Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 15, 1952 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUGUST ]5, 1952 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS FARRINGTON CENTER MCDA roX. CarrMPwi'Mil I,* Mr. and Mrs. B. F. McConnaughey returned Saturday from a 3 weeks vacation, during which they visited the West Coast, Mexico and several other western states. Wilber Shafer and family of New Mexico, visited in the Kermit Mills home last week. Joe Fazekas and family returned Friday from Crystal City, after spen(^ing five days visiting his father and daughter, Sharon. Roy Potter and family visited in the Bill Smith home in Wayne county Sunday evening. Mrs. Ira Greenwalt of Keenes, visited Wilma Wilson Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kell, Ida Keil and Mr. and Mrs, Copple of Marion county, visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hartman Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Tom Bigely are the proud parents of a son born Sunday at a Mt. Vernon hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Gale Bond and Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Sledge are vacationing on the West Coast. Wilber Rigby, Union Sunday School missionary of Mt. Vernon, attended Sunday School at Far^ rington Center Sunday. He leaves * soon for mission work in Wisconsin. We are sorry to have him go but hope he does his Sunday School missionary work eyery- wlicre. Robert McGinley and family of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Fox, visited three days with the later's daughter, Mrs. H. D. Osborn and family in Jeffersonville. Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd John and son, Gene, attended the golden ^ wedding anniversary of Mr. and M Mm. Tom Burgess and birthday of Walt Keen at the City Park Sunday. Chester Knauss and family visit­ ed'Johnnie Knauss and wife in Mt. Vernon Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ostin Donoho of Salem, visited in the Charles Mc- Conriaughey and Melza Fox homes Sunday afternoon. Kenneth .Potter and family of St. Louis visited Bill Potter Sunday. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Charles French, and Mr. and Mrs. Dan French and Gleason Byars and family; Grace Tate and daughters, and Mabel Knauss attended the Sunday school convention at Powers church Friday. Mrs. Gene Johnson and daugh- tre, Marsha Kay, and John Harvey and family of Boyd, visited rel atives in Pinckneyville Sunday. Dale Donoho spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. % Richard Donoho and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark. He is stationed at Chanute Field. Emery Youngblood and daughter, Betty Wilson and daughter Barbara, attended the reunion at City Park Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Gleason Byars,'and Jim Gillespie and Virginia Byars, visited in Oakland, Ind., Sunday evening. Fay Butcher and family of Kell visited Arthur Bryan and wife *^ Sunday. Their daughter, Violet and her husband were home over the weekend from Chanute Field. Mr. and Mrs. Charles French visited Gertie Bosley near Xenia Sunday. Nellie Jane French was also a visitor that day. Mrs. Emma Ackerson of Rich- \-iew, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Etonoho of Mt. Vernon, spent Saturday night with Lizzie Aug in Shields. Mrs. Vernon Byars of Cham- A paign, visited Mr. and Mrs. B, J. * Byars last week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles McConnaughey, Lizzie Aug, Erma Acker- eon, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Donoho, visited their sister, Docie Donoho and husband Sunday. Lea trice Byars of Mt. Vernon, spent her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gleason Byars, attending the Sunday School convention at Powers church. R. J. McGinley and family re•M • turned to Chicago Monday after a ^ two weeks vacation with relatives and friends. Lowell Fox and family of Sandwich, 111., visited L. A. Donoho and wife in Salem. They stopped at the Fox ranch en route home. Mrs. Nora Donoho Walter and family of Little Rock, Ark., called at the Fox and Gale Bond homes Monday morning. MAGNATE IN POPCORN ONCE A BUS DRIVER MBS. WILLIAM BEAUDOT and an employe work with the bijr popping machine in the Beaudots' Chicago plant. Just 3 more Sundays to go in the contest at the Central Church of Christ, Let's win! 7-16 you can the (fiffefmii Cnsptft • • • SaHttjuatrtgkt Perfect for summer snacks, picnics and parties! PERFECT I^Hil POTATO hffigf CH'PS 1^ I AT VOUR {FOOD STORE ELECTRICAL WIRING AND SUPPLIES Ask for free eatlinato—SIIIAII Jobs or complete farm hoosa nirlng. Use SEARS euj payment plan. PHONE SOOO Ask for Mr. Orlsnd Dees Lighting DiTisioB Mgr. SEARS III N. 10th St. Phone SOOO AP Newsfeatures rmCAGO— Here's a fellow who hit pay dirt with popcorn. William H. Beaudot sells ready- to-eat popcorn in 48 states, Alaska, Cuba and Israel. His popcorn is dispensed in stores, clubs and "any place where "eople walk in and out." Formerly a bus driver for Chicago Tran.sit Authority, he is one of the country's largest popcorn processors. "I don't have a hobby now," he said. "It's a business. I started with a little kettle in the kitchen at home. I was working only three hours a day and six days a week, so I had a lot of time on my hands." He first operated a part-time peanut-vending machine business. That was in 1941. He had increased his original five machines to 300, when he sold hi» business to go into the army. He was rejected. Quits Bus Driving Beaudot, 52, immediately started a new entern -'se by investing in popcorn vending machines. He popped corn at home and delivered it to ?5 Chicago movie theaters. He quit his bus-driving job in 1943. He began making his own warming and dispensing machines in 1948. Now he has 24,000 "counter warmers" in service. Beaudot is president of the National Popcorn Manufacturers Association. There are ?50 members in the group. He estimates that the popcorn industry soon will reach one-billion dollars worth of sales a year. Beaudot buys selected popcorn fron farmers. He travels through seven states and talks to farm groups to encourage popcorn plantings. He says the leading popcorn producing states are Indiana, Southern Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Northern Texas and Iowa. Beaudot reports he never has had a failure with popcorn grown along the Ohio vallev. He uses 2.5,000 100-pound bags of raw corn a year. Special Machine To maintaij a Si,eady flow of popcorn to popcorn munchers, Beaudot devised a ten-popper turntable machin , Poppers are fitted over a gas blaze. An operator covers the corn with salt and coconut oil and pours it into an empty popper. In two- and one-half minutes, it is emptied and refilled. The popcorn is sifted by a screen cylinder. The residue is sold to zoos for animal feed. The popcorr is packaged in 2%-peck and 2-bushel bags. Beaudot says it will stay fresh for three months. Beaudot's business now is a family affair. His son. Robert, 21, delivers popcorn. His wife, Helen, is secretary-treasurer. OPDYKE H. P. KELLCY. CarrMMn4*M CARPENTER WORK For all types of carpenter work, repairs. I will also draw your plans. Work Guaranteed Free Estimates NORRIS THOMASON Phone 4499-M—601 B, Perkins Mrs. Freeda Egmann of St. Louis spent last weekend with Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Harvey. Danny Frank Kelly was taken Saturday to St. Mary's Hospital in East St. Louis suffering from polio. His condition was reported Wednesday as satisfactory. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith and daughter, of Allerton, 111,, were Saturday evening callers In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Marlow. Mr. and' Mrs. F. P. Kelly, H. R. Brechtefeld and H. P. Kelly were in St. Louis last Sunday. Mrs. Julia Pilson, Raymond Pilson and family of Bonnie and Mrs. Gertrude Averill were callers at the H. P. Kelly home last Tuesday evening. Recent visitors with Mrs. Earl Marlow were: Mrs. Grace Allen, Mrs. Vera Bundy, Mrs. Ethel Pigg, Mrs. Mae Brown, Miss Laverba Brown, Mrs. Hattie Allen. Mrs. T. H. Dorris and little David Pigg, all of Mt. -Vernon. Miss Carrie Brechtefeld of St. Louis, Mo., will spend this weekend with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Hicks have returned home after a two weeks vacation in Indianapolis, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schuster were Dahlgren callers last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Rhodes of Kankakee spent Wednesday and Thursday with Mrs. T. G. Dyer. Mrs. W. L. Moore of Chicago visited his brother and family. Mi*, and Mrs. J. G. Moore over the weekend. Master Harold Puckatt of St. Louis is vacationing with Mr. and Mrs. Lon Ramsey. Relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Trammel in Mt. Vernon with well ^ille'd baskets to help Jim and Mrs. Joe G. Moore, Jr. of Paducah, Ky., celebrate their birthdays. Those attending were: Mr. W. L. Moore of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. George Linson, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Trammel, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Linson, all of Mt. Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. HOW NOW, LITTLE COWS?— The two c6ws above, held by six-year-old Bertie Lela Good of Helton, Mo., are flve-year-old Herefords, perfectly formed except that they are that bovine rarity—midgeU. They stand only 31 inches high and weigh ^ but 110 pounds each. Seek to Double Vote of Negro By Associated Press NEW YORK — A nation-wide drive was under way today to double the registration and voting power of the American Negro. The 10-week campaign is being directed by the National Newspaper Publishers Association, whose members own all of the ma- Moore, Jr., of Paducah, Ky., and Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Moore, Sr., of Opdyke. WANTED TO BUY! Late Model USED CARS S. R VENTRESS MOTOR CO. 505 S. }Ofh Phone 4685 jor Negro newspapers in this country. There are nearly nine million eligible Negro voters, the association said, but less than four million are registered. BONNIE miav V SHAFFER Cor Camp meeting starts Thursday night, Aug. 14th and will be in session for ten days. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Knowles and children, Janice and Stevie of Peoria spent their vacaation with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Asa Knowles and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brumitt, Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Williams and daughter, Paula Ann, spent Sunday at Cave-In-Rock State Park. Mr. and Mrs. James Mills and children of Riverdale, Ind., visited a few days with Mrs. Mills' mother Mrs. OUie McBrian. Mrs. Manty Moore of Mt. Vernon spent a few days last week with Mrs. Mary Moger. Mr. and Mrs. Asa Knowles attended the Merriman reunion at the aty Park In Mt Vtrnttflf^fikt ^Js Sunday.... "-•"-''^ Patsy Knowles ylsittdi with Rosella Beckmark. A dinner was given Aug. Stdtttl ^i' the home of Mrs. UUle Shaftw/W honor of her • 74th Wfthdjiy«nnl-ii« versary. Those present weifc Mr.;'and Mrs. Otto Shatter and datsgh* i ter of Spring Garden. Mr. R«d J Mrs. Floyd Wlldermari and chU* dren of Bakervillc, Mr. and Mr|. H. A. Shaffer of Peoria. Jack GH- sada of Mt. Vernon, Mr. and Mm. H. A. Neighbours and MP» and Mrs. A. E. Shaffer and family. PACKAGE LIQUOR WINE AND BEER By Bottle or Case Get litem Prom THE WOODEN INDIAM Free Delivery Phone too or 708 NEW! INVISIBLE 'RAINCOAT' FOR MASONRY WALLS! USE S'X... 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