The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Arkansas Growers To Re , ceive an Estimated To, tal of $79,000,000. t LITTLE HOCK.—The lotal In come from Arkansas' ISM cottoi crop .Is estimated to exceed $79 000,000, tlic largest income froii n single colloti crop since the ma crop which sold for an average of 1G.8 cents per pound and yielded nn Income or $U5,030,COO," and • exceeds twice tlic income received from the 1930 crop, T. Roy Reid, assistant extension director, University of Arkansas college of ng- .rlcuilurc, has announced. Basing estimates on the latest crop estimate of 810,000 bales as the production for Ihc stale wl'th 12 1-2 cents as tlie average price, the total income from lint cotton Blone will amount lo 550,025,000, Mr. ncid pointed out. At $35 per ton', seed from the crop will bring growers an additional $14,175.000, However, seed has beeji 'scllinc; for much more In some sections The value of cotton and seed, together Mith rental and bend payments, which will nmount ( O „(>. proximatcly $11,471,292, will bring the income for the crop to S75- 274,202. Under the Bankhcad act, Ar- •kansas received nn allotment of 952,069 bales ol tax-exempt col- ton, with (lie October 8 eoUon repoit showing an estimated erop of 810.000 bales, the state can reasonably he expected to have, approximately Ma.oco exemption ccrtlcatcs in excess of the amount nec'dcd to gin cotlon produced this year. The price of surplus exemption certificates lins been fixed at 520 per bale. In llie event all excess certificates are surrendered lo ihc National Certificate Pool nnd sold at the fixed price, the net return to growers from this source would nmounl lo approximately $2274232, bringing the total income from the 1034 cotton crop to $75,133,012. Tlie'.value of the state's cotton ciops by years with price received per jwmid since 1929 follows: ', Year Price per Ib. 1930 09 1931 055 1933 .065 : 1933 093 (ARK.) COURIER . A SNOOZE -MAW - \ A CINCH I WON'T GUN AfOUL / OF AW SPOTTED CATS UP T11UHSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1934 ' Mason Jar Ufcd CO Vcars' £CIO, Ore. (UP)— Mrs, E d P i em Ing luduy exhibited a Mason Jar whjch h:is been In use as long i s she can vememljer, around Vo years. . She also showed a iive- sallon stone jar which was " clmsed, full of liird, by her band's fatlier in 1872. pur hns This Takes ihc Cake 'lal Inc'mc $37,424,000 49,899,000 •11,047,000 43,302,000 Methylene Blue Put to New Uses SAN FRANCISCO (OP) — New uses- fo rmclhylcnc blue, succcra- lul as an agent tor combating ey- nntdc and carbon monoxide poisoning, have been • discovered by University of California scientists' Dr. Matilda M. Brooks, research associate in biology at the iiiilrer- Blly, after four years' esperimen- tntlon with rats and mice, learned the dye chocks the growth of Illinois. Her c\ncrlmcnU; revealed the methylene blue causes the affeol- ed tissue lo consume more oxvgcii thereby not only retarding abnor- encouraging mal , growth, but also normal development. Regression, of tmnorous ailment i is from five' and one-Iialf to eblit limes ns;.r,ipid when treated with methylene blue, it was said Tljc Medical Research Fund for Cancer financed th ee.\-,,eri,,,ents. Houston's Pied Pieper Won Fair Honors HOUSTON, TCX. <UP>-TU O city Pipe?™ h " S "" ° frici:l1 Picrt Council voted recently to em- Ploy R J. Harris to exterminate roaches, rats and othcr £™ " rl . In ** *"" °f application Har- mLft ,"'1', hc won ''O'wable mention for his work at the Phils- delphia Sesqui-Centcnnlal In ^ ROX. Last Time Today MAT. & KiTE-lOc - 25c ^ FAY WRAY and I'AUL LUCAS in THE COUNTESS OP MONTE CRJSTG' Fox News Comedy and Novcltv Impatient Stork Beats Huge Tomato Grown EUGENE .Ore. (UP)- licit Holmes of Dradsvood Ferry, grew a tomato I9M inches in circumference and weighing tV> ])ounds. I'lionc 777 At Night—Sunday—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. iiifi said dlsirlct. and making said l n U" f\t<- ;'"W'wcineiils be assessed and 10 HIS UltJCC' cr-suycd upon the real property "!•• I above uV'trlbcd. MjAHYSVILUC, o. <pp) ; _ T( , ( , All owners of real property .ftii: win ton Impatient lo wait for n ' illlll > f ''W territory are advls«<| «i-/ di.tior when a woman uivin'j ! lh!U rM P'-'l'l'on will be heard nil- JK.IIKJ of Mrs, Emma nice of i" 1 tl "wetlng of tlie said coimci! I ciin-sljiirB. waited for Dr. p. n. i tu hfi "° w ^ 'lie ' hour of 7:30 onice here blrlh to j, j.rj- in his ' fjaYe puittul l;aijy boy f I'.y.'k.' arrival. She l,i !( l bsVoinTtli n. ihe Miu-ysvlllo . bus- . Mallon '..«.'.• she liatl nliuincct to (a!;,, n (jus lo Columbus to ontar a hc-- P<sl. She is ih- mother of m .,, WIT ,'Jimll children. Thole b ci-ntrr ol nc combustion at Using HV MANY K. HAGUE NKA Service Stiff U'lifrr Occasionally H-C lioiischecjwrs find lime io add a comie Unit makes a meal p.n event even for the cook. A perfect CII):L> wlt,1 a perfect Irosltiif; is foractliii^ inor: than a <,<vcet rourso wllli llie center lion cuke, ll'lil. the dinner. It's Which to the expression of the cook's, devotion to her nn and of h;r cn:;- tniuES 10 ijive pleasure io others A simple. homc'V inwil finds (in ideal dessert in a lityer cake. There's n touch of l.ivlslm-;.-.; ti'coul n glittering frosted cake thiit. ndrts rrlnmor to the slmploft meal. When you plan tb Imvt a cake, slesseit, the rest >f His dinner shotiUl bu low In stnwli and .?u- «ai', .''i n cake Is -,lch in (h(-;i> -v:o prupcnlfs. Barrel or broiled fish, splnarh limbales, butlere-J cnrrofs, fruit, .-..jid iuycr ciifct 1 form a reh-balaliCL:i1 menu. A cake is always good for Sunday iilglil. liincli, too. I'recrile It uitli ttuttcd tomato .salad or tomato aspic ring lillnci with i.aliui •d coirec and toas!o:i sandwlulie'. ! llililmn Caki- Uevc's ribbon cuke, « favorite with men: Three cups sifted tint- try flour, 3 teaspoons baking i>av.- der, 'J-S eup butter or other Mioit- clovcs. 1-4 -tcnspoon mace, teaspoon iiHt;ne(f, 1 1-2 ( a spoon' molasses, 1-3 cup nii"lv rnirlns, 1-3 cup finely" cm ir Sift Hour once iri-i'iii-r ° s from yolks Ufidiia'.ly beat In sugar. Add yolks of esc;; nnd beat well. Add Jlcur, nlttrnntely with mil!:, a final! nmounl at a lime. t->;nin<; :>'"T fiu'h addilion until f.iuratli. I-oliI hi llm ifhiics of eas; v.'I'.ieii h.ive Lren bealen mni] KIUI. i : iil tv.-o oiled nnd (loured nine-inch layer puns will) tu'O-lhlrds of tin mixture. To rcmuininr; mlxtm'c, udd :-piccs, moinssi 1 ;; nnd fruit aii't iiv'JiU 1 inlo one prepared niiu'-iiii^'u iiiyt-i- )):ni. Bake in modeiiUc ov-.-n (375 (irijive.s I'M for L>s ininutr;. AiTunse spice, layer bcuvecn II^IE Iiiyi-i's. Spread tinted ilulfy rrast- ini; between layers anil on top nnd sides of cake. Kiufl'y I-'ro.stir,^ Three cgu whites. •• 1-4 curw ii'inr, 1-a cup water, 2 tcaspooin iliin! corn syvup, ! fensjidon vu- Hilia, i'e\v drops pink coloiin^. Combine ei;B whites, sugar,'water MCI corn syruji in top of lionble-bniler, b:.'<itln« with n ni- t.iry ki-aier iiniii tliorou^hly :ui» '-'<!. Place 0 \:t rapidly lyjilini; v.-alrr, beat constantly with rot-irv l-ealer and cock 10 mlnmcii or mini tK.siins will staiirt up in priks Hemcvi; from firj, add vntiilia iuui beat until Ihic:; enough (o :,pr t ud. Aiid rolcuiiu; i.> frosliu'.- !o turn it a iieiii-iu- pink. Tnis cake io very f,octl put lo- calmly jlavorod. NOTIOE all owners of real nrop- •rcy described in the lollowln- .eintory (o-wit: Hcarn Street rv\°- | ''"iif! from Cemetery road East to lilendid l ' as . t Kl<lf! of 'nurtcenlh Street, ami n-.u-tcenih street from the >'''»rl!) side of Hciirii street, Soulh io y.'iit-re. Thirteenth intersects with Six (b- fs (i), Ulock Four (4), Chienyo Mill second Addition io ins City of Blylheville, Arkansas i.iti One, Two, Three,.Four Fire HJX, Stvsn, Eight, Nine, Block 3, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, I 1 M. on the and day of No- iinilj;, :a?,t nnd at said 'meet- i:;,; .Tiid council \viii (U-tcrmln^ '.viii-tht-r llio.«c. sianing tlie same t-t.ii'.tllule the majority in value i« S'idi owners- of real property :;nd what majority; amis at Enid iv.:<lrti'j all oft'iiere of real prop- uty uHliin t-.-iid territory \vhw>« doslre will be iicnrd upon said lolnl cost of sakl improve- not to exceed 53,000.00. 'O. H. BEAVERS, Clerk. 18-25 llie The incuts _ ' '-t''-, . AillltVClJ, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, ...S.pycu- t.'cn and Eighteen, Block; 2 '(V 2 : 3 - 1 - S. C, 7, «, 0, Block 3, 10, 'll' J2..13. M. 15, 1C, 17; 18), Block Two In ihc Chicago Mill Second Addition to the City of Blythevilie Arkansas, and Lot One ' tl), hi meek Two (2), nnd Lot Five (5) Block One (1), Chicago Mill Second Addition, to the City of Bly- liitvllle, Arkansas; thai said pav- 11:1; diMi-icl be known as Hcarn Street raving District No 4 are her-by notified that, n ()C [i(ion lias been filed with the City Clerk of the simi City of Blythevllie, Ar- l-nnsas. pi'ijjorting to be signed by t(.e majority In value of real prap- 'i'iy in said k'nitory which peti- i_6n pi-ays dial local Improvement, mslrlcl be- formed eriibriicing ; said leiritcry for the. purpose of grad- nra| pitving iiearn Strail Irom (he west end' of Hearn Street and Cemetery Road to i]ie Ejist S'rie ol Thirteenth Strret and frmn (lie North Sid;- of Hcarn Stroal, Soul l> to Clilcknsnwba Avenue, and that the cost for form- ls Dimmed Town Utfils Z^^S^W^z^teSl^ils^c&sJifss^, Sa - OKDINANCK \O. Sill NN ORDINANCE AMEND I N O ITEMS NO. 97 and 107 OP SECTION NO. 3 OP OKDINANC1' 1 NO. 243 ENTITLED: "AN ORDINANCE FOR THE RECiULA- TION OP LICENSES IN THE CITY OP HLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS. ESTABLISHING CERTAIN LICENSES, FIXING TIME OP PAYMENT AND TKOVIDING PENALTIES TOR. AND FOH THE . ENUE TO DEFRAY THE EXPENSE OP ADDITIONAL POLICE AND FIRK PROTECTION 7 " «E IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OF BI.YTKEVILLE, ARKANSAS- SECTION' 1. That Item No. 107 of Section 3 of Ordinance No. 243 oi (he City of Blytheville, Arkan- be, and the same is hereby, ani"ml«l to read ns follows: Hem 107. Shows. Each dog nnd pony show for each twenty-lour horn- period, $25.00; Circuses, wild west shows S50.00 for each (wenty-fonr hour peril/;!, traveling or local shows or ciincc-rts, etc., not otherwise provided for S25.00 for each Uvoiny-four hours; each par- adc unless license lias been procured for the show $50.00; where u license has not been procured for showing of uir- cus or parade n license of ?50.00 shall be paid for privilege of unloading said circus or for (he use of the streets of the City of Dlythevilie. SECTION 2. That Hem No. 97 of Section ri of Ordinance No. 243 of the City of Ulytheville, Arkansas, te, and the same is hereby, amended to read ns follows: Item 07. Real esiate dealers or brokers $20.00 per annum. A real oslnte dealer or biota- is one who for a commission or oilier compensation sells or oilers for sale, buys or offers to buy, negotiates the purchase or sale of real cstnte, or who for compensation or commission rents or offers to rent or collects rent from real estate or the improvements thereon, or takes an option on properties for the purpose of selling such property at an advanced price, within the life of said option, or who for himself or others does any of the nbore things as a whole or partial vocation. SECTION 3. Be It expressly understood thai, (his Ordinance is not intended lo, nor does it amend correct or enlarge any part of Or- Blythcvilie, Arkansas, except as hereinbefore set out, and that all "sections and items of said Ordinance No. 243 not hereinbefore mentioned arc in no wise amended, corrected or enlarged and that all penalties therein provided shall apply to the amendments, corrections and enlargements herein provided. SECTION 4. This Ordinance being necessary for the immediate preservation of public health, pence and safety, an emergency is hereby declared, nnd this ordinance shall take effect nnd be in force from and after its pnssnge. 10-9-34. CECIL SHANE, Mayor. G. n. Beavers, City Clerk. Blowout Protection? Sure! But-— NON-SKIH GRIP is 5Vz limes mare necessary io safety Your big worry should be skid- <Hn£-ihc cause of 5^ times more accidents than blowouts. Smooth tires skid 77% farther; other new Urea skid 14 to 19% farther, than new f'G-3" Good. year Alt-Weathers (proved by 8100 tests). Si nee this VGoodyear Margin of Safety'? costs nothing extra, get It now-ride safely during the slippery driving months. 43% More Miles of Real Non- Skid because ."G-3" All- Weather Tread -is flatter; wider, heavier, tougher. Blowout-Protected te EVERY-Ply because Patented Supertwht Cord is up to 61% more ela*. tic—absorbs shocks! A Great Tub* for the "G-3" Thicker tougher rubber on rim- side resists pinching, puncture*. Ask for Goodyear Double Service Tube/ Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co Phone 633 Blytheville/Ark. 1 Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, Nile ( 10-2nc I0-35c HPKCIA1, ITS'Sftw? (ONLY)— n ]>. M AN UNUSUAL OF ACTU in H r. M. SHAKI' §11 SHARP Friday & Saturday BQB STEELE In'A Thrilling Western 'BRAND OF HATE' Serial—Ri n Tin Tin. Mr. in "The 'Wolf Dog" Comedy M«.'WIGGS spcnliiny ...I L "lt aia"i never no use pwtia' up your UIH- \ brella till it rainsi" . •»' The btloved baok now?. MiJc.iting picture! Sr R'ELYW.VEMBLI? KENTIAY10R. W,!, , ,j-^« r«,.. ( ' / jAHvcnlui-es of the Newsrccl Cnmcniniaii— "I'ictttrcscuie I'ortugal" Musical and Comedy MILEAGE PERFORMANCE The owl says: "It's too deep for me To figure out liow gas can be /Is different as the sponsors claim When all their claims sound just the same! Regardless of claims, your own experience with a motor fuel determines your opinion of it. 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