The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 22, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NTiTWKPAPSTR rt» wrminfttA R*P AW If A via & a A KII-V r,^,i,,,,,,-,»™, VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 263. Blythevllle courier Blytheville Herald DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOITTIIEAST MISSOURI Blythevllle D»ily News Mississippi Valley Leader HLYTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 11W8 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTi HIGHWAY ACCIDENT Oimchltn Well Above Flood Stage; Fourche Troubles Little Rock UTTLE ROCK, Jan. 22 (UP) — Families in the central part of the rtate today were sent scurrying ns streams swollen by more than 7.39 inches of rain here In the last two days were forced out of their banks. Rccor<l rainfall was reported In the soiitlura and central parts of Ihe slate with Prescott having the heaviest precipitalion—9.51 inches in the last 2-t hours. College Professor Is Gubernatorial Candidate BA1ESV1LLE, Ark., Jnn £•> <UP)-Dr. W. a. McNntt. Arkansas C^liopc professor, here loda,' tnlil lie had mailed his corrupt practices pledge to Secreting .-.late (;. G. Hall In preparation for making his campaign 101- ih» .-.late glib; nuitoi'lal Iji the Au^u::t Uem&ciittic pi mini y. Canititersville Men Buy TOO Sales Agency and Garage Here The W. T Darnett Aulo Sales ,™C \™ Approximately five Inches for the | llas been sold by Mr. Barnell to «i ,in,i ,u<,,-* ..„„,,.. .,.- ,-. i, K Van Ausdall and S, J, Hogers, of Caruthcvsville, who took over the business today. Mr, Bar- nelt has not yet announced his plans for the future. last (lay were reported by the following points: Prescott 3.51. Benton 775 Boughlon 7.41, Little nock 739 Georgetown 5.55, Pine Bluff 5.27, lexarkanu 5.3. Highway.? all over the state were under water in low sections as the torrent of rain and rising streams nent back waters over lowlands. Ouachiia Above Flood Stage Reminiscent of the floods of a year ago In the northeast part of the state the southern section teemed destined lo have to flee be- foie the rising Quachita river early next week. At Camcleii the Ouachita was expected to rise to flood stage in the next 24 hours and weather bureau officials here expected it to reach f .O feet—15 feet over flood stage— l>y Tuesday. The Ouachita at Ark- fdclphla rose nearly 15 feet in the '"•-' •" hours to pass flood slage by r rose 13 feet The business, which Includes the ',/?*! f?, tlse , of K W* °f a aseney for the Dodge and Ply- ^."f" 1 "* Bay cit >'mouth automobiles and trucks and <-.„,., ,,„. ;"' c Clc wl tlie service department, will con- ,,„ T: J : .'. ™ on '^ported that 10 feet The Wliltc Rive at Juusonia. All-avaljable city trucks in Little Rock today were aiding families in the Pourche bottoms south tlie service department, will continue to operate at in East Main street In tlie building owned by Mr. Harriett. Mr. Van Ausdall will head the new business with Mr. Rogers as local manager. Mr. Rogers and their bookkeeper, Toinmle Tiplon, also of Camthersville, have moved here and arc residing at the W. II. Stovall residence. The snme salesmen and mechanics will be used by the new owners, It was announced. Thc same partnership has the Dodge and Plymouth agency at Camthersville. Mr. Van Ausdall has been at Its head for five years and Mr. Rogers, who was reared at Camthersville but who went to Michigan 13 years ago, became I, >-|"Ji vvu HUH he was unable to ,„„„,, gasoUne rron\ a wing tank, holding 700 Gallons, and that the remaining s ,,,,. Ply would not Iravc been enough ",!,,! Pa ? h . Monoll » l >- "e then , l|ra bn(jk (o Cal|f T he reported that associated with him-upon his •return ; to the Missouri lown two flooded in moving out of the |V e ars ago. sections. Highway lei, Mr - Burnett, who has been in the automobile business since 1933, was in the drug business for six year before that time. He has had the Dodge agency since IK- went into Ihe car business nnil has been agenl here for the Plymouth since that car was placed on the market two years later. liudiny to Sheridan from here, was virtually Impassable. Several city streets in the south end of Little Rock were under water from Ihe backing Poureiie bayou. Meningitis Fatal To Little Girl At Hayti IlAYTi. Mo., Jan. 22.—mineral services were held Friday for Siimlrn Jean Curtis, two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs Lester Curtis. The child became ill from in- Jliittiza a month ago, then contracted meningitis, for which she received treatment in a hospital in Cape Girardeau. She was relum- ed dome Saturday, much improv- f'l, but contracted and died Thursday. pneumonia. The Rev. William Huffman con- ductnl the services, and Interment was made at Woodlawn cemetery. Elm Street Grocery Store Razed By Fire A grocery store owned by Max and D. V. Parks, on Elm stret-: near the Blylhevilte Coiton Oil mill, was destroyed by fire .Vootil two o'clock this morning. Origin of the fire Is unknown sis tlie flames were underway ix- tore they were discovered. Loss of the frame building and etock is esllmaled at $1.000, the owners said today. Recover Stolen Fowls, Accuse Pair of Theft Fifty-two of Ihe 71 chickens recently stolen in Blytheville were recovered yesterday by officers who arrested Bennie and Arthur En- nb on a charge or burglary. Arthur Ennls, who entered a plea of guilty in municipal court today, was held to circuit court while his brother, who pleaded "not guilty" was also held to await circuit court. T. R. Shepherd, at whose place the men were attempting to sell 21 chickens when thy were arrested, was found "not guilty" o! a ctiarge of receiving stolen property. Police Chief E. A. Rice and Leonard Mayo, constable, arrest- ecl the men yesterday nfter hav- U T€LL YOU BY BOB BURNS •Weed To Turn Back On (•lit/jit Huge Plane Lands Safely at Los Angeles I-OS ANGELES, Jan. 22 <uy>) — China Clipper made an omer- y landing IIPIV nt 6:'i!i u. m. P. s. t.) after turning buck because of mechanical trouble while miles out to sen on froin Califcrnlii to Honolulu The bilge flying boat, earning eight passengers and „ creu O l seven, winged in r roll , ov(!| . the ie« just after siinrke, circled tlie .swooped down . 'lie nmsls of n nuvy cruiser to settle down smoothly on the quiet water olf Reeves field '"", C '," )|>C1 ' Inn<U ' 11 al Los A '»Ss harbor instead of at Its Ala-- meda base because of reiwrts of u When Bom!) Blasts AD ID .. — — * •'•j'"" n_u LI mi, [I ip IroiiMe wns remedied but P,m American officials told him lo return regardless. Battleships and cruisers of lh e u. s. fleet were anchored hi » guiding line from the open sea past the breakwater !„ the stretch of .water where Ihe clipper laud- I ed. Their searchlights were turned ! o the west to guide the pilot In ' bringing the big craft down on the ' unfamiliar water. These precautions were taken by the navy because the clipper had been expected to arrive In tlie dark. Some two 1 hours loter"tlie sunrise blurred the searchlights bs thc time of the delayed arrival mans TO sp POST Former Local Lawyer Is Assistant Secretary To Governor Bailey Tlie scattered, broken wreckage of nn niilurnoWIe nnd the K armic It was In. tiltcrint! (he yard above, wns blmned by Los Angeles Dh- trlct Attorney Burcm 1-itUi on members of Ihe police imi'llii'we squad whom he suspected of placing ,i l, (mlb In Ihe iiuloniobli,. ,,f Private Investigator Harry Raymond. naymond lurned on lhc Ignition, seriously wounding him. The bomb exploded whi'n iilicrall guns became i.oyalisls hi Reprisal Raids As Answer To Nationalist Hornbuij's KAliCK'I.CNA. fjpaln, Jan. •.»'.( lUl'i .Spanish loyalist nnlliorltlra h-'vi- eimii'd "mi eye for un eye" i |lmi:il|',n of airplane bomlwrd- •111.111. with :i Ki-ininule nilii on the initltiimllsl Bi'iiernl hcnilcninlm HI fulunuini'ii. U WUK announciM to- 'I'lVi'iity loyalist pluiH'ji duippi'd hoinbs. welghlni! us much as 1,100 pounds cnch, on the imluniiillsl isi'. It was reported. (An ofllcliil cmiimmil(|iie, Issiitil from Madrid and picked up by radio In London, asserted Unit 0500 kilograms of bombs — Itl,'(0t) or mo™ than 0 Ions—«we dropped on Snlanmiica.) icciiKMil.s ot Uii; new pulley of reprisals ugalnst naltdmil- 1st air raids wns made nfter a nib- luel meeting. 'It is krrllile but Is necessary," a cnbliifl. spokesman said 'today "Yesleidiiy we begun our rt'iiii sals." A few .hours nfter (| u , lln noiiwTmcnl millonnlls-t plane: Wilii nuliMl Ihe liuicelonii iirbs. They m-rlral , ii,m, find Kcarchllght.'! and Four At my Flyers Die In Accident MANIl A, I', i.. Jan, :>:.'.. (Oi 1 ) — I. iii- U. u. iinny ollli'en ivere klll- n tin: iiinl n Ir.lii a I in. A lillli nils Injured. Sixteen Guil- Harry Raymond, pictured ainvu, One of the men placed under just after the bombing, was trcluilrnl mrest In llic unto Ijoml:- wonnded in more than loo places Ing WM police Capl. Earl KyivV.e uy the auto bomb explosion. He above, who admitted Ii.- luul us Iii ——---.I, ' »~ tiuu**;, v\nu iiuiiuniu lit: ILIIU H.-I* LITTLE HOCK, Jan 22 (UP)--' , employed as nn Invr-sti- signed members of his Intelligence Ap]»intmcnl of C. T. Ryan as sec- • ° Angeles vice condl- .squad to rriu n liuiiie ~m-M door retary . of the state rofnndine' s y cn ' Sildm B Private cltliKii?. i u Raymond and spy on him. ussellville. was announced today r C. O. Hall secretary of state- id secretary of the board. Ryan's place as assistant sccre- iry to Gov. Carl E. Bailey will J filled by B. H. Allen jr.. o[ Ine BlufT and Blytheville. Allen, a lawyer, will assume his Ryan will D - ~. ... L refuiHiing board on I^ebruary i. Bailey, the son of the lieutenant governor, who has . been temporarily head of the rerun, ling ing been invesligating the recent K' y ' le 'l. ° f ^ «"«"'"« chicken thefts for several days. ± rd1I *:L b !?™?._«? urti ^' s l- Liiiher Stanfield Surprised By Officers In G. H. Grear's Store Blow Struck By Bride Fractured E. T. Jackson's Skull I nut. H was announced. StOCk PrlrP9 , A " e " was llerc f01 ' a number Qle Ot-ut-n. riltes of months in the office of c. A.' M »i I Cunningham, nttornev HP uio>i NEW YORK. Jan. 22. (Ur>-|lo Pine Bluff, where his fa he- Stocks, bonds and commodities resides, In December and nrin'- eascd today In light trading. Tra- to coming here practiced law at ders were cautious and operations DeWitl. His ivifc. Mrs. Allen is the daughter of Mrs. King Maith- here were routine.' A. T. & T. . 145 1-8 Anaconda Cop 323-4 Assoc. D. G 73-4 Beth. Steel 53 -,. 8 Boeing Air 32 D-4 Chrysler 56 1-4 Cities Service j Coca Cola 122 1-2 Gen. Elec 35 3-4 64 1-1 34 5-8 Gen. Mot. Int. Harvest Montgomery Ward „, „_„ N. Y. Central 17 3-4 Packard 31-8 Phillips Pet 39 5-t Radio " 65-8 Every time I go out I load my pockets with a pipe, lobacco. handkerchief, keys and some change. My wife says It makes me look lumpy and her argument' Is that women git along all right and they . don't have no pockets at all. It! kinds got me to wonderln' how In thc world women get along without pockeU. Then the other day I saw an ad In the paper that said "Lost— Lady's pocfcetbook: contains hairpins, wrlstwatch, nail file, powder- puff, keys, mirror, check book, railway ticket, copy of "Gone With The Wind," scissors, cigarette case, rubber reducing garment, three Schenly Dlst ........... " 24 Simmons Socony Vac 15 3-; Std. Oil N. J "'" 49 3.4 Texas Corp. U. S. Smelt. U. S. Steel 42 J,far. May July Oct. Dec. 842 851 854 8C5 8G8 843 851 856 867 869 840 847 853 863 866 Chicago Wheat open high low close May 94 1-2 95 3-8 94 1-2 95 1-8 July 89 3-8 90 3-8 89 1-4 90 1-8 Chicago Corn IVew York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 22. <UP)Cotton closed steady. open high low close 843 856 865 869 Jan ... ,.. 37ob Spots closed quiet at 853, oft 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan 22 (UP! -The cotton market closed'steady today, four lo six p 0 | nts lower, after firming from an early .setback due to Bombay reports. Reports that Bombay liquidated a big line of long cotton in New York brought the carly declinc The Bombay market was repo'tcd Surprised by officers while i u Ihe act of burglarizing o. H. Grear's grocery store, 210 Main street, about one o'clock this Homing, Luther Stauflctd was arrested by jjolicc nfter Patrolman V. E. Tomlinson notified them that a man wa.s in the store. Tomlinson, In making lils rounds, discovered that the window of the store. 210 East Main strccl, had been broken by a hammer. Upon investigating; he discovered Stanfill In the store and notified police. Slanfleld was arrested after Tom- llnson watched the store until they arrived. He pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary In municipal court today and was held to await the action of tlie circuit court. Hornersville Woman Burned In Explosion HORNEnsVIUJS, Mo, —Mrs. u. L. Robertson, Jan. 65. Was Krvin T. Jackson, who killed his motliw-iti-law and fnlally wounded his stejt-falhcr-iii-law yesterday morning at their farm home near I.uxoni. may never live lo stand He is In n serious condition from a fractured skull, caused b;. n blow indicted uy his 10-ycai--f)!:l blrde, who struck him with a hunt! Iron when her husband was allegedly attempting to shoot her. He WHS taken to the county Jail at Osccola Immediately following the double slaying. At first it v.a not believed he was seriously In to decide whether lo attempt Ic move him lo the Blylheville lios pilal or to leave him .it tlu- j; Mrs. Marlha E. Johnson Succumbs Early Today ly On Charges o( Criminal Conspiracy MADISON, wis.. ,mu. 211. ui'i'i -•Major oil couipinilni wi'i'c I'onvlcli'd loiliiy of criiiiinivl I'hnrues of conspiracy to raise inul llx ttiisnlliu! prices at lhc oiiil ol n l« weeks trlul here In Unile-.l Sliilrs illslrlcl court. A jury «r runner:) and mniili town business men relumed Ih 1 ; ividlcl nftiT (tullliernHnsr iilioii'. nliui hours, Trlnl nf uiu oil iranlra Ijcunu Oct. -I, Tin 1 verdict applied lo llin en- Uri' 10 compnnli'.'i ant) 110 dcfeiul- lints left In Hie ciiiie r,r<nn mi uicL'lonn" -ill. Oll l! |lml a '' companies and 5U In,00,1 ttflnl. rl'^'l'l'inla «»(! three Inwlo pvbll- t-i in nnll { ' M " m ll "" l!l " 1 »>' " Mo1 " 1 B" 11 " 1 Jury, which began Its Investga- ton almost two years iigo. over tlie The loyalist campnlgn \viis Ihe . . ' ~ ~ nswrr lo n scries of nallonallsl JOIlCSDOfO Youths raids on east const cities In which hundreds of -persons had Ijeci. killed. H wax It-ami hijre Hint the toy- illsl annoimcemcnt mlglit menu Ihii koglnulng of un nir war without tinniler In which civilians would be the principal victims. "<Jd»irxsniently, there van [in nl- mospherc" of foreboding here. Poo- pic asked what the imlloimllsl response might be | 0 Ihe loyiilu; countir-bonibhu: niitl feared :i merciless exchange of raids which K-onld make the civil war lerrl- ble, us It had been dining nil In long 18 months, even more terrible for civilian population. Nationalist raids along the rons' continued yesterday and report.* Indicated Hint casualties were lili;n ainoni; civilians al Caslcllon. The resldentlnl dtstrlcl .fiilfcred sc verely. .. bet's ol a local independent team, received mlnov Injuries mid had nnriow escapes from more norlous hurts when their .ciu't failed ,lo".ne= gollale a cnve between Pills and Grubbs and crashed into a ditch Thursday night. The injured were MiiltUuit Ei- wln, Kobort Muse, Mult Ali's- niutcr. Biyaii Tlllcy, , Donald Kclcuum mid Eb 1'lcki'n.s.' WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 <ur.)_ T, Monroe Plsher, Amerlciin vice consul, tcmporurily ut I'lilma, Unlerlca Islands. Informed tlu> str.ti; (icpartmcnt today that the American tanker NiintiickH Chief Is belni; held there by Spanish nu- Konalist authorities. He snld he mis informed by local naval authorities of the seizure of lhc ship on Jan. 18 by nationalist unval vessels, lie said Ihe .ship is now under the control of » nationalist naval officer. Assessed $50 Fines For Carrying Weapons Karl Wrny and Olanctc lieardcn, both of Leachvlllc, were tried in niunlclpnl court this morning on charges of carrying concealed weapons. Wrny wns fined S5C nftor entering a pica of not guilty '.vlillt Bcnidcn, who entered a gullly pica, was nlso fined S50 but Ills fine was suspended. Piflli Victim of Friday Night Tragedy Not Ex- pocled To Recover IIAYTf, Mo., Jan. 22 (Special to .lie Courier News)—Four persons Were killed anil a fifth critically wounded when iheir nulomobllc or.'i.shed Into a parked truck oi\ llghwny 84, eltlit miles west ••ot Hnyll, »t U o'clock lust night. The dead, nil snld to he em- Dloyes of Ihu Kcnnctl, Mo. gnr- nenl factory, are: Mrs. Eslcr Wallace, 22, Kennelt. Men. l.on French, 23. Kcnnett, l.indell lllckerson, ai, Kemiett. . Kale Slovens, 10, Scnalii,: Mo. Ix>u French, 35. Kciiiiet't and ilrlvcr of Iho cnr, was Injured so tally lhal he was not expected to recover. 'Hie motorlsls were enroule to Kcnnclt from the Okeenti night :!ub. A mnloilsl, who was one of the Unit to reach the crash scone, snltl that the automobile passed his car while traveling at «. very uisl rale of speed. Tlie driver of tlie truck, operat- :d by a I'miigoulrt bottling com- linny had gono Inlo Kcnnett to lhc help ot a mechanic In rewiring his machine, which had • developed « meclmnlcnl difficulty, ile had left warning flares burning near the Inick It was stated «ii(l persons among the first to reach the Irngedy scene snld that poor visibility, due to weather, . . , i-". •..-..uuay. one to weather Hurt In Road Accident :oi ; illti . o »s. »mi the speed or tho automobile apparently contributed JONESUORO. Ark., Jan. 22.-SIX ™ U(; ' lilll| V ^ the Joncsuoro Iwsketbiill pluyers, incin- U. of P. to Organize Awkward English Squat! IMIIIiADELPHlA (UP) — Mil, 1 . nelncerhig studi'nls nre deficient In written and spoken English, according (o Dean Humid Pcmler of Uic Moore School of Engiiiccrni;! at lhc University of Pennsylvania. "Tills deficiency must be corrected Immediately," he said. "A committee has been appointed at lhc university lo form a 'awkw .squad' lo take (Ills type of .•;,,. (lent nnd give him n real drilling In English.. So many graduates are clever In engineering- but aru unable to put across a technical point In comprehensible langit- Piscatorial Pippins Plan Reorganization Of V. F. W. Post Here Plans for reorganization were j ... made by 11 members of tiie Vct- Jured but later examinations dis- crans of Foreign Wars, when they closed lils skull was fraclurcd. - • Physicians this afternoon «•«••- , met Friday ntght at tlie W. O. W 1 all. Judge J. J. Waggoner, of Lon;• okc. past department commander, l.s expected lo be nt the mccthu next week, nt which time otllcers ! " lie elected. buiiiecl when kerosene thrown on | Mfs. Martha E. Johnson, who resided In Blythevllle. men until Kerosene inrown on 1 * v ":>. ivi smouldering fire resulted In an I lla d long explosion at her home here Thursday morning. Mrs. Robertson was burned when she attempted lo pour kerosene on a stove lire. The explosion burned her about the face, hands, arms Mar, May July Oct. >J>en high low close 854 858 854 858 863 865 863 CC5 357 8S9 8(35 363 8 'G 878 875 373 ~ .„ D — open high low ClOSC wv* uiu x-;x HTK 173 pounds of steak and a potato May 601-8 807-8 603-8 60 5-8 Dec 880 881 880 fit . lnaslier -" i . ,. .'J"'y C'3-1 Gl 7-8 611-4 61 1-2 1 Spots closed steady^at 868, off 0, Skull I,carls to Arrest MONTREAL (UP)— Lurien Vincent. 17. has been sent to jail on a ctarge of "profaning a tody." jle \v;is arrested while walking doan the street with a bag con- taininiJ a skull and ornaments. died this morning al the home of her son, C. Johnson, 1118 IK-arn street. Mre. Johnson who hail been pnrllnjly parnlywd for some time, was not seriously 111 until n short time before she died al nine o'clock. She was 83 years of ;>ge. Burial will be made nt Mnplo Grove cemetery Sunday or Monday with Holt Funeral Home in charge of funeral arrangements. Besides Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Johnson Is survived by another sou, Edd Gregg, of Clarcmore, Okla., and live sisters. Airs. Laura Slow- art and Mrs. Bell Hoover, both of Springfield, Mo. Missouri Rail Fences Soon Will Be Extinct SALEM, Mo. (UP)—Another Uee- will see the passing of a characteristic Owirk landmark —the rail fence, farmers In south Missouri believe. Barbed-wire fences mid a scarcity of oak timber are held responsible for thc failure of Ozaik farmers to construct and repair picturesque rail fences. Ifartior SeSrvcs Large Area ASHTADULA, O. (UP)—The harbor In Mils city of 25,000 serves nn area with a population equivalent to that of New York City, a brief field with the U. S. Engineer's office at Buffalo reveals. . Truck Driver Kxnneralcd The driver of the truck wan ab- -•oliwl of blame liy Magistrate, D.^ ft. Hedge- of Ilayll who conducted f ,\ coroner's inquest ,ln the, absence ,' •if.Pemlscol. Opuniy-Coronoi- Jac"k K<l Godicr, wlio wns nt • Ihe 2keeim nlKht club when the ticcl- .'li'tit occurred, »ald the party had 'Hied lhc club -imcl-jind' departed July n few minules before the nc- Menl, wns reported. A motorist who culd the car passed his ma- oliluc while traveling at tt last •peed, was the Hrst to reach the iccnc, two miles west of the night :»•!>. UK heard llic impact ns Iho cnr plunged Into Ihe rair of the truck. Two trucks were required to pull the tclcscoiwd cnr and the parked" Iruck apart. None of the crush victims were thrown clear • of tho machine. Mrs. French's body was tadly nmngled. She was riding In .......... ..»., iL t ,j,uii,ki;M in/ ''H f^ont seat with her husband. university lo form a 'awkward Tll ° others, riding | n the rear seat' - ' siirinlnctt biiolteii necks. All apparently died Instantly. French was rushed lo lhc Baptist hospital nt Memphis, Tenn. hut physicians "eld Ji 0 hope for his recovery Bodies of thc death victims were removed lo ICemictt- fujieral homes. Mrs. GrwTjordan,"S7, Succumbs At Mayfield The ncv. John T. Hood and his sister. Mrs. Jennie Malone. are in Mnyficld. Ky., for Hie funeral of their sister, Mrs. G. w. Jordan who died Wednesday. Mrs. Jordan, who visited the. iccv. Mr. Hood and family a year "'jo, was 57 years of age. She is also survived by her husband, a son mid a daughter. ' Wife Awarded Support And Diamond Ring PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Judge John E. Walsh of domestic relations court awarded Mrs. Ida May Kloss, 27, 415 weekly, support from her husband, Bernard, 28, and a diamond 'ring the husband had, given to a girl friend. "When I heard he'd given an engagement ring to a girl, I just went up and took it oil her finger," Mrs. Kloss testified. Kloss said, however, the riiit was merely n gift and had not been . paid for. In awarding: support and tho. ring, the court warned Kloss that "the support order conies before any installment payments." WEATHER Records were shattered in thc annual women's salt water fishing derby at Oceanside, Calif. Norma Ellis, above, hard(y needs the loving cup and string ot 22 bean ties to prove hcr- ' self a winner. *~ .. A RK ANS AS — Cl oudy, probably showers In east portion, cooler in extreme south portion tonight; Sunday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and cooler; lowest temperature 44 to 4<i; Sunday ctoudy. The maximum temperature hero yesterday was 58. minimum 49, cloudy with .72 of an inch rainfall, according to Samuel F. Nor- rls, official weather observer.

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