Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 14, 1952 · Page 18
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 18

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1952
Page 18
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/ 16 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1952 Column BY PETER EDSON NEA Washington Correspondent Defense Secretary Lovett Debunks 'Flap' on NATO WASHINGTON— (NEA) — On the door of the Pentagon office of Frank C. Nash, special assistant fo Secretary of Defense Robert A. Lovett for International Security Affairs, there is a new gadget. It's a "Flap Indicator." "Flap," to the uninitiated, is a perfectly good Air Force term that is roughly equivalent to "snafu." When people go around flapping their wings and talking big on subjects they know nothing about, that's Flap. When nobody knows what he's doing or why, that's Flap. When the confusion is completely utter, that's Flap. Hot air is Flap. Propaganda is Flap. Frank Nash's new Flap indicator consists of a pointer which can be set by hand to various indicated and brightly colored readings, as follows: Anything Can Happen — Red; Smooth Sailingr —Blue; Slightly Shaky — Orange; Full Flap Green; Super-Flap — Yellow; Be Forewarned — Brown; Repercussions—Purple. For the last few days the point er on the indicator has been set at Condition Green, which is Full Flap. Though it cannot be said so officially, the apparent reason is the large amount of Flap being leaked by British' and French official sources in London and Paris. Claim Can 't Meet Lisbon Goals The nature of this Flap is that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is all ready to fall apart. The 50-division goal for the NATO army, set at Lisbon last February, cannot possibly be met. Britain will be unable to meet her military commitments and will have to stretch out her rearmament effort over four years instead of three. The Flap from France is considered even worse. The story coming from Paris is that unless the French government gets $600 million worth of defense orders from the United States, the French government will be bankrupt. The Indo-China war will have to be abandoned. Furthermore, Paris sources indicate that the United States must guarantee French government financial stability for le 2iext three years. iSo much for the Flap. As to whether NATO will make s 1952 goals, Secretary Lovett dmits frankly that he doesn't now and he can't tell until the .nnual reviews a,re presented to the next NATO council meeting. This will be held in Paris, probably in December. The Danes have requested a NATO meeting in November. But American authorities have insisted on no meetings till after the U, S. elections. At the Lisbon conference last February, the 50-divis)on land army goal for Europe was set as a nice round number. Twenty- five of these divisions were to be ready divisions and 25 reserve divisions. There is no magic in these numbers, Mr. Lovett insists. Forty- nine divisions will not mean no security and 51 divisions would not rnean that everything was sifting pretty. Number of Divisions Is Variable Actually, the number of divisions may be 53 by the end of this calendar year. If there is any 'shortfall" in meeting this goal, it will be in the percentage of readiness of some of the reserve divisions. Instead of being 80 per cent ready, they may be only 50 per cent ready. Or instead of being divisions available for M-day plus 30—meaning a month after mobilization orders are received— they may not be ready until M- day plus .35 or 40. Such delays may be caused by MOTHER PLEADS V\1TH SON—Mrs. Joseph Clark (left photo) stands alone on the bridge pleading with her son, Howard Clark, 30, not to jump. Clark climbed atop the ancinnatl structure spanning the Little Miami River early in the morning (photo at right) and refused his mother's pleas. He remained on the bridge several hours before being lowered to safety by rescuers. (NEA Telephoto) 25-HOUR TALK BY CANDIDATE COMESJO END MADISON. Wis. — Leonard F. Schrnitt Wednesday night concluded his first radio talkathon— the latest gimmick in political lampaigning — with a final summation of his criticism of Sen. McCu-thy, tR-\Vis.) Sfiimilt, a Merrill attorney who hopes to win the Republican sena- lioiial nomination over McCarthy in the state's Sept. 9 primary, was on the air almost continuously for _'5 hours. Next Monday he is to make a !s\niilar performance over Green : Ba.\ and Appletoh stations. Schrnitt invited questions from his listeners — "Ask mo anything" and assistants said more than a thousand were received by tele- ii;iaph and telephone. Many were I repoiilious and he answered an t'siiniatcd 50 per cent. The campaigner slapped pri- maiil.v at McCarthy's record. He said McCarthy was unfit to be a senator. lie predicted that neither Duight D. Eisenhower nor Gov. l\.ohlcr could win in Wisconsin "if the> go along with McCarthyism." Sclimitt's talkathon was handled li\ the same Florida advertising lirni that supervised the talka­ thons of Judge Francis Cherry, vvho upset Gov. Sid McMath Tues- da> in the Democratic gubernatorial primary in Arkansas. Judge Chcrrj's talkathons were given much credit for his victory. MOBS IN EGYPT MAY BE HANGED By Associated Press CAIRO. Egypt — Mob-minded ' p:cyptians had warning today to ' keep still or run the risk of hanging. The country's military commander announced Wednesday nigh, any attempt at disturbance would be considered high treason, an offense punishable by death. ! The announcement from Maj. Gen. Mohammed Naguib, Ai-my chief of staff and architect of the • recent military coup d'etat, fol- i lowed a labor riot outside Alexandria Wednesda\' in which five ,to seven persons died. Reportedly the rioters, who attacked a textile plant, demanded h .her pay. XaRuib in his communique said t' e riots were started by traitors i and criminals. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS WAR VET LEARNS TO SPEAK AGAIN VICKIE'S HOMF^Connle, five- year-old daughter of IMr. and Mrs. • A. J. Blnk, gets her AM back after she had given, it up for lost when the family, on a vacation trip, left the doll In a restaurant In Joliet, IJl. Two patrolmen tracked down "Vickie," the missing (^oll, and mailed it to Connie in City, Mo. She's shown as she lifted It from the package. (Ai' Wirepholo) S I .J 0 S E PH * ASPIRIN . FOR CHILDREN APPROVED BY OYER 10,000 DOCTORS After talking to delegates who have straggled back home. Arch Nearbrite says he believes the only draft at the Democratic convention came from the air- conditioning machinery. The party machinery just got what it wanted. ® NEA •y AsieelaUd Prill ANN ARBOR. Mich.—The University of Michigan Speech Clinic reported today success in treatment of two war veterans who lost the power of speech because ot head injuries suffered on the battlefield. Art Weberlein, 29, of Detroit, and Bill Fletcher. 28, of Galatia, III., now can speak easily and fluently. Both expect to get jobs as civilians. Weberlein, a Marine, was hit by a sniper's bullet on Guam. Fletcher was injured by shrapnel in Germany in 1945 while fighting with the 63rd Division. Post war medical (reatmont failed to restore their power of speech. Weberlein came to the clinic here in 1949 and Fletcher in 1951. Both went through, courses in speech production and usage, reading writing, business, arithmetic, spelling and current events. The studies were designed to train some other part of tlic brain to take over the job of controlling speech. They also wont through routine physical exercises. The university's speech clinic is a pioneer in the study of aphasia-. technical designation of a brain | $7,000 HOLDUP IN OHIO TOWN By Associated Press WARREN, O. — Three armed men masked with burlap sacks torccd the car of a Warren bank official off the road today and robbed him of about §7 ,000 in cash. The loss is covered by insurance. The liolduj) was staged seven^ blocks from Warren's main busi"* ncss section. Charles Foley was taking the money Irom the Union Savings & Trust Co.'s main building to its Woodland Avenue Branch, of which ho is manager. Police quoted him as saying two of the men leaped out of the holdup car armed with a sawed off shotgun and a revolver after cutting in front of him with their auto. One smashed his car window^/^ with the shotgun butt and the pair ' grabbed a package which held (he money, he told police. injudy case in which the use of language has been disturbed. 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When the iLsbon goals were set last February, they allowed for some possible slippage. But they did not anticipate the U. S. steel strike nor necessary design alterations in some of the newest U. S. arms. Abroad, there has been increasing belief that Soviet Russia would not attack. Secretary Lovett comments here that the restoration of power to resist has had something to do with this. There have been increasing economic and financial problems in these as "the normal occupational hazard of anyone who has anything to do with government." And while he expresses sympathy for the French, he adds that "the U. S. cannot be held responsible for the French debt." On the charge that the shortfall in Europe is due to the failure of the U.S. to make deliveries, the Secretary comments: "I do not think the slippage in U. S. deliveries has retarded the readiness or the combat training of a single unit in Europe." Europe. Lovett, characterizes i And that's no Flap. 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