The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 8, 1962 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1962
Page 2
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PAGE 2" TSB TIPTON DAILY TBDTTNB TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier. In City, Ptr Week ... JO centt One year, Tipto" «nd Adjacent Coontie* _• $7-00 Published Daily Except Sunday by TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. 221-223 East Jetferson Street, Tipton, Indiana, Telephone OSbome 5-2115 Member United Press International New* Service Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4,1S95 at the Postoffice in Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3, -lllf. ROUND TOWN and... THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. D. Money Thi** National 4-H Club week. The TRIBUNE, together with the entire community, congratulates the 4-H club members . . . and their adult leaders, the Extension office . . . and all concerned with 4-H work ... on the fine accomplishments of the clubs of this- community. R T THE 4-H BUILDING ... on State Road 19 . . . is in itself a tine tribute to the determination and work of the past members «nd leaders . . together with the present personnel . . . who were determined to have a headquarters wnere not only the members could meet on occasion, a 4-H Fair couid be helo—but a place where trie county communities could hold meetings, dinners, and projects necessary to the life of that community. • ' \ HISTORY WHEN Pit£;cui)Ji.\T LINCOLN Mijnuu into Jaw a bill thai even-, luuuy leu to the establishment, ol Lujiu oram colleges and universities ... he "hoped to promote uie liberal and practical education ol tne industrial classes and uie larm people in the several pursuits and prolessions of hie." MK. .LINCOLN', even though he was in tne miost ol a civil strife still envisioned a United States wnere higher education would be available to all . . wlio were willing to work for it. It would be a source ol eomlort lor this great man ... to know tnat over half a million students were enrolled in lauagrant organizations. iur .bE liKEAT organizations are iountainheads of knowledge ol agricultural, technological ana sci- er.tu.ic knowledge lor the very \oung also. Inlormation from these organizations flow from the land^rant colleges to the 4-H clubs, irom Maine to California, with mure than 93,000 clubs involved. EXTENSION DIRECTS THE AGENCY that directs the 4-H clubs is the Cooperative Extension Service, an educational arm of the Land Grant system. One of the functions is to supervise extension personnel and 4-H activities in some 3,000 counties including 400,000 volunteer adult leaders and 2.3 million 4-H'ers between the ages of 10 'and 21 years. AS TIMES CHANGE and population shifts, so does the Extension Service and its 4-H program devoted to the fourfold development of boys and girls; Head, Heart, Hands, Health . - pledged to clearer thinking, greater loyalty, larger service and better living. WE HAVE good reson to rejoice ojer our 4-H clubs. They now have counterparts in 70 foreign countries. MR. LINCOLN would be pleased irdeed — his pen created the Land- Grant bill — the effects- of that stroke is indeed evident in 4-H work the world over today. R T BIG - GOOD JOHN! ALL OF VOL — from Lhe tots to the grandpas . . have heard and laugher to .the music and lyrics of the song hit — "Big Bad John!'" Well — we Americans can now • turn our attention and be thrilled by BIG- GOOD- JOHN! Naturally v.e arc speaking of Col. John Glenn — the No. 1 hero of the day. He is a.genuine dyed-in- the-wool John ... a John who excites the almost forgotten "spirit of patriotism" in the United States. R T YOU KNOW FOLKS ... patriotism has become a much maligned quality lately. Liberal elements in our midst condemn conservatives^" as super i patriotic flag-waver* who would steer us into war. Conservativei elements have become so engrossed they blast liberal ones as /raltors as they would have us substitute national loyalty with devotion to world government. R T GLENN HAS SHOWN us a man apart ... as close to the proverbial AD-Amcrican image as you can get. A God-fearing church-going family man, dedicated to God, home and country. SURELY, in this great land- there must be many John Glenns . . . who will incite the spark we need to once more become a nation of doers . . . without handouts .... without rotten politics . .. a nation dedicated to the principles that our founding fathers meant us to be dedicated to. R T WE DON'T HAVE to be tabor rattlart . . only courageous. Wi need to stiffen our backbone a little—put the drones to work . . . quit mollycoddling the wouki-be weak sisters! OH YES! Some people who may. have been inclined to sneer at others and call them super patriots . . may well discover that if they will search their consciences . . . it could be considered a compliment . . so long as it isn't worked overtime! ONE COULO BE as bad as the other! TODAY'S TIDBIT VANCE HARTKE, junior senator from Indiana, is being "ribbed" these days .. . on his choice of gargle before speeches. It seems that he was driving to work . . . was about to make an early speech . . . and needed the gargle. So he opened the glove compartment .. . pulled out the bottle . .. took a mouthful .. . and whey! He had grabbed the bottle of green detergent used to fill his automatic windshiled wiped! R T WONDER IF HE'LL be asked to endorse the product by the company? And if so—which company? T-V PROGRAMS WISH-TV (Channel SI Thursday, March 8, 19W 4:00 Brighter Day Secret Storm Early Show Life" of Riley Whirlybirds News; Wthr, Douglas Edwards Oh! Those Bells Frontier Circus Tellit to Groucho Third Man OBS Reports WISH Reports News; Wthr. Late Show Friday, March 9, 1962 7:00 College of the Air Chapel Door Cartoons Capt. Kangaroo Debbie Drake June Ford Calendar I Love Lucy Video Village Edge of Night Love of Life Search for Tomorrow Guiding Light News-Weather Farm-Home As the World Turns Password House Party Millionaire. Verdict Is Yours 4:15 4:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:15 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 9:00 9:30 0:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 WFBM-TV (Channel () Thursday, March 8, 1962 4 :00 Make Room "for Daddy All Hands on Deck Francis Farmer Film Huntley-Brinkley News Weather-Headlines Outlaws Dr. Kildare Hazel Sing Along With Mitch (c) News Weather-Sports Jack Paar (c) Friday, March 9, 1962 7:00 Today 9:00 Kukla and Ollie 9:15 Movie Party Play Your Hunch (c) Price Is Right (c) Concentration 4:30 5:00 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:00 11:00 11:15 11:30 10:30 11:00 11:30 Get Your Tickets Free Food Prizes <Jivcn with each washer load S&W laundry North Main Junction '• T-V In Review By DICK DU BROW United Press International HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — We are gathered here today to say a few last words about CBS-TV's "U.S. Steel Hour." Once a 'showcase of the fast- dying creative' school • of New York) television drama, it now, with rare exception, has descended to the level of ia routine hour-long series, despite all its glossy big icity airs. Wednesday night's presentation, "Who Is This.Woman?", with my old pinup girl, Gloria De Haven, is the latest example. The following, is the plot: A Baltimore aristocrat is shocked when an accused* murderess in Seattle claims she is his wife, who was believed to have died mvany months before. It seems the wife and murderess were twin sisters, although the husband didn't know bis spouse had' one. It also seems .the murderess was visiting her sister apd died. And hoodlums hauled the wife off, first thinking she was their girl and then afraid to let her go. Plays Dual Rbie Any plain fool could see the woman behind bars was really the innocent wife. She knew too many intimate details. But, after all, there was an hour to fill. So Miss De Haven played a dual role with the same tired old flashback gimmick' 'slowing things down. You haye no idea how it pains me to criticize Gloria's show. I fell in love with her. years ago when she sang "Who's Sorry Now?" in a movie called "Three Little Words." And I even stood by her when she sang with Guy Lombardo. But loyalty has its limits. Duty .calls. The play was not really : bad. It was just plain dull. • Arthur Hill, who played the husband, had one expression—that of 12:00 Farm Report 12:15 News . 12:30 Truth or Consequences 1:00 Peter Gunn 1:30 Jack LaLanne 2:00 Jan Murray (c) 2:30 Loretta Young 3:00 Dr. Malone 3:30 <3ur Five Daughters WLW-T . IV (Channel 13) Thursday/March S, 1962' 4 :00 American Bandstand. . 4:45 ^Newsstand 5:00 Casper the Ghost 5:30 Golf Tip of Day 5:45 Funny World-Sports 6:00 News-Weather 6:15 Evening Report 6:30 Man 'From Cochise 7:00 World of Giants 7:30 Ozzie and Harriet 8:00 Donna Reed 8:30 (Real McCoys 9:00 My Three Sons 9:30 Margie 10:00 Untouchables 11:00 News; Wthr. 11:30 Sports • 11:30 M-Squad Friday, March 9, 1962 8:15 News-Weather 8:30 Symphony Backstage 9:00 Kindergarten College 10:00 Camouflage 10:30 Day in Court 11:00 The Texan 11:30 Your for a Song 12:00 50-50 Club (c) 1:30 Make a Face 2:00 Jane Wyman 2:30 Seven Keys 3:00 Queen for a Day 3:80 Who Do You Trust? WTTV-TV (Channel 4) Thursday, March S, 1962 4:00 Chatter V Bugs 4:30 Popeye 5:45 Rocky and Friends 6:00 Ruffles 6:30 Jeff's Collie 7:00 You Asked for It 7:30 Country Show 8:00 (Future Champions 6:30 Main Event 9:00 Great Music from Chicago 10:00 Frank Edwards 11:00 Mr. Lucky 11:30 Sign Off Friday, March 9, .1962 12:00 Lunchtimc Theater 1:00 Milday's Matinee • 2:30 Indiana University 3:00 Coffee With Carter a man trying to remember his next line. And I'm afraid that applied to nearly everybody. The unrelenting seriousness, was deadening. • . Certainly the writer, Thomas W. Phipps, and the director are aware that people bave different mboda — humor, exuberance among them—even when in trou- blef And especially when the trouble lasts a long time. No Sense of Drama There was no sense of drama, no pace. The music was trite— with 'the usual sustained violins to denote suspense. And a . court scene, in which the periodic pounding of a gavel was supposed to denote the passing of time, only gave me a headache. "Perry Mason" does it better .on the same network. Just why the "Steel Hour" decided to present a routine play which already had been shown, somewhat altered, on television is beyond me. It was done. on the defunct "Robert (Montgomery Presents" some years back. Supposedly it was given a new script treatment. The new treatment should have included substance. One left the show with the feeling that he had spent an hour listening to some people talk about something, but he wasn't sure what it was or who they were' or why he had gone 'in the (first place. it was worse than mediocre. It was trivial. I'm sorry now. The Channel Swim: New twists on television's medical /craze: CBS-TV plans a series entitled 'Vine Nurses" next season ... And NBC-TV has scheduled "The Eleventh Hour," starring Wendell Corey as a psychiatrist, for 196263. •Loretta Young, formerly on NBC- TV, returns to television in the fall for CBS in a series in which she plays a widow-novelist with seven children ... Oscar nominee Maximilian Schell joins Ethel Merman on 'Bob Hope's March 22 NBC-TV special. Red Skelton guests on - Garry Moore's OS-TV show March 13 . .Alice iFaye visits Perry Como's NBC-TV "Music Hall" March 24 . .NBC-TV's new Jail comedy series, "Vive Judson McKay!", follows the adventures of a young Iowa veterinarian serving with the U.S. Army in Paris ... Stars unknown Josh Peine. , 'The Great American Robbery," an original' story .based on the largest cash theft in the history of U. S. crime, will be dramatized by NBC-TV in two parts starting April 29 ... It stems from the Brinks Co. robbery in Boston in 1950. Entertainment featuring: Don Ramsey ."' •, at the piano Good Music . Comic Routines TUQii Usung* : Bishop Speaks On Communism I (Note: This is the fourth in a series by Methodist Bishop' Richard C. Raines of Indianapolis, based on • speech, "Com- monism. Democracy and World Revolution," given at the recent Cold War Strategy Seminar in Indianapolis.) By Bishop Richard C. Raines It is a life and death matter for us ito understand that we live in a world in revolution and that it is a continuation of our revolution. The example of our revolution and success spread the fever for freedom across the world. Missionaries taking the gospel, education, sanitation, and modern medicine aroused new and great expectations. Two world wars awakened the slumbering masses of Asia and Africa to the comfort, freedom, and opportunity of western peoples. These same wars disillusioned them as to our moral and spiritual superiority over them. The technical and the .nuclear power revolutions which have forced radical changes in the world's life are also our revolution. When Secretary of State Dean Rusk reported on the Punt a del Este conference, he spoke of Cuba as a mighty menace to be greatly feared. Why should a little island be so frightening? It is because Cuba has become an arm of imperialistic communistic Russia. And communism is dangerous in 'this hemisphere because conditions in many Latin American countries make them ripe for revolution. A spark may well ignite conflagration. * Revolution and reform will come . some Latin American nations. The only question is who will lead and .guide it. Either spontaneous- combustion or communist promises will furnish the spark, and once again, as in Cuba, the common people seeking freedom and opportunity, will ibe betrayed into exchanging injustice for tyranny. We have three choices. We can continue to ignore the revolution going on outside and within our own country. The communists will not ignore it. They will try to claim it and prostitute its powers to further their imperialistic aims. Or we could even be so foolish in MUSICAL CART TORONTO (UPI) — Robert A. Whitney told the 1962 packaging conference here of a soon-to ; bc introduced shopping cart that plays music and advertisements to customers using it. "It is in the parking lot that the cart really comes into its own," Whitney said explaining about the fog horn that sounds if anyone tries to put the. cart into a car to take home. SPECIAL $12 Permanent Wave $6.00 Beauty byBiddle Goldsmith Phone 963-2530 •••H«u«d .« Wtly f 3" Ivrir* kownlda. : •• '•. t^lMltHOpES Men;, Twee., fhvro.', *•*.> f M 3 ~mit.* PH:» SCIENCE TODAY By DELOS SMITH UPI Science Editor NEW YORK (UPI)—Two medical scientists take a highly critical view of . the ever-incrtasing superabundance of pills and other medications said to lessen illness, improve health and prolong! life. Too many people, including physicians, are being kkidefl and are kidding themselves, said' Drs. Mindel C. Sheps and Alvin P. Shapiro of the University of Pittsburgh in addressing doctors through a technical organ of the American Heart Association. iFor instance, there is the national hullabaloo over cholesterol blood levels, they continued. The scientific evidence that lowering these levels will slow artery-hardening is all circumstantial.. Leading scientific authorities' hedge their recommendations with many ifs and huts. Yet anti-cholesterol drugs are multiplying .wildly, and additional choices for cholesterol lowering are unsaturated fats and low calorie liquid diets. The result is "we 'have become a 'fat con- as to try to stop the world revolution, in which case it will roll around or over us and eventually, write on our epitaph "A nation that might have been great." Or, third, we can understand this revolution, recognize that it is ours, become a part of it, participate in it, give it leadership and' moral guidance to the end that freedom is won for and by more people year after year. Tomorrow: What We Can Do. scums' people" and egg and milk producers suffer-. ^ Drug Explosion. "The adoption, of therapeutic measures and of medical theories on the basis of poorly documented evidence or no evidence at all is of course not a new phenomenon," they said. "The process is, however,, out of keeping with our aspiration to make the practice of medicine a rational, scientific endeavor." There has been a "drug explosion" over the past decade or so, and "for the critically minded physician there is cause for bewilderment." After 15 years of widespread use there still is medical argument over the effectiveness of drugs which keep the blood in a non-coagulant state. "Hypotensive drugs hailed five years ago are discarded as never and- seemingly more potent ones are introduced with the same fanfare," -they continued. "Through various media the physician is adjured to tranquilize and to reassure, or, alternatively, to exercise and motivate his.cardiac patient, while particularly disturbing to him are the occasions when treatment'of. one symptom results in a new set of side effects requiring- additional- mediciations." Should Be More Critical Furthermore, there has been no real, improvement in mortality statistics for artery-heart diseases despite the multiplication of drugs for their treatment, they said. In their view the medical profession should be much more critical of new drugs; As it. is now these "new remedies are adopted THURS., MARCH 8, 1962 rapidly and : appasehtljf. widely, at times .in ,the: face of, jjop|. or, inadequate evidence. Many" of "these remedies, helpful or not, 1 ^are not innboitoiis but ipfodqqe ?uB$fassnt side effects, toxicity and sometimes even death. "Individually or collectively, the members of the medical profession must accept their responsibility for therapy," they said. "In the short term a great deal might be accomplished if. we took seriously a variant of the war-time admonition: 'Is this prescription really necessary?' In the long term, we need to take the initiative to ensure that the control of therapy will remain where it belongs — in the hands of scientific, objective and conscientious physicians." Special, ^-ridaij. Noon^ and Evening Plate Lunches Spaghetti & Meat Balls SALMON PATTIES BREAKFAST LUNCHES DINNERS 5 Miles West, Roads 28 & 31 SENTENCED TO COLLEGE GLEVELAND. Ohio (UPI) — Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge William K. Thomas apparently had his mind on his alma mater Tuesday when he sentenced William Ferguson on a housebreaking charge. "You, are hereby sentenced to one to five years in Ohio State University," Thomas said. Ferguson would have had time to-earn a bachelor's degree and work a year on his master's if the court clerk had not caught the error. RALPH lEATHERMAN About this question: "A business fire loss and a safe robbery have taught me the need to be fully insured. But fire and business interruption, plate glass, liability and theft insurance come to quite a premium. Does your agency provide budget accounts so insurance can be paid. in monthly installments?" THIMBLE THEATER By ALEX RAYMONP ITS WORKING, WELLINGTON^ IVE BEEN SPYING ON _7 POPEYE.' I . HE'S EATING THE WEAK WEED I PUT UP IN SPINACH CANS! rr« BEAUTIFUL; HIS STRENGTH IS FADIM& . ^AWAY WITH EVERY BITE! 1 HAS TO HAVE /WORE SPINACH; X YAM TOO WEAK TO LIFT WE ARMS, sa^to 'LL HAVE TO FEED IT TO ME/OLIV6.' RIP KIRBY WITH SURfWaN& STRENGTH, THE INTRUDER WRENCHES FREE... mm* BLONDIE by CHICK YOUNG BRICK BRADFORD By CLARENCE GRAY J* JO MOW mtXXMO /rfOP TOO ' pur—'

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