Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 23, 1964 · Page 5
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 5

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1964
Page 5
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TO BE DEDICATED — The new Emmanuel Baptist Church sanctuary and educational building will be dedicated at 11 a.m. services Sunday. The Rev. E. J. Boswell, pastor, will be in charge of the services and Ellis LeBouef, minister of music, will lead the special music. Open house will be held from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Altar Officers Named At OLQH Sanctuary Dedication Is Set At Emmanuel Baptist Church Dedication sei vices for t h c new $250,000 sanctuary and educational buiding at Emmanuel Baptist Church will be held at 11 a.m. Sunday. The Rev. E. J. Boswell, pastor, will lead the dedication services. Ellis LeBouef, music director, will be in charge of special music. Special recognition will be given Elwood Reamcs, local architect, and D. D. Davidson, The sanctuary will scat ap- general contractor, Rev. Mr. proximately 425 with provisions Boswell said. for a future balcony with a seat- Open house will be observed ing capacity of 100, Rev. Mr. from 2 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday, at Boswell said, the church located at 3626 Com- Laminated arches, mahogany mon St. walls and blue carpet are found The church buildings consist j n the sanctuary. One of the of approximately 15,000 square special features of the sanctu- Boswell pointed out. Educational space includes all departments from the nursery through adults with a fellowship area and kitchen facilities lo care for 200 at tables. Buildings are completely air conditioned for both summer Pat Prudhomme of Landry High School has been elected president of the "altar boy" division of the Altar Server's Organization of Our Lady Queen of Heaven Parish, according to the Rev. Gerard Smit, assistant pastor. Jim O'Carroll was elected vice president and secretary, and Jody Champagne was elected treasurer. In discussing the Altar Server's Organization, Father Smit noted that there is a total of 102 men and boys involved in this very important part of the church services in any parish. "It is unusual to have such a large number of active people in this phase of activity," Father Smit noted. "In my experience around the diocese, I have seen few organizations like it. This shows a sign of the interest of the people in the spiritual side of parish life," the assistant pastor continued. The entire organization is divided into three groups. The largest group is the altar boys, which numbers 68 boys from fifth to ninth grades. They meet monthly to discuss changes in the liturgy which affect Annual Visit y Episcopal Coadjutor Set SULPHUR (Spl.) — The Rt. Rev. Iveson B. Noland, coadjutor of the Diocese of Louisiana, will make his annual visitation to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Sunday at the 5 p.m. service. Nine people will be confirmed and one will be received. them, as well as to practice with new boys. Recently 16 of the older boys in the division trained a "buddy" in the fundamentals of serving Mass. For the most part, these boys are responsible for the daily Mass and other services held then. The second group in the altar server's is the junior acoylles. These number 20 boys from the tenth grade through college. They are the more experienced group and are used for special occasions. At Queen of Heaven, through this division, the boys as they extend their education, continue to be a part of parish life. Originally organized in 1960, and revived this year, the third group of senior acolytes consist of 14 men, who have either renewed their earlier training, or have learned from the younger boys the necessary details. The use of men in the serving group is an attempt to interest the men more fully into the beauty of the church ceremonies. The acolytes, both senior and junior, for the most part are responsible for (he duties on Sunday and special feast days. A most unique feature of the organization, according to Father Smil is the falhcr-son combinations which have been set up for various Masses on Sundays. This has become a popular activity, the responsibilities of which the boys and men both are very faithful in keeping. The companionship of father and son assisting the priest SAtUftbAY, MAY 23,1964, Lake Charles American Nss ROBERT LAY Methodist .Speaker DUDLEY SNOW Aldcrsgatn Speaker Simpson Schedules Aldersgate Event A special Aldersgate observ-, prayer groups will be held at ance will be hold Sunday at 6:,'IO p.m. the Simpson Methodist Church, H CV M F . Q ua j..| w!1T spca k a t 1611 Highway 14, according to 7 p . m oll - A p resc nt Day Althe Rev. Cleburne W. Quaid. tlmgate Experience ."The scrv- pastor. ice will close with altar prayers It was on this day in 17118 am | ,| u; ,| ;ivs activities will bo that John Wesley, the loundcr concluded with a fellowship pe- of Methodism, stnrlorl (ho move- r j (K ( anf j rccc-nlinn. ment for the establishment of ••'[•),(, w |, n ],, day is built Methodist societies in England, around pravcr and personal re T* •» * ^ f\ i .1 :,i . * * * Rev. Mr. Quaid said. ligioiis exporionrc.and all ac- Lay teachers were appointed t j v jt y j s p | ;mmH | i,, enrich the by these societies to preach and spiritual life ol the church," some came to America. Rev. Mr. Quaid added. Robert P. Lay, of Shrovopori. T | u , pl ,|,|j ( : js i nvilc( | (0 aUon( | former conference lay leader of u u , S( . rv ices. the Louisiana ar.nual conl'ere- and winter, including all the; Those lo be con n r metl arc feet with facilities in the educa- a-y the leaded arglas new a or a c uTch Sundav' JT 5 - V? ^rTl «? r C SCntedsm l™™^ ™'> tional building for 500 persons in The• colors of the £I arc School Sunda y i Stephanie Fisher, Michael Khou-1 cr Smil concluded, and makes on Uic altar is invaluable in the i OIK ' C ' wil1 s l'° llk ; " thc R;:il1 effect it. has on both, several i a - rn - jj llcl , u a - m - «'<»'ship .serv fathers have noted. Another feature is a complete schedule of daily and Sunday Mass servings which is sent to all members. In this way, everyone knows what each one is doing. This cuts down on ab- Sunday school. ,.,, Wendy Isaac, Marcia OH- fur conlinuitv "I open , -n, (ho M n M i P arl < in B facilities in thc rear j ver, Mary Rohrman, Willie Ann —_' . nnH ihp-nniH PKW i nn S of the buildl "8 " il1 accommo- Burch, Thomas Black, William and the gold cushions on the dale ]30 Patterson Jr. and Mrs. Betty ESS 25T mh£«i a li±5 ' Tlie ncw dlurdl WM rclocat -1 Jean Patterson. y nfftp nrn« »?H nil ^H rfc I ed a[ ^ C ° mmon St « 8S <> ^ MfS. Marguerite Black Will be of the cross and early Chris-; suU of Ulc ncw Soutn CUy By -! received The elLfcolOTsare verv nre i P ass route - Additional properly | Immediately following the rinm^lnr^niPhfriiiP«n^or.f" !was secured at llle corner ° E! scrvice ' a covered dish supper uimiHidiii <u iiigiu UUL 10 UK, u- Common and School Streets for ; will be held in the parish house feet of the specially designed in-; , he new chl!rch wj|h 4 . !() foot i A] , po ,. SOMS arc co ' rdi . ]lly invR . St. by 247 cd to attend. 8hlirg Sh ° WS educational building has been both^rdedi^t'ion'sllrvice'and incorporated as an entirely new en hl) obscrvance Sunday, concept in the design of Baptist churches, resulting in a savings of 40 per cent of floor area from the junior department through the adults, Rev. Mr. Boulevard To Honor Graduates ices Sunday. Lay was recently chosen "Layman of (he Year" in Louisiana and honored as layman of the quadricnnium in the south central jurisdiction of the Methodist church. Dudley Snow, district lay leader of the ShiTveporl district of the Methodist church, will speak lo thc combined proup of aduli.i and youth at the !l--10 a.m. Sunday school hour. A prayer vigil will be carried on throughout HIP afternoon LC Church Picks Topic For Sunday "Soul and Body" will be the subject for services Sunday at First Church of Christ-Scientist, 701 Kirhy St. The transforming and healing effects of knowing man's spirit- REV. ELMER BOSWELL Pastor ELLIS LEBOUEF Minister of Music War Orphans Can Get Education Aid Girls Auxiliary Queen Named By LC Church First Baptist Will Honor Graduates First Ifaptist Church will hon- Church Plans ible School SULHUR (Spl.) - Vacation Bible school registration for the . or'ilslraduatlngsenForsat'loTsb ! Houston River Baptist Church i a.m. worship services Sunday i wil1 be Ma y 30 at 9 a - m - accord- 1 the youth director, John Bew- i in 8 to the Rcv - D - w - Hudnall, i ley, announced. pastor. | Seniors to be honored are The date for the school will be The senior high school .students of Boulevard Baptist Church will be honored during the 10:45 a.m. worship service Sunday, according to thc Rcv. T. V. Owens, pastor. Rcv. Mr. Owens announced that thc sermon topic for the service will be "A Prescription to Success in Life," and will bo based on the life of Caleb. The seniors will leave Monday night for their annual "Senior Uproar," according to Mrs. L. C. Hornsby, chairman of the committee. the church every .'id minutes for prayer and meditation, R e v. Mr. Quaid .said. Visilation will also be carried (in in the afternoon as I hi- cum mission on membership visils prospective members. Snow will speak on "Prayer ancl Aklersgale" at (i p.m., and Film Scheduled By Unitarians The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will view a film en- tilled "Major Religions of the. World" at their regular Sunday meeting at 11 a.m. A description and compari- jj' (>(l| J ices. Related readings f r o in "Science and Health with Key lo (he Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, will also be read. Service tunes are Sunday school, !):,'!() a.m., worship, 11 a.m. and testimony meetings each Wednesday at 8 p.m. Thc public is invited to attend (lie services. Member of First Baptist Named To'$<-ate Post Mrs Joe Carlock, a member Baptist Church, has by the S u n d u y son ol the world's principal re- srh(l( ,| dcpartiiient of Louisiana Iigions will be River, in the film ,„ b( , .,„ ;il ,p rovc d nursery cra- to be followed bv a discussion die roll worker, according to The group will visit Beau- Street uciuiiau ^uuiun, aix-uru-j CQX [ ,. e n c (w., r K a VC "»'••»-•-'•• »•"•• >-><>w-> »,„ ^ Tcv , s W. B. Williamson Post No. 1,. erans lo investigate financial j ing to the Rev. Ernest Walker,> c ' Sugan D \> R ' b . g conducted cach day from 8-11 Bc '.J,' American Legion, has remind- assistance offered by thc Slate pastor. k [ d ' || 0 i anc i Gales and Thel ' a ' m ' ' cd graduating seniors of area of Louisiana for college train- Tl - ni -^' *••-"— -c «u.. Miugu, uoiana uatcs ana inei „ high schools who are the sons or ing. daughters of deceased war vet- ( All of the following require- Vacation School Set In Su ; ments must be met before the , student is eligible, the post said: 1. The veteran-parent must , have been a Louisiana resident for at least 12 months immediately preceding his entry into military service. The Girls' Auxiliary of the church has been participating in GA Focus Week during the past week. Among the activities taking palce during the week were the coronation, missions studies, and a weiner roast. The following girls were presented at the coronation: Miss Whatley, queen and in ma Grisham. Serving as .'issistant princi- . Also, Linda Heberl Mary : Da ' w '" bc Lewis Moss. Mrs. j on the committee. Hightower, Betty ilogue, Mar-j Laura Bunch wi " be eeneral P criod - J L. Pollard of the stale Sun- All interested persons are in- day school department, vited lo attend the meeting at I'ollan! announced that her 330(i Hodges Si |ir,i ciinicrence. assignment will --•• -- lie 111 an JISMICI ilinnal clinic to , i i • n i be lidd in Mandeville in July. An avalanche in lUinrahuva, M( . s ( .. |r|iM . k (; . ^ lhc » ur . Rcv. Mr. Owens is assisting Peru, in 19«2 killed 3.500 person.* sr ,, y . ( . raf || f . ro // coordinalor (or in seven minutes. Kirst Baptist Church . W S; Wayne Stephens, Waller Watts i navc bcen named: . "BETTER LIVING BEGINS IN A NEW HOME OF YOUR OWN!" and Steve Wolverton. Mrs. W. D. Morris, nursery, The public is invited to attend i Mrs - Roe Rust - 6 y ear olds : ur ed States during a war period SULPHUR (Spl.) — The First or as a result of a service con- Christian Church of Sulphur will: nccted injury or disease if death conduct a week of vacation; occurred after release from ac- church school June 1-6, it has live duty, been announced by the pastor, 3 The sludent must attend one the Rev. Melvm Larsen. of tne co n e g es or universities Classes will be held from 9:30 supported by the State of Louisi- until 11:30 a.m. A tuition of 50 • ana. „ , , j j queen in service; Deborah 2. Death must have occurred! stocking and Barbara Stephens, while parent was on active duty j maidens; Ruth Biven, Deborah in the armed forces of the Unit- fiorel, Lydia Mayes, Bonnie the services. I Nelson, and Debbie Wilkinson, ladies in waiting, and Rebecca Ballard and Pam Goff, prin-|p ni . CPSSPS rur cesses. Counselors for the Girls' Auxiliary are Joy Quebedeaux and Sue Guillory, 9 year olds; Vernie Winegeart and Eloise Greathouse, 10 year olds; Pat Gibbs may register with Fred Hemphill, chairman of the education department who is in charge of the school, at JA 7-6296. tion from college-imposed fees and either $500 or $150 per year for four years to assist in meeting the expenses of room, board, cents per student will be asked. 4 The student must e n r o 111 and Jackie Ballard, 11 year olds; Registration is now in prog- prior to his 21st birthday, ress for children ages three' Tne benefits received by the years through 11 C hiildr e n | e]i jble student indude e *v\m* v>r\rflf«tf-m llTlth U'i*/>H l-l/ir>TrV_ . . ^ -. - * Georgene Fleming, member I Escoubas, 11 year olds; Mrs. Virginia Koonce, intermediates; Mrs. Carol Escoubas, 10 year olds; Mrs. Lola East 9 year , olds; Mrs. Nita Hudnall, 8 year olds and Miss Liz Morit' gomery, 7 year olds. Also Mrs. Stella Bunch, 4 and 5 year olds; Mrs. Shirley King, , 3 year olds, and Mrs. Dorothy Montgomery, handcraft. of the First Baptist Church, was „ T £ e 0fac . uU y cc "i' s , Ists recently recommended by the | Ruth Covington, Mrs. Barbara church for entrance in the South- Bucklew, Lewis Moss Mrs. Liz ern Bantist Theolocical Semi- Grooms, Mrs. Vernist Dugas, ern Baptist Theological Semi Ky., Donna Morris, Mrs. Dorothy ' inp'tn" nr"""iimjiV V/an ".vaTrm I Royer, Mrs. Poe Royer, Mrs. sy Day, 13 year olds and Sally j^J Dl Hu S h Nan Laton '^ Ju d y Walker, Mrs. Loretta Girl- Church to Hold Communion For Seven Graduates The events in the life of Jesus {books, and supplies, depending will be studied during the week. , upon federal assistance already June 6 will be Parents Day. | enforce. They will visit with the teach- j M 0s t of these students have ers and view handwork and: been receiving death compensa- other projects of the school. i tj on) ca iied DIG, from the Vet| erans Administration, the post said. Should a student elect to continue receipt of DIC, while in college and before his 21st birthday, he would receive $500 per year under the state program. 11 the student elects to discontinue the DIC and except the A special communion service payments available under the for seven high school graduates \y'ar Orphans' Program ad- and their parents will be held at i ministered by the Veterans Ad- St. Andrew Presbyterian Church ! ministration,'he will receive the at 4 p.m. Sunday, according to $ 150 ^ r year {rom ^ state toe Rev. Keith Wright, pastor, i Each student's Circumstances The seven students who are! m " st ^ e studied individually in members of the church are Les- ?, rde [. to determme which corn- lie Brown, Mary Etta Brunine i ^ation of programs will be Donald Derouen, Joan Gilliland, mc f advantageous. Biily Hurst, Bobbv Manning, American Legion Post 1 urged and Greg Robinson ' each student to contact the Veterans' Affairs Service Office in The service will be held im- the basement of the Calcasieu mediately following the bacca- Parish Courthouse for further in- laureate services at LaGrange < formation and filing of applica- High School. ! tions. Luttgeharm, 14 and 15 year olds. Mrs. J. R. Goff, director of the GA activities at the church and also associational GA director, announced that a trip to Tall inghouse, Mrs. Catherine Terro Miss Fleming graduates this; ancl Becky Johnson, month from McNeese State Col-! The refreshment committee lege and will enter the Semin- i consists of Mrs. Melba Waison, ary on June 2. She plans to i Mrs. Little Lambert, Mrs. Ma- Timbers, a GA encampment, | study toward the master degree i tilda Koonce and Mrs. Larma will be awarded to Miss What- in social work. Lebrun. ley and Miss Mayes of the jun- - — ior GA's and to Linda Nelson and Ann Goff of the intermediate GA's. PROItCl YOUR LAWN and SHRUBS from INSECTS with ask our ARAB Expert for the tacts LAKE CHARLES lUMBIR €©• 534 lllh Street ti£ 3-7333 Model KF602 "TEXAS TON" BEAT TEXAS HEAT 268. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 1150 Ryon St. HE 3-0331 FIRST PRIZE A BEAUTIFUL NEW HOME OF YOUR OWN your t'ion'i' Ironi uu jnj; ci/lli-c! mil u( inijilcl by coni>-si Colonial slyli-s, .-| ranch housu—a full types andtiii'.ws for f\fry l.iui- fly need. You'll find doxen.s of eonatruction idta.s to *a\ time and (-ITort, aci and elude buill-in fi-.i!uri. rt-ally mak and brighten your Lou., anil up under yt-arh ol h ;i r <i li ou r . 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