The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1932
Page 3
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^MOXD SEPTEMBF.R 12, Ifi:^ BUYTHEVILLK, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS IND. TELLS UTIDUL RELIEF Circus Bringing Human Cannon Ball United Action Needed to Meet Silualion Next Winter He Declares. IIV XEWTOX 1). IIAKf.Ii Wrlllen fur Couiier Xcii-, and NI'A Service l.inrci mi (o fight two deadly on'iiut-s \vilhin onr houurlary lines —• Urn •mpiovmciu and IX'siiintion — and to secure a conllmmic • of those American hiMitmiciis which build character ai:d nrescive htallh, are 28 national .'ociiil .service areiK'its united in \\liat is knoi-n as the Welfare anil Relief Mobiliralion o[ 1B3L>. Hacking fir- cftorts of this Mobilbiuinn is a National Citi/en.s' Cmmlltce com, ol 58 'men and women chosen from various seciions of (!:.'• '•ounliv because of their proven in- t-"-ie i -.t in welfare projects. This united effort on the part ot .social force* of our country au'M'.s from two causes: Fii>l. the inability lo .solve welfare and ve- lic-f needs of Ihe nation without (he loyal and fi-ncrous cooiicra- t!on of Us clti/cns. Anil, second, (he knowledge that to make tlicin- .selvcs hrnrd in this day of confuse:! thought and multitudinous rumors, ii is necessary to speak with a strong. imit;d voice. It is the belief of Ihese social sisencies that the American people, when (hey know the facts regard- Ina tl>? v.-elfarc and relief needs of the country, will rally with sn.-ii force in each community that the enemies wilhin will be completely routed and lite v.'ay fjaved for a more assured r?;urn (o economic recovery. What is the situaliou then, as theie leaclcis of social service see it? Records kept by state, ir.unicinal. and inivale aaencics .'how thai Appropriations for te'.ief alone have increased clBht-fokl since the depression stnrt"<l in 102!). Each year Ins brought n doubling of relief appeals. T]i e welfare and relief forces unitctl in (he Mobilization with the refo'Jrcrs at their command have only been able to meet a part of this tremendous call. State and municipal funds Have had to .supply ihe balance. Even ihcii. the sums collected «;ere not large enough to be ade- I taiate. Because of this, the Federal , Government, this .Miinincr, passed a bill which put at the dispos- i al of Ihe Reconsiruciion Finance Conrorat.'on. S300.000.COO for relief uun;cist. | 5. This fund, qet-.erons as it is. covers onlv one-half of the hicie.iEe in th.? demands for relief. In view of the actual need exist- i J ins in the United States it can ' j only be considered £is a supple- • i inenlary fund. Tli.3 rumor whicli lias been cir- culticd generally lo the effcc! that the private contributor will not be railed lo help with the relief problem this winter has therefore, no basis in fact. We shall all V« called upon to [jive as generously—or JI:D:C generously—than we have in lhc past. It is only by such united wholehearted giving that \ve can ai?ct the unprecedented want, thr. 1 . exists in HID United States at die present time. Another rumor abroad which is ttiiig Juiich damage—acid this rumor is circulated both liy private individuals and coinmum'lv repre- seiitnli/es — introduces (he view that tlie only service worthy of support at present is that of relief. .V.l other- forms of social work should be abandoned. Such a view couU! conic Irom individuals or Flour; v.-ho have let tl-?!r vision be bliniicc! by fear. The discontinuance tj[ nil philanthropies except iclief. i! carried out. would b; one c:ix-:i! Kn-eiiti-rk-Wallace Ciiciw, lomiiisj to l.]ythevil! c fur .. \vcwr. day oi ;hh v,- ( -tk -.Mil piv-.-m "The Great \\ilno," the one will l:c she.t tlin;'.ii;h sjiacc v.ith vk>i:-i'> r . vi-iucity from Hie moiiil' o: He attains ,n, hrhiin ol ...•ar a huiuh-cJ tcet in Hit air. foil,,., is- :m iron \l\ : - ni:.inh of the to::;; caiman, iK-iore lie 'ands into ,1 n-j Ai-.cthei- 10^:' •iii:i!ln" -,\i!l bj Capl. Clyde tie.uty, i!ie worlds ; : tiauicr. i.-j :, d.>;.-).-.y O i over 'JO sr.Ji'e lions- iiiid lifers. Never be la 'd ro (iansti-oi.s a feat. Alone and niisie-htimlcd, \v c-nscra the all t.-.t and iv.cst trwcUcruus srcup of wild iinisnals ever rjcmWert in a :., !as; winttr with this same gi-ourj of beasts while Ir.iiniiii; them .1-. rr " : "U'.ln::ert [roin i'r,ne one) Hobi::-vi:i icsllllcd thai he went (o Ihe ,i"r«;cr's office for lhc pur- •.ivsf i-r afv.>.-slii< for htmseif ami ills v, iv (nil thai he di:i nul men- t!on !;-. r uhfii mnkiiii- Die ii.-«->.s- mci-.i M,-s. Robinson is 11 siMer ol M. Woi-dlun-n. C'i»r ,.| fur Mtss Wcujilbvnn cun- "'lld. .: ihul Ihe pn.s,T.c:c [if Ihe num.- ,.i Mr. .tmi M^ KuliltiMin -•» 'h !ax Ijouks indicated Unit Mrs. If: biliMin had ln-rn llMesseil •iiiil Hut i; «ii.s Miilicicni \viih iler ••.,.-biinr s i!i i-lui.uuui n, ; ,i | K . visit, ii tin- IISM-SM;V intfiiillui; in .i.^.-r- in-r. to i-uiiMiuiie a valiti fu-rnuon and nii-hl ]:c-rtui-in:ince.s on anil ori« human prujei I ile. »l:«! L hufc;c cannon. 1 .c a lir.:i| di'lunallii:) and ;i (lush cl I t .'-fjiue huj'.thcd feel aw;iy, ' •atiM and must wild iiiiiiunl ire in history has anyone ever aitnupt- -ilvi-l pre£-.'ntation den with the larR- ili.spiay. Jie barely dc.UJi (.inter ([iiarters nt Pern. Iiulhnia. l«ir:i t|iie:.:i Ju'Cl Call for War on Hunger young people? It would be easy under present conditions for llranj lo becouie dctiioialixed. If we are' (o rescue them from "takiun to ihe road" as tens of thousands of Ihem have tilieady done, we must luovide Ilicm ivlili wholesome re- nralloj). rdiiraiion nnd mrans of si'.isiying inriv ticsirp for achieve- mcnl, as «-,?ll as see that their liodies nre proj>erly nourished. The older men nnd women out of a Job need something lieslde relief also. II is Important, therefore. Ihai the character-buililins mslitutions of our conlry be maintained unless in the "future we wish lo pay—and pay excessively —for broken lives, null-social ac- liviti?s and expensive delinquency uid iwiial care. » * + It is these facts flint as Chairman of the N'ntlonnl Citizens' Committee of (he Welfare and no- lie! Mobilization, I have been ask"d to present (o my fellow citizens The year thai lie,'; ahead of us v ill, even if business conditions (m- j piove. be exceedingly difficult. Our \ (omUry, hoirever. has nnssed' through many eras of depression ind has always emerged nn top. ' She will do it this lime also. The ' unities this winter againsi Uncm- tion T WIK . lertd nsse.- Udir, at l: Mi wns olflu- last for ;i[|. und CLUV- l ruhteslalit was tin- hub- "f IcM'.munv by As' |':,M>r i'lniy and Miss Wuuilburn. KilLu^h did IKJ: iule oil '• :m l as his drclslun i-n (lie i'.n <•! i)ii.i!il!e.iiluii uf »illnn!s "ii 111 lliMlliMiil ol lilt ai- •I <• C 0 u 11 I y ft s S C S s (1 r n-d Unit he assessed Allss !l;urn tor a poll (ax and eii- bi-r name on Ihe ]>i-isimal •rural record In the .«]ic r iirs after .she announced 115 n ilate for (he otlice of county -nii'iit was not niiulu 1 In 1U31 :e ieKiii:ir ns>pssnifnt lierlod. -:, U'todbiirn le.siidwl thai she :i»e.sse.d by nillahiniiy al her in (he city hall sow lime a'uiier. she t <ild the court Ipt IIIT lii« |:oll luv, pajable next year. . f ^, In supiwrt iif its coiileiillon Hint ii- sun was not nrtiiiilly coin- eiii'i'd niililn pro]H'r tlnu> the fi'iiso oi'oii'il the icsllnioiiy 1,1 Miss Ellratelli lllyilie, nn eaipiovw of 11ie i-irciiit court clerk's olllce. Mlrs Dluhc said thai no service was Hiked nt the \\ n \e the suit, ««» Hied in 9::)U I'. M., on August 2i. Sk'ivU-c was n.^kcd outl Is- siu-il ui', Aug. -JU wlU'ii nn ain- e<l complaint wn s tllwl. llurvey' Maris. aniMhc: emploji' ol .:.e! clt-ik'.s u!l:ce elcclared. Cecil Hliniu- ;ind v. Ci. Holland acted a:; roui":vl for The re;iort included In.roau" ami exiienililures of n s[>eelnl orijanl- /nlloii set up lo handle the KORS^- \ell-Oanifi- canipalsn. Il U ca!!e;i ihe Democratic National CnmiKilan comindtcc, z:uio::s Irom .lime 1 10 August 111 wi-re flil.lSl. ASRrORale disbursements wcie $321.111. -. total school students anil acuity mointjcrs have taken part in organized sports at Duke University this summer, continuing tha Bioady Milnrgcil physical c<luca- Blhlcllc director, last year. I'olin- Docket Indicates Good Times Are Ifci the payment m* IMI personal IHOivity ta.\- (u nflcr In proof of iLssisimenL ai-.d Ji,di;c Klllnimh re- iiuesi.d Miss Woodhurn (o make a niioiul search for ;t, e receipt. umaluinty wius eniphnttc In de- clniii^- Dial hi: fliil not assra-i Alls.s Woodburn last year but alter she nnnt.unced this spilii,.. He said Dial he checked (he list of candidates !c;r county oiHccs after tv- cnllir:,; liiisation in a Gosnell schuol dislj.-ct election. I'lndul? Miss Wcorllr.irii hart not been assessed be put her name on ihe record and assessed her wilh one |»ll tax. llr said he tcld Miss Woodburn ol his aciion later, he said lie had made a re-nlnr nssessmenl of ^iss^Wocdbui n this year for ploymeiu and Destitution must and will be won I We nre not n people lo be content «-|lh half mcniures or io accept defeat. Thr lui'irc docket, one of ihe lies', of nil iniMnp.vs narasnelm, ln::t- i-uted tin- ivim-n of i:on;l limes ovor the week-end and ihe actual ar- ilval of the fall sca.von. Twenly-ttto unx-sls wjrj-iiiail-.- by police ollk-ers Kalurdiiy nml .Sunday and involved Ihe usual run o! minor ulk'UM-s, drunkemie.s.s, dls- luibani-es um| neiiilav. Tivcniy of Hie -2'> were direi-ily nllnbut'-' (o Ihe thuv classes nl law violnlbnv ' As ii further Indication of Hie re- , turn of i;ood limes nnd Hie clr-. dilation of money, about 15 of Hi:- j Z'l pmons nrr:-sleil poslixl cash d.-- | l»slls o! Sll lo Insure (heir ii]>|i?nr- auce In municipal courl (his iilter- noun to ansker eluiijes. T.:e usual i cash deiwsil is almoM always fur- felle:! us the ilelMidant jarjlv if- nuns lo answer a clwrsje In "open court. Have $^2,043 it, Cnsli Against Debts of More Than $600,000. WASHINGTON, Sept, 12, (UP) — The Democratic campaign Ilmncial re]>ori to South Trimble, clerk of Hie Jioiise. shoived toilny a nvastiry balance of S^2.0i:i. an-l net current nefleit of $230.004. John J. fiaskol). former national chairman, and the County Trust company, New York, were the largest commUtee creditors (is ol August 31, 1932. On thai dale ihe commute? o'.ved S301.102.50 ta HID trusl company and $122,554.15 to Fiaskob. The debt lo liaskob was PAYETJ-EVILLE, Ark. (OP) _ Let Dry Cleaning Your Wardrobe Of I'otirsi! you nocd new I'nll flothintr, lint pnit-l icnl anil sensible lo fill in your wiinlrobo willi nuiiiy of last sun- stin't; 1) u s L Dry i-lc;iiie(l in <mr inoil- )iliiiit llicy will iif- fiinl J-DU as. i;onil Korvic your nuwn Slmliliird Snlvt'iit is Kind to Ymtr NU-WA CLEANERS Phone 180 NF.WTOX I). HAKEll | of (he most co-,t;y experiments on ' ivliirh \ve could embark. "InlemeiKs Irom welfare ascn- dcs which include in their ficki character-building and health con- sn-vir.o services prove lhai the rc- lief probicin would be imywssible to solve without a consideration ! ol the general welfare needs of the ' people also. Seu-uty-one hospinls and related institutions in 10 llli't- 1 ropolitun ureas, accortlir.!; (o a la'.e «-|:o:t of the \j. S. Children':; B:i- icaii. devnie:! .n2.2 p^j- renr of ili.-ir to'al days' care to frc.? or p^rl- I Pay cases in 1031. Fifiy-cisM ar.i' I threc-ionths |ier cent ol the visits i : made by visiting nurses in 14 i ! metropolitan areas in 1031 were | 1 to patent.? imaKc lo pay fnr these services. , This is n critical lime also In , Ihe lives of boys and girls. Ihm; dteds of them have finished school j and nr e unable to find employ- ( | inent. H we shut down or limit; the activities of clubs. setileincnLs ; and social and recreaiional ceu- j Icrs. what will happen to these j —— . j IVER BLYTHEVILLE WEDNESDAY savadebsasts > ADDED SENSATION THE GREAT "WILNO" ^CTU ALLY SHOT FROM A HUM CAN WN l. / TWICE DAILY 28PM DOORSOPEN t 7PH SECIAL PRICE CHILDREN. *£.?<!* (C Dowtitoun Ticket Sale on Cirrus |1 Day al ntunm's ])n\K Store 20fi Main St. Wko sings it tetter ttan tte Boswell Every Monday nnd Thursday night . . . Connie, Vet and Marllta, in ilint bubbling UoswcH rliyilnu ... as irrcsislililc as 01' Man Riviili himself! And while you Jislcn, light tip a Chesterfield. K'njoy their fresh fragrance, their mildness and heller tnslc. They're niihl.. . and yet (hey Satisfy. Chcslcrfeltl Knilio /Vogrnm-Evcry ni s !it r-xrcpt Suml.iy, Columbia Coasl-lo-Coasl Network. THE CIGARETTE THAT'S MILDER . . .THAT TASTES BETTER O Co-

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