil again agan march to the Rocky y mountain championship TheTho eleven was run like the proverbial well oiled wel machine j each elch cog COB working In almost perfect unison The defense was strong t. t throughout hout with the exception of ot the second quarter when Utah exhibited y The spurt was buthut a. a flah flash and ad thetho stands were never ne called cled upon for tor the home team tea to old hold em Straight football was iras was played almost Wholly throughout but two forward Passes Pases being attempted Both were failures I For the first two periods the game wa was a a pretty exhibition of ot season early sason erly-sason gme t ball bal the scoring pendulum standing 3 land and 3 at the end of ot the first half Realizing that the visitors were In splendid form the started t. t the te third period with wih an attack atack that practically swept the oft off their lIIi I feet feet Nearl Nearly every e pIa play punctured the tho opposing line Une for gains from five ye to s 's seven ven yards and without once losing 1 I possession of ot thotheball bal Colorado steadily worked the oval oal for thetho first touchdown touchdown touch- touch A down of the ball bal J 3 There Tere was no stopping the silver and and- LL Iy gold backs when hen the they once got started EV their power carrying carrin asunder the vis- Itors vis- Itors' Is- I vis- vis I fr ors ors' line lne and ad nd bowling over tho the second k defense like wheat The same saro sort of u play pla- was continued throughout the the- tt fourth period andanother another touchdown r gained While the score wa was not particularly tj high It is barely possible that the wearers of the silver ster and gold old could 1 haveshown something something- different and Increasedtheir total If It harder pressed J Their one big asset was the old-fash- old 9 k toned shattering line plunges and with wih this sort of football earned both their touchdowns 7 i. i Hartman Donovan and Ivers of if f Colorado and Batt and Taylor of ot Utah v- er the stars of ot the game The brilliant bril- bril j llant silver silver- and gold old leader scored a f. f gain from placement made macic one touchdown touchdown touch touch- 11 down on a yard 20 run from which f he kicked goal Joal in addition additon to making several sensational dashes that brought the grandstand to their feet teet in wild wid I outbursts of or enthusiasm i But two players were Injured In the and both were Colorado men Kemp sustained a broken left ler hand Hand and nd Donovan a n badly bruised kneecap l Exclusive of ot penalties Colorado Colora o o- II gained 37 yards Utah In the second second quarter when the Aggles were strongest they gained 17 yards tot to t 1 39 In thethird period thc they Strained gained buthut 4 yards while Colorado gained and in the fourth they j I failed to make malee a single gain while Colorado made 19 In the first they made 53 to Colorados Colorado's 11 Utah was penalized 45 yards ards and Col- I Col- Col I IF i t orado orado 60 The Aggles were penalized twice In the first half hal and once In th- et thetho w t second while Colorado Colordo drew onoone fine 1 In the first half hal and three In the sec second Colorados Colorado's s punts made b by IvorsIvers Ier Kemp avera averaged ed 45 yards Crook Crook- Cook Cook- on who punted twice for tor Utah aver- y aver- aver y aged 32 yards i CRIMSON WARRIORS PUT UP SCRAPPY GAME AGAINST COWBOYS FROM LARAMIE Lon Romney Plays Great Game for University of Utah Utah- in Opener B 81 BY Y l Pred red conchcoach of or Univer- sitysity i ol or Utah I dm well wel pleased with the showing of ot every c manon tho the team I did not think that the tho field would be be- as be- a's be- as be- as as a's wet as It was and this account accountS mostly for the small smal score ThoThe players play players did not use more than sl six different different differ different plays nn and the tho game had to be bo a n line plunging affair I can pat my linemen on the back for the game game they the put up Saturday as It I was the greatest great great- estcst that I have seen In th the confer confer- once I am glad Jad that the tho score was waR low Jow as It will wil make the fellows work worle harder than ever er and the they will wi have a number of changes within the next few tew days Utah has hit Its stride and we we- are we- are we- areare O on the road forthe Rock Rocky moun moun- tainthin n u. u II n y Dunc Gardner Captain of Utah Ever Every man dl lid did his best beet to win for Utah Saturday and the score should have ha been lar larger cr but the oval was as aN slippery asa greased pig and the fellows fellows fel fel-fel- fel lows did not seem scent able to hold hol It I r I know that the plaplayers ers are working hard to give gle Utah the tho championship this year ear V Wyoming has a clean bunch of or players and I expect them to win from some of at the Colorado teams this season eason The rain made It Impossible for us to run ruin up a high score D By R R. ni Conch of Wyoming I am elated at thethc showing shoving that my team mademado against the fast Mormon team team Saturday We Ve lost Jost but Utah had to play a a hard ggame e to get thetho score As I have hae a new team the tho boys think this a great showing and the they are going after the Colorado teams with a renewed spirit which I hope will win them Jan many games The They learned man many things In the game Sat Saturday Saturday Saturday and should be better beter acquainted with ih the new rules when the they play thothe Col Colorado rado TJ Tigers ers next Saturday afternoon afternoon after afternoon at Colorado Springs s. s Wo Yo were given the best of treatment and have no kick to offer oHer n Uy fly Neal Burger Burgens IM Captain of Wyoming I did not think that the tho team was was- so was- so was- soso strong and the players surprised me me as as three of our re regular ular plaplayers ers were not In the game because of or ineligibility tJ ty They will be with us In the futurefuturo games an and V Wyoming Wyoming- should be able to make malce it warm for the best of them We have a new team this year ear and the boys put up a wonderful game against the fast tast Utah team We should win the majority of ot thetho games In the games future and consider the Utah game a I good starting staring place I BY D. D D. D On a slippery d fie that made the use of the forward pass an Impossibility caused frequent fumblestumbles and slowed up both teas teams the University of Utah yesterday yes yes- CS afternoon opened Its Is season son by h defeating the University of ot V Wyoming by bv tho the score o of 9 to 0 before peo peo- pie Hampton scored the only touchdown touchdown touch touchdown of or the tho afternoon after el eight ht minutes minutes min minutes of at play and Fitzpatrick kicked goal oal A few tew minutes later Burgess was WS thrown behind his line lne for a safety safet scoring two points for Utah and mak- Ing making mak making the total nine which remained for thetho to entire session The battle yesterday afternoon showed that Coach Fred has has- good has- goodgood foundation for tor claiming claiming that his team will cop COl the Rocky Hocky mountain mountain moun moun- tam tain championship His line through the entire entre performance was like a a- stonestonostone wall wal Repeatedly Peterson and his two scrappy large lare n and nd fast tast tackles smashed through h and spoiled tho the passes pases or nailed the men Inca behind the line Cole and Tolman the guard guards played their positions in fashion and few fe gains were madeoff center while Ott Romney and Dez Bennion his ends was as In every overy play the former playing a particularly stel stellar mr game Cap Cal DuneDunc Gardner showed up well wel following the lays hays and his I few fett bad passes were caus caused d by tho the J 4 r ji l i k tIA T f W i I f n. n t tW Z w c i cc i r J r L m. m i Ai y y m tI W n l t. t v f t f. 1 W f i W Wf f c li i fJ W r i tl- tl l H y 1 X 1 7 t 7 iW i Y AW f i t f W t W 1 f Wwiwi I H X r J tL t W i- i i 2 K j 0 t 4 i q i t t h hr 4 r li- I I t i tt m I 1 m I 4 f 7 I fr qi J v H- I N f I 4 SH m k t. t 1 tW i. i w x i fr M ir 1 J rf z b d S kig I f y f t. t S- S a I W Left to right Tommy right Tommy Fitzpatrick quarterback Coach Coah Fred Bennion Ott Romney end end end-a end end-a a trio tro to which a a great portion porion of the credit for yesterdays yesterday's victory is due cold which benumbed his fingers and to tho the slippery condition of ot the pig pigskin This line lne pla played ed through thothe entire game Tamo and were strong at the finish The entire team in fact tact demonstrated that It Jt Is In great condition tto tear tear right into the schedule without fear of being caught out of ot line Inc And nd BennionDennion need have no fear of or his ils back field Fitzpatrick who played three-quarters three of ot the game showed head lead and shoulders over Rogers tho the Wyoming quarter andhis work in handling the team running Interfer- enceence erce erce and even carrying the ball bal was much superior to Love who performed In tho the final period Of course there Is Js only one real star on tho the Utah en elc eleven Ho Is Js Lon Romney While hUe others would shine away form this ran rangy person his particular brightness dulls duls the lustre of ot the oth others rs Yesterday Yesterday Yes Yes- time after time Romney took the ballbali bal through the line lne around thothe end or an any place thothe signal might bebo called caled In a wonderful manner His Ills great legs legs and ability to see a a hole makosmakes him an invaluable man for tor the Hamiton Hamilton Holmsted Summers Sum Sum- Sum Sum-I mers and LoveLovo all al worked well wel In their back field feld positions and this quintet t. t adding Fitzpatrick and Lon Romney will wi make malee a set of or back field men that cannot be duplicated in the Intermountain tam tain country Utah was fortunate In winning thothe toss yesterday esterday and chosochose to defend the south goal fromfront which direction diction a 0 h-eav h heavy wind carrying r rain m and n hallhail hat was vas blowin blowing Utah took the kick anu and Bennion returned It i for tor fifteen yards Then the march northward started y knifed the end Hampton smashed the line lne and Fitzpatrick carried car car- ar- ar nedried tho the pl pigskin skin around the end Then Then- aa i penalty on Utah for holding lost ill all 11 advantage antage ad I But It was a n steady march with lh LonLen doing all 01 the hen heavy V work Wyoming secured the ballbail bal and attempted attempted at- at tempted to pierce the tho line lne and foundround It Jt Impossible Ott Romney blocked an attempt attempt at- at tempt empt to J kick ck b by Dur Burgess ess but Wyoming Wyoming Wyo Wyo- o ming recovered andaud a again aln at attempted tho the Ine Uno and failed With lh theball bal in Wyoming's Wyoming's Wyo Wyo- yo ming's terr territory tory Lon Ln Romney took the tho th- obal ballbail bal on a short-end short buck got b by the secondary defense and was only stopped by Burgess on the yard two-yard line Ine lne Fitzpatrick called for tor a del delayed pass and the backfield with wih tho ex- ex x x- x eption of or Hampton tore aroundMound the right Ight end and tho the left ler half hal bucl bucked ed straight ahead and nd across the line lne Bringing the ball baJ out Fitzpatrick added another point byhy kicking goal oal although although al- al though hough though the pigskin grze grazed thethc upright ht It I was wa but a few minutes until Wyo- Wyo ming found herself hersel In possession Of O the ballbali bal under her goal posts Burgess Burgess went back bacle for tor a kick but Peterson and Ott Ot Romney broke through h h- andand hitthe Wyoming star in a bunch hurling him across the linelino for two more points Wyoming was In n danger danser during the greater part of the second quarter but but- aa determineddefense kept Utah from om scoring Fumbles and two failures at tho forward pass lost much of ot tho the advantage advantage advantage ad advantage gained by Romneys Romney's runs runs With ith the exception of ot Fitzpatrick thetho entire entre back field was changed In Inthe Inthe in- thethe third quarter Love Holmsted and Summers taking the place of ot Hampton Romney andHamilton Again Utah fale failed to score though though thecrimson had the ball bal within striking distance rere- re Fitzpatrick was was' taken out in the last quarter Love shifted to the pivot position an and Lon Romney again went In But again Utah failed to score although when tho the game ended endel tho the ball bal was on yard four line lne Lon Romney who received a sprained ankle near the end of the game was the anI only man mun Injured in yesterdaysyesterday's contest and amI he was able to walk off or tho the field Without assistance Wyoming has materialfor a great reat team but it was not working In proper order yesterday afternoon An Antony ton and Martin Martn are two linemen who would woul be a tower of strength to an any college team while Burgess In the back field is a manmaa man dang dangerous rous every minute of at the game ame He has a toe that has brought victory to the cowboyson many oc occasions occasions occasions oc- oc and under fair weather conditions conditions condi condl- tons will offset any other advantage the opponents might have hn e In ground gaining gaining ability ThoThe threethroe officialsfrom tho the fort Lieutenants Bower BOWN Nelly Nely and arid Daly Dah handled the game In great reat shape and an- dI It I Is onlyto be hoped that they will will- bebehe In charge har e of the other little hittl arguments arguments argu- mentsments that ma may be arranged for Cummings Cum- Cum fol field this season Game in Detail Utah won fl the toss and chose to defend do- do fend the south goal with wih tho the wind Inis in its is favor tavor Wyoming kicked cd off oc at 3 o'clock to Bennion who returnedthe ball bal twenty yards Hamilton Hamiton fale failed to gain on the first down and Utah was penalized fifteen yards for or holding Hampton went for ten yards h right tackle and Hamilton Hamiton followed through the samosame place for ten more Romney went around around left lct end for fOl ten and Fitzpatrick went around right for three Hamilton Hamiton fumbled and Bennion recovered Hampton made mate five the yards ards through h right tackle le Romney ten moremoro and Utah was ag again ln penalized fifteen yards arcs for fOI holding Oleson faie failed to gain through left lee guard and Fitzpatrick made yards around left leC end A forward pass S pas from Romney Homney to Hamilton Hamiton Hami- Hami Hamil ton failed and the ball bal went to toY Y Wyoming Wyom om- Ing om ing Ing- after atter six minutes of at play Burgess made two yards through left guar guard and Rogers Rogers failed to gain p aln BurgessDurgess kicked and Wyoming was penalized fifteen yar yards s for tor interfering giving tho the ball bal to Utah Hamilton Hamiton made ten yar yards s and Utah fumbled fumble on the next down Hampton Hamp Hampton failed to gain and Romney went wet around right en end for twenty yards tak- Ing taking taking tak taking theball baJ to the two two- yard two line lne Wyoming Wyoming Wy Wy- y oming helheld thethc first down Hampton went over for the first touch down through through left lef tackle making maing the first touchdown of ot tho game ame In eight minutes mi- mi nun min utes of play Fitzpatrick kicked goal Score Utah tah 7 Wyoming 0 O. Wyoming kicked to Hampton who returned the hall lall haJ seven so yards Romney made fifteen through right tackle and Peterson six more through the same place Hamilton went through right guard for tor ten yards arts Fitzpatrick trick made eleven right end andHamilton Hamiton failed to gain Romney took the baU bali around right end for tor two yards arts and Hampton failed to gain on the next down Wyoming's ball ball Burgess Burges fumbled fumbled fum tumbled giving Utah a safet safety Burgess made four yards or off right tackle and ana Grant went through right guard Juard for for- one for- one for- oneone yard vard Burgess Burgess tried an end run and Utah wa was penalized fifteen yards for mr Wyoming fumbled and Utah recovered Hamilton made two vard through through right tackle and the whistle was blown for tor thetho first quarter Second Quarter Utah punted an and Rogers returned the ball bal nine yards ards Wyoming fumbled and Utah recovered On the first down Utah was penalized fifteen yards for holding LOn Romney made twenty twenty- five yards arts through right cn endand Hampton went through the other side of or fifteen Hamilton Hamiton made five tJ e moremoro and Utah failed to gain on the n t down Utah kicked to Io Rogers who wa was downed In his tracks Wyoming punted punte on the first down to Ott Ot Rom nom ney who returned it five yards Hamilton Hamilton Ham Hamilton Uton made one yard rard and Utah lost the th- eal ball al to Wyoming on an attempted forward forward forward for forward pass Wyoming was penalized five yards for being off side and Burgess was thrown for or a two yard loss Wyoming kicked to Fitzpatrick who was interfered IntErfered with wih b by Rogers and the thohall went to Utah on the spot with wih no penalty Romney made two yards Hampton seven se Hampton 2 and Lon eighteen A forward pass Bennion Demonstrates He Has Has- Line Has- LineLine That Is Next to Impenetrable I failed and the ball bal was wag wa brought back Utah kicked thirty yards ards with wih no re return return re- re turn Wyoming r made five yards through h the line lne and arid kicked LonLen non Romney c netted his team eleven yards Hamilton Hamiton no gain Hampton ten and time was waR called caled for for- forthe the end of or the second second secsee ondend quarter Third Quarter Utah kicked d and Holmsted recovered Holmsted made fifteen Heen yards Summers Summers Sum Summers no I gain aln Fitzpatrick five Love two two- two Holmsted no gain and Utah kicked out of ot boundshounds Wyoming's ball bal Burgess 1 kicked cleed sixty yards ards without a return Holmsted h made five ye through right tackle and Utah fumbled Loveno Love no no gain and Utah I kicked twenty yards Fitzpatrick recovering g. g Love Love- mama made e elevencleven yards Summers two and Wyoming blocked a kick Utah ering LoveLovo and Fitzpatrick made two yards ards each and fumbled Utah kicked to Ro Rogers ers who failed to return th thi kick Dur Burgess ess lost Jost ten yards Grant no gain aln Wyoming Wyoming- pulled off the only successful forward pass pas from Burgess to Rogers Rogers giving Wyon- Wyon Wyont- Wyont In ing twenty five f e yards ards Burgess Burgess tried triet a drop kick which w was s blocked b by O. O Romney Utah recovering reco Summers made five Holmsted seven Fitzpatrick nine Love no gain aln and time was uva-s called for th the th third quarter with wih the wa ball bal caled In Utah's possession Fourth QU Quarter rt r. r Lon Romney made fifteen yards Love LO e and Summers failed to gain Utah was penalized fl five fire c yards ards and Hampton made five fh-c Ott Romney failed to gain and Wyoming took the ball Burgess kicked thirty yards ards and Love returned fifteen een yards ards Hampton failed to gain and Lon Len Romney made litton yards yards- ard Love Lve made one Hampton two Romney two Ball Dal went to Wyoming omin on the next down and Burgess kicked out of ot danger and Wyoming recovered Utah was penalized five ve yards for tor holding and Burgess netted five fl e more Hanson faie failed to gain and W Wyoming omin kicked thirty five yards without return Summers Summers Sum Summers iner and 0 O. Romney made five yards each Hampton no gain Love Iove twelve yards ar s. s Hampton two yards O. O Romney lost one yard and ant Utah kicked thirty yards to Rogers who returned five fl 6 yards Wyoming fumbledtumbled and Summers recovered reco Hampton lost Jost two yards ar s s- andand Summers made el eight ht Hampton made three more and tima was called caled with the ball bal on Wyoming's yard four-yard line Une The lineup Wyoming Utah 1 1 eO Romney Romney-Deane II IT Rogers 1 1 t t. t Oleson Irwin lr 1 1 g Tollman N. N Rogers Roges c c Gardner Martin 0 r r r. g g. Cole Antony r r r. r t t. t Peterson Peters n Temple r r. r e e. e e. e Bennion V. V Rogers Love Fitzpatrick Burgess 1 1 h. h b b. b Love Hampton Grant f f. f b. b bL L Holms Holms Thompson r. r h. h b b. b Hamilton and Summers pire Officials Officials Bowen Bowen Bowen referee Nelly Nely um urn- LEHIGH PROVES TO BE EASY MEAT FOR TIGERS Princeton N. N J. J Jt Oct 5 Lehigh proved unexpectedly easy for Princeton Princeton Prince Princeton today the Tigers tearing the Brown and White White- to pieces and coming out with the long long- end of a 35 to 0 score TheTho Orange and Black line lino showed up to much better advantage than th the most optimistic of the Tiger supporters support supporters era had hoped for Fred played practically the tho entire game at fullback In place of Dewitt and his plunging and defensive work was prominent RALPH DEP DE ALMA PALA FATALLY HI HURT IN MIL W AUKEE RACE Italian juried Into Ditch Attempting Attempting At Attempting to Overhaul Overhaul- the Winner CALEB BRAGG IS FIRST By Publishers Pre Prees Race Course Wis Oct O 5 Caleb 5 Caleb Bragg of at Cincinnati won the fourth International Grand Grand Prix automobile automobile auto auto- auto automobile race raco here today because Ralph DeDc Palma Palma racing racing- neck and ami neck noc with him In tho the last I lap p. p was hurled Into Int a a ditch and an- an fatally Injured Seventy five Seventy people were i i- a la la- a i a hysteria hysteria of ot excitement as De Be Palm Palms and Braggwere tigh lighting fighting for the 10 0 prize on the tho last round of or the tho course when hen suddenly DC De Palmas Palma's Palmas machine machine ma ma- m- - m chine swerved toppled over over- and burio him and and his In debris Th Tho crowdscrowd's rooting turned Into a moan moan Braggs Bragg's Braggs time for miles feet teet was Braggs Bragg's average average forthe the- race the- race the- race Braggs race was was 68 miles mies per hour Erwin Erin Bergdol of Philadelphiadriving a Benz car finished second Gil GI Anderson Ander Ander- Andel son driving a Stutz was third The accident on the last lap of ot the mile grind was the climax 31 of ot a s day da of thrills Thousands of ot fan fanatics had watched Bragg and De DePalma Palma Palma In their wrecking nerve wrecking neve-wrecking fight for speed s su su- su They had hn cheered the Italian Iala as as' he cut down the lead of ot his opponent opponent oppo- nentnent from nine to three minutes In th the the- last the- last last miles Do De palmas palma's Palmas Palma's gains were measured d by seconds Instead of or minutes Bragg got the green green flag 2 21 H minutes ahead of ot his persistent challenger Both camocame tearing tear tear- tea tea- ing lag down n do the tile home stretch like Uke mad madmen Both were out to win at any ay cost cost Ralph Is driving driving- like a 3 maniac mania onou VlA hI Y kO C t T-A T t i-i i l t Tr t T f t OU fl n. n O. O L u. u J Hb u eb O the announcer cried The crowd was was shrieking shrieking Then a calm fell tel over the grand stand the tho calm cairn that preceded the final thrill The spectators vatch watched for a speck of flying fly flying color on the oil soakedroad In the home stretch Would It bo red or gray Would It bo be Braggs Bragg's FlatFiat or De Do DePalma's Palmas Palma's Mercedes There was a faint sound of ot a motor mo mn tor in the distance A deafening cheer followed when the red monster bounded bound bounded over the road and swept over the the- line the- lineline a victor Caleb Bragg hail had won th the grand prize There was applause for thetho winner and thenthe throng cried Where Is De PalmsPalma Bragg had stopped and was whisper- Ing whisper whisper- lag Ing to Fred Wagner the starter The clang of an ambulance gong gong- was heard and a voice muffled so only the newspapermen news news- could hear spoke through a megaphone DeDo Palma Is In the t. dit-t. li li- onoonoone mile north of the place where Bruce Brown lost his life Tuesday Ho lie went off theroad in trying to pass Bragg on tho ho south Fond du lac road Then there was silence broken only by the barking of Bergdoll's BenzBens and AndersonsAnderson's Stutz as they roared In the home stretch battle for second money Few cheers greeted the announcement that Bergdoll had defeated Anderson by only thirty one seconds Bragg Back Then Bragg and the officials rushed back In Braggs Bragg's still smoking car with even greater speed than the driver fin In- In the lie race They found the great Italian crushed and bleeding under the tho wreck of his car both legs broken and his skull fractured His Alley was wa-s also unconscious clous suffering suffering- from Internal injuries The pair were rushed back to tile the field hospital br by the sobbing Bragg whose friend Bruce Brown was only couple of days ago In almost the sam eam kind of accident At 1010 o'clock Bob Burman was wa sent away In a cloud ofsmoke and tn the Continued on Page 3 IJOHN bOHN B B. FOSTER REVIEWS EASTERN FOOTBALL SITUATION t BYJOHN JOH B. B FOSTER i I T least bobe b satisfied of one fact fact ThoThe iJ AT football coaches coach 8 ofthe larger colleges co- lI college col- col I logosleges lege have no fix fixed d opinion as to probable chance chance of ot success In the the- rr reason Jeason to come The change of or the I I rules has hal been too to effective and too radical rad raO- ical fel to make them assured as to tho the OU- tcome outcome out OUt- come 4 come of ot the te autumn E M Princeton was conceded the supremacy In the eastcast last year oar It I Is true that some of ot the Princeton gamagame was comparatively I weak and Its is team work less ef- ef I than that of YaloYale or Harvard Harvard 1 but but the Tigers won and results must count no matter mater what thetho quality of ot the effort may have been ben W- W L There were flashes In tho work of ot Yalo which were moromore brilliant than of ot the team work of Princeton nd eq equally accurate comment might be be- II mado mado of the gamegamo with Harvard but i- l ual efforts and the alertness to Ij opportunity andarise to the grasP and oc- oc casion thetho Individual effort efort of or Samy Sam f froy my y White whose skill ski In taking advantage ad- ad vantage of a fumbledball bal placed place Princeton tol In the lead was wa far more in evIdence among tho Tigers thanit I was Wag In the elevens of Yale and larv Harvard rd i. i When the UlO season of oC 1911 1011 was com- com Princeton lost some of ot Its is be best t I football pla players ers The finish of their U senior year ended their amusement on 1 tho gridiron and not all al of at them were I glad gla that thc they were ere through j Mr Hart said shortly shorty after the Yale aCer t game game was over Ive I e played a 1 long tinie to be a member of a football eleven eleven- AA that won what Is Js as near a football that championship as can be and Id I'd Id like 1 just ono One year ear more to se see if it it i Is possible bio ble to duplicate tho the success ss that Prince Prince- Atton ton hon had In 1911 1 TheFlie fie TI Tigers ers will lose loso White an and others L or f the varsity elevencleven of ot last Jast year car who Phile Awhile not so powerful In a advancing thothe ball bal as were somosome of their rivals were fairly steady on defense and when the tho gamo game of nt 0 Princeton was thoroughly an- an al- al for or tho the year car it was wa easy to to notenoto fl of or what great reat importance their ability U to defend their goal had proved the Pr Freshmen Lf r r Somo Saro good good material will enter the fi squad from the freshman wi elevencleven of 1911 There will wJ he hO Bor some Borne second string men men- I L I p of last autumn who should develop elop de Into 1 good od football players this year ear and aJ I- tI it I Is 8 very toy Ill that the Tigers will be glad id to a avail van themselves of or somosome of the ii I strong men nen who IU may boho a I lIttle slower on their feet thantheir rivals but who will wi be powerful defenders defenders de- de fenders of or the goal oal when the ball bal draws 1 nigh to their line with tho the attacking J 1 eI eleven ven having thethc advantage of or an added down TheThoelection of Pentleton Pendleton as m captain QI tho team should have a u goo good effect onun the tho players Ho 10 seems to be Ie pos pos- f of ot thetho magnetism which Is an essential with wih a leader Last autumn the student body centered muchof its is faith and hope In Pendleton and that could not help but be reflected back to theother players The Princeton line has been depleted deplete of or strength th that Is Js known strength more than the back field feld There were two or three substitutes of or tho the season of 1911 who should be high class class football players this year ear Whether the line lne hasha- sal all al the experienced material which I is necessary to makemako a team of ot determined forwards orwar s IB is som something which tho the ear early games of the season must prove and It It- Is it- Is it- IsIs very doubtful whether Princeton will wi s settle tte upon a varsity team until tho the games game wi with th Harvard and Yale crowd closely coRch Into the schedule ulc TheTho The Tiger nucleus is good and ant powerful powerful powerful power powerful at that for Dunlap and Hammond promising ends arcare available as are BrownDrown an and Wilson a as guards while has another year for Cor center cen con ter and Princeton too will have the services ser of ot DeDo with wih that splendid punter at full ful back Harvard From thethc Harvard eleven en ce of ot 1911 11 a team beaten by Princetonand which could coul not beatheat Yale there graduated graduate in in- the in- thethethc spring Leslie Lesle and Fisher FIsler guards Smith end Potter Poter quarterback and Campbell Campbel Huntington and Frothing Frothing- I ham halfbacks Fisher captain of 1911 was onoone of ot the best football playerspla-jers of oC thetho season He Ic wa was aggressive e strong strong in defense a good leader and a player who ranged over the field with much speed for his weight weight Potter was a n good quarterback but too easily injured to behe of the value to his team that he would have beenheen and Smith a reliable and sagacious end whom shonu it will wi behe hard for the tho crimson to tore re replace I in CC Yet the outlook for tor Harvard Is good this year very year very good ln In the linelino for Instance Gr Gardiner Hitchcock fin ani anui Storer Stor- Stor tor- tor CI er will wi be available fortackle e positions GardinerGardinor began beran in 1911 as one of ot the tho most pr promising m s ng players In tho the United States but was compel compelled d to stop slop play la because of ot ljur injury If H hohe makes tho the team this autumn and there Is no rio reason to dou doubt t that he hu hu- maymay Harvard will have a won wonderfully good pair of tackles ct In Gardiner and Hitchcock an and a pair of players who shouldbe undertinder the new rules rUle If it i we can guess that the new rules will call cal for specially good men to to- pIa play pIa tackle c. c Men lon who must be speedy strong stron and quick at divining where the tho attackattach Is 11 to behe directed Storer who ha had played center a great deal for tor Harvard In 1911 was shifted to tackle in the last two games of ot the season season sea season an and for Ol ono one who was In a position quite now HOW to him madomade a a success of ot It It Presuming that if It ho Is retained at he lie will wl pIa play better hetel this Y year ar than ho did last latt tho crimson seemsto be In a a position where there will wl bobe no necessity necessity 81 sity ty to worry about Its ls tackles New Guards If I the team promises to be strong at tackle le it I alo also appears as If It it I will hebe experimental ex ex- at guard lard Both guards arcare gone gone To replace them there thero are and ant Trumbull of the freshmen freshmen freshmen fresh freshmen eleven Both of these men were steadyguards for Cor the first year team and bothof oC them were coached to find find- aa place ilace on tho the varsity varsH eleven clever this year for It I was known of course that I Lesle Les- Les es- es lielle le and Fisher Fishier were to play their last football In 1 1911 1 If It I either Trumbull ul or Pennock should fail fai to come up to expectation there Is a a. burl burly burl young young man who Is likely likely like likely to develop Into a good good guard primarily I ly for foz Ol the reason that holie 10 has all al the qualifications for tho the position Very likely center will wi behe taken care of b by Parmenter In the game gamo against Yale Yalo he played excellent football Ho lie 10 should play laY better r this year and with wih so many good centers going out of ot commission com corn mission as It were because e their college college col- lego col col-col- col legolege lege terms have expired Harvard Harvar may have oneono of the tho best centers of at thethc sea season If I Parmenter is Injured or 01 If 1 he fansfalls to come up to expectations there Is Storer to fall back upon vind d while there were some criticisms ls of or his work vork In 1 1911 1 the fact that he lie has hind had ex experience experience ex- ex with wih thetho eleven In Important import games gaines will make malee him a very valuable man for the crimson this season eason Wig Wignot thetho pudgy little IUle lack back of that name iame but a brother will wl also alMo be be- aa can candidate for center so Hau seems to have laYe assortment enough h to find somebody who will wi handle the tm po position po- po altion with shrewdness and accuracy and accuracy Y is iR one of ot I ho Ilie most Important important impor- tanttant qualities of or all al for a conter center Harvard lararl loot football bal enthusiasts la ts thi th thought u ht that Smith was thothe best est end of or the sr-a- sr son soil In 1911 The They were not without reason for their opinion buthut Smith Is la gOlo guiLe gono In his place there will wi be somesomo candidates from the freshman squad but It i is Js moromore mor thin than likely that thetho ends who ulo will wil ill make tho tle positions an Lurid and who ulo will wi take part In tho the Important games of the season will hobo Felton antI and OBrien Felton Felon earned carnel his laurels In 1911 and OBrien nt at various arlous times proved that ho hi was almost the tlc fastest end of ot tho the season although h. like all al young young pla players els h he oca occasionally overran his man and occasionally was Burned back upon ant his Ills own 1 0 defense nt at DC Gardner Gardn r seems to bo he the logical man man- for man- for man- forfor qua quarterback ju judging gIn by 1 tho experi- enceonceence which he had in 1911 1 antI and the understudies un unto him will wl pro probably abl boho Logan Logun Lo Lo- Lo- Lo gungan nn who was uvas quarterback for the freshmen team t and Freedley Freedle Percy Wendell captain of ot the elevencloven will play halfback as a matter mater of ot course an and with him ar are Reynolds and Tom rom Frothingham of ot thetho 1911 squad To fo ns- ns t thornthom will likely bo 1 er very cry I of ot the tile freshman team who was considered consid consid- el ered erd d last year to boho the most sensational sensation sensational first year back laCk In the castenst Brickley hahad an eventful career with wih tho the freshmen He was captain of thothe team and scored point after acer point by his st goals from field Brickley e played at Everett and Exeter One of hisills wonderfully good performances last autumn was in thus gamegamo amo against tho lie Princeton He lie mademado four field feld goals and all al of oC them were beau beauties Ono One was a placement kick from tes thotim seven yard line lne and from an angle vcr very sharp because tho the ball bal was only a fewfow feet teet out from the sideline Ho lie lo mademado a n drop kick from fron almost the same angle and at a similar distance from rota the goal The other two goals were we made nale from distance but tho the angles angle wore not so acute Perhaps the field goals will wl not bo be so much advantage to a team this tills year yet It Is a little difficult to figure that the they will vill wi lack lac all al thick their usefulness of or the- last thetho past last and If ir proves to o behe a high class high cass back In other qualities than kicking It i Is notout of o the lie question queston to figure that holie will wi bo be fullback for tor Harvard Harvard Har liar vard yard In tho season at hand Looking Over O Yal YaleVole Now for a glance at Yale Here Is another elevencloven which Is Irot pretty hard hit by graduation and yet which lies hUN a re reserve reserve reserve re- re serve force foce trout from which It I Is expected that strength will be 10 acquitacquired cd for or tho ho team that Is to try to obtain satisfaction thou tion ton frontfrom Princeton and beat Harvard rue Tho ho Yale captain Arthur Howe was graduated graduated In the spring sprIng and with wih him wentFrancis an excellent guard who ne never flinched on the fel field McDevitt whosowhose career was not aol so prolonged ed as ns that of or somesomo of thothe Yale Yal players player but hit who was rc Perry Scully and Paul good tackles every e one of ot thornthem and FreemanFroeman Anderson antI anil Hell substitute sub sul- sul huc hacksbucks s. s Strout trout andund Merritt who sero thu the substitute quarterbacks s. s arearc lostlust to the team as Ug w well l as Thompson and LoreeLorce bothhoth of whom hadfilled In Inon Inon in- onon ththe lie line lne frequently Tho ho material which was vas loftleft was Ketcham an nn American All American Al-American center for or 1911 on 01 thethc endond Sheldon and Avery Aven alsoulso ends Spalding u a I back and anc tho lie new captain and Camp an and Dunn all al backshacks Yale Yal men ar are aro so well wel satisfied with wih the tho material which was loft totn Spalding that some of themlien have stated that they consider er It I the best that any has hag had since CO Coy led the he team In 1909 That mo may bo be true but there aro are some who arcare not so 80 optimistic as ththe Yale men In question ton Co Coy himself was sas almost a 0 football eleven en It I looks as K if Gallauer will wi bobe o one of ot thothe varsity tackles this year yeal He lIe Is one OTIC one of at those thoe players havehavo beenbeon coming ulon along slowly under Yale Yalo tutelage and from fron rom information as to lI his hll general a availability it Is hi Possible that YaluYale will vill wJ have In him ono one of oC lie tho sensational tackles of ot the lie season caon It I Is said that Cornell Corel is pretty generally gen gen- conceded to be the choice for tor quarterback and that those who have havo been coaching him are satisfied that Yale has a quarterback who will add att further lustre to the lie reputation enjoyed ed throughout all al the football world for Cor or It It- Is it- is I Is Js a well wel known fact act that Yale quarterbacks quarterbacks quarter quarterbacks arearo considered to be the quarterbacks quarterbacks quarterbacks quarter quarterbacks par excellence in the sport Castles who was on thetho freshman team with wih Cornell will wi boho the lie hatterslatter's later's running mate He le was used In the games of or 1911 and he is a player who Is quick to find the weakness of an op opposing opposing opposing op- op posing elevencleven and Is shrewd shrew In manipulating manip manip- plays so as an 33 to make tho Ito most of them Tho rho he brother of Cooney Coone the lie Yale guard who was as a 0 long long timelime making his way buthut who was a pillar of t strength when h he did find that no had hind mastered the position Is expected to try for fOI the place once loll hold by hr the senior Cooney Coone and ant It It- Is Itis it- isis said that he is b better ter coached for or it than the tle elder Coonc Cooney wh when n that young Joung man volunteered to uphold the lie prestige of ot Yale on the football field There Thero wll wJ hobo a great reat deal of competition com corn petition for the place of ot oneono guard and ono bile tackle until well wel along toward the lie middle of oC thothe season and the lie players must come from thothe second string squad or from the freshmen elevencloven of 1911 A second guard to hoesdoes s not seem to be a available available ai aai avail available In the freshman elevencleven so tho the tho- coaches will wi have to work one of ot the tho olderohler football squad Into pla playing condl- condl 4 l H. H I.- I. n 4 lf u P 1 LW u. u 4 I 1 u l least LUC east In the hackbach tel field therethero is little Itlo doubt that Camp Spalding Dunn and ant the other oth- oth er lr r backs of ot 1911 will wl pla play regularly Nor Is therethero much doubtdouht that Aver Avery will wi pIa play on tho the other end from If I the latter Inter cancnn keep from being In- Jure in injured injured In- In Jure this should hould ho his most mott sensational sensation sensational nl season at t Yale for h he is easily su superior superior su- su to an any end n In Iii 11 sight Hight at the lie present present pres pres- entcut moment moment As Pennsylvania vania holds ththe position of ot being s onoone team cain which l la lu Intermediary between the casteast antiand thothe west because it I plays Michigan a as well wel as thetho elevens lovon in the eastcast It I I is always Interesting to note what the red un and blue ha has in sight for tor u a afoot football season It I Is hi true that thothe lave have lost their games with thothe larger lai-ger colleges es es- In in the east because of reasons which arearo best known to 0 tho the students but so so- lonlon long as Pennsylvania plays Michigan an and Is willing to give game to all al eastern eastern east east- ernera cole colleges es which will wi schedule contests contests con con- teststeats with the Quakers the team will wi hold thothe attention of or tho lie public The Pennsylvania team of or 1911 was not nt one of ot tho the best in thothu history of the university but It I pulled to together and ani made a 0 bettor betor showing than had hat beon expected ThoThu men rue who vio went out Olt with wIh the lie completion of or the season of 1911 worewere Kenned Kennedy Thayer Morris Morris' Wolfert and anil FIndeisenMorris andund Wolfert comprised a n great deal leal of ot the lie defense of at tho the team so 50 o tho the coachesconches will wI I be confronted with the necessity of ot building up a strong defense for thetho coming season Thero There are plenty of or backs left leC Among them arearc Mercer who will captain the th team this year rear Harrington Barr Minds Marshall Chandler and Hill lUl Men hm who are are available for the line lino are Bell lel Dillon Dion Green Nolan Kelleher Keleher McCall Young Spruance andaud Matson The team promises to be heavy am and ant possessed of at average speedPerhaps Its Is speed will wi be a surprise In an any event ent the weight and the lie strength o o- the or of or- thethe players are Ikel likely r to tell teU in the kind of ot game game which Is J to be pla played d this year To ru Try rr T McCall nt at Center McCall Is to bo be groomed roomed faithfully for for- center center c CEnter Ho lie 10 Is about 17 pounds in weight and a agile le anti and quick on his feet He lie has excellent football judgment and and- isis export in backing up the line lne Ho lie drop kicks well wel and can kick off or well well- and wel and If therethero are nn any better eler qualifications ions tons for tor center than those which have o been enumerated they n- E are not to bobe found In thothe present football lum Green and ant Crawford may be the tacklesfor tor thishits season season season-a a a pair of ot men mer with wih somesomo experience with wih a a. u great deal of at physical resistance and a u little awkward awkward awk awkward In open fol field tackling which It- Is it it- Is it- isis thought can be rome remediedled b by plenty plent of ot hard lard co coaching Lewis Lewi who was a guard guard on tho lie second second second sec second eleven en of 1911 is likely U cly to make th tho varsity this year with the modified rules In lit company compan with wih him i Is Nisson who nun ma may boho one of tho the sensational guards guard of oC the season lb Ho lo worked out nil all al tho autumn of 1911 on the scrub with wih Pennsylvania an and somesomo of ot his work Is said to have been phenomenally phenomenal phenomenally cleverclover lb Ho 10 won th thetho wrestling championship cham cham- of thetho university at nt pounds and ant his wel weight ht and strength tenth Is said to combine speed which would mal make o him an ideal player for thetho place Crane a player who had with wih Lafayette an and who Is eligible to playpiny this year with Pennsylvania may gotget Jot into the tho varsity cloven and If Jt he lie does will wIl probably land lantI at tackle Mercer of ot course will wi play halfback or fullback there thore are nr quite elou enough h candidates for tor theother positions to in insure insure insure in- in sure him two t o good running mates Without much doubt Minds will bo be thothe Cl quarterback U a r to c. 1 Dartmouth must be bo considered as aR a n foot football 1 factor In 1912 Combined with wih the lie varsity players who aroare left out of ot the successful team cam of 1911 are aro some promising players who will win fit ti it in well uvell wel with sith wih tho lie Dartmouth plan of oC pIa play and If It signs are not misleading Dartmouth's eleven c should be oven o cn stronger under the codecodo of ot 1912 than It i was under tinder that of1911 The game should bobe moremoro to their lik liking ilk ilk- Ik- Ik lag ing and if Jt thothe team does not fallfail from ron form In U its most Important guinea games of or or- thethe lie H It J Is not l likely el to bobu an cas easy matter to stop its drive onoeonce It t I la J well troll wn under way It If Dartmouth had the players player of or t t- andand three thre years ago for tor this season It would beone of the most dangerous of ot the elevens playing football It I l Is I doubtful as to the strength of ot thetho jn m 1 who will wi takethe vacant positions this autumn and for tor that rea reason on It I is not easy to place the teams team's prospects The material which was left lee to the coachesconchesis good nn and If the newer men respond quI quicklykly to teaching and are as a fast and as strong as the Dartmouth players havehavo been In thetho last fowfew S sea- Sons sea soa- sons Princeton and Harvard will wJ fine find tind tho Hanover eleven en a dangerous o op The Time changes In the rules should favors favor favor Cornell Cornel if It the Cornell Corol eleven Is recruited with wih strength What hat will be even mor- In more mor more- in mort In Cornell's Cornels Cornel's favor will wJ bebo th the benefit o of practicalcoaching from tram a man lk liki Sharpe Sharpe The always alwa's a 0 menace to th the peace of mindof ot Pennsylvania for tor the the- last the- lastlast ten years ears and ver very ery tre frequently dangerous dan dan- have lost more football games because their players player did lid not know the first needs of or football than an any eleven playing In the lie United States State Cornell Cornel has haa gone to Philadelphia to to- pIapIa play against Penn Pennsylvania hanla with a team 1 hl n. n 1 1 1 Lue n LI LV ULL iLL U UC i U I cu IU blue buthas failed d to win some time because tho Cornell players were hopeless hopeless hopeless hope hopeless devoid deold ofthetile ability to t tackle play players Thc They had ilal the Instinctbut the they didn't know how At t other times they the havehavo lost because their strategy was bu bu- at bad bad- at bad- atat moments which meant everything to them but there has been bEen no ie point of or their game so completely inefficient as n that lint of tackling the runner with tho ho ball bal Williams ams Is' Is hopeful of or a a big big football year ear and will wi ha haveIlave a 1 team which will wi probably boho lo as good goot as ns that of or 1911 Daly will coach again and tho the students IL IL- are Jal wI are enthusiastic over the this chances of or their elevencleven Brown university Is making an effort to put an el eleven ven In Into to the field which will regain a little of or the football honor li to wi which liIchi was sas lost last season Because of oC success of 1910 thothe strength of the BrownDrown team cain was overrated overrated over overrated last year ear Critics who forced themselves to sa say that thc they could not understand wh why Brown did not play play- bettorbetter simply did not take Into consideration consideration consid consid- the fact tact that Brown had haul less football a ability thanthon It Jt possessed the season before before ByDy the tine that West Vest Point and An Annapolis An- An A- A their usual arearc read ready rendy to pIa play engagement onun ththe football field CleM it mn may safely bobe said that the elevens will wi bo bl about uniform In strength Tho Tim Navy Nav good god players One o of has ms lost host somo sonio them thom horn Dalton fitted In beautifully with he time rules Dalon of ot 1911 Since the tho rules havohave havo- n changed the Army Is 13 likely to fUrco been n on Ary ho tho Na Navy harder than has been thetho casecoso CUI for tor or ththetho lostlast two seasons seasons- i

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