The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on November 12, 1917 · Page 10
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The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 10

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Monday, November 12, 1917
Page 10
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Ten THE FORT WAYNE SENTIHEL. MondayNovember 12, 1917. Am RS DOWN RACIN I E I Arial Play arid Long End ufifl Proved the Undoing of tlwi Badgers. The Fort "Wayne .Frlara strengthened IhJr claim to the State cham piohifllil by.overwhejmln by a 38 to v tcore Sunday;. Tho heavy Racine eleven had put decisive win ovtr" ort the !!ammon.d dabby, the conquerors of Wabash and Pine VJ1 - lags. earlier M the season. Aa tle result of Sunday'! gam mil other teams of Indiana wilt have to beat the - Friars before they Can clalrri the title, The largest crowd of the season saw the Flc'romp and cheered their favorites on to the decisive victory. The Wisconsin team wan composed of a heavy bunch" of brawn and strength and depended on straight football for1 their gains. In the person of foster, at right half, they had one of the best line plungers eyec seen on the local gridiron, and this man was dstigefous throughout the contest. The Friars had an 'uncanny way ef guessing Racine Way and stopping It be fort; - It had fairly been started. It was a case to the Friars Outgeneraling a heavier team and beating them with (more "football brains." I First Quarter. Dotal kicked oft to Hageman, who (fumbled on Tils 20 - yard line. Specht recovered. After nevtrat attempts nt ithe) heavy Racine line Dorals tried a, . . - - ' t.1.4. ... m.' 'pass to uergnoii, Allien mucu, aifu pass to rtlska lacked one yard of mak - Jibg the'rerjuired gain. I( was Racine's AbAlI and on the first two plays at the Friar lln they were held, but the lo , cats' were penalized five yards for oft aide play and It was first down for the Visitors. Here Foster' marled his jptetty wrk and reeled off ah eight - Orafd gain throtlgh the line, liegeman felled ttf gain, but Huelled made It first down on a line plunge. Foster, Hegfcman arid Itueller made another ten - yard gain on four plays, Foster making els pn a line buck. Specht threw Bchnell for a loss. Dory, the visiting right end, made five through Berghoff, but Foster, Hueller and Bchnell were held t6 small gains. Chambers captured a fumble, carrying the ball back to Racine's 40 - yard line before he was stopped. This Was the second break which had Come to the Friars by quick work and following the Nil. The crowd sprang to their" feet and clamored for a touchdown. Specht wiggled through the line hitting all the holes for a ten yard gain. Pllska hit a hole through Glockson for five yards. Chambers hit the same spot for three mofe. Cham berg made It first down through center, rilaka skirted Right End Dory for a fifteen - yard gain. Specht fumbled put Dorals recovered. A. pass to Pllska 6ver the line failed and It was Racine's ball on their 26 - yard line. Foster hit he Friar, line tor four yardSt Lockwood stopped liegeman before he got started and Qlockson kicked to Dorals, who ran It back flf - teen'yards. Ilelvle attempted an end runlbut failed when he did not follow his 'Interference which had opened the Way. Specht lost on a simitar play, and after a Pass to Berghoff failed, Dorals bunted to Racine's S5 - yard line as the quarter ended. Second Quarter, Young went In for Chambers at full and threw liegeman for a loss. Hell - vie got Foster for a ten - yard loss. Uloekson made a poor kick to Specht who returned five yards. .Young hit the, line for five and on a trick play, which1 was the beat ever teen by this acrlbe, Dorala got away for a 4 9 .yard gain, carrying the ball to Racine's 30 - yard line before being stopped by liegeman, Pllska, Young; and Ilelvle made a first down and a score was In sight. The crowd clamored for a place kick, but Dorals wanted a touchdown. "Bull' Young made an - eHher first down by Inches. Clward went Jit for Berghoff. Ilelvle Was jjthrown for a loss and the Friars were penalized 15 yards for holding. Dorala opened. Up his aerial attack but "railed on passes to Ilelvle and Specht, but on 4tha next play a long pass to Clward 4 sailed squarely Irito his arms and the end never stopped until the ball was 'behind the visitors' goat. The erdwd cheered and raved while Dorals added (another4 point by kicking goal. Feeney kicked off to Foster who 'returned 20 yards with good Interference. While the teams', were lining up for the next play Clockson congratulated Elward for capturing the pats. Totter hit the line for It yards, Ra - JACK MUUER MAY SUCCfcEJU MILLER HUGGINSAS MANAGER OF CARDINALS l"QBsS "k. Wu lit ' i i. f J r EbbTDbbbbbbbLbbbWVI &Kaj m W f JM'xQJWtVHBriBaaaaBsaaaaaaaatest stiff. v. v s9v tS t ur joVH. JrVBKrllVRe - wnF4lC4tn DRISCOLL PUTJJUT; J ' HARTER BREAKS LEG (By Paul 'purrnan.) The choice of a new manaeer for the Ht, Iouls Cardinals. st 111 gives the baseball fan something to talk about, at loe league sessions and the latest rurmr Is; th'nt Jack Mtller, Cardinal second baseman, 1 to get the job. One thing Is certain If the mass of. Bt. Louis fans, hat anything tq do With It Jack Is pretty sure to get the Job, as he Is one of the most popular ball players In St. Louis at the present time. During the last two seasons' Miller has acted as .Miller Muggins" lieutenant In managing tho Card, and no small part of Hugglns"; success With the St. Ioul butnt Is due to Jlllief's ass'lf tance nranch Bicker I said to be seriously considering Miller as Hugglns' successor and St. Louts newspapers have started a campaign n his, favor. Miller Is a consistent bail player, an excellent Inflelder and a fellow with a knack of making people like him. There would be no lack of harmony bn a ball club managed by Miller. He Is a fair batter, having averaged riiO last year, ,264 in 1318 And .100 tho fear before. Hammond Defeat Cornell - ? Hamburgs by a Score of 13 to 3. (Hammond. Ind.. Nov. 13 Hammond defeated the Cornell - Hamburg of Chicago, 11 to I. When tackled by Brenna'n In tunning back a punt, faddy Drlscoll, Hammond quarter back and former Northwestern university star, was knocked 'out "on his feet." Without being cognisant of the act he kicked a Held goal from the 8J - yards line after calling signal for a forward pads. He had to be taken out of the garno because of his Injury. Barter. Carncll - llamburgrlght tackle, bus - talqtd a broken leg and internal Injuries, The letting team used six substitutes In the last half. - Johnson mad Cornell's only score by a pises' kick. Alstfom mad a touchdown for Hammond Jn the third quarter.. Forty. five; hundred people saw the game. Lineup - .Hammond (II) Cornell - Ham It. II IV - T, . . . n. a. .. c L. O. .. L. T. . . i v Q. B.... BOWLING SCORES Sftil SAFrTV FIRST LEAGUE tiTixr rTKTri nt m Una Teams! , - Wort. last. Pet. Ptsightoule Arlnfc .1 .T" niorenouse Annex .iz nTOr,.!r',,:t.';;,, Tloundbouse i. .,.... I Storehouse ,....., - . 0 Tumi - I Bowsers ., I J 1 .444 .000 IndiyidusLAversae. ndlyldusl .Aversoe. , Name Games. Ave. Marks it , 10? agar ,.,.,.,,.,,..,... I 111 neeht ...,.o 1 MO 13 111 lie 110 Meatman - Tarn. Co. s 6 7 7 il TANDINa OP"ClltrBri. n .' Won. Lost - I'M. XVivnd Knlia T.... 12 8 . .667 Til Wayne Oil ....;..;' 11 7 .611 70 Journal - Qatette ... 11 7 .611 lio Ky,r:. . Mj purin ma, xrac Sl .911 .233 ,Z33 Ave. B74 - ' ISO T9S J95 7t jsa 741 732 m .Henderson Laros L. K. .... Iturrilerlllrennan ,L. T. ....... Qrcen Monohan . i.. U. O. . .K. l!locker,Cochran , C. . ...KelllgtriArrUlnnlty . . . It, O, .. Whltlorkillarter .. .... It. T. f" - Pressler .. B. 15. .,.. .Drlscoll Iphnson Q. n. . n ... .. TeH .1,. 1). B. . ifmors.W. Ircsler,R. H. B. i'. u . ,. t uiocKer auiier ... .r u, Touchdown Alslfom. Goal from touch' down UrHooll. (loala from flHd Dhii - roll t, Johnson. Beferce XIagldsohn Umpire Schommer. Rager Kneeht Kacks I Morton - li Add it fftViirTRIiiL " Kraua ". It hehllng .wuuiiH.,.. I Milker II Llnnaberrjr - .......... II jjoch .,...., 1 letk , , II Scheie ....,,.,,.. 14 BTUH15HOU8K AHNEX, ennelly II t 7 li , . Individual Averages. . l'livin - Ave. Blagle ...n. .. ......i ........ .t ... ii o H Carr .. ...,.,,,,,...,t,....,,, Franks ... .........,....... i oae . . . . .r... .... . ,.)... nstett i trader ...... ,...,., ............ .. i i n.Njit 1 ',', - ..... IV .,.,.....,. , 111 111 171 177 177 110 Sternberg , i.. ........ 177 ... KVoV ' ' HI HIIBeckes ,. - ,... - . 176 117 Iftuedhoft ... Its III airyers . .. . ......, ., . .... ..... ...... . 174 49'Jlckme)er ....,......'... r.. .. .I... - , its Its Ptlm , w, ,..,...., it lit 147 Pressler ........; 171 Willie Becomes Gerry . to !Fool Soldier shea Iteed ... . ludnon .. klcClellan llandsrhy kleehan . . Burns .... Miller Buuck ..i. Johanrt ... Ullchrlst . iierney 'iioi)HDiibi''db7 ' TrtAiieY'OBTATolv .'. ,. Bertsch Aekerman Swltser ... Blauvelt .. uardner Jackson ... Berg .., .... MtnnewUch ....,'. Kill t ;li erem IN ANOTHER VICTORY Detroit Heralds Are Defeat - ei Sunday Afternoon by Score of 13 to 0. Detroit, Mich., Nov. 12. The Camp Custer ,footb;!l eleven got a real taste of wa,r yesterday, when it won a rough contest from the Detroit Iter - alds a powerful Feml - profeiKlbnal team, 13 to 0. nach team hnd players carried front the field Cos - telld.'of ihe army eleven, made two' field goals. An unusually large crowd wjthessed tho game. The receipts were turnod. over to the Camp Custer fiind. ., ' cine was playing desperately now but I spectacular afternoon's play by racing after fumble - Olockson.waa forced to punt. It was the Friar ball on their ! 40 - yard lne. The Friars failed to gain, and Porals mado a Icing punt to liegeman .who let It roll out of bounds on his 2p - yarrf line. Foster plunged through centet for 20 yards on two plays. He was the only Hacloe back who could gain. Huntlnnton went In for Ilelvle saving the little end for the last quarter. The" visiting backs were held for downs and It was the FrlarS' bail In mtdflcld, Pllska jhade J yards and this wajs followed by a long pass to Hlward which mader 40 yards. Another long pass over the line got away from Huntington and it was ltaclne's ball on their 20 yard line. Their triumph was short'llved. 80 yards through a broken field for the fourth touchdown. He kicked goal. Score! Friars, 2t; Had no, 0. Feeney kicked off to Dory who was stopped by Huntington. Racine could not gain but the 'Friar penalty gave them first down. Foster was held again and Qlockson was forced to kick to Specht, The' crowd clamored for rllska to get a share of tho glory and In answer he captured a pass and raced 40 yards going out,. of bounds. With a few yards to gain Dorals tried to pass to Huntington which failed, I Foster hit Ihe Uht for a pretty gain but his teammates Word penalized 15 yards for holding on the play. Qlockson was forced to kick td Pllska. Joe made 0 yards on an end run and Hunt Camp Caster. It will be recalled, defeated the Friars here In the opening name of the season. An effort Is being made to get another game the - soldiers, but the chances are not very good for the reason that they have ho open 'dates. Camp Custer has not been defeated this season. 11 II i 14 i ,! ,!! bmmaUs YQUNO'iAPies' STANpINd OF CfLUBS. Teams; Won. Lost emeralds ,......,...,,,,(,, aarnet ,,,...,,,.,,., 4 J "uby ,., ,.(;,, ...,,, 3 10 . Wersteln .....,......'......:........... 171 ILuhman ,,.,,.,., ..,,' u. ,'..,...,,... . 170 'Denser .,.., .,..,.... lG'J Burnhsrt ......,..,.,,.......,.. 16s Hart tier ...,.'. .,.,,..;.... lit llogan ,. ,...., 11$ Kouuaousn 184 Biaae ,., ;.. ,,) j. fiicnafi ,.j, hlstrtek '..... Itodeman ,...,....,.,.,..,.,., Maisner i., !Kl)nwood ...,. , ttnds , jrown ., ;.......,.... 29 Hampton .. ,., ,171 Monro ,. ,.,.,....,. ISO FTeldllna i lia Brdr , , in Knepple ...r ....,..,.,., ...........,... 4U1 1 j3 lKl4liMtlilt.l.lM HI III 14 ...... Hoembke Fowler . . . . I.lnnemelr . Kennedy .. Ituterbcrg Melsner . ... Nehr Tlgges ...... Kraft II Its Kohrmart 189 P 110 113 llartman .. Coleman . . . W. Brandt McManlgal Hcneiman fr.. ..,.. ,110 110 lis IM 1D3 IIS 1ES 1(7 If J 165 lit its 155 1(3 1S1 m Individual Average. ih.mii ... ..I It Nam: Itumn .. L. Myers ......... t OlUsman B. Rump ...... , ., tt BleberJch '....., ,.., Delia Mayer ,,,. M.Meyer ,.....,. , . J. Dlckmeyer t...,. ,,... jjapp ,,, ...,,u.. ,.,,,. Jt,,I.ue(nenhop .....,,.,., u... A, Leuisenhop Hchnelder M...i..,,...,..,.i. ff,1" ", I..1.HI.UI M. Borchert . .., ..,., Ilomeyer ; .' .?'. 11. (illssman . .. Mettlns ......... .,,.,!,., ..... a Comoton . ' iia lis ! IUnke .,..,... , ....,.,. 147 JJ2 ciuyHcr .'...,....,,,, ft.,,t - .., , lia M.Michael ,(. ...,. ., - .,., ,.,.,., LEAQUC. lH1i"'6n4 .... , ..,... W.1.1. ........,... ...n t. fiJlli ' ' m iM.i..r.(n .v.. km. - f2 Il?nrarTdtr '"" - M - f I'V .us r.rjord ..... j. .... .:..., ...:..;: tR.h"rb:rr;::;;:."::::::::" - - : ill arti "! 113 f.""V 119 ra - Kord , . lunnv i. ... .; , mlfh - ..... ones Ilbblns ..,......, tewart ,,., t 1! I! le 11 117 clM 11 114 lie 112 liz 110 ill 10 i 0 I NEW MAJOR LEAGU E MetROPOUfAN t,BAOUft. AFrcrt the dAair. Teams'; Won. List. Helt Candy Co,..... Summit City ....., 11 Oermanla Buffet... I Klehack - Kllen. Co.. 7 Crystal Bott. Works e N lexer Coat Co..,., I Wolf & Bessauer.., 4 tct. 17!. THE BIG BUSINESS :ffl' ,l7 .ISO .111 .171 .1(7 Ava. ! in 810 I0 712 m ii Individual Averag. HEIT - MlLLtoiLAD., Players - Oaihts. AVe. Slagie ........., ,.,..... II 117 Magnates at Convention n Louisville Talk of Little Else. . - I .. - t4, luetuv J ". vii4 - s uu email tiuiiiii for, oh the first play. Heaemah 4 fum. , ,njEton adae(1 , moro ,hrpUth a blg hie was captured by Lockwood, hole ,n the cenUt. of t0 naclne ,lne. "Hull" Touhg picked tip a. Friar jieivie went back 1ft for Huntlngtoti. , fumble and, carried the ball for a 20 - Ambrose went In for Dorals, who went yatd gain with the Whole Itaclno team . t0 rght halr tor pii4lta, The Friars trying to stop him. The crowd laughed were held and filward failed on a long and cheered wildly. After Dorals had failed on nn end run he passed over the line squarely Into Young's waiting arms for the second touchdown of the quarter. Dorals kicked goal. . fecoro: Friars, 14 Racine, 0. bccoml Half. Feeney kicked off to ltaclne. Foster and his teammates had tost much of their tfteam and could not gain. Olockson was) forced to punt to Specht on the Friar 30 - yard line, The next play proved to ha the most spectacular of the game with Bpecht playing tho stellar part On an end run Specht found hole after hole and dodged, ducked and pushed his way', aided by splendid Interference for a 70 - yard run and a touchdown. Dorals kicked goal for the third, straight time. The visitors were down - hearted and chasrlned. Feeney kck,ed oft to Hueller who was tackled In his tracks by Huntington. The Friar line held and Foster could not gain. Qllckson. punted to Specht on the Friar 40 - yard line. On the next play Dorals added to the BAT NELSON MAKES OPPONENT MAIL OUT STORY OF HIS DEFEAT Hy M KorUrlty. Koted 6port Writer.) Ettllng Klonj former lightweight emtlon was not altogether lacking In 2ktmer and occasionally used It to good a4vJit., 4t and fynny llttl ,f.l(ow Budle Unliols bad engaged In a no on si or - ten round go at Lo An - Newspaper were somewhat 41 - AS I reootlect, aornetodr said TJnhols . artother called it a draw, ana Jona Jraw. who wrot his version tor a reekiy, ciaimea jseison naa me oesi or n. Mr edit lorn ei account of th color, was !f enrallr koown as "The rink," Wit a no iefflcui Mewssj rendered. tn apmton of tft editor ait eagres sd In the rink was basts on which moch money changed In those day. Th Plhk'' - called M k draw j (ah) was wildly eaclted and fbreat - lned to mess up the office because he hadn't been declared a winner, HIS ferocity Hnally reached the funny point and Kelson himself took a hand.. Meeting tin - .hols or the street Bat hailed him. "Bay, Budy, yaln't Sore at me, are yout Cmon up to my hotel. I want to show you something," Unhols provided much sport a day or s$ later telling what had happened. "Whaddjra think a that Bat fellow, tie get m up there in his room and all over the bed ts a bunch of thbs (censored bus - Ihess) rinks'whal said I g6t ft draw. Bat was. mailing efn all 6ver the country to newt paper men td make "em" think I. didn't lick htm.. An' h itiada m nat ih stamp, on' 'em, Whaddra think of a guy line issir ne puttlrr stamps on tho4 iAt censoring) Tlnh." ITasiDla was it a, tartar while be tasHe but sUffert) a deella and died. .LK. .L.T,. .L. O. ...C... .B. .. .R.T.. .It. 11.. QB. Bacln (0.) ... Thoennes ......... Dele . McKachrorl Lutter O. Beuts . . . Uloekson :;. Dory ies:mari pass so Dorals punted to Foster, who raced back thirty yards before being stopped by Jones, The Friars held Racine for dovvtis and the ball went over. Young plowed through center for ten yards. A pass to .Dorals made 20 yards. The Friars were penalized. Specht ran through center for a 20 - yard gain, but dropped the ball when, he was tackled. The Racine umpire thought Specht was too rough on the next play and penalized the Friars 23 yards. Smith went In for Specht. The Friars now had 'a midget backfleld with Dorals, Ambrose and Smith all being underline, Olockson's too missed a drop kick by a wide margin and It was the Friar'" ball. Dorals made 18 around an end but the) Friars lost it fight back oil a penalty. Dorals punted to Qlockson In mldfleld. The game ended soon after with the ball In Racine's possession. Final score! Friars, 31 i Racine, 0. Frlarsi (?$.) Itelyle .'.,,...,.. Jones ,,,(,. Bobbins .......... Feeney ....lM... Lockwood ......I Bathaw, ..,.... Berthoff. ..,. - .., Dorala Pllska I - H Sclinell Specht H. H Foster Chambers ....F.B.... Hueller Score by rerlods Friars 6 14 14 6 :i Kachlne 0 0 0 09 Touchdowns toward. Young, Specht, Dorals. Uoals from touchdowns Dorala 4. Substitutes Friars El ward for Berghoff) Young for. Chambers; Huntington for llehle; lUlvie for Huntlnstun; Dora.(s tor Pllskal Ambrose for Dorala; Dennlson for KODDinsi Bmitn ror npecntt liau Tor lock wood. Baclne Batrhford for Thosnnesi Blley for Lutter. Time of quarters It minutes. Officials Beferee, Rldrlge, Michigan; Umpire, J. Ulerum, Chicago; head linesman, J. J, Bitter, Fort Wayne. Attendance 1,500. MADDEN AND CORRY WIN, ftniitnn. Kav. f 1. .Tha. UKlrlln - atnr. Iran trtm. Madden mnA Cnt - mr. inn tia l day bicycle race which was finished here eaiuraay nigni. i Tha preliminary gam was won by tho Tigers over the Pyramids by a J 2 to 6 score. Thla was the third battle between these two teams for the city championship ahd waa filled with thrills and good plays, Tha .... nf IPI...A...4 ma ... . . ... . v.. i ... . .v.i. ... ...if. wh m : greeted with cheers as he l one of xne oesi enaa in the west. "He Justified thla opinion by capturing two long passes In a handy manner, the first resulting In a touchdown. Ilelvle played another star game at the other wing and Is held In high favor by all J?rlar followers. Our little Specht played the best garno .of his career antl made two touchdowns, lie played too rough, however, for the "puny" Racine team and their official wanted him put out of the game. Dorals outguessed (he" Racine huskies all the woy and had them looking like a gang of "sandlottere." Qlockson needed his sun - glasses badly for the Frlara were shining set brightly that they had him dazed throughout th contest. Foster, the visiting half, tried to uphold his team's honor, but he lost his punch toward the oid ot tho game. Ills work, however, waa the best seen on the local lot this season from a visiting backfltld man, The Frlal - s had a inl()gtt,Jackfeld In action during the last quarter - Ambrose played quarter with Dorala and Smith at the halves, Even then Racine had nbt the. power to stop them, i;ven the small are mighty ,at times. Qlockson demonstrated hi ability at punting, but did not show much as a "pinch hitter." Things are looking bad for other state championship claimants, COLLEGIANS SUSPENDED. South Bend. Ind , JtoV, l. - Four ts'otra Dam athletes Were disbarred from further participation In college athletics yesterday, on charges of prof esstohal Ism. The men are Geo. DuBols, Joseph Keenan, Sherwood - Dixon and William JUarehall. DuBols and Keenan Were members of the Varsity baseball team, while Dlton ,has played on the varsity football rquad. Marshall Was' an interhall star. The" spcclflo cbsrga was th&t the men had played toot - ball with a Goshen, Ind., team on Nov. 4. May C. J; Centllvrs lurcher , Wichman OpaU ..... II ii IS IS 114 lit BACHELORS LOSE AT KENDALL. VILLE. Kendallvllle, Ind., KoV. li. The Fori Wayn Bachelors went down to defeat before the' Overland here yesterday aft ernoon by the score of 30 to 0, making the second for the season. Touchdowns were mad by Leland, Iteltn. McQulre and Adams, while Breman .kicked three goal and a drop kick. HARD JOB TO PICK ALL - AMERICAN BACKFIELD FROM STARS OF 1917 The backfleld ot a potential alt - AmericanAmerican football team this ear may well give the followers of the game pause. Jn spite of the war, which has taken dosen of great football players out of their colleges, few years have produced such a wealth ot good baeffetd material. North, south, east arid west contribute tiara ot the first magnitude, m the expert who expects lo pick an all - American team wilt find his hands full when he starts to make his Selections. In the east h will find Ollphant, the human tank, of West rolnt; Berry, ot Penhi a wonder on pffenklte and, defn Kit and a great kicker) McMuren, or 11 tt. the human battering rami Ingram ot th navy, a super score getter pilroy, of Georgetown, the greatest scorer ot lilt, and McCreleht, the W and J. star. In the south Strupper and atiyon, ot Georgia teach, are burning up the grid - Irons. In the west Harley, of Ohio state, Is showing better than last year; Spark, of Michigan, may be. considered oh of th belt quarterback,, ot th season, and Brandy, of Notr Dame, ha already written hta name In the football hall of fame. Simpson, At wisoensln, and Charpler. ot Illinois, are both well above the Average. Flnsterwald, of Syracuse, I one of th best line plunger In th east. Others who hav shown exceptionally well are - Way, of Penh statet S and C. Holbrook, of Part moutlu Rodgers. of West Virginia, and NethercelL of Cornell. iieit HlWrlVrri. Bitter ., , II L. Tucker , , is RPP ? . It Leach , it Manth is SUMMIT CITY. B. Smith , ,. 14 Dorschelri ,... H Hulse l li K. v. Dmrlck ., if Borers ,, , II VC5f "a'EilMANlX'BUFFBT" Hentchen ,..,.... II K. Kraft .... ,.. It Binehart , , IS Jacobs .,..., .,., ,,,), is llobrook ti ..)..,. - ,,.... S Lopenlre .).... .4. mw... .,..., IS f'isiiAckc,ijJenw'66'd c6. F. Pohlmeyer ..,. U J. Meyers ..,.. 18 Stewart ....... M. . , , Dlckmeyer .....,(.4..... is Blttler s ye ,,... 9 Mats ...,..... .!.... t ., CRYSTAL BOTTLINO. Bchu'ts , 9 Mabe ,.,, lo Brown .,..,..,..,,.... 1 Larenltls . . R It. Tucker , v1 is Mets ., :..... 6 Frank e ,., li Kanpel ...,.,.,... Delegrange . ..,,,..,,,, NEEB COAL tjo. Bennett ,.., ., ,, 18 lfu5rw"V ,.... l Baudebtish ....,, ..i.j.u. . Tuttje .....,),, .,,,., ,, .,., II Htsnieton , .. - .....,..,,. I Uadeote ..,,....,....,. j, .,,,., J Timbrook .... ,.,.. ,t.4,,;i IS ,. i w.orP DESSAtJER. C. Mnnewlch ..... ..v'...,... 9 JJlnnerly .....,,...,,,.,,..,,. IS Tnolan ........ ...,.,,.,,1,,,., is Woehnker - .i..i, .,,.,.. ,,, IS K. Mepnewlsch .....,,..,,..,., 1 Ii. Dessauer j Wagner ..,, ,k 1 jsoiiinir . ucnneiaer Louisville. Ky Not'. 12. .Raseball men who are - here for thi annual meeting of the National Association of Professional Baseball leagues which will open Tuesday were watching keenly to bee what the outcome of todav'a mnnt. 180 jng of American Association magnates woum do because of the possible bear - lit 'n R would have upon various pro - US posals for redisricting minor leagues. HJ Whether those American Association jJJ magnates who wish to combine with bthers pf the International league Irt itt forming a new association are able to jJ achieve their purpose depends, It was m said, almost entirely upon the dlrec - 1ST tlon blans xor redlstrlctlhg the smaller '. fry will take. jgi V Indications early today of what the IT Amerlcah Association meeting would ill brlngforth' reflected to those who are JJ Conspicuous by their absence. O. W. 1S1 "Wathern of Loulsvllie, J. Q. McQIll Jt - of Ihdlanapolls and Roger Bresnahan of Toledo, who appear in the limelight as prime movers in the project for a big new major league have been determinedly keeping silence. Jpo Tinker of Columbus, says frankly he is "on the fence and that ha Is not irolntr to Jump with either crowd," without US' Knowing exactly wnat ne is in for and 170 that In any event he will not be willing 6J i to become a party to the project for jR7 a new league until he Is shown how It 152 can be worked out satisfactorily. 1B0 SP0RT RAVINGS Si 1 AVe hope there was not ft Hammond n scout in the stands Sunday for It might spoil the Friars' chances bt 1$ 'meeting the Clabby's. ltlj Legend, tells that RaTJlne trampled lis yet this earn team claims the cham - 4J plonshlp of the state. This way out. ys We have often wondered why 18$ 111 1IT 173 la 1S9 IBS 1S8 .1' 118 B , ............ .,...( IIS ' " uiiuii woiitieiea wny fder .i. ....,.....,, .,!., i no Hammond, Wabash and 1'lne Village mA my fey PItX DATTE THE BttAINY RASSLfcR t kw hint Working In a gym He wai A blrdV you bet fits cheat bulged out Irt front of him I can s4 hit nuseles yet. He welihed twd htifldred and - forty - eight Without an ounce pf fat - - , It hoisted tap three huhdredWelght SO easy Jutt like that. He pulled all kind of stunts before He practiced on the, mat. And then I learned, with strength galore He wore a, ls five hL vlfi Wfi - 3 pfT rort oaVk. He'U. ask r6n ir. JQB5 - M&Vim Wl ' J - ll '.! II im I I I I I J John ifcGrtw i talking of supplanting Dave Robrton. Probably bicaui Dave , wea - wrieepN JfWiRyj J Wlllard gave as three minutes of his vatvabi tim to th government by John Tenet - say he IHUnds'Uerifekth Pittsburg. R't ah erin bet that Jeh whip a little In the National leagu next thinks he deserve a pnlon for Jt. ' year. Th old NatloAil can certaliitly I There may b some eloud around Pete stand a llttt Blmoh Legre Stuff. (Merman' bantmWlght title, but no on With Ohio bon dry Garry Herrfntnn' will deny he's In a class by bfmself when will have to mov hi offices from fcornOt t jUlngixntpUoM for; Mliiury clnnatl J duty. v BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBHaiSBBaBW yaWsK! ' h UmJ tessssssssll sssstl 'V? IM V I I As Wlllto Would Look If Ho Took Our Artist' Tip. tWIIII Bltchfe has gon Into or n for, camouflage. They told him to, up at Camp Lewis, Washfngton, where he's teaching the par tlohul - army rookie how to hatdl their dukes. The officers ,Wers afraid that some whits hope might try to knock Willie's block off to gain a reputation, thus depriving thN feat of the boy Irt cantonment of their boxing master's valuable Instruction, So, at the suggestion Of Major General ll. A. Orcerte, In command of Camp Lewis, Willie has discarded his ring eppelatlon and returned, his real nam, Gerhart Stiffen. " Th Idea I that Willi is safer from a lurprlse attack by th ambitious sluggers Under th6,nairi ot Steflten. And sa fsr It has worked out fine all round. Not that Qerry'la afraid of j - ecehlng a haymaker, you understand, but Its Just aa well to be on the safe side. Its no light assignment to take on n entire army camp as boxtnfc Instructor, and Gerry Sterfen realizes Its serlousnesi. Under his tutelage the bojs ate rapidly becoming proficient In the manly art. Dispatches from 'Camp Lewis haven't biado quite clear whether Steffen has camouflaged his fare or simply cbnflned his disguise to tho change qf name. Tho - accompanying photo of Willie, doctored up a bit by our artist, may give htm s Valuable hint In this direction. did not want to play the Friars. Now we, know, Dorlas aided by "Bull" Toung, pulled - an , awful "slicker," whlc)i completely fooled Raclna for a forty - gain. It was 'not a esse of who had tho "button," but who had the ball. Ask Dorlas, he knows. The Frlara' play was too fast for tho Racine official and time had to be called several times while tha referee told hlni Just what the Frlara had done. ( Elward showed his speed by dodging this same ''official person" on several occasions and then captured the pass. He made a touchdown on one and only made 40 yards on the other. Totigh luck. Olockson came In for much kid dim;, which he took In good humor. Ohio lived up to her reputation Saturday and marched through Wisconsin for a decisive win. Next Saturday's game with Illinois will .tell whether the Buckeyes can hold the championship for two yeara. Ohio will go Into the ga'me the big favorites. The west demonstrated, Its ability In Michigan's 42 to 0 vfctpry over Cornell. We ar afraid "Walter Camp will have to look toward thd. setting sun for his "alNAmerlcan eleven. DePauw may now claim the secondary championship" of the state after' her 7 to 0 win, Saturday, oyer Wabash. DePauw has one of tfca best teams of recent year while "Wabash waa badly crippled by the war. The Frlara w.ould still like to hear front the Hammond Clabby's, who claim the state championship. FOOTBALL 8ATURDAV. m COLLEGE. Northwestern. 19; Michigan Aggies, 0. Ohio. li Wisconsin, 1. Michigan, 42 Cornell, 0. Iowa, 15; South Pakota. 0. Notre Dame, 11; Mornlngslde, 0, ' Monmouth. 21; Lake Forest, IS. DePauw, 7 1 Wabash, 0, Grinnel, 47; Knox, 9, Nebraska, S3; Missouri, 0. Amis, 10: Kansas Aggies, 7. Kansas. It; Oklahoms, 6. Marauette, 0; St. Louis, 0. Wahlngton, 20; Drake. 0. Oberlm. 7; Western Beserve, f. r Case, 46,' Ohio Northern. 20. Mllllkln. B2; Illinois college, T. Illinois Wesleyan, 14; Bradley, Colorado School of Mines, IS; Colorado it ? MA. - - J.1, Denver, ivi iienry Miraw intana olerado, 18;, Utah, 9? Waihinaton state. : Oregon AtSles, 0. Montana, loi Montana 19. n A state, 7. Ann. Tf IMrlmAnm. D. Pittsburg. Ill Washington and JiT.. 19. Harvard In., 0 Camp D vens. 0. r Yale Informal. 11: New Haven navy, 0. Syracuse. 42: BueknelL 0, Swartmors, Ett Lafayette, 0. Army, 28; Carlisle, 0. Navy. 28; Georgetown, 7. Columblai 70! Ilobart, 0. L , Col rate, 40; Connecticut Sggle, f. William, m Mlddlebury, 7. Boston college, 87; Holy Cross, 9. Lehigh, tiPenn State, 0. Tufts, Sr Colby, o, . . Amherst, 14; Worcester Tech.. (. k Harvard freshmen, 111 Princeton, Yale freshmen. 41 Andover. 0, New York, 9; Bhoda Island, s. , Second, Naval District, St: Brown, 8. Vanderbllt. 7; Alabama. 2. ffiit Vlrxlnlk. 27; Vlralnla Polvtech. n'e, 8 . . itavioson. zi: Jiutiurti. 7. Oeorgla tech.. 41) Tularte, A. Texas. 7 1 Oklahoma A, and M 3. Texas A. and M , 71 Baylor, 0. Qrlnnelt Freshmen, It; MUlltary Acad - ptevens, J5t Delaware., 9. Hamilton, 7; Buffalo, 0. Muhlenburg, 111 Albrlxht, vvla.1 a, kf - ...i lHiA A St. Thomds, 47 ItcAlester, 0. . - Worcester aeadenm ,10f Cuthln;, Lebanon Valley, 44; Haverford, 0. Butrers. lit Bnrlnafle d T. A., ft. Portland .Naval Rererves, til Sxeter, 0, HkUh IA t).Akl .. Ca.1.. 41 ettybunf, tl; Mount fit Vurit. t. Dklnnon. 28: Franklin ant"MarfiA.t - I. Normal unlvsrslty, lt Eureka, it. Carlttoh. 84: Hamllne. 0. Campion. S8: St. Mary's, 0, Idaho, III ' Orlnnell Vrt Upper Iowa ri mow iiampsnir,.7 waine. o. North Dakota, It: Crelghton, 7. , MU'ktngum. IS Bildwln - Wallaee. t. St. Mary's (Kansas), 14) Washburn, t, Idaho. Ill Whitman; 0.' Urn' Orltinell Freshmen, lit Shatttiek. T. oward Pavna. Ill s. M. li i4yvx,ariMr7f - flr,t ,nfant Kansas Normal. 18: Falrmount. 1. Parsbnivll; Cornell roller, e. Sh,Tt."'",'r"n I' Otterbeln. D. I Nt 0 C"ro,,n A n1 R va. MIL I,iniiMahi $4i Mississippi, , Knyon. Joj'ohle hnlveriltv, t. . Unjerltr yt Detroit, 4J Xoee J4 fc 'V h

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