The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1943
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY,11, 19J3 BLYTHBVILLE (ARK-V. COURIER NEWS Jloilfl for llonil SAN I !•:! (NAN no, Cul. 1U1 1 ) — IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Conner News Will Be CASH ONLY [ffpt to EitablUbed Butlneu Fir mi. !c«ue the low cost «t eluded nds dn« nol Justify the excuse o[ bookkeeping and col- •clions, we have adopted Hits ollcy rather tliau » raise in No Except tons io this Policy! ono four wheel trailer with tiros. 1'l'lco $50. see or write li'a I'nrta In Pride Aildltlou, lilyllieville. 19311 Plymouth Tudor. A eltfm, iirl vntely-owncd i'.u In goad condi ilon. dood niWicl-. Plione 3355. • 'Answer to Previous Punic? • \[«cenlc wonder |!of Colorado, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INE'ORMATION ly rnlc per line for consccu- e insertions: nlininn Charge '.TiOc time per line 15c limes per line per day '2e -lines per line per day Oc tmex per line per day Vc times per line per day 5c Month per line 90c \ds ordered for three or si;: times il slopped before expiration will charged for the number of times 1 ud appeared und luljustmcnl of made. *ill Classified Advertising copy HiiiUeil by pcisoiis residing oiit- 'e of the city nni.sL be acconi- islcd by casii. Rales may be easl- computed from tbe above table. \dvertising ordered for ineeiilar .•crlions lakes (hu one time rate. \'o responsibility will bn taken more llian tine Incorrect, inser- i of any classified ad. For Kent cely furnished front bedroom, delightfully cool. Gentlemen. I'hoiie 3204. 4-pk-G-4 for men. Hurry Atkins. 4-2B-i)k-28 grocery btore building nnd fixtures. 511 W. Ash. Plicmc 2552. 3-18-ck-lf mifortable bedroom. Twin beds. Steam heat. Chlckasawba & 10th. "hone 2413. 11-ck-tf jmfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut Phone 2518. 11-7-ck-U Help Wanted \';ml sale.shiily for niir g :uiil ch'iiia (tcpiirdnenl. I'cr- mani'iif position. 'JV»m Kiltie Miinhvave Cn. ' ' ' - S-IO-ek-13 '-•tail store manaijcr between the ages of 25 and 50 years with at- cast 5 years managerial experience. Must- lie able to cooperate wilh employees. Short hours. Straight mpnlhly salary of S175 to $200 to start. State "qualiflca- tious and nive at least 2 refcr- nces.. Box Ml, Jonesljoro Ar- ;ln ™ 5 - S-10-ck-lH 12x18 coloral living room uuu o.jij.s. — •-••» -^ 5-il-ck-l-f U Cereal grain ' —. 112 Stroke lightly iiiB-llSFIne grain ^ Used shorl while bill (abbr) Hnlf price. Mrs. W. ft. Hunt, 115 Back of the"" ^Osceoln. ll-pk-14|! two-yenr-old. i threc-yrai-old '„„,,„,,, jiolnler. 1'lione 3291). 10pk-13 ' ™. J™ . ! a :om, Alfalfa Hay, Ouls, Chops ft 23 Symbol (or ElNlSIE SAMUEL ADAMS Whral. niylliev'lllo civiiln &' valor Co. phone 2112. NISI AT 8L IAMEBA O|N 18 Three t. : mes (comb, 1 form)j 19 Girl's name i'» 20 For fcnv thstj 22 Knock i 25 Hebel , (colloq.)l. 27 Locntloijs 28 Man's I'. 151c- ' cobalt 24 Royal Navy< (abbr,) Soybeans. Arl:?oyj. J. ,\. Bn(i~fi ml. S. of Manila. r,<H,k-18jiB-pitehh.'' ^141 Philippine^ tan! sash..—V conl! n2 Wlne vcss «l : 34 Soaport i bedroom sillies. Krochlci 1 bed. OVf.i-slunVd clmlr. a chillis. MoonVs Atrllghl „... lu-nlcr. 2 snmll kltclicn tables. As seen at ins Phone 2208. ;t Broiip <!]• by UK. Diefo. Mny ^ 0 "" Willow iiftcr G. Morocco i iviorocco ^F 3S It is located \ - 47 Eel-catcher 48 Ecclesiasllcal vestment SO'Bllter vetch 61 Symbol for dysprosium 52 Goddess of infntualion 53 Exclamation 55 And (Utln) 58 Fish ' .irjrA 30 Cut aitlsllcallyj „ . , 33 Parent, i, ».j/> VERTICAL., ascnnadlm; 1 Written form > l )C » ills »'« • • of Mister 2 Charged a torn 3 Exerts n re- i turn Inlluencc •1 Mine shaft hut 0 Music note G Greek letter/: 1 Device for -,JY i epening .. / .19 Grab i •10 Paused; 42 Esteem! «Island (l''i'.)| •M Wrap t. dcail; body v? •15 Forme: ly -•<" ^-""1. ..—.....- 0 i filmy y)[ n. L, I,. Aiulei.son, 111! B. Main. | 41 utility \ 4-27-Dk-27 p 6 Rents/' GOLDFISH MlNNOWS-"cl'fllmlp's WvoHtps." G. c. llmvks, 300 E. Main. I'h. 3292. 4-13-ck-i3 Wanted To Buy Chilli's (oy car, Musi ) )e in nood condition. Mrs. James nnrksdnlr- I'honi! 21,13. 7-ck-lJ' Will pay cash for $10,000 wnrlh of [;onrl used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ek-tf ! e-bona,e . 60Dutch city extremities fiJ [ 14 Festive '-«*. ' tcYlurli'ia {* Will pay 20o per doz. for wire coat lumbers. Hudson Cleaners. io-o-ck-tr Farm Weeds Bring its your poultry, hog and stock health problems. We cnrrv a complete frpsh stock of Lcderle serums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, .Main & Railroad. 3-I6-ck-tf Livestock U you want some feeder shoal.'; I have aramul 25 liend. from 80 (o ISO pounds. J. R. whistle, Ma- nila,./uk. Phone 07. 8-|)k-l!i '(.Incl's Country' ICOKADJO, Me. (UP)—Tills un- Banirad township of ft-cnchloivil, wliose Indian name translated is "Keltic Mountain," h'ns a boardiifu house, a filling station and a popii- lalidn-of 10, -A lait'e,sign,leads: "This is God's Cotmiry—Why set, il on five and make it look like lie]]?" ' ' . • • - fur goner;,] service siation work. I'trniani'iil job. Simpson's Slato Line Service Stnlion. (Idle ni-wl ln { ]y foi . housework nid cnuipniilon. (hat can drive' ar. Ada Brooks, Slcele. Mo. Pho ''_^ _ 5-pk-lfl n witl'i accountini; experience iraird by cssmtlal Industry. An- wcr (jlvlnit ajjc. qunliricntions, ml (ype of baslness of i>re.sent inploynieni. liox c\V, Courier ^ -l-30-ck.-tf leiicnccd spnnislrp. rudf.on Tailor Sliop. wanted. 2Ccktf 120 1)1)j-s for IJullcr Tlicfl PORTLAND. Ore. (UP) — Theft one pound of butter brought olct. Pierce, 38, a 120-day jail tencc in Hie court of Munici- mlise J. J. Quillin after she crtedly sakl she thought fooil inj; "in (his land of plenty" br foolish. ;.vp]nsions in body cells gener- human energy, uccoriUnv; to a lou.s surtjcor,. Student bombai'dlcrs are (anBhl operation iimrinaiiitchniice' of the famous -Ijomuslghl through ase of an oversize model. WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS . DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 319 W. Ash Ph. 551 Wayne Chick «nd PnuHry fteii Insist on Wayne Qualily when buying teals of all kinds. HAYS STORE PIANO, 01«!AN and .VOICE Clnsics anniHJncrrt for ' SPRING Mrs. Dorodiy W. Fonlslon, B.A. MSM OKCANIST & TEACHKR Minislrr of Music, firsl Presbyterian Church IVrile Sirs. [Vintslcm IIOJ Chlckatowba or Phone 204S FORD PROTECTIVE SERVICE Prolong Hi 0 |jf c ,,f y (Hlr p or( |, avoid major repairs, suve gasoline and motor oil, enjoy that smoolli nc\v car (icrforniancc wi(h Kcnnine Ford: NF.W PISTON RINGS & HEARING INSKRTS. $39.00 COiMPf.KTK, indiulinK lalior, parts, motor oil and gaskets and engine fmic-up. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Tci. -153 Authorized Ford Bwnler 5lh ft Walnut RATION CALENDAR May zl: Gasoline Coupon 5 Ki- Pires. June 15: Shoe Stamp 17 Expires. We w«nt to boy Bljtbertlle Homts. We have purchasers for all kinds ot home*. It jon want to Mil quick, see THOMAS LAND COMPANY * n. C. CampbeU. Sale WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING Ph. ZMZ 1215 Main If you want Io buy more War Moiuls SEI,L OS THE FUltNlTUltr YOU AUK NOT USING for rash Also lllicrnl Irnilc-ln :ilii!»niirc' fi> old fiirnitiiic on new. Alvin Iliirdy Furtt. Co. 301 I-. niiiiu I'liiine 230 Dr. W. P. Brewer Dentist BIythevilte, Arkaniaj . SPECIALS Extractions Full Up'r & Lower Plates $35 up 1912 BlylhcvJlle 1943 Defoe Furniture Co. 12C F. Main Dial 3221 Wanted: C»ea FnTnllare. Alto you can trade your oU furallure in on ntw. J. E. JOHNSON J'lrt, J.lfc and (,'a.iualij INSURANCE \l'i N. 2nd Street "Better Safe Than Sorry" Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Gel More and Bf.tttf Food fur your ration books. 3 nellrertn Dally C. L. NABERS Grocery & Market 1H B. DlTMon fit Phone Ul DRS. NIES & NIES Osteopathi6 Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 ond 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main Blythcville, Ark, Phone 2921 Special TIRE SAVERS To Help You (lei More Tire Mileage! 1. CHUCK HRAKKS—ADJUST IK NKKDKI). 2. CHKCK STKKRING GKAR ADJUSTMENT. J: cRosJs^S ffl?S MBNT ANI) C ^ RRKCT - 5. HAI,ANCE TIRKS AND WHKKI.S. (.. IiVf-LATB AM, TIRKS TO PROPKR PUKSSURM. KOU ALI, MARKS OK CARS 5 95 LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Rlythfevlllc'it Finest R^rvl^i. ll^nl irv , . — elcr Kii/lnni' wiinti-d n wnv boiul fouiul the wny In buy one. Al- ujjli confinoii I,, bed nt (he Olive w K;i!i!l;iiiimi, lie Jwd tlio IUIWP.S lilni :i Ijloch of wood, 1U> out « moiici O f n slll|i( , inch, which wns pli\tpd on illsplnj' r u woi-k i\l n Los Antelos ilci>nrt- t'm stoiv. wiiorc 11 F.vci'iUinlly I" for $L'5. nnd Hie lionil wns his. SccoiKl . liicnliMl i\|. Liu- University of 'jht- NEW TIRES I'm- Cam, Trucks, 'J'niclnM T. 1, SEAY MOTOR CO. I'il \V. Ash |i||,,,, e | I EXP ] REP 'H'ln-rc I husgcd tliol one rc:illy was darkest Afrlctil" RKFR1GKRATION KLKCTRIC MOTOR SERVICE! Is'. W. Tnliim, ,Ir. I'h. 557 Rtyllirvlllp, Ark. FOR SAM-) Dnr corner sloro nnd 4 colinum --•I'lD.vf lii— |'i|cc $.|750.<W fur nil Five. THOMAS 1,ANI) CO. CONCKKTM S'l'OliiM KKWKK I''iii' Sulo AM, Sl/KS Osceoln Tile & Culvert Co. Hi' H!lI OMTiihi, AvH. EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Ctmpieu si«tk »r rut*. HARRISON Auto P»rli & Carafe Glim farm Kqulpmtni SIT W. A*h Ph. 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE J V«lc«nMn(—Tire and Tibe Rtpalrln'r ' " ' AH Work Guaranty*!'', WADE COAL CO.^ Alabama Itcd Asfi>Cnia,'. N. llwjr, 61 „, Ph.' ZZjH \VK USED CARS •n* TRUCKS Top iiflcrs for I.atd Miuti-h - - "See Kcuy llrfore Von Sell," T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. New rlyiiinllis A Chryslrri IZ1 W. Ash Vh, Z122 DON ftDWAKDS "The TyncwrHcr Mim" 11OVAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND ilEMINCM'ON I' | lid N. 2nd STOEEt , pnoNR 3iaa (Every Transaction Musi lie HallsfacUiry) Shipment Just Late Model Cars These Cars are all city-driven, are in good contlt- lion, and present n "new car" appearance. fill KV HOI, K'I'H FOHMH ItUICKS I'ONTIACS CMHMOI.K'I'S CIOIll'RS OI,l>SAlOHM,KS • HUH. TO liM'2 i MANY OtMKUK TO CflOOSK l''HOM—$7fi ti|i. FiiRy (i,M,A,C. Payment I'lnn Wo'Never Close Snlest Dcpt. Ojich Until 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. I'honc 578 iftW l)5i THEV'VE VFW6...TEM \: •.!•:• A'^;-^<n UNDER! THERE s T |Li( ".FIFTEEN,,. N 1 '*.t,'±* .w^vft E TIME, STEVE' \ TWEtJiy... •);• ,'v is ->sU'AV. AIRPLANE PREPARE FOR CRAM COME TSHVKS MOTHER Y PEopi-i=.-ue HOOTS AND IIKR HUDDIKS / I I £:3.-:?SSl5Jf< £S «£- *& & ^M^m^KS^Sm^^ AU,KY OOP The Trill It (if II V. TYHAMLH IM SPITE OF . RECORD, OSCAR, _ m ,COSJVIMCEC> / HOMGSTA ITALV roRTHis VOUVE.BEALW ( DoC.vnnl VIlAL ALLOV.. AMD I'D GLADLY / I5WT MV BEIM S HELP VDU GO TO / HERE PROOF VES.THWS RIGHT.' OKKf, OSCAR- t'Ll CO IT ..I'LL HAVE VOU OM THE WAY WITHIN TGM M1MU1ES NEXTTHWG KMEW.AVKOOSH.Trf PANG CONTRAPTION I \AO GONG. RIGHT THROUGH in eCrr THAT WILL BE A GREAT AID TO OUR MAT IOW •HKCKLKS AND HIS KIMKNnS ^ or Me Socked WHERE'D YX) GET . INFORMATION ABOUT THE VEILED LADY AMD ROOM . . OKAV, BOYS HOHEST KEEP 5TALLIMG .' , / S?TH«5~I NOT WAT,'..,, TO HEAR. YOU I r«oi '"rtf"...!!^ • TALK///

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