The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on December 5, 1946 · Page 10
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 10

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1946
Page 10
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PAGE TEN •••••••••••• -^__^___ THE MALVERiNTTEADER Mili«i fonn»y'.« Home Nrwspnppr Since 1873 Stops When Your Time In Ont F. A. Wortman, Editor and Publisher E - p - Hering. Managing Editor Subscriptions Payable in Advance One Vrnr six Months Three Month* •2.50 $1 . 50 00c Two Vrnrs •••-...... R4 OO Single Copy '_ Card of Thanka B0c Entered in the Tost Office at MalrerrT Iowa, as second class mail matter. ... , _, Advertising Rate* Display Advertising-: 40c per column Inch; 5 cents an Inch additional for composition. Resolutions 6c g j. Classified Ads 19callne Local Reader Ads lOcallne ~ " nrv Poetry V Bcatlne OFFICIAL PAPER FOR MILLS COUNTY AH of the Official Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors arn printed In full in The Leader a* are also the minutes of the Malvern town council. The Leader also serves as official paper for the school districts and other town* of Mill* county whl»b do not have a newspaper of their own. LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, DECEMBER 5, 1946 This mny serve a* an additional encouragement for the American Lee-Ion'? dance committee to try a ennare dance or go in its present series. This is the time after Thanksgiving when the continued appearance of turkey hash makes one wonder if the bird was really worth It on Thanksgiving table. Church giving, wo learn from otir own chnrch finance committpo. has increased somewhat dur- • EAST LIBERTY Many . people of this vlcinlt> the enjoyed Thanksgiring dinners with relatives or friends. Mr. and Mrs. Otis D. Lewis en„ ^„..„,. „„,. tertainert at a turkey dinner for ing the inflation because more folks are going to her aunt - Mrs - Emma Parmenter, church. But the amount of individual giving has of Denver - Colo., and her uncle, not Increased perceptibly. That is, those who gave jB ,5 ob Sl>msen - of Ashland $50 a year back ,„ pre-war days, stiil cling to ^"n^ """ them ""'" that figure although their private Income may have doubled or tripled. Other dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. Otto Seipold, Freddie. Raymond and Dean n it., riiruiutf. ftayn Fosslbly one reason for this is that with the and Bruno Leu greater number of persong giving, bigger gifts are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Terry and not especially needed and finance committees make Bobb - v w «-e guests of his parents little effort to obtain them. But many pastors feel at Jan «port, MO., returning horn" that giving to the chnrch benevolences — mis- Frfdav - sions, advancement programs, etc. — should be Mr ' " nd Mrs " W ' H - Maddocks Increased both because of the greater need and - W ' th them three ° f thelr ehl1 the greater means. Very few people tithe their income — either - dren, Fern of Clarlnda, Edna of Crete, Neb., Ralph who Is an Instructor in Malvern high school '--•••- - •...<=!. iiiiuiut? — euner 0 «j »»_ «» jj . . —-=— •».••««» • to the church or other benefactions. We learned *„ %,' Maddocks mother of Bit- the other day of the elderly woman who had tithed I-*!!,' . „ for many years and while she had only a small Mr ? ', *'"" a * nrkey dlnner '"h Income, she had placed her tithe so wisely "hat were Miss ££"* F* J ° 8ie her benefactions had been a very great influence ^wc.sUe* Wy^ 'wr "SSV? for good We doubt If few folk get more for their John W. Vhayer'. Murl JJS' money than did she - In personal satisfaction or Kenneth. Luell. and Darwin of OH8CV! HAVE NOD NOTICED THESE LATE CXWS- HOW LON6, LO ANP STREAMLINED THEY'RE MAKINGS THEM? ' SEE ANYTHINdMTE ABOUT THIS YOU'RE Here's a good buy for some wise motorist: ONE 1940 DESOTO COUPE in excellent condition Keep your car ready for cold weather — we're always ready to help you with servicing. SALYERSAUTOCO MALVERN. IOWA any other value. u * Moore of !L I GiH-T jC 0 (VI M F \ i FOLLOWING THE LEADER Ann It I* easy to take certain privileges for granted — or perhaps to feel that practice* other* want are unreasonable. We noticed recently where Chicago printer*, in Reeking a new wage contract, included pay for wash-up time a* one of their demands. We doubt if the.e is any employer in tht* benighted area where no labor union* eiiit but who pay* hi* employe* for their wash-up time. Again, the CIO is giving much attention to the matter of a guaranteed annual wage — a thing that has been common here for some years in almost every place of employment. Tet employer* in the community would hardly be considered enlightened by most labor leader*. -. -,~j . , v\,%u« *uu -—•*•«» < uurBU«\/ t Mr. and Mr*. Frank DuVal hoffle 'riday afternoon. Mr A «riia*t« t« *i»^-. . . .. Mtatai t)H«a. * • • ... • Part of today'* hardahlp*. wl*ely observe* Cor- Mr „ „ „ poral Heewlyre. are in things considered common- were *,,«.?. • A, FrMk DuV *' pl*ee only a short generation ago. You take the ho£l glI * 8t8 J O'««wood at the Preaent acute shortage of toilet Wnlf ' w. Cno/te id^V'ikfSJJ"* when no re.pectable farm would be without a m.ll Mr. and Mrl. ArSe £ L. order catalog In the outdoor powder room _ thu. «»<» L«Vern were dinner auesE giving opportunity for thought and study before of " the catalog was put to It* final function. Recently ter . we visited the Western Paper Co., one of the larg- n „ „, - - ~-v,.ur« <u er paper supply houses In Omaha, and In their n."" 0 , J, Uffs were * UMt8 of hi* •J.UJO.. by the way. was not a sign of to,Ie[ ^T'^^i . Mr "' D "<» «paper — only a rumpled pile of pieces of waste a business like that can near Oakland. Those present for a cooperative aict and p .on ne weTe th M A ,.. e V ??, ld i N "- SJS5.I .upper son were Mis* Isabelle Nelson Mr* W H 8h«f»r and Reuben Johnson of Omaha, France*' ' Mr. and Mrs. Wm. LnU and Bve- * rmncw> lyn of Malvern. Mr. and Mr*. Rex M|M Bdn * Maddocks accompa- Moore of Mallard and Mr. and *" '" ~ Mr*. Roy Proctor and Edward Mr. and Mr*. Marlon Mahan of Mr. and Mr*. Harry Ekornset- Clearfleld were visitor* In the ter, Sandra Kay and Mr* Hall Oaks community over the week entertained the following at sup- end. They were dinner guest* per Saturday evenlngi Mr. and Sunday at Mr. and Mr*. Guy O«- Mr*. Volney Warren and daugh- born * home. ter*. Mr. and Mr*. Dean Warren, - _„ _ vvuuip> . Mr. and Mr*. Veldon Wallace Mr. and Mr*. Leeter Marsden and * er *i tert Fern> R - N - to * nd d * M Kbter and Mr. and Mr*. «>»». Mr. and Mr*. Louie Br*m- Thursday, returning OIen Winchester of Oakland were «e'er and Twlla, Mr. and Mr*. guests lint Thnrirtav nt w. ..j Win r.m.mtnr Mr *nA U». ti.._J . Clure, and Dwight. — w *•»*«.»«w»*«« u& V/BKIBUU were 'uv.^i «iju Anii*, mr. KUU nr* ... _ - gne«t* last Thursday of Mr. and w 'n Castor, Mr. and Mr*. Henry MIS* Ruth Lookabill wa* m Mr*. Elbert Winchester. Schilling, Mr*. ROM Triplett, «S . f« T «ral day* ]*,t Mr. and Mr*. I. W. Caetor and Marilyn and George, Byron Vlner, » .». to * nnm * "er Donald Terry were guests at *np- Mr. and Mr*. Wooden and Mr MI.. V,?* %*, rm Bure *'« office. P« r l«et Thursday evening at Mr. «nd Mr*. Marion Mahan. MIS* Edna Maddock* returned *'"' M " tj ~"'- «--— •--• and Mrs. Maree. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Wilkinson spent Thanksgiving in Kansas. Glenwood high school has joined most other Mills county schools this year by having a girls basketball team. Malvern has not had one for Inter-school competition since 1921 — If memory serves While we have no passionate admiration for major sports, we would like to see the local Bchool give the possibility of a girls team somo cons deration now that we have ample coaching cn Joyed a turkey dinner with Mr Several readers pointed out to us after last and Mrs - Ba81 ' Clay and Malvern. and Mrs. News that the U. S. occupational forces in Japan are teaching the Japanese American square dances, reminds us that many hero are enthusiastic practitioners of this recreation. A relative writes from the south that they belong to a square dance club in their home city, and get much pleasant recreation therefrom. Supt. Chas. C. Clark of the Malvern schools also has suggested that such recreation should be developed here - — — - »v uo (»ti.T;i irtDl week s issue was published that in the picture that east sroup of Methodist ministers with Bishop Bra- n, MT ' a " d Mrs ' Jake Dav 's of shares looked unduly unhappy. Probably because Y^T" 1 ' Mr and Mrs ' Fre «J Sell (a) they knew what happened when we takTp" Mr .„",? V™ I'"" 6 '' gUe8ts of rH-fHr — — '= VSra? i*rr t ^rsryr^r™, „„,. „ sx-»s»^ S we once before remarked in this space for when J ° hn »on. Dr. and Mrs. John Kline he paid us a much-appreciated visit out In Mon- Mrs ' Clark Gilbert and chil- Ralph Agan home near guests at the G v m^i^^i hlTnnrU?p - n ? * borrowed a P»T from ln » th « afternoon included Mr DIB uncie i-red Durbln and carried off his task in Mr8> Don E - Laughlin of _a_ manner dcHervlng commendation from all. { CJ ?, a I"?, y> Neb y Mr ' and Mrs - Dale Judy Kay. Mrs. m Olenwood. KIeth McCIur « OAKS NEWS were overnight guests of Mr. and her There were Th. r nu * ™ D ' me<1 ' Mr - Md a • Md «*"• ^rank Olsen were glrl "" UMt ' ° f her »* 8k ' Dner - at jt "pw* iu»u»»gi»ius in IVWIMW. Saturday Mr , Bd Mrg Roy rjefloit and family and Mr. and Mrs. Bea Mc- 'vere Thanksgiving supper guests of Mr. and Mr*. Robert Hicks. <° In Sunday »i£i «"* JJ5^ ""',?• Mahan Typewriter ri»be«*, for moet junda^evenint. "• A ' b6rt 8tUIe £££.«' »"""• Tke »•>"» Telephone Expenses Going Up Much Faster Than Income Mr and Mrs. W. H. Shafer Dorothy and Frances, Mr and Mrs. Paul Benedict and Phyllis Ann also Mr. and Mr. SIS Abel, Barbara and Ronnie of Marne and Mr. and Mrs. Dave Moore of Malvern drove to bor Sunday morning where I» SUest8 for the day of s. John Bartholomew' Th« CO., of l»uch f.,« r customen. Mrs. E. L. Gilbert Monday, December 9 promptly at 12 noon IMPLEMENTS Punnur o Since 1939, our payroll in I owa ( whieh fc ovef thirds of the cost of providing telephone «rvice) HP 1 35% due to higher ^ and an inmw ol people employed. Other costs have increased greatly, too- telephone Poles, 85%, copper wire 41%, ^d switchboards 35% !„ u of a record volume of business, the Company's earning. gone steadily down due to the* higher cost,. This Company has spent #6.750,000 in this ,t a te .inc. V.J Day for serv i« improvement, and additional facilitie., and ,t w,U W ed ,o spend #25,000,000 more in the m« few t - 1 " good chains. Tractor has power takeoff. — —•***** uuB^iiid in •«t Earnings m us , be adequate to .upport this tremendow constn.ct.on program which will enable u, , o continue to provide good telephone service and to increase its usefulms, NORTHWISTlRN BELL TIUFHONI COMPANY a a ment N«w this year, 1 AC 10-f t. Di.c. 1 AC 18-ft. Harrow. 1 J. D. 14«in. Tractor Plow. 1 J. D. Hay Sweep with A. C. mounting. 1 6-hole Corn Shelter. Some Milk Cowi and other Cattl*. . Mr. and Mr*. r, dinner , ue.u rty Mr,. Laura Kerney ho««. T then accompanied M1 M Joal» Kwney and M |M Prance, » to O.H* where *««**» until Hay & Grain 600 bu. of Corn. Some Baled Hay and some Loose Hay, A few Hoiuehold Goods, TMTBMI Miscellaneous Io * of * h ° 8CQOpa ' otlw «»»« tool., Mr. and J|r«. Da^ McClura drove to Weldoa Taurada* ' noon tot a vj»n ^ {t ^" their and JLJh v « Qwd.1

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